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So what I want to do is let's go into talking about some of the styles of the podcast now we already kind of started to talk about this, but what I'd like for us to do is have you go around and tell what style of podcast you're looking to launch, and then we're going to go into the content creation exercises so you guys can really like right now get your content out so you already start to have confidence. So tomorrow when we go into creating your show title of your album art and actually starting tio put that all together, you already know where you're at so do you whoever wants to start with the type of show in format that would be fantastic, I love to hear yeah, I have it set up um, so well it's going to be the beginning of it's going to be a q and a with a tip which will be about eight minutes and then it will go into expert interview, okay? And then, oh, sorry, the style tip will be tweeted belong in the middle of that to share the content, then will be the interview and then at t...

he end will be a quote from the interviewee too tweet or to share love it excellent I mean that's the format okay, brilliant, okay that's great. I'm gonna do I'm gonna launch with just a solo show? Uh, you know, probably about ten, fifteen minutes for each episode and eventually get into the interviews as as well as I I want to do book and blogger views on his guided meditations, things like that so that down the line. But, you know, I think we were talked about what do we want to start with once a week is okay for me to start with a person. I don't wantto get too far too, too far ahead. Yeah, sounds great. Um, I'm thinking solo as well, and then bringing in expert interviews as things progress. Okay? Ah, one question I did have with that is earlier, you talked about spinning off someone else's content? What is the etiquette for that? So for blogging, I you know, you can link to that and reference in and all that, but what? I don't advocate for the podcast? Well, it's the same type of etiquette you khun still linked to that on the blogger and reference that you're talking about it to give them credibility into reference that is them is the expert that you're talking about, but on your podcast to do the same things you can tell them where? Where you found it, what it's about and then your take on that like your spin or your ideas off of that but you always want to give credit where credit's due, so definitely verbally say it and then I always would have it on the podcast excuse me the the block post as well to get that credit so and people like that they like to have the resource what's in the episode, the show notes we'll talk about that a little bit more but reference that when you talk about on the podcast to make it easier for your listeners to find the content because if they know that you're the go to person that's going to provide that for them they're going to want to know what the next episode is and what the tips are and then they know where to go where to find it. So you're starting to create that hub that community, that involvement in the engagement for you okay? So some of it really can be like curation that you're giving them your exact you get anything other ideas from other people then giving it to them all on one play exactly I mean my show with the life's entrepreneur I find the best, you know guess that have created lifestyle businesses I pulled their content and then I share that and that's what I'm you know, creating curating that type of content so absolutely you khun with with the basis of your show your bringing in your people that find and research and find the best gas that's what they're excited to connect with because you've done all the work for them so then they know oh, this this is a great gas, you know that it opens their eyes up to that so brilliant absolutely and um do you do like your first podcast? You do like an introduction about yourself and great question I love this so you khun do depending on what type of stylish show where tomorrow we're going to go into scripts of how did create your imaging for your intro for your podcast so it's going to actually let people know what's in it for them to tune in? But if your first episode if you're doing a solo show the art of storytelling absolutely I would highly suggest to go through your story why you launched maybe the you know the roto whatever your successes so people can connect with you and understand that now if you do know expert show you can just launch our sees me ah interview show you could just launch with the interviews or you can start by having a soul around and then you can bring in seoul episodes as you go is well, so I think mine's uh bit of a combo so um so it might be both well once a week for sure on lee once away but I haven't been in this profession of working as a psychotherapist for twenty years and family there are pay there's a lot of experts that I know so it's going to be bringing in experts in the wellness and family parenting industry and I can also teach from that too because I've been teaching for years so um but I think a little question around that would be so some shows could be on expert show and then maybe another show it's just me talking about some aspect of parenting or family wellness that I'm well versed in and that could work and on those solo shows they might be a little short or ten to fifteen minutes maybe with a tip okay yeah you could you can't mix that up I mean especially if you've got interviews because you do need more time to get the content out of the interviewee and to really get into a good interview where people are gonna want to keep coming back because it's too superficial or it's too light there they're going to go find it somewhere else and then when you do your show obviously it's just that one tip of that idea to keep it condensed and tight so it's not good for trying to twenty minutes and that's enough yeah exactly and that'll be perfect for listeners too good yeah, my show the business one is mostly interviews heavily interviews but I'm hoping to have a tip you know every month