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Launch a Successful Podcast

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Video SEO Formula (Part 2)

Kris Gilbertson

Launch a Successful Podcast

Kris Gilbertson

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19. Video SEO Formula (Part 2)

Lesson Info

Video SEO Formula (Part 2)

Step seven length of video I touched on this there are I'm not going to give you absolute you're going to need to educate yourself on your area of expertise but by far of let you know if you'll start if you haven't done a lot of video marking out started sixty seconds nail that and take a look at the stats this is not difficult I am promised you a cave woman okay, I can talk into my coach but I have to slow down and look at my analytics I didn't know how to do it like I was like a first name basis the geek squad I still henpecked with one finger but I could go to youtube and look at how do I look at my analytics and I could see what people were falling off of videos how many of you guys having you to channel if you've never looked I would encourage you before you go to bed tonight typing news who would take a look where people leaving your videos make an adjustment use the formula be powerful give him something juicy invite them to come back to the table to your podcast your website to...

get the rest and you'll see people engagement stay really high in your videos okay? Yes what are some good examples of having them stay till the end or have them come back? Sure so for example here I'll actually let everybody know what the end well actually won't do it here sorry, just really pretty of love. Yeah so for instance on one of my webinars I'll let someone know you could have a video issue a white paper at the end of the weapon are on I'm gonna have you text the number to a specific key term and I'll give you at the end of this webinar then to the segment, the other my podcast you'll be able to text to blank and I'm gonna give you a copy of my video see a white paper would you guys stay for the end of that? Your viewers will too when they're there for your content, your subject, your expertise, they'll do it if you give them a reason so you must see the talk you must throw the bait out there really and truly but then you better deliver you better come through because you're tribe's gonna learn so conditioned them to state the end you'll give him the keys and give them valuable content until then does that help? And by the way, I use something called trump yah it's ah mobile opt in campaign remember what's happening mobile social media video so I want to make sure in the fact this is a great trick, I'll share it with you for your individual episodes if you get a mobile um mobile marketing campaign I can have someone text to a specific number for a specific episode so I can see for instance, my podcast gorilla marking to women it's on itunes when someone's in a specific episode I can have them text to a specific number in that episode and I can see how many vips days how many people are coming to my master mine how many people should see you can track individual episodes because remember that beautiful contents going to be out there for years and this is a way that you can measure your success with your podcast makes sense okay, great question boys I feel like I like teo upto tio it's great fabulous ok, so we talked about length I've said two to three minutes but really if your new started sixty seconds if your advance and you've been doing video ceo and you know exactly how to deliver longer content where your viewers stays engaged and you know that's the case by looking in your analytics then of course you can go a little bit longer. Okay, but be careful you want to make sure that your conditioning people to stay first started sixty seconds go from there um average using time we've talked about you could break out longer videos if you're repurpose ing content, who can tell me how I could repurpose a longer video and still achieve some page one results could I edit that with adam ono? Could I get some royalty free music? Could I do a voice over with new keywords tags? Couldn't I yeah provide a new transcript with rob dot com all these cool tactics that shortcuts to come up with three different videos and I can upload them to different platforms and still have multiple page one. Do you see that? I can do that by breaking up repurpose in content. Okay, so, um, viewer engagement to turns your rank determines your rankings. That's why I'm saying condition your followers give them a reason to stay to the end. The video when you promote to your list, make sure that you're telling him what to do. Listen, click on the link, grab a cup of coffee, click on the link, let the video play but please make sure plays all the way the end and by the way, if you like, if you like it, you know, if you like the video and leave a comment, you know I'm gonna have a drawing on ex ex st and everyone that leaves a comment I'm gonna give away a console to whatever it is or strategy session do you see so I can I can appreciate my crowd and give them a reason to come the men have to get a cup of coffee and come away that's why we want short videos okay do you see how you could do that? Yeah all right, so let's talk about now number eight video site maps this is the most important thing is that you do it you don't have to be the one to do it. Um if I definitely recommend oh, desk was recently acquired by the lance um but you'll have all the best people from both areas that you'll be able to use three lands if you need to outsource it have someone else do it for you just do it we're talking a little bit of money freelancer five or lots of places you can get this done very inexpensively all you need to know is that it's important google web master tools there's a plate literally khun go to youtube right asked the video how do I submit a video site map there? Three simple steps I don't want to go down that rabbit hole because I'm looking