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Client Consultation Roleplay

So names and say hi joel for dice and I mean a four days because you remind way have joe amina way had a really brief conversation like two minutes evelyn but what I do want to say is these guys already married but they were real couple you got married was just um I was interesting is which I am role players if they weren't married because it's so it should be quite fresh in your head what I would ask you guys to think about your fears they had four became so general your wedding day things that he was stressing you out and I'm sure that's what about jo was very stressed planning and everything I can I'm gonna cut here right now did you notice what I just did? Sorry guys I put these guys that I'm going to do this the whole way through it and normally I wouldn't stop this but just that these guys jump on who had the fears of you know, playing in a way that you are planning a waiting and trying to tackle those fears first you just sat down that down right? I knew a guy generally oh I'm s...

orry um I'm guessing our guy wouldn't have planned the wedding so I needed to that little break the ice as you say then joe smile getting locked in the boot floor I'm just I'm just trying to joke out there but this is me already I kind of done that because these guys are probably isn't the first time I was really nervous yesterday I'm guessing you might be never sing along these cameras whose life and I could sense that so I mean let's break the ice and that was nothing to do with photography or me selling from there so I'll just keep if that's final keep interjections see guys and if we have questions just stop me tio someone's you've got great we'll just jump right in okay so tell me about what you have planned feeling she's so tell me about who you are I want you teo I am enough time I trust I do I'm gonna be okay um I work for in aviation company uh fixing their aircraft cool I want to fly an f sixteen one day way help me and I have a contact way yeah even something that that this is actually true this there's another one on my wish list I want to find out sixteen but you could see again I've made him feel more comfortable I always used to say wow I really dig kind of your career and like wow that's cool tell me how did you guys may we met through a mutual friend kellen who I knew through school and I think he had met you know through school as well so we just all went out one night we're from portland or we met in portland or again so we all went out and we just hit it off so she couldn't get enough of me I made my way tio yeah um and then we've just been so happy ever since so how did actually what was your first kind of make like well, did he lock you out let's see, we kind of sat down at this table and really the stuff now I'll contain out you'll be in great by the way again and I'm like again been blessed I'm getting everything you want do you notice so father joe get me around a little bit nervous, right? This is really scary for these people. Sorry joe never made eye contact with me to adjust and that for me was an important thing kind of manner already personally you're quite confident. Yeah e o k joe is gonna kick when we do the bride oprah but you kind of made I got joe then and joe is that she bit more passionate about what we're talking about when I asked you what you did, there was a bit more puppy you get asked out all the time was like, yeah, I do this okay? Yeah and then it was like I asked him about how they met and I still didn't get that connection I felt I wanted so then I was like, okay on that kind of for me come on live a bit more and then we would like this and we would chat and he was like okay let's forget about these things over here in the camera okay so that's trying to be wine right this is gonna be tough because I'm gonna have tea thinking oh yeah I didn't want to hear anyway how you who asked you out how did that way sat next to each other at this when we all went out to eat and basically she took my phone from me and you didn't know him I know she's here I think that my because we're mutual friends with uh kelin that he kind of said a little bit about me to her maybe that made her interested some maintain that we also you you fancy him of the time I think I did quite a fancy him at the time because he was you know dress nicely and I remember he was wearing this kind of a blue that day maybe it's in my mind that now I like this color but yeah and then you know he was talking about motorcycles and a tvs and all this stuff that I didn't really ever have a chance to experience growing up you know so yeah hey he sounds like fun you know let's let's just see what happened yeah okay we're going to stop there how much of it just learned about her? On what she likes about him and all those things she just said someone should be nice in this order what would be the boy's she loves? She can remember the color of the shirt. How long have you when, when? When was that human for boy years ago? She remembers that exact teacher that he had on and how she loves this color, and then how will the a v and everything else and how she didn't grow up with all that stuff? Says she's, experiencing while stuff from him and really appreciate all these things that on the wedding morning of this stuff like that around have that in the background get details of their even when he's getting with a if there's any kind of stuff from work or theirs, I'm guessing if you were home or your parents house, they probably got aviation stuff in really important now to film that stuff where you could walk straight pasta when you go into someone's room, maybe what looks pretty let me get joy, let me get the cufflinks that we get the watch. So however you, but you're kind of seeing how important it is for them to talk, and is this the most quiet you've ever heard me day and a half? And then the may I'm trying to make eye contact with you both interjecting a little bit so they know that I'm still listening and I'm kind of not being I'm leaning forward