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Money Management for Couples

Lesson 19 of 33

Owning Your Self Talk


Money Management for Couples

Lesson 19 of 33

Owning Your Self Talk


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Owning Your Self Talk

I love to have one of you up here. Whoever wants to volunteer and let's, like, figure this out, let's get, like, get some statements that are really gonna benefit you some of your new multi millionaire self talk. And we're gonna do it like an incantation. Never heard that word before. Incantation. It's kind of like an affirmation. Okay, come on. It It's like an affirmation. But you do with emotional intensity. So some of them just to give you some examples, it makes me uncomfortable to look at my money. It frees me to be clear and have total knowledge. Okay, let's do the second part. It frees me to be clear, to have total knowledge of my finances. Okay, so I want you to stand how you'd stand. Look, a look at the camera here. Now, I want you to imagine, five years from now, say one more time. It frees need to be clear and having knowledge of my finances. It frees me. So I'm gonna take free, right? So imagine two years from now, five years from now, you feel total free, total total freed...

om. You feel free and you're looking back at this moment you're going. Wow. I used to believe that was uncomfortable looking at my money, But then I decided and say it again. I am so free because I got clarity about my finances and I looked at them and I know about them. And I am so free now that I know and can look at them without fear. Whoa! Awesome. How did that feel for you? Great. Well, what a difference I I love when you do these seminars. When they showed the before and after in Jesus, I feel free my finances. I feel really I like Well, I get that and didn't feel different when you did it with emotional intention and didn't feel it. Didn't feel like you owned it. Yeah. And I bet you were just, like, imagining yourself there. Like being free like it already happened. Yeah. How did we do that? How did I get this? I let me ask you this in the last 48 hours. Less two days, right? Did I give her more money? Little Did you make more money from yesterday to today? In a way, maybe in a way. Alright. Awesome. So maybe you did. And that happens Dio all the time So but not that much in your financial world has changed. I mean, from yesterday today as that's cool. I haven't had someone go $30,000 on the increasing network by $30,000 in a day just like that. So it definitely happens. So what's amazing? Remember, said awareness plus action equals abundance. I'm talking about the feeling right, the emotions like Imagine, how is she getting, like be in this world like approaching the world like that? Like I already feel free. She owns it, right? I don't know much about your business, but do you think you would get more clients that way? I've been so ice to an Eskimo, so yes, absolutely, yes. Absolutely cool. I mean, when you're looking at someone we're going like this versus someone going like this, it's kind of attracting. Like you want to be part of that you like I wanna work with this woman. She's lit up, right? Awesome. Give us all a huge hand. Thank you. Do you want to be wanted? I don't want you to feel like attack. That was so amazing. You want a part of it? What do you want to do that, Do it. All we need is one. Just Well, I'm not sure what I will. What I want to say, OK? I'm happy to bring it up just in case. So we good? We have it here. What do you So what's most important to you about money again? Growth fulfillment and authenticity. Okay. Great. And what do you think is something that's been holding you back? Self doubt. Self doubt. So what do you say to yourself when you have self doubt? I'm not good enough. And what would happen? Okay. Good. Now can you close your eyes for me? I'm not good enough. It won't happen. I want you to imagine for a second you want imagine another little girl or do you want it to be you? When you were three, it could be me. Okay, I imagine yourself with three years old now, I want you to say that exact thing to that three year old. There she is, sitting there on a chair, looking up at you. It's wise woman have years, decades of life, all this all this experience. And now you say it was negative things. Oh, you're not good enough. You really picture it like there's a three year old look enough, But you and you say I'm sorry, but you're just not good enough. It won't happen. Storage. So could that happen? How's that feel? Talk about someone who doesn't like to treat people poorly. Pretty pretty bad. Pretty harsh, right? Like, Oh, jeez. How could you see that? Yeah, OK, so imagine that girl like you're giving her advice. I curium from the future. Hey, it's you pro the future. Isn't this cool? Here I am from the future. And I'm about to tell you like some really good advice. I'm gonna tell you this instead of this. You don't You know you don't deserve it. I already forgot what you just said. You're not enough. You're not enough, right? Tell her. Tell that little girl what's true. What is the truth? You are exactly what millions of people need. You are exactly what millions of people need now say I am exactly what I am. Exactly what millions of people need. Does that feel good to you? And I