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Building Your Email List with Pinterest

Lesson 34 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

Building Your Email List with Pinterest

Lesson 34 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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34. Building Your Email List with Pinterest


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Building Your Email List with Pinterest

How's everyone feeling? Good day three, hopefully refreshed. Probably a lot of ideas spinning around. So I just want to go over what you can expect from today because we've talked about how to create content, why you should be creating visual content. We've talked about how to grow your audience online, what you should be doing to get it getting those Pinterest followers. And now today we're gonna kind of bring it all together and talk about your website. You know, we talked about the main goal for Pinterest was to be getting traffic to be generating traffic. Well, you can probably understand why where you send them is very important, if that's what your overall goal is. So we're gonna be talking a lot about website optimization. What you need to have on your site that dues the don't. We're going to be talking mawr as you can probably see about email today. So you've heard we talk in various segments about why email is important, why you should be using it. Some of this will be a remin...

der some of these concepts you will have already heard. But that's intentional. And the reason that I want you to hear some of these things again is because we have talked about so much and there's been a lot of things, little tidbits that might have resonated with each one of you. But now I want to bring it all back together and really make sure you've gotten that proper foundation. So we're going to start today off with email. Talk about specific strategies, but I want you to view this morning segment as more of a workshop. This is going to be highly interactive. We're gonna quit the in studio audience. I'm gonna work with the worldwide audience, and we're really going to figure out how to get you started using email. So question to the worldwide audience. I want you to type in the chat box A yes or a no. How many of you are currently using email in your business and I don't mean sending emails, but I mean, you actually have an e mail marketing strategy. You're getting leads email addresses on your website. You have some sort of a newsletter that you're using strategically for promotions and for building trust in relationships. Go ahead and type that in the chat box right now. to say yes or no. I want to get a feel for have got a majority or minority at this point. And for those of you in the audience, I've no I've asked you before, but which by show of hands, how many of you are using email right now in your business? Okay, so no one do any of you have an, like an email list? Maybe. Okay, so you have a list, but let's kind of talk about maybe what's holding you back from using it strategically, If anyone wants to kind of say, Adam, my client last night. And this was one thing that I noticed right away because I had heard for a long time that email lists are gold. The most important thing to your business. Right? Right. I didn't know that had changed, but I noticed that they I didn't have this newsletter sign up on their page. I know that they haven't done formal newsletters, but also they have a few eat millis. Kind of scattered all over the place are they're using them properly. Are they really capitalizing on this? I don't think so. So I'm interested in the great point to bring up anyone else. Reason you're not using it, Rachel. I just don't know an effective ways that I mean, I could send people updates and things, but I don't know how to convert that. To be something that brings values them and brings me new clients. I don't That transition is confusing. Perfect. I love it. You're bringing that up. We're definitely gonna talk about that. Anyone else? Denise. Any concerns? So I've got a massive list of people that I do not email effectively. What? No, that's very calm. I feel like I'm always in knee jerk mode. As opposed to having a plan of action. Um, and being methodical about it. It's always old. Let's do this. Let's it's not effective. And I really need Ah plan in a strategy to be effective, Alicia. Anything of sane? I would say that, you know, I have a list of clients that, you know, I definitely could reach out to, Right. But what content is going to capture their attention that is going bring them value, obviously bring new business and repeat business. So what stand? Yeah. Win. Descend it. What to say. How What are we hearing from our worldwide audience. We have people all over the board. But would you say that there are more? Knows that I would say they're more rhinos and their comments like Q T patootie. Tina, who says she's not sure which email marketing company to use or how not to send emails without sharing names there. Few people were just baffled by the concept in general. So, yeah, those knows air strong. Yeah, yeah, we've got LTP says Yes, I'm using Mad Mimi, which is one that I've heard a lot of people use. Mrs. B is using constant contact. Uh, and then people are definitely feeling like they're being called out because Tina Harris photo are. I hate to say it, but no, not yet. And then again, Mrs B, how do we get visitors to actually sign up using my often box? So people are perhaps seeing the value but not knowing what to do. So, Ellis Melon, I'm so excited. This is great. This is something I'm really passionate about, and I actually the way I got into learning about online marketing and all of these different skills and social media and conversions and all this really meaty stuff was because I had an apparel business when I was back in college and a friend of mine invited me to this Internet marketing conference and I went It was like all guys, there were no girls And one of the speakers was talking about email and all the results he was getting, the things he was sending, how he was using it for promotions and for relationship building. And