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Money Management for Couples


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Taking Real Action with Your Partner

What I'd like to do is bring on some guests I'm really excited tio have them with me and they were going to show you is that where they're going to talk to a hi guys, I can you see me ok, I don't know okay great, great! So cool look atyou we're in a well tie and everything I look awesome thes to you're so amazing you may recognize them they were actually in the video you recognize that such amazing people so loving and warm and always willing to help they're actually in new york in new york city and they took the time other day and, you know, leaving work and all that to make this happen so that you can hear not for me, but from real people taking real action and having ah better life because of it. So I just taught them about this exercise of where you are and where you want to be, and they wrote down something's really about like what they like ultimately would like or, you know, really allowed them to dream and in a minute guys after sarah not share with us, we're going toe take the...

next step, which is really showing taking what you really want and like deciding like what are the biggest priorities? Like what would just make your life a little bit better you know, so for example, for erica, you know, she said, well, I'd like to go out, you know, four times a month, essentially and have a really nice dinner, she could say well, to have a better quality of life once a month, two hundred bucks, or she can say four times that I'm only spent fifty bucks, whatever is important to you. So you you did this with me? Yes, way have are open right now looking at and that I came quickly. Oh started working, you know, I was super anxious about money. We'd both come from the arts world, we're both actors, and we were used to living the starving artist stream, which is actually a nightmare e I didn't have a lot of boats that way did this exercise, robin kept encouraging me to dream bigger because I was placed in a really low ceiling there's no way or to growth like I only want a dream that seemed so unattainable and one of the most positive aspects of this exercise for me with that once I had to sit here and put an actual price on things and break it down, and we had this overestimate side and then a more realistic side. I realized that there were things I'm leaving out of my life that were totally attainable or so much closer than I actually thought they were even something as simple as yoga you know at first I wrote down a bill that would cost me two hundred dollars a month and right now I'm making no money so that's impossible no I re search and re prioritize a little bit it was like oh I could take yoga for eighteen dollars a month because my friend listen to me and was like hey there's a room where you can do that online and I love these classes and it will totally change your life and did on dh thing for me was being able to break it down and put a number on it I again that establishment of hope in a way being able tio set a goal and said it's hard it and be able to fight for that goal that target was huge for me family vacation that my family's always gone tio trip to the british virgin islands we rent a boat on dh to stay a while just like camping on the water for two weeks and being able tio pay my own way and rent a boat like for myself and for my family was going to be a really big deal for me and being able to figure out exactly what I had to do to make that happen was really apparent I always say are all these ways thought were out of reach until we started doing this, and the most miraculous part to me with fact that I didn't want to talk about money before this, I was really anxious, we came from very different backgrounds, I came from a very poor family, like one working parent or kid like I worked and worked and worked to get where I wass and that you came from a really affluent background, but that comes with its own issues. When your parents are constantly providing for you, you're not sure you provide yourself, and so we both rile this emotional all these emotional issues surrounding that, and then we gotta grab not making any money is an actor. So what really changed for me when we started doing these exercises to realize that I could have a positive emotions around? That was something I never that's huge way started talking about these things, and they were dreams and and and introduce a little bit of hope, and there were a little baby steps you could take, although some of those were taped, and once you've crossed off water two on your list, he started realizing, oh, I can do this, and I don't fault but dramatically changed the way we acted in our current jobs of matthew, and they're changing positions and she's tempting for but he just found out in the past two weeks that he's actually going to get a full time position that yeah, congratulations and I just negotiated a huge raise, which I mean went from like it was like a fifteen thousand dollars in roland today we were changing the way that we were acting and we had goals in mind that we were pursuing instead of feeling like we were behind and inviting and now we've got things that were on this list like, um, I will wait for straightening that sounds like a savings like we can't have savings right now and now is going out like we definitely put money away, but we started small, I started with a small percentage of my paychecks that seemed like nothing, but you got some more and getting to that dream out we're not wrong like less than here in the marriage, but it seems like it's attainable, yeah and what's really awesome is I mean, they saw you guys on the video, which is really cool because you can can you see a difference in this? I mean, the notions like what's really amazed, like, we're so lucky that we had you in that video because in that video, you know, they're sitting on the couch and they're like, you know, there's there's definitely some tension there and sarah is getting super emotional like oh you know sorry, sorry getting really emotional about it like it's like they haven't really talked about it before and at the time that didn't have a job again jobs but you didn't have a job and I mean this was what, like, six