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Designing Your Future

So I want to make sure that when you get this information this mighty mighty mouth watering money manual I want to make sure you use it I want to make sure this doesn't sit on your shelf you know you've heard of self help well sometimes they call it shelf help right sometimes people get a program and they don't implement so I don't want that to be you so I created this program to make sure that this happens step by step it's called money master for couples the twelve week integration program and if you haven't done it already make sure you text your name and email to two o one four to five o one three three you can also just visit this website I didn't get a question on the facebook group already someone from france asked well you know I'm international so I don't know about texting can I just email so that's fine if you can't get it is not going to get the text or the voice mails so sometimes I'm going to text you something to remind you sometimes going to leave you a message hey just...

want to make sure that you've done your money mask a is the end of the month it's time do your net worth so I'm going to remind you things and also send you e mails with tutorials I'm going to send you a video so all these things that you can continue you can use to continue along the path because it's a path right? If you remember from the very first day I talked about this path to money mastery that is not gonna happen overnight it's not even a happen with all this immersion in three days it's a process luckily it's timeless there's nothing in here that has a date on it nothing in here that has a date on it. You could do this any time five years from now ten years from now doesn't matter and if you're just joining us or even if you've been here this entire time, I want to make sure you remember some of the things we've gone over so really quickly I'm just going toe tell you what you've learned a few of the things because I can't possibly tell you in two minutes everything you've learned. So if you remember on the first day in the first session I really focused on you and your money the whole concept was this triangle of the money menage a twat you're in a relationship with your money and your honey the triangle and as erica so wonderfully pointed out like that was huge just that concept was huge for her t recognize that she's the way she treats her money is like treating a person and to use that analogy completely shifted her beliefs I treat people well how is it that I'm so inconsistent that I don't treat my money well so you learned the money a b c's awareness plus action equals abundance wow what have you been doing throughout these sessions you becoming you've been b you become aware have you taken some action? You better say yes if you haven't do it now fill out the manual there's all these exercises for you to just one my one fill it out so that you can have the abundance the bees beliefs plus behaviors equals your bank account remember that crazy eight if you shift any one of those things if you shift your beliefs is going to shift your behaviors which is going to shift your bank account if you shift your behavior the ship's your beliefs ship's your bank account if you ship your bank account you get the picture right? Isn't that amazing it's just wow it don't make sense it's so simple the seas conditioning recondition a new pattern a new habit a new ritual then you've got to do it consistent consistently over and over and over again until it sticks so that you can have change of the money a b c's that's about you and your money overcoming your own issues don't try to fix your partner right how to overcome your money issues toe have a richer relationship all about you and yesterday in session to the focus was the four keys to a richer relationship so if you have your manual you'll see this lovely diagram which I may not be able to find manual is you know only one hundred fifty pages so give me about twenty minutes now it's four keys I'll just tell you what they are who knows number one is you can look in your notes you get you had the we had the barbies right let me jog your memory here delusional van will be here to jog your memory get clarity don't be afraid to shout it out over there get clarity of your money type and it doesn't mean this is who you are because jean marie so elegantly said your combination of all of them so you're not put in the box you just get to recognize the patterns the patterns that you may be running that might not be serving you clarity of your money type in your money role are you a leader? Are you a supporter or you a partner right then you got clarity of your money and remember this kim jim money date ring a bell you got to get clarity of your money that's the know it and grow it money system and I'm joking about these handcuffs because I said you might want to pair it with something fun I don't know what after you do your money day so it's so it is sexy or fun could be ice cream it could be anything just so that you know I'm not just looking at numbers this's this is awful all instead it's fun you get to choose that then we're now today so we went so that's clarity and I'm sorry this the next key is what communication who would you need to focus on first what who are you communicating with your own mind your own mind that mind messes with you right always messing with you that mind first your community you gotto identify identify the language patterns those patterns that you're running they're just patterns and you get to choose what patterns you want so I went through a multi millionaire self talk the ladies came up there and they were like new women were those confidence transformation because they started shift their their beliefs and shipped their behaviors are looking at their money maybe for the first time wow and all of a sudden they have had these words these incantations to say with their body and then they were seeing happy and my eye rich him happy we have it on tape I have proved wow and then we went over communication with your partner but wasn't it interesting that even though it was with your partner it had everything to do with home yourself wow so if he used are giving more love to your partner if you change you your relationship will grow your relationship is either growing or what dying you choose let's have it instead of dying have it