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5 Surefire Marketing Strategies

We're gonna have a really engaging segment here now where we're going to go into the five ways to market your podcast for success we're gonna go on did the podcast directories of where else you can submit your podcast b we just went over how to launch with itunes and then I'm gonna show you how to use soundcloud as well, which is actually a stream platform that has been had a huge hit and I'm gonna show you how to get your mp three's and audio's over there and connect that over to your block as well and then we're going to have a hot see a really fun engaging interview so you want to stick around for that? So let's get started here was talking about really the five surefire marketing strategies to help you whether your brand new or you're just getting started or you're actually moving forward with your podcast that you've already launched. So the first school that we want to look at here by ways to market is we want to talk about social media. Now we've been talking about this a lot ov...

er the past couple of days and the reason being is that social media is not a trend it's the wave of where we're at today of how we like to connect and just like bridget and a lot of the other experts had talked about, people want to hear from their friends about things before they go in and make decisions on. So this is one of the best ways to create social proof dr traffic, create engagement and get people easily sharing your content of round on the social networks. So what you wanted to you having so when you launch that we just went over is how you launched in itunes and how you can share your episode via itunes, directly out under the social networks. How the itunes platform has that facebook or twitter, but now you want to do is if your goal is to drive traffic back to your website, this is how you khun do this, so what you could actually do is you can actually take some of those lengths that you've already created with your block post, and he used engaging images to get people to drive traffic back over and click on the block post where now you've got your audio connected to your block so they can play the podcast right on your block. They can read the content, they can see what's in the episode, they can leave comments there, and this is a great way to drive traffic back to your hub, where you want to be bringing your community together, teo connect with your content, so I love to use the bentley link it's a great way to keep it really short. Really easy you could track all of it. You can see where the engagement's coming from, whether that's on facebook, twitter, all around the world, and so what you could do is you, khun, take each one of your individual block post, turn that into a billy link and then share that on the social networks. So again, the reason I like to drive traffic back to the website when you're first getting started and you can weave, you could interchange these, so I like to share the itunes like in the beginning, when you're doing your launch strategy to get people to go into it and you get all those download those subscribers, and then you can still weave that in going forward, but that I like to transition over into sharing the block content. Since you do have your audio connected there because then they can start to connect, you'll get more email sign ups and that's how you draw people in so you can use those expert interviews that you're interviewing those guests on create great images for them, share them on the social networks that drives traffic back. And now, for maybe people that aren't looking on itunes for you that aren't looking on stitcher that aren't even aware a podcast yet, but now they're going to find out what you're doing. By engaging them through the social networks also, it makes it really easy for others than to quickly share that toe like that shared over on facebook. Let their friends now things like that, the other benefit here is that now you're tapping in to your readers or to your audio listeners so you can pull in content that way. You also can use the itunes short code. This is for if you want to direct them right over teo itunes. So if you notice when we had that itunes paige up right on the right hand side, then there's this this area's has price so that's typically where you going by an mp three? You'll know it's one, twenty nine or whatever the costs for the mp three? Well, I'm podcast you can have that all free there, so then when it when you click on that little arrow to say, copy the link, sharon, facebook or share and twitter and that copy the link that super super long I usually don't use that one directly. But that's the direct link for that individual episode. So when people click on that let's see, you've got one hundred and one podcasts and let's see you're sharing episode fifty one, it'll actually highlight that episode when they open it up in itunes so you could drive traffic back to the episode based on who you're interviewing right into itunes. Or you can use this strategy where you're actually create a bentley link for that block post war. Now you have your audio connected to your block and you've got images, so this is where I want to go into the images to grab people's attention. So this is I just interviewed chris tucker, actually, and he he's got a huge think tank going on right now. He wanted to join us live to be a guest he's over in the philippines. So it's a little bit early, crazy time. But, you know, this is a this is what I like to do is create images that either tell about the interview are a lot