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About Me Pages & Q&A

Lesson 35 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

About Me Pages & Q&A

Lesson 35 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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35. About Me Pages & Q&A


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About Me Pages & Q&A

and often on the about page. This is another strategy that Derek taught me that I don't think enough people dio So in most cases, your about page is one of the highest traffic pages on your site. Did you know that across the board, products, services, local businesses the about page tends to be one of the pages. You get the most traffic. How many people feel like they don't know what to do on their about page? Is there anyone like you feel weird like, Are you supposed to talk about yourself? You don't want to be like to brag. You do talk in third person. Do you hate when you goto about patients like Melanie? Duncan has been both a little blow since the age of three. It just feels super, super weird. Here's what you're supposed to do on your about page. And again, I've got to give a shout out to Derek cause I did learn this from him. You're not talking about you. You're talking about how you were going to help your customer achieve their ideal goal. That is what the about page is not wh...

at you can dio or not about you what your favorite color is, what your cats named, what you sell but how you are going to be the solution toe. Whatever problem your customer or client is facing at that time, so you'll see I actually blocked out. The headline was up here, but it's like, Here's how I can. Here's why. I'm gonna be able to help you make less and work more And then I go through and talk about this. Um, I really try to connect with my audience. This is just a snapshot. So it's not the full thing. If you want to go to Melanie Duncan dot com fourth slash about. You can see the full page and the headline and everything. But just to give you a little glimpse is whether it was creating more financial stability and abundance for ourselves or choosing to live life on our own terms. But something happens to us along the entrepreneurial journey. We get trapped within our businesses, and we lose sight of why we became an entrepreneur in the first place. Here's the problem. If you don't learn how to effectively work on your business instead of in your business, you'll never be able to strategically grow and you'll sacrifice the quality of life you deserve. And so down here I say sound interesting and your email address below and science and click fine up to get free updates. And so you'll actually I'm gonna pull this up so you can see if they don't like it's doing it justice to get the full field. That's about Page. How are we doing on time doing great? We have about 30 minutes. Great. Let me show you this real fast because I I think creating like you said, creating about pages is very uncomfortable for a lot of people. So just the twist of making it about your customers and less even though it's still about you. But making it about what you can do for them, I think will help a lot of people able to frame that up for themselves. Good. And this will circle back to talking about. You can see I have an often form on actual about page to take advantage of all that great traffic. So it says I can help you work less and make more. Let me give it to you straight. Most people are spending their time working on the wrong things. Curiosity invoking. Right, Um, I working on the wrong things. You see, we all started. Our own business is because we were after something bigger, something better, whether it was creating more financial stability and abundance for ourselves or choosing to live life on our own terms. And here we circle back to what I read to just a moment ago. So we'll skip that. But I have an opt in box, actually, in the body of this text. So not as a sidebar, not as a header, but actually in the body. Because where is your eye when you're reading a blawg post? Where is your eye when you're reading article? It's in the center of the page, and a papa would be really annoying in this particular area. So I'm not using a pop of amusing that more on the home page. So here it is. You know, I have now captured hopefully my audience attention, they're interested in learning mawr. Have an opt in box there, provide the position of the solution. The good news is there is a better way. There does not need to be a trade off between success and lifestyle. In fact, they are directly related if you are struggling to take your business of the level of success you desire because of a lack of training. And resource is you are in the right place. If you want help learning how to manage your current business more effectively so that you have more time to do what you love, you are in the right place. So where I mean, how many lines of text down? Look at all that. I have not talked about myself once. I have not talked about my businesses. I am tapping into an illustrating that I understand, or I'm hoping to understand my ideal clients aspirations, their hopes and also what's holding them back. And so I talk about there is a solution because nobody wants to just sit there and talk about what's wrong all day. That's gonna pressing. So we talk about so here's what's possible. Um, I start right