them I'm generally interested in what you're saying so let's pick up again sorry wait okay, so the things you liked about him just you know what? At that moment when you took his phone kind of what were the first thing is it kind of really thought wound I mean coy's heart and stuff because you guys knew each other before what was it about joel than you realize? Well, I mean, who could say no to these eyes really on uh now he's just really got a great sense of humor. I think a lot of women will, you know, typically put that at the top of their priorities and it's true, you know, he just got to keep me smiling and laughing and he was very sensitive and he was a great listener at least that day. So yeah, what happens right to get married, it will be this kind of stuff. I will now start joking. You know, when you sign on the dotted line you won't have a choice anymore because it will be heard on all these little things settle things is the world quite like her just myself or if your guy by suggests a kind of I mean I'm a she quite chicky and I can get away with that. And normally my couples are quite like that. I very rarely have a really quiet couple that I will work with up until three months ago. And a couple bought me that I thought was really not my couple, but it's amazing that what I got out of them, their personalities. But I did tone myself down for that from there. And then we throw that back. You now what was it your side? Because my skies more like well, she's hard. Yeah. Be careful what you say now staring at you and listening and make sure you stay there. E I think most men portray women like when they're attracted to a woman they like their figure or were, you know, like some type of physical aspect. And I think immediately I was attracted to her, but I think it's, when we started talking to each other, I realized there was a lot more. She was a lot more had a lot more depth to her than just, you know, this physical attraction. Okay, so kind of oversee, which is great. And he's using his keeper. No, is she mentioned how his eyes I'm gonna get a tight shot of his eyes, but not necessarily by the pope I think probably many get me if I'm wrong is the look he gives you yeah I'm not just his eyes okay so almost a client will also say something he have to think about is it just the shock get a tight shot of his eyeball no no so it's hopefully we could set you up in a couple so we're kind of if I'm quiet enough and don't be my normal crazy self and that you have a few moments he will give you that look yeah and after you just got married or he's like wow she looks home address that kind of stuff is when you need to go tie eyes and depending on what audio we got from maybe on the wedding day the interview if he happens to say which is actually what later on we will have this chap but I can bring this stuff up when you're not around to say tell me what the things are that you love about me no by any old by subversive kind of speaking to you like I love his eyes I love the way he looks at me now imagine when she says that voice over and I have a shot of him doing the look yeah and how then that will mean so much to you guys no one else in the wedding party what anyone else so what is that video will know for you both that you were like oh my god that looking at you from there probably nice is what owned and only you can see how this could take me an hour because we just chat and turn out but the nice stuff you talk about is the actual wedding day and tell me what you have planned well it will be all outdoors at his parents property our family property they have acreage open field amidst a bunch of trees so it's just a beautiful place and nobody's got married there yet so and what did she say? Um well free is always good yes it is not only me even in your wedding yeah yeah makes up for it at least and then can't you see that do you see the way that mean it was like oh yeah I drove back and even related so if you could get even if you guess wrong way or guessing winning so far guests write some stuff but like again let's break it out let's look about him like he's like oh yeah okay wait hey doesn't even know what it's like at this point and then almost I would normally just before someone leaves or even email so say that let's imagine you haven't got your wedding dress and I start asking you okay so have you lived what injustice if you found a dress yet no no look you know what I did I'm a look through magazines and started narrow it down because I had the whole thing. Is that the dress that you think you want to have that when you go try it on it's not the dress that really like way and I would definitely thank you, cem kind of listen, designers that I have loved and it seems I've got similar star. Um, you must go check him out and then shoes. What shoes? Um, well, I guess it depends on the dress. Yeah, even kind of this is what I would say. The smart boys and go to my prices well, is that you are my louboutins. You guys get the ratings over here? Yes, I can just take it all. I always see jimmy choos there's, beautiful bridal shoes, but really crazy stiletto heels. Unless you're really good at walking in heels all day long putting a second parachute no, I was actually going to see your shoes too. Later on, I will take photographs and I'm pretty sure the shoes in the morning and then you can kind of take them off for a change, things like that. Sometimes I get when we like, but I really, really wanna wear heels like weather, we'll get the first cousin morning and just now any questions just wear question from india wanting to know do you record your consultations or do you take notes so you can't do that or is it really just all by memory and feel that's all do you want me to record our conversation? Probably not. No, it would not be out of the russian yeah and then you say what are you going to do with my recording? I haven't even put teo I would love to it will help me and my great yeah, but I think what's good as we asked them how they feel but I kind of guess right? I am just either making notes sometimes