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Mid-Level Gear Kit

Lesson 5 from: Video Fusion for Weddings & Portraits

Victoria Grech

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5. Mid-Level Gear Kit

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Mid-Level Gear Kit

So what I don't talk about now when you find you get hit a little bit into this video stuff you will want to kind of keep moving up so we can talk about mid level care and this is when to me the money should be spent on kind of audio if you're almost a bit like a photographer like I was I was like I don't wanna buy tripod one of my lens on any camera when you hear tomorrow we hear the difference what you just heard some really bad audio like audio is more than fifty percent of your film there's some directors out there in hollywood that's a seventy percent of the film was audio on the end of day three when I show you my two biggest shoot I'll talk about the amount audio and it's not just the visual but it's the audio that we've spent so much time on on the different sound effects and things we used so for me I want to show you guys thesent heizer g three kids these are radio mikes sir. May I use these all the time for corporate for weddings, for portray its property for kids if they're...

moving around of you when you speak of free then love unlike the mark but we'll talk about matt coverage the pros and cons of having a lab mike which is this one or something like a shotgun mic here this is ah sennheiser m k six hundred this's amazing shotgun mike, my preference for audio is this every time rather than what you've got on here, and we're going to hear the differences, but there's pros and cons of every kind of situation and what might choose for the right job it's with similar to when you picked the right lens for the right shot, it's the same thing with audio that and this is what audio is such a big mind filled in a scary place because we have no knowledge nor me of this, we just think you just plug it in, switch it on and pray that's why no one is there on we can't do that, we need to know what we're doing. You have also the brand roy cars, so things like we call them they're cats, fluffy is their stuff for what? This is a small m k video mike. So these air good to put on the cameras, but again, I would say, if you want really clear audio, unless you're really near to your subject, this is not really going to get you great audio, you're going to hear lots of other interference, and I will normally pick up the camera sounds in the next couple of size, we're also going to talk about the marked to against the mark three the pros and cons on dh why went teo slightly bigger cameras and took a big, big leaf of flavor? Zoom recorders? There are a lot of filled recorders out there now compared to when I first bought my zoom, but do you know why it works? I'm going to keep using it the zoom six over those of the tech guys out in the audience kind of zoom next model of this soon. So this is the hate for n the next model of assume if you haven't got one by the six version it's really, really cool, the thing that I love about this is I can plug in the love mike's into here shotgun mic, I can even leave it rolling and get audio. Here I am being lee and it's a thousand times better than the camera. The cameras have one duty point. Have a look at your candid cameras, one tiny speaker and it's on camera, so any movement you make special the mark two, you're going to hear every clique and then you'll hear you behind the camera two so this is definitely my choice of not assume six because it's easy to actually plug him things if you want to get a little bit more fancy, say, for instance, it was quite nice is I have a white love, my khan today which is quite calm normally they're black and you'll see them is you have something called undercovers and they're very similar I pull these hour so these mean that you can actually attach something underneath your craving now normally if I was to attach a love mike underneath my clothes you'll hear a scratching sound again we'll do that tomorrow if I stick something like this to my skin and have something kovar and these are not just pieces of fluff we did also looked like getting cheaper versions of something like this it doesn't look there's a reason why these people are nationwide because they used this stuff in hollywood so there's things that you should spend your money on invest and other things you don't need teo I will tell you those but again the bathroom brands definitely for wind sound on audio but again as you see in my videos we didn't even do this we just had the left lights on but for now is another bugbear make it kind of is not nice to see it. I think I'd lose the story and then see that someone has a microphone on or the other option is to what's called a boom but now we're talking big productions and we don't have to wait just have to use what we've got glide cam so some of the footage you're going to see now has what I call a floating camera so similar to the crane stuff. But it's kind of looks like his handheld. So instead of zooming in, we're not going to move the camera to the person on the sky cam. But I do have is a four thousand. Why, cam? Hasty? Um, it is a bit hard on you, boys up. We need to put those biceps to do this on. You can get sure a few seconds of footage, so you'll see some of my fusion pieces, particularly for the kid's shoe. I did a lot on this because it was easy to follow them around. I could let them go, ron. I could let them play on. I could keep up with your choice to keep up with me on this will give you a steady shot is very similar to the stabilisers off the money, part of the tripods. And again, I would put a plate on here so I can clip in and clip out, keep going. This, however, let me warn you now takes a skill to do this. This is something, but someone in the business did advise me that I would never get it balanced, let alone shoot. On a wedding day, you probably get me by now, so I hired the thing, and I spent three days trying to just balance it, and I couldn't I couldn't even use that couldn't shoot with it s so I have the model