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Money Management for Couples

Lesson 4 of 33

"Predict" Your Financial Future


Money Management for Couples

Lesson 4 of 33

"Predict" Your Financial Future


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"Predict" Your Financial Future

predict your financial future. So they're looking in this crystal ball. Actually, my my daughter, she has this new I won't say it's a magic trick. She now reads minds. My daughter now reads minds and ah, my husband taught her how to do this. He's also he's like total ham, and she's a total Hammink saw in the video are all pretty nuts, and she goes like he helped her here. What? They watched videos he helped to really like. Make it fun so that when you're predicting someone's future, um, that you just like making really exciting. And she goes, she goes like those and put her hand on her head and she goes, I will read your mind but I we re pretty much he just repeats that several times. It is very, very engaging, so I'm about to show you another video. This is a video of a music video that I did back in 2006 and it's called one step ahead. And the quick story about it is that a friend of mine, she kept going to fortune tellers, and she wanted to, like, figure out her future, and they kep...

t telling her that she was getting this like, evil card and like she needed to keep coming back. And I thought it was so funny because she told me this. And people kept paying. Like she kept paying money more and more money, and she kept like, to this fortune teller. And it was like the end result was always come back to hear more. And I'm not saying, like, you know, fortune tellers are trying to rip you off or anything like that. But that was her experience, was that she just never was really getting the answer she was looking for. And so I tell you this because I want you to know you're about to predict your financial future, and I'm putting it in quotes because no one and nothing, no one and nothing can predict your financial future. Wait, What? Robin, You said we're gonna predict your financial future, and now we're not predicting I'm confused. No one and nothing will predict your financial future. I'm going to give you something that will show you what it could be if and here's a caveat. If you continue to run the patterns that you're running if you continue tohave the beliefs that you have. If you continue to take the actions that you're taking, this could be where you are at. Does that make sense? Yeah. He was a cool with me. Okay, cool. Quick. This is just a clip of this video so you can laugh at my crazy silly goofiness forgets. I almost I almost didn't show that cause it was so embarrassing. My terrible acting like I can I can speak, but acting like not not so good. So predict your financial future. So who knows this guy? I've heard of him. Donald Trump. Yes. So I don't know if you know this, By the way, he's a billionaire. Um, but in 1991 1994 2004 and 2000 and nine, Donald Trump filed bankruptcy. Four bankruptcy. They're actually corporate bankruptcies. But even though they were corporate bankruptcies, he was $900 million in debt personally. So knowing what you know about Donald Trump now, is anyone surprised that he came back now, right? Knowing what you know about him now and maybe knowing what even then because he built so much of a fortune, it wouldn't have been that surprising, right? And now today he is worth $3.9 billion. Can't live on it, but it's a start. That's a joke, guys. She's $3.9 billion. So why is this? Why is this And this is why? Why is it and how is it that someone can build, build a fortune or come from nothing and then build a fortune, totally lose it all, be able to build it back, like, you know, someone who's done that, right? You probably know, Like I actually, when I found out that my husband went through bankruptcy, all this stuff went through my head about how you know he had this, Terry, maybe, you know, terrible beliefs and behaviors around money. And I definitely had judgments going on in my head. But also, I had known millionaires who had done that like I had known millionaires who went through bankruptcy and now are super successful making millions of dollars. So part of me was actually excited cause I was, like, cool. He went through bankruptcy. He's probably gonna be a millionaire, right? So why is that? That the Donald Trump people like that, we'll bounce back. It's because of of the A B C's. Really. It's the money a BC's and here the arts in your manual so you don't have to write all down if your home you can pull out of paper and write down. But we're gonna go over all of these, so you don't need to know every single one of them. Right now. I just want to give you an overview. So it's a czar. Awareness plus action equals abundance. The bees are beliefs plus behaviors equals your bank account and the seas conditioning. Plus consistently consistency equals change. So the rest of the segments today, this is all focused on these ABC, so you don't need toe write that down. But that's what you're going to get in. This is why Donald Trump has the money that he has because of his beliefs and behaviors because of all these things. So the AIDS awareness plus action equals abundance. So my husband, I have been trying to get pregnant, and I'm sure many of you have experienced this. I know the the more that I tell people my story, the more I hear the other people