of them. I have quotes with it and it has their image and it brands out what you're doing and gets people involved in that because who doesn't love a good quote? They love to see that crane engagement create your own quotes for yourself, a cz well, but what's great about this. Then you have your branding on there that takes up space in the newsfeed then people see that and they click on that and they go. To check out what you're interviewing on based on their interests and also they'll share it pinterest is a great way where you can connect these type of images in on your pinterest account okay thie other thing that's really great to that I want a reference is you the images for facebook you want to make it the size of the feed the four oh three by four o three that's because if it's too big, they won't see that so you want to make sure it's that right size on dh then pinterest it's a four hundred to six hundred pixels were the longer side that's proven to be more share a ble on pinterest so what's great about that is that you have different images for different platforms and it gets people engaged in your content you guys you can have these done with I have a bunch of different designers but you could have people on fiber that will do this for you for very cost effective doesn't have to take a lot of time pick monkey is another great sight I love that it's so fun yet p I c monkey dot com there's quite it there's cam canvas I think is what it is camba I forget there's another one if you google that you'll find it but it's really great stuff and all you have to do is upload your image and then it'll have words and text and fonts it'll do different backgrounds, different layers super easy I mean, you could have your kids do it it's that simple so yeah it's really engaging but for here these air great images that you can have on your block post as well and you could include different plug ins that allow people to share it flares is a really popular plug in that allows people to easily share your image is out your content out and all the different networks you can set it all up. So what's great about this also too is it creates a story around what you're talking about it's not just a text link, it actually gives mohr engagement maur image more ability to connect with things. Now I also suggest you can just have text links as well you can change it up a little bit have a little bit of fun with that, but these air really fun because then you give credibility to that expert. But now look what happens. What if you got that in your email with all the different links already set up for you, would you want to share that makes it really easy for you to want to share content them for the experts and they've got things that are already set up to help you with that time any questions so far in this so for example, is that chris duckers? Um is that his podcast covered that you've taken it? Then you added in your lifestyle academy dot com I just took one of his just his headshot because when I asked my experts to send me is their bio there intro? Okay, I should have run over this before I asked them to send me their introduction whatever their bio is, and then I asked him to send me their favorite headshot for marketing and then any specific questions they want me to ask, so the reason I do the bio is I know what they want to be talking about them. And then I added that to make it easy for me to read like we talked about the other day to try to make it simple, and I take that head shot and that I turned that into a graphic image. I do one that's on the show what we were talking about on the podcast, and then I do one that's a quote for that expert now that's just a personal preference of what I do, you don't have to do that much, you can keep it very simple, but that's, what I'm saying with social media will give you created images to grab people's attention in okay and that's recon use pick monkey or have somebody else go out and do that and they'll put the I don't suggest having to do this yourself, especially if you're not a graphic designer, you can have other people go do that very simple. Okay, so the next picking your social networks to share on we're talking about this out lunch. A lot of people like I do have to be on every single network I'd be all over the place pick one to start to max don't get overwhelmed with this have a way that you like to engage with it and you know that your audience is out there just ask them where they like to hang out at where they're at go pay attention to the group's places that they're at, you know it could be twitter and facebook could be google plus and facebook linked in and twitter any of those any of those ways to connect with it, but try to keep it simple for yourself, otherwise you end up just stop sharing and we don't want that you're content strategy is a long term strategy. This isn't something that you just due for a month and then you stop a crime. So, um, let me go back for a second here. This is a lot of you guys have been asking where should I ask questions? This is the networks all over the place on these different platforms where you can share tips, you can share shout outs, you can ask questions or your tribe one of the best ways on facebook to engage people isto ask them what their opinion yet so that's, why I was seeing in the beginning have a pre buzz about your show where now you can take your image, have different options with it, but now you can do the same thing with maybe one of the interviews. Hey, we talked about this. What do you think? Do you like one, two or three get engagement going? Because that