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Money: Your Relationship Depends on It

Well this is not going to be your typical money course alright as marie mentioned you know, I brought a lot of props that brought fun things because I want you to enjoy yourself and have fun with money well people don't think of fun and money together but the next three days throughout these sessions you're going to learn so much are you ready to learn a lot all right fun learn a lot get a lot out of this awesome so I just want to think creative life for having me I mean this is such an amazing company such an amazing studio and the people man that which you can all see and meet these people they're so phenomenal have built something incredible here and so I am honored I am privileged to be here and I'm so excited to be teaching you and all of you at home so you can really master your money and have a better relationship yes so money mastery for couples you may have noticed I didn't call this money doubling for couples it's not like this get rich quick for couples it's money mastery no...

w do you think mastery happens overnight now? Do you think mastery happens even in three days? Probably not and not even twelve weeks or however long you decide to take this course what's so great about this is that it's an ongoing process t become masters of your money it's something that you can do over and over again you can get better and better at if you even got to a point where you feel like I've mastered my money guess what it's actually not over because five years from now you're different, you've changed you've grown and now you have different goals and different things that you want and you want you know everything that you want and everything that you don't have there's always going to be a higher standard right? So this is something you can continue you can it's timeless you can come back to it and it's really an unbelievable process that's going to help you throughout your life so I want to tell you a quick story so I'm not sure haven't any of you heard of the book okay? The richest man in babylon so if you haven't heard about, I'm going to tell you about it now and forgiving and I'll get all the facts right? Because I'm this is based on my memory here so there were a couple of gentlemen who were complaining about not having enough money you know they were talking just, you know, blaming complaining and saying, you know, why is it why is it that we're poor when we work so hard I work so hard and our friend down the street are childhood friends are cad man he sure has a lot of money and he doesn't even to see him. He doesn't even seem to work harder than we do what's going on, so they decided to go to him and ask our cat, one of the richest men in babylon. What is this all about? So our cattle is a very generous man, and he said, I'll tell you, and in fact, I asked the same question years ago, so our cat had told them that he went to a man named album is who at the time was one of the richest man in babylon, probably soas. And he said, al commish, please, will you teach me the secret of wealth? They worked out some sort of trade and arguments, said he would, and our cad was very open to learning. Let me ask you this, is it important to be open to learning? You're here for a reason? You are here for a reason, and being open is going to allow you to get so much out of this, so he went to al commission, he said, tell me, what is the secret of wealth and what he what out, what album is said, is he? He said, I found the road to wealth when I decided that the key word when I decided that a part of all I earned was mine to keep. I say that again when I decided that ah, part of all that I earned a part of all that I learned was mine to keep. And the gentleman listening to the story said, you know, what do you mean apart isn't everything I earned mine to keep. And al commission told our kid no, no it's, not union money for clothes, for food. Most of your money you end up giving away, right? So arcade, learn this lesson. He said, okay, what he learned from al commissions that he's going to save one tenth of his income ten percent of his income. And guess what? Unlike a lot of people, he took action, not action. He took appropriate action and he began to save, save, save, save safe. And he did it after a year, he had saved ten percent of his income. And so he was proud. And he took this and albums had told him that you need to invest it and make it work for you. So he took it to a brick maker. Who said, oh, I can bring you jules aiken trade jewels for you. So it gave him his money brick maker took his money. And he went back to al commission said I did what you said I save ten percent of my income and I gave it to a brick maker to get me find jewels so my money will grow and an alchemist oh no knowing that his money was gone and he said you do not invest with the brick maker to buy jewels right he's not an expert at jules you go to invest with someone who knows what he's doing in that area right? Guess what our cat did not come rich so a year goes by again and he saved and he say's and he saved ten percent of his income like I can do this because how do you mastered it yet he hadn't mastered it yet he was a rich man so he save ten percent of his income he does it and then he realizes that he can lend money teo a shield maker so he lends money to shield maker who then pay some interest for lending the money so the shield maker goes and buys materials and our cabs great. You know, I get my interest on that money and so his money grows and what does he do? Well, he's like look at all this money now I need better clothes I need you know, a finer, finer living space I need amazing, wonderful food and fine feasts and he spends his money and he goes backto album ish, wealthy man. And he says, well, I did it. I invested. I lent money to this man and I made interest. But and he told him what you did, right? I spent the money until album is said. Oh, you know our cad. No, you cannot. You cannot spend all your money. You need to make that money grow. He said you are eating the children of your savings. Mark had learned something. A second lesson. So two years go by and he's saving he's saving he's saving in this time he doesn't spend the money. He invest that money. He gets it working for him and he becomes richer and richer. And he goes back to al ganache. Now proud, I didnt did it an album ish was so proud of him and so impressed with what he had done over years and years of trying to master the craft wealth, that he hired him to manage his estate. And that is how our cat became one of the richest men in battle up. So think about that. Now you are going to get to