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3 Formulas to Create a Magnetic Show Title

Well, thank you, even chris, for what you just went through and taking us back through the ages of podcast and where it's really risen to what it is today for every type of consumer and listener. And just, you know, prospects to be able to connect with your content today, which is so exciting. And I have to say, how I stumble that a podcast. Unisel. Lot similar to a lot of finding other experts that were producing content. And then you say, well, what about me? Could I do this actually too? And that's, what I love the age that we live in today is your ideas it's so simple for you to be able to get out and get your message out there and be heard and be discovered with the technology that we have at our fingertips. So yesterday, what we went over is really the foundation of what goes into making a world class podcast that's going to create a community and follow your message and want to learn more about you to connect with you and your business. So today, what we're going to be doing, th...

ough, is drilling down mohr into the tactical side of putting your podcast together. So the first part that we're going to talk about this morning is on creon, your magnetic show title. This is so crucial, like we talked about yesterday having your album art to grab the attention of the prospect in itunes or in the different platt, the podcast directories, then you want to have the title that lets them know what's in it for them to tune in. And to stay tuned him were also then going to go over how to create your album artwork on the dimensions and also what's really important about that to make it pop then we're going to go into repurpose ing your content of the next uh, training, which is going to be really incredible I can't wait to bring on wendy stevens who's going to teach you a twelve step formula on howto have your videos rank on page one of google for any of your key words? It's a phenomenal training that alone is worth this course on what you're going to be able to do to get your content discovered on and then we're going to go into how to create epic interviews and I'm gonna take you through also of formula that all of my students and clients and experts have used for their imaging so we're going to go through that step by step then we're going to go into how to set up your studio what microphones to use, how to actually record and edit and easily be able to take your message and get it out they're for the masses so we have a ton of content today to be going through so that being said let's start with magnetic show title and album artwork so the thing that's really important again it's about building your framework like what bridget was talking about yesterday about having that a brand that people can resonate with and connect with. So the part of building your community. What the framework of your show, it establishes, that belonging, that relatability for your prospects so they can feel connected with you and already know, oh, this is exactly the tribe I want to be a part of, or this is what I want to learn more about and how to help help myself. So what we want to do is it's, really, how finds you so it engages your viewership. It entices listeners to tune in aa lot of times. What happens is when people go into itunes or so money cover art albums, we want to make sure you pop that's. How my students have been able to get draw attention into their business right away upon launching by having the right album art. Also, it lets the list or no. What's in it for them I always say that w f t l what's in it for the listener, the problem is a lot of times we think our content is exactly what they're looking for, but that's where what we talked about yesterday is getting feedback from your listeners is really, really important because podcasting is creating such an epic connection. You do wanna have that so including your tweets and different ways that people can connect with you and then make sure you share that and let them know and include that in your programming on dh then also were to find out more about you and we're going to go through that in your intro and your outro and then obviously creating like we talked about that community and that engagement for others to collaborate around your ideas again community is so important because if you can help connect people, they will always remember you for that. So that means that we're going to dive right in right away into how to craft the perfect show magnet title so there's three different formulas that are proven over and over again that work with podcasting. Now what I want to preface here is that you, khun intermix thes you can change them up a little bit, but it's going to be based on what your goal is with your show like we talked about yesterday what's that mangle that you're looking to accomplish by watching your podcast. So the first let's, go back a second. Let's, go back to the foundational formula. So what we talked about yesterday is really helping you hone in what the main theme of your show is based on what your expertise is and the results that you can provide. Oftentimes when we always tell people what we do if it doesn't actually help them understand how we can help them transform, you're not going to get by in and that doesn't create that community for you. So let's re touch on the foundation formula. So again, this is where you teachers show you how, tio what your expertise says. So these formulas right now we want to take what that expertise is, and I'm gonna help you craft that into your title for your show. Then through or that results is going to be in the