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Let's do a what have we learned one break the ice okay let's not do what we've learned as in report what do what do we know about them or about them wasn't police he's a he's a okay what's important to her is the her dress so she was really into talking about her dress ex please my really terrible writing and scribbling wait eyes okay, I'm okay I'm gonna put here is more about the look hey he's an aviation or um kind of nation motorcycles a tvs I'm gonna put boys toys right tech I can what a family location yeah, what is that kind of suggests to us has a lot of meeting like the first wedding that's being held on that on their family property I can cost effective just keep on that. That was a very I didn't stop on internet. That was a massive important issue the very first wedding they have had what short dough I need to get establishing. Yes. Okay, so this venue I would like star ok if we're rushed for time but this cannot be thrown out. This is crazy importance who touched me? Yeah, b...

ecause he said in my family I'm with the first ones get married a lot yeah, okay what else? Anything else we didn't have that much with him she talked about that open field and I think that that's you think I was listening at the open field and that outdoor feeling and experience coming in and did a couple shows they're even if there is a kick ass location inside, where am I going to do that now? Everything out outside? Yeah, because it's motorcycles a tvs okay, field open talked about the color blue shirt that yahtzee and she was wearing even at his place in the morning. If he has that shirt on it's in the wardrobe and I wouldn't I would ask, is that shirt? Do you still have that share? Can we make sure that shirts in your wardrobe we won't make him put it on, but I will then get a glimpse of focus puller of all the shirts and stop on the blue shirt. This is how you can probably see my kinds. You guys may watch out videos I think that radical, my client's laugh cry and be like, oh my gosh, she listened oh my gosh, that blue shirt is so important you must almost video. We wouldn't notably show us important. This is when I say I turn into them and not may, but so interesting because now I see why you spend an hour with him because three of the way this is always got with fifteen minutes which is no longer a don't know about her family I need the whole hour just to find out what I need to feel right? And then I can start talking about may and within the hour I need to hear the fears, okay, we didn't have long enough with those guys, but save meena said she was worried about her skin. She had heard her that her girlfriend who got married, had a terrible put pop photographer and they were prodding her I am definitely not going to pose in touch so again, it was hard because we didn't have enough hear anything else? Okay, they touchy feely can yeah hand holding a lot switch pens, please. So we get a little more readability. Sorry. Oh, no that's okay, thank you. I just wanna make sure everybody out there thank you, but we can't read my writing holding their hands a lot, so they're holding hands for me. They are touchy feeling, so holding hands they're going to feel comfortable holding hands on. They sat near each other and they were both lean into each other. So for may, when we're doing this shoot, I know I can get them up close and personal where some couples still have their personal space or feel embarrassed to hold hands in front of a stranger these guys are like not fussed about there because they're almost proud of their love together and they're putting out there some people a little bit intimidated with that so again just just one thing tells me so much about them anything else but I think we've probably got most of what we could have done yeah let me just double check that I want to miss anything off my notes okay so the vision we want a fusion wedding shape I'm going to shoot mainly stills we're gonna pretend this is now prep for the actual main chute we want the vision is going to be a fusion piece my kit list twenty four twenty five seventy two hundred and I might camera lens that's all I'm going to shoot this on michael poopers shoot the whole day like that so in the morning okay I'm going to get more video in the morning because it's easy so I want video off prep okay, so my ten seconds we gonna obey getting ready and then I also want um what kind of shoes or dress or maybe rings or whatever it is and this is the day of correct now would you do like a whether check to see if it's going to rain in that morning or if it wasn't the right well shoot whatever happens and I know that but there's dog by like I have everything ready and my kid for it I don't work around it so I'm more content or this is more about when am I going to shoot still someone I go shoot video so this is your video I need that I need that for the groom can I then want the service I won the exit okay because that for me is going to tell me this is the beginning stuff here's the end of their service my skills will for the rest all I want video footage is them walking out church if I can what it will be nice to have here so that's going to be your own man this is the unmanned camera um so this is bonus but I want to try and achieve this