months ago not even I mean, they started doing these extra not even six months ago I just can't believe like not just I don't know all you're like how much money how much more money you have obviously you just told me that you got a huge raise and now you have ah ah full time position coming up but I didn't know all that but you don't need to know the details to see it in their faces, right? You know it's amazing it's amazing so I talk a lot all about like the relationship and how it when you deal with this money stuff it completely enhances the relationship and you guys are like poster children for me like just showing like beautiful exemplar you know, of what it looks like and the change and how fast it can happen yeah, it won't change their marriage to be honest, I mean, there are biggest anxiety put this money and then there's also this cultural thing where you're told people get divorced because of money all the time when you look at the parents about that and so that was an added stress, and once we started doing this and feeling like we weren't drowning or like, this didn't happen tension to break us up, it makes you get clear and may be afraid to talk about anything that you're afraid that, like, this was one of the things I was most afraid to talk about, and if you could talk about this, then you can talk about anything because there's much stick mine, right? Or the transparency and the open line of communication is huge, it helps that goals across the board, you know, we're having reason your system that I know you're probably talk about later where we were going through and doing all of our line items in knowing exactly saving and and even doing that has helped us it clarity about how we talk about polls and general, even career things, our family, it sets up a system that believes in tow, everything else you do in terms of communication. Awesome, I mean, imagine like, here they are, they're like, twenty seven years old really young, right? I know never suppose to say like a woman's age, but when they're twenty seven years deal with that, right? Yeah, but young young couple just, you know, just got married recently and, like, what does your now that you can look thirty, thirty years ahead now that you have these skills, these tools something you can keep going back to and uses as you change in your relationship changes what do you see like for your future now that maybe you didn't see clearly before I thought we were always going to stroll mom, that the biggest thing that we're coming from positions where we were so stressed about the fact that we've chosen an artistic light that we really limited ourselves and now you've already stepped outside the box so much that I'm I'm not afraid of us being able to be flexible in the moment and figure out how to do things like there's never gonna be anything that gets that stuff where's before what I just can't imagine that sentence there will be never anything that will get us stuck like coming out of sarah's mouth before we have a conversation like you for this all began like that would have never come out of your mouth like amazing transformation like it so so awesome to see I'm so proud of you guys last last couple minutes what no, let that start what what advice would you give all these listeners around the world? People in the studio here, they want to hear from you probably more than me because you are experiencing it? What advice would you give them? Throw your heart and your soul at the program but do it with partner I think are really comes from a relationship and you always have two different perspectives whenever you're working with someone else and make this happen and you find the strength that each person has and you find the weaknesses and you're able to complement each other and the open line of communication again the way it makes you work as a team is crucial it's turned like there were things that I before this I kind of always thought, you know, I only do this artist side of my husband and what if you do it together that's when I discovered that he had this huge math brain that he was actually a plan or not and I was like, whoa, I had actually been doing more of our budgeting and once we started tio who should actually be taking the lead because my anxiety ridden tendencies air going keep us only trapped I mean it should be a whole different side of you and I don't think that's a sentence by myself we tried to do some of them definitely because we were on different schedules and it just wasn't as effective I like doing it together meant that we could keep each other in line but we could also or new things which is really the point I think it's not really just about learning who you are this is your money and your relationship wow well thank you oh my gosh I'm just my heart goes out to you guys I love you guys thank you so much for joining us and so so grateful you've had such amazing results so you can show the world and and continue to do what you're doing and obviously they helped so many people and now they're not feeling stressed and crazy not only will their relationship continue to grow but their whole life so thank you guys give them a round of applause for joining you guys they said something really significant which was that they did it with a partner you know, the question is how do you get your partner to set an appointment and sit down to talk about money such a great question and I'm covering that tomorrow, okay? That is what I call opening the can of worms so you need to be here for that to get that because it's I can't tell you quickly enough but I will give you one tidbit so that you you at least know what to do and here you're going toe you might not like this, but the trick is to just do it let's do it yeah gotta bring it up so we'll talk about how and there's something called the three d's how you specifically do that and what you can say so you'll get that mint tomorrow in those sessions, but you have to make it a priority, commit to it and then go for it. So that's, my advice, any other questions? Awesome. So I'm that's a perfect question. Thank you, by the way, for whoever who ever asked that question because I know aa lot of you here and at home, you're you're in relationships, but you're not sitting next to your significant other, and this is why you need