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SEO Plugins

Lesson 33 from: Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

Maddie Cohen

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33. SEO Plugins

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SEO Plugins

you've written your post you have written your meta description filled in your image text and you're ready to roll your S. C. O. Is probably decent at this point right? But there are a lot of moving parts and how can you tell whether you're moving in the right direction before we move on to the next chapter. I want to let you know it's okay to ask for help. That is to ask for help in the form of SEO plug ins. Yost. The top rated wordpress. S SEO plug in is awesome and if you don't use wordpress keep in mind that you have other similar options at your disposal. Have you ever gone bowling? I love bullying and well I don't use bumpers even though after my last disaster of a game I probably should. I recognize their value. Think of Yost as your bumpers and bullying as your blog. Yost will keep your S. C. O. Out of the gutter and you'll roll a strike in no time. Here's how it works. The analysis tool and the. Yoast SeO plug in checks your post to see whether you've used your keywords in the...

right places. It'll check your copy your headline, your meta description, you're all text and even your U. R. L. The premium version of the plug in recognizes different forms of your keywords, plug in scans, the overall readability of your text including sentence and paragraph length as well as transition words. It also searches for internal and external links and images. Again the premium version can even suggest links to relevant articles on your site. It also calculates how often you use your keywords. It'll let you know if you're over doing it and it'll let you know if you're not using it often enough bonus, the tool will check and see if other pages on your site use the same keyword. That way you can avoid competing with yourself. Yost is great and simple. It's easy to use problem areas appear in the form of a red dot, Places where there's room for improvement, including orange dot and you're good results are accompanied by a green dot. Basically the plug in is super seamless. I'm a fan of it and I think you'll like it too. So S C. O a quick recap. We just discussed search engine optimization and how important it is. We talked about keyword selection, internal and external linking and meta descriptions. We talked about your image, text, your blog post tags and categories and the benefits of S C. O plug ins like Yoast think you've got a handle on basic sc. Oh, awesome. It'll only get easier from here. Moving on now to our next chapter, let's talk about editing your blog posts

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