didn't do with emotional intensity yet, but does the statement I just want to make sure it feels good to you. I'm exactly what millions of people need. Like, Just imagine yourself helping millions of people. There are millions of people out there waiting for your gifts. They need you to change your life. I'm exactly what millions of people need now. Say it and own it. I am exactly what millions of people need surprising. Surprisingly, get privately are surprisingly good. Okay, good giver. And I want to give it a go. So why am I doing this? You're sitting at home going, okay, I've seen one. I've seen them all. I don't know, but here's the thing I want to show you. I want to show you that transformation because that's how simple it is. It's so simple with a decision. It's so simple by just changing that language. And sometimes, you know, you may find out I didn't find it at first, so you can go through that exercise that was a new example. Will think of yourself because you wouldn't say those nasty things to yourself or to a young child. And so give Give it like, give us a mentor to give it what you got and watch the transformation but you at home, sitting there on the computer, not wanting to get up. It's time that you stand up, get up. Figure out what your new statement is. There may be many. Just choose one. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just get up. And I want you to see it out loud to yourself. Say it. Say it, Say it and own it and feel in your body. And imagine what it would be like in the future when that is true. And it's already happened, right? I needed to do that. So you own it as well, even though you're over there somewhere far, far away in some far away land. Okay, give us your example. Okay. My example of money with the old one in my limiting conversation? Yeah, sure. Okay. Hold self, Doc. My old self talk. I'm gonna be just like my mom and my mom before her for that. Watch this. Watch this. You saw that, right? So that now, say it And actually imagine it. Truth about what you believe. Announce it like I want you own. Like, as if you owned that feeling. Okay, I'm going to see the difference because she just saying it right now? Do you know you just saying, like, I know what's what it's gonna do to me? I actually, like, go there. Well, I'm just a little Just go there little and say like, just say a little bit more like associative Good. That's working to wear and turn around to second. Well, you sure? So I'm gonna be just like I'm gonna be just like, uh, the women, the women of my past. I'm just going to repeat the pattern. Okay, Cool. So I wanted to do that, cause I know like you guys picked things that maybe weren't as charge. And I hate to keep bringing it up and making you cry. I want you to see now, because that's and that's no longer serving you. You no longer gonna have that. You are so over that. Okay, so now tell us a new the new multi millionaire self talk The new multimillionaire self talk is I am. I am. I am that change. I am that I am the source of the the I'm. I am the source of the new opportunity. Does that is I don't know. I was I'm probably helped I break the cycle or I'm breaking the sale or I I choose my life. I choose my destiny because right now you're thinking that your mom's destiny is your destiny. My used to way back two seconds ago. Yeah. So now, now it's I no longer believe that anymore, right? So you could say it. Does that feel good to you? I choose my destiny. I choose my life. Who was your life like it's not your mom. Remote doesn't get to decide. Yeah, for me, it's like it's I I am going and I'm gonna make I'm gonna make a huge impact on the world. Okay? So say I'm I'm making a huge impact on the world. Okay? Full emotional incitement. Wait. Come with me. Only it's already happened. Okay. My goodness. Now what Arena? You are making a huge impact on the world. I feel that. Okay. You were making a huge impact on the world. Now tell me Yes, I am. Okay, so tell me That's true. Show me. I am making a huge impact on the world one more time. I am making a huge impact on the world. Awesome. Now what I want you to notice about that. It's just you don't have to scream and I know I'm right. Ice cream things. I get really excited and you're not me. And so that's cool. The emotional intensity doesn't have to be excitement. So that was so perfect. Did you see how she was standing and confidence her shoulders were back? She was breathing like I own it. So however, you need to see it so that you own it. Say it with that kind of emotional intensity. And then guess what you got to do it recondition it consistently so that you get the change. Otherwise it won't stick, right? Yes, I quit. Okay, So if anyone still struggling, I wanted to give you some ideas here. So remember the wealth files from yesterday I talked about what wealthy people say or what wealthy people believe. And then I talked about what poor people say or poor people believe. So what? I want you dio to see how easy that is. All I did was I took something in those well files. One said, I create my life and I'm like, I don't need to change that at all. That's an incantation. now say it with an emotional intensity. Let's just say in confidence do together. I create my life. I create my life. You can also put the emphasis and fastest on different syllables, right? I