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Launch a Successful Podcast

Lesson 8 of 37

Student Hot Seats

Kris Gilbertson

Launch a Successful Podcast

Kris Gilbertson

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8. Student Hot Seats

Lesson Info

Student Hot Seats

So what I want to do right now is I'd like to actually put someone on this bod for a hot seat on actually really taking you where you're at and how to help you break through on what we already talked about so far this morning to help you with your podcast. So is anyone open to being the hot seat that we can kind of really do it like a coaching session right now to help you move forward? See, I really told you I was going through the oh, I'm open but I met square what that's quino because I know a lot of people are at that so come on up here. Okay, so what I live for you I'm gonna let you lead this so I want you to ask any questions that you have and kind of where you're at and how I can help you but I love your classes too. I just got titanium ones I have ah, different ones e custom out later because my eyes um well I had two questions as you were just going to the last segment and that was so liz the live your life now yes podcast you said she had launched both her business blogged an...

d podcast yes, so did she have, you know, ten podcasts pre recorded so that she knew that they were all sort of the same theme and then uh, you know, put one, I'll eat one tweak or so what? One of the strategies that when you want, you want to have a couple podcast already put together, so it'll leverage the itunes new and noteworthy. So actually, when people download, they're going to download a couple shows at the same time, so boost your ranking a little bit, but what I also suggesting we'll go over this in the content section here is having the first ten ideas for your show already put together, so if you're doing interviews already, have your interviews lined up, um, and actually start to connect with them how I'm scheduled because you want to start to create a publishing schedule of when you're gonna do content when you're gonna launch, and then when you're going to market that's one of the biggest I made that mistake, if you don't have a system in place, it doesn't get done or gets done late or you don't have it set up, right? So, yes, you what I would suggest is having your three podcast, at least to start, and they already have the rest of them recorded for, uh, you're at least the first time, so if you're going to one a week, you've got your first two months already set up if you're going to do mohr if you're repurposed in content that make sure you've already got that setup because three a week five a week something I mean that goes fast, it goes really fast, so make sure in your set up that way right now are you thinking of doing what type us to show where you think you're doing well, so let me give you a little sort of background of where I'm at um I stood a best year yet class a month ago here and so that was sort of right figured out my goal was to set up this block and get things moving um I was in a job for about eight years an engineering job that sort of sucks the soul out of me and I'm becoming sort of back to myself um, and I've always thought of myself as being very creative and thoughtful and other people have also echoed that back to me. Um, so I really want to give back and help other people who have also been sort of sucked the life out of them and really not just doesn't they don't have to have a job they don't like, it could just be sort of feeling disconnected, like remembering the fun it was to open all of your, you know, physical birthday cards and now you just sort of get a two word email or whatever it is so sort of to bring back a little bit of a movement of sort of like like a pay it forward but really be thinking about others and connecting with others and, um, that kind of thing, so I have a website I one post um and so I'm really this is square one and really excited to use this as a way to get my voice out, but I I don't have a whole lot of content that's ok, so well, you first sat down and you were talking, you're talking about lifestyle so that's a big thing that a lot of people it's not about the money or you know what, they make it's a lot about lifestyle, and I was just at an event one of the most amazing master minds I've ever been at and a lot of the top internet marketing experts that we're talking about lifestyle as being one of the key things that is what keeps their community involved because of how they're theme is based on that. So tell me more about that and what? Because that seems like a theme that you've had a swell. So what you're looking to incorporate their yeah it's a little bit about sort of the lifestyle that ill be sort of talking about within the block where you mentioned earlier you picked up on it, so I just wanted to dive deep into that what that really means because it's a very broad term when we stayed lifestyle that's different for each and every one of us on what we're looking for right? So I think that it really comes down teo concepts that people incorporate in their lifestyle so whether that's mindfulness um uk many people can't just be mindful you really have to think about being mindful and really incorporate incorporating that into your life so I guess when I mean lifestyle it's a bunch of concepts or tips or ways of sort of changing the way you're actually living, changing the way your connecting with people so many of my friends and family and all that uh the word vulnerable is sort of a bad word you don't want to be vulnerable around other people that's a bad thing uh but there's a mind shift that's actually being vulnerable is really being your authentic self and you're really