arriving and today today so excited it's all been coming together with the map right? You have the money mastery map and it's all been coming together today session three you your money and your honey once again and we're going to go into the last two keys to a richer relationship so let's start with this designing your future so what I'd like to d'oh get these get this amazing participants moving in the morning here put everything down you don't need anything and come on up you get to be stars again come on stage and I'm going to use have a game you know we're going to play a game to demonstrate a point does that sound good that sound great okay you need to wake up you're on camera here great and one that's that's it that's it nice ok in a second you're going to get a proper they get to use props as well isn't that awesome now first I want to tell you this is a game so typically when you play a game isn't it true that you either win or lose? Yeah yeah ok cool so the way you win this game you win this game by hitting the target and if you hit the target the reward the prize ultimate gift that you get is meat no skin is everything you want in your life pretty good gift right that's nice prize okay so listen very closely listen very closely what I want you teo number one ready take your target this is a dark show everybody at home we got props yeah we got problems okay I want you to throw your dart at the target on three one two three throat what I didn't where's the target ok get forty okay so first there's ok got it so let me let me try this again okay now now imagine imagine the target in your mind and on three one two three throwing at the target why don't you throw it why did you that it's in my mind it's in your mind okay let me try this again how gosh I guess I didn't have my coffee this morning I don't actually drink coffee so for those of you know that it's really alert okay number number three let's see ok find a target in the room but don't tell anyone about it and I want you to throw it one two three throat ok kate the lovely can't give her hand she's amazing ladies and gentlemen all right good job now did you make did you hit the target? Yeah okay you hit it so did you win the game? You have the target ok interesting think about that for a sec all right now number four I'm going to pick a target now on the count of three hit one two three go well happen way go forgot to tell you at the target again okay we second when I think about this I know I'm going to get it I know I'm going to get it okay can we bring out the targets okay thank the target's target's coming out that could make my own music here alright so bringing out the target wanted and put it on here someone tio you'll come over here okay I'm gonna do one the time here starting with marina here I don't even know ok ready uh I want you to close your eyes here skip back so I can see it close your eyes are they closed? I'm just going to trust you because I didn't bring blindfolds yeah, I can only carry so much in my bag and right yeah okay so I'm spinning around spinning around and when I stop you I want you to shoot the target and don't peek alright ready and shoot hit that target come on come on. Wow. Very tricky. Okay, great yeah get down lights very good. Okay, cool. All right, so did she hit the target though? What did she didn't frame okay, so the answer is that she had the target? No, sorry, very close very yeah, ok, our next contestant ready close your eyes close your eyes see these people are very tricky okay on the count of three on the count of three on the count of three hit targets one two three okay okay did she hit the target arvid the new man brave this brave it can I touch you because we don't know each other that well like at all okay all right so this brave man who doesn't know me at all he's going for it he's taking the plunge he's being spun around is causing his eyes and on the count of three you're going to shoot one two three shoot wow I e o already participating he's been here for less than five minutes and lastly we have a lovely rachelle closer and let's see maybe she'll get it maybe she'll get I know you're rooting for for her at home everybody chatting who didn't want to live and who's gonna win this amazing game close your eyes around she goes around because I know she's going to get it this time I know she's going out and on the count of three one two three hit your target wow good shot but I'm sorry okay give him one more chance all right last time now this is the target this is the target on the count of three I'm going to do it one two three o someone else come stand here part of it one two three great michelle one two three great arena one two three she really wants to hit it I can feel it very all right good give him a hand gun and take a thank you. So what what was that about? Tell me how it felt and what you learned if you see something you can achieve it if you see something you can achieve it beautiful what else? Well, it was interesting just tio when you said choose a target and shoot at it I was able to do it and what is the exact target I hit the top of her thing. Okay, cool. Which is why when you were able this is really get so you were able to choose the target and when you chose the target you hit it awesome but you didn't tell anyone else about now, so let me ask you this that I didn't let you right right? So you cheat you you got it so this is really interesting because we're talking about couples right an interesting so if you are here and let's say since we're role playing this time and we're doing the money master map and erica has been your spouse right? You didn't tell eric about it did she hit the target? No, your target no okay interesting going what it is it is a perfect reflection of my own life where oh whoa, whoa, whoa you mean this has something to dio with your life on dh designing your future what? Okay go on. Well yeah, it does when I, um it's funny because I was a different person when I had met my husband and so as I have transformed into someone who wants to make an impact in my own way it's I've had a difficult time communicating that vision with my husband and I see it very clearly in my mind but I have very being had difficulty communicating your vision with your husband yeah, what else did he notice uh that I've gotten to the point where I have just decided to just go for it and, you know, give up on communicating with him about