at the time that we have but you guys get the just that you could go to youtube to see how just do it as nike says get it done is your yes so you said google how to insert a site map? Yeah it's how to create a video site map basically what you're doing is you're giving google and other search engines away that they're spiders can crawl and read your video. Okay, it's. Kind of like a translation tool for search engines. So it is your opportunity to stand out from the pack. And when you do that that's, one of the key pieces of recipe that the search engines will catapult you to page one. Okay, because you're making the content more relevant for the people that are searching with their search engine. Remember being yahoo msn? They all want their users to have a good experience, so give them what they want, which is content on demand with what they're looking for. Does that help? Great. Okay, so I already mentioned about, um, a lance video site map. Um, and remember when I talked about anchor text anchor text is really, um, descriptions inside of your video. So just include a link back to the video site map. And by the way, you can get a copy of my video asio white paper well provided, I would give that to creative live, and they could get it out, whoever they want. Okay, so number nine is branding we bridget so eloquently described on defined branding yesterday. But branding is the experience that you want the youtube viewer to have with you in your business, it's the experience that you want them to have remember that that is a feeling right that's a vibe? What are they getting? What's the vibe that they're getting from your podcast was the vibe they're getting from the video. Give them the vibe that they'll experience when they're with you inside, your podcast makes sense, so that's branding use your logos remember we talked about your cover up with your podcast? See, when you include, if you's an emoto or if you use a lance or whoever you use, insert your cover art. Use that image inside your video when you do that, you're going to have three options to choose your thumbnail, and, by the way, there's some great tools that you can use to actually determine your thumbnail youtube is just going to give you three choices, but if you include your cover art it's very in the first thirty seconds hello, first, thirty seconds of your video include that image of that cover art of your podcast, you know, most likely I'm not guaranteeing it most likely you'll have the opportunity to choose that as your thumbnail, that means it showing up on page one, you got it. Nice branding and recognition isn't okay, so that's the way you can, uh, create some more awareness rebranding they're so embedding options, I'm gonna move along here just because seeing really where we are you want to make sure you are inviting people from all the other elements of your online real estate, if you will. Every time you're releasing a video, let your tribe no tweeted, make sure, including an on lengthen make sure you're posting it on facebook have ah have a little operational formula if it's your virtual system if it's you with the end of your night, whatever it is that you do have a specific method of operation as to how you're releasing this content and offering embedding where other people can click on that link and dr engagement. Okay, syndication! So we're going to talk about this submitting your video, accessing different platforms and if you want more minutia on this topic, then you would go to you too, and look at the demo and a p I all you need to know again it's the light switch thing I don't have to pull out all the wires and understand on ly need to know is the flipping light twitching to get lights the ap I demo will give you the how to does my blawg talk to this platform. How's it talked to that platform. All I need to know is how to cut copy and paste essentially, so they all talk to each other. All right and that's it going to be again on youtube that simple? I'm looking at time and I want to focus on pieces that are very unique and special to you it is podcaster especially so share share share we all heard this it's pretty obvious but get clever on giving people incentives think about what it is you do with your show and if you have a call to action where people actually get to have a strategy session with you or you're looking to invite people to be guest experts in your podcast whatever it might be offered to give away something valuable when you're posting your videos again encouraging them to share the video toe like the video toe, leave a comment and incentivize them to do that appreciate your listeners give them what they want this is content of course on demand so if someone's coming to your show and they want to get to a strategy session a mastermind give them the opportunity to give away a free consul too hey, every thirty days I'm gonna I'm gonna pull out of everyone leaves a comment leave a comment because someone's gonna win and you don't win unless you comment right? So khun start to condition your viewers that that how that's how it works and let them know hey the last person they got a free console theyjust did x y and z start to look them know how valuable that is? Okay, so now let's I want to go right in the hot seat. I moved forward to this point because I think it's so important that I get to answer any and every single question you have just kicked the tires pick it apart any way I can help anyone go through the chat and ask a question because I'm here to help out with the hot seat and get questions handled chris you wanna join me and we'll answer some questions yeah, so since we're all most of us are new podcasters um do you have unexamined or a mini strategy to launch it? I know you know do maybe a promo video eyes they're a methodology or something that your great great question so if your brand new one of things you want to think about doing is creating your signature story about your podcast so your signature story in clues this is who I am