being seen it doesn't mean that you're small and meager necessarily it actually you know helps you present yourself and grow so that was a long answer to a lifestyle it's a little bit more of an even just lifestyle as in you know, one of my ideas is gift ideas according to your love language so there's five different love languages whether you sometimes it is physical gifts sometimes his words sometimes it's people doing things so not just sort of these thought concepts but ways tio okay, I know that you really like to be you know shone like you like me you receive your love and notes so giving different people tips on where to leave notes or you know, putting sticky notes in a book or that kind of thing so oh, very this so right now what would be the top ten things you would just love to talk about that you want to share because you're just getting started right now? What are those because I wanna help you kind of build a theme together around one that's about because these are all great great concepts but let's kind of leave it together so we can believe your story because your stories what people are going to resonate with because how many people have been corporate plays and they feel like they've been trapped in a life spent sucked out of them that that's great copy words so getting that out but then also where they're at now how were you helping them go what's that next step? What is the bridge that you're you're setting out for them to help them move forward in their life to create their lifestyle or whatever? Right baby, I'm coming up with general words that's okay? So one of the biggest thing is to be present ok in your life um and that goes along with mindfulness so that that's that's the core at what all this is because you can't do anything else unless you can't fully do anything else unless you're president, right? Um, so that's number one, uh, number two is to be authentic, okay? Um, and that leads into number three, which is really connecting with others. Um, those air, probably those were the top three, so be present, be authentic, connect relationships and then sort of the cherry on the top is loving deeply I love it cut in just to clarify something that you said a little bit earlier when you mentioned toe have ten podcast available or you just meant the ideas. Is that correct? You didn't actually mean tio publish all ten at the same time, right? So what I suggest is have your ideas for your first because what happens if you start with just a couple podcast and you don't have it in the can? You're setting yourself up for failure, so we want to make sure you're set up for success. So have your first three podcast produced and then create your publishing publishing schedule when you're going to actually do the next, but already have those ideas. In formula. So if you really know what those first ten episodes are it's going to be so much easier, especially if you're doing your own show to get on the mike and start to talk about him and actually make sure that it's out, otherwise you'll be sitting there because we've all I mean, if you know you've been writing a block post, you sit down, you're like blank paper, piece of paper, it could be hard when you have to, like, go to record, so that will really help you set up, so launch a three to five and then already have the ideas set up and then interviews if you could already launch with a bunch of that can is going to help you with your launch strategy by a lot. It's really going to show showcasing your numbers, and we'll talk about that a little bit more, but definitely have it mapped out, so you feel more confident about it as well? Because it's really good to you that's going to come across when you record, because when you recorded, you're not quite sure, you know, you only have one podcast here that so have your confidence to know hey I've got and then then next week you can allude to what the next podcast is going to be about as well to start to engage your audience to let them know hey come on back I'm gonna keep giving you great contact and providing that for you so let's wrap this up then for you're talking about with being president being connected what was the third one um uh authentically building relations that in itself could be a way that you can actually teach people how to do that because being president is something that is very difficult to do I mean if you think about how often are really present during the day you know, maybe a couple of times we think we're president but we're we've got so many other things going on so are you have you thought about um for your business of what you're looking to do are you looking actually help coach that and teach that is that something that you're looking to go into and this is just all this could just be playtime right with that well this is where I'm really not looking too I eventually I want to have a business um but I'm not looking to go out and make a product right away and make money off of that necessarily um I want to sort of get these ideas out and then see what my listeners readers need and then produce that perfect. So is that okay? Okay, way to start. Yeah, absolutely. So I think we're going to clarify this up. I'll help you really tune that are, you know, fine tune it a little bit more, but knowing those three, many things right now is really key because that's, where you can categorize your content, then of who you're bringing in, who you're going to be interviewed on your show, what you'll be talking about, and then that's the resonating theme, being president, being connected, and having a thing exactly. And that khun resonate for people that are looking to start their own businesses of well, of how to use that incorporate that to help them get their ideas out. So I think we're in a