well when we talk about the next life I have actually got on a five day study can cause it's just truly scary with huge wigs he drinks the east in hollywood and that was the end goal in that course is like but for me as well, learn even if kind of people were scared of things like this learn and then direct so when you hire someone that could do this, I know what's possible, so the least I can say some could you do this shot in the technical language that they would understand? I know what's possible and I know what snow and then I also know with steadicam crew that I hire what's really difficult and probably I'm asking too much or if they're really skilled out definitely ask him to do it anyway um for me then as well camera wise these little things are really cool this is the newer as she's saying that gopro have just bought our a newer version of this one which is new the gopro hero three I have the version to on this is even better than the version too and for something so small there's shots that I will show you the next video I have grabbed this, shoved it on water and put the shot out I'm like hanging over into the water for you. You see the shots throughout the film, these khun b hooked up onto car bonnet. So some of the stuff you see that we're filming on cars, on wells, even at the top of the window, you can put these anywhere and these are not expensive. So there's a good bye if if you're struggling and you only have maybe one or two cameras, get one of these is another safe show for me when you start moving to mid level kit and a bigger production, probably I'm maybe won't cut it for you, but we really need to look at something like final cut express or even premiere for me. I have I learned on final cut pro that it was a painful experience and now I switch to premiere and all my gosh, someone should have just told me because there's a photographer we know photo shop adobe software makes sense, so I went down a long route off. We'll talk about editing, trance coding, waiting for the stuff to trance code, having issues with rendering premiere, I literally throw thirty four different cameras on there different audio I want something I can just quick and easy, especially so I'm not a lover e I don't like myself my life easy. So I will now show you a video that was shot on a march to a mark three and I will talk about this thing called a c three hundred this is like it's baby brother here, but I will talk about what that is and why I bought it. This was shot on a photography tripod again fluid heads however we also we haven't got one here, but this is very similar so that photography heads do not have made one with them what's called a bowhead is more something like underneath here, so the great thing about bowhead is that instead of trying to even up the tripod legs, you just take the screw from the bottom, even it up and I'm done. But again, you don't need it is not essential, but if you start getting a bigger route that will save you time these were my bugbears that the clips and the hold on I've got my level now actions finish of mr kind of thing well, she on one ipod, you'll run around. I was using my video light for this hopefully this one that audio should be a little bit better and something called a time labs so before I even go to this video wanted time lasts for photographers he's easy because we're still photography business banks s o we're basically taking stills on an interferometer on dh litchi then you speed the spill stills up and it would look like a movie unfortunately where we left our time lapse for this video, there was three lovely kids that came in and was like going hey, so we as she had to clean them out of every second of it so heads up if you're gonna shoot a time lapse, put it somewhere where no one's going to step in because if they step in and stay there, you will see them no way I wouldn't change it for the world to us too small, my feisty wife much beloved and there's never a dull moment with every day is different every day is an adventure I hey really carrying he's really funny make special andi accept who I am just that I really love him wait wait you probably so we're getting better, but there's still some like this tripod and the camera and one of the shots are really beautiful show to the thing I want to mention is this is no fighter shop, we're not shooting war, we can't claim that you can climb things out, but it's really difficult you have to get it right in camera um so that was like another bug that's like I've got this great short we have got another short we're gonna have to put in them the music track for this one was actually composed with a music producer so for me at this point I wanted to make sure the stuff we were doing was so different I have to thank definitely victoria and steve because this was a leap of faith of them they had only seen I think my keeper video at time of booking may and I have never really filmed anything careless and I pitched them the vision that I had for them and they gave me free rein go do your thing we trust you andi I felt the pressure this was was like like like the way I've done this and it's at this point is getting quite why call hollywood esque quite over the top this is not a normal wedding video small theatrical on we did have a steady cam rig on this what you see here with the vest nam and for me this was my first tester of now we're getting a little bit more is no intimate anymore it's kind of like having a steady coming and someone walking around with a big arm isn't unnoticeable put it that way so doing it in a way that we used it for the shots that we need so I had a vision I knew the shots I wanted for the steady camera and then my steadicam operator took it off and just went handheld not handhold but when I put how how but they really believed in me their trusted in may so for me this is when I would say vice tv it reclines already trustee for photography um you couldn't sell them a video like my first wedding I hadn't even shot a wedding. My cars are incredible that really, really trust me somehow any of them washing and I have quite a few clients on twitter that we're really excited that there