I kind of thought like what you said Adam like, Oh, so we're supposed to do that cause you never know. You see some people doing it, Some people not do it you go. Is it right for me? Is it right? For my businesses was just for people who sell products just for people who sell services like Where's Where's the clarity with this? And then, even if you do decide that emails right for you. All those questions that you brought up are beautiful. Who should I? You know, When should I be sending what should I be sending them? You know, as email does become more and more saturated. You want to make sure that what you're sending is valuable. You're not just harassing your customers but most customers do want to keep in contact with you. We talked about how email is so critical because it pulls to go back to your site. They come to your site one time. Most people are not going to buy the first time that they visit your site. We need you know, I think they say 7 to 10 times to see a brand or be engaged around it. And so you want a way to be able to reach out to people and bring them back and tap into their initial interest in you and your business? So email is critical and this is what I learned about four years ago with my first business. And so we started slowly building an email list. You know, put something on our site, had a, you know, a little newsletter Sign up in our footer. We started testing a lot of different ways to click leads it. So I'm going to be sharing with all of you today. And the first time we actually used our list was for a promotion. So at that point, we weren't really sending any scheduled content out. But we decided to do a sale. I think it was like a graduation or beginning of summer sale, something like that, and our sale with 10 times larger and revenue than any other sale we had run before. Why? Because instead of relying on just the organic traffic we were getting instead of relying on, you know, Facebook out or something like that, which is very beneficial, we were able to reach out to our audience that had already said, I am interested in what you sell. I'm interested in what you dio. And so as soon as we had an enticing offer, something that was in a deadline, we talked about how deadlines are important cause it gets people act very quickly. This was the perfect way for us to start using that list, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Obviously, just mailing for promotions is not the only way to use an email list. But that's when I really start to started to understand the importance of using email marketing. Now, fast forward to about four years later, and I start doing a lot of online information selling, creating courses, coaching all of that and started building email. Estas Well, now for this particular business. This is where I decided that it needed to be mawr value, adding it needed to be not just reaching Ask them when I had something to sell. But this email would be a way to build a connection in relationships with my audience in a way that maybe wasn't possible just on social media or wasn't possible just by maybe getting them to my website once a week. So an email list is something that is critical. Whether you sell products or services, it can be used in a variety of ways, which we're going to discuss. But for most people, the most common concern of the most common thing that holds them back it had actually build it. How have it on their site? What do I do? Is it a sidebar? Should it be a particular page? I'm gonna be talking about pop ups, so we're gonna talk about how to build the email list, and then we're gonna circle back. Since it sounds like this is something everyone is really interested in and talk about the strategy behind it will work one on one with the studio audience and talk about setting up a plan for you. I'm pretty well versed in all the different email platforms, from male chimp to a Weber to infusion soft, constant contact so we can talk about the pros and cons of the different sites in the different programs it ranges from. If it's just you doing it, too, if you have a full team, how many people you're planning on reaching, whether it's 100 or 100,000 and so worldwide audience, I really want you to be thinking about this as well. There really is no reason not to be using email, even as a local business. Email is very important. So start thinking of your questions, concerns objections, because we're gonna have lots of time to discuss them with you as well. In the segment, I would love Teoh, tell you what's going on in the chat rooms because people are saying, Let's see, People are also curious about the violating email marketing best practices, which is another thing. Holding them back is not knowing what they're supposed to be doing their time, capsule says. We have a large email list, but many contacts are wrong. As we recently bought the company but it was not updated when he bought it. So we're really looking for a program. Teoh find updated e mails Other people are using mail chimp, But so it's It's great dialogue going on about what people, what people are doing and what their challenges are. That reminds me of I don't This has happened. Anyone else but you get an email from a company normally not a large company, but a smaller business, and everyone's emails are listed. Have you ever seen that? Oh, such a big No, no. But it has to do with if you're not using an email service provider, particularly, I mean, of course you can blind copy people, so not everyone sees it. But I think that if you have more than five people on your list, which hopefully we're all going to get you there very quickly, you need to be using some sort of an email service provider. It just makes it so much easier. So we'll talk about that as well. We talked about this a little bit. We've talked about the free gift, right, the e book, the gift, the video. But now I really want this to be Mawr Interactive and actually tangibly thinking about what you could give away. So we talked about adding value to your audience based around something that they want to learn. I showed you the example I use of this little e book or this little report how to get lots