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Adding Music and Stills

Okay, I'm gonna go import and we're gonna find the audio and again this is going to interesting I haven't listened to these three track so I'm going to just put it in the third track because we don't know what we're recording throughout the day and I literally can import this now what I have to pay can you hear just has what I'm doing here is aiken plus and minus and what I wanted to show you let me minus one second can you see these things here like away from camp basically what floor alize does and final cut ten is it will sink this for you teo underneath here though there is audio is a bulletin we just had it meted so the audio off camera will be there for his interview might be an idea to pick up his interview but let's talk about well formed first so for me kind of why they will try and do is marry up if there is a spike this is why in hollywood they go action that that noise this will go really high and then out of all the audio I can connect our right that's where it is and then...

you think the guide audio there's just fine hour for this audio that we did d'oh um I think that uh looking forward to remember that what was that okay, another thing that I did forget to do that you guys have to do I would normally talk into the microphone and say this is the bride's interview this is a great interview of dominic and verity was freshly when you're sending stuff to editors on your shooting and say there was three weddings that week the editor does not want oh oh you don't want to listen to all these audio tracks and you get home ago tireless where was that part of the day where it was that helps low even for especially for an editor like with the wrong voices with the wrong couple now we don't know but you could see how that happens it's not even that it's like somewhere in the audio on the day when I was interviewing the groom or safe we've got ten speeches kind of I really want to use dad's speech over the piece to an editor the editor wasn't there whose dad speak the kind of going even afterwards say I will know before that you love mike people up for the speeches or you're pulling a death I will know the order because we have to know if we have to move my ex and I will literally some say I'm testing testing this's the audio sensors wedding mom was going to speak so then dad then best man there's so so then when I get out I hear he will know where to head up thing sounds like um I know again but it saves time and money if you are not going to do it and another question that's ribbon addendum to that what does the same thing go with video? Do you and your other cameraman sink your cameras as faras the timecode on there so when it goes out to the editor getting techie now timecode if you have lovely time code on like three they don't do that I want time code kind of sorry on that mark two on the mark three don't even actually mark three I don't think they have I have it on the c three hundred but in all honesty eh it's so chaotic and a wedding generally that we've just had to get tougher and tougher and shoot the other however when you first start out I said let's overshoot everything I don't care if I come back with a terabyte of footage because I can't magic the footage if it's not there and then we were like I love this shop that shop so it'll be good that makes sense yeah so I'm trying to listen here coffee it's pretty good I went to yeah guys every internet audio just a little bit how you doing today you hear how they louder they turned us up okay? You can hear dr because their turnouts around just bring some calm today she can see probably here is where he's going to start talking the timing because I really want to show you teo teo from here I think that looking for it too okay even just for a time of pit and outpoint minuses no, we're going to drag this have it to hand oh, hold on um I think even if I drag and put this where are you going to be nice to me no, you can't let me do this in steps you wouldn't want to do this I want to show you where right she put it if I drag over here we've lost our guide audio we're in trouble we need the guide audio the safe I've got a talking head with bad audio from the camera I need to now make sure when I zoom this stuff in another thing to know is that this is a new version of sierra six seven or see a cloud of six and I can zoom in here and see these web files but for instance you would know I want no money think these two so I hear an echo and then I will delete it the way I would delete it and I only ever do this is going and unlinked the cliff I mean please don't tell him I moved it here we go. The problem with this now is one I delete the audio the great thing I maybe have to do this for me I'm not the expert at everything getting it back is the painting back side so I do that once the audio is sink the last year and now when I move the timeline stuff you can see there's no audio because when I moved the visual the audio moves with her it's linked if I've got like a whole why call a selection here that I want to keep highlights it on group that way I can't mess it up down in the bottom of this whole thing doesn't matter where I made that okay yeah do you want me to do I'm gonna pull up fulop write it down I'm hoping this is a gun of sung cause all I've brought here is the timeline to show you okay can you see the big red time means there's not rendered a when now it just rendered me quickly give you another toe actually render your piece sequence somebody asked me recently trying to find my love for you I've been thinking about this a little smile I love kappa way somehow this is frozen my end well okay here we go what have it back so you would sequence render so before you expo out let's just quickly talk about exporting now and then I will show you the still images here and how to zoom into them intimidates exporting out let you make sure you have the green line on the yellow line media and you will need to change this this is the kodak that one like to shutting hey h two six four um literally you have all different options here so if you want to do a blue ray dvd I normally will clip this on back home actually mind doesn't default to hate to six four it would default to something else and I have to put it back there but check this out I think I'm just not being patient enough just thinking this is where I do my iphone export my ipad export my romeo export my ship expo you can export it to whatever to know in final cut seven I had to write down I make notes and save profiles about all this other stuff in here so about the height the width the frame way the progression don't want interlaced all this other really technical stuff and now this is what I'm saying pulled him yeah and the great thing you can do here it's just hit let's just pick ten eighty on cue up so I'm no asked it to export yet come on and then I go in I'm going to do another one I would do whatever the client bull