can relate to, and I'm gone through it. And at first I thought it would just work out. I thought A, You know, you spend a lot of your time, you know, in your adult life, like making sure you don't get pregnant, and then you're like, cool when I want to turn on the switch When I want to have a baby, I'll be able to have a baby, right? Well, it's been a year and 1/2 that we've been trying. I'm not pregnant. So what happened was after six months, you know, they say you have at least had to try for six months before you could even go to anyone ask for help. Basically, they don't believe it. It's a challenge. So it's six months were pretty proactive. Um, and by the way, you might be thinking, Well, wait a second. You know, she has a daughter talked about his daughter, daughter seven. So it shouldn't be an issue. Well, what I haven't told you is that my husband came with a little package. That package was our daughter, Phoenix Rose and Phoenix was about to when I met her and she came into my life. And so I did not birth her so I haven't gone through it. But she was the best gift I could ever imagine. Getting that came with the package of my most amazing husbands. Ah, but anyway, so we're on this path and we're trying. We're trying to get pregnant and we go to first I had to become aware of that. There was a challenge, right? There is a problem. Like I'm not getting pregnant. So I went Teoh, um ah ah child birthing center. And they did some tests and they found out. Doesn't really matter what they found out. But they found out that there was a hormone that I was missing or it was didn't have enough of. And so first thing I had to do was take some new action, right? Take new action. And at first it was just some pills that, you know, some some medicine that I had to take. Then they tested me, went blood tests and all that, and found out my levels levels were good. Great. Three months go by. Still not pregnant. Great. So now they dio three months or so go by and they do another another test. I got to become aware of what else might be a problem. So then I had a surgery and have this surgery was somewhat invasive and not very comfortable, but had to go through it. I went through and found out there was something else wrong with me, but they kind of fixed it right. And those of you, you know, the guys contusion out or guys who've gone through this gun tune in. But I had endometriosis, right? So many. Many of you probably have this or experience this, and so they kind of zap it and get rid of it like, Oh, cool. Now I'm going to get pregnant. And so I took new action because I knew that I took new action. So the new action I took was now I had toe do something called an I U I, which pretty much my husband can never remember the term. So he calls it a turkey baster. Imagine what that is. So had to go through. This other procedure is not really a surgery procedure. And for three months we did that. And then I had heard someone and told me like she got pregnant. She wasn't even married. Shouldn't even know like she couldn't even believe how she got pregnant. They had sex once. All this stuff. And she's like and I think it was because I went to this acupuncturist and she was amazing. I feel like everyone who goes there just gets pregnant. And so I'm like a magic bullet. Acupuncture, Right. So I go there. I have, like, all these dots on my stomach and things like that, and I'm just a press on it. Well, I'm not at her thing, and I'm taking action. Appropriate action. Why? I say appropriate action. I say appropriate action because you're taking action. Whatever you're doing, you're taking action right now. You ladies are taking action by sitting on a couch. You're taking action by being in this course, you're taking action by writing things down, right? Some of you home you're taking action. Or maybe in your life you're taking action by sitting on the couch and watching TV. So the question is, is it appropriate action to get you to abundance? So I was hoping, because the last time after I got back, you poster right before this course, I was gonna find out if I was pregnant and actually I was, like, four or five days late, which was like crazy because I'm never late. And apparently I told you already, I'm not pregnant, so I was waiting. Waiting, waiting. I found out I'm not pregnant. Oh, man. Like, I really thought I was going to get it this time. And I found out that I had taken so much progesterone, which was the hormone that I was missing, that, um, that my you know, my period. OK, I said that periods. My period was late. And that's why, like I was late, that's not, but I wasn't pregnant, right? So but wait the last days abundance. So that doesn't sound funny. But here, here's the thing. I still feel abundance because I'm taking action, and now my husband I have a plan. So what we're gonna do next so that we could make this happen? I promise you I will be announcing some point in my life, whether it's in two months act or 22 years, that I am having a baby. And if it's not coming out of me, if coming out of someone else and I'm gonna get to keep it, because I am committed to having a baby. Right? So if you're committed and you become aware and you take action, you will have abundance, and you can start experiencing the abundance even before you get the result. I put this up there. I thought it would work out because how many of you think that With money, it'll just work out. It doesn't that