create my life. I create my life. I create my life. I create my life. And that interesting out feels like a change of the meeting. Now, if you just got this, you're like, I don't know if he'd run my old pattern of I don't know. I don't know. I don't know, Like I don't know. I need to get it perfect. I need to have the perfect multimillion herself talk. Just let that go. And just take one of these. If you just set every single day before you go to bed or on your night stand reading those cars, I create my life and all these different ways I create my life. I create my life. Imagine how much you'll be able to create your life. Here's another example. It said something about opportunities, right? Wealthy people look opportunities. So I just said, Okay, I'll just take a few words Adam of the beginning and I'll say Life brings me opportunities. Life brings me offered to opportunities. Life brings me opportunities, right. You get it. You can emphasize different, different words to get a different meaning. So it also doesn't seem like it's just playing over and over. And it doesn't mean anything like sometimes you, you know, you're like I got new language, but you say it. But you're not associated to it. You're not connected to it. So it doesn't really, You know, he doesn't necessarily jar you into action. So this way you can just mix it up, say it a little bit differently. Say it with confidence. You know? Say it. An excited voice. Say it like, really calm and peaceful. Just like believe it. Life brings me opportunities. And isn't that true? And guess what? Here's what. Here's another thing. What your brain will start to dio is prove it. Your brain goes, prove it. I clean my life, prove it and what your brain do, it answers what's like? Well, I just came out to San Francisco, and I I did a three day event. I created that I had help along help. People tell me all the time I create I create my life proof amazing relationship. We get along. I love I have amazing daughter. I create my life proof proof Life brings opportunities. Oh, my goodness. Creativelive, what an opportunity. Right, man. Right. I mean, you're here. Like what are pretending? Proof, Proof, proof. Your brain just wants to prove it. But if you keep saying I have no opportunities your brain looks for reasons to make that true. If you believe it to be true, You're right. Remember, rich people act in spite of fear. All you got to say is I act in spite of fear doing it right now. I just came up and spilled the beans, cried again on stage, right? And you act in spite of fear. You just did it. That's scary. This is a girl who didn't want to reveal any failures. It said something about rich people constantly learn and grow. I got to learn. Broke it. I know you're by people like Okay, enough is up. I get it. I get it. Move on. I'm I'm spending time on this because it's so important. Your language is your life. Your language determines the meaning. You give things. There was Ah, There were. There were a couple of twins, their twin boys men and they grew up in Their father had, like, robbed a liquor store and he was in jail, you know, he was a thief. And these guys grew up their twins, you know? So they go on their separate ways, and one of the brothers ends up in jail like you robs a store. I don't know. He does the same type of thing. He becomes a thief and he gets busted and he's in jail and the other guy goes off and just takes business on and he becomes a millionaire. Your brother's same dad twins. And so they were interviewed. And they said, Well, sir, the guy in prison, please tell me why. Why do you think this happened? Like, why do you think you're in jail on like you turned out this way? Kind of. And he said, How could I not turn out this way? Look at my father. He did the same thing. I do the same thing. It's all my fault. I can't help it that so I grew up. That's why I turned out this way. When they interviewed the other brother, I said, You know you're a millionaire. Very successful businessman. Tell me, like, why? Why do you think it turned out that way? And he said, How can I turn out any other way? Look at my father. Great. So I bring this up because the language still has to have meaning. You are giving it meaning. So make sure when you say these things of the emotional intensity you're focusing on also what it means from online for all of you. And there was a lot of gold arenas go Erica's Kovar shells eso a global love for all of you. And, uh, anyway, I just wanted to share that before way moved on. Awesome. Thank you. Great. And what great encouragement, like I love this is the community. This is what I'm talking about. I mean, this is why we built this 12 week integration program because I want not just I don't want to just communicate with you. I want you, all of you who are on this path, you're on this path together. You're in different places. That's OK, but you're all coming together. And you're like, Hey, how's it going for your This is working for me or check out what happened to me. So I wanted to bring the money mastering map back up so we can fill it out again and see how this all comes together. Okay, so let me just show you what we did. We have the values here for both you and your partner, Eric. An arena. You have the beliefs at new belief. I am in control of my money. New