there. If you want help learning how to manage your current business more effectively, you're in the right place. You see, I'm all about results 1st 1 of the first times, if not the first time, I say I on about page. You want to use you twice as often as you say I and they're really good. Tip. It's about you. What do you want? What are you experiencing right now? Where do you want to go now? I throw an eye. I'm all about results. I believe in starting a business that enables you to live a life of your dreams. Your business should work for you and not the other way around. Now we go into the typical about section, which is what most people start with or have absolutely, You know, that's the only thing they have on their pages. A picture like a sentence about, you know, they've lived, they live in Vermont and they like people syrup or something like that. I don't know, but now we do talk about us, but this is so important to do after you've already positioned in connected with the audience. And I'm really glad you guys are letting me. I appreciate you letting me talk about this because it is something that's so important. And this does fit into optimization, which is the entire topic of today is how to convert more people that come to your site. Someone clicks on one of your checklist on Pinterest. They come to your website one of the first places they're probably going to go after they get that checklist is your about page. So let's really focus on optimizing this. You always want to have a photo. You want a good photo? Remember, we talked about the cell fees or like the great picture of you and your best, you have to cut off your ear cause your face is air so close. That's not a headshot. You want something that is professional. One of the smartest things I've made. One of the smart decisions I've made in my products and service businesses was always to invest in my photography, shouts the photographers out there so important to have a current and high quality image of yourself. I then start talking about why the heck anyone should listen to me. So I talk about my background, what I've done and then the last little tip it'll talk about is this is another great place to future press, so you might have a press section on your website and your footer off to the side or on your blog's somewhere. But the press is another really good thing to put on your actual about Paige. Any questions? So far, I've got testimonials to that. I think that's the last thing. Yes. So you wanna have talk about your audience, their problems, how you can help them, that the biggest focus on your about page is how you can help your audience. But then also show press and feature testimonials. We talked about having a testimonials board on Pinterest. Pinning testimonials and testimonials should always, always, always be on your about page. If you don't have any clients yet, if no one's ever paid you for your service yet, go do it for free, get results for someone and then ask if you can use that testimonial. So if you're just starting now and you've never even had a paying client work with someone to in exchange and use whatever results, you can get them on this page. Okay, so we have some great questions from Monica W. Would you treat me about you board on Pinterest in the same way? Hmm. That's a great question. I don't just because I like to have a little snapshots and behind the scene that's more visual. I don't know, and maybe someone has a better idea, and I'm completely open to it. But I don't know how I would visually articulate how I'm going to help you in an image. Maybe you could maybe you could be very creative, and there's something that does pop into your brain, and that's a great idea. But for me, my about board on Pinterest ISMM or behind the scenes kind of snapshots of my life. You know, my friends, my family, my passions, things like that tend to be a little bit more, uh, effective communicating visually and the Texas where you can really write and use that message in those words. But if you can do a visual, a power to you, go for it. Yeah, Denise. Anything? Well, you could, since you can pin what pins to multiple boards you could always in your about me throw in some of your testimonials from your client absolutely worked with absolutely or even images of you working behind the scenes with clients. Absolutely, completely. It's wonderful, she Lynn Austin is wondering how you feel about videos on the about page Low Love. Sheila called me out because I actually have a video I shot from my about page. I haven't added it yet, but videos are brilliant. Brilliant to put on your about page. So we have another question from Missouri woman who is questioning their own business. How can I say that my jewelry is going to help my client other than make them look good? She's wanting if that concept only goes so far or is only good for certain types of business? Sure. Great question on it depends again knowing your customer and how the user products and for jewelry you might think of something. Maybe they're giving. It is gifts, you know, do your customers primary. This is a great thing to know, dear, come customers primarily by from you, for themselves or for other people because, like we talked about brides maid stuff, that something that I'm always thinking about this in our marketplace a lot. But maybe the question is, are you looking for the