pennant on the couple engaged and say do you mind just make some nose orion normally won't and I would just get in the car and go brainstorm before I turn the key okay okay. Okay, okay, but I don't meet them just once so when I meet her for the second time I s too no one appreciates that cool look at you do you can do it. Come on, let's, go out to you. We saw him washing up today. Oh my gosh is getting do that every day or things like that things that you could work out that you know from the couple and I'm just confirmation of what my guess is where his time so a lot of people won't even make the couple before the wedding day I just can't do that may I have tohave a report you guys have to know when I'm stepping up the mark or if you feel comfortable with may almost can I be singing shouting being ridiculous we don't need to be required to tiptoe around you guys because when we get up in your grill with a big camera whoa so again go ahead you got another one yeah we're getting ready for their way on so sure iman's wants to know about what do you do with that? Usually the groom who's just maybe he's like checking his cell phone because you want he's just not interested I means a cold fish that bride is really engaged but he's like worried about time being there and doesn't want picks and all that how what's that force I was improperly it if trying to act like you just no other way to know what's really cool with a quick joke way haven't even spoken I just had at white you're not bothered demeanor changed not even holding her and ray but that kind of thing okay okay hey, joe you aviation stuff kinda why would start talking helicopters of time? I know that you see immediately no hey, joe, what color tie z having on the back of your chair I would then talk about the easiest thing because I'm gonna pitch a guy now kate you know what? You just let me know and you thought she looked hard what exactly about her looks like this grab those shorts does she have cool egg for sure if it can have totally happy's attention there yeah we're not talking about wedding packages in wedding kind of really try and think about just talking I think the thing that we fall into his photographers filmmakers is we think the minute these poor guys getting I need to sell I need to sell what package is going to talk about? I'm confused about my pricing I don't feel comfortable about how much I'm charging they're gonna feel this this is just like her those hangout bar and charlie let me get a bit to know about you because really for me I need to suss the amount to having a zafar is like if it was a male sitting in your seat and yeah about his fiance wife wouldn't do that get the main on if I won't call your husband's oh your boyfriend's really hard muscles so far you ago a girl was smile at you like things going um that would not be cool yes for a guy's perspective sever guy one of our tech I would talk hey, we'll find it you have there oh cool fires that new iphone five you just need a starter to just break that whole yeah so it's a lot to think up here again it's like the whole mindset of fusion um, but then he'll be like, you know what? Okay, okay, you're cool. You get may. I'm not fussed about pink candles and petals on the floor, andi. Other thing I would normally do is now a lot of photographers is seeking mouth photographers generally it's all about the bride on the wedding day and for may. Yeah, but it's also about when we do your pride. Oh, crap. I want to make you look cool. Don't make you look like a cool guy. And sometimes guys have tattoos that they're really proud of. You let's get a picture with the tap or it'll be like, I'm going to show you my chicken chin thing as she will better do that. We'll do a quick posing, so I'm gonna kind of wrap because we could go hours knows of this. What then? I would probably get teo there would then want to start asking me questions. Um, so I would definitely find out who they saw so I can get an idea. And then I would be asking questions and say, we haven't asked me the questions about what if I'm sick, that kind of thing and then my cards and go whoa, whoa, I didn't think about that, and again, I'm going to give a free bonus giveaway which we added about an hour ago after talking about this, I wrote an article well how to choose a wedding photographer and I think it's not only helpful for I wrote it for the national wedding show for brides and greens, but I also think it's good for us photographers to know when you get thrown a question you need to know how to handle that and the way I handled that question is I would say to you that my track performance is amazing I've shot a wedding with better go and shoot some of the best wedding I'm going to tell you about my story in italy when I was constantly sick and I shot again and cooperative so it was amazing the images but that's not normal but if I am a sick, I do have my competition are my best friends in the industry and we will cover for each other so you will have if not as good as made better than me on your wedding day. You feel more confident now a thing going um I'll just find someone I'm a go go it and put it on facebook and go oh my gosh, I don't feel well tomorrow can I get one? Um I want going to all the other questions, but we'll just whoever buys the course, we'll get the pdf and there's lows in there green and it also explains what you get for each photographer if that may send so are you insured? Do you have backup care what happens if your care like my flash bombs smash and they have done before things like that again you can see that by looking this is important to them they just didn't realize I needed to ask me the questions even if they don't ask the questions this is going to gain your trust because they know you're open and honest and you're trying to hide anything and now I'm going to quickly very quick because I don't want to show my big that apply to the camera anyway I'm going to say what I would show my clients and then this happens in my meeting before the pre shoot on this really for may is about selling