benefits and the strategies that you provide as the the coach of the host per se. So if it's a benefit strategy like with amy porterfield, she has social media lists, building content, marketing that maybe fitting in for you are based on what specifically that you d'oh. With your results. All right, so I just want to retouch on that, make sure you have that in front of you. So now when we go through these formulas, that will help you understand more how to craft them. So there's three popular formulas the first one. This is what most of the entrepreneurs that I work with us most entrepreneurs I work with are in the business community looking to generate leads, traffic and sales, and build that community for their message. So the benefit driven formula or for those of you that really the danger goal is to massively increase traffic via your expertise. So what happens is a lot of people step into itunes, and they're reaching a whole new audience that have never heard of them before. So just having your picture up there, which a lot of people do isn't enough because it doesn't tell the listener what your show's about who you are, what the benefits are for them to even take the three seconds to click on your album art, to go and learn, learn about your show. So this is to massively increase traffic and who this works for is really it's it's, very broad, but it works for you. What speakers, coaches, authors, professionals, I work with a lot of other professionals that are offline that are now looking to go online, the chiropractors, dentists, doctors, they have a bernie message inside of them, but they want to actually use this formula because they may not be their meat. Their name may not be known out there as much yet, so this is going to help one position you as the expert. I know exactly what your show's about for your benefits, and then be ableto brats that up in a little bow and a nice imaging album, art that says it all with a glance and three seconds. So let's, take a stab at this, so I love for you guys to start filling out some of these for me, and even if this doesn't fit for you just to play along with it, and in your guides, you have the formulas in there as well to make it easy, because this is where this is really where the rubber meets the road, because once you have this down, it really helps you formulate the rest of your show and who you're going to bring on for content, what you're going to be talking about. So the benefit driven formula, the main thing here, is that this is the first line here is your main show benefit so what I like to do here is take what your expertise is, what you d'oh that short little couple sentence or excuse me, couple words that explain exactly what your expertise says and turn that into a show title, and I'm gonna show you some examples here to give you some framework and then with your name, because you want to position yourself as the expert, and then what air their results that happened through by listening to your podcast? What are some of those benefits? Those takeaways that people can understand right away that what this does is it lets the listener know the type of content that will be on your show. So what often happens is that people will watch their podcasting, they're just have a picture and a cute title. Cute doesn't necessarily work, because what happens is that doesn't let brand new people know what's in it for them to want to take the time to tune in. So this is very specific to help you set yourself up as that expert to get the results you're looking for. And then I always suggest to include your picture, or we'll go into that a little bit more here, but have a nice picture that grabs people's attention in itunes so that they can connect that all together, a name and a face. Also, if it resonates with the rest of your branding out on your website, try to use the same picture across the social networks because people can automatically no it's you, so it creates a more recognition for your brand. So here's a bee porterfield. This is her show. Online marketing made easy. So if you notice from yesterday when we were going through formula it's, where she teaches people that easily market online, so just changing up your title around what you do to make people know exactly what your show's about is how this benefit driven formula works, though the main part is your show benefit, then we have with amy porterfield with your name and then and you could use the slash or you could have with however you want. And then, if you notice here she talks about social media list building in content marketing. And so when I interviewed amy quite a few about six months ago, when she was actually just watching your podcast, one of the reasons that she wanted to launch it is to have. More content for audience to keep providing for them, but also for her to expand out of just facebook so she could be noon is a bigger expert on a broader platform. So if that's an area that you're looking to do, maybe you've really, really next yourself in one area in your business. Ah, podcast is a great way to open that door up to a whole new audience. That's going to tap in to more of other areas of expertise that you have or you can go narrow, you could go wide or you could go darrow based on what you're looking, what your goal is. So if you notice here it's very, very simple, the album art will go into this a little bit more, but it's less is mohr in itunes. We don't wanna have a lot of times what happens is people have overlapping images, it's, hard to read and what happens is a confused I just coast to the next album, artwork, so we want to make sure it's clean and concise. So another example here. This