and hopefully it'll be the episode that sort of sets up the month so for march, for example, the focus is money so I'm going to do a show on organizing your finances and then the rest of the month is different financial experts and then the podcast the pop culture podcast is with a co host we're goingto have occasional guests and we just sort of rift back and forth I love that and I love what you're talking about setting the month up with that tip with that idea is and then you can have your experts the one thing that's really great asked content creators is we get to create the environment that we want in the content style we want so if you wanna have a theme every month to your podcast or you want to have what a stephanie calls it season shall so take a break you know she she has different podcast set up that way so you can actually have a theme or you can have maybe one month of social media experts next it's something different so it creates energy around that and it keeps it fun for you vibrant and fun and engaged because a gun like abel's talking about really having fun with it and having your authentic self show up what are your ideas combination of things since it's centered around passions and matt mindset and all that I was thinking, you know, would have themes each month, but then I wanted to have some interviews that our experts, some interviews where there are people who they don't think threat spurs because they don't know they're experts yet, but they're very inspiring they have this passion and attitude about what they're doing that just lights up a room, right? Well, we've all been around those people, and you just can't get enough of whatever it is you're sharing with you so thinking if I switch off and have some of the content like that, some of that expert, maybe here in their solo, yeah, yeah, but q and a also, the people that I've worked with so far like that when you get back to them with what it is that they're asking you about, can you expand on it? Or can you refer me to a resource? There's definitely going to be a part of it? Yeah, and I highly suggest that, like, what ables talking about is asking your email estas you're growing that getting feedback with tweeting or whatever the case a because it's gonna help you ask better questions and actually know what gus to bring on and what to bring out in that and it's really fun when you get your listeners tweeting in, I know you were talking over lunch when you get a tweet and someone is like, oh, this is great. I want to hear more about this. I mean, it fires you up because you know that you're giving incredible information and that people are actually consuming it and involved with it. So have fun with that and give it. Make it easy for them to be ableto do that to be able to connect with you and share that, yeah, I've a question about blawg content versus podcast content. Great question. So with a podcast. There's a couple different ways that you can have so when we're when we go into the technical side of putting your podcast together tomorrow you actually are gonna have a block post with your podcast can episode so the podcast going to be the audio video and then on your podcast you could have text a cz well so there's a couple of different styles that people can do this with so on mine I give background on the expert kind a little bit about their story why you wanna to name what they talked about what their turn was for them in their business in creating a lifestyle business and then really tip some resources and there how to training so that I've got resource is all the links they talk about and then what's in this episode so people know exactly what's in it now I don't do transcript some people want to have the transcripts on that so I don't do it on my block because I know my audience there like me they don't read a lot they want audio visual stimulation so I have I have the audio I have text and then I have the video on that now a lot of people like to have transcripts though so transcripts is where you could have that transcribe there's a lot of great resource is out there that you can get transcription services for for very cheap and then have that as your block post so just have it transcribed, and that becomes your block post. What I started doing is I started transcribing the interviews and then turning them into amazon books on amazon as well to generate traffic from that. What I want to want you to think about is leverage here. How can you take all the content you're creating with your podcast and easily leverage it on other large distribution channels? So it's a fun way as well, because some people are going to want to read, you know, and I've had people like, well, that interview, I want more content on that so that's where I started doing that because then they could actually take it with them on the go on, read it. If that's, another format that they want to consume it with. Another idea that you could do is if you're doing your show and your tip based idea, you can kind of breakdown the principles and then have them go listen to the audio or again, you could have a transcribe or break it down where it step by step. That explains it to him, but they have the audio to support it if they want more information. But great question. Okay, so expert interviews style. A podcast, you know, thirty, sixty minutes, if you know, like abel's, talking about the beginning, if they want longer. That's, great, just long as it's engaged and it's fun and it's going somewhere, you could also break your interviews into bite sized bits. So a lot of interviews, you know, you're going to find certain parts of her interview, whether it's just a really great conversation. So if you wanna have more downloads and more exposure for your podcast, you, khun, break your podcast into sections show malarkey actually does that on the money pillow. He has two segments to the each interview, and he drops it right in the middle, like, right at a cliffhanger. You're like, oh, man, so that, but then, when he does, he drives traffic back to his website, so they watch the up. They watched the video, and they