to the bride guys do you know what's cool for you because you can kind of hunt and you can have a showing you a call when you have a course on unlike you know these bills called chicken for this so what I'm doing every woman out there were what you will get the chicken philip there on with a strapless dress on no, you'll get there so this is when I would have explained to them that I'm not a documentary photographer but all I would do is I will almost always to help directions they just put his shoulder back when we get rid of the chicken fillets yeah and if you're cool with that I'm probably gonna do that on the day I'll probably I'll be watching for here and just go hey man I just showed her back and she will know I'm going to trust me on the day she will remember to put that shoulder back that makes sense and then even you guys are not going to see this because I want the internet to see this but you don't need to see my thigh I will show there can I have a time k c I'm doing this because I love you guys say anything you push towards camera exaggerates that this is when this is where you can talk about knowledge and skills of someone beginning or someone more advanced that the title I pushed towards the camera and then if I do this my fire's just got half the size so I show this showing that I'm not going to fight a shop or your images and nip and tuck you because I don't need teo I can almost do this by this and again if I say I'm fat towards camera and have my arms by my side that suits my waist my waist lips from here to here I have my hands above I need to see a gap look similar I hope d'oh on then also if I put my back foot quit. So if I have all my weight on my big book behind me, I feel like a cop go kind of you had a post photographer you? Yeah, not natural. I can't do this stuff is document, so I will be everything you like as a woman and everything you don't like is a woman push back so you don't want to do this, but you can do this. And although it was weird, the camera will see out here kind of for the difference between this to this and again with the arms on also sideways on not front on. So I'm doing this in front of my clients and the bride is going, damn, I need help. I need you to help me all day long, and then I would do my chicken, so my women already worried about this and all they do, especially I have this with the really young girls kind of any appreciate that, yeah, they do this, and all you're going to see now is my nostril peace. I'd go too tight on this, my nostrils and my cheeks, although I don't have this so almost like from my fashion days where I wasn't shooting, but I worked with models, they would have a chin down, but they put that in a little bit. But what's really fun is when we do like say if we do appreciate you will go teo and it's just a little bit I call it chicken shin and we laugh about that that alone this whole conversation is hilarious and then even on the wedding day I will tell them I'm not going to tell everyone and shower chicken jim I'll say pop your chins guys and they're laughing oh do the chicken ten and then they'll don't ticket from there these guys put we do actually think I'm not you get adam know you're waiting for any questions yeah, you know we have another great question from martin dance do you ever get involved in the wedding rehearsal so you can scope out the venue for great locations and then I have another one after that I always do in my price list on those people that buy the course I've actually given you that you're stripped down of the actual prices that we charge the starting price is and what includes increase of pre wedding consultation a pre wedding venue visit so I liketo actually visit on walk around and I will walk around thinking but I'm the kind instead letter heels saying there's a really cool shot from here to there but you know I don't walk in mud with my wedding dress for it's uphill and it's too long so I'm thinking about as the client cool all right I want to give me that enjoy a big round of applause so thank you guys theo whiteboards so okay as faras what they like and dislike about their physical niss me okay so probably most photographers don't do that but I know that I would rather know the bugbears so far the timing it to appreciate we talk about the bugbears and then we work out how we can make them feel comfortable with about bears so you can see him I'm so right we're laughing way but by using the same time I did it the same really bugbears just the reaction I spoke a different language okay but there's more like you know like I hate the back of my arms like the way things that you hate like like like peas yeah I think that's an english thing or maybe it's not even english thing I have no idea okay, so yeah I will definitely find out those issues that people have on then we work around it and then you can imagine I have to for big team if there's a big I have to bring up all of this into manageable things and keep this in my head all day long and this is why I can't direct photograph I really have a great relationship with my kind and not even think about technical stuff and try and film can't do all of those and do them well

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Combining video and photography brings an entirely new dimension to crafting wedding stories. Join Victoria Grech for a three-day course that will give you the tools to work as a fusion videographer/photographer, with stunning, marketable results.

Victoria will guide you through everything you need to know about working with both photo and video as a single shooter. You’ll learn about each stage of creating a dynamic fusion story, from selecting the right equipment to shooting seamlessly. Victoria will also cover how to integrate fusion services into an existing photography business and how to successfully market fusion packages to new and current clients.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to work confidently as a fusion photographer to capture dynamic wedding stories, land the right clients, and grow your business.