perfect gift to give your bridesmaid something that is gonna be really special? It will actually like that's within your budget, because the chandelier earrings make the perfect bridesmaid's gift because not only are they beautiful, they can wear them at the actual ceremony, and they can also wear them accurate. So not only does everyone look pretty on the wedding day, but everyone's pretty and happy forever after. That's a very specific, specific type of example, but I want to throw it out there to our in studio audience last day, really going to step up? What do you think would be something interesting for someone selling jewelry to put on an about page? Well, I think beauty is pretty important, Teoh by a lot of us. I think there's a tremendous value in that, and I don't think she should, uh, undermine that. I think she should actually go with it. I buy things that are beautiful because I want beautiful things, and that means a lot to me, right? So if someone's going to buy a beautiful jewelry and it's going to make them beautiful, then we're definitely meeting a need. Oh yeah, Have you ever seen I can't for which company? This It's a jewelry company. That's all about the right hand, and it's for women. It's about buying rings for yourself on your right hand and the whole messaging behind it is like you don't have to wait for a man to buy you a ring. You could buy your own diamonds. That's exactly tapping into the emotions. You deserve this. This is something a lot of women feel bad about spending money on themselves. So if you know women by this for themselves, maybe they're, you know, a little hesitant about her. They feel a little guilty. Maybe speaking to that and saying, You know what? Like it is your own personal right to feel beautiful, to have things that inspire that you enjoy that, make your life pleasurable. So speaking more to that, it's gonna fit into the brand of the way that you you know, your natural voice. But I think that's a perfect example. Adam. I also think what I learned yesterday is basically trying to be. Think of creative ways to come up with more specific key terms, keywords that will bring your clients in. And a lot of that has to do with maybe that occasion or the point, thinking about the point of need for the customer, like you said, potentially a bridesmaid gift or a gift for a daughter. But then also honing in on what are the specific attributes of your products. Such as? Is it a sit treen diamond from this location and being very specific about how you do your descriptions and things like that? Absolutely. And I will clarify. For product based businesses, you may not be as in depth with the u I u I as a service or someone who's trying to sell the clients would be. You might talk more about like like Adam was saying the specific attributes. Maybe, you know your jewelry is made by RT. Asians in Africa. There's this really cool story about this tribal women and the proceeds from it go there, you know, and so you can tell more of the story, maybe its inspiration. Maybe you've been doing interior design since you were four years old, and your mom said, You are always going to be an interior designer because you were rearranging your playhouse every day or something like that. Like a cute story that hooks people and grabs their attention. It can be more focused on that when you're selling a product, something that people want Teoh purchase. People want to purchase ah experience and buy into a story. So let them into that that insight, the inspiration and the reason behind your business. We have more great ideas coming in, but similar to what you just said. Girl named Michael says Type into the mystique. Tap into the mystique and special feeling that jewelry creates ever since we were little girls or again that talking about where the jewelry has come from so so many great things. How jewelry can make you feel confident. Kimber. Chris. So I love it. It's a great example going from I don't know what to dio Teoh. A lot of ideas I've ever been sold jewelry or a handbag or shoes or anything in that way. And I think I would really buy something if I was sold in the honor. Absolutely. It's just like portrait photography, boudoir photography, glamour portrait, exactly. Anything exactly. And I mean you'd be the perfect case study for this on the about page, like why working with you it's going to be the most incredible transforming experience. I don't know if a lot of you saw this. Denise actually helped pose myself, and Christine and Crystal were taking some photos after the panel the other day, and she made us all feel so confident and comfortable in the way that we were standing in what we were doing simply because of her expertise. And like I would think of you obviously don't know your entire business model. But, ah, lot of people are very uncomfortable taking photos, any type of photos, let alone boudoir, something like that. And imagine if you could talk about how they're going to feel comfortable, confident, actually enjoy the experience. And then the icing on top of the cake is what they're going to get is that final results. Then you're gonna have these images for the rest of your life that are so special and so beautiful is exactly what my entire business model is built around. And it says nothing about it on my about me page. Wonderful. Wonderful. So is everyone feeling good about this? Can we