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The Quick and Easy Way to Create a YouTube Ad

Lesson 19 from: Grow Your Audience with Youtube Marketing

Philip Ebiner

The Quick and Easy Way to Create a YouTube Ad

Lesson 19 from: Grow Your Audience with Youtube Marketing

Philip Ebiner

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19. The Quick and Easy Way to Create a YouTube Ad


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The Quick and Easy Way to Create a YouTube Ad


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Lesson Info

The Quick and Easy Way to Create a YouTube Ad

in this lesson, I'm going to show you the easy way to promote or advertise one of your videos that already exists on Youtube. The first thing you'll want to do is go to google Adwords Adwords dot google dot com and sign up for an account. You'll need this account to actually promote or advertise your Youtube videos, then go to your creator studio, which is if you go up to your icon in the top, right? And then you click on creator studio and then under channel and advanced, you can see Adwords account linking, click on link, an Adwords account and then hook up the Adwords account that you just created if you want, pause this video and do all of that and then come back because you won't be able to move forward until you do these two steps with this type of promotion that I'm showing you in this video. It's good for if you just want more views on a video in the next lessons, I'm going to be showing you a more advanced way of advertising targeting. Getting people to click on your links, go...

ing to your website, purchase products and that kind of thing. But this video, it's a simpler way to just quickly set up a promotion for one of your videos. It's kind of like on facebook, if you have a facebook page, how they ask you if you want to promote a post where you're basically just getting more eyeballs on the content without too much control of who actually sees it and what they do. There's a little bit of control and we'll show you that in just a second. So why would you even want to do this? I found that promoting videos right, when they're launched and getting that boost of traffic can help with the long term success of a video. Their ranking there. S Ceo. Because the more views, the more likes, the more engagement you get early on in a video, it boosts that ranking so that people can find it from search and there's that social proof to it too when someone is searching for a topic And if a video has 10,000 views they don't know if those views were from a promoted video or if it was just organic traffic, but if they're comparing that video to a video that has maybe a few 100 views, they might be more likely to click the one and watch the one with more views. So that's why promoting a video of yours might be a good idea just to get that initial boost of traffic. So how do you do it? Go into your creator studio and go under your video manager to your videos page, find a video that you want to boost. Now you want to be smart about this, You don't want to be wasting any money. So for me, I'm going to choose a video that is a promotion of a free course of mine, I'm not going to promote a promo for a paid course because getting someone from Youtube into a paid course I've found is harder than making sure they go through an email funnel first. Remember talking about our different types of marketing funnels. I'm going to send them to a free course where they get on an email list and then promote to them later on. This is the video that I want to create a promotion with and don't mind this little TB icon right here. You're not going to see this on your Youtube channel. This is too buddy, which is a Youtube extension. I like using it. It has a lot of cool tools. But if you're wondering, what is that TB sort of button, why don't I have that? Don't worry about it. I'm not going to be using that in this class next to this edit button, click the down arrow and choose promote. This takes you to a new page for promoting your videos, click promote your video button. Now we have some different options that we want to go through. Starting from the left. You have a campaign budget where you give a total amount of money that you want to spend for your entire campaign or you can do a daily budget. So I recommend starting out with like $10 a day if you can and you can also start and end this whenever you want. So you don't have to worry about if you set a $10 budget per day, it's not going to go on forever next you have the audience that gets to see this ad you have two options here. Everyone or let me choose who sees my ad. As I mentioned before, you can do a little bit of targeting here where you can choose specific countries or regions or even a specific city and this is great if you do have a traditional local business and you want to target people in your local area, you can do that by city or region Now. Your little town might not be on here but your region hopefully is or for example, for me if I want to only target people who speak english and who are more likely to purchase my product, I might target countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and the reason why I know this is because from my other analytics and research in the past, most of my paying students come from these countries Australia but you can see up here as I do that that the estimated views per day changes depending on what countries you select. Some countries. It costs more to advertise because they're more valuable for advertisers than others. And this is just a good awesome kind of idea for how many impressions and views your video will get. So ad impressions is how many times this will actually show up. But if you have the in stream ad because it's a true view add you only get charged and you only pay if someone watches 30 seconds of your video, not if they click, click the skip ahead button and speaking of over here on the right really quick, you can preview what your ad is going to look like here. You have the in display ad which is the search results and the in stream ad will show up right here as the video itself. Okay, back down to the left after you've chosen a location, you can choose a specific interest and this is based off of a user's history, their pattern of use that google tracks both through youtube and on google itself. You'll find that they have a number of categories and subcategories. So for me for this video, I might find someone that is interested in photography. That category is called shutterbugs or perhaps under media and entertainment. I can choose movie lovers. Or perhaps I want to just choose the entire technology category. If this was a video about some sort of mobile phone app or editing process on an app, maybe I would just choose the mobile enthusiast. That being said, this kind of targeting is so out of your control that I don't recommend. Usually selecting the interests here, I just usually have it be all interest. And the cool thing is that because you're not being charged when someone doesn't watch 30 seconds of your video, it doesn't matter too much if you're choosing a specific interest because you don't want to leave out people and not show it to people who might be interested and those people might be in different