of Pinterest followers fast that I then leak linked to an opt in page. But I want everyone to think about this, and I actually want the worldwide audience think about this as well. What could you give away as your incentive as your freebie for signing up for your list? Because the very common mistake people do if they have a newsletter, but they don't indicate why you should sign up for it. Just having a newsletter isn't enough. What do they get from this newsletter but also give them something with instant gratification. If you do have a newsletter and you send it out once a week, or let's be realistic, maybe once a month if your lucky you don't want someone to sign up for your list and not hear from you for a month so you can see this is exactly how I've set mine up on Pinterest, where as soon as they go and often they receive this instant report or this report right away, so worldwide, I think about what your value adding thing could be. It could be a coupon. If you sell products, it could be even just beyond the coupon. It could be something like, Maybe it's a buy one. Get one. Maybe there's another complimentary service or something thrown in addition to it if you don't just want to discount. But if you are some sort of a service provider, what is something online that you could deliver? A video and e book? A report? A checklist? We've talked about so many different types of content opportunities I want to hear from the in studio audience, And I also want to hear from the worldwide audience different ideas for your business that you could use as in exchange for getting people's email addresses. Anyone in studio Adam Well, I've thought about this before, and sometimes I think it could be hard to think of something really quick as an export, or you may feel I don't think I can put myself out is an expert yet. I mean, I don't have as many followers or I'm just starting out. So what I thought would be a better way of doing it. It's at least you can provide your unique perspective. So maybe you're an artist working in Tech. You can provide that perspective, people. Maybe that's appealing. It's set you apart. Artful gentlemen. So you've got this amazing, you know, custom fashion experience for men. You want to get people on your email list so you can tell them more about what you do, Why it's cool, the story of your brand, all sorts of good stuff like that. What is something that you could deliver digitally when someone signs up for your list? That they would be enticed by any ideas? I guess maybe something that's sort of like excuse me, a white paper, but in a different way. That's maybe a 10 page sort of stylebook guidelines to, uh, going through the process of your first custom suit. Okay, how did you know? So maybe for people that are interested in getting a custom suit, but they're not sure if this is really gonna be what they're after. And for a lot of people, I would imagine maybe it's their first time getting a custom suit. So what is this really? What is this gonna look like? I think people like to research what they're kind of getting into as much as possibly for they find out for something. Yeah. I mean, what about even some of those ideas that we went through For what? Your what? Your checklists would be, right? I mean, like you said, if people love looking at checklist on Pinterest, maybe it could just be a checklist, that is, instead of an absolutely, absolutely maybe, you know, you throw in something this is again. We talked a lot about partnerships and collaborations yesterday. Maybe there's some other great, you know, men's where some sort of accessory business in San Francisco that you reach as relationship and say, You know, we were going to promote that If you sign up for our list. If you do buy a custom suit, you will also get this pocket square something like that. You can use your email list. I mean, we're talking about freebies right here and what you would actually promote online. But it can be really cool to actually treat your email subscribers as your V I peace, and that's something I do a lot as I talk about my V I p list. I don't say my newsletter less necessarily, at least when I'm speaking to my audience because people might not be interested in a newsletter. You know, it's kind of overused. Everyone. Here's a newsletter. What you gonna do, like send me updates about, you know, your employee roster. What's a newsletter? But it can be cool to have a V I. P list, and something we do with our apparel company is all of our email subscribers are V I. P list. They get pre and early access to every one of our sales, which they love. They get sent particular discounts that the rest of our audience does not get sent. So they're treated in a way, and we speak to them in a way that is different from the general audience. So think about and started. That might help you decide what you send them. How you say, You know, we're talking about that strategy, what you use it for. Your email subscribers are your V I P List their V I p people, your V I P audience they might not be customers yet because they might not have purchased yet. But they're your V I, p audience or the people that are reaching out there, probably the most engaged. They're gonna hopefully here for me the most often. And because of that, you can give them access to things, materials, information that you don't give out to the general list. And that's also a great way to promote it. You know, when you're talking on Facebook about not just hey senate for my newsletter lists, but all right, I'm about to send a special free training video just to my V I P list. You're not gonna want to miss this if you're not already signed up here. And so that's kind of a cool way to talk about it versus please sign up for my newsletter list. Find out, you know, telling them why what's cool about it, making it something people want to be a part of. So that's probably looking very familiar. I told you I'd walk you through this all again, but this on Pinterest just simply is whatever our digital download is our report going to the pin and then sending them to an opt in page. So how about from our worldwide audience? Are we getting some ideas of some cool things that they could offer digitally? 