master this. Are you gonna master in three days? No are you going master in a year? Probably not. Maybe not too may not three maybe this will take your lifetime but I have made it very simple for you check this out those of you in the audience you have your money manual it's called the mouth watering money manual so grab it. Go ahead and grab it's under your seat and for those of you at home you have the opportunity to download this so you can have the entire manual this is something that you're going to want a work through whether it's days, weeks, months, years or forever go back to it in twenty years this stuff is timeless it does not expire. What I haven't here is not about current events and what's going on with the market no, this is about you and your money this is how you can overcome your own money issues so that you can have a richer relationship which is why you are here, right? So make sure you get this manual is one hundred fifty pages it is not left. I do not know how to deliver flood so I am here to give you so much value so much value that will really change your life and I want you to think about this for those of you who have kids think about who you're really doing this for because this is about not you, it's, not about you and it's, not even about your relationship. This is about who you can become so that you can help people, whether it's, your children, your family, your friends, your clients so you can be the person you're meant to be and money and write this one down, you're going to need to take notes, make sure you have a pad of paper you got your manual printed out, so write this down money enhances who you are money gives you choices and that's what you're going to find out it's, not about money. In fact, in the grand scheme of things, money isn't even important. This is about what money gives you what you really want in your life and who you can become to do what you're meant to d'oh, and that is what mastery is all about. So you're gonna have this this manual that you can go over and here's what you're going to need to do, I'm telling you this is this is I've surface already, but I'm saying it again. It doesn't end you're going to need to revisit, revise and re commit might be every day might be every week it might be every year you continue to revisit revised, recommit, watch your life change what your life change what's your relationship change what what your life and your your whole your family and everything start to just unfold in front of you your business or your your job just things to just kind of unfold in front of you and paved the path imagine what that would be like because you can have everything you want it's right there for you to grab just need to revisit, revise and recommit so we're going to go through this process and I'm going to remind you of that but I want to show you video so this video this is actually give you a little background here I'm I had some people in new york approach me and they want to do a reality tv show now they're not the decision makers about this reality tv show but they want to promote me their marketing and media company so that we can do a reality show because there's so many people you have issues around money isn't that true, right? It's it's a huge issue and it's not just money I'm going to go show you some statistics it's also relationships you know people aren't staying together so what? I want to look in this video it's not about me and and seeing the demo and what I'm doing it's about the people who are in it okay focus on those people and what I want you to notice is what are some of the patterns that they run what are you noticing from what they said, what they're saying? What are some of the experiences experiences are they having what are the emotions? This is a key what are the emotions that they're experiencing how do they feel what would you imagine their thought process being when you hear it comes out of their mouth and then the last thing I want you to really pay attention to is the dynamic between the couples and started thinking about I know you're already thinking about this how how is this similar to me in my partner right and think about that dynamic because what we're going to go over the next three days throughout these sessions is going to help you put all this together so that you can overcome your own money issues and have it go together with your your partner so that you could have this life together that works and that money here's what? I really, really, really, really, really want to make sure that money never never is the cause of a relationship breaking up money will not ruin your like relationship you have control over that if something else were ones it fine, I didn't say I'm going to have sex sex course here like I'm not doing that but everything is related to money and you know that because you live it every day so here's the video think about that and then we'll we'll go from there number one reason people get divorced his over money so you brought me here for a reason on the money marriage coach tell me why'd you bring me here money and relationships are so intertwined because money is intertwined with everything you're a master of being bad at your money yes I missed this separate take a risk career wise like way don't make it look like it's you too that I'm messing up you feel like you need to be the breadwinner and you're not you know guilt about it yeah it's nervous energy this building building building inside you and my concern is it's going to explode tell her exactly what your plan is and how you're going to do that because until you have a plan and she knows that you're going to actually implement the plan she's still scared you have no idea we're gonna pay that money off you so you're dancing around this topic you're saying you make more money than him now I want you to ask him turn to him and say I make more money than you does this bother you I make more money that doesn't bother you katie that you make more money yes that's something I was really thinking I felt like there there's a lot of pressure on you now to provide I do feel pressure I do I don't know that I'm not convinced that you really want it badly enough yes, how do you do anything is how you do everything but how does it make you feel that you're not pulling in more income? Uh, well emasculated makes it have a spending problem you need a level of financial stability or she's out the door she's gone she just told you I know you can do that you can so that you can the first rule of communication is to be aware of and to accept each other's money patterns and money rolls. The only thing that you're afraid of, matt is it sarah's lost faith in you it's