people will tell you everybody always loves to give their opinion so that's a great way to get engagement in conversation going around your brand and what you're talking about to get people to stop, pay attention and listen, but keep it simple don't ask for an open ended question asked them a beer see one, two or three? Because how easy is that on your smartphone? Or just hit one it's very easy just to respond that way yeah, I just have to give a testimonial that, uh, I did that with my with the picture that I wanted to use for my podcast image and put a, b, c or d and I got such a high response to that that it ended up in my facebook movie. You know, that movie they came out with is like all your popular pictures. It's like that was the last one. I'm like, oh, that's, a great one to have, but it was so popular. I mean, everybody wants to respond to that. They really do. You want help, exactly, and it shows you that people want to rally around what you're creating you. Those people are so hungry for content that when you start stepping up, other people are going to start stopping up. And that's, what starts to happen and that's what's gonna have bring more people into your movement toe lead, you have to start to lead first. If you want to have followers behind you it's, look behind you. If you're not following it because you're not stepping up, you're not moving in yourself forward and taking action. So doing that gets people fired up and it's gonna inspire them to take action and they're gonna come back and thank you for it, it's amazing how that works. That's. Why? I have fun with this. I mean, some of you are all serious and it's like, you know what? This is fun. This is your content that you gonna have much fun with you want. So what I suggest, go pick your best magazines. Go look at other brands. Look at what, like macy's and what snowboarding ski companies like these extreme sports people are doing. Look, look att other brands and how they're using that red bull is a great example. Rebels really a media company, they're all about content. It's not about the rebel in the can. How many of you guys have been to a red bull event where they have the flying? Yeah, it's an experience they actually engage people a part of it it's, experiential marketing, so if you could bring that in to get engagement with with your content it's going to take it that much further and you're gonna have a lot more fun with it if you're bored with it then I challenge you go look of what other people are doing get ideas like shrieking was talking about outside your industry because we get so tunnel focus because so focused on what we have to do we gotta do this way we ought to do that right? It takes your imagination out of it so go play go be a child again and have fun with it okay? So um okay so new and notary and what's hot so we talked about new and know where the strategy your blueprint toe launch so then what happens is after your out of new and noteworthy there's a section called what's hot and I showed you that before that's right below in each one of the categories. Okay, so again, what happens here and this is what's great is even though you're getting started you could always come back and I've had I've seen top experts do this when they re promote their podcast and they actually rank up anew because remember what's the algorithm it's based on the most recent amount of downloads so as you're growing your list you could always come back and do another promotion three months down the road and do the exact same thing same strategy. We just talked about for the blueprint to actually get your podcast to show back up again, and now it won't be a new and no worthy, but it'll be in this section in what's hot. Does that make sense? So it's not like you miss the boat if you're just getting started, that's. Why I'm saying every step of the way, take action because there's other ways that you can still promote and bring bring your followers into it so again, what will happen here is to position your podcast in new and noteworthy, or the what's hot section again, it's the number of downloads, number of downloads and subscriptions in the last twenty four hours, people clicking subscribe and enjoying your show, and then the five stars in the number of reviews, so you can have a strategy where you haven't ongoing room ward system for people leaving reviews to keep that on, um, different options there that you could do with that. Number three now I've talked a lot about google hangouts the reed now see I was apprehensive of google hangouts but my really good front teeth that cohen she is actually one of the world's top experts in helping with google hangout she's actually conducted mari smith's google hangout united nations hang out we were just having event together that we both spoke and she was talking about google hangout so it's it's what's happened is how google is set up we can't ignore it anymore it feeds in tow all of it and so when he's talking about showing up on page for organic search that's where we want to be seen it's not about the ads and this is one of the best ways to help you do that now this strategy if you're just getting started with it it's a great way for engagement as well and you may not have a big network on there but what I do love about google is that you're at all of your content always stays on the front of the feet so facebook now I love facebook too so that goes down people don't always see that only certain percent of your audience less than sixty percent see that or don't quote me I'm not the facebook expert there but what's great with this is that