great pass, so we'll help him kind of, um, finding that a little bit more. Alright, alright, thank you for doing that. I'm not scary. All right, all right. So what questions you have? Were you up? All right, so I have the name of my podcast and I actually have a product that I'm gonna be launching right after it. Um, so just a little bit background about may I am a personal stylist, but I've also been an educator for ten years and fashion, so I like to be an educator educator is that what you call a detainer entertainer like when I teach I love to have fun and I think fashion should be accessible to everybody it shouldn't just be at the higher echelons of you know, high end couture you know everybody can have fun with fashion so the other part of the puzzle is I like to empower and inspire confidence when I work with my personal style and clients so it's like a combination of educating, inspiring and connecting to um my product is a sixty sixty day style upgrade okay? So it's going to be kind of ah web online video siri's of how to upgrade your wardrobe and how if you're going through a transition in your life how you khun brand yourself to be where you are attract what you want um by how you dress right? Ok it's a lot of information it's great being up here it's great because we're all right. So like I said before I wantto I love to talk to people and have conversations and I wanna have intelligent conversations with people in the fashion industry to inspire people and I wantto also help people by answering like q and a's you know, I don't know if that's could be in one show or if that could be in like two shows and I already have a roster of people that want to be on the show really amazing people actually here's to love it so there's two things that you could do with that think again, it comes down to what's going to be the most reasonable for youto keep doing for producing content in your business too decayed stay consistent with but I think you can have your show based on that tip that you're explaining, right? Start with maybe a q and a question, okay, and then lead into the intervention. Okay, so the question comes in from, you know, x, y and z had this problem with her style is what she was going on, and then go into teaching that principle, and then you know, the called action to have them go either sign up for the free video tutorial, you have to learn to take this to the next level or to go leave a question on the block, and then if you want to start to separate those out later on, if you're getting more questions, you could do that. But I think that'd be a great way for you to start, especially because you already have all the guests lined up so you can take that in and that's going to let people know right away that they can have that engagement with you from the start. Any questions they have okay, that makes sense so but my question is how do I separate because they're my target avatar is a woman in her forties successful executive that's on the go listening to this information but I want to have intelligent conversations about style also so for example I have some women that have been in the industry twenty thirty years in fashion and they're amazing designers and all we see is their clothing but we never hear what the inspiration is behind the collection I don't know that's a separate idea for a podcast I'm not clear in my mind if you know it's kind of too ideas I have yeah you know what I mean ideas so for what? Your main goal with your podcast yeah that's I knew you were gonna ask that to build community to build community okay, so I think there's something story we are moving and we already are into the age of storytelling I mean it's always been around that's always what cells but it's even more so today if you notice someone like the progressive I mean that's a total storytelling brand and people every time you do them in the commercial it's a new story and that what that's why they've grown so much and that's what a lot of other brands are starting to bring in so I love the storytelling aspect of where these designers get their inspiration yeah, well that comes from but I think you wouldn't teach that to you and your how to because how many women you know you only have certain amount of closing your fur whatever budget they're on help them see other ways to inspire their fashion and their own uniqueness and their own creativity so you could set the format of your show up in that where you have maybe the question starts in with that question and then you go into interviewing the expert with the same format oh hey of what their story is how they designed it and then their tips to fashion to help women are too brash that hits your listening okay I like that idea that weaves it together yeah so you could have a couple different formats but I think that would be really fun and really engaging okay it would be fun for you too come on it that it brings in different ideas yeah and it helps to solve the problem of the listener also when you like okay because I didn't want to just to be about entertainment I wanted it to really solve the issue or the style question that they had I think it'll be fine what's it to you here on our show already I love it it's great. All right all right great. Well this any other last questions um now it's a lot of information you know I think it's really helpful yeah, well excellent. Thank you. Thank you both for coming out there and I'm wondering if also he said your age group is mid forty s mid forties well really it's like maybe it's thirty eight to forty it's a woman who's a mom and working and she's very busy and it could also be someone who is transitioning it's a lot of uh are reinventing herself like I am in a lot of people who are following me so well it's definitely some