move on? I think so. Yeah. Great. So hopefully everyone today will go and update their about section, make some new changes. All right, so we already kind of did this. We did the your turn. We talked about what you could offer in exchange for your customers email address. And now what I want you to do is make a plan to create it in the next seven days. So whether it's that checklist, whether it's that pdf that report that list of the five beauty essential items you need for fall, put it into action. This is Day three. I wish I could be with you every day, but I can't. And so what's really important today is that we start setting deadlines. You prioritize the really big things in your business you to start doing and you actually do it. And accountability is really important. As a business owner, you know, we don't have a boss or someone telling us. Okay, you got to get this done by the state. Sometimes things like this kind of fall to the wayside, they don't happen. So I've found two things that seemed to work really well. I scheduled them. I physically put them in my calendar. So they're they're saying this afternoon in your four clock slot after the workshop ends, it's all right. I'm gonna create that checklist. I'm going to create that seven page report on this particular thing. But also important is to get accountability and put it out there. Sometimes if I have a really big project like I'm launching a course or big program, and I know that I have the tendency to maybe push things back and, you know, not push myself to get it done as fast as possible. I will post the launch date on my Facebook page and we over 50,000 people on our Facebook page. And so I will put it out there so that I bust my buns to make sure because come hell or high water, let's hear some huge technical disaster which people understand. I have now talk to my audience like put it out there and I'm gonna do it. So even if you just have a couple people or you call a friend or a family member and you say, OK, how much this workshop, you know, I really I I understand now why I need to be using email. So I am going Teoh, you know, do this thing. Will you hold me accountable next Friday? Check in with me if I haven't done it, you know, get me to do it, remind me, and normally it's just reaching out taking that extra step. Besides, yeah, that sounds good. I'll definitely do that. That could be would actually get things done in your business. So now we just doubled your homework. Because in addition to this today, today we're about to take a break very soon. And during that break, I want you to update your about page. So I would love when we come back for a break. I would love to actually see and hear from what you've added. What? You've changed your about page. We probably be able to show them necessarily. But we can definitely talk about some of the changes you've made. I'd really love to know because 9 10 websites I go to get out pages and knowing that it's probably one of the most common pages people go to your site and you can look on your Google analytics. You can see what pages traffic visits on your site. You might be surprised to see the about pages normally right right up there. So I want everyone to work on that and do that about page exercise right now. So coming up after this, we're actually gonna talk about how to build your brand with images, and we've talked about using Pinterest on day one. If you all remember, we actually talked about why visuals are probably one of the most critical forms of content to be using your marketing. And we're gonna discuss now across the board, not just on Pinterest, but on your website on Facebook and your emails. How and why to be using imode. How, How long? White abusing images in those areas as well. So before we do that, though, we still have a good amount of time. Can we do some Q and A. Absolutely. Well, maybe we'll start with some of the Q and a more about the about page and then go backwards from there. Sure. So do it. Do we have anything more in here? How about what, uh what, Denise, are you gonna change on your about Page? What is your Everything. And I know you can't be with us all the time, but please, like, be nice to have you all the time. Um, there's a lot to change their It definitely needs to be more about the experience. Whenever I do a consultation in person, it is absolutely about educating the clients on how this service is going to benefit them, how they're going to feel comfortable, how we're able toe, take them to a place where they could be vulnerable and vulnerability is the most beautiful body language there is, and the strength in that. And I believe in this so wholeheartedly. But it's has nothing like that on my about me page. It just really kind of talks about business, just kind of generic. I'm not a content writer s Oh, that's definitely something I need to do. But I think I, along with a lot of other people in the audience, probably have the challenge of, Well, it's wedding season and holidays were coming up and we've got so many things going on, and to add all of this to the plate is going to be a little bit difficult. I'm actually thinking about maybe bringing in a social media person to help me create a plan and execute it, um so that I can do it and be effective in doing it. I think it's really important to do what you're good at Andi, maybe get some help with the things that