is scott colby. This is actually one of my students. That went through podcasting course, and I love his artwork. It pop so much yellow works really well on itunes. For some reason, I think a lot of people have darker backgrounds, darker images, so when you've got a lighter color that pops you're I automatically goes to it. So if you notice you're too it's, really simple, so he's got the power to change, explaining what it is with scott colby, and then mind body and life are the strategies that he's going to be talking about on the show. Okay, then we have pat flynn, so path show is amazing, and he actually just watched another show for another podcast. Where it's more live engagement, where it's ask pat. So you actually gonna ask pat questions live but what's great with this is it's the same thing here now? The reason this is important with pats the benefit strategy is herewith business, blogging and lifestyle. If sometimes titles will tell people a different story. So my background was real estate. So if I heard smart passive income, I would automatically think he's talking about. Real estate strategies so what's great about and I wasn't interested in that anymore. So what would be interesting for you to make sure that you have including in your benefit strategy is what the focus is, if if it could be going on different areas or different niches so again it's smart passive income, the main show benefit with pat flynn and then we talk about business, blogging and lifestyle and if you notice again here it's really clean, easy to read very simple and grabs your eye so again that's the your main show with your name and the benefits you notice here here's another one. This is just in real estate, and even that means she'll benefit real estate license road map you know what's going to be happening there what's gonna be going on in the show, the content and why you would want to be tuning in. Now you can change us up a little bit, obviously there's freedom tohave here without having any of those benefits strategies. If you know if you already have a larger audience or if he already your title really grabs the attention of what's going to be going on here. So jim cramer I love this album artwork it's psychologically very, very effective if you look at it mad money the mad the money and the jim how it actually goes like this like kind of like a ping pong directs your eye and then if you see us thumbs that keep directing your eye into it so if you will look in itunes for jim's podcast album art look compared to the other ones here I will automatically go to his and it stays there that's very very effect it's simple and it's great and so we all know mad money is the crazy stock guy that has all the tips and different things so it actually is very simple to understand when you have louis howe is very simple elegant I icon their image to make it easy this is another great thing here too is thatyou concert tohave propaganda for your following luis is actually started making t shirts a lot of different things with that icon. So if you have something that is a simple, elegant design that creates your your logo you consorted transpose that in search of bill your community mohr into that involvement with your brand fit life very simple a cz well and then we have jill so jill's a started her her album art I love it so if you look at that this is great though it's a great icon image and you know what the show is going to be about and it's actually a different type of style than what you see in itunes as well so we'll stand out and pop so those air really, really effective ways to use that so let's do I'd love for you guys to come around and to share your benefit driven formula for your show whether that fits for you are not just leave yours at home can kind of have a no idea for that so my foundation is I teach you to live life fully that results in a more present connected an authentic life and so I move that into live life fully with erica walters get present get present connected inauthentic, I like it um I also because my brand has ever thoughtful, so I was wondering if it was like instead of saying live life fully it could like live ever thoughtfully or something like that, but I don't know if that was too cute see, our people don't know whatever thoughtful is well, what you khun dio is a lot of experts. What they'll do is they'll just create another earl and they forward that to their main website. So on the show you could say go over to your show title and that just redirects to your main brand and your main main website because no no that's ok s o so you don't think I should put every thought live ever thoughtfully I like the other one because it resonates more where people don't have to think about what that means for them other there other title I believe that people can automatically connect with that okay so I think that but I think with your brand you can actually just redirect that then um and then as that evolves and grows you can start to grow that brand great okay so yesterday I think I mentioned um I think I have the the title so it would be the ultimate mom's guide with dr kate brennan and originally it was less stress more fun and that was it but hearing the three benefit I just want to play with this what do you think of the ultimate mom's guide with dr kate brennan fun joy connection or something like that yeah well so here's a perfect example so you have a take line that that that's the other option that we can do you don't have to have the benefits you can you can switch it to take wine and I think for you is more fun what was less stress more fun and well I just thought it fun to me so I less stress more fun yeah