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Shoot: Groom Prep

Lesson 24 from: Video Fusion for Weddings & Portraits

Victoria Grech

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Lesson Info

24. Shoot: Groom Prep

Lesson Info

Shoot: Groom Prep

I'm gonna fake the getting ready and I should do this can I get a wave your love mike voice people won't he talk coming out your jacket off got a second okay this may look ugly right now but I would uh ignore it for this purpose or coming indeed just to put that underneath your waistcoat for me lifted up you're watching all this yeah so this point a climb will not know what to do with this no engage gauge roughly okay perfect then why do is um if we're doing some shops way we're going to shoot the wrong way I would use a window I do this the other way around I'm gonna get you to sit on this chair um I used the mirror method we sit on the chair sit on the edge that just kind of I've got every exactly in the position I want I find that kind of if I say joe can you jump up and then peace it on the chair and question our arms and hang his shoulders and twist to the right hands sign a lesson pacifica ll yeah thea other thing I know he's here with the bride will be like imagine this is your ...

faith and kind of yoga or even may no no we'll appreciate I will say to them I have the turntable think this's all my wits stuff coming up I thought my clients they imagine you're on a turntable and on the day and I let you do this and then they were made so I could be across the lake and I will go and they would do patch things like I would do that hug and it sounds crazy, but they're laughing about you doing it and they will do that, but it is much easier for me to show you what I want them today and then also I have found it if I asked him to do something and I don't feel weird they're not gonna be comfortable doing whatever they can you have your arm here and your hip here and then I'm like, whoa, this is not easy for may I'm gonna ask a client to do that thank you I'm gonna change lenses tio and I think creative like this because I know this is tough I definitely won't be taking the camera off the tripod when I put now, but generally if I was shooting ideo so kind of a cardassian laughing hey okay, I also do a twenty four hour clock call it another one of my things that you say if I was going to shoot from here where we're shooting right now I'm going to get stuff but it's something coming out of his head especially for photography or especially for video we d'oh at twelve o'clock I got from twelve o'clock all the way around what rubbish is in my friend before start shooting there's there's something coming up the back of someone's head delia I'm going to get you to face the other way round because mei don't shoot back I want to just excise somewhere yeah, so let me get you up anyway or normally what I would do so you sit back down I would if I should talk you through my still I would wide tight actually if there was a camera around that just takes the stores in the camera but let me clean this on here and imagine that I can so I would do kind of tight here I was stand above john kinda good you think like this but over that crazy chicken thing we did do that a little bit. I kind of would teo advice from here just turn right up to me and I would do this and I would do this I probably should start three quarters hey, check out the window and size of any pretty way would have a bit of a laugh and joke and buy this gonna be like, hey, you know that airplane bob bob and I would keep my report up now and go, do you have that jacket or that t shirt or whatever it is, you're okay? And I would make sure that I would put him somewhere with that in the background or if there is some aviation stuff when we want your parent's house or maybe graduated with whatever it was ok hey let's do this shot there that's me about there and then when I'm here with my stills you're gonna have to go with this on may that I would then go from here. I'm close the little I would that's got a pre focus make this easy just lean forward a little bit more, shake it out or even stand out from it if my clients get a little green nervous yeah, I would wait. Okay, wait better much better here, go on, ask away. I'm gonna get crew in, but I would go from that even try to probably crop I'm now going to flip the video is work. Okay, great. And then what I was doing let's imagine that. Imagine that the back was focused pull to see the age of that celebrity line. Um, kind of them kind of look away from me and then looked towards camera cool. Hey, I think that had a hit record at this point I would have proper hit record and kind of we can make this sadistic I don't like a comma let's go, you know yeah she's really hot though, so we worship yeah, okay, and then I was studying the focus puller to the thing that's really important in the background or its start there on my hand then is going to go back to twelve o'clock you can smile me move because I'm taking video kind of slow getting it if not, I'm wobbling all the way around and making over there in here okay? Oh any questions for your side? So this is the part where you were saying that it will be something in the background like yes for the shirt earlier that will be in the background that you will pull focus from because it's important to you and why else if he's just going to look at camera just past camera movement movement and you know what I found? I don't I don't shoot weddings, I may have shot maybe for my life and I just did one like a couple weeks ago and it's amazing how they forget like the most important things that day, I guess there's so much going on like hand main launch array that was just be under so I said, where is it? They couldn't find it. So I'm thinking, you know, I've learned from like either you have it sent before, I don't know it's like things go it's out of my control I'm not this was actually a friend but it's amazing how much on that day that thing but again for video you don't need to capture or still is ugo um so again let's do another shot I'm gonna making plays back towards you yeah I'm victoria you're gonna shoot a still yeah when you shoot stills could you please leave the photo of a little bit a little bit longer thank you what I can I can only she still horizontal right