the program, right? Because you're going to take this home and then if you only do this, what happens is you might change and things will probably get better because you change, but if they're not changing with you, sometimes you grow and you grow, you know, I don't want they pass them, but you grow at different levels and then you're not on the same page. I mean, I was fortunate enough that my husband, I we met in a tony robbins event, so we were both, like, had a very high value of personal growth is very important to me, very important to him and and so, like, we're growing, we're both growing different rates, but growing together, it's, because we do this stuff together so awesome, okay, go into the next exercise here I just wrote down some of things that's in your manual of like some examples now what you're going to dio is too you're going to just take that number now, I know you want to add things later and don't worry about it, but just add up, so add up all these things. So this was all one person I would just add this up. So three hundred at thirteen hundred two thousand twenty, seven hundred thirty, five hundred, I think thirty five what? I forgot that's a seven thousand can't add that with eight thousand eighty, seven hundred eighty, seven hundred and eight hundred is ninety, five hundred. Did I get that right? Someone check my math? Yes, I'm a financial planner, but I use a calculator just like everyone else. So if it's not right, it doesn't matter. But what this tells you is that you you want to add this up and then you're going to multiply it by one point five what that is that's basically taxes tio account for taxes and inflation because maybe you want these things, but not for another twenty, thirty years, you know, s o just kind of buffers it a little bit, and once you get that number, you know, multiply that by twelve okay, so go ahead and do it don't do it perfectly do it at home just get a number you can always add to it later and get a bigger number but I just want to show you ah um the example so I'm just going toe can someone do you can you just do that math for me? Ninety eight hundred I was so close who needs three extra hundred dollars? Ok time's one point five all right, I've is fourteen thousand seven oh that's what I missed I added the threat and what was it, sir? Fourteen thousand seven hundred fourteen thousand seven hundred ok, mostly that by twelve multiplying but I was gonna put it here one hundred seventy six thousand four hundred okay, so what I wrote here is that you're going to get a very big number and the more you allowed allow yourself to dream the bigger that's going to be so you might be thinking oh, you know, it feels overwhelming sometimes so we had sarah and matt come on to tell you that yes it's overwhelming at first there is some anxiety at first I'm not going to lie and say that doesn't happen like we all have these crazy emotions around money people are freaking about money but what did they do? Well, they chunked it down they prioritized they took their list and they decide what's most important to me in this list. Okay, there's, just some examples what's most important to me. And so when I use this example is and well, I picked saving for retirement on organic food, okay? And at first, my number was a thousand dollars a month that I thought it would cost to that I feel, you know, that would be ideal to save right now, but then I thought, well, if I save an extra five hundred dollars, this is all additional. By the way I save an extra five hundred dollars like I feel good family, some making progress, an organic food like I'll buy some organic food, but I'd like to like really by a lot, but it's, even if I just increased that to two hundred dollars a month that's cool, I think I could get, like, the most important things organically get it now we take this number and we added together and what do you get weakened alter this math seven hundred bucks a month, so I went, well, this is just an example, but in this case we went from fourteen thousand dollars a month that have this ideal lifestyle to let's let's just make it a a little bit better. I can make it a little bit better I can have seven hundred only cost me seven hundred dollars a month and then I could start thinking about now that you know that number just like sarah and matt, did you start thinking about what can I do? How can I do to get that? How? What can I do to get that extra money for them? Like they increase their salaries? I'm about to teach is something that's going to show you which in which areas or you can decrease your expenses on some stuff that you don't value right now? Maybe you're right, you're spending money? Not maybe most likely you're spending money on things you don't value, maybe you just by money, by things impulsively or you spend money impulsively. So you start to recognize those patterns and you're like, well, this I really want those two things that's important me so you can prioritize and cut and cut out some things that are less important. So did you guys do that even just a couple things that would really make your life a little better? So circle those things. Change the numbers and tell me what number you got now, erica. Um one picking a house cleaner and massage, ok? And I haven't cut down the numbers, but I'll say two hundred dollars for the house cleaner and, um, you need two hundred dollars for the house cleaner yeah, I guess I really have no, I don't have a very good idea as to how much I have a very small house maybe weigh less yeah, I'm sure you can find it for less let's say it's one hundred times one hundred and then um massage I had massages down okay and I had it for both my husband and I cut that out oh, no, I need them but he doesn't so um I was thinking, you know, once a week but we could go down that you know once a month twice in loan okay and how much would that be? So you got one hundred I'm just gonna put it here and then what was the next thing um let's go how much for the massage and three hundred dollars, three hundred total ok, so that's four hundred so for you in your opinion to improve your lifestyle most important thing is to get the massages and we thought what was the first thing again house clean really a house cleaner on dh that would improve your lifestyle yeah can you see how would