emotions, confidence or I'm confident. Joyful, peaceful. You got your money mask of where you are right now. Um, you got your balloons. By the way, these balloons represent what? What? Have they been represented preppers in the years. Five years? Well, what specifically have we use the balloons for your net worth? You know, work. Yeah, your networks. So this represent your network. So what? You could dio you put right here your net worth? Let's say you go through that. Now you have Kim June system, right? You have a new and growing money system. So you your You have everything you need to get clear on your net worth. So you might want to wait a few days so that you start with July or whatever it is whatever time a month when you're watching this, you want to get the numbers of the end of at the end of the month. But let's just say I'm just gonna put this in. You did your network tab as best he could. Good and good enough. Close enough. And let's say you find out you own. Let's just say $500,000. You owe $480,000 That's took with your mortgage and everything, and your net worth is 20. I'm just using random numbers, cause I've Sometimes these big numbers sometimes use small numbers, and I just want you to feel like whatever your number is, it's cool. It doesn't matter. I'm just making these up. But if your own 500 you owe for 80 you haven't positive net worth of 20,000. Then you can put in this balloon right here, 20 k That's kind of cool. Oh, what do I want now? This This could be You said this to Reno. This could be one years, one year, three year, five year. That's fine. I didn't actually like Think about that, so it's kind of just your choice, but you know if my ultimate path is 10 million. You know what I was saying to you? Baby steps are great. Like it helps you make it logical on your heads that you can do it or let's just to make it easy. It's ultimately one million than about halfway there. You know, I want about half a 1,000,000. I mean, this is all just however you want to put it. But you could just put, you know, by here I have 600,000 by here. I have 950 by here. I got one millions. Hey, guess what? I exceeded my goal in a 1.5. Really? Gassed. That's what happened. Sometimes. This is not a promise. Okay, Is not fun. I missed this one. And then you could put timelines on this because you have your goals. We have your one year your fiber, and you could make it however you want, But isn't that cool to see it like that? And now you're milestones, right? That could be your specific ALS. If you could just take your goals, you can You can put your you know, one your fight or 10 year there or you can just these air the milestones in my life That doesn't have to be one year, five or 10 year. Maybe it's seven years. Doesn't matter. Just something you want to capture where you are right now. What's important to you. So you don't remember? You don't forget to hit those milestones. This is your personal money. Mastery rode up. You get to choose how this turns out. Now you're about to learn some of these daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly stuff, so I'm not gonna do that yet. But if you've decided that you wanna have do certain things, certain commitments we're making daily go ahead. If you are already know monthly, right. So if you use my system, you can put right here monthly. Kim June Money date? No. Your money to grow your money If you forget what that stands for. Kim June Money date. That's something you do every single month. Boom. Got a plan? We're filling in the blanks here. Okay, what's on the other side? That we still need. Okay, so we did money types, right? So I'll do the money types and I'll go into the section of the self talk which readjusted so one thing that I wanted to add here. So we filled out the primary and secondary money type and the money roll. And then here. Sorry. Here. You want to put your rating right? So you just feeling so let's say for me, Spendthrift Sally is is here. So I gave myself with three cheap chip. I gave myself a seven overgenerous Olivia, didn't I give myself a four thing delusional Dan? I said five and avoider our found if I told you, but around money, I don't really avoid money, obviously. And I'm a 10 avoider out. You're like, Oh, my goodness. No, that's now. That's OK. So then what I want remember, we talked about the potential, like, what's potentially great about this combination between you and your partner, right? And then I said, Well, what potential dangers might come up? We just touched upon that right. But the way I look at this is that when you have challenges here and changes, so for my husband, he always looks for the positive. So he's not gonna put on his money map, and I wouldn't advise you to put on your money map the challenges we're going to get divorced, right? Cause then you're, like, in canting, like we're gonna get divorce. So don't put that That doesn't mean right your challenges and what's not working. This is to challenge yourself. What are my new challenges on my challenges for my husband? He said I want to be a partner instead of a supporter. Right now. This is where I am. That's cool. But I want to be a partner another challenge of and challenge myself to focus more on abundance versus scarcity. I'm not even gonna write versus scarcity. I'm not gonna write versus supporter. I'm just