you can have hangouts get engagement repurpose that content for your audio and now you've got an s ceo already advanced video okay? And you can get the engagement there. The other thing that I like about this too is you can embed this in on your your block post and even into facebook social twenty two will let you do that I meant it messed that one up I think that's what it's called you can I have? I have in fact do all that for me I don't even do that. So what'll happen is it's actually pretty simple though she's got some courses and things on that if you want to learn more about that but it's really easy because you could embed that coat onto your website where people can comment. So what happens is that it pulls your your block up the ranking cause all that engagement that's going on when we did our hangout on my website we had tons of comments, tons of sharing going on just in the hour that we're on the hangout and so it really does it really does help you. And the other thing that, like I said is you can just repurpose that but this is a great way to create that live engagement we're all asking, well, how did I get engagement? How do we get people answering questions? We're gonna hang out because anybody can show up for a hang out and you could what I suggest is have a couple experts on a hangout because then you'll have people coming in based on all that audience pulling it so get together with other podcasters in the community other people that you've interviewed for experts maybe bring on some of your experts that are all in a similar niche people love a good debate they love to hear people like challenge each other's ideas that's what google plus is all about, you know, talking about different ideas, what their concepts are and that gets people involved in the process and sharing that so and I think they're really fun makes it very engaging yeah, you you figured out like for your audience one is a good time to have those school hangout so for my audience, anytime you do webinars or anything live it's typically during the day a lot of my experts or speakers coaches, authors, experts they work from home, their kids are gone, they could do stuff during the day and then at night it gets a little bit busy, but thatjust comes from trial and air and just testing it out so you'll learn that as you grow your audience what works the best for them and it's it's all about testing like when he's talking about split testing, figuring out picking two different times and you know that might be a good idea when you're first starting have two different times they can pick from as well. We do that a lot with webinars to get people options, but if you're bringing just to do it for to start, you know, bring a couple of their experts and pick one time and see how it goes and it's a learning process, just keep getting out there and doing it with that crime. So the other thing, like rob said, including interviews and I can't stress this enough even if you want to have a solo show like rob's talking about really suggesting corporation that in because it allows for great content for you, because then it takes the pressure off u s a content provider, the number one thing that I here, over and over from experts as they need to get more content out there, because once you get building your audience, you need to keep feeding them because they want to keep engaging with you and learning from you. So that's, where interviews khun take that pressure off and actually they give, they can really help you spin off on different ideas because you'll get different engagement. So again, what you want to do is have that email. Now this you can create yourself, and I really suggest I know some people want to have it candid already done for you, but you really wantto haven't come from your heart for your cause because a lot of people are interviewing so many people today. You want to make sure that you have your special twist on it and your own unique character that you bring into it, and I can't stress this enough goto events bumping shoulders with people is the best and fastest and easiest way to get them to like and trust you because you're right there in person and that's how it's more open for them to say yes, because once and they're not, they're not gonna look at you like, no, you know, so it opens the door up for them too easy getting easy us. So if in that case, though, so start with your list of who you already know, we all have a center of influence that has experts you want always interview up. Okay, so what happens is that what you want to do is have a brief email, just the benefits on your cause. Why you really want them to come on while they'd be good for your audience, for your listener. Include your demographics and you don't have them yet when you're going out it's more in your cause and what you're going to do to help promote that any way else you could help them you know like rob sad we've been talking about anytime they're doing a launch book launch anything they're more likely to say yes for you all right and then make it easy for them to say yes don't have a bunch of hoops for them to jump through I usually talk to the dead men the person that actually is there a right time to say it assistant that actually sets that time up I get the yes from the expert and then I have my team reach back out to them and there's people know today that their whole role in their whole business is helping people get interviews for their podcast so there's plenty of people out there that are looking absolutely this has grown so much that there's actually rules of that where people are doing