and I love that because I think I can relate to that I'm in on mom but I think all the moms could relate that to where they're like yes less stress more fun and then it explains how you're gonna help them do that through the guidebook good, william thanks. So you can play you, khun massage this to whatever makes the most sense for your brand to actually use this formula to be effective for your podcast. Yeah, this is an interesting exercise for me because I've been trying to figure out if I want to come up with a tagline or put the benefits in because I'm really happy with my name, which is at the helm. So yeah, right now, it's just at the helm with the layer williams and the benefits are advice resource is and community, but I want I feel I still feel like I want something with a little more punch, so I'm gonna play with that a bit more, okay, perfect. And for a lot of that too that's where the other one, we kind of go into the table and with a lot of the expert formula but that still works with with this driven because you can have your meaning at the helm, but then having that take line that people can resonate with and that's what people will share is, well, tio, exactly brilliant. Uh, I was thinking of just having as the title my business name rethink true health. Yes, that kind of implies what it's about, but my tagline also kind of wanted to put up there as well, rethink your health wreath or regain your life way rethink your health and regain your life I like the tag line a little bit. Yeah, so I've I've kind of been playing with that with some different artwork that I've been working on his next life. I like that. I like that brandy. Well, you saw my artwork on style, thie only thing when I was creating that is that I don't have a tagline, but my my benefits just to share them with everybody are the three I's inspiration, intelligent conversation and insider information and like it, it's a lot of words. Yeah, and so graphically because of what you were saying to create other things, you know, I made stickers and t shirts with that, and people really like it. So and it is a fashion style, uh, podcast. But I, you know, I like this benefit. Maybe I guess, on the website that they linked to you put it there or in the show information I noticed on itunes, you could list it there. Exactly. You know, I don't know if it's too sparse like you know yours is at the helm with without that but uh no that's a great point to because that's where we're going to go into the formula later today on your intro where once they click on it because you've got a great engaging image so sometimes we need to change that up of it's just our picture in a title there still needs to be a little style aside, right but on style leads into oh yeah I know what that is so there's enough there to get them to want to come in and then on your intro you can explain what your take linus we're gonna expand that out then because you get about what's great about podcasting I didn't talk about this yesterday but most forms of marketing we have very little time to grab the attention of her prospect so if you go to a youtube video you know like nathan said yesterday I look at the length of the video before we decide if I'm ever gonna click play you know block pose I mean for me I love to read but it's more books so if I go to a block post that's like twenty pages long like what abel was talking about, I save it and then I ended up never going back to that that that file to go through the content but what's great about podcasting is that people would give you about ninety seconds to grab their attention which when you think about ninety seconds in the marketing world that's like a lifetime so but what's important is to get them to that point is having the album art having that ability to connect with them right away and then when they to name which we'll talk about later today, then you conceal the deal with him and get him to really enjoy and want to stay connected with you. So for you jill on that I think that's brilliant to keep it the way it is and then you can have your take line like team was talking about on your website on the banner and then also when you talk about it in your show too not overcomplicate because if you added those words, it would be it's just too much so again less is mohr and then you can play with that you can always change your album art dave ramsey just changed his album art like two weeks ago and he's got to podcast so you could always be changing with that playing with that and actually it's kind of fun to change it up a little bit. I'll show you how you could do that for each one of your episodes, so when people find you they see different images that might grab them in because we have moved to a very visual based community style how we engage with content today um, we do have a couple questions coming in now we can hold off. If this is something we're going to get to in a little bit, or can we let we're going to go into album are, but if they have questions on the formulas right now, okay, perfect. Yeah, well, we'll definitely cover all that in just a couple minutes here, so that's. Great. Well, thank you guys for sharing. I love how you guys play along. So the next formula, then is for those that are looking to have that expert status. Now, this, maybe you already have a block talk radio show. Maybe you already have a youtube channel. Maybe you are already on daytime tv all the time or on the radio. What happens here is this is where and this is a very simple formula, but it works really well for that branding to continue and for you, too. Established that as you being the expert in your field, so the mangle here's to maintain