were even my video playing my video that this poor I have from my clients like my biggest fans, I'm their biggest land here, so when we talk about social media tomorrow, I probably do something that is not necessary good today but my personal facebook I have videographers photographers on there, I have my clients, I have my family and friends and it's a big mix, but for may I'm very much what you see is what you get with may kind of on set off set I am who I am it's not like I can pretend to be someone just it was all so yeah and they know that and I think what's nice as well my clients buy into the fact that as a team we're trying to be the best that we can be I'm pushing the bar out so when for instance, were on this wedding my crew my like who could get the best shot unlike my crimes, we do this in front of you. I'm gonna get this show I'll get another ship. Wow! This is amazing! This is amazing! Wow! Well and it's almost were trying to outdo each other on the wedding day. But what's great for our client is the wii out game is up here not just here like let's. Go do another wedding. Let me just film this wedding it's more let's kick it out the park this really go above and beyond that I always say to the guys let's get the safe stuff and must be creative let's do it let's try something different on every wedding but as long as we have now what? We have to have this push it out let's try something if you're if you're having your editing outsourced and you get something like that that comes back to you, can you talk about like what you go through? I went through a big long headache of doing that because I don't have edison's filming and film crew editing on what I do try and make sure is that people that have filming for us I have edited and I think when you first start off it's good to do both s o I have to sit in between so for may, I know how difficult it was in the day my editor then we'll go where is establishing show would really have been nice to get this done and he'll give me a lesson to know what, if any was there but then I also on the day or go guys let's get the color balance right now but you know what? Let's just move this cable because I don't want my editor to talk up why call not so great footage that they need to really kind of work with good stuff and then they can do an amazing creative job you're gonna have that in between, but may I start with my editors and it will go back and forth because I've noticed that you were talking about multiple cameras, but now do you shoot with the same with the issue with the mark three for everything that you also used the gopro three usable hundreds, whatever I've got but like they say it's waiting but would you have a mix of those who would have the same? Now how you able to get the mark? Three video footage yeah tow sync up with with mark to be single basically there is I find the five days whether their mark too much threes we can get away cutting them together the seventy for may I won't use up because I think it's got more is harder to match the color it's more gotta hugh tow a pink you where is the five days having more of a yellow hue that's not to say people out there are mixing them we just had a bit more of a harder job and I was just like you know what let's just go the five day and the limitations of a seventy is going to be the so isn't is great things like that isa crop sensor so let's poke sal's details your lens is going to be different something I had five days some issues them but there's no reason why kind use even that something like this sixty days it with a flip how that they've got now outside to you're not gonna have a problem doing a dark wedding as candle it you will see the difference but it's the same as photography I have a question you had said that you used a steadicam on this shoot could you have gotten away with the glide cam and accomplished what you wanted not the certain shot? So I have really played around with the glide cam things like staircases, a movement up and down there's things like going from the floor and up you're seein my fusion shoot I kind of do that but it's still shaky so there's if you do want great civic and for tissues used steadicam but again for me if you want to do this on an english wedding well, like a nice church wedding, you do not wanna have cranes and steady towns like the guests will be that well, I guess that's kind of where I was going with that because it is the glide cam is does beautiful work and so it's amazing that so less obtrusive visually I mean I know that different have um I think it's the merlin as well I've played around with her I haven't played around with it enough I think it's smaller this is heavier so which sounds funny the heavier it is on the heavy this steadicam rig the most made of this shot there was a question from c before video how many videographers did you did it take to shoot this? We had three but we were running six cameras so we talk about even it's hard enough maybe just filming on one camera whenever I say if I'm solo filming or I'm filming with the crew will for my two cameras maybe three each that I would talk about when we get to the chute we talked about cheating stuff and pre focusing you see how you can have a camera set up which called a lot of shots and I can play with the other camera on the money the issue with the mark threes I'm not tuesdays they switch off continuously record was trying to remember and set them off a great piece of advice don't set them going all the same time because in your car that we're going to cut out the same time you need one rolling before the other so you can switch on enough batteries are going to roll out through a three hour wedding service for an asian wedding service we have to continuously shoe memory cards and even batteries will have to change we have to make sure each camera is off different times and well almost communicate going I care I've got a few more minutes I'm going to need to change my car have you got the short make sure you've got the short end pull it out wow cool and when you dedicated cameras for that when you shoot the time lapse and danielle and you just leave them you set