you're not so good at least someone to help you along the way and to be ok with not doing everything. Yeah, yeah, I'm earning that hard for you, but I'm definitely learning that. Absolutely. We talked about yesterday, you know, kind of getting out of your own way as entrepreneurs. And just because we can do everything doesn't necessarily. We should be doing everything. And I always, you know, money is always a really big question about that. Like how much money should be making before I bring someone in. And that depends on your situation, your business. You know, your goals, all of that. But I really suggest always bring someone right before you're ready. Because a year and never gonna feel totally right, its whatever until you are having kids also, but you're never gonna feel totally ready. But also, the worst time to bring someone in is when you really need them. And there's already so much stuff to do, and you don't have time to train them. And that's usually when most of us higher we make that work. But if you're in a place where you're just right before you're about to really hit your busy season or right before you're gonna hit that Max point. That's also a great time to bring someone in and train them. Yeah, I'm about to steal Adam from Artful Jane Lovin All of you on the rolling audience haven't been able to see it, but we've been having so much fun here. There have been business collaboration set up after yesterday in between our studio audience and our instructors and our panel. So we're having a lot of fun and really practicing what we preach after that whole inspirational segment with crystal about collaborating and joint partnerships. LTP is curious about you. Uh, the first person versus third person. Which one is better And why can you expand on that? A little great question. Third person tends to be more detached. Hope I'm saying that right. Third, persons, when you speak about yourself, us Melanie Duncan has bubble block. It tends to be a little bit more standoffish and more formal. So if that is the marketing, that is the messaging you using your brand you can absolutely consistent with that. It does tend to be less relatable and we dio you're more defensive when you read the third person versus if you are actually engaging in reading in a conversational tone. So particularly, I think, all across the board I try to avoid third person, I think, as small business letters. This has been a theme we've been talking about as well as small business owners. You know, how do we look and act and kind of pretend that were bigger than we are, despite, you know, leveraging credibility and having images that look. Editorial. It's been something we've been bouncing around with as a topic, but sometimes it's a huge advantage to be a small business owner, and sometimes we don't leverage that enough and really relate to our kinds and customers and talk about us and our team and how personal intimate it is because a lot of people love buying from small businesses, and we hide that instead of using it as an asset. So I I recommend first person. Did you have a question? Oh, I just wanted to say about my about me page. I made the total mistake of basically copy and pasting my biography and history in there, and this is where I was in high school. College. You just really opened it up to me. It's something very simple, but it has to be about you talking to the customer and what you're offering them absolutely, actually pasted that tip onto my Facebook page. I thought that was really strong point. So more questions we've got from RK create. Is it necessary to call it an about me page, or are there other names that you've seen people calling it that are successful? I have seen other names, but what I will always say is clarity and marketing. It's the most important thing. And if people generally are used to going to an about page to learn about someone and you call it, I've also seen it called, like my story or store behind the brand story behind the business. That could work, too, but don't make it so obscure that people don't realize it's an about page. You don't have to call it about, but it needs to be something that people will instantly recognize and understand. That's where they can go to learn about you in the business. Marcel is curious. If you linked to your other projects and websites in your about page, you absolutely can. You absolutely can I don't do it on this particular website because my main goal in this website is that email sign up to get people on the email list so I can serve them and send them for information. All of that and the more places you kind of detract from, the more people can get distracted and forget to sign it before they leave. So I try as much as possible to focus on one sole goal of a page. But there are there places when I'm writing about myself and on a blawg that I will actually linked to my other businesses because people like to check them out. And that can definitely be something. If you're, for example, in my own in my own situation. You know what I'm talking about? I own these multimillion. Our e commerce business says people will go well, what business? Like I want to see what it is and so it can be very advantageous to them. Linked to luxury monograms, toe link to custom Greek threads to actually let them go to my store. Go. Oh, that's really cool. This looks like something I'm trying