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Marketing Strategies Q&A

What I want to do now is let's talk about I want to talk a little bit about the psychology of kind of where people are at because at this point in the game if you've been with us since day one, I know your brain is overloaded with a lot of content ah lot of steps and a lot of things to do however I want you to know I want to talk about really taking a deep breath car just let it out all right? And just realizing this is a work in progress and it's one step at a time so really the main things that you need to have in place to succeed or having your album art we've talked about that that's one of the biggest one the day one in section two we talked about five keys to making a world class podcast so it's having your significant you're new you're significant album aren't having that done okay having the title of your show having your intro and your outro making the content and then just your marketing strategy. So even I mean stephanie the one that I have talked about before that doubled h...

er rates and a lot of my students have so many other students I'd love to share I was just referencing her a lot this weekend, but what happens is they don't even follow all of the steps and they have success okay so this is helping you set this up taking it one step at a time remember I want you to have success but don't feel like you have to make sure everything's all done you can add it in as you grow and continue moving forward your podcast so just focus on the album art on the title nail that down because you're going to feel super confident cause that's going what's going to allow you to get your guest on your show and then take your take your time do your first many few episodes get the trials get the bumps get like weird little ver bitches out and that's gonna happen like we're talking about interviewing over lunch it's it's part of it's just taking the practice of gideon they're in doing it and being open to that and letting it flow as you go okay and then yeah oh uh well so you know what we do our practice episodes and then we send it out to some people took critique give me suggestions for questions to ask them to get some authentic good feedback out yeah I would ask on what questions I'd like to hear because different questions of transition questions so what happens is when we interview people we have a question they ask and they tell the answer and then we go right into the next question it's all about transitions so it's taking something from what that person just said giving a comet feedback on it engaging with that and then say going into your next question so trance anytime you preside its all about transitions so anytime that you can get better at that and focus in on that, I always ask people one of their best questions they liketo ask because the better questions you ask, the better answers you get and your audience will thank you for that when you actually pull out the questions they're already thinking so like we were talking about earlier in the beginning you're worried about how you are then you're worried about how you're talking with your gust then you become worried about your listeners so it is a stair step process but just getting getting engaged with that because there were there will be a time when eventually you're like, oh, I should ask this question for my listeners I already know the answer, but they're going to want to know that so you'll get evolved to that but just it's getting out there and practicing and doing them that's why I say do mock interviews with, you know, in the podcast community set those up so you can get ready for that cause I crops talking about some people are gonna give great, beautiful answers that you're just going to flow with and you're gonna go into the next one and then some people are going to be like I mark it on your like way expecting you don't be afraid to challenge those the the answers to say well let me explain that more I don't understand that's okay to say that or to get them to expound on that because otherwise it's not going to make for great interview and you're wasting each other's time that way so all right oh yeah what was going to say look up books to you on what other interviewers great reviews have done and see the questions they ask listen to other podcasters listen to the questions they ask and incorporate different things in your podcast that way with the questions that we ask the people who are critiquing our first three we should we should we also direct them to kuala sound quality did you like the way this sound and she point things out or just let them give you feedback first and don't over analyze that don't become an audio file over yours too you know what rob's talking about when he's editing it's when it's like what he's talking about something happen in the background need to edit that out so just take notes when I do that all the time like I'll take notes oh thirteen twenty five you know we had a cut there or I'll say cut sometimes so that I know my audio guys noted look for that or what you could dio is just if it's like bump like rambling and it wasn't going anywhere, you can just cut that out. That's what he's talking about, but for you and you're getting started, don't over complicate the process, get feedback on the content crying because there's podcasters that have recorded on their iphone in the background, they've got noises going out, but the continents so good people will stick around for that because remember it's that fly on the wall? People are right there with you, and they wanted it's that really life experience, but we don't want to obviously have a lot of noise if we don't have tio, um, what are some of the marketing materials that you send out post interview, aside from the links from itunes and stitcher? Yeah, eso what we talked about earlier, so what I'll do is I'll create a quote image, I'll create an image with what that podcast is about, and then I'll give him the itunes a stitcher youtube if you have that, and then I also create copy, tweet a bles, copy facebook things. So what happens when people go in when you start podcasting a share? Share your interviews it's about how to get someone to want to click and listen to that podcast or that episode, so create and there's great books out there where you can get ideas on titles and headlines john moral has a great book on top headlines that you can use and what'll happen is you khun kind of like mad lib style to he'll give you ah an example of a headline and you could put your content in that and they actually worked really well so we'll grab the listeners attention so I create those for my guest so they don't have to think about anything and then also what I talked about the other day remind your gust of what was different about that podcast in that tweet able so this this interview so and so you know, talks about x y and z and it might be different than what they're talking about on other interviews already have that creative for them and it doesn't have just simple stuff just untreatable even if it's just one thing to make it easy for them to share and be appreciative thank them for their time really, you know be sincere about it and then just give him some support if they want to share because more than likely most of all they will share that for you so just to clarify that link will take them back to your itunes show in itunes or stitcher or wherever yep so it could be either toe itunes yet or it could be over to your block post right, so what I'm what I'm what I'm thinking and saying here is that so let's say you