them up and then just kind of walk away we just walk away however, recently even the couple in vancouver I'm getting nervous about leaving my kid places another friend of mine in the uk a video before she had her whole bag stolen. Andi I have so much care I don't know about you guys but when you're shooting a wedding you can carry around with you you have to leave some bag somewhere so I do have this is really great and it doesn't really nerdy I've got it on that this goes round my waist andi think don't do variety of different sized bags but in here I have a word of batteries I have my sennheiser kit on me if I need to make someone up I have memory cards I've got a lot of stuff in here so I know whatever it is it is the middle of the service just unzip the battery have a cz musial new as you can okay, so this is, um our next asian wedding video and for mai san even seema I met them wedding fair again they probably we haven't filmed many weddings at this point because of we've got booked a year before. So again this couple has so much faith in me their actual parents refused to let them book me like what does this girl know? She is not an asian how does she understand now service? How is she going to understand that the true part of the important parts so I had to get interrogated not only by the couple because a couple loved the fact that I didn't shoot in a typical way an asian wedding video graph away they wanted it to shoot my way and I had to bet both sides the family they finally agreed on they still I know I think it was his spirit was still not happy with kind of going ahead with that and then all those says by the second day because we had a tito of it their family hugging, kissing, loving me and my team going you guys are so amazing thing we don't want a bucket but for me the way I used that that was a great thing for may because it gave me everybody's fears the family I knew the expectations I knew what they were worried about. All I had to do is definitely meet nose and exceed those so I would always say trying turn every negative situation or worrying until positive and go just know this is calling grille may I think about like, if I get my I'm gonna grill the photographer filmmaker bigtime you would do this is your one day of your life that you can never have again, you know make sure you got the right people all the way down the line I haven't know that I speak to like every guest I don't know if you guys get out you always hear how you're really nice so I'm like, how many weddings have you been to other photographers horrible now? Ah this photographer there's always a horror story I think for me, why would you book someone to pay someone to give you a horrible service and be rude to your day? I could just there's no need you're there or for me I'm there to serve them regardless of what skill I'm doing it it's about them it's about their day and then it's on our heads like no way in the client arts too bright in here off to whatever or like the top table is battling to know that's our issue will have to deal with it it's not my kind want my client to be children just have a great time and enjoy it so it zahar you're like sitting in between here we've got now what I call a fifteen foot crane which is again intrusive but for an asian wedding we will sometimes have two days nick, I know this is the norm and with so many hundreds of people in a small compact area it's fantastic to get that high elevation short, it gives it production value but it's also in some ways it's our safe short sounds really sad say sure let's continue rolling that can move we used a dolly slider on this again, milo I d like to get some of the cool kind of lens flare and we can talk about that same height of the radio kits against and I shot got mike for this one actually, no sorry we did have a shotgun mic for the audio interviews so you're here seema speaks but we didn't have her on a video because she was running late having a makeup change from a woman to woman I did not want to film the in between but she's not going to like it so we just chat to me or you're getting ready on I've used her as a voiceover on I will play you here wait no way a a a ah she's a great girl she's a lot of fun to be around she's very bubbly. Very energetic. Very funny car on dh he's a bit cities like me way complement each other way see that very last shot you can actually, if you were what again? You can see none of this was a hand with the low idea. Try my snake threw in the backgrounds begin by this time I had really now my crew the kind of shooting now for a year together. There's a lot less stressful for may. I could concentrate on directing. I'm working with my couple. C'mon, I was just grey she's very much like me she's quite kind of I'm quite scotty and a hypo and silly. And then sandy was really sweet romantics. It was such a cool mix between those andre loved it again and what's great is now. I think next year I'm going to be shooting his sister's wedding so I wanted to talk a bit about the pressure of that so as soon as you now pull off something really great you will get referrals and then now it's, like his brothers like, what can we do differently? Okay, well, you'd had this is this. I would always say, give yourself something on your price is that you think is unattainable. That is too expensive, too crazy out there because someone mind just booker and I also know even from a banker perspective, there was always something I couldn't have. I didn't have enough money for that. I would then strive to hover and you have, depending on the market, so you're working with you will need that to push that high end, you need to have something like I have it's going to sound crazy. I have a six thousand pounds wedding album that I will put down on that shocks most people, even people that are really, really wealthy, that we like. I have a car for this on explaining why it is that price. So always discuss the value or kind of what we talked about. Pricing or talk about the whole alec are collections, packages and even the meanings of those words what it says to your clients.

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