or increase your expert status so, again, this is very similar to the benefit driven, but it's a different positioning factor. So it's not just about the benefit driven it's about you being the expert, that people are going to be calling into our talking to or connecting with on your contact, and how you structure your show. So this would be for expert speakers, coaches, authors, again, and then also a lot of doctors, a lot of lawyers will also go through some examples here that show that now what's really unique that's kind of shifted as well is a lot of people will name their podcast either radio or tv or different format. So the term podcasting there's been kind of a conversation going around in the podcast community of we should even calling podcast anymore because some people don't resonate with that, but they love the content. I mean, all of us that we're here, we don't really know about podcast I was the same way, and when I stumbled into it, it was through listening to a comedian and then being like connecting the dots for myself and then finding out the business sector and how it's the number two fastest growing category for all podcast, which is very, very exciting. So with that being said, this is a great way for you to actually branch out of that. If you're looking, if your audience is already used to you being on youtube, it could be tv or it can be however you want to put that. Okay, so the expert status formula this is obviously making you go to expert and again it's very simple the your show name, just insert your name and then you have your main benefit take line so that's going to be what that's about now? The reason I suggest this, even if you already are a big name and have a lot of content, is that oftentimes in itunes now remember you're tapping into a billion plus subscribers justin itunes platform that's not even talking about stitcher and podcast one and all of the other podcast directories. What happens there is you're reaching people all across the world that maybe have never heard of you, even if you already do have an expert status out there, so having to take line will help you, I know I've had students tell me where they've seen expert names with their expert show, but they don't know who they were and then when they actually figured it out there like oh this person's huge so really having that benefit will help you bring in maur listeners as well so this then is is obviously this you really want to have your picture because that is part of your branding and part of your makeup in your structure for being the expert so perfect example I've talked about him quite often the dave ramsey show and this is his old album cover are so this is where he has the day dave ramsey show him live and then take control of your money now if you notice here he's putting more of his take line up front obviously because davis dave very big already everybody knows who he is but what's great about that as people then know exactly what that podcast is about especially if you have different podcast oftentimes people will put up very, very similar artwork and his other podcast is different so you want to make sure that you have distinctions in your album arts a cz well as if you're doing audio or video ifyou're going if it's the same show, make sure you let people no one's audio and one's video it makes a huge difference for your listeners in your viewers and people don't like to cross mix channels so if you're going to be doing that, make sure that you've got one channel that's audio and one that's video audio listeners don't liketo have video feeds come into their feed because one it takes up a tennis space on their phones as well and there's more organization they have, they have to go on edit and delete shows out, so make it easy for your listeners to want to keep tuning into you if that's what you're gonna be doing so then also you could include your website on here. It works for dave because it's not over it's not over, um, stressed with a lot of contact, a lot of images. Ok, so this is one of my clients, paul moore show. So paul is ah hilarious fitness expert comedian over the uk and he's his personality's loud, obviously, like his album cover art and that's what showcases his his expertise so he launched his podcast just a few months ago, has had massive success with this podcast. And again it's his personality coming toe life through he's, an excellent copywriter. Actually, with this podcast, though, it actually brings even more flavor to who paul is. So if you notice here he has the palm or podcast crazy album cover art here, you know, with images with his head shot. And then for him it's more clients more laughs, less headaches so he helps fitness experts get more clients by helping them be their authentic self and if you notice here that really screams that on his album art to grab the attention on do you know he has a little disclaimer down here? No weiners moaner czar complainers are sensitive snowflakes as he likes to call them so you know right out front he's got an explicit show what's going to be going on about it and it grabs their attention so I encourage you to have fun with your album art um and I know I'm talking a lot about album art right now, but the title and albumin are I mean they go together hand in hand the one thing I want to suggest he was getting a professional designer ah lot of my students I totally love that they love to start their ideas with their with their own with creating the podcast album art but then have someone take that over and have them really create that because you really do have less than three seconds to grab someone's attention when they're looking in the the