have a celebrity interview and you say thank you to the celebrity and you give him the tweet able in the quote in the links and they're great now there their producer whomever can take those links put them in their stuff but that link is going to take them back to your website you could do it toe itunes to the action link or you could have it go to just wondering how the celebrity or expert I would feel what that link going back to your website if you've created a whole block post based on them those some of them will share that because you've dedicated that whole thing to their interview does that make sense? It's making? Yeah, but I think I'm just probably confusing myself a little bit there like don't don't wouldn't they want that on there? Website not driving traffic to your way let's go back let's just keep it simple. Okay, so you're creating a simple block post, huh? Based on that interview on your show, you're not you don't have access to their stuff exactly just giving them something to share that profiles them as the expert so it's just something simple so you can actually just given the link over an itunes just getting because in facebook we have to write something at the top so that's where you create what that engagement is just a short sentence for engaging copy you know how to create off the charts results with your business with natalie simple things like that and then the link that becomes a treatable your share with them and that could be back and then you can give them the different links that they can decide what they want to share okay don't make it over complicated it's okay this is very very good night tonight it'll all click were okay I'm sorry to know that's okay are you saying because when you create a blogger posted to create the blogger post first so it's a write up about the and so you're not directing them back to a sales page or anything you're you know its its content for them yeah it's public relations for them yeah it's pr material so there it is just a link to the block post exactly posted you that's just a link to that hell and they can do whatever and shared on their platforms and they'll come back and don't read that and if you make it about them and share their story yeah yeah and it really does help because I mean I think people come back and be like oh what you add this in there will you talk about this so it's giving them it's their little shrine on your podcast if that makes sense no crime for them in their press page like they can shut yes and then I put online I put all their contact details see there's back ling's with that so they have that and then it just it showcases them as the expert. Now you can have as little as much as you want with that that's up to you. Okay? Okay great. In the chat rooms there's a number of questions regarding the order. If you should do things in a certain order especially in terms of putting your focus into soundcloud first or putting your focus into itunes first yep, mixing it up. What do you suggest? Well, what I like to do is have all my students start with getting their feet set up going and itunes is a huge platform and then, like I said, you can add that on next then you can go into soundcloud, then you can upload your files into there and manage that account it's a personal preference though it is different, though, because sound clip is an r s s it isn't directly where you have that links set up with your with your phone with your podcast so I'm showing that as another social engagements source where it's with multi media so it's just about repurpose in your content so I suggest, get set up on itunes major platform I mean there's over a one billion podcast subscribers and growing same with stitcher and that's, where you can have all of your engagement and then go to the next level when you want great. Yeah, yeah. Um so with t b on the new and noteworthy for in your first eight weeks, one of the elements is number of downloads, so I'm assuming that that's only number of downloads within itunes. If there's not information, that goes from lipson tio I tunes to tell them how many additional downloads there, right? So there's, so what'll happen in itunes like it's, not like it encompasses all the directory name that works together, so it's going to be based on who's, clicking on that subscribe button, downloading through itunes and going that way. So that's what you want to drive traffic when you're first starting to focus on itunes? Because that's, where the majority of us focus, even though all these other directories are amazing that's, where a lot of the downloads come from, where people have the most access to downloading easily. Like what rob's talking about with the android market that's, where itunes allows you to give that leverage and that's where you get showcase east that's, where you want to focus on that itunes like and then later and you could incorporate sharing your block post to drive traffic, right? So in the first line, just I'm pretty much regurgitating what you're saying, but in the first couple of months, you wouldn't want to put the sound file right on facebook so that they could play it right or you may not want it on your like that on your block posts that could play it right on your block post. You probably really want to get them to go to itunes exactly, and that's where a lot of some paul kaiser's don't even use sound club. They won't even refer that they want to just keep you on itunes personal preference, but I really do suggest your first eight weeks. Focus on one platform. Keep it simple. Get all your downloads there. Get your reviews, get that growing, okay. And then you can add on the next the next level for more engagement to grow your own it's okay, that answer questions changes the strategy e got to do this. I gotta have the blonde post the same time is the podcast. It just changes the strategy and it's it's great, because it makes it easier. Yeah, one thing at a time look, we can overcomplicate things till the sun, you know, goes up and down every day, but in business if you can keep things simple, you're going, you're going to go faster in your business. You're going to take more action, too, because you're not going to think I've got fifty things you so keep it simple. Like we said, focus on the five things, get your show launched and focus on itunes and keep it at that all right, and your block post don't have to be overly involved that can come later as you grow your team as you find more people that you want to help with it or if you really lead one person, I mean, you don't even need that if you want to read it and do that, but really, it doesn't have to be that much because you can plan out step by step like I said, any any procedure that you have in your business you should always write out, because if something happens, you get sick or something happens, you can hand them off, and then if one of your va or somebody else in your business, they don't work with you anymore, you can hand it off to somebody else that takes that starts to systematize. Your business and chris tucker's book I highly suggested he is the king of this, of helping it's, a virtual freedom just he's. Launching his book in april, it's. Amazing it's going to give you the step by step play of howto outsource your business effectively, do it the right way and how to hire people, because I know every single one of you have asked me. How do I hire someone to do this for me? So he's going to teach you how to do that? So you feel comfortable and confident and how to do that and move forward in your business.

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