banger bang down export and then go work on something else and then you have them all but let me go through this timeline ago actually cancel if you can see the screen and you know what I mean and then when you're ready because when you hit the export out of this it does take a while if it's not been doing in the background final cut ex renders in the background but it would still take a while another thing anyone that has a server or a network I can't edit across my network and I have to be really taking out I have a cat six network back at home because I was in banking and taking, but what happens is it takes too long so everything I have a hard drive or on actually on my mac, but that will be editing when I export our export out there first and then send it to my network because if I export out to my network drive, it takes five times as long to export our export and enter everything corner like would drive you have an amazing instructor that even talks about partition of the desk and having the right system wait the course way actually do it and I didn't want I didn't want to bring that up to you guys you know, victoria's union amazing job kind of showing you a little bit of her workflow and premier, but just recently we had an instructor come in larry jordan who did three days and this guy is a master and so seal regina is going to be posting that link in the chat rooms again, a very affordable class and he covered premiere really from start to finish and can really take you guys to that next level. So we're going to do what we can do for them going, and we're not going to get too technical and premier because we want to see those those slot the stills be popped in, so we're going to go to next, so here you would be able to hit play when you're ready to go have a cup of coffee and you just keep adding stuff here I am going to get out of his fur now. Um, so what I wanted to show you here is how you still have my audio, the original audio of his audio. So this is the good audio off the same from my interview with this bride and groom underneath here is you have my track, and I can you see what happened there? So if I just play this, somebody asked me recently tries no song, so when you're editing, when you're trying to sink your track or picking your songs, you can talk on and off the audio company off mean recently, trying to find my love you can see everything's in blue, you can see where I've done this move. Here is one of a vast like a still and if I play it let me play in shaping what it looked like again all things talk there is a movement to the still let's pull in still did we have fighter shell pipeline from usa ready for a question while footsteps opening so I had a question when you're ending a wedding video right you've got that the long wedding video what is your go to shot for that last big bang? Is it coming out of the church with riots or is it getting into the current driving away or is it different for every situation different very situation and you'll be surprised what we ended the folk a shoe on um but I liked it or anything that insinuates an ending so for me for this piece but what did we have then we had the closing slider short keep going I didn't think it was hand voices, although I may carry state said this with music and this was god cam who but this is actually the ending shot wass the slider very, very proud indeed to say that I am your husband, you're my cell mate and I love you with all my heart that is the closed eyes mean, then it goes on what I could have done here the title very quickly to add tight was a very using here I need title default store you can have it rolling we don't even need to name it this is so easy to do compared to final cut seven and then aiken type move things sent to a lineup was saver and then what happens when it saved is it will be in your product project as a title we then drag it on as if it's a piece of video and then we work out how long we want over there I need to render out but I'm not going to end um I want to show you a still even if I can pour if there still is in here that's just pull it still okay that's two okay so when you pull a stew and just make sure it's sized umm I was sizing them by ten eighty by nineteen twenty because I wanted it to fill the frame I don't do that anymore because I'm actually zoom in into it so it doesn't matter to me said you know what we should eat less using an upright quickly okay you see that when I pull it in it's not quite fitting the frame so doubleclick I'm going to zoom into my timeline okay and then here let's go to the left hand side effects there's something called motion and scale imagine this is all I can explain this that this is like my many timeline what's down there on the right hand side so I'm watching here on my I am it doesn't matter what the state force to again because I can have this go on for five seconds ten seconds three seconds so pick how long you want your stills on four so we wanted to be on the screen for one and two and three and four and five stop there but then what we do want as we wanted teo firstly we need it to fill the top and bottom of the frame so we will look at the position and we will do literally I'm holding my mouth and if you can see before I click it you can type in but I am goingto left right wherever I wanna go I wanna up down but I know money you scowl so I just moved the scout to fit so I made that from one hundred two hundred ten and I want to make sure I do this right at this edge a voice you're seeing jump on dh then going to hit right to the end of here I'm gonna stop it where it needs to be stopped and then I'm going to drag the scalp I'm going to go well how much I want to zoom in I might want to zoom into there and then I'm gonna hit this little thing here can you see this little market now so when we play that will go from we didn't get a monk a first for us too the market festival still mark here and then that's primus all the way back to probably that now for hit play and there was a trick to this if I thought that she was quite so guess how much it was zooming in how quick to the music that was pretty good that was like the old ken burns that was just random let me show you what it looks like if it's too fast so we'll go back to here let's just do something stupid like I don't know that now what says that she is not too bad now that we have photo shop opens, we take a look at some of the stills from yesterday I know we're excited to peek at those I mean, you're out of this kid let me open a couple with okay, any questions were waiting I'm gonna feel absolutely just okay and if we can, I will quickly dump them in that first time line. What can question? Yeah, so when you're doing so from indy when you're doing client revisions of the video so you go through your own revisions first and you perfect that thing how do you deal with client revisions and in the contracts do they have a a certain amount of visions that they're loud, great question firstly, I