sign up on the email list for when his book comes out. So it's another way that you could do that or if you want to, if you know your audience wants that really great consumable content that short, you can pick up the best questions and use those his bite sized bits as well to break up and also get more content with your podcast talk show commentary. We talked about that a little bit earlier and that you could bring in. Maybe you've got a a solo or an expert show, but then I've had I've had two or three gas. Um, even though I typically do do one or two, you can always throw that in and have more fun with it. Just first style, like the multi person podcast, great for group discussions. If you're having a, you know, a season or something, or maybe a monthly focus on one area, you could bring in other experts where you could talk together and talk through different ideas. Great for google hangouts. If you want to actually use that to incorporate your audience, bringing other experts that are for the theme of that month or that week and then get live questions, let them knew a week in advance, start tweeting out and stay in hamburg and so on. So on the show, let me know if you have any questions and you will get tweets in, you'll get people or not even just tweets facebook, whatever the e z form at us for you, and you'll get some really brilliant questions that your audience that will be hungry for and then book review so that's, what I love here, too, is that people love review. They love to hear what other people's thoughts are on different products, different programs, different methods, different systems, so book reviews I found really between the middle of the week, a lot of people like to download things in that way, it's kind of shifted. I mean, it doesn't have to be a specific day of when you actually launch your podcast for for more reviews, but what's great about that is people will be searching for the author, and they confined your podcast or the title or the topic, so it'll enables you maybe you. Didn't we weren't able to get so and so yet on your podcast for that interview, but you could talk about their book and their principles and maybe how you've used it, you know, with health and fitness or business or, you know, passion and there's so many books out there that people love to hear that content and they'll thank you also, if they've ever heard of the book, then you're opening their door up, you know, tio more possibilities, okay, so let's go into repurposing content again again, and I want to focus on leverage here. So let's, if you have radio shows, if you've got blocked talk radio, maybe you have content from when you, if you've been on tv or if you've been on the radio before other places, you can incorporate that webinars tell us some in ours so webinar sir create I do those all the time and they're great pieces of contact because you're typically train a lot on there and also your getting a lot of live engagement, answering a ton of questions and it's great to bring that toe life for your podcast you can repurpose that that's another great way after like abel was talking about building your audience, building the community, getting the theme, getting the robber around your podcast then later on then you can start to re purpose and he sails type of you know webinars tell us summits where you give the content and the end you can share your products and services but I got I agree not to do it right in the beginning you want to build that community and open that up tell us some owners are great they're obviously all audio to begin with um and you can cut and splice those up I've done that before where I cut out just the best bits of that any other trainings that you've done and then youtube hangouts you could easily convert those for the audio or just take the videos with that in turn those oven podcasts and then also like we talked about earlier block post that you've already written now you can add that personality and that flare teo your podcast so the first content strategy I want to talk about um and this may seem very simple but what I really like about this is it's going to help you really create and have some fun with your content here. So this is just your first ten episodes it's a five minute exercise doesn't take that long so what? I want you to write out here's right out your category and then your mane benefits that we went over earlier in the foundational equation so think about the category that you want to be ranked him and then all those main benefits and then what I know we're gonna have you guys do this at home and studio audiences well then I'm gonna have some members here come up and share their contact here so what I want to do is list out is me many topics that you can think of to talk about in your category or towards that main benefit strategy and then I want you to circle and I just want you to brain dump so we're gonna take a couple minutes to do this and just think of everything that comes out their ideas usually come in third so we've got the first third maybe not the best second third okay and the last third we usually where you get those really really good nuggets that are gonna be great for your podcast so I want you to circle those top ten topics that you like the best and then when I want you to do from those ten I want you to write out the stories or analogies or anything that you have that khun bring that concepto life so a lot of times when you get on the mic with a podcast in the beginning so names it will be a little bit overwhelming you're like what am I talking about especially you're doing a solo show so this is going to help you set that up so this is the first stop I want us to do that so who do you want to come up and start writing out some ideas? And then I want you to write some of the analogies are coming in from china just right before we get started. Yeah, um, you had mentioned turning transcripts into e books on amazon. Is this something that you charged two d'oh or how does this work? I am so so amazon. If I understand the question correctly, what I do is I just take my podcast, I get them