happen like you. I know I'm 45 haven't saved for my retirement. Will just I know I'm totally broke or, you know, I haven't looked into that money thing, or I haven't spent time figuring my finances. You tell yourself that because too painful to see the truth. And one of the things we're gonna realize in this course is that you have to associate to that pain so that you can take action, the appropriate action to have what you want. So I thought this was cool that Donald Trump said sometimes by losing the battle, you find a way to win the war. The fact that he believes that and would say that that gives you a taste of what his money blueprint, ISS. So what is your current money blueprint? What is a money blueprint. So the easiest way to think about it is if you think about house or something, right? If you get a blueprint on a building that looks like that in the blueprint, the building will turn out looking like that. If you get a blueprint of a library and this is what it looks like in the blueprint, it's kind of like a print of what it is. It comes out right. Your money blueprint is the same. Your money blueprint is made up of your beliefs and behaviours. Hey, it's the bees. It's all intertwined, right? So your money blueprints made if you're up of your beliefs and behaviors and that includes, like, your thoughts and your feelings and all those patterns that you run right. I want to tell you one other thing about this. This is kind of good news. Becoming wealthy is not how much you make. Becoming wealthy is not how much you make. It's not about how much you make. It's about how much you keep. So maybe you've heard this story. Theodore Theodore R. In Johnson. Ted Johnson. He worked at ups. Um, and like a while ago, right? So what kind of when it all started, and he was making no more than $14,000 a year, and he worked at the job for 28 years. God, is that a high salary? Would you think just knowing that that this guy is gonna be a wealthy man just knowing that it makes 14,000 year? Would you think he'd become a wealthy man? No, you wouldn't. I mean, you could say, Well, of course, anyone can become wealthy. But you wouldn't say. Oh, it makes 14,000 year old. He's gonna be wealthy, right? But guess what? He took appropriate action. He grew his wealth to $70 million being a U. P s guy. And what's even greater than that? He donated 36 million of it. Now, that's cool. So some of you might be wondering, How did he do that? How did he do that? I'll tell you what he did. Was he saved and he invested. He learned from our cat and Algom ish, right? The story I told earlier the richest man in Babylon he saved any invested, and he did it appropriately. And he made money. But so much of it has to do with how much you keep right? How much you end up saving. And that's all about your beliefs and behaviors. So here we are, the financial future. Prediction tests dunk. Done, Don. So take out your manual turn to page 23. And if you don't have the manual home, you need to just, like, write down a number here. You don't need the questions. You need to take out a piece of paper you're gonna right. From 1 to 10. You're gonna answer these questions, and 10 is gonna be that you completely agree. And one is that you completely disagree. Okay, 10 questions is right. You can number them one through 10 right now or take out your manual, make sure you print it out, and then you're gonna rate this, so I'm gonna read them for you. So those of you at home can do this and you can fill this out as we go. Number one. I have clarity of our income, expenses and savings each month. If you have total clarity, know exactly how much you made last month. You know exactly how much you spent in what categories? You know exactly how much you saved and where that would be. Attempt number two. I think making and growing money is easy. Number three, I often feel happy, excited and calm about money. Straight yourself 1 to four. I regularly track my cash flow in my network. You don't know what that stuff is. You're gonna learn Number five. I have a savings and investment plan and I implement it. Six. I understand the risks and rewards of my investments. That should be really, really quick. Whatever comes to your mind and write a number one through 10. Number seven. I believe that being wealthy allows you to give more toe others. Now, some of you, after what we talked about this morning, might have already changed that belief. And maybe that's a higher number because of what I had mentioned earlier, because that's how fast you can change your beliefs. That's how fast number eight I live in. Total abundance and gratitude. Total abundance and gratitude is a number nine. I feel like I'm in control of my money. One would be no control, no idea what my bills are. It just happens to me. I don't really know. 10 Total control. And the last question is I have certainty that I will reach or exceed my financial goals. All right, So do quickly, cause I want you to do some math. Those of you in the audience and at home do the math and add those numbers up. When you add them up, you can write right in your manual on page 23. You can add up that score in that little box, let me know when you guys were done. So as you guys do that math, what's really, really cool? I mentioned this right, is that you can change all this, right? So if you get a low number and that low number, which really represents fact that I mean this, by the way I wrote it like