make you feel better on a daily basis? He can you see how it might even affect your health massage right? How it's going affect your relationship so relax baby, right? I mean, does that feel better to have a smaller number and now do you feel like it's more attainable yeah, awesome awesome. So here's what I want you to take away from this is that progress equals success one of the key things that sarah and matt said is it we made his new choices things that I didn't even think that I could have and then we we got him like I got yoga and I had this and our income went up and then now that we cross those things off our list like did that did that now you're like, ok, cool what's next on the list and you know because you've just accomplished it you know that you can accomplish it again with new things it's this amazing feeling and are you now in control of your money? Are you in control of your your choices your decisions right? Are you in control of how you feel every day and some of these these changes that you made that you will make we'll help you feel that you're more in control it's not awesome likes empowering right? Okay so wanted I want to bring out some specifics here let me see where my main thiss one okay I got some props told you I was gonna have props I did not lie and this is the first well the guitar was first I guess yes it's a mask so batman batman batman where's the mask right? Why does he wear a mask tio his identity teo changes identity concealed identity what else? Yeah ok and why would he do that? Why would he want to conceal his identity? Why doesn't want anyone to know who he is? He's a prominent member of society ok one he's a prominent member of society so he doesn't want people to know that he has that other life right? What else you can create a whole new, uh, character that's great that's great but now he could be this basic the superhero hey has this life where he's like I'm a wealthy man and then he goes out and save the world like he could be whoever he wants to be anything else you can think of well there's controversy around that man so some people like him and some people don't says that anonymity okay? And if people don't like him what could happen that he personally get retribution? Yeah, and what about his family? Hers local right? They would be in trouble just another another thing to think about, right? So so people wear masks for all different reasons because guess what, batman is not the only one right? And I'm not the only way and my daughter is not the only one who can love to wear masks because they love to be someone else they love to hide a part of them so they can be who whom ever they want to become right? And you are wearing a mask like may not be this this these masks you know you may be you know, my daughter she too loves to dress up just be whomever she wants. I'm a witch. I'm a cat she's a cat most the time most of time without the costume she's just like half cat. She just decided well, which whatever she gets to be who she wants to be and this is weird because I don't think you want to be this but even even pretending to die in a knife stabbing you, but I don't know where she gets it from, no idea. So we all like to dress up we all like to and maybe not maybe not literally, but figuratively so I want you to think about is what is your mask like? Where do you wear a mask meaning like, are you wearing a mask in front? Your neighbors will say, like pretending like, you know you have more money than you and then you d'oh or at work pretending like, you know, things were cool when you're about to get divorced, whatever it is you're wearing a mask because even the people that you love the most that you oftentimes will tell, like all your deep secrets to there's still a level like there's still a mask right so I'm here to tell you it's ok to wear a mask like when your front I don't care if you wear a mask like in front of your neighbors in front of your friends like I don't care like if you want to protect yourself protect your family whatever you think is necessary fine you can wear a mask but what I don't want you to dio is to wear a mask in front of the mirror sit with that for a sec oh yeah what are you not telling yourself that's true where you're not being authentic about where you truly are who you truly are maybe you're you're playing this role and you're like that's on me you know I do si do things sometimes when I when I like push my husband away or treated poorly you know I do those things and I'm like that's not who I am that's not who I am what is this mass takes off like bb the rial me like loving and now about not don't let fear don't let the fear control me but but instead you know just reveal myself be who I am without that fear even if I have it don't let it stop me right so what I want you to do is uncover your money mask will be authentic with yourself about where you are but I want you to be authentic with yourself and true to yourself and no the specifics about your money math now money mask has a double meaning here it stands for how much you make how much you spend and how much you keep you're thinking well robert that's very creative and I said thank you I know but it's true there's a double meaning right who you are and also how much money you have you need to get clear about that okay, so go ahead yeah, you can turn to your manual you have it out yeah, you guys have the page here we go. Paige thirty three is just showing you how much you make, how much you spend and how much you keep now it's really simple for right now all I want you to do because you probably don't know this okay don't go like pulling up spreadsheets if you have him whatever. I just want you teo to recognize what you think this might mean making guess your best guest okay, ballpark figure here so how much you make write down that number? This is, by the way, on a monthly basis. Okay, this is what you take home so if you make one hundred thousand dollars a year in your paycheck but you don't actually take home you know whatever you want take on four thousand or five thousand a month that's the number that you want to write down, how much you make write down that number how much you spend and how much you keep okay where you are right now yes you'll have a chance right where you want to be so write that down and if you