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Contests Recap & Final Q&A

Lesson 31 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

Contests Recap & Final Q&A

Lesson 31 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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31. Contests Recap & Final Q&A

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Contests Recap & Final Q&A

so just a brief recap because I know he probably covered some kind of new material here, so I wanted to bring it all home. The most important thing to focus on construction your contest is just making it easy as possible for people to enter area on the side of ease, but also making sure it's gonna be impactful for your business. So you don't want to stay. Oh, just repent this and you'll be entered. But balancing it's not gonna take them all day to do it. But you're still going to get the results you want by either having them go to your cider senate for your list. Something like that. Integrate your social media marketing so important when you're running your Pinterest contest, make sure that you're also, you know, promoted on instagram or promoted on Facebook, or tweeting out the link to your Pinterest pin contest pin. Use those those networks in those platforms together really will make the difference and use a fabulous follow up. The follow up that nobody does and that will go the d...

istance and make your contest, even if you're just getting a little spike of traffic. This last little piece. If you can introduce more people to your content, introduced them to mawr of your expertise, your services to get to know you better. That could make a contest really worthwhile, because growing your business for a contest is not just for the big brands, even though you might see the jet setters in the Victoria Secret. Ah, lot of small business owners think it won't work for me or won't work for me if I don't have an audience and it's not true. I launched that luxury monograms one and just use our list. Just use our Facebook page. I didn't leverage it into a lot of larger audiences, and it was still very much worth our while. So I want to take a second and imagine the transformation. You know, maybe you're stuck at this like 25 follower Mark. How would it feel to have 300 followers? You know, I think Adam experience that today coming up here, and I've been, you know, hovering right around 100 for a long time. And now we have 300. That feels really cool, then also feels really good when you do kind of get past that 100 That tipping point. Then you start pinning content. You see it recirculated. More like I personally get a lot of enjoyment when I put something out there of mine. And I see it getting repent. Sometimes I'm on Pinterest on someone else's board accountant. I see something of mine, like one of my articles. One of my products feels really cool to see your stuff and see the impact you're making. So I just want you to understand, like it can be really powerful, and it could be something that is a right and a great move to grow your audience online. So we have just a few minutes left, I think. But what we're gonna do is kind of throw it out there. We talked about this a little bit already, but talking about what theme or topic you could run for a contest and what you could give away as a prize. So worldwide audience. If you haven't already typed in, let us know some ideas you had for a theme or topic you could run for your business and what you'd give away as a prize all my audience you're totally on the spot. Give me an idea of a contest you could run right now and what you'd give away as a price. And if you need help, throw out there. What will bounce around some ideas together for creativelive? I've been trying to think about this. The contest thing. Um, it would be really fun because we do have so many creative entrepreneurs that come to us for help with getting small businesses off the ground, turning them from a passion project into a full fledged business or something. So having them maybe great mood boards or something about here's what my life will look like once I leave my day job is saying like, that could be kind of fun. Yeah. Um, as far as what we give away for a prize, we've really stayed true right now. Toe either partnerships or giving some sort of coupon code. Teoh obviously purchase any time access for free, um, or with the discount or whatever, but I don't know. I mean, maybe we can come up with something a little bit clever in the future. Something that pops into my mind. Dear way, Surprise. I think you guys are already doing some buzzer on this right now. I saw, um when the chance to be in the studio audience, you know, talk about a verily big, high profile course. Sure you want to come to San Francisco or Seattle and particularly, I know you guys. Sometimes I'm not sure if you guys comp travel or like Kant hotel or anything, but maybe if you don't normally do that, maybe you win free airfare, you know, or you win. You're gonna stay at this hotel like travel. Stuff like that is always really popular. So not only are you going to win a chance to be in the audience, but and it depends how crazy we're gonna have a limo pick you up at the airport like you're going to get full V I p treatment. We're gonna put you up at this hotel. Budget constraints. I mean, you can decide what makes sense, but creating that cool experience, Maybe you could dio this would be participation dependent, But maybe you could win a dinner with one of your instructors during the session. So you could say, OK, you know, you're gonna be able to go to dinner with you, Bryce, or you're gonna be able to go to dio education. Exactly. Or, you know, just something really cool. Maybe he will want to get it behind the scenes tour again, Going back to see what your audience wants in response to, uh but there's a lot of fun things you could do that tying them or the experience of creative life, too. I'd love to see that. Love it. Adam. Rachel in the 80 s. Um, I think that right now what? I'm not I'm still kind of sitting with what I would do with the contest. Yeah, I think I would give away kind of a two hour work session. Um, Teoh help people, cause I notice a lot of people when I start working, I have no idea even where to start with their branding really makes them almost panic. And a lot of times, two hours is enough for them to give them, uh, all the strategies they need to start doing it themselves. Yeah, and something I'm thinking about two for you is if you're working, people are just starting out. I'm thinking. What about someone like Christina? No, She sells beginner branding packages a couple $100 you work with Christine and custom design your logo and get a great cover photo for your Facebook page and a template or some graphics to use on your website. Just like