this in the manual, though it may be hard to believe you can think of it like this. The higher the percentage, the higher your chances of becoming wealthy are the lower the percentage, the more likely you are to be broke harsh, but it's probably true. So did anyone get 100% probably out without adding up? You probably know the answer to that. So what do you think would happen if you were to improve your answers? Do you think you become or what? More wealthy? Yeah. Cool. You have control right now It's your time to decide. This is your decision Time. I'm cool. I want to have a better money blueprint. I'm gonna decide. Draw the line in the sand. Enough is enough. No more This broke stuff changed my believes Change my behaviours And this is what you're gonna learn today So I'm gonna give you a few things. This is from the wealth files from the secrets of the Millionaire mine. It's T Harv Ecker. It's a book. It's also a seminar. It's amazing. And this is going to give you a perspective of what some rich people believe versus poor people. And you can understand that this is all within the money blueprint because this is their beliefs and their behaviors. Right? So rich people believe I create my life. Oops. Poor people believe life happens to me. Interesting, right? You probably know people who are like life happens to may. I am. It's always someone else's fault, right? I don't really I mean, that happened and well, I couldn't control it because this happened to me. Whatever it waas right, blaming things, circumstances, all that all that rich people focus on opportunities. Poor people focus on obstacles. You can start asking yourself what dough ideo and be honest. So I focus on opportunities. I focus on obstacles. Rich people believe rich people. Sorry. Admire other rich and successful people. Poor people resent other rich and successful people. We're going to talk about this. How culture is having us believe it's our culture and it's also our parents where those beliefs come from that make us think that Oh man, their rich, they're probably corrupt or something like that. Rich people associate with positive, successful people. Poor people associate with negative or unsuccessful people. Rich people manage their money well, Poor people, very masterful at mismanaging their money very well. Very well and rich people act in spite of fear. It's not that they don't have it, They act in spite of fear and poor people let fear stop them. I think there's one more now. This is really important because you're here and your here toe, learn and grow. This would say learn, sorry, it's type O. Rich people constantly learn and grow. Poor people think they already know. So it may come up for you, Is that? Oh, I know this. I know this. I'm gonna talk about things like your network, though I know what that is. I know what that is. You you need to pay attention. Because listen to what you can learn from this and how you can grow. Because even if you know some things I'm teaching you, this is a new perspective. This is a way you can start to apply it in your life. So get rid of that. I already know stuff. And ask yourself the question of what can I learn and how can I grow? And you can change your destiny. Whatever your number is, don't judge it. Give matters will be yourself up. Oh, I'm so stupid. I think of this or that. Just decide that you can change your destiny. Okay, so we're gonna do this exercise. This is on page 24. Your manual and what I want to do as I go through this, I want you just write it down. It's not gonna be perfect, cause you're gonna have to come back to it. later. Right? You're always gonna come have to come back to this later. So I want you to do is write down on your on the left side of the page, drawn X and on the right side of the page and draw a circle. Kind of like a target with a dot in the middle. Okay. And I want you to start to think about this isn't like a goal setting session. This is a quick, like capture of what you want, where you are and where you want to be. Okay, so on this side is gonna like this this size. Gonna look like that. Okay. So what I want you to do is to write down. Where are you with your money? Quickly. How much do you make? How much debt? If you don't know, Don't worry. Probably $20,000 in debt. Probably. I have no idea. Maybe the thing you write down about your money is I have no idea. That's where I am right now And write it down. How much you make what your net worth is any of that? Where are you now? With your stuff? How much stuff do you have? like What is the stuff? I have a house. I have a car. I don't have a house. I don't have a car. Right. What? You don't have to. Where are you? You don't have to get everything is that could be perfect. Just capture some things. You write it down. Next is your emotions. We already did this. So you've gone through this. You just need to write down what you figured out from the first segment. What are the emotions you're experiencing on a day to day basis on a weekly basis? Right now And last is what is the quality of life. So, what kind of things do you do or have vacations, That sort of thing? Flexibility. Your schedule, that sort of thing. What What is that like right now? Okay. And I put some examples there. Now you're gonna go to the other side of the page and write down. Where do you want to be? Just go through the same process, John Town. Just a few things you can always add more later. And how much