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Lesson 1 from: Video Fusion for Weddings & Portraits

Victoria Grech

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1. Introduction

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It's possible? I just want to really thank creative life for bringing me here all the way from london. It's just I want to feel like I want to go and touch everything thats crazy, aunt, thank you guys for coming all the way as well. I think we'll have a lot to talk about, general, because you're both quite different on the studio audience like, please just bombard me with questions on things like that, so I'm honored to be here. Thank you for having way I make a star submersible I really want to thank some of the amazing sponsors that have contributed the most amazing giveaways. I'm really surprised everyone's being generous for us, kino flo have been amazing that lent me some lights that we can use for a shoot today. The image file which is actually my website there have been amazing at helping me integrate my video business into my current work plight. I didn't want to move that the flash photo flash drive I have some awesome products to show you for delivering fusion on video and ha...

ving something substantial the instead of just a disc giving someone and charging a lot of money, you can have some real beautiful packaging, lots of color who are my lab and again that was just really supported may I'm really happy to have them on board ft freelancer is not only uk based but worldwide I know when I was in canada so one of magazines they're great and they feature not just wedding but generally commercial photographers portray fashions it's a good magazine to have liquor music bad song freedom and let you get all of my music from these guys on we'll talk about I have a composer as well that also will work with us and compose tracts for a client so we'll talk about that petrol bags so for me I kind of think tank bags are incredible for photography, but as I grew up the scale to some bigger kit I found that kind of having the petrol bags kind of bull cast that I could just put the whole but something like this I can put it straight into my bag we'll be talking about that tv and a card I'm really really excited about this product to show you is literally again an actual tv and like a mini book and it's actually really worthwhile the money so it's something that you can actually send and sell to your clients and it's just like it's a wow factor roy car I could not live without roy cop my audio kit from sennheiser on what we're going through a whole segment of audio like blue who I used all my database the serum stuff so again we'll go through without during the course and data lawyer which between kino and data lights I'm obsessed with these lights. I love them, so I would love it if you guys would follow me out there and and have studio audience. I'm a bit of a tweet queen kind of in canada, they could be the tricky d'oh tweet not only text off, but just no mr, I'm very accessible. I also have the vt training academy is something that I long wish back in january listening to you guys and what you wanted for me wanted to see what I was using, how I was using it when now filming behind the scenes of nearly everything we do, which is a mystery, my choice but you guys want teo victoria grant dot com is oversee my website on dh there is spilling teo kind of weddings, commercial jobs ideo where was a lot of food for talk? Kind of photography training academy if you do sign up tol mating list, you'll get a free pdf gear down light to do that. We're not gonna buck you. I just want to plan on giving you free webinars free information on helping you guys and it's something you guys would dictate what goes on that academy not may kid, so what are we going to go through, um, day ones are really about a kind of fusion and discussing what is fusion everywhere I go around the globe and whoever talked to everyone has a different version of what fusion should be and shouldn't based or talk about. I'm going to talk about why very different journey into photography and the film, which will maybe shocks and people were going to tackle the whole kit gear thing that I know for may I was petrified about this stuff. This looks scary, but I'm going to do it in segment, so I'm going to try and show you really minimal. Kip and the horrible first videos have a filmed on your cia progresso were always dissected, some hoping from what you're going to learn is watching the really bad mistakes I made you guys won't make them by this afternoon. What then get a live set up the camera to shoot video, so you know, dana, you're saying that you haven't ever switch there on and I'm sure there's people out there that haven't switched it on, we're going to do that today we're going to go right from basics preplanning for the shoot. This is when kind of for me, it's about the vision as a photographer, I could probably turn up somewhere and kind of record out for five minutes and shoot. Video is not like that. You really have to know what you're shooting for. You don't want to come home like I have with a terabyte physician, and trying to get a three minute film is like, um, and then we're going to do something can this is what I love creative life, and they just said no to me, we're going to do a live shoot with a dog and two kids. One day, one guy survived that we'll get today, too it's a point here is really for you guys in the audience. I honestly don't know what's gonna have him. The dog doesn't know the kids, the kids don't know the dog. So what would be interesting is for you to see me? No any really under pressure, but dealing with blank, picking up the kids a bit scared of the dog is a dog scared of even being on set here, so I think it will be good for us to do that is not gonna be an easy shoot so far, but I shall be quite fueling up on day two. We're going to talk a swell film talk. So for the guys here at the filming, they come from a different breed than we do a search, and you're going to need to