going to write what I want. And then the changes it changes could be You can write, You know, if your spent through Sally, maybe spend less instead of writing. Spend less because it has the word spend to be even better. Maybe you say make appropriate appropriate choices for my money. That's my new commitment. That's my new change. I'm gonna make appropriate choices for my money. How does that feel? Arena. That's cool, right? Because you don't have to take it away, You know, you don't have to say, Oh, now I got to spend less. It's like being on a budget that so I don't like the word budget. Like it just feels like I'm taking its scarcity. I'm taking it away. I don't take it away. All I want to do is I want to be better than I am. I wanna make appropriate choices for my money. Ok? Makes sense. You can fill it out, however you want. Multi millionaire self talk. It's right here. Oh, my gosh. The whole courses right here on this money Master map. Yes, it's amazing. It's all here. So it's so simple for you. So multimillion herself. Talk. Um, give me one of yours and it frees me to be clear and have total knowledge of my financial. It frees me to be clear and have total knowledge of my finances. If you say that every day, can you see that you have a different life? Yes, Yes, absolutely. Right now you're changing the trajectory of your life by just making some decisions Is not rocket science. This is easy stuff. Like how did I not know this? How are they not teaching this stuff right? It's so simple. Why is it important for me to change. You need that leverage. Why? Why? Why? Why, Erica, why is it important for you to change? It's too exhausting to do it the other way. Okay, Awesome. So this is leverage to exhausting. How about like, you can put that? I'm just thinking now. Very, very positive. Very positive right now. It was mostly yourself, Doc. I'm very positive. So I haven't thought this through. But why is it important for you to change? You said it's too exhausting. So how about this? I will have more energy and give more to the world something like that, because she we're talking multimillion ourself, Doc, let's focus on that. It's still leverage because it's like hell on earth is meeting the person you could have been remember? Like I need to be the best. Me I could possibly be. So if I want to make sure that I will change, I gotta focus on the why What's the reason? What's the leverage? Since this is our money mastery map and you want to look at it, just feel good about it and know that you can change and have everything that you want. I will have more energy and give more to the world. Awesome. You're gonna learn next, we're going to do one more communication. I'm gonna learn how to communicate with your partner the moment you've all been waiting for. How do I bring up this topic? How do I open the can of worms? It's not that it's not that exciting is going to be very, very simple and easy. So I was going to be awesome. And we're going to really talk about what the money talk rules to live by. And I'm sure you're gonna bring that up in SEC. So last last couple things I'm just reminding you, in case you're just signing on here, the money mastery for couples 12 week integration program is for everyone. Everyone tuning in right now, whether you paid or not doesn't matter. I want you to continue along your path. Take just write down this phone number, Take out your phone and text and email to to to a 14 to 50133 your name and your email and send that text and that's going to give you this this link to sign on. So to end this segment, I would like to bring you up. All three of you? Yeah, so I'll be really exciting. Okay. This is a song called Happy. Am I all right? No, no, no. Leave her books. Leave everything come on up here and all of you at home. I'm going to get the stuck in your head So you have a new and can't ation think about how happy you will be And you are toe have wealth in your life. And it goes like this. You can read hearts We read there. Can you read it there? It's really so simple. It goes like this and you take your thumbs and start pouring at at yourself. And you're gonna go like this. Happy. And my, um, ricin. I'm happy you try Happy. Am I rich and 1/ is hard not to smile anything. That okay? The second Argos happy am I? I'm rich today. Happy am I? I'm rich today And then again happy. Am I rich? I am happy that goes happy. Am I? I'm rich today, okay? I just follow along. Oh, happy. Am I repeated? Happy? Oh, happy am I? Am I? I'm rich today. I'm rich today. Okay, now it goes like this We're gonna tell everyone out there listening Happy are you? So do your best if all along happy Are you your rich and er happy Happy Are you your rich today Happy are you? You're rich and happy Happy Are you your rich today? Oh me Are you We are you How happy are you your rich today Last one Happy Are we happy? Are we? We're rich and we're happy Happy are We were rich today Happy are We were rich We're happy Happy are We were rich today way Happy way We're rich today I gotta take a seat Thank you How good do you feel ladies? I'm telling you it feels good Like every time I sing that song I just can't get the smile off my face So sing it You go back and watch this again Get it in your body Get it in your blood So you do They get in again and feel great about being rich today