what I'm gonna do is get a focus puller and if I can if I'm shooting from the back and the police won't let me at the fun I'm gonna get an establishing slider shaw of the aisle so at the side of the pews or the back of the seats into the middle of something it reveals them so then we can go into the reveal shot of the couple are now getting married I'm not going to get the kiss I'm not going to get the sign in the registers I'm shooting fusion you with me yeah couple shots this for may is when I want most of my video I want to ten seconds fitted I want the in between moments when I shoot stills of this and now I need unending how'm I gonna end up do I want to shoot this kind of speech is do we need to shoot speeches no that's too difficult how do I end them listen their speeches or not not video in the speeches but getting the voice recording of their speeches but maybe still shots from I'm going to get this as my audio on whatever joe says here could determine the change in here but because this is the day before I'm prepping a week before I don't know what joe was going to say so whatever he says if it works I'm going to use that as my audio other than that I'm gonna mike them up here and I'm also going toe going to get that interview in the morning and I will mike the speeches up even if I don't record them and came so I have one two three options of audio toe overlay even if I don't video the faces and somewhere in that I do if they say they're personal vows I've got it and I can you snip it the bits that I really love and add it to my stills and video you guys are looking at a little bit puzzled itself make what I just found a window you starting with you mike and I mean are you making the movie the begin warrior backing him up in a long time before now do you fine, I guess and then we'll take that long to make anybody in the family way. Okay, so just so we set that up we leave the zoom rolling we forget about it check the this is one if you want leave the levels on auto check with your phones, take the earphones off and just shoot stills and then flip video might for the service yeah hey he is on his lapel you're shooting unmanned camera in the back where you doing? Are you doing still stay there the whole time the whole summer and then the quiet bart say if it's not a civil service a church wedding kind of the bits where the vicar's going through or they're doing hims that's when I'll play with video I just need ten seconds of the valve stuff and then I think what getting really excited about shameful films ten seconds now twenty minutes pick your pick your moment and this is when if you're on a mono pod taking stills of in the service this size you know, even the back on man camera I've got the stills grab money put it on and she looks at him and laughed about it just him hey, you guys don't even worry about it because you've already got the short focus yeah and sure this is where people would just go yeah, yeah yeah it doesn't matter what you end in but it will be good to get a couple short ending or speech ending our depends what he says or the speeches if he's had an amazing speech I would then end on if you saw the other fusion video so him speaking to camera and speech and then moving to them again and this is when I would probably do a slider shot and I would do it kinda instead of like left to right right to left I would do the opposite way that maybe I'll just slide a shot for the reveal of the service here and then have them kind of like you and that face off behind something so it's it's a closure so it's like an opening and closing you now see why we should do sliders for certain things and not just for school that sounds great one other quick thing if I could just take one of the minute shoot from the m put out what's gonna be important a fusion piece yeah okay how we almost gonna deliver that how we're going to deliver we're gonna talk about that tomorrow there probably online dvd blew away so we got to think about a track how long footage do we need? Two three minutes how many actual video shots do we need one to three probably four and five and then some kind of closing to six game max six so what are we not going todo she fifteen hours of video and stress ourselves out, enjoying a divinity warm or a minute. Six ten seconds as you need and that's, probably a law. You may decide your fusion's only need that that that we may know only thirty seconds in with all your stoves.

Class Description

Combining video and photography brings an entirely new dimension to crafting wedding stories. Join Victoria Grech for a three-day course that will give you the tools to work as a fusion videographer/photographer, with stunning, marketable results.

Victoria will guide you through everything you need to know about working with both photo and video as a single shooter. You’ll learn about each stage of creating a dynamic fusion story, from selecting the right equipment to shooting seamlessly. Victoria will also cover how to integrate fusion services into an existing photography business and how to successfully market fusion packages to new and current clients.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to work confidently as a fusion photographer to capture dynamic wedding stories, land the right clients, and grow your business.