most of my personal coaching clients are people that are going through transitions in their life and the testimonials I have is of transforming it's not just about the clothes so yeah, that I should actually do know it's really about finding about their lifestyle and how they how to help them whatever transition there going through in their life to track that new thing. For example, if someone's going through a divorce to attract, you know, newness and vitality and confidence in this new area of their life, so it isn't just very good point it's not just about the clothing, which is a huge that's why people hire me usually it's because it's much more than that definitely wanted to in your podcast we should work together okay, yeah, that sounds good, definitely yeah, it's amazing. I have pictures of like before and after was so about maybe that's a good question because I am thinking about a video podcast to show that transformation but that's a lot of work but I was when I was that isthe already so I don't know what I want her what I would suggest with that is where you could drive you could have video transformation where you can have things back to the blogger or the website okay that's a good idea and have the audio go through the q and a that and then get that connection that we're going to hear the story of the designer where their transformation happen cause so many designers you know they go through all the different phases of design as well and then have the content and then go back hey if you want to learn about one of my clients this is where she was because who doesn't love a good before and after I mean that's like I love that stops it's changing yeah to see I that's why I love what I do because you really see the inner person changes well is the outside exactly I love that you can really showcase that and show that it is not I mean style is building that confidence that transformation for you so great I love it excellent all right great job okay, okay great so now what we've gone over we've gone over why you want to watch a podcast? We started to go into how to search and research and really it clear on that ideal listener avatar for your podcast. Now we're going to go into the foundation and the next segment of really structuring your podcast and then into the creation and content in the next, the last segment here today. So we're really going to get into taking the ideas that you have floating around now and really start to create a concrete format for your show and for your contact actually really start moving forward. Terrific, terrific if, if you don't mind, we had did have a couple questions coming from chat that we thought we would throw your way perfect. Um, the lucid sage said that their biggest challenges, which category their podcast should be on it's, a podcast about lucid dreaming and was hoping to get some thoughts from you. Yes, I love that we're going to go into that in a little bit and howto categorize that, but I think for, um, again, it's going to come back to what is your goal and where they hanging out. So it is really unique with itunes as well, is that you are category you mean you are in your category, but that isn't going to unnecessarily prohibit. People from finding you because your other keywords and people, if experts that you're interviewing if they're found, they're searching for that, they'll find you as well. So in sundays he will pop up in different categories. That's just how the nature of the beast is, so we'll go over that a little bit to put that in, it might be spirituality, maybe health and maybe even business, because this could be great categories for you, but well, we've got a little bit more content that'll actually, well, not a little bit a lot, but we're going to war, how to help you structure that great, great. We have one more question here that sort of sums up the ideal listener that we've been talking about. This is again a question from ipod, and they say, can the ideal listener be different from the ideal person you want to market, too? For example, maybe you want your podcast to speak to a broader market early on. You want to mark it to a smaller niche? Yes, absolutely so again, it comes back to the idea if you want to be super narrow or if you want to be on cast that larger net of what you want to do again, I always go back to you. I like for me because my show, I'm in about nine different niches. I interview people all over the place. I like to cast a bigger, not at itunes, and then the content of my called action narrows in my listeners. But if you already have a very niche specific, and you really know what their needs are, then I suggested to start with that. And that could be very beneficial for you, because you're targeting them right from the beginning, laser focused. And if there's, nothing else out there that has that, you're going to be the one that's going to stand out immediately to be found.

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Millions of people listen to podcasts every day. Get ready to learn everything you need to know to create engaging podcasts that will reach your ideal audience. Kris Gilbertson shows you how to launch your own world-class podcast, starting from scratch and taking you all the way through marketing and monetizing a compelling, successful show.

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a Creativelive Student

This is the best $149 I've spent on my blogging/podcasting journey so far. The course was so rich, so jam-packed with information and ideas. I am on fire with ideas (couldn't get to sleep last night because so many ideas were rattling around my brain!) and truly inspired to go out there and do it. I'll be posting my podcast launch on the Facebook Group when the time comes. Thank you, Kris!