co twenty stevens this is what I d'oh I teach train coach and mentor entrepreneurs to success with their marking strategy. This is who I am this is what I d'oh what makes me unique, what sets you apart from the pack? What makes me unique is actually was a broke, struggling single mom about ninety days from losing my house didn't have any business or marking background but I ran into some of the best the best was able to co author of the best of guerilla marketing not the greatest but I wish it was course that god is still with the greatest but that's one things that may be unique I partner with jay levinson you know that gave me unique insights for my podcast that's guerrilla marking tau women so this is who I am this is what I do this is what makes me unique and this is how you engage with me so your signature story if no one knows who you are yet don't worry I was that person too getting your message out there means that in a brief, concise way you could get down as chris so eloquently trained on getting your elevator speech into a video so people can get a delicious taste of who you are what you do what makes unique and how they can engage with you that that inter question yes great yeah because you're you know it's kind of what's the word it's very like this big mountain and it's scary to say well no one knows who I am you know your starting point everyone has to start somewhere I guess I call that your moses moment like who am I who am I to step up to the mic and take the microphone and you know one of the reasons I think this work is so important is you know we would look at podcasting and guys I love them love it loya and you're good looking one by the way so anyway but you know for every thirty five hundred podcasts one of those is a woman host and so part of my mission is to help identify women that won't change the planet and step up to the microphone don't worry about my good enough am I this enough is my voice got enough just do it just start to lead right because there are wives sisters, mothers daughters out there that need to hear about your work so just get clear this is who I am this is what I do this is what makes me unique and subscribed to my show sign up for a strategy session whatever it is invite them to engage with you just start there are people in need to hear what you do so it's kind of like the tree conversation the best time to plant a tree start a podcast do your video was twenty years ago but is today it's today the next pack stays today yes you a little bit of number ten a short branding stuff we go for a little bit of that absolutely so brandon what's let's talk about it in the end we I touched on you know bridget had a brilliant um definition yesterday but I also want to remember it is the experience that we want the youtube watcher the person is listening to our podcast the person that's going to come to a strategy session are webinar tell us seminar is the experience that we want them to have with us in our business therefore when we're creating that signature story video getting your videos on youtube you want your script okay? I am the person that loves to create live in the moment however, I do have a structure to what is my message and one of my saying so we were talking more about branding you need toe answer the question for your ideal listener again who are you? What do you do it? How do you accomplish? What is it you do? Okay, how do you do it? And how can you help me? So is it really they want to know your credibility? Your expertise? This is an important part of branding can answer the question are you credible? Do you actually know how to do what you do? Or you just pontificating that you know what you do right? So I I actually had a privilege. I went from thirty five thousand year to multiple six figures and then seven figures because I decided I was never going to be too cool for school that's why I love creative live, by the way, so branding is a really important process that your prospect it has with your messaging who you are and the transformation that you provide because keep in mind it's not about us it's about the people that we work with who cares if I've been successful? All that matters now is how many people can I help be successful so when your podcast make sure part of the branding is that they want to know are you really can you do it and most importantly can you help me do it? Can you help me have that health transformation? Can you help me get the results that you're getting as the expert? What is that that's an important part of branding is the experience that people have with you yeah, we had a question here in the chat room and chris you man you have to chime in on this as well because we were well I know how much of this you are doing yourself. This is from alfa optics I know you mentioned outsourcing some of this some of the people in the chat room are a bit overwhelmed how much of this should they be doing themselves? How much of this should they be sending out to fiber a lance? Do you have a terrible of thumb about how much you should be my dio and it's a brilliant question because in the end I believe as the captain of your marking ship you should know how to do each one of these pieces ok, to answer the question today, I have written down my steps and I have a project manager who make sure it gets done. I will share with you that specifically for creative live, I felt like I was going to be out of integrity if I didn't stand up here, and I done every single piece of the campaign, so chris can call me on my stuff if it's not true call coach on the carpet, I actually did I actually did every piece of it now it's not realistic for you to do every piece for every video, so I think it's important to do it so that you know how it works. From that point, I believe you khun equipped someone seriously, I will share with you. They cost me less than fifty dollars, to outsource every element that I've shared with you. And chris and I have done that recently with brand new people that