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Unlock the Power of Pinterest

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Day 1 - Pre-Show

Melanie Duncan

Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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10. Day 1 - Pre-Show


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Day 1 - Pre-Show

low Internet and welcome to Creativelive. We are here in our San Francisco studio, and today is day one of Unlock the power of Pinterest with Melanie Duncan. This is going to be a very exciting three days. And what we're going to do now is just take a few minutes. Teoh, make sure that our audio and video is working, that you guys can hear us and see us. So let us know in the chat rooms if you can do that. And we also love to hear where you're joining us from. My name is Ken Klosterman, and I'm going to be your host today. Although with Khalili knocks and welcome Khalili who are regulars here. Creativelive. You may notice that this is Holly's first time co hosting here with me. So I'd like to introduce you and have you tell us a little bit about you. Sure. My name is Holly Lee Knox. I'm glad to be here. In a previous life, I worked as a technology consultant and now I identify primarily as a creative in the performing arts. I work as an actor and a singer, and I do lots of on camera tel...

evision work and I'm a native of the Bay Area. Did I tell you that? I think you did not tell me that. I'm glad to be here really excited about Pinteresque interest, but all right, so everybody again, Holly is going to go and check and see who is joining us online. But before that, let's talk to these guys. I know. Welcome to our gorgeous studio audience. I think we should do some intros, so I'd love to hear who you are, where you're from, Maybe a little bit about your business where we can find you online And why you're excited about Pinterest today. Why don't we start with the lovely lady to my left? I'm Rachel. I own branding and design company. I'm a designer by trade. And you can find me on my website at Rachel Olson dot com And, uh, or on Twitter at Rachel Ralston or on Facebook at Rachel Lawson Design. And did you say on Pinterest? Ah, on Pinterest That racial Wilson. Thank you. Hi. I'm Denise Byrdsong. I'm the owner, principal photographer and creative director of water Love photography. I can be found at modern love photography dot com. A swell. It's on Facebook at water Love photography. Uh, my Pinterest boards of mess. So let's not go there until after the class. That's actually why I'm here today. I really want to learn how to use this tool to expand and broaden my audience and learn to market of new people. Fantastic. All right, well, I'm very excited to have the next studio audience member with our classroom. Alexa, tell us about who you are and why you're excited to be here. Amazing. Uh, I'm Alexis shown. I'm a jazz singer and writer and all around fantastic person. And I'm also joining from the inside of creative life today because I do work on the community marketing team here, and I am going to be taking over creative lives Pinterest board. And so I'm very excited to be putting Pinterest to use for the team here. It's yell and we're gonna get it all organized. Get it all put up to snuff so well, we couldn't be learning from a better person. And the fact that we get Teoh immediately apply that to our business. It is very, very exciting. So thank you for being with us in the studio. Me of course. And finally, uh, my name's Adam Nisbet, and I'm a social media strategist and also an artist. I'm working for a company called Artful Gentlemen, which is San Francisco based. Start up focused on fashion we work with, made to measure custom fitting tuxedos and suiting. And we're really here today trying to learn how to use Pinterest to expand our audience and really grow awareness of our brands. Well, once again, what a better place to be. And I love I'm excited to learn more about your business because that's really unique. Really excited about that. And I think that Pinterest is gonna be hugely powerful for your business. That's what we're hoping author. Well, welcome again. And welcome to all of you out there online. I'd love to just check in and see who we have joining us. Well, people are busy entering the chat room, and so far we have Judy see from Toronto and lots of people saying hello hello and coming in and letting us know where there joining us from Awesome. So I'll keep you posted. Yeah, keep those coming, everybody. And we love to give those global shout out

Class Description

Looking for a free, powerful tool to attract clients and grow your brand? Join marketing maven Melanie Duncan for a three-day workshop that will teach you everything you need to know about harnessing the power of Pinterest.

Melanie will describe how you can use Pinterest to effectively communicate your company’s mission, perspective, and product. You’ll explore selecting content that best supports your brand, attracting the ideal audience to your page, and implementing monetizing strategies. You’ll also learn about using watermarks and other tools to protect your unique voice and intellectual property.

By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to create a compelling, dynamic Pinterest presence that will drive sales, spark conversation, and attract loyal customers.


a Creativelive Student

What an incredible amount of GREAT information that Melanie gives in this course! I couldn't watch it all live, but I saw enough in about 30 minutes to know I had to have it and so I bought it and it is worth EVERY PENNY! I can't wait to start utilizing all the great info to make my Pinterest boards work for me and have more fun pinning! Thank you CreativeLive and Melanie!


So glad I saw this and got it to keep. With just a few tweaks, I turned my non-active boards into active boards and quadrupled my followers in just a few days. This spilled over into site traffic AND major lead generation for my mailing list. Thanks for the inspiration, Melanie.

Michelle Smith

Awesome learnt so much thank u