transcribed, and then I put them into a digital book for amazon, and then I sell that on amazon for ninety nine cents, toe to ninety nine. Very, very cheap. So I used that is another way that people can consume my content from the interviews, so to get that done and actually, it doesn't cost that much. I mean, you could find people on, um I think it's a lance now they emerged. I forget which ones which you're gonna find that their fiber is another great place that you can have people do that or just transcription services and just have him spell it out. Just make sure you want to have an editor go back and kind of put it together. But it's it's a pretty simple process. Yeah, absolutely. Okay, so let's recap again here, so write down your mean category your main benefit strategies that we have from the foundational formula I like to hear I want to actually do it like this um let's do let's make this simple so chill if you want to do do you have your three main categories okay what actually gonna have you come up here and do it put your first category is second you're third and then write all of your ideas and then I want you teo circle the ones your top ten and they were going to talk about the stories that we're going to pull out of that okay so you can keep doing that I'll keep talking here so so again you want a list as yeah clear the category you're talking about is the category you're going to teo tag it in it I too exactly your main big category so whether that's business how them fitness whatever the category is and then I want you to write out your three benefits strategies that we talked about in the foundational formula that's going to group you're content together and then write out under each category so let's say business let's say one category is going to be you're gonna be talking about social media marketing list as many ideas as you can that you want to talk about and then when I want you to do is circle the top ten that you can have analogies or stories that can go whoa with that what should I do after this? Do you okay so business ok so then what what I want you right down right all the different ideas that you have on your business for topic ideas okay yep and just list him out and then on me yeah he's working on that but this is from you'll scratch and they want to know does having transcripts of your podcast also help your google search ranking? Because then you have text for the web crawlers to go through to find your content absolutely so I do always suggest tohave tax with your with your podcast episodes like even though mine I still have a four to six hundred were block post it's just on content about the expert and then I've got the resource is but it's all keyword heavy so that is really really important study just putting up the audio or the video file on your blog's you want to have that text wrapped around exactly like they're saying because that google spider for the spiders will look for that other tax that's around it so that's why if you want to make it simple it's easy just tow have that content transcribed and then have that on your block post so great point absolutely so no you're doing great just keep it's a teacher and man like me oh no this is supposed to be like really to help you bring out what your best stuff is to start with and really to keep moving forward with it, so just her just like what you're doing here, like career dressing for your industry, I'm sure you've got a great story behind that. Yeah, these are yep, exactly you're doing perfect, so I just wanted to have it in each of your main categories. So then what what's great about this is then, whenever you need content, where do you go to come back to this? And you can have a ton of different ideas that you could talk about and the story's air really, really powerful that's really? One of the things that we want to focus on is especially if you're doing a solo show like abel's talking about get out there in practice and start telling the stories and becoming engaged with it because the better storyteller you become, the better you can have a building, a bigger community because people like like we talked about earlier, everybody loves a good story, and if they don't, we don't want them listening, so this is we're going to go. We have another strategy here, too, but stories, analogies. I like alec analogies a lot, too, especially for teaching business principles it's easier for people to grab ahold of the idea and the concept and understand it and to be able to implement that because remember, everybody learns differently, even though they're listening, you know, listening in they still may be a real canis tannic learner, so if you can give examples things that you can help them walk them through, but if you can get better at explaining that it's going to really help your listeners so again, practicing comes into that by helping this and what ideo for my show. So if you're going to do a solo show where you're going to teach and train on it, I like to have up on my mac or even just in front of me, a list of the bullet points. So what we get we're going to do here when she fills out this for the categories we're gonna dissect one area, and I'm going to show you how to structure that to be a solo show that you can talk through because having an idea and then expressing it and teaching and having fun with it on a podcast are two different things, so we're gonna kind of break that down two books right now. That's why I have so much I love you that's great. You know, and the the other thing I like about this exercise to is it actually gets you to see how much content you actually have and how much you're excited to talk about and what you know. And just even if it's just big concepts just keep brain dumping and putting content out here because a lot of part of that is in the creation phase of just doing. And remember when you were, like, in high school, my high school, like junior high, and we had, like, free time thinking, and if you could think of anything, they just would tell you to write the same thing over and over again until you would start going kind of the