we didn't know once again, I'm the person I want to make sure if I'm gonna give you a road map that I've done it myself. So we went out there fresh and new without my wonderful years of contacts, they don't know who I was, it was asking for the job, and I showed them how to do it came in the manual so I hope that helps I think someone should do it once themselves and it will take a while the first time the most important thing is to start don't worry about super perfection, but if you get this course and you print it out and follow the recipe, you will get a cake now the other caveat that I want to leave is if you were to use this formula that saying a keyword like mortgages that's a very hyper competitive keyword a long till keyword which would might be home mortgage home mortgages or miami home mortgages that's consider long till keyword that would be ah local geo targeting for long till keyword and I could get multiple videos on page one if you're using a specific city or location okay hope that helped that'll as you're flexing your video asio muscles nail your name this is the thing I definitely won't leave everyone with you should in my opinion you should own your name, your name and the name of your business. If it's whatever your name is of your gig, your transformation execute a video seo campaign because eighty percent of time when people come off a webinar tell us some of your podcast feel what they're doing they're looking you up and you should show up on page one of google in that delicious video in the essence of who you are, what you do what makes unique and invite them to subscribe to your podcast okay, but that helps too that is what you're talking about for those that are a little over one with the technical side that's me too I get over on with it so what? What he just sat a long tail keyword is perfect to test this out just so you understand and what I love is when you have these steps like she just eloquently all of the stops nothing's missing there's nothing hidden but what's great about that then you know when you outsource that if you don't want to do any of that with any of the videos you know that following you have a checklist for yourself so that way you can get out of the way you could have him do it but how many of us have tried to hire somebody and we don't even know how to explain to them what to dio that's where most people fall short and they don't keep moving forward. So now you've got the roadmap, you've got the blueprint so just start with one teeny little video just to sum things up along till keyword to see it and then you can move that off your plate and still be the content producer and creator and the last thing I'll say on that piece is if you're overwhelmed with how much do the truth is you won't start so if you just do three things, if you just do the title description tag, give him a call to action if you just do those pieces on a long tail keyword, which would be chris gilbertson had launched a podcast that's a long tail keyword there probably aren't many people trying to optimize videos on that, okay, but if you talk to some of the strategy session and say, hey, look me up, chris gilberts and how launch a podcast and they see for videos that's like, wow, your credibility in your expertise is instant. So go for your name and the name of your signature product to your course, your podcast and own that because your credibility will go through the roof and whether any of us think it's true people are looking you up right? So make sure they find you not your competition could could we reiterate what the importance of blog's? We talked about it a little bit, and I think one of the sides number three, I think, but really how those play into the pot? Sure, yeah, and one of ways that you contest this yourself, by the way, is when you look up in your analytics on youtube, you'll see where people are discovering you, how are people finding you in youtube? And I challenge most of you if you'll take a look almost always number one two or three people are finding you from blog's they're coming from block traffic and then coming over to youtube so that's why that could be so important people will discover you because they're actually there on the block out there and by the way, how many of you market to women here? How many? Ok, women today and this is a member of this is my podcast okay? Are counting for eighty five percent of all consumer purchases and women trust blocks and other women in other women's recommendations more than anything, they're not going to answer a paper click add as likely as they're going to talk to a sister from a you know, someone sent him a block post when there's a link to your video I mean it's it's beautiful so make sure your including that in your overall strategy. Boomerang marketing. Yeah, really quick question on the blog's so my target avatar is a woman? Would I do like a blawg campaign to reach out to bloggers too? I would I would reach out. So give me tell me specifically it's on style with jill siefert. So I'm going to speak about how to live your life in style beautiful inspiration, yes offer also write a guest blood post, right, okay, and then make sure that you're linking that block post right including a link back to your youtube and creative video by the way my cradle thirty seven yeah definitely yeah offered to the blogger when you look this is what I would do make sure you optimize your name and the name your thing when you call that blogger you contact him hey, look me up online and she goes yeah I'd love to have you guessed blood oh terrific do you see how this right right, right it snowballs so every time you talk to your prospects your j v s make sure you look them up, invite them toe look up and see your prowess on video and that you'd be happy to do that to benefit their block and they'll say absolutely when can you do it? Because I think it's a lot about collaboration that's a big co creator I believe co creations exactly. Okay? Yep just wanted and so then when