to do. She might be the perfect person to learn from. So with additional information that can serve that end goal of getting them to relate and understand you awesome and building upon that Robert Ese would like to know, is your monogram business? Does that have the same about page or what Do you have other people have asked for that? If you're not the front of your business? Yeah, about page No, it's a great question, and the about page actually hasn't been updated. Will pull that, because I bet there's actually things that could be things that could be improved upon. But I can show you what I did for that one. It's very press heavy, and it is different, like we talked about earlier. Then when you sell a service or you're trying to connect with clients. So for us, my about page is actually towards the bottom because it's not a personal brand. It's not something that I really leverage myself, and I absolutely could. I absolutely could make this about me and I'm This is what I'm inspired, and this is where I want to go. But that's just not the direction of this business for us. This is just more of a generic business. And then I tend to put a lot of my personal focus in style in the Melanie Dunkin brands. But you can still make a product business very, very personalized. But we haven't about us at the bottom, and we kind of have more visionary quote that says a monogram makes something your own and endows it with weight in a world full of random things and this tone again, this is a very different clientele in a very different market, You know, The Melanie Duncan brand is very professional. It's very confident and assertive. This is playful. It's fun. It's younger, so you can see it all started with the girl, and this actually links to a blogger I have who was impossibly frustrated, the lack of posh, personalized pieces. She found inspiration and beautiful bobbles and promptly decided she would marry marvelous monograms with seriously stylish selections. So this ties into the language ing Christine was showing us different language, ing messaging a different tone, and it might be kind of interesting for you all to see. I'm still a part of this brand, but the brand is speaking louder than my personal tone. here. This is about our audience might be more into playful, fun, frivolous, more of that type of a mood than a business consulting and coaching website. So you can kind of see the different messaging here and on luxury monograms. We believe your monogram should be showcased upon something beautiful enough that you would buy it without your initials. That the designs a different monogram style should be art within themselves and that your home is the perfect place to personalize. It's time for monograms to be. It's fabulous and fun is that people there named after and then I do actually link here. You can see if you want to become an Internet. Entrepreneurs learn more here, and that will actually link Teoh my other business and then appear back when I was doing a lot more lifestyle blogging This about section linked to my blawg, where you could actually learn more about me. My taste, my style. See my inspirations. So two very different bents of two very different businesses and again, this is not perfect. There are very different ways I could do this in position it in different ways, something we didn't do correctly on this is There's no press on this page. We have a separate press section, which I won't show you guys. I know I can't show the logos, but it is down here. We have pressed separately, which this is something. Now I will go back, actually, put it on this page. I don't work, that is for sure. My homework? Yep, You'll have 15 minutes to do it. I would like to go back to a few questions from the beginning of this segment on Back to Freebies From Loves Learning. Where do you actually host digital freebies for downloading? If you are offering that as part of you're often, yes, that's a great question. Something that actually might. Tech Team knows better than I do. Since I don't do that anymore, it could be something that's on a locked. So there is a software called Wish Lists member. It's actually for making membership sites, but it can lock content. So if you have something that is there going to be paid content or that you don't want everyone to have access to, there's different places. You can put content whether it's on your site, but it's a girl. Nobody knows, and you can link, you know, send them an email and linked to Maybe it's 1,000,000 duck and dot com forward slash 18 40 or something that people aren't gonna randomly find on my website, and I could put it there and then when people send it to my list, give them the link there and have a download avail. War have the actual content on that page. But it's also something if you want to lock your content. I use wish list member toe lock a lot of my content if it's going to be paid or something. I've seen people dio freebies where maybe they have an e book or something, and they give you the first chapter for Sign it for the list. But then, to get the other six chapters, you have to actually purchase the e book, which is an interesting way to kind of transition to a sale. And speaking of location, tough Total is asking for a reminder about best locations on a website for opt in. Does it work better in some places and then others? And what is your recommendation? It