that today so you can find other people that already a pro in this and I will get on board with your campaign of what your podcast is about and do that for you so you could get again out of that kitchen and get into just working on content in creation okay so um and then what I do so make it easy for them to say yes what I mean by that is don't have all these different times either have a time trade link or actually have a schedule that you have or just give them a couple times at work bus for them with big names, I just I let them know whatever works best for you, and they send back to me the time I just make it super easy. I don't even make them try to jump through hoops. I only do one interview a week, though, so it's not like I'm doing a big production if you're doing more than that, I definitely suggest having a better system, having more of a time trade links so you can lock everything in we're having your assistant take care of all that for you, and then also make sure you've got your marketing packet of what you're going to send out to them. All right now, not all experts are going to share, but not and not all of them are going to share everything, so just have something ready for them so that when they do it's make is it easy? I can't tell you how many times people have told me, thank you so much for putting this together. This has helped me a ton I'm gonna share, and they ended up sharing atmore because I had all the options there. For them to do it now, yes, it takes a little bit more time, but it also shows your how much you care okay and how much you want to help them set up with that. So it's not just a just a quick interview? Yes. Um so in the sunday mp three recording oh, is that the recording of the interview that you've done? Or is that, uh, for marketing? Yeah, great question. So what I do is I send them the itunes link, the stitcher like like the actual the little link that's what I mean by that just was the directly to the show, and then I have the other links for sharing, like their facebook quote, a twitter quote, something like that and then also with the demographic is there a way in itunes to see that our how are you figuring out what your demographic demographic comes from? You actually getting feedback from your survey and that's? Why I say, engage on the social networks because when someone tweets you, what can you d'oh uru you're someone on your team could go back and look at their website what they're about. You can start to get a better idea of who your demographic is that's connecting with you on on the back side of lips, and though you can actually see where people are downloading and where the most of your downloads air coming from, what city, what country? What shows they're downloading the most you can start to see which shows oh, well, they really like these thes topics, you know, you can see what's going on with that, but a lot of that's going to come down to more of your engagement. Now in stitcher, you have some other options as well for more of your demographic features that how long they're listening, but I suggest when you're first getting started, just focus on putting great content out there, being consistent and then getting your marketing strategy down. And then as you grow, you can start to get more surveys and getting more engagement from your audience. All right? Okay, so now we're going to go into the podcast directories, so we've talked a lot about itunes. We've launched our feet into itunes, so now we're going to talk about stitcher, which have been referencing a lot soundcloud and then podcast one is another big directory. Now there are a lot of other directories out there, so these were just going these air just to these air to podcast directories. This is forced audio, okay? I'm so with stitcher now, if you haven't downloaded the app, I highly suggest to do it go through and download this to trap and the itunes apple, the podcast app on your phone to engage with it, to see what it's like, see how your show shows up and what it's like to actually listen and also search for podcast that you like being involved in other people's podcast. It'll give you different ideas. So the first thing this is where you want to go, it's, stitcher, s t I t c h e r dot com forward slash content dash providers, and then we're gonna go through soundcloud, so we'll also having the podcast blueprint bonus all the rest of the directories and exactly what you need to send them and who to email it to to have them set that up for you, for podcast one and a lot of the other, the directories. So with stitcher here, you'll have the main page, and if you notice here thes air all of their content providers, you've got all the people that I've been referencing, all the different comedians you've got, jim, you know all the different sports networks, joe rogan. And so this is a another great platform and it's growing massively. Now remember, stitch, your radio has really been a visionary and what's going on in partnering with gm with fourth mini cooper, so today right now is that this year you can go buy one of those car models and actually be able to stream your podcast push play and searching the directory and have it on your dash and play that's really incredible of what's happening right now so you guys are in the right place at the right time getting yourself set up launching growing your podcast and just imagine a year two, three years down the road when you have a huge network streaming from the cars of people on their comm mutes that's tapping into mass media meant you know, mainstream and we're already mainstream with it