now so I we'll make do this where there's chemicals don't worry that's fine about reflectors only too hard I'm gonna actually get you to sit I can't ok we're almost good to go out on the watch for me yeah but just hold it there so I'm clicking to change my exposure again doesn't like me to sit down on that what okay so this is the store's probably would take and justice just buy time that mirror come on you can uh gorgeous okay even if I want to do that we've got some stills here okay but what I will be doing here now is going okay it's finished my still let's get another still off the watch so even though I have refocused and I'm a hundredth of a second before I am going to let you then flipping to video try not to make my focus point I need to bring it back down to a four and what I'm gonna do any to re frame a little bit I got joe if you can after I give you the head's up otis reach into that box pick the watch up for me and just put it our famous it just put it right next to you get up perfect yeah stuck sound perfect so I didn't do the movement you didn't even focus pre focused I landed I flipped in so I shut my still afflicting the video and then I made the motion happen from there yeah, because ever since I wonder if this will work if I can actually play about teo okay, yeah and you could see it wobbling but I would be you find on having this right under my arm just that totally out the frame now my still of him reaching him smiling him doing his thing off the kind of is quite easy to kind of still get them to move in the beginning I could've tried focus pulling them but a poet in need because you have that movement in there I have that movement in that great from there and then I would let you like whizz round with stills but I definitely wanna yeah, exactly on are we going to get some audio from george thie actual interview? Um I am going to unhook this carefully so I would have told joel about this before that we were gonna get a piece to camera what good is that? I have the same chair high already normally I would be speaking to my client the whole time I'm doing this thing really care from concentrate again I would have switched my c'mon while he was getting ready so I can get my own and what you see here is what I would actually you so you're not gonna hear the audio but we're going to record it so we can hear it tomorrow. Um I will probably rather than the wireless taste a little bit more time up now I have plugged and xlr cable from one end to the other end on there I'm plugging my head finds in I'm going tio here let's get really tight maybe on this camera bring us I'm gonna hit it flashing another bugbear of mine wass I thought that meant record when something flashes it doesn't it means it's paused on I've had to do an interview twice because I was like cake right when we just listen to in check so that's on assume the new one I think when you hit record it goes red my anything kills. So what I'm gonna do is before day I'm gonna put this down I'm gonna set my frame up cameron like we did before I got a job with you okay? And I would probably go quite tired on joel you see here I'm gonna do this toe actually get my focus point I know money will interview both the bride and groom so I'm putting him on the left hand side of fame I'll put her on the right hand side of the frame there's a little bit different I could have him center and you hit the guest the zoom but make sure you're focused tight and then you because when you it won't record their clothes right but I was just coming to say hey you're focusing on you say I could move it where before zoom in where it's going to be a then I have sam so let's write out focus okay get away you wanted to pay his amen five times or even ten times don't make this job is a good thing then why do which is another savior instead of pressing it to get back out hit the record button and it was him out from anywhere I don't touch the camera now okay? Now we're we're ready and then all I gotta do and it's more difficult for me to say here's I wore depending how long someone talk so I'll just check a few times here I'm going to get so near it's the height of my lens that my island was here then if we were to talk anyway I can't see it now but I'm getting that his eye line looks very similar to this camera high we're probably a little bit hour we start heading e come out f or so I will ask my client to help mei and say don't reach heading I just maybe kind of if you can keep your back straight and stay there and not do this I'm just gonna check your audio I'm going to just hold this one underneath you so as we're talking and I thought you guys through this I'm gonna hit record already on I'm just gonna do a test here talk about a phantom batteries we haven't talked about that but doing what I'm doing this has a battery in that year that great thiss has a battery in it to power the microphone thank you sorry um I don't know if you want to see this anyway I'm gonna check this battery to I think what I'm gonna start recording for a second just in case that one's going so there's something called phantom power which means there is a little light you can see an on off switch and there's a battering this comm power when I put this into a c three hundred or c one hundred I don't need to switch it on because there's more power in the camera because this is going straight into a normal cable into the zoom I have to have this switched on so if I switched that back on you should see the light comes on testing testing can the other thing I want dio can you see my levels you'll be able to see hopefully they're going up and down, testing, testing, testing this is what I'm going to be looking at and I'll be talking about like, getting it like three quarters of the way up with jokers, joan like them really love, and it might I might lose my audio so that sensitivity you're looking at. This is just almost like the game level king can allow does it going bay? So we don't have the whole sennheiser radio mikes. So now what I have to do is definitely use this because I am going to hit record testing. Katie, joe, just protest just talk really intimidating, first of all, but if you just do it, you're doing really great and that's just talk to me to say a few words. Um, how are you doing today? I think we're fine. I'm creative lives, and I was