3 18 Media talked about giving away a checklist, which we've heard before. I loved this item trying to find it. Now it was, um yeah, let me find one. While you look for that one. Brett says I send an introductory sample of my full premium course via auto responder. S o probably has some kind of online courses. He's sending part of it, too. Yeah, let's see. Chatty Gabby is I'm a beauty blogger. Great name for that. And I'm struggling to think of how this would work for a blogger rather than a business. But I would think that a blogger would have so much content already in her files essentially back catalogue to yeah, purpose for that. And I think bloggers are actually one of the most underserved markets for using email marketing. So many bloggers they're putting content out every day, every week. They put so much time and energy into it, and yet they're crossing their fingers that the readers remember to come out and read what they just put out there. Look at what they just created where I think the really smart, savvy bloggers have started to realize this and are promoting using an email list so that every time they create content, they can then reach out to their audience, let them know about it and bring them to their site. So it's It's a way to have a lot more control over bringing your audience back to you when you're ready to show them something new. So in terms of something blogger could give away and I want to throw it out. Does anyone have any ideas? Because it's not just my age is. But if you were going to sign up your your favorite beauty blow of your favorite fashion blog's something like that, what could they offer you that you might be interested in signing it for their email list? For, um, I would say something that I get questions about a lot, you know, as a stylist. But also I would love to receive content on is say, it's a new season. You know, a quick, simple one page five steps to enter me into the next season. You know, love five waste update my wardrobe for fall and then links to where I can get those things. Absolutely perfect. Example. So beauty blogger you're probably putting together all the time talking about the products that make it that you love. Maybe you create this special little not necessarily checklist, but a list of here. The five must have beauty items for me and, like Alicia said, actually list them out. Provide links where they can buy them. It's simple, it's straightforward. It gives someone a place to start, and it proves that you're an authority and you can. People can receive and respond to your information and your advice. Wait, go! So we have more great ideas coming through as well, just just back for people themselves. Justine Cirillo says. We've created a quick start guide to eating Paleo that gets sent out to subscribers, but we just don't have subscribers yet with the frown face. Yeah, we'll get to that. Don't worry about that, but I lost of ideas out there. Yes, that's that's the important thing is I think you know there are. There's no right or wrong thing toe offer. As long as it's something your audience is gonna respond, Teoh. And the way that you figure out what they're gonna respond to, issue tested. And you see, you can actually do split test so you can create two different Often pages like this offer two different things. Maybe one's a report. Ones a video Siri's. And you can drive traffic to the two different pages and see Okay, we sent 100 people this 100 people to the other 1 50 people signed up. When we offered the free report and 10 people signed up, we offered the video Siri's So okay, videos, obviously not what our audience is interested in. So your freebie should be something that you create in their constantly testing to make sure that it's the best possible and most enticing offer to get people on your list. So create a great list. Another example you probably saw from yesterday. But it doesn't even have to be, Ah, full pdf report. I think people get kind of confused about that. Like, what am I gonna write about? What am I going to create five videos on? It could be something as simple as a less like we just talked about for the beauty example. It could be a list of your top 10 favorite products like Alicia said, making it trending something timely. Maybe it's the five makeup items you need for fall. The five lip colors that are good transition you into the next season, really framing it into a list that it's simple. You know, most people don't need a huge e book or something to sign it for an email list. They might already like the idea that you will be able to conveniently remind them when there's something they want to check out. So don't overwhelm yourself thinking that this is something you need to push off for six months until you have time to write that book. Finally, this could be something that is just a little taste of you and your brands. And it's very important to make every touch point of this experience and experience because a lot of people will have just really generic, like double opt ins. Anyone on a double often is where you get it and says, Hey, please, please click here to verify you actually sign up for this list just away their email providers. Make sure that it wasn't spam or something weird just that it was actually you that signed up for the list. A lot of times of emails can look awful, right, really ugly and a lot of times the first email we send people. If you use an auto responder like someone in that world wide audience brought out, then that just means that there is an email that goes out to them right after they sign up. Sometimes it's in a funky template. Sometimes it's just a basic, you know, white and black text. And I think every touch point of that first email should be very, very memorable and very positive. So whether that means you're using amazing images, I think of some of the things Christine has shown us. Think of the way she writes when she speaks to her audience. The words she uses, the way she says think the way she showcases and illustrates thes e mails that you are sending should be very strategic and they should embody the