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Lesson 37 from: Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

Maddie Cohen

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37. Proofreading

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now let's talk about proof reading, proof reading is usually the final step before you publish your blog post you might outsource your proof reading or do it yourself. What's important to understand here though is that proof readers don't suggest major changes to the content. Instead they look for minor but critical problems. A missing comma spacing issue a typo that spell check didn't catch like the use of the word compliment with an E instead of the word compliment with an eye. Your goal while proof reading is to make sure everything is consistent and correct pro tip. Be sure to proofread your headline headings and subheadings in addition to the body text, our eyes tend to gloss over these areas but your readers are smart. They will catch whatever mistakes you make. Does this sound daunting? If you need an extra boost during the revision process you've got options here are two tools I'd like to recommend to you. The first one you'll also find in the learn from fiber course stories th...

at sell seven secrets to create killer content. It's called the Hemingway up. I won't spend too much time discussing it but basically the platform helps you make your writing clearer and more impactful. It will recommend changes that will make the copy editing process much easier. The next tool I'm going to recommend you might already be familiar with. It's called Graham early graham Early checks, content for grammar and spelling issues. Plagiarism stylistic problems and so much more it's more thorough than spellcheck. There's a premium version if you want additional features and it's available in a number of formats, you can use the web tool, the desktop or mobile app, the Microsoft word add in or even the browser extension, whatever you prefer. Grammar lee is here for you use it. And the people who read your blog will thank you for it. Even if they don't tell you directly, at the very least they'll appreciate your top quality air free content. Now, before we move on to our final chapter, I'll say one more thing about the revision process. The tools I just mentioned aren't necessary. They can be very helpful but they aren't required. What is absolutely necessary, proofreading and copy editing your work. Like I said, you can outsource these tasks if you don't have time to revise your posts yourself, but you should make a habit of reviewing your work when you're in a pinch. Ultimately editing your content is well worth the time investment because it shows you've put time and effort into your content marketing, it shows your source others can trust. And that sense of trust is crucial to your success. It's also crucial to your message. You wouldn't want to communicate important news only to distract readers with a glaring typo and by copy editing and proofreading your work, you won't have to if I could leave you with one takeaway from this chapter, it would be this don't rush to post your content proofread and edit each blog. Post comb your copy for mistakes, review each paragraph every sentence, even for readability and flow, trust, engagement and carefree, polished content are just some of the benefits of making time to review your blog posts before hitting the publish button. Let's move on. Yeah, the next thing we're going to do is put your blog posts out there for all the world to see, well, your audience at least.