money do you wanna have? How much do you want to make? How much you want your net worth to be. How much debt do you want? That a doughnut? Do you want to still have a mortgage? Whatever it is, what's up to you? There's whatever you want you can put down. What stuff do you want? You know, maybe like a house cleaner. Maybe it's, uh Maybe it's, um You want a new car? You want a Bentley? Go ahead and dream. It's fine. You want a jet? Doesn't matter. Right down, right down. Emotions. You did this earlier. So you just taking it from earlier. What are the emotions that you want to experience? Good job. Guys. Keep writing things down, capture it great and last. What? What kind of quality of life, you know, vacations is one thing. You know, I'm all about quality of life. Like I want someone to do my shopping like my grocery shopping. I want someone to to cook me dinner like those kind of things. Like I don't do that now. So where I am is I cook my own dinner. Where I wanna be is I want to have a personal chef. Makes me really healthy food. So all I gotta do is stuff my face personal Chef, can you go out to the New Jersey? Uh, come on out. Awesome. Okay, Now what we want to do is figure out How big is this gap Now, the purpose of this exercise because you're dreaming right now you're allowing and we're gonna do more goal setting and and more of that in the next couple of days. So again, it's it's gonna be an ongoing process. But the point of this is is to see how big that gap is, because often it's so big that we don't take action because it's so far away. So what you're gonna dio is going to write down the thing, anything that cost money that you had in the where you want to be list. So let's say I put down Ah, car, new car. Let's say now I don't have the exact numbers, But if you're gonna finance something that just really easy thing, you can do and it's not, it's not accurate. But you can say if it's gonna be per 1000 put town. Um, sorry. Per 100,000. Put down $1000 a month. So if I'm going to get ah, $100,000 house like Maurin my house. More equity in my house, like meaning? I buy a house $100, more than already. Have. You could just put down, like, $1000 a month. It's probably way less than that. If you have a 30 year mortgage, but just over, you know, overestimates. Fine. So car might be if you got, like, a $30,000 car, I would just put $300 a month. You're gonna right the thing that you want, How much it would cost per month. Not if you just buy it out of pocket. Okay. When he shout out some things for show arena Erica, would you put down? And how much do you think it would cost about put down a Tesla? Awesome. And how much do you think it would cost per month? I don't know. 25 hundreds would be my guess. Okay, so I don't know. I don't know how much of Boston by. Well, they're, like 70,000. 70,000. So let's use this rule of thumb, even though it's not accurate. Sure is. Okay, so let's put 700 book 700. It's probably actually it might be less but that's my pattern. Might be more. I don't know. That's okay. You can go online. Okay. Um, Rochelle, what did you put down? Uh, one thing I said I wanted a cake. I wanna vacation three once a year vacation. Okay. And how much do you think? Let's start with this. How much do you think he would have to pay per year for vacation? The kind of vacation you would really like? Oh, probably for three months. Kelly. 75,000. Really? Wow. Tell me about your vacation. Holy cow. Where do you go? I want to fly in the Concord. Why? I want to eat everywhere in Europe, and I want it to be able to bring everything that I eat home with me and I want to buy gifts for everyone I love. And I wouldn't visit everyone I know in Europe, and I wouldn't go to the islands. And I want to, like, be on the beach everywhere. Beautiful, and I want to travel on a yacht. And I wanted to have my own personal chef instead of being a personal chef. And I haven't vacationed. I've only had one real vacation in my life. so I want to, like, have a real vacation. Like very get isn't that I give to everybody else? Awesome. So I'm gonna put 7000 month, Okay? All right. Might be or might be list. What I mean by that is, if you were to save 7000 month, it's actually gonna take you 10 months to save that. Right? But let's just say, 12. Since I don't want to do the math, make it close enough 7000 month so that you would have that money to travel And not just like, throwing a long credit cards. Something right? Okay, great. One thing you go. Um, I'd like to be able to go to a restaurant without regard to cost. Okay. Like once a week or so awesome. I have a story about that. I will tell later. How much would that cost? You think if you per for a month, that's what I wasn't sure. I was imagining what you want to spend each time like bucks or 200 bucks, or you want to go crazy and like, bye bye. Dinner for $7000 if you like. Like like the like $200 a dinner $200 dinner. And how many times a week, just once a week, once a week, three times four is 800. So this is what I'm doing, by the way, at home when you're not sure, you know, like chunk it down to smaller bits. Like for Michelle? I said, Well, how much would it cost per year for the year? Because it was easy to figure out the yearly number first and divided by 12 for you. You're like, Well, how much would it cost per dinner? Because he couldn't figure out the monthly number took $200 close enough. Most live by 44 weeks. Now we got 800.