but how it's connecting with people that's where technology's going so this is what you wanted to see you at the content providers link so what happens is during a scroll down it'll say content providers and it's going toe ask is gonna have you know they're disclaimers their information there what'll happen is it says if you're interested to party with stitch a radio fill this form out so it's gonna have your provider name your name your email, your password, your conference confirming your password now I already did this before, eh? So what happens is when you say that what's going to pop up is it's going to ask you about your show your show title is going to have all the information that you want two steps bye step by step through okay it's also going to ask you about other things like your network your twitter your facebook links put all of that in there it's going to ask you about your how many downloads that you have so just put a rough estimate kind of you know where you're at one thing we've noticed is when you launch an itunes let that populate and get launched a little bit, get some reviews getsem subscriptions downloads going and then put it over into stitcher some people with bigger audiences sometimes right out of the gate stitcher will notice people that happen with a couple of people I launched and they promote him so just know that what I love about stitcher also is that if you've got a great guess that's coming out and it was a really engaging interview they'll help promote that for you so don't abuse it but you know they'll belt let him now and say, hey, this is a really great new top it's top celebrity that's going to help you get more promotion out there okay? So once you fill that in you'll submit it and then what'll happen is at the bottom of this and it's very, very simple it really is it step by step they'll ask you if you want some icons make sure you get the stitcher icon what you wantto have a zit hi tunes and a stitcher icon on your block for sure at least so people have options to connect with your feet so then what'll happen is you'll get they'll they'll ask you what sizes you want, I just get a wall and then when they send you the approval that your podcast has been approved for stitch a radio, they'll have your link for your stitches show which then what dough ideo we turn that into? Ah, exactly so we're going to make that now let's tell academy dot com forward slash whatever you want I don't do stitcher it's a little bit harder for people to spell whatever you want to do there or just a bit lee link okay? And then you'll have the different icons and they'll be just in bed codes of the images that are easy to just insert onto your website and make that a clickable link that goes right over into stitcher make and that'll go directly to your show link okay, all right, so soundcloud yeah, back on the you the provider name yeah, you would put your doesn't your brand name or your name so this so I don't have the next screen shot and that's in a different movie following happy it's ah it's it would be chris gilberts and I see this is just your log in and then it'll ask you your show name your description it'll ask you it'll ask some key words and then it'll ask your album art you upload into there it'll have just the same stuff that you're putting in toe lips in for itunes a lot of the same stuff you're gonna have hear everything that you just put together that I have in your homework that stuff by stop what you need to do that exact same thing you're going to put in with mostly these directories most of it is going to be your title it's going to be your description, your album art and your email it's pretty pretty simple that way um to be able to engage I'm to submit so okay so soundcloud this is really really exciting too is this is showing you how media is really taking off and how people love to take contact on the ghost is another platform now this isn't ah podcast directory but this is where you can upload your mp three files and actually people khun search for this and you could take that embed code and put it in on your website and also onto facebook, which makes it really fun because you can have that media file right they're streaming so people don't even have to go off of facebook that consort to listen to your content and soundcloud I've seen a lot of experts that have have bigger followings on soundcloud when they dio even sometimes with podcast so it's really exciting because it's more of an engagement immunity so you still want to have your podcast out there where people are you know the download that are coming in itunes and stitcher but then this is another platform where tons of people are actually active on as well because they can comment on those episodes on soundcloud and I'll show you in a second here what I'm talking about so now this is a paid service though so you be paying for your you're hosting and then there's a there's a service here you get like the first first couple files it's free it's only one hundred fifty I don't know exact size but then after that you pay a monthly subscription and I have different plans for that so you can add this on later you can have this on now whatever option you want to dio so a lot of people sometimes even take this and put this audio fall because you can see it just has it just has a different look and feel for your website so what you want to do you sign up for soundcloud and it's a really easy user face to interface with so when you sign up you can either sign up with facebook or with google or you can create your email and then when a pop up says welcome to soundcloud