same principle here to help you get your content out for different ideas for your shows. I love this. So we got first impressions. We haven't. You keep raining. Um, interview. What? To wear career dressing for your industry. Personal style based on lifestyle. I love that, um re entering the workplace, what to wear? No. See how she's going on all differ categories here, it's all over the place and that's. Great. No that's. Good enough way. Start over. No, you're doing great, okay, how to dress, uh, what does this say, style on this, so wait you want to read that one easy pack and travel a lot of executives I work with are need fabric fabric cares another one you know they wantto throw something in the uh suitcase and go well with the content on the go you know clothes need to be easy and many people don't know howto capsule wardrobing that works into that like create only bring three pieces with you for the weekend absolute wardrobe and bring in a lot of different outfits out of those three or four piece is that just brought of another great point your own vernacular your own words that describe your processes or what you teach our perfect because then when you start to talk about that and you reference that owen you know episode too I was talking about caps sel I call it she economics actually could know man that's going to be but who has become your for investment strategies and wardrobe exactly and that's what gets people sharing that all you got to go check out jill she was talking about capsule you know economics orders exactly and it gets them engaged with it and it gives them easy content toh wanna share oh come o style staff booze that's another jail term not what not to wear but like you know mistakes to avoid exactly exactly now look at this how many episodes we have her already we got about fifteen already and then it was in each one of those those are exactly just for one category so there's a brilliant so let's lay out let's go in a couple of these other ones and so you have yeah so this is with more of the designer because I have been in the industry on the corporate side for twenty years and then I've taught now for eight years so um I want a lot of my students still want to hear me talk to these industry um so I haven't formulated this yet but um it just basically talking with the zainur and inspiring story telling its story telling basically yeah yeah and that's become really big sure society one I love it and and that's become really big right now if you go into itunes you'll see a lot of meat the actor meet the director with the musician you know meet the behind the scenes all the things that are going on and that's brilliant so if you have that in any of your solo based type shows or even just on your interviews you can actually incorporate that and really make that engaging because designers never talk and that's why I think there's a void they're in fashion just from my experience they always air sewing or cutting and you see beautiful clothes you see the outcome but there's so much that goes on months before that and I think that's fascinating content that no one really gets out that's just a personal side project of one we've got some funny comments coming in of the chat rooms pure natural diva said chika nomics would be a great name for gels show do you think something maybe I should just do that I have the name they're really loving this mr bill is a great comment just chill with your style podcast for old fat guy guys I know there's not even like that burning man and the style podcast for you can tune in it doesn't matter what size or shape theo theo and the education part I have been a professor on bill curriculum here in san francisco at the art institute at city college and at parsons school of design internationally and a lot of young people ask how to be a stylist so I don't know if these air three separate podcast down confused because people want to know how you get into personal styling and helped transform people's lives so I don't know if that's no that's not I think what we talked about earlier keeping yeah the same direction and then you can still incorporate that with stories and where they're going but okay what will happen what will come out of that as you will attract people that will wantto I learned from you and you can position that when we when we talk about that tonight say ok on your intro now where you're driving traffic back and then also the position you have on your website and you could talk about that. Hey, we did you know, we talk about this, but if you really want to learn howto increase your business in this area, then you can open that door up to that. And one thing I really wanted to do separately because I have extra time to do this. I wanted to do like, transformation tuesdays and focus on one person a week like that. And it could be you was a bill that phoned in that phone. Did that road in bill, if you like, I'll trance form you, um, you know, just tow have those case studies because I think people like to see results or hear results, and then that could be visual, right? I could do a slide show ours. Well, exactly. And they get a resident with that person and see that transformation, and then how it could be possible for them as well. So they gotta live through that experience of someone else. And I think it's brilliant, that perfect. And those could be great case studies that makes another great free offer for people that want topped in that as well, too. Ok, so then you can see start from, you know, point a to be this is what we did these air the problems we have before the styles that we shifted a couple tweaks and gives it good great often there for that yeah because the ultimate product I mean because I like what he said about the fitness being authentic yes you know um the people that I'm gonna have on me in a really fun and once I get started talking you know the personality comes out and it's it's fun learning and I don't want to do the sponsor thing or have anything like that I just wanted to be a community driven learning environment but ultimately I would like to have a program on people