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New Instagram Features

Lesson 21 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

New Instagram Features

Lesson 21 from: Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels

Sue B. Zimmerman

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21. New Instagram Features


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Lesson Info

New Instagram Features

Okay, So Instagram has launched some updates recently, which I'm really excited about, and I'm gonna go through them, and then I'm gonna go to my phone and actually demonstrate one of them soon. So the 1st 1 is the explore tab. The next one is the landscape. Uploading a landscape photo. I'm going to show you guys how to do that. And the new app layout and boomerang. I'm gonna take you to the boomer ring post that I recently did, and then lastly, the instagram app. I'm not gonna be talking about the instagram acts, but I want you to know that we are super excited about the instagram app because we love Facebook app and instagrams owned by Facebook. And it's the same kind of process of how to get eyeballs on your content when you do instagram ads which were diving in deep and really researching what's gonna work well for our business. I just want you to know that this is now. As of September 30th it became 2015. It became available to everybody to do ads Anybody in the live audience to a...

n ad yet, right? Oh, you did? Do you mind taking the mic for a second and talk about your experience with it. And what caused you to do it? Um, I was up for trying it. I mean, I was soliciting a class that I was doing and want to see. I actually had this hope that instagram was gonna be a whole lot cheaper cause I got in much earlier, which wound up not being the case. I mean, in my the number of click. You know, the price per click and all of that stuff was pretty on par with Facebook when I was doing the advertising. So you get good results. That's why I wanted, you know, I don't think I did. But I really think that has way more to do with my understanding. How Toe? Yes, my my usage rather than the value of you proficient on the power editor and Facebook. I know how to use it. I don't know that I use it effectively. So that's yes, that there could be a disconnect with that. So so understanding the power enters definitely clearly part of mastering the Instagram ad. So? So we're excited. We know that it's gonna be great and it's going to take some time toe dive into that. So let's talk about the explore tab, which is the second tab to the right. This is where I want most of you to think about spending your time when you're on instagram and not literally in the home button, Looking at what everyone is doing that you're following. Exploring what other people are doing is amazing, because you can look at what's trending the trending tags and the trending places every single day, and it's different. So every time you open up your explore tab, you will see this and there's usually 16 tags and it's a carousel. So you you're seeing three of the 16 that you can scroll now if you click on the blue where it says, See all you see those tags and you see three at a time. So it really gives you a visual cue of what's being curated within each trending, hashtag and below. That is the Explorer post, and this is based. You look, you're seeing content based on your activity. So the way that year on instagram and tagging and engaging and liking the Explorer is like where they're curating content that you may be interested in exploring. This is different on everyone's everyone's fun. Okay, so I'm gonna show you how to do the instagram landscape. Um, upload right now for those of you that have never done that. So I have this court, he'll I mean, I could move great in the audience. Have you guys done landscape Everybody who has not done a landscape. All right, three plus all of you. I'm sure these people out there that haven't done it as well. All right, what's wrong? One. Okay, so I'm on the Soupy Zimmerman instagram account before I go into landscape. I just want to talk about boomerang first. So these this is one of the new app. The most recent app, which is boomerang. So what I did this morning at four. In the morning PST, I think was I uploaded this photo of Morgan, Rachel and I that we took yesterday near the window. Great light. Look at the angle coming down. And I use this as an opportunity to bring people over to Instagram. So I said, sometimes the instagram expert turns into our favorite emojis because that's what we were doing. We were just be training to be a motive. So I said to head on over to the instagram expert to see our animated pose using the new Instagram app boomerang. Okay, so this was me bringing people over to the instagram expert. So when you click on the instagram expert, it takes you over to my business account The instagram expert where you see this animated gift And when I click on that, this is what you see. And so boomerang is Ah, one second you get one second to make a fun animated GIF. So you needed to be kind of entertaining in a second. And just to do like a selfie, you know, we wanted to be funny and so we planned this. We did plan this, okay? And I could be watching this all day. It's pretty cute, right? You guys So So I in this post, I just kind of build off my my experience because instagram is in the moment. Instagram So this is going on in real time. And so I wanted you guys to to see this. Okay, so now I'm gonna show go back and I'm going to show you the landscape so if we go into a landscape, I'm gonna pit. I have a lot of photos. And here you guys just bear with me because we took some really good ones this morning of the live audience, Of course. So down here you see, the two X is right there. Okay, that is all you need to do to bring it to landscape. Okay, so now when you post this on Instagram, everyone will be in the photo. And these are all the fabulous people that are in the live audience. They are hashtag insta awesome. So I'm gonna press next and one of my favorite. I don't feel like this needs a filter because we did it near the light. So one of my favorite things to do is to talk to Siri because I don't always have time to be writing and I type have typos. Let's say Siri gets me hanging out at Creative live with this insta awesome group of people. All right, so I'm I'm gonna go back and edit this after, but let me just show you a few more things. So we're going to say Okay, we're gonna add the location, which is the Geo tag. Um, we want this to be I want this to be creative live not San Francisco. And then I would literally go in here and tag everybody. But I don't have time to do that on stage again. I'll do this later, but I'm going to share this so that everybody who is watching this live. I want you all to leave a comment on this photo. I want to know that you're with me and that you're watching this. And this is a photo. I want you to double tap like and say who you are and where you're from so that I can engage with you on Instagram after I get off the stage. So that is that is a demonstration of landscape. And that was boomerang. Let me quickly go through the rest of the Explorer slides and then I'm gonna bring on Ceresa very soon. Okay, so let's go into the discovery. So when you type creativelive at the top and search, you can search people places and tag. So what, you're seeing any person that has the word creative live in their title pops up. So I'm popping up first because I actually have it in my title. This account is called Insta gal Live Su B. Creativelive is part of my name in on that account, and that is searchable. Right below me is creativelive. And then under that is Kenah, who is a director, or she's in charge of one of the channels at Creativelive. Correct me if I'm wrong, she's the host. Okay, so she's the host. And so she has creativelive in her title as well. And then what you see below that are all the hash tags that have been used with the word creativelive. When I took this screen grab, that was the amount of hash tags, and below that, I have no idea what creative life focus. That's something completely different, but you see that they have two locations. They have creative live in San Francisco and creative live in Seattle. So when you search the word creativelive, you see the people, the hashtags and the places. So let's go into to this that you can actually see it. So now we're in the hash tag creativelive. He's the top nine posts that pop up when you search that hash tag, and when you search places Now it's blue, you see, on the front you can toggle to the blue. And when you search places, these are the locations. So if I click into one of these places, this is where it takes me. Okay, so I wanted to give three examples because these air geo tags that people that are here at creativelive used frequently one is creativelive sanfran. Okay, the one in the middle is creativelive, and the one on the right is the rooftop. Yours truly is in the rooftop three times no, four times because that geo tag is not used as frequently as the other two. And what happens is we go to the rooftop and take a lot of pictures at the end of Creative Live. And so that's why I'm still there. And this was from my last course, cause that geo tag isn't more frequently. So you want to choose a geo tag that might not be as populated as the others if you can. When you're uploading your geo tech so people, this is again where you can you can search new people and it suggests new people for you to be following, and you can look at those trending tags. Here's the example where you see Oh, it's six at a time, not three. As I said, you see six of the tags for each of the tags of every day, and you can quickly school through those trending tags. And here's what you can use trending tax. You can connect with people near you or far away from you Globally. You can explore the trends as they emerge in real time. And that's really what we're looking at. The real time trending tags to see which ones you might want to be using, that a relevant. And those are the two main reasons why you should be using those trending tags. And now I always say to people, If any of the trending tags makes sense for your business, jump on a trending tag and put it in a zoo. One of your tags, because so many eyeballs are getting on those training tags every single day. So, um, the other is that you really can see other people's perspective and not just your own. When you're looking at those tags