podcast directory now if they're referred or other people refer them that's different, but when you have that cold market coming in looking at your podcast you want to make sure that you're you're grabbing their attention and you're not missing out on a potential prospect that could fall in love with your content and your show so again, it's all about making it easy for the listener the viewer to grab gravitate are what's the word I'm looking for. Go towards your album art so that's a that's, a really great example, and then eso here's. The other examples that we have on the expert formula for other experts. So the suzie orman show see, you've got fits, dawg radio there, so it could be show podcast, adam corolla show. Adam changes his album art, ah lot as well, another great podcast, the lifestyle business podcast and see how simple that is. It's not over extensive fonts, really great image, and then has the color coordination there that makes that lifestyle business pop where people know exactly what it is. And then that palm tree becomes the logo that's, where it shows up on the website in different areas. So think about in terms of what khun create. That icahn for you and for you to stand out with your style of podcast so the expert status form again its two main that expertise or increase expert status and repurpose your content. A lot of experts have content in other areas and this is a great way to let them know hey and itunes I have the content as well that you can download and come and listen teo so it makes it very simple to keep that engaged. So do we want to play with this one here for the expert status? All right, let's, do it if you need a minute. Do we have any questions on this so far? Not a question, but we have a great comment from stretch nurses. Wow, this has always been my challenge. Finding my thirty second elevator talk about my business really focuses you to set up this formula excellent, fantastic and you know and it doesn't have to be is complicated. This is one of the biggest problems that I see it a lot of people having I know myself I had it. And so I this is why the research of this and figuring out how to make it simple is really effective less in business, the more simple you could make it three easier it's going to be and the more you khun scale your business as well so we actually just saw great question come in from three eighteen media wanted clarification that says, I'm guessing our podcast doesn't need to fall into all three of these formulas. Perfect. Yes, thank you for that question, because it doesn't have to these air specific based on what your goals are for your show. So you're only going to pick one formula that's going to represent and showcase your show. Terrific. Absolutely. Yes. Oh, so that was gonna pick that format. It read then dr kate brennan, the ultimate mom's guide, right? Yes, that's. How you would flip it around. Yeah, and you could have show are you don't even have to have that if you don't want to. Some people like to include podcaster show. It depends on the one thing I do, like with if it's show or something that gives a little bit more flavor that there might be a live caller calling or not a live caller, but where you could take questions, so that would be the ultimate mom guide show. Well, dr kate brennan. Okay, brandon show the ultimate mom's guy. Yeah. Because like, what would pat did with ask pat lot? I don't thinkit's live it just ask pat and that he has questions come in and then he answers them on the podcast then you know exactly what the format of the show will be and that you can actually participate more so already invites that into your community so would it be okay, fine just invite the group to give me feedback, which do you guys like better the first one or the second one the experts status formula or the first one you like this one about a second one like this one better than you how you are a doctor so I think yes, your expertise is a great way to sort of shine there's thinking going the other way originally like for me I don't like the alaia williams show or the one I just I don't like how it sounds it doesn't fit me, but when you said yours and we're like dr cape run and show, you know the altamont I'm like, ok, ok it establishes your expertise and your benefit very clearly and if that's the feedback I'm getting them that's the cover art all d'oh because I was just about to call my graphic I designed her husband today come over time I'm going to still do that, but now I'm gonna flip it to this I completely agree with all that because you already have the positioning with that, so keep it and people will tune in with that's great feat that what a nice surprise excellence and sorry. Well, I don't e I agree with you, it's, just the name, especially for me and nathan breimyer show a lot of people have a hard time pronouncing that so it's I want something that people could actually pronounce. But that is a question I do have about experts status formula versus the benefit truman formula. What do you want? Oh, what you want to brand mme or your name or your business name? You know, I always kind of wondered that. Well, so it's going to be it depends on what you're looking tio. So if you with your business it's rethink right dot com e, I think you helped re three true health. Okay, so it's not about necessarily. You're the person behind that brand, though, so I think what resonates with people, especially to make it easy, because when they see your podcast, they know exactly where you're you're you're ella's to go back. Teo that's going to be very effective for you, because that's, what you're really branding is rethink, even though you are the