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Get More Views with Better SEO

Lesson 11 from: Grow Your Audience with Youtube Marketing

Philip Ebiner

Get More Views with Better SEO

Lesson 11 from: Grow Your Audience with Youtube Marketing

Philip Ebiner

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11. Get More Views with Better SEO


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Introduction to YouTube Marketing


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Get More Views with Better SEO


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Lesson Info

Get More Views with Better SEO

Welcome to this new section on optimizing your Youtube videos to get more views and with more views, you will result in more people going through your different sales funnels and ultimately more revenue. So we're continuing sort of the backwards sort of style of this class, where in this section we're learning about optimization, we might be talking about things like adding keywords and tags to your videos. If you don't understand what we're talking about, please continue with the course before answering questions or go ahead and skip to the last sections of this course about setting up your channel where you learn the specifics of how to do those things. But again, like I mentioned at the beginning of this course, I wanted to structure it so that we get to the good stuff first for people who already know how to set up their Youtube channel. This first lesson is about getting more views with better S E O practices, S C O stands for search engine optimization and is basically making sur...

e that the content that you upload to Youtube is optimized is best set up so that people can find it. The main ways this happens is through your titles, your description, your video tags and even close captions having keywords or key phrases. The things that people will type into the search bar to find your video in those things. Titles, tags, descriptions and closed captions will help it appear more if your video is about adobe premiere Pro, you want to make sure that adobe premiere Pro is in the title of the tags and the descriptions and adding your own clothes captions helps youtube automatically adds closed captions to all videos but sometimes they aren't 100% correct. So it would be best to go through them and edit them to make them correct and make sure that those key words are spelled properly. But if you're making a video about premiere Pro, like I do different tutorials using it. You don't want to just include the keyword premiere Pro because that's not really helping someone who searches for premiere pro people that just search for premiere pro are probably looking for how to purchase or how to download the application. So you need to go a step further and maybe it's more focused into a premiere Pro tutorial. So your keyword or key phrase included in all these things again would be premiere Pro tutorial but it might even go a little bit further. Maybe it's a premiere Pro tutorial on creating new titles or using the new title panel in premiere pro. So including those specific keywords is even more important. So that when people search how to create new titles in premiere pro, your video will show up. So this is the first tip for better S ceo including those keywords and key phrases, what will a Youtuber be typing in to find your video? The next tip is to compete for keywords with popular videos. Do research to find keywords used by others and I'm going to show you in just a second how you can find the keywords used by any video on Youtube. One cool thing that youtube allows you to do right now to is see the ranking of your specific keyword or key phrase used in your tag and I'll show you that in just a second as well. Another thing to do is to include your brand's name in the title tags and description. This increases chances of showing up in suggested videos which are the videos that youtube shows on your video page or other people's videos that are related to that video and by including your brand name, the algorithm of Youtube picks that up and sees while all of these videos are tagged with video school online for example, it must mean that these videos are somewhat related. So when we play one Youtube video from video school online, the others that are tagged with video school online are more likely to show up. And the reason that is good is because if someone watches one video, they're more likely to watch another video. If it shows up in that suggested? Bar another piece of advice for improving S Ceo has to do with thumbnails. You might be thinking, well, thumbnails. Is there just images. So how does that help? S Ceo with not just thumbnails but titles as well. You want to match the viewer's expectation. So when they search for something and they read the title of your video or they see the thumbnail of your video and then they click on it expecting to see what they typed in and search for or expecting to see something related to that thumbnail and then the video is about something else. Then you're S Ceo and your ranking is actually going to be hurt because one of the key analytics that youtube uses to rank videos well is how long and how much engagement video has. If two videos are five minutes long and one is consistently being watched for three of the minutes and one is only being watched for the 1st 10 or 15 seconds. The video that's being watched for three minutes will ultimately be ranked higher even if it has fewer views in total. And that's because Youtube wants viewers to be watching more and more content and to be engaged. It means that there happier with the content. They're finding the content that they want in the old days. People used to use all kinds of weird tactics with the thumbnails putting pictures of pretty women or just outlandish stuff on the thumbnail to try to get people to click on them. But the video would be about something completely different. When that happens people click away and that decreases the engagement and in turn decreases your S. C. O. So let's dive into Youtube really quick so I can show you some examples of using keywords here in this professional photography class video notice that I don't call it the Photography Masterclass and the title of this video because I doubt that people are going to be searching for Photography Masterclass when looking for just a class on photography. So photography classes in the title. That is a key word online photography course. This is in the description. Changing up the specific words to include a wider breath of keywords is also important and then I include a long description of what this video and what the course is all about using photography a lot. You have a 5000 word limit and using as many of those words as possible. Can really help increase your S. C. O. Down here we have the tags and you can see what I was mentioning this green sort of square with the number. This means where this video ranks in the Youtube search results for whatever topic or keyword this is. So when people search for photography class or photography course, This video pops up probably on the first page, an online photography course. It's ranked number five which is pretty high. Let's look at another video. Just for an example, here's not a promo but just that title and essential graphics tutorial. This one ranks very well for a number of key words and phrases for adobe premiere pro itself, it ranks 10 which is awesome. A central graphics panel which is the exact sort of tool that I'm showing in this tutorial is ranked three title tool, text tool, how to create titles in. I think that's premiere Pro that's the first ranking video for how to create titles in premiere pro. And then I thought about other things that people might be searching for when looking for this video. Put yourself in the viewer's mind. New title missing. Why is that a key phrase for me? It's because that's the thing that I searched for. When I found out that premiere Pro changed things around, there was no new title button in premiere pro. So the first thing I did was I searched on google for where is my new title button or new title button missing. And so a lot of people who search for this are probably wondering about premiere Pro. And the other thing too is that these titles can combine and add to each other. The fact that I have adobe premiere Pro as a keyword and the new title missing. Those can work together so that if someone is searching for a new title missing but they're searching for another program or something completely different. My video might not show up compared to someone who types a new title missing and adobe premiere Pro. The last thing I want to show you is a cool trick on how to see keywords that other users are using. So I'll use myself as an example when you're creating a video, I suggest searching for it on Youtube and just seeing what the most popular videos are And then using the keywords that they have as inspiration for key words that you use. Here's my top 10 ways to make passive income. I'm using google chrome and if you right click and choose view page source it will bring up the source code basically the html of this page. I'm going to search by pressing command F which would be control F on a pc and type in keywords. And you can see here that it shows the key words for this page videos go online passive income. 10 ways to earn passive income. Ways to make passive income, make money, top 10 income online Webinar Philemon or teach online courses, sell e books, amazon. Kindle drop, shipping, drop shipping, rental income, invest. So I listed out all the individual ways that and things I talked about in this video in case someone was searching for one of those and then they end up wanting to see more because they might be interested in the others. And looking at the back end of this video, I can see that I'm ranked number two for 10 ways to earn passive income. Number six for passive income. # four for ways to make passive income. And so having these keywords and key phrases, even if they're similar, They're slightly different and people might be searching for this whole phrase or this whole phrase, it's good to have the different options you don't need to go crazy and you do have a limit of 500 characters for your tags. But as long as again you're matching the viewer's expectations, you don't want to use tags that will result in a video being found that's not related to the tag that you're using. So I hope you've enjoyed these tips for getting more views with better S E. O. If you have any other best practices or questions, feel free to send me a message or post a question to the chorus. Otherwise, we'll see you in the next lesson.