don't know the numbers please just guess because what I'm gonna have you do for homework is I'm going to give you know don't be overwhelmed by this it's a spreadsheet get ready it's a spreadsheet like numbers but I'm going to give you this is one of the bonuses when you when you get the course is you're going to get this spreadsheet to help you figure out the specific so right now you're just kind of guessing and I want you to do that because I want you to see see after you make this guest how close it is to reality because here's what's awesome the way you are acting the way you are behaving the way you show up in the world is because of what you believe to be true we're going to talk about this in the next segment what you believe to be true right? So if you believe that you're making let's just say you're making five thousand a month and you believe that you're spending four thousand a month and you have a thousand left over this belief about this number is going to be how you experience the world how you show up how you feel your emotions right everything right if you believed to be true that you make five thousand you spend six thousand at the negative thousand and you don't know by the way I'm saying you're guessing right if you believe that to be true then you're going to react a certain way you're gonna have experience based on what you believe that number is something sense ok cool so I want you to guess especially you can and then what you're going to do for homework is you're going to fill this out so tonight I'm going to give you this again but fill this out so that you know specifically and what categories were spending money look back your statements now you might say well I don't even have that so it's still going to be a guest fine then guess and what categories you're spending if you have to if you don't know all the numbers I still want you to try to think about each category so you get more clarity of your money okay and then variable expenses okay I gave you category so it's all there for you so all you gotta do is fill it out alright you committed to doing homework cool you at home? Are you committed to doing that homework? L a b s chat chat, chat to make sure you're writing in comments and questions in the chat because I I feel like you're there but I can't see you and I don't know what you're thinking I see their facial expressions and based on those facial expressions I'm like ok, they're with me or they're not with me I need to repeat that you know, but I don't know what's going on with you, so if you're feeling anxiety you can share like what emotions air coming up for you a lot of people see the spreadsheet and they're like, you know, all this stuff bubbles up like numbers I say the word numbers and you're like a no, we'll do it right so all this stuff comes up, so allow yourself to experience that please don't judge it, okay except yourself and then just notice it in your manual right down like maybe when things come up when I go over things right down like what you're noticing so that you can start to know what to shift and in the back of your manual there's something I think I used very technical terms here on the last few pages I wrote stuff not serving me to the at the highest level very technical stuff not serving so use that to write when you notice something not serving me like the anxiety I feel that looking at the spreadsheet or whatever and then write it down in your manual capture that okay, pick a balloon any size, whatever you want and go ahead you can stretch it out or whatever and I want you to blow it up as as bigger as little as you want it could be anybody it could be huge doesn't matter okay and when when you're done whenever you like the sides of it okay don't tie it off just blow it we can show the camera how you know everyone has a different size now rina so so this is thiss balloon just not blowing up this is very interesting I want you to remember this by the way just something to think about ok don't tie it off you got it you got it come on god okay perfect don't tie it off just hold it ok just close it off for now just like that okay just it will be this will be very interesting it doesn't mean I think it just there there ah their balloons a cat cook so I want you to think of this as representing your net worth poor ratio see, I like unlike the right getting this bloom it doesn't blow up or whatever but what's cool is that you can be like well well how how is this representative of my life? I only can I can't blow anymore this but I don't know anything about your financial situation but isn't it interesting now rina tell me how much air is in that balloon zebra three breaths three breasts and how much air like the you know how do you measure air? I don't know how you manage share but like the units of air like how much do you have in there? Because your breath might be like longer than than erica's breath or or or than michelle's breath I don't know. Ok good you don't know, right? Ok. And erica, how much air do you have in there? Um ten cubic into ten cubic inches. Awesome! I love when people just makes up up it's awesome. Ok, cool. So now what I want you to d'oh is put a little bit more air out trying to pop it. Now think of this if you know if you can start, think of this is your net worth and let's just say even though it's obviously not true and and I said that for a reason I asked you to tell me the units because I don't know what like there's. No way you can possibly measure it right? There's no way you can know, like just from holding this balloon with what we have right now how much how much you actually have in there and most people are walking around they have no idea how much air is in their balloon meaning how big or small their net worth is they might think they know and have a number in their head but they really don't have it because they're not measuring it now some of you everything I do measure it now if you measure it that's different that's we're going to talk about congratulations by the way, if you measure it my guess is that you have more money because you measure it but guess what happens if you're not looking at it oh, sometimes you're not paying attention to your money your money starts to disappear right? So what your net worth really is and you may know this already that's ok, it