sweating this out and trying to do a hundred things at once, but I'm cool. You're doing a very fine my audio levels, if I can get a tight shot on this, they're not high enough was gonna happen. I'm going to turn this up in the editor, keep talking for me, ok, um, just trained some coffee today, you're a cool person, peppermint shots in there okay it's not loud enough so I'm actually gonna go into this and turn this up again you might have to see this keep talking yesterday I also drink some coffee I'm pretty good. I went to starbucks to get it not the best I can here hissing and now I put it up too loud in my headphones you guys can't hear what I'm hearing some gonna turn it down was good is when we pulled this audio in you're going to hear what I'm hearing tomorrow okay, so I'm going to go for here about seventy five I'm then going toe keep this on my lap and I will look at this every second to make sure few seconds make sure I'm hit record and then we would do our interview and I would make sure that I'm here so we're talking almost like not looking camera so tell meabout today tell me about what you're looking forward to my, um I think that for one second I can hit it I'm going to help me with okay? Okay, I'm looking forward to seeing what the dress looks like uh when she walks down the aisle, the thing that trying to here is not talk straight away because cutting me out I don't want to be in the thea other thing I would normally say it I'm gonna ask you another question and if you could start your answer with my questions so let me give you an example what are your qualities that you love me it's about meaner and say may not is just uh meena is just blah blah blah I think the first thing I uh noticed about meena was the way that she talks she has a very beautiful voice basically as soon as words came out of her mouth I was just intrigued with who this person wass and tell me about her qualities like is she thoughtful? Is she carrying and give me a second before usedto aunt and and just say the things I love about me now the things I love about meena are her laughter her she always wants to be doing something she's always busy independent I love that she could be independent and yet dependent on me uh today kind of what's been your participation in the planning today. Oh man, today I have not done much other than put my clothes on that's about it. And if there was one message that he wanted to say to me know about today um I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with her and I am a very, very lucky person to have somebody like her I just got my audio yeah, they're the only things I made from their thank you I would probably persist I will stop this audio that's the whole thing I'm getting up to start off with. What are you looking forward to? I also would mention that because port joe doesn't have much of a relationship with mei I didn't want him to make to keep that gaze of me, but it looks much better on camera if someone could talk to you and have a conversation. But maybe your client a little bit nervous and that they want don't want to look straight at you, but those last words, they're the things that I would then push more on that and I'd be like, bang that's the end of my film. Yeah, the slider shot locally ever after and that's. Great, because we're gonna bring in the bride is good. Yes, yes. Great. Thank you. And we're bringing in the bride. You want a question? Or you want to work on some stuff? Way question. So in general, what's your position as to how you pose the bride as opposed to how you oppose the groom for the for the stills. Okay. Say that again. How you and pulls them differently? Yeah, for the guy. I literally. If this was meaner sitting here, I would not have her hunch here like this. I would have the whole I guess the whole sea shape in the hunting I would have him or sitting to one side pushing her bum back with here but like we did it standing up here on the almost leaning back on night I'm spent hands how you would normally with a photography and the same thing for the video the difference with a video is if you then want to move kind of she then can't start sinking back looks like way so what I would do hereby set up what's called a nice shot and it's lit and everything I would take my still my well shot a bit like here it would be difficult for her to move out of that pose and to start then going with their hair I would then incorporate the movement with a slider with a focus pull for the camera movement if I can't move her easily okay, so if it's a difficulty moving the person then you move something else something yeah and even if you think don't move camera focused paul and not even focus pull if you saw the joy out of focus in focus that alone is is your movement cool? Another great question from art teepee photo video do you ever use a stand in oran assistant ahead of time to get your audio levels right before the subject arrives and same thing will go with your video set up I normally have nobody there if I'm turning myself on gun shooting fusion kind of my second photographer will be with the groom, I will be with bright and I don't want to use maybe one of the bridesmaids, so I would just do this really quickly and knowing my kinds of really comfortable with may wish chatting I think what's different here to those I'm trying explain he was in my head and do ending, but most of it if we have been talking, I would have been doing this, getting my focus and then from here on in, we would have been chatting while I'm doing this, I would hit record, I would have tested my levels out while I'm talking to him anyway, here done this and get hair that's god! Um but for a celebrity chef that we shot okay? Yes, I did have a standing because they look happy, you are weighed on. It took us about twenty five minutes to light his interview. I couldn't have him sitting there waiting for us to get the light's perfect and the light's still were not perfect on that shoe and I had to go with what I had because time was money so that the whole thing when we talk about earlier on a bigger shoot everyone's getting paper, our studio hives getting pay per hour the lighting's on higher. It was like enough is enough. And I've missed my shot like that. This is the first shot that took.

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