would say um there was talking about export times roughly and this is another guess so it's three minutes where the footage and it depends on your process er and everything kills it may take maybe three times as long as the footage if I'm going to export out something for forty five minutes the time for that in photo shop you can actually make one change of the thousands of photos that you have and it is probably a donor five ten minute job fifteen to change this one thing could be a five hours worth of work especially if your pain and editors that if you want teo take a shot out and put on a show in it needs to be rendered it needs to be edited it needs to be color graded and then exported rendered uploaded and then the kind we'll see it again so what I do with the trailer there is no changes whatsoever they trust may if we make a spelling mistake or do something like generally really negligent yet we'll change it or we have two three changes max and then what we do so as you can make as many changes you want but the minimum charge is five hours are x y zed funny enough my clients think it's fine right really happy with that but it's the one thing to say is never say no to a client just try to be clever about the way you say you can have whatever you want but it takes time and money because it does take time money and this is when I want you guys to think about I just spend another five hours tonight and do it's fine I'll do it you need to imagine that you are getting paid power I'm going quickly I'm not even gonna retouch this image so excuse me if I was gonna open up I know we thought you shot after word after a week and this is a quick shot after um well, they were all coming in now terrorizing two up here let's literally go image image dies and I'm going to actually just put this to seventy two it's still probably will be be quite huge and I'm going to save this to my desktop stepan okay, I need it to be a j bag maybe gonna put it down to him because again, this is not going to be printed it's going to be seen on the timeline I need to pull up the other time line. Give me a second if you want questions in between I know that we got to see how you imported the stills into premiere and I don't just think mostly they just we just want to see more coke can I just go through here? They're sure what about bridge you could either you could do it for through bridge, or you can also do it through the apple interface. I think you have a potentially have a slide show I kind of the top s so hard because you're on an unfamiliar computer and don't just highlighted yeah, or our click through bridge can you look in you like and why you're launching bridge? I will throw a question your way kind of I'm going to get these guys to take over and just do a slide show of the s o you know, we've we've looked at some of the editing that you do as faras the videos and the stills how how much do you get into the audio editing at this point with the audio, which I and get that in camera three only things we were doing audio and premier is almost is a little bit of what's called a q from that other than that, just having it a shotgun mic instead of like the last mike in the wrong place, that audio for very teen dom is nothing has done to the audio was the audio that come out with it. You could probably tidy up the audio, but for me it was like I wanted to get out now when I get it done. And just pulled the order instinct it on with a track underneath that well makes a difference look at what our people did backstage let's go through these that looks great this is still very blurry this is where changing back and forth I didn't change quick enough but it isn't when you win you sure shooting this? I thought you did that on purpose because it's fusion its movement I wouldn't I'm yeah this's what's crazy I wouldn't see what I wanna do a different world I kind of think that adds one of the movement and then they see the video is normally and still I would just edit that one out but I think because we're in the middle of movement that's kind of a cool thing this is what's caused everybody's interpretation probably from my fusion shit with the girls I wanted that still shot I want it to really look because it stills were at the end I wanted it to look my stores but when you're mixing between the two grey dog of course we wouldn't have all this crap still looks still now number five t my head now safety the stills so this is my still shop then would go to the poor shop at the video on the ball this shot stills the ball stills but the video footage of her coming into focus that may sense we keep cooking so we change the focus plans it I would in between these stills have the video footage or have a lot more stills and then little bits of video footage of vice versa. Okay, so you guys were going to run through these quickly. There we go. We're just gonna run through the slide show quickly, and then we're going to take a fifteen minute break. We'll take a look at these that's you think this is shot fiftieth? This was one of the shots, so we thought it was like it's not fake is it kind of is but it's not that and see my one key stuff here kind of adding that into the walk in the aisle clothes don't say on a day I'm shooting shed loads more ships. I didn't actually take a lot of stories here, but it gives you an idea. This is definitely how shit my stores in the morning now and how many remember class about how many are you delivering? I did live their lives and when we talk about house, I'll show. Okay, I'll tell you why cool tell you why, but I know everybody says less is more I'm going to tell you why it's no more for me, I'm going to tell you why what works for me works for may and and everyone's different right when they're delivering photos to their clients some do hundreds thousands do twenty is a bit like with an asian wedding night an hour and a half of group shots I can't deliver like five hundred images and it's a five day event I'm like akane the same was a video footage just starts getting really really big so here's someone we knew we shot some really cool nice video footage of her laughing that probably wouldn't have that shot I would have a different shot things like this for me I will crop here on him didn't talk about letterbox thing okay leave space for the top of bottom pen to make the decision before you shoot when we shoot we have something about sixteen by nine for mt so imagine kind of the black bars have a look at all my videos some of them the chef video we did not do that but the story tell very tell video is more hollywood is really skinny and narrow so shooting for that is the problem is when you don't you can't move the image up on down we like you can you can start animating a letterbox in your head it again it's time is money on the way to guess that is we used to talk we tried putting a tape on the screen that you shooting up but then you can't see what is shooting

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