it and how does that make you feel not serving me it's not serving us? Wow, awesome. So you had you were a different person and then you basically decided that you're going to go for it with their without him and then you moseyed on into this course and now you're like, wait a second maybe perhaps we should aim for the same target. Yeah arvid did you ask me that? I thought it was interesting that when you sell us what the target was and then the oddest close our eyes and spend around that reminded me of how even though you have these goals and even though you know what your target is all this stuff in life comes up on interrupts you land put you off track no, I better so much wow that's amazing isn't that interesting now let me ask you this when you did look at the target now that I let you at the end look at the target did you get closer then you did when you had your eyes closed all that stuff like life right? So every single one of them no one hit the target but don't worry you can still have everything you want because you're going to make your own targets today awesome right? But even though you didn't hit it you got close right? So if I for example some of you saw this yesterday it's so much fun that I have to do it again let me ask you this if I set a target and I'm far away not bad I can see the target I know where I'm headed and guess what did I make progress? Yeah I was here did I make progress but it wasn't way over there but I was here ok great. Now I'm not necessarily going to hit it any closer but I don't know let's just see if I go closer to the target I was way back here if I go closer to the target for so what are the odds that I'm going to hit it like close better right? But I'm gonna hit closer to the target oh wow wait you get this for for uh demonstration purposes sorry I didn't really mean to hit it that well but that was awesome. But here's the point is that I got closer I know where I'm aiming and guess what? Sometimes you will hit it sometimes you know, maybe you're really close and you still might miss especially if there's a lot of things going on in your life especially if you're not looking at the target if I like their kind of looked and then I just shot it right? But if I don't even look at the target I forget to keep looking at the target I have the target I set the target is there I said it I said my goal but then life goes on spinning don't use that analogy that's great I'm spinning my eyes closed I don't know where the target is did I mean it close? They're very light darts you're ok I want to hear more. We shall I didn't get to hear from you. So what was your experience? What did you notice? What did you learn that I would that I felt really secure about where the target was when I stood there for the first minute the first few turns and then I got really disoriented and it's like that in life like what punk set it it's like that in life that I can set a goal and for instance I had a big job not very long ago and I knew that I would have a certain amount of income at the end of it and I set goals of what have how I wanted tio what I want to do with the income from that from that job and at the end when that income came in, I did this spend and and use the money in the ways that I wanted to I also got off trap and is it possible that you'll get off track? Yeah and and as we return me around and then when you stopped me I was completely disoriented and really dizzy and I was not sure where the target was and I was trying to orient myself and I was really like, where is my inner where's my true north? I don't know and is that has that ever showed up for you in life a lot and I'm sure you're the on ly one that has ever experienced that great so keep that in mind so let me ask you this how important is that target let's just say on a scale of one to ten how important is that target it's a ten if you don't have it, how can you ever get anywhere she's said here folks one more time with power I want everyone at home to hear you how can you ever get anywhere if you don't have it I don't know I mean it's a great question if you want to answer at home let me know so I want you to keep in my yes erica and your last example where you have the target and then you weren't looking that reminded me of a belief that I have had and that is I'm really committed and good to make the target but my belief has been that I'm just not going to follow up on it so it's not a surprise I don't fault so now my new belief is that I have my money road math and I'm gonna follow that has things on here teo to keep looking at the target throughout so great so you all are amazing I'm sure you at home are coming up with all sorts of things and there's a reason I'm not telling you what to believe about it I mean I don't have to first of all but everyone will come up with different things that totally are are associating in their life in your life so what's coming up for you you know when you got to see them up here doing that in spinning and all the different different you know times when I made them shoot the dart or not what came up for you and how does this show up for you in your life? Just something to think about.

Class Description

Strong financial management skills are a must-have for a thriving, healthy relationship — but conversations about money can trigger feelings of guilt and anxiety. Simple financial discussions don't have to turn into emotional minefields. Join Robyn Crane and CreativeLive to learn the skills you need to manage your money as a couple, without letting your finances get in the way of your relationship.

This course will teach you everything you and your partner need to know to manage your finances effectively – without stress, guilt, or conflict. You’ll learn concrete tools for communicating about finances openly and honestly. You’ll also build strategies for recognizing and correcting flawed beliefs about financial management. You’ll explore why money issues are among the most common reasons for break-ups and divorce, and learn how to safeguard your relationship against the friction financial disagreements can cause. You’ll also create a concrete, easy-to-implement system that allows you to achieve financial health by playing to your and your partner’s strengths.

You’ll leave this course with strong personal finance skills and an understanding of how to collaborate with your partner to work toward a thriving financial future.