brand. It's your part of the experience of helping them go through that rethinking okay, now if it's just your name and that's where you've got more opening then you could do that but I'm the same way I don't I don't it's not about me it's about the community and the people out of helping through the people that I'm interviewing so building great yeah, I have a question I'm referring them back to the girl from yesterday so driving traffic back to the site yes, we discussed yesterday at least in my particular situation that my name is so common so I have both girls dr kate brennan and I have the girl the ultimate mom's guide but based on yesterday's conversation, I think we agreed that it wasn't a great idea to refer back and have the girl dr kate brennan but to actually have the other girl theo took mom's guide so if I'm leading with the doctor kapron and show is it going to confuse people too? Then I will refer them to the ultimate mom's guide I think it could be a little bit confusing because it's a little bit longer I think I would just make a short you're all dr kate live or something really short that they can reference on the podcast cause remember everybody's listening on the go that's now some of them will be on their phone and like tap into because later on as your show grows, you can add an app yeah, sure later on and have some fun things with that, but the majority of people are just going to be tuning in for specific episodes, so you want that brain ing and that you are all really simple for them tow connect with and I guess those so I may be of another question yeah, so I'm not really sure than what I'm going to get known for in terms of the earl like when people say, oh yeah, that per is it dr kate brennan or oh, is that the ultimate mom's guide? Or is it kate live or what? You might what's? What am I going so you could have your ultimate that could be your brand and that your website, but from a listener standpoint, a shorter earl just to refer them back to it, okay, okay, because you want them to remember that to make it easier, does that make more sense? Because it's still you're still branding yourself, but you're making it wien it for people to know where to go because even if they want to know, but if it's too hard to spell and they're trying to figure it out, they're not going to do it for twenty times to try to figure it out it's like once up whatever and so and the good thing is, you have both already, so you never wanted to redirect one because you think of someone made type in dr kate brennan, you could always redirect it, but when I look at, you know your name, and I think of your tag line, sort of the weight there is pretty even so, if I had any confusion, this is obviously just me, but if I had any confusion, I would just google it, and you'd you'd come up if I couldn't remember, but for me, neither, I could remember either one, and when you get used to, I think saying it over and over on your podcast, people get used to it to exactly, and remember, people have to hear eight to ten times your contact, your take lines, your information for two stick, and so you'll remember that. But so just understand that's, why? To keep it simple and keep reiterating that we're going to talk about that later with the intro? Because remember, a lot of the listeners come in and they tune in. They might go toe episode one hundred fifty five or episode two and that's all they listened to. So you want to make sure your brain is effective and consistent on each one of those shows, so that one brand new people come in, they know where to go, but they can steep keep tuning in and understanding that no crime. Yes, uh, I have a question here from mr bill. He shared this be a twitter. So thank you for doing that via twitter, but he was wondering when does the title get too long? Are their character limits or suggestions you have for the optimal length for these podcast title? Yes, great, I usually I forgot to mention this, so keep it three to five words really, really short one just because of the parameters of how itunes works, you just don't have enough space for all of it anyway. So this is a great exercise for you to rule e hone in on what your show is really about and how to really make that focus, so try to keep it iced suggest three to five words anything more than that if you noticed all the shows that we've gone over are all very short, very short and simple to the point, so that you can have that now you can have your take line if and and you're more of your description of your brand on your website more fully and have you know you're about, paige that'll go into more about that. And then your header your banner have your take line there but on the album art don't try to cram it all in if you feel that you're trying to cram stuff in its too much so just lay it back and then that's where the benefit driven formula has worked so well for most of my clients because a lot of them are covering so many things they're talking about all these different concepts and different interviews and you know they go across a lot of different niches that's where just having the benefit strategies we'll keep it simple enough that your listener your viewer can say okay they're going to cover this that in that so then they want to tune him and during your show oh come do we have do you guys want to share anymore on the expert okay well you think that answered that question is I think the benefit driven formula works really well for for what I'm doing and just to kind of put something up there that's hard for people to pronounce and everything I think I would definitely imply that I should go with the benefit driven okay perfect all