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Strong financial management skills are a must-have for a thriving, healthy relationship — but conversations about money can trigger feelings of guilt and anxiety. Simple financial discussions don't have to turn into emotional minefields. Join Robyn Crane and CreativeLive to learn the skills you need to manage your money as a couple, without letting your finances get in the way of your relationship.

This course will teach you everything you and your partner need to know to manage your finances effectively – without stress, guilt, or conflict. You’ll learn concrete tools for communicating about finances openly and honestly. You’ll also build strategies for recognizing and correcting flawed beliefs about financial management. You’ll explore why money issues are among the most common reasons for break-ups and divorce, and learn how to safeguard your relationship against the friction financial disagreements can cause. You’ll also create a concrete, easy-to-implement system that allows you to achieve financial health by playing to your and your partner’s strengths.

You’ll leave this course with strong personal finance skills and an understanding of how to collaborate with your partner to work toward a thriving financial future.



as a participant in the course, and now a week later, going back thru watching the videos, following along with the book, doing the homework again, i have to say i am still 1000% overjoyed that i put my business launch on hold to attend Robyn's course and Attend to my Life and my Relationship and put them first for the first time in my adult life. i went into this with an open mind, believing whatever i got out of it would be greater than what i came into it with and by the end of the first day i felt like i had won the lottery! i was terrified to sit down and figure out our net worth, believing we were Billions of dollars in the red. but lo and behold, when i just put the battle ax down and did the work it turned out our assets had us sittin' pretty. Imagine my shock! my entire outlook changed, my beliefs were able to shift and i've been able to make grand changes in the way i deal with money in even the smallest of ways since then. i found that piece to be so phenomenally empowering habits i thought i'd never break are totally conscious decisions now, before i reach in my wallet i ACTUALLY THINK do i WANT to spend this on that right now? or would i rather SAVE it for later. I don't even have to have a goal in mind. the image of our assest growing is a serious turn on! Robyn's light hearted approach really brought my guard down, she gave me facts and knowledge first, when i was handed that 150 page book, i said to myself, "self i said, knowledge, cool." then she walked on stage with her sense and humor and i said, "AND Robyn's funny- BONUS! i'm definitely learning something, let's go!" and learn i did. I'm thrilled at the follow up and i'd say to anyone considering if they should invest in this course, it's unorthodox in the least, and if you're open and willing to do the work, it can, as i am living witness, be absolutely transformative. personally and triangularly- that being between you, your hunny & your money. take it if you dare to break free of whatever bonds are holding you from living with your love in your highest purpose, calling, and love light! If i could gift one thing on this earth this moment to everyone i love it would be taking this course with Robyn. (holdin the space, prayin n holdin the space...)


I absolutely LOVE Robyn Crane. What a great teacher. My man agreed to go through the video course and complete the workbook with me based on a clip he saw one clip of the course. We've gone through half the manual workbook and have been able to communicate better outside of the work, already. I am feeling better about talking with my spouse about money than ever, and we're both learning more about each other's ideas about money and our beliefs. Wow. That's an eye opening experience, I thought I knew what he thought about money and goals but I was surprised a lot at the answers he wrote in the workbook. Sharing with eachother is key-- I'm so pleased with the results and we're not even half way done! That you Robyn and thank you Creative Live!

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