you if it let's say it's a mommy blogger woman locker were so much more likely by the way to share right ok, make it easy for your people make sure the lynx or their invite them to share if you have a shopping cart and often make sure the links are right there to be able to share speaking of this sharing and mr iowa had asked if you can embed your your podcast into your website and we talked about our our options from betting um a little bit but there was a little bit of confusion I think I'm what are our options actually well mr iowa sounds like he's handsome like way we're definitely going to be going into that how to actually have your audio or your video from your podcast that feed connect over into your block and how to connect that to the tomb absolutely so I would really actually like teo do a campaign run it through you know at least once as you said to really teach myself I took copious notes and I know within forty five minutes I'm going to go back and look at them and go huh what so I know that's probably a very valuable piece of written material if you had it but if there was really a step by step here step one and do this and do this and do this and then here step to do this do this do this okay good that would be so helpful that I would have loved to teach myself and then learn what parts to outsource because there might be some parts of her phone like oh I really like doing description in the tag but you know I really don't like this part and really learn what parts to outsource so it's more affordable at least in the beginning and cut the time down such a great conversations I really won't encourage you as a coach I'm always looking at playing to your own strength so do the parts there creatively fun for you because guess what, you'll do it on the parts that are paying for you outsource it, it's just not it's not a difficult deal and we do have a very comprehensive guide when when you get the course. Yes. So we're gonna have that as a bonus. So beautiful, grateful they earn its amazing knows what you step by step through it. The whole video formula wendy went through and it's detailed it's written now and then you know what steps to dio and I also want to share just but I had some questions yesterday about the facebook group. If you go to lifestyle academy dot com forward slash f b group you conjoined all the other people in there for continued questions later on, if you have questions from wendy just I know some people are going to some of my other groups that I have. So just goto lifestyle academy dot com for it's us fb group and then we can all join in there and continue supporting you. Yeah, yeah, I, uh I just a review uh, just make sure that I'm on point here, so with the video asio campaign, we're using that to teo rank high on google, get our message out and part of that is a call the action you can find me at the podcast that's where we're itunes link for them to subscribe. Okay, great. So that's where the marriage of thes and then so I was watching a video the other day and the audio is just atrocious that's like why I didn't wantto cling to it. So the things that we'll talk about later today with the audio recording that can we can use that for the video, okay, great, absolutely, yeah, and I'll give you a simple trick on that. The video that I recorded for a couple of friends was couple of testimonials uh, I actually used my earbuds strike from my iphone and was holding it. It was purely my straight mike and the audio was super clear, so and this is this is a very prominent new york times best selling author headed up on a site last night, the audio was that clear? So you're exactly right? Sometimes the video lighting is not perfect, but, um, and I'm not going to say, don't worry about this don't worry about that, but the most important thing is absolutely the audio for sure first, thank you, I completely changed my strategy, my wife is gonna hate me because she's going three fill me on some video so what I'm gathering is you kind of you want to use your video as a tool to redirect people to different places? So I was wondering if I was originally going to have on audio podcast, but also put up some video content as well as a summer video content. So with this tool can we then create the video podcast as well and use that? Or would that just not really be worthwhile? You absolutely can't, you know, I'm you absolutely can it's a matter of it's really a matter of choice. My favorite quote from yogi berra is when you come to a fork in the road, take it, okay? So I'm gonna leave it to really a larger discussion of what your overall strategy is, but just know yes, you're correct youtube number two search engine the world so that's where you can grab traffic but that's not necessarily place that someone's going to stay. Now watch this. Six billion hours are consumed every single month like you two that's enough for one hour for every human being on the planet it's unbelievable, but the truth is, is I'm running around now and I'm going to airport tomorrow I'm gonna go make my kids for spring break, I will consume so much more content on the plane podcast by the way I'll do it when I'm walking on the beach so it's just I can get out in front of those people right catch their attention bring them into my podcast we're going to spend a lot more time connecting to my voice and my transformation and help oh yeah I want teo teo one thing add into that there's two types of content for youtube you have your signature stories the promo pieces the stuff where you want to drive the traffic off and then you have your community video so like for me with my podcast there along there an hour people are not going to stay that long they're going to come in and just check that but that actually hurts me but I'm that's out there for the community but my promo videos are the short ones where you could drive to your website here what all this what what you just thought you would be for those videos so yes you can still have your video out there