categories and they might end up watching 30 seconds of your ad or your video and clicking on your video on your channel. So you don't want to miss out on that opportunity. And like I've said, there's better ways to target a specific audience and we'll be showing you that in the next lessons. So for me, I'm just going to click all interests and then click next step here. You can design your ad. So you have a headline, a description line and a description line too. So for me I might choose something like learn adobe, Photoshop for free, something like that, something catchy something. Um We are engaging with someone for that description one enroll in the free course. Start learning today. So that's really quick. I would probably do a little bit more research, try to figure out what keywords and what things people are interested in for clicking on this ad. Maybe practicing with a couple of different ad copy, doing multiple campaigns with the same video to see which works. And these sort of subcategories and headlines are only going to be showing in the in display ads. It's not going to be in the in stream ad because that's just a video that pops up and starts playing, but it will display these headlines in the in display section. Okay? So once you have your headline descriptions and you can also choose the thumbnail, you can see that it gives you a few different options for a thumbnail click next step. If you aren't signed into adwords, it's going to ask you to sign into adwords and now once you're logged in you can just review everything. You have your ad copy your budget, the potential reach locations, targeted group, you can see here now we can see what it looks like for the in stream ad, the true view in display ad and then all you have to do is click create and launch campaign. Alright, so this takes you to the google Adwords account page here. You can see that I have my campaigns on the left different ones that I ran before and it takes you automatically to this campaign which you can re title if you want clicking there Dobie for free, we'll just save that. And if you scroll down or you might see this already, you have the two different ads that are being reviewed. The one in stream and the in display ad so it might take a day or so a business day for google to approve your ad. If there's anything wrong with your video with the copy, you can't promote videos that are against Youtube policy, that kind of thing, then it might not be approved. But typically if you're following the rules and not promoting anything scandalous. It should just go ahead and work. It's an important thing to now go into the settings here. So you can choose an end date. If you didn't just choose an overall campaign budget here under settings you can go to campaign start and end date and then choose an end date. So if I just want this to run for a few days, I will choose that and click save. You have a few more options here as well like delivery method. Typically you're on the standard option which shows your ad to people evenly over time. So they kind of space it out over the time length of your campaign. Otherwise you can choose accelerated which shows your ads as quickly as possible. So it will only reach the maximum daily budget but they show it earlier on as fast as possible or if you just have an entire campaign budget and not a daily budget, they're going to show your ad as fast as possible and not kind of try to trickle trickle it out over a few days. I like choosing the standard method. You also have networks which you didn't see before. This is where people will find your ads. So in Youtube search when people are searching for a topic, it might show up depending on what the keywords are for your video and what they're searching or on Youtube videos which is standard, the in stream view and they also have partners. So youtube and google Adwords will put ads on other video content elsewhere. So these are also going to be counted as youtube views for you. So you might as well leave it. Some people don't like using that. They want to target only people who are on the Youtube platform itself and that's up to you. You have your location options, languages, which is another advanced option. We didn't see before. You can choose whether you want it to be on all devices and all networks or just on mobile tablets or just on desktop computers. If you want here, you can choose different types of operating systems. For example, if you are promoting something that has to do with Macintosh computers only or a Mac app, then you might not want pC users to be seeing that add things like that. You can do more advanced settings with ad scheduling. So changing when people actually see the ads during the day or it's going to be standard to just show it at all hours of the day and then under ad delivery, there's a couple of other options, frequency capping. This means that if you only want a certain amount of people to watch the the, the ad per day. For example, if you have an ad campaign running where you're giving away a free promotion or a free course or something like that. Of doing anything where you want to limit it to a certain amount of people you might want to set a cap to how many people actually see the ad per day and then there's content exclusions where they're not going to show your video on other or put your ad on any content that is violent. It's related to crime abuse, that kind of stuff. But you can manually edit that. If you would like once your ad starts running you will start to get data here under the ad data, you'll start to see how many views are being watched because of the ads. If you go to the video targeting tab, you can see specific data for different demographics, for age, for gender, household income, that kind of stuff right now I don't have any data because this ad hasn't started playing yet here. I've chosen another ad that I've done in the past, a cinematography video and so here you can see the impressions and the data for things like age And this can also help you understand who your target audience is. So you can see that a lot of 25-34 year olds were watching this video interesting to me, more females watch this video than males, which is interesting to me because most of my current students are male, a lot of people who are parents compared not parents. So you get a lot of cool data there that you can use to retarget and focus your advertisements in the future. And lastly really quick if you ever want to pause an ad campaign or end it just click on this enabled button up here in the top left, choose pause or you can completely remove this if you want. And as you do a lot more promotions, it might be easier to remove some of the older ones. So your Adwords account isn't so cluttered. So even though I said this was the easy way to promote a video, you can see that you can get quite advanced with this after you actually set up the Adwords campaign and in google Adwords you can start editing a lot of these different features but there's a lot more you can do and that's going to be coming up in the next few lessons when we go and start an ad campaign directly within Adwords. So if you don't have an Adwords account yet and you want to follow along again, go ahead and set up your Adwords account and then we'll see you in the next lesson.