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I have done several social media courses - nothing compares to this..... The emphasis consistently with each AMAZING presenter, about BRANDING YOU and STAYING ON POINT with all your social media efforts really hit home for me. I had never given it THAT MUCH THOUGHT.. WOW !! The audience participation sharing their tools and how they cross promote their list building and community building was a fabulous addition to the processes shared by the presenters... The clarity about each social media platform and how best to use was like a bolt of lightening to my brain, as was the organisational business training on managing your social media efforts . . . . I need this to refer to again and again .. .. . . I promised myself I would not buy another course BUT this one I cannot afford NOT TO BUY . I love love LOVE Creative Live!! Thanks Sue B, and all your brainy helpers, I have only 1 more wish and that is to have your team here at home with me . . S.I.G.H.

Roz Fruchtman

Sue B. Zimmerman's *Get Social: Connecting Your Business Channels* is one of the best I've seen of it's kind (or the best). It was easy to see that each guest speaker was prepared and truly loved what they were talking about - people can feel that. The energy was contagious. But, like everything else, one has to be diligent and follow those strategies that applies to them and their projects. It takes work! What I liked most was that although Sue brought all these experts together in one place to speak to us, she DID NOT make us feel as if we MUST master EACH and EVERY social networking channel in order to be successful. Sue B. Zimmerman made it fun, which makes one want to roll up their sleeves and get started and put in the work! THANK YOU, Sue B. Zimmerman! Roz Fruchtman (@PhotoshopHaven)

a Creativelive Student

This was a great course packed with valuable, actionable information as well as amazing guest speakers! Thank you Sue and the amazing Creative Live team!

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