for your community but that's not a cz different objectives yes exactly it would all be on the same youtube page channel yeah ok great. Thank you so sort of with that um like you had said it hurts you to have some of the longer video um the ranking is it sort of per video or is also then rolled up into your channel well your channel okay affects the ranking of your big okay so for instance if you talk about community videos those videos are not likely to rank on page one right but that's not the objective so that's okay so just make sure that when you're actually running a campaign and I'm gonna promote it and I'm gonna have my love and send it out to my list so I I load everything up I'm gonna let my list know about it the moment I turn it to public right a minute and if you want some extra boost you can also outsource social bookmarking okay, that will give you additional boost so these air other jet I night tactics but remember it's going to be these commercials that get out front of page one where nine out of ten people are looking for twenty six times more likely click on the video right again according to force to research four out of five people that watched a video are gonna take a form of action and filling out your league capture form or subscribing in itunes or picking up the phone if you put your number there okay do you see the difference in the strategies so the community videos are important so if you're asking gee does that hurt my your engagement you might want to have a channel that are your community videos and you might wanna have a channel that's your promotional tail okay, I don't get it I don't want to get this to complex okay but um suffice it to say that when you get the course you will have you you'll have the entire playbook and that's my honor to get to share that yes anyone else I definitely love any question is is great yes I'd love it if you have a video and sort of dead people like the people are dropping off um is it better to take it down? Does that change anything it's easier to give birth than a resurrect the dead really internally so I would lay some flowers and sing a song and then I would create a new piece of dynamic original content get some new music go take a look at you know one of the key words that really makes sense with us it's just not that hard when you get used to flex your muscles to go ahead and just recording new piece doesn't matter if you leave it there or remove it does that make a difference? Leave it, leave it there eyes long ask yourself the question does this represent my brand and am I proud of it? And if you are leave it okay and if you're not take it down okay yeah there was a little confusion in the chat room in regards to the point of the long tail yeah and what how that will help you sure okay, so you were, um for instance if we were to take, uh the key word just podcasting if you wanted to rank on the q were podcasting that's going to be more competitive then if I'm taekwondo podcasting okay, so think about what your subject what is your area of interest if you actually have a local business? How many of you have a business that's tied your location? Anyone okay? I work in a lot of local businesses that okay, that is important. So if you want to get specific ranking on event you're doing and let's say it's in san diego that include that in your title description and tags because when I do san diego transformation event or whatever it is every word makes it a longer tail cures so a single keyword it would be podcast but if it's podcast video marketing that's a long tail keyword so it's not necessarily important for whoever searching to type in that entire keyword it's just important to have the long qi where does that right? Yeah here's here's the here's the sliding scale, if you will if I have just the word podcast that's obviously more competitive right? The sweet spot lies between the exact connection with what I do which might be podcast video marketing all right there's going to be fewer searches but it's more targeted so I can go so long tail that I might be the only person, sir. She okay? And you have to go back to the train. Did kristin on keyword research that's where the sweet spots are is the gap between the hyper competitive keywords and the one that's most relevant to what you actually d'oh? Okay, that means you got to spend little time in your key word research and find that sweet spot to slip in there that I'm not going after a single keyword. But what about twitter aipo? That was pretty clever of us wasn't right? So I think you have to begin with the end of mine and I will tell you I take you through a whole piece on that on our video see a white paper. Okay, so I hope that made that long tail more clear. No, thank you very much. Good. Yes. You recommend geo tagging? You had mentioned geo tagging before I do if it's relevant. So I have ah, national international business. So it's not israel mint. However, we have an event coming at the miami s o the specific market I'm doing for that event includes the part of the tale. Keyword includes miami okay, so when people doing a local search, we'll put quite a few people in the local area, plus south florida's a nice harry, they'll be able to come to etcetera, so it works. But again, you may do the keyword research and find out it's utterly irrelevant. Okay, so take take the time and look and it will reveal itself to you and this I have to share with you it it's all about how much you want it, and I want to know that when you rule this space of your marketing, you'll never have to answer to anyone again. So is it very fun that the rules change all the time? Probably not. I kind of like it. I've just learned to reframe it and enjoy the game, but when you understand this, you'll be able to drive lead traffic and sales toe what you dio and help a lot more people with your transformation that's. Why it's worth it? Well, thank you both so much, especially when you think we all want to give you a great big thank you around.