a great little starting package of something that'd be cool to Adam s o for me. I think I'd like toe think plan ahead, and I'm thinking something on a theme. So obviously Christmas Christmas time shopping is a huge thing. People are thinking about gifts. So in line with our product and sort of the aspirational, like, what do you dream to be? Or jetsetter? Maybe we can give away, like, a gift basket. Maybe there's a garment bag, like a really fancy garment bag type case, you know, kind of like a travel package like gentlemen, Jack, you know? Yeah. Bottles, something. All these just some really nice gifts for Absolutely. I was thinking, like, you know, have you heard of art of Shave? Yeah. They have, like, the really cool, like, natural bristle shave brush. And, like, beautiful shaving. I'm not a guy. Razors, razors, you know, like, I could see that kind of tying into the really cool design in the guy. You know, your customer avatar type of thing. So yeah, definitely something like that. Any any ideas, online contests, They can run at least one or two, right? Yeah, ideas. Windy is saying that she's doing an artisan fair November 1 of the vendors is a fabulous artist who creates drip art. Portrait's in 20 minutes, and so a prize could be sitting at the festival. Images by Sarah, a baby photographer, would love to do a back to school or holiday photo contest, and the winner would receive a complimentary family portrait session. All right, these are awesome. So more, Bear says. I sell bags that benefit green urban development. My contest could be the ideal outdoors family vacation board and give away a new sleeping bag or a tent. Love it, love it. So, yeah, I love seeing you are breaking down. You know, here's this big experiences, big concept. What's one of the items that kind of plays into that? What is one of the tools that gets them there? I think all of those I love and this is a great, like kind of thinking outside the box again. It doesn't just have to be what you do or what you sell. You can tied into more of an interactive experience with the price. This is, you know, this is kind of wrapping up what we've done with the contest. So if there's any more questions, I know where end of the day. So if we want to discuss, like, what's coming up tomorrow, any of that stuff so open? Well, I would love to just take one or two end of day question Yes, that have come in throughout the day, kind of go back into the bigger picture family. Both Khalili and I really like this one from earlier from Steven S. Who said, I'm wondering about my voice and time management. Can you talk about outsourcing your social media or hiring a social media manager versus doing it yourself? Who was that appropriate for Wendy? Start that? Not just Pinterest, but yeah, it's a great, great question. I think any time you decide to scale of business, uh, Hingas entrepreneurs, we tend to get in our own way a little bit. We think that nobody can do it like we can do it, which is true. So we don't let anyone in any areas of our business because we think, oh well, they won't do it as well. They won't write a post a swell, but the problem is, if you're always working in your business, you can't work on your business. And that's a big differentiation point when you're looking at the overall growth of your of your business and your goals. Because if you don't have a wider perspective and you don't have the time and the energy Teoh govern where your business is going, the directions you want to take the next big step and you're just in their everyday updating your Facebook status, you're probably not going to get exactly where you want to go. So at a certain point you do have to delegate. I think it's a lesson that a lot of us learns entrepreneurs. It's never easy. I've never passed off Well, that's not your past off something they didn't want Teoh. But there are a lot of think that I passed off of my business that maybe I could have done better. But my my traits and my strengths were better put somewhere else in my business. So if you think that you doing your social media is the best place you can spend your time and the best way that you can serve your audience. Spend your time there. Absolutely. But in most cases, ah, lot of what you do can be transferred or trained to someone else. And this goes on to how big your growing your business there's. It's never been easier to be a solar preneurs to do everything yourself, but it doesn't mean that just because you can, you should. And that's really a personal decision about how you see your business fitting into your lifestyle. My first business is custom break threads and luxury monograms. The manufacturing is based in Southern California. That's where my husband I started our businesses. But about three years into it, we decided we really want to move to New York City just to experience the city and have our time of our lives there. But it didn't make sense to move the business. So in order to do that, we had to decide to bring on a team of managers, to train them and to learn how to run our business remotely from across the country, because our vision for ourselves was not to be tied down to a physical location. Some people, their goal is to ableto have an office where they can work with their team to be on site. So it's where you want yourself in your business. How removes you want to be, how in that you want to be. That's where you have to work backwards from and decide. Do I want to be doing everyday anything in my business or my ultimately working towards not spending every day in my business and bringing other people to help me out with it? And there's so many ways you can bring an intern's. You can reach out to virtual assistants or assistance you can reach out to here as well. Whenever I see a virtual assistant, some people love it. Some people say no, there's people here that need jobs, too. It really is your own personal decision, how you want, execute that and go about it. But social media is something that, in most cases just being more strategic about it. So, like I said, maybe Sunday night you can still write all your posts. You can still do all your updates just scheduled for us the week so that you can be more focused and more productive, and that way you're still doing it. But it's condensed, and I always recommend working in chunks. I think only work in chunks. We just get more done in a in a shorter amount of time. So that's a good first step for you if you are currently doing everything, but you want more time to work on other areas, it start chunking that and doing it at the beginning of the week on the Sunday night and then spending your time in other areas. That's awesome. Thank you for that. Nice. And that really is resonating again with with a ton of people online.

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