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Strong financial management skills are a must-have for a thriving, healthy relationship — but conversations about money can trigger feelings of guilt and anxiety. Simple financial discussions don't have to turn into emotional minefields. Join Robyn Crane and CreativeLive to learn the skills you need to manage your money as a couple, without letting your finances get in the way of your relationship.

This course will teach you everything you and your partner need to know to manage your finances effectively – without stress, guilt, or conflict. You’ll learn concrete tools for communicating about finances openly and honestly. You’ll also build strategies for recognizing and correcting flawed beliefs about financial management. You’ll explore why money issues are among the most common reasons for break-ups and divorce, and learn how to safeguard your relationship against the friction financial disagreements can cause. You’ll also create a concrete, easy-to-implement system that allows you to achieve financial health by playing to your and your partner’s strengths.

You’ll leave this course with strong personal finance skills and an understanding of how to collaborate with your partner to work toward a thriving financial future.



as a participant in the course, and now a week later, going back thru watching the videos, following along with the book, doing the homework again, i have to say i am still 1000% overjoyed that i put my business launch on hold to attend Robyn's course and Attend to my Life and my Relationship and put them first for the first time in my adult life. i went into this with an open mind, believing whatever i got out of it would be greater than what i came into it with and by the end of the first day i felt like i had won the lottery! i was terrified to sit down and figure out our net worth, believing we were Billions of dollars in the red. but lo and behold, when i just put the battle ax down and did the work it turned out our assets had us sittin' pretty. Imagine my shock! my entire outlook changed, my beliefs were able to shift and i've been able to make grand changes in the way i deal with money in even the smallest of ways since then. i found that piece to be so phenomenally empowering habits i thought i'd never break are totally conscious decisions now, before i reach in my wallet i ACTUALLY THINK do i WANT to spend this on that right now? or would i rather SAVE it for later. I don't even have to have a goal in mind. the image of our assest growing is a serious turn on! Robyn's light hearted approach really brought my guard down, she gave me facts and knowledge first, when i was handed that 150 page book, i said to myself, "self i said, knowledge, cool." then she walked on stage with her sense and humor and i said, "AND Robyn's funny- BONUS! i'm definitely learning something, let's go!" and learn i did. I'm thrilled at the follow up and i'd say to anyone considering if they should invest in this course, it's unorthodox in the least, and if you're open and willing to do the work, it can, as i am living witness, be absolutely transformative. personally and triangularly- that being between you, your hunny & your money. take it if you dare to break free of whatever bonds are holding you from living with your love in your highest purpose, calling, and love light! If i could gift one thing on this earth this moment to everyone i love it would be taking this course with Robyn. (holdin the space, prayin n holdin the space...)


I absolutely LOVE Robyn Crane. What a great teacher. My man agreed to go through the video course and complete the workbook with me based on a clip he saw one clip of the course. We've gone through half the manual workbook and have been able to communicate better outside of the work, already. I am feeling better about talking with my spouse about money than ever, and we're both learning more about each other's ideas about money and our beliefs. Wow. That's an eye opening experience, I thought I knew what he thought about money and goals but I was surprised a lot at the answers he wrote in the workbook. Sharing with eachother is key-- I'm so pleased with the results and we're not even half way done! That you Robyn and thank you Creative Live!

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