overall message and experience of your brand. We'll talk about that more in a little bit. Another great way to use Pinterest to build an online ER to build an email list like we talked about is to promote an online workshop. So you've heard me talk about that? I do a lot of webinars. I actually will promote my webinars on Pinterest so I will create a pin that is somehow highlighting what my upcoming workshop is about. This is Louis house. He's done a creative life. Here is well, so I did a webinar with Louis created this pin and what I did is actually linked it to a registration page. And I'm happy to take his many questions about this as you want because you might not have seen this before. But I used go to Webinar to host my online workshops. And so this is just a basic go to webinar page that I'm actually linking my pin to another thing that you will not see very much on Pinterest. People aren't using it at this level. But why not create some sort of an invitation for an online workshop, of course, and link it to a page or people can sign up to attend. Now, of course, this is also building my email list because in order to attend the workshop, they need to sign up so I can email, then the link to join me. Anyone getting the ah ha like maybe something you could host online. Because if you're looking to build a list one of the best ways I built a list of over 75,000 people in under a year by hosting a lot of workshops like this, and it's a very active and very involved and very profitable audience for me because they're people that I've been on live calls with that I've talked with that. I've answered their questions by name. You know, I also have a list that I built with Facebook ads, which is very effective, a great way to scale very quickly. It does cost you money, but my relationship with them is different because they didn't sign up to directly work with me in a workshop. So building a list like this, it's not always just about having 75,000 people. I know people who have less than 5000 people and still have six figure businesses because of the relationship they have with that audience. So I don't want you here numbers and think, Why don't want that? Many people are on an email list. What would I even do with that many people? The number isn't important. How you use an engage that audience is what's really important. Only we have a couple of questions coming in. Um, one is. Is there a technical distinction between your regular list and your V I. P list for us? No, you can tend tohave. You can segment. That's a whole other thing we can talk about where you have. If you're using a service provider like a Weber infusion soft or something that's more comprehensive. I don't think Mail Chimp allows you to do this, but you can actually set it up so that the email service writer knows which ones are customers and which ones or not. And so maybe your customer list is your V. I. P list, since they've already bought from you and you do extra special stuff for them. Or maybe you treat your non customer list and you actually spend more time in attended with them cause you're working to get them to become a customer. But you definitely can I choose to treat my entire list. Anyone that has chosen to give me their highly valuable email address. I treat them is V. I. P s. And they get access to stuff that my general audience does not. That was a question from Linda E. One More quickly, Sheba. Guys, design wants to know if you change up the freebie that you give away and if so, how often? Yes, So that's a great question. I have a bunch of different their coldly generation offers. If we're gonna get really technical, I have a bunch of different ones, and it depends on the lead source. So where it's coming from. So I have a particular offer, a report I give from Facebook ads. I run Facebook ads to build my list. I have a different offer. If you go to Melanie Duncan dot com, you'll see that there. I haven't option page on my home page, and it has it talks about the free training you received when you sign up. Feel list because I send a video training every week to my list that has highly actionable important content for business owners. So I will promote different things. Four different lead sources. So maybe one thing on my site. One thing amusing for Facebook ads. Maybe there's something I'm using on Pinterest that, you know, maybe a checklist. Maybe a checklist isn't a good lead source for my website, but I have a checklist that links to an opt in page that I use on Pinterest. Is that making sense? It can get this can scale. I know we have people of all different stages that are just thinking. I just got to start somewhere. I'm going to start with one thing and use that and promoted on Facebook on Pinterest on my home page. Awesome. Start there. If you already have that, you may want to get into the next step, which is testing different types of offers and seeing what your audience responds to best. But start somewhere. Start with just one thing, get your feet wet and then move on to more advanced strategies asking, are we to assume that when they signed up for a webinar, any freebie that they are agreeing to be on our ongoing sort of mailing lists? That is a great question. That is a really, really good question. That's something that comes up a lot with contests like we talked about yesterday. So if you're building a list based off of hosting a Pinterest contest. Is it okay to continue to mail them your regular offers? Your newsletter When they really sign it specifically for contest. This is up to you. I tend people fine up. I tend to mail them pretty much my regular communication. Now you can have options on that form. A check box. Would you like to also receive regular communication from me? That's something you've probably seen a lot of major brands. Dio, you know, if you place an order on Bloomingdale's and as you're checking out, it says, Oh, you know, check here if you want to receive regular updates and discounts and promotions from us, so you can have it be something that people actually do choose for that full communication from you. I err on the side of I kind of just communicate with everyone. There