not true and you don't perform and make money she may stop loving you you'll have to tone it down. What about everything possible tosa party on our richard child she's a shoe that strength she's the power even when you miss me honey, I'm gonna work my ass off to make sure that we are secure communication around your money is even more important than communicating in your day to day life with your partner and even if you don't get a job and you you've done all those things have taken action what is sarah saying about you when you're not there, how hard I'm working, she prodded him absolutely second rule is the have a weekly money meeting at those meetings what you need to do is first of all you can't make any excuses no excuses as to why you don't have enough why you didn't know how much was on your card why you know you didn't make enough money the third rule is have mutual approval around her cash flow and your investments dress tell him what's what's the truth there crazy I've never told you everything I love about you has nothing to do with whether or not you can combine it with my best friend in the first place everything you wanted within reach but you're getting in your own way she wants securities and she wants to feel a guarantee that you will always make sure that she is secure and safe are you going to do that you like and she's getting excited and I don't mean just about security she's getting turned on she likes this this she won't see that just go take her I'm kidding she wants you to own her in every way financially in bedroom she wants you to take care of business baby only me and if you could just get yourself figured out and communicate that with your husband that will get you a huge debt for michael you're way too talented and smart to be acting like a child we're going to start with your money to get you on track so you can fix all areas of your life with me in the eyes and tell me you're not going I'm not gonna give up every day every hour way have to believe that you have to know that you can do it you know you could be oh yes should allow be to tell that what I was to fit in michael boarding is nothing else sir robin definitely earned your money today finally gets the heart of the issue open communication a cz long as we keep that will be good to go if you follow my rules you can have a perfect you you were not alone with these issues and these are just a few people demonstrating what's going on in the world demonstrating how how difficult it is how, how hard it is to talk about money to have that conversation you know, some of these people they've never talked about it like that before I mean you can see with some of those couples is obvious it was like the first time they heard it because we're not open about money it's his taboo subject so I have a nice gift for you when you get the course you'll get this book um as jeanne marie when she introduced me she said my first book coming out she'll talk about in a second this is actually I didn't plan it, but I was writing a book okay, I'll tell you, sharing mentioned it's called the money menage a twat and I like that title ana and I started writing it but then I ended up writing this before I finished that one so this is my first book it's called how to overcome your money issues toe have a richer relationship and what's really great and you're really really lucky is that you get this not only this book and the manual and all that but all of this is going to be taught in the course so you're going to learn you know most but I should say because it's a lot of information but you're going to learn about how to overcome your own own money issues and that's going to be really this first day in these first few sessions and then you're also going to learn how to have a richer relationship so I'm very excited about that and as allan mentioned, I keep saying I'm going to keep bringing up mastery one thing I learned from bob proctor who he was he's known for being in the secret he's done a lot more than that but he's known for being in the secret and he's he went from like he was making four thousand dollars I think a year to going one hundred seventy five thousand two goingto million's per year so he had huge jumps and he he said the reason he did so well is because he had the book thinking grow rich he read that book and let me tell you this he did not read it once he read it over and over and over again so what's great about you having access to this course is that you can read this over and over again you khun do these exercises over and over again you can watch the videos over and over again so you have the opportunity just like bob proctor to keep making things better so as I mentioned the next book that's coming out it's not out yet but it's going to be exciting anticipation that may happen in early next year is called the money minaj in swat so I came up with this idea because what I realized was that you you have this money manager twelve this money manager twat exists and what do I mean by that what I mean by that is that there's a relationship between you and your money that exists obviously, but people don't think of it as a relationship, right? They think like I have money or I don't or, you know, I know I kind of messed things up about my money sometimes or I don't know how to manage money whatever their beliefs are about money, which we're going to get into throughout this course they know that, but they don't really think of it as a relationship, so for a second I want you to think about it if money were a person this is in one of the bonuses. This is a question one of the both bonuses, if if money were a person, what would that relationship be like between you two? Are you lovers? Are you friends? You know, we're good. We're good, you know, like money is cool, but, you know, I don't love money or are you a tease, you know, do you? You're like, oh, I like money hey, money could make money, and then you're like, I don't want you any more money. Are you so afraid you're going to lose it that you push it away? Think about that. What is your relationship with money? And I promise you most likely if you realize what that relationship is, you will see that money is treating you back basically based on how you're treating it. If you push money away like a by the money, right, we treated well, you pay attention to it in this course, we're going to go over how you pay attention to your money. How important is to pay attention? Your money, what you can do with your like what kind of system you can have in place. I'm going to give you my system, the system. They teach only to my private clients who pay a lot of money to work with me and I'm going to teach that to you so