learn to interact and learn how film talk what's a tripod they don't call it tripod a tripod they call it something house on going to show you actually video examples of what this does talk about storytelling and then we're gonna tackle for whole segment the scary world of audio and you guys are gonna help me dio form a kind of audio was my biggest nightmare it would just scary beyond belief but the more we will embrace it the more you're going to see from my only videos that the audio was so bad it sounds awful but it's actually as she believe it's more than fifty one percent of the film now although in my side that would say fifty one um so from that we were doing a live consultation and planning about that so howto work with clients on dh particularly thinking about video well almost stop and talk to the clients and I'll be shutting out things that we've learned what I'm asking the questions why I'm asking the questions and then live fusion shoot for the weddings we have an actual real couple so these guys are going to be you could be getting out by now I don't bother do something real I don't work with models so you'll see that I will have to help pose them obviously there won't be nervous because it's not their actual wedding day I think they recently got married on august so it's fresh in my head on we would try and shoot in the last segment kind of bridal, perhaps a little bit of details and how to actually video of photographic at the same time and I can teach you my cheats because they are clever cheats now I learned the hard way back if I could make it easy for myself that I would care day three I have a lot to go through on day three will be live editing some of the footage we shot I'm also going to dissect a fusion piece that I sure probably two months ago, so so you can actually see where my vision wass and then what's in the air on dimes. Sure, we'll get a whole section on that questions, but one thing I will be talking about is outsourcing on dh I have hopefully learn enough for everything, but I do know what I spent my time editing. We already spend a lifetime interesting photos. Why do we we know now do the same thing for video, so we'll talk about that delivery of products I will be talking about my rebrand. So how I went from eight hundred pound photographer teo something I think it was like two thousand pounds within eighteen months of sixteen months there's a huge difference there, but I will talk about exactly how I did it the pros, the cons of moving across the market customer service, which she is my biggest thing the main kind of my clients are my blood on my life and in all honesty I'm very much more about them then photographic competitions it needs to be what they want us today and even my album designer will get upset with me when I say this if they want to change the album so it doesn't look as nice, we do what they want it's their wedding there's no way we can advise something looks really nice um to boot pricing this is one thing I wanted to talk about may kind of I haven't been in the industry that long, but for me no one would really talk about pricing and even to this day people joke about the price of a ten by a and I was like, no, I think someone to tell me how that had all prices so we're going to go from scratch andi, I do also slightly disagree with the times it by three for me with my backgrounds I think we need to work out what's your situation, les so we're gonna have a big whiteboard session today that then south and talking about how I'd make myself I hate cells generally, so we're talking about creating raven fans because they do it for you, um marked npr networking we will have a live link to my business coach which again it's very different I don't know that many people that have a business coach in the actual industry um understanding why call run the bank this's interestingly, susan went to me what I'm going to explain what run the bank and change the bankers they used to be an investment banker and how we used to divide the business then and how in my mind set, I think it's helped me get where I've got to because I apply that in my business today s so we can change it to run the business changed business, we don't have to use what bank but for me still ingrained nine years of banking planning for success. So this day three is when a susan mentioned this is where I kind of really the visionary, not just positive thinking I'm going to introduce you in some quotes of people that I find so inspirational no in the industry as well, and then I'm going to really scare you, write the end with a future photography and why you guys, I'm really going to convince you that you kind of have to do this to keep up. Andre will be showing you a four cases, which probably doesn't mean much to photographers right now, but when we start going through, everything kills it's something that you can pull stills off from actual video visit scare okay, so I thought I'd better start with who I am, huh? On what I do. So I still left with a levels at school. Um and I went straight toe work. I didn't want to go to university and I was obsessed with fashion was like handbags, shoes, boots. So I went into the fashion industry, my parents were in the fashion industry, so I worked for a family business, which was stressful enough. You can read him on. I was a designer, and I also moved into cells and working with the stores that we were working with, and I think I learned my beginnings of business there. I'm working with my mom and dad from there, I decided my dad wanted to rich tyr and wanted me to take over the business, which was a big kind of ask was really honored, but I know I didn't want to do it. Well, listen in that so for me, that was that was hard, tough to say no, so he shut down the business and I decided that I was gonna have to retrain. So I let you thought I'm going to get a job, but I can retrain and then great money and then have a great life outside of work, so I became an investment banker in nine years there's a lot of stigma at the moment in the uk about the investment bankers