right great so let's go then the third formula then is the brand formula so this is where olle a lot of entrepreneurs today have created brands and this is what's great about this is this is to increase your brand awareness and then also you're following so you know what I love about this is that with brandon and you could have your icon, you're your logo that can really speak your brand and just instant people could know what that is. So I know you were coming into this. Well, you know, the benefit of the brand can go well together to or you can actually just have your brand, and we'll show this in the second here, but where you can your logo, probably you were going to use that with some of your formula or your album art anyway, so this is great for expert or experts. A lot of business owners today have multiple business partners and it's, not just one person being showcased so that's where you can have your brand using that or some people actually use different images together. But I suggest to have your logo, if that's, for your tribe to really stand out. Um, business musicians, actors, fitness experts, a lot of the movie daft punk with there, their podcast or their album that just came out this year random access memories. They actually launched a podcast with all the story behind how they actually it was really cool. They launched a story podcast to really get presales on and to be able to showcase there. Their album, but it was all about the story behind the song and were developed from was really, really cool and so from that they actually then that items featured and you know how they have that feature where they let you stream the audio on the pre release you could actually hear what the whole album is, they did that for the whole album, so they used that to generate traffic leads and be able to get exposure for for their album art. Excuse me for their their album and so that's what a lot of musicians khun do and use us as well for your music or for your your schaub it's anything that you're using to showcase yourself? This is a great platform for that, and then also for business, just in generals, they're having that brand recognition, and this is where a lot of experts that have a brand already, maybe you're offline. You're looking to get into the online community and create that brand awareness. This is a great way to do that, because then it gives another recognition on another major platform that your brand on then also where you can incorporate that for sharing, showcasing on dh standing out, so this is very simple it's the brand. Plus your benefit. And this could be a take lina's. Well, you couldn't interchange those and then having your dynamic picture that is what's so important about this. And you don't have your face on your show tohave that have a dynamic picture that grabs people's attention. So in this case, couple examples we have. So this is craig ballantine's podcast the turbulence training. Now he has some more words here, but it actually works because it tells you exactly what turbulence training this time. Efficient research proven workouts that booth muscle growth and blowtorch. So you know exactly what that podcast is about and it's a great image so it's, very simple but it's very effective crime. Then we've got the brand here. This is natalie. So she's, the suitcase entrepreneur. So just in the title, you already start to know what her show is going to be about what she's going to be talking about. So it's the suitcase entrepreneurs, the brand freedom based business. Now, if you notice with these last two, I did say having a logo on a brand, but you can also use this. If you don't necessarily just have a logo for your business, you can still have your image, have a great layout and make it simple, no crime. Then we've got the foolish adventure show now this is a brand with this is the exact same brand that they have on their website as well the same logo and images but its internet business radio so it explains internet business education and you know exactly what that's about and then thirdly like you're talking about earlier I love these podcast it's absolutely credible they actually look for experts to come in in launch podcast I think they have what twelve now yeah they have alcohol no it was a whole network it's a whole platter form and so if you notice here they don't actually use images they just actually it's the recognition of what that titlists of the brand quick and dirty tips for whatever that main show it's for the podcast so it's the get fit guy the money girl public speaker grammar girl and then you've got a great icon and if you notice they're they're simple they're great colors thes pop in itunes and then also their branding is consistent over podcast so if you have a larger network maybe you have businesses that have different divisions or a company that has different divisions this is a great way to brand your brand on a bigger scale and keep it really consistent so and then they also have the benefit so it's a little take line just you know what really is the main show for money girl okay for a richer life get fit guy to slim down and shape up public speaker for improving your communication skills and grammar girl for better writing. So it's a great go to how to guide on the go audio format. So very great brandy. So all of this really simple, that is just your brand, plus your benefit. And then that dynamic picture, like we talked about so again, to grow that brando, wherein asked to grow that following or to really help you launch. Or brand. If you really wanna have that as being your formal focus for your podcast.

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