you have the system and know how to pay attention to your money when to pay attention to your money what specifically to d'oh so I'm very excited for you to get all this so you have this relationship with your money and then also if you're in a romantic relationship or you've been in a romantic relationship or you want to be in a romantic relationship that exists, that triangle exists that menage a taw exists now you can have it ruin your relationship or you can have it enhance your relationship so let's look at what's going on with marriages today what's happening with money and relationships you know this I'm sure you've heard this fifty percent of marriages in america end in divorce I don't know the stats around the world, but I'm sure it's around that number if not more right? Some people think it's like a lot higher than that it's a lot high that's that is an issue we've gotten so used to it that we're like oh yeah oh yeah divorce whatever like it's no big deal but that's a big deal one in two marriages are ending in divorce guess what? Not a surprise here the number one cause of divorce is money I shocked right? Most people have heard that most people know that most people have experienced that, so this is a major major issue there was a study done the researchers name is sonya britt it's called examining the relationship between money and divorce and what she found this is surveying forty, five hundred people she found the arguments about money are by far the top predictor of divorce now look at this it's not children it's not sex in laws or anything else is money for both men and women let's stop ignoring this please there's a solution it's right here and you're in the right place because you have the solution and you're about to get all that information look at this roughly three quarters of americans are living paycheck to paycheck with little to no emergency savings. The good news is you're not alone like I know someone like that the bad news is emergencies happen right? Things that are unexpected happen but don't worry we have great rot role models check this out you know this number? I'm going to read it to get a big one seventeen trillion five hundred fifty five billion four hundred thirty seven million seven hundred thirteen thousand I'm still going and nine hundred and forty dollars that is a big number now we don't we can't even conceptually I mean it sounds big sure but we can even can't even conceptualize what does that mean so let me give you a little example here a million dollars is four inches high this is stacked of a thousand dollar bills a million dollars is four inches high ah billion dollars is three hundred sixty five feet high ok say that again a million dollars is four inches high. This is a thousand dollar bills now if we did one hundred dollar bills or one dollar bill is gonna be a lot bigger but just to get an idea a million dollars is four inches high a billion dollars is three hundred sixty five feet high that's a billion a trillion dollars look at this exponential growth here sixty three miles high by the way that's one trillion one trillion multiply that by seventeen it's a big number I'm not even going to do that mac if you lived I'm gonna give you one more here if you live to be eighty years of age to have a million dollars he would have had to save thirty four dollars a day of your every day of your life. Okay eighty years lived to your eighty every single day of your life he would've had to save thirty four dollars a day to have a million dollars tohave a billion dollars you would have to save thirty four thousand dollars each day of your life you ready? Oh yeah for a trillion dollars guns are not drumroll please you would have to save thirty four million dollars thirty four million dollars thirty four million dollars each day of your life multiply that by seventeen as being number what number is this? You know u s a a u s debt as of april two thousand fourteen the other role models sorry government but how are we supposed to be good at our money when you're not how how are we supposed to manage our money when you don't how can you government how is was a learn how to do this when our government's not even doing it this is what we're learning now people say all the time well how come money is not taught in school right that's a good question right? Right right that's a good question why why is the money time school well because they don't know how to teach it they're not rich, they're not wealthy they got the government to do some things that they don't know what they're doing. This is a major issue now you could just be one of the statistics and be like everyone else and not have an emergency fund and I know how to deal with your money and break up and get divorced you can do that but please please don't because you have a choice you have a choice and you are here to now put yourself in in choice to take over this issue, not just for yourself, because imagine who you're going to impact every single person when you change, when you become this amazing person, that's it's. Not about money, be responsible taking care of what's important taking care of your children, it's, not about money. It's about your wife, is about this country, this world, what you can do to make a difference. That's, what money is all about, or whatever it means to you, and we're gonna go into that. What does money mean to you? Why is it important you're gonna get all that very soon?

Class Description

Strong financial management skills are a must-have for a thriving, healthy relationship — but conversations about money can trigger feelings of guilt and anxiety. Simple financial discussions don't have to turn into emotional minefields. Join Robyn Crane and CreativeLive to learn the skills you need to manage your money as a couple, without letting your finances get in the way of your relationship.

This course will teach you everything you and your partner need to know to manage your finances effectively – without stress, guilt, or conflict. You’ll learn concrete tools for communicating about finances openly and honestly. You’ll also build strategies for recognizing and correcting flawed beliefs about financial management. You’ll explore why money issues are among the most common reasons for break-ups and divorce, and learn how to safeguard your relationship against the friction financial disagreements can cause. You’ll also create a concrete, easy-to-implement system that allows you to achieve financial health by playing to your and your partner’s strengths.

You’ll leave this course with strong personal finance skills and an understanding of how to collaborate with your partner to work toward a thriving financial future.