wanting to transform their lives, which is the sixty day style upgrade you see, you know, people kind of like not a fitness coach but a style coach you know, yeah improving their media appearance their facebook profiles exactly because that transcends forward all of it and people who you know all of that stuff yeah, I don't know if I'm missing anything but sue or I thought it's yeah just put a couple more in these category ok? And I'm gonna we're gonna go to the next up here got a lot here um more investment warned room oh did I right geography oh, I did wrote, did you yeah, geography is a big one because I feel like a lot of people coming from living in new york and then now living out here based on where you live is a lot about how you dress e think that's a big topic you know? Yeah, yeah and you need to find out especially for business but could you find out where you're going and then how to dress for it? So I have a name for that one ready? Yeah this's eight years of teaching with all the ideas style code you know, like what's the area code you're going and what you should wear to go their line of attack it comes out once I start talking I'm sitting there and I'm like, you know, so I don't know that's a big thing that I think it's a big area about dressing and where you end up because I see so many people coming to san francisco wearing shorts and flip flops and it's not appropriate wait talk aboutthe depends on the type of let me yeah that you can wear flip flops it's ok if they have some structure and there's a pant attached to the flop not just, you know a suit jacket I saw a man at the best station wearing a suit with philip that's what I mean you know when it's very yeah disconnected believe it of that so okay, great well, this is awesome so what I want you to do now is pick the number one know what? Well, what I want to do that are you going to this exercise right now? Go back and circle the top ten best ideas that you have here because that's going to be the foundation to studying up your podcast two star but what I want you to do is pick your number one and we're going to dissect it and does howto how to put it together for when you record time now for the love of god or pick the top three if you want, we can go through but live to those two geography. And, uh, well, three transfer. Yeah, no, I think it's great. I love it. Know that geography and she economics is all about investing in your wardrobe. And, you know, people want to strategize in this damn day and they don't want to spend a lot of money or if they do, they want to know how to write properly, right? Uh, so, let's, take these three. So remember what they are, and I want you to start a new page, all right? And then put opposite one, two, three. Okay. Yeah. All right, that's. Okay? And this is how you can start to break out your content, so then you're not getting on the mike like uh not knowing what to say and how to do it so this is going to be the middle of your episode so we're going tomorrow we're going to go over your intro for your imaging for your introduction you're gonna have your body of your content and then you'll have your outro that closes up podcast this right now is the main core of your content and they were going to structure that so just write out your if you are not the titles for each like geography not the title but the the topic to topic yeah, I like how you two topic by month yeah, that was really nice because then you have a lot of people talking about that so but what if I did it that way than many at four episodes would be one top right? So yes you can for this right now I want you to just do just say it's episode one it's just gonna be on geography yes, you definitely could do that. Okay, but I just want to show the breakdown of what could go into an episode of beacon visually see up transformation okay, okay, awesome. So that's the economics? Yeah, okay, great. So under geography what? When you first are gonna open up both your podcast on dure format let's go over your format that you have before but, you know yes, so the format is going to be like the audience, so I didn't have a question and answer beginning, so put that yep. So she's going to start with a question and answer that's going to lead into the topic of that episode, which is going to be geography and then I'm gonna have the style tips so that's a tweet able to share. So is that going to be the style tip based on the human it okay, so whatever that answer is what I've over be engaging to get people to want to share that contact, and you can use that on your block posters. Well, because people all the time asking me questions, so I feel like I'm in a constant contact with my audience is well, so would help and then the interview based on that, and then a quote before we over another no, no, no, you're doing great right down your interview for everyone. What type of? How are you going to interview you, gus? I'm very fluid with people it's the same thing. I've interviewed a lot of people over my teaching and it comes naturally, so I kind of like how the people we're talking about not having pre formatted questions, I started doing that already, and then I got in front of the microphone the other day and I felt really uncomfortable all of a sudden I was like and that's not my personality my personality's hey so much more conversational so no that's great the reason I ask is because and you want that you want to have a conversation alarm really fun sometimes though if you haven't done a lot of interviews yet and you're just getting started I do suggest having questions and having the list out there to make it easier to engage the interviewee um that you're interviewing and then also make it easier for you or what you're talking about so I think that's great so ok and then keep going what's that oh, and then I always I heard somewhere that you can link back to a bookstore and amazon bookstore on your blogged and that khun create income for you um and I'm a huge book reader and my students know that so I'm gonna ask the interview designer or the person what is their favorite? Uh not any book a fashion