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Millions of people listen to podcasts every day. Get ready to learn everything you need to know to create engaging podcasts that will reach your ideal audience. Kris Gilbertson shows you how to launch your own world-class podcast, starting from scratch and taking you all the way through marketing and monetizing a compelling, successful show.

Throughout this course, Kris guides you through the effective strategies and insider tips needed for navigating podcasting and iTunes successfully. You'll learn how to come up with epic interviews, repurpose content, launch and edit your show with ease and position it for financial success. Kris outlines the process of marketing your podcast and covers surefire monetization techniques.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or a longtime podcaster ready to take your work to the next level, this course will give you the skills you need to create and grow a thriving show.

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Heil Mixer Set-Up.pdf

Leaving a Review in iTunes.pdf

Listener Avatar Exercise.pdf

Podcast Class Master Guide.pdf

Stephanie Donengan Case Study.pdf

Blue Yeti Podcast Mic Test.mp3

RE20 Podcast Mic Test.mp3

Rhode Podcast Mic Test.mp3

Launch a Podcast Slides.pdf

Podcast Hosting Blueprint-CL.pdf

Video SEO Whitepaper.pdf

Module 3.2 - Recording Your Show.mp4

Module 3-3 - Hosting Your Show.mp4

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a Creativelive Student

This is the best $149 I've spent on my blogging/podcasting journey so far. The course was so rich, so jam-packed with information and ideas. I am on fire with ideas (couldn't get to sleep last night because so many ideas were rattling around my brain!) and truly inspired to go out there and do it. I'll be posting my podcast launch on the Facebook Group when the time comes. Thank you, Kris!