is how much you own what? Your assets minus what you owe and that equals your net worth so this is really, really simple you take what you own this could be your house this could be your car if you own it this could be this you own your checking account your own your retirement account you own your investments, right? All those statements and you're gonna add those all up so right now in your head even though you don't know you know, have it in front of you I want you to take your best guess write down how much do you own right now right now if you own your car outright, I would just be what the price that it's where you could sell it for exactly yeah and so you don't have to be exact right now you're gonna have a chance to get exact but can you write down what you think you own five dollars I got five dollars in my wallet cool right down got nothing else property all everything so you would take what you own she would add up the value of the property you don't even if you have mortgages, you add up the value even if you own your car but you have ah alone on it you added you're going to have a chance to subtract that later the loan so you add the car and you don't have to own everything out, right? Ok, does that make sense so like let's say you have you're going to get all this tomorrow by the way I'm just giving you an overview you can make it better later you're gonna get the specifics of this I'm going to show you this system and no it brought money system so you're going to know exactly how to do this, so don't worry about it just guess you can either guess how much you own. You can guess how much you owe what's your debt and then you can subtract it or if you don't want to do that because I just want to get a ballpark here you could just just think like what do I think my net worth is I think my net worth is a million dollars I think my net worth is one hundred thousand dollars I mean that I think my net worth is negative five hundred thousand dollars or negative five thousand dollars you think your first figure out? Are you in the pot of there? Were you in the negative to own more than you owe? Okay, what's amazing about your net worth. Is that you? What it's telling you specifically? Are you getting richer or poorer every single month? So I'm going to show you in this kim jim no don't know your money to grow your money system every month when you look at your net worth, when you look at how much you own managed, how much you owe and you put it on this in this system using spreads she here and this is going to you're going to get this, you have this in your manual, so it shows you what are the things that you own? It walks you through it, okay? And then you're going to get a number. So what? I don't want you to do this for homework yet because I mean teacher the system tomorrow, so just write down the number, but I do want you to have a number so you can see when you do it house house, how close you are to the actual moment that makes sense. Okay, he was like what you all might be. Student loans or something? Yes. Stated loans? Yeah. On here, for example, your secured liabilities are your primary residence, your car loan. If you have a second property, something like that, you're unsecure liabilities or credit cards, student loans that's our thing. Okay, so just guess now want to share the one last thing my husband I were thinking about what can, what can I give you here and at home to continue with this process so that you have success? Because I know how it is sometimes, you know, you go to a seminar, you learn all this stuff, especially if you're not engaged writing down, taking notes or using the manual. You don't get much, you don't retain much if you write things down. If you participate, you reveal you retain sixty percent more. But then you go home and you're like a now no idea. So what we created was a twelve week integration program. This is for everybody, even if you don't get the course you can. Still, if you're watching at home right now, you can still just text your name and email to this number it's two zero one four to five zero one three, three so those would be in the audience. Take out your phone. I know everyone has it close by. So you put in your little text message two oo one four to five o one, three, three robin robin, robin crane dot com but write your own send now I get it now. This website we just created so it may not be up, but then you're going to get a message that says go to this website robin crane, dot com slash twelve week and then you're gonna need to confirm her email. Well, you're going to get and I'll talk more about this, but you're going to get a private linked to the facebook group. These are private facebook group, you're going to get messages for me, I'll leave you voicemails all all send you emails, I'll send you text and I'll send you some videos like tutorials. The system I just start, like started with I'll show you that system and tutorials tio using that someone, you implement it, you'll have all this stuff so that's, what you're going to get with that program?

Class Description

Strong financial management skills are a must-have for a thriving, healthy relationship — but conversations about money can trigger feelings of guilt and anxiety. Simple financial discussions don't have to turn into emotional minefields. Join Robyn Crane and CreativeLive to learn the skills you need to manage your money as a couple, without letting your finances get in the way of your relationship.

This course will teach you everything you and your partner need to know to manage your finances effectively – without stress, guilt, or conflict. You’ll learn concrete tools for communicating about finances openly and honestly. You’ll also build strategies for recognizing and correcting flawed beliefs about financial management. You’ll explore why money issues are among the most common reasons for break-ups and divorce, and learn how to safeguard your relationship against the friction financial disagreements can cause. You’ll also create a concrete, easy-to-implement system that allows you to achieve financial health by playing to your and your partner’s strengths.

You’ll leave this course with strong personal finance skills and an understanding of how to collaborate with your partner to work toward a thriving financial future.