or style because there are a lot of good ones out there and then have that link back perfect so if you're an amazon affiliate now, some states don't allow that so just make sure you check accordingly how that set up that you could become an affiliate for that and then they'll give you codes that either the book image and it has the length or you could just make the link that is clickable and takes them into amazon to monetize it that way and you could do that with everything you do with style the jackets and the shoes, any type of equipment, anything that you're talking about I mean, obviously amazon is huge so there's definitely products on there to use but that's great I love that so they have the quote and in the book um and that's perfect. So then so then this will be her mean focus for this stylish oh, that she'll have to see how that format just developed, where she put that together so that's what she'll do for each podcast so that people come back and know what that formats about and what she's going to be talking about so let's go into yeah um so if the topic is geography um is the interview you wanted? But it sounded like you want in sort of the interview to really be learning about that person and their inspiration? Well, that was one of the ideas for the society and culture. Okay, so the interview would be on the geography top dressing. Exactly. Yeah. One thing that that the reason we have the categories is theirs because you convey in three different categories, but you want your theme of your podcast to cover it's not going to be where you have to break it up into sections that way so the main thing I want you to understand is that you can actually have your format be the same for that, but you're gonna be talking. You could be bringing in different topics and it's not where it has to be based on the category. Does that make sense? Okay, awesome. Yeah, that was yeah, it was another variation. Yeah, yeah. I'm just very excited to learn really about people lt's like backgrounds and why they chose things and what inspires them. So when you have an expert that that would be really interesting tio okay, and right here woven in with that interviews that's where you can bring that in for their story and their background of what? What? You know, because the topic that you're talking about here can relate back to that. And if you can pull it out with your gas and you know what a brilliant nose you have them share their stories. And because that's what design is all based on inspiration when we get our ideas and their creativity on dh? What? Well, I mean, I remember when I first found out about the sears tower in chicago and it was one of it was just from the guy. With the cigarettes and that's how we decided to actually build the tower and it's incredible how designers you know how they think so I think that would be great to pull that out okay so let's go into this one oh you uphold all that stuff out the inspiration yeah that's why I don't want to just tow live under culture because I think that's too like you said it's not based on the avatar yeah yeah exactly okay so I'm gonna have your you're to break this one down the same same yep okay perfect well okay no, I I wanted t it the same thinking yeah. Kind of different okay, so let's say I didn't um I was just gonna I was gonna have you tried just a different style okay, let me try it I'm open perfect. We're using you as it is as for everybody else should try different formats what's your suggestion so what about so for this one let's say that you are doing um let's say this is your just your show you're the solo accident you're talking about this okay, I'm not doing interviews so how would you what would you like to structure that stylist style of solo show? Um well I'd like to start out usually by saying something relevant that's going on within the industry for that week okay? Okay, I don't know with that news or yeah updates updates yeah or trends things that are going on I don't believe in trends yeah all right yeah updates okay, okay, so you start with that I could say trends I guess what's trending well the okay fbi that's fine. Yeah. Ok, so we've got we've got the opener on then what are you then? What are you gonna segway into them for your trip? Um I still like the q and a because I think it's important to connect with everybody that's around the world I don't want to just be sitting there in my silo. Okay, any ideas? You guys right in don't be quiet, bill. I know you're out there. I haven't heard from you. I love it. Okay, so we've got the news updates what's going on, you go into the q and a and then how would you structure if this is going to be a solo show for you every single time? What? What are some ideas of how you could structure your content like when you deliver it? So for example, if we're talking about investment wait, I'm going with this is investment no investment items in your wardrobe. A lot of people ask me what air? The ten key things I need in my work wardrobe okay, so what I would love with this q and a that you talk about whoever you're talking about here, they're obviously going to relate to that topic. You can leave that story and maybe with a client of how you've helped them and then going to the steps of how you break that would break that down. Okay, so, like a case study example, and then, um, break it down. Okay, what do you guys think for show formats. Any other ideas? It's. Hard to talk. I mean, it is fun to talk about fashion. I I think what you were saying before, about learning about what people are doing in the industry, a lot of people want to learn about a lot of people want to learn, you know, how does like different body types, and you know how to help them. It is very visual. That's. Why? I am, um, tourney between video and just audio. Oh, that's the so this is this was just a breakdown to show you how you construct your show. So I think that you did awesome. This is brilliant. And you already have a phenomenal format for how you're going to put your show together. So let's, thank you. Okay. Thank you.

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