does. I'm support that 1,000,000 Duncan site. Since this one has been really heavily split tested for opt ins always above the fold. You all know it above the fold means, which is what it's actually you can see it's before you have to scroll down above the fold, particularly on your home page and on every page on your site is always the most important area. Have your strong directives so above the full, having some sort of sort of often. So on our home page, you can see we have just one single called action above the fold. But then we were actually on the blawg of Melanie Duncan. It's in the header, so even we've moved off of the official opt in page. You're still seen a sign at box somewhere in the header. Now, in addition to the header, the other best places, of course, in your sidebar and actually in your content like we showed you on the about page when there's actually an area for them to subscribe and it's just a little bit of code you can put on your page. It's not super difficult, but on header so above the fold sidebar. You don't have to do all of these. These are the best places in the actual content, and then some people like to put them in the footer of their site as well. And this is, you know, I know we have some bloggers here, so you might notice. It's kind of weird. Your home page is an opt in Page versus your Blawg. But for us, since email is so important and since a lot of times when we talk about our website, it's actually talking about it's two people that already kind of know who we might be and who we are. It's not totally cold traffic because we don't drive traffic just to our home page is not Facebook ads. Dropping them off on the home page is always through some other different funnel, so we feel very comfortable being able to put it our home page as a strong directive. Opt in page. So you just, you know, for people to test out. Sometimes you don't have to have your blawg have all of your content on the home page so that that can be overwhelming because they're so much Teoh consume and so many different call to action. Sometimes it's better to have one focused action on your home page, but getting ahead of myself. We're gonna talk about this a lot more. We talk about site optimization, but I wanted to show you I also have an often box here in the footer of the website as well. What are we going to do when we get back? Yes. So we're gonna talk about building your brain with images not just limited to Pinterest. If you're making images for Pinterest where the other places in other ways, you could be using those images and mawr across your entire online marketing strategy. Awesome. The insights that I had right now was just that what you're doing In addition to like we said, the social media strategies is really providing people with personal branding strategies as well. And that really is the theme of today. And I just wrote Michael our producer, saying I think we should have her come back full well, so many things that people are saying they want you back for last on blogging, but also class on personal branding for freely. Absolutely. Think about that. I think because you know everything. I teach every strategy I teach whether it's Pinterest or email market. It all comes from my personal experience, and there's so much like I can't teach Pinterest and not talk about this. You know, these strategies don't work, isolated about how your entire online system is working and integrated. And that's why I have moved into so much coaching like my membership site, because I don't want to teach just one thing. I want to show people how to put it all together. Well, you are awesome doing it awesome. And that's what the Internet is saying as well. I found this comment on Pinterest on our Pinterest page from for any woman who said, This is a really great show And what I like about Melanie and her teaching techniques is that she is giving the exact strategies and how to implement them in business, she says, A lot of times you see online classes out there where people are just telling you to think positive and look around for opportunities, right. But you're giving people the actual how to. So that's awesome Video and then Margie D. But says I'm from Atlanta designer and author of four books. I woke Thursday at 4 a.m. And spent five hours implementing everything I could that Melanie suggested making new content based on books and pdf's. I'm already selling online to an avid following, according to my Pinterest analytics, which you could do with a business account today, which is Friday. So today clicks to my website increased 27% wonderful. That's all exciting.

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What an incredible amount of GREAT information that Melanie gives in this course! I couldn't watch it all live, but I saw enough in about 30 minutes to know I had to have it and so I bought it and it is worth EVERY PENNY! I can't wait to start utilizing all the great info to make my Pinterest boards work for me and have more fun pinning! Thank you CreativeLive and Melanie!


So glad I saw this and got it to keep. With just a few tweaks, I turned my non-active boards into active boards and quadrupled my followers in just a few days. This spilled over into site traffic AND major lead generation for my mailing list. Thanks for the inspiration, Melanie.

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