and the economy but we worked damn hard for it and I loved it. It was it was very high pressure it. So the main moving from that to photography business was similar pressure and even today a similar fresh of me. But how did I become a photographer? So I had a team of sixty people that I was running and cross globally for ah, big investment bank and I had booked a safari holiday was about to go out on my lunch break and by parroting your get this jimmy to boots for, like, seven hundred pounds of these boots and the guys on my team would like what I can do going on safari I was like no it's, not the safari and they said, my dear salah and I was like, what ideas? So what I kind of I've got this point and she think this is fine it takes photos anyway they convinced me to go out and buy think it was something like a four hundred day a cannon I ended up buying the seventy, two hundred lens which is here you see that's what's quite bettered and I, like had panic attacks that might going oh my god, I could have had an amazing hand back for this what's going on on all I can say is luchi the first moment that I took this camera and it was like on all total programme mode so I didn't know what was doing took this short of a lion I was just like, I'm enough oh my god, I love the top of it I wanna quit my job so I came back I never ever intended to do anyone was talking about I was obsessed with animals and being on landscapes and safaris and pretty quiet thing on before I know a friend of mine I was getting married she left her husband pick the wedding photographer and I think he plays something like four hundred pounds this photographer and she was devastated with the photos, but they'd asked me to come along to take some photos anyway they loved my photos and then from there it's snowboard acute she I was she thinks all my friends weddings and then I had a website set up and I quit my job and just went for on the rest is history kind of it's december and nine is when I started on dh, then like a crazy woman, I started cinematographer in two thousand eleven on the whole business and it wasn't fusion, so the journey I'm going to take you on too is not necessary fusion at the beginning because I didn't start with fusion I should have started fusion I knew now what I knew they're literally my journey into film was kind of a baptism fire to say the least I was a photography trade show february two thousand eleven I've just seen esta b p p which is similar to the w p p r someone showed me a video shot on five day monty and I was like that's amazing because I'm still motion it was just incredible is that I am getting learn how to deal this then so february a month later I have not even switched up on a video mode I have a client that took me for like an x factor type of event and I was photographing at and I said hey do you know that my camera does this video stuff do you want me to film it too like I care we'll let you know in twenty four hours needless to say we want this trade show going how hard is it to film because in three days I might be filming an event and they were like impossible so someone is trying to teach me on the sennheiser sound audio and someone's telling me about the focus and there was no auto focus and just like the client had said yes I couldn't let the client down I couldn't book anybody to do up because that was my next thing was like I can't do this saman my re toucher I pulled this off somehow but when I say to you it was the worst shoot of my whole life I was just photographing filming I had no idea how to do the audio is like it's the audio on crazy I like she's like cried my eyes out all the way home going I am never ever doing this video thing again needless to say, by the time we got to the editor we somehow had pulled it off on my kinds went static they loved it and then from there I think it almost if I can use this what gave me the balls enough to go to know if I got through there I could do a winning at least I know what I'm doing on a wedding so it didn't put me off innit shit of them main reasons why I moved I call it the dark side because there's a photographer kind of like the female side is the dark side um I'm wire me davor for mei and there was that whole change in industry names the five d now has been shooting video for five years six years so we had heard about her but I knew it was changing my clients were asking may every single wedding I boat do you do video? No, but let me refer you to someone and then I couldn't find anyone that I thought matched my photography style I think the wedding video at the time was almost quite naff, and in my cars weren't always booking wedding video. It was like a fifty split. We wouldn't even have a videographer, and only there and then this was a main one for mei. This is when I thought creatively, but commercially, financially. Why am I not doing this? If I have videographers with my cameras, why am I not doing this? When I have bring in house and build a team?

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Absolutely hands down best creative live class I have taken!!! Victoria is a delight and her insight on photography is genius! She has a warmness about her that makes you feel like you've known her forever! She's that person you've been looking for to answer all the questions everyone else in the business won't!!! Victoria,thank you,a million times thank you! xoxoxo

Sarah Shotts

Amazing course! I absolutely loved every minute of it! Learned so much and she really inspired me to get up and try out what I've learned. Already booked two test shoots! Victoria clearly put a lot of planning and effort into making the best possible class for all the students involved. Please bring her back to do a whole segment on audio for wedding videos!

a Creativelive Student

I loved this course. Victoria is an excellent teacher, smart business woman, a trailblazing creative and an inspirational speaker. I highly recommend her course to anyone looking into learning fusion with production value.

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