your stream is empty so what you want to do that is you can I highly suggest? Let me go back here for a second. I highly suggest to explore soundcloud, though, to check it out. I mean, all the major top shows air in there that are all in itunes as well. So it's kind of cool to see who followers air there because you'll see people hundreds of thousands of followers. So when you come in here and you sign up at the top, so you'll see upload, so you'll still I've created my image up there. So you created your profile, but you'll have where it says the upload link. So you just click on upload. Now you're going to take remember that file we created on her desktop that's already just for podcasts, and that has the final files, same thing that you're uploading it on itunes. Now you're going to take that final file and you uploaded over here that simple it's, just another feature to upload, choose, filed, upload or you can start a new recording right from from there. So I said, just already have your program already mixed because it's already professionally done every control your altro, choose your file and then now go pro that's the feature, so you have one hundred twenty minutes to start. No crime. And then so you could test it out, see how you like it, and then you could upgrade after that. So what'll happen here. So this is just some ones and the mp three recording, and I put the title in, and then here you can incorporate all those tags that so people will search for you and find you on soundcloud so you can put your tags, your description, make sure that's keyword heavy, sensitive lot of key words, and then you can upload your album art there or here since it's going to be broken out per episode, you can actually have the different images, like we talked about before for that exact episode, and then what you'll do if you could make it private or public, and then if you want to share that linked directly out, you'll share it right into facebook and I'ma show you in a second what it looks like. So you want to save that that's so simple that isjust taking the content see it's all about leverage taking we already have, and just putting it on these massive distribution channels that new former media, new form of distribution that we have access to in so many different areas, so now this is what it will look like, so you'll upload that you'll have your image. It was and see how like they have the three, ninety two that's letting people know what the episode where they're at and then it actually it'll look, they will show you the length, and you can kind of see the sound of it, and we'll have the title so right below it has, like, repost ad to playlist and share so it's a whole other way that you could engage a content for people and to connect with them. And if you notice here there's a ton, so if you all the top above all the different genres of music below, it goes into business comedy entertainment is exactly almost they have a few more options. What itunes does on there, but so that's, another area where you can be found in discovered for your content, you're already producing. All right. So any questions on this so far? All right. Okay, perfect. One was from ipod asking. Is there a difference in demographics between soundcloud, itunes, stitcher? You know, I e I can't say for sure because I don't know all of it, but I do know soundcloud has I because there's so much music and that you may be coming into more the some of the younger crowds and millenniums and different generations, but I know a lot. Of the experts that I know have had a huge followings from from finally moving over to soundcloud and putting their content out there so I don't have the specific demographics, but I'm sure if you search that and go into song claw, they'll give a better idea. And also I wasn't sure I didn't catch this either. Mr bayless, did you say there is a way to upload all of the services at one time? Or did we misunderstand so lips and you're goingto that's going to be different? So you're gonna upload your files over the lips, and and that is where it creates the feed that you put in all the directories, so that same feed is what you put in all the directories, okay? The same fee that you entered in the itunes is what you put on stitcher podcast one and the rest of the directories that I have in the blue print. Now soundcloud is a separate platform it's not necessarily it's, not podcasting. This is just a network that they've created where you khun stream your audio, where you can share your file so you still have what channel you'll still have images, but if you don't take your feed, you actually are uploading the file. Thank you for clarifying that. Yep, absolutely. So so, to reiterate that then for your podcast, once you've created your rs s fee that you make it lipson, that same link is what you're gonna enter into all the podcast directories, that's the same thing you're going to enter there, it's on ly soundcloud, where you're going to actually, I'll upload that mp three file or mp mp three for their platform. So then what happens here is then you've got the share option, and you notice here that's how you can share it and how your listeners can share it, and then also the embed coat, so that when you click on that and bad code, it creates that same type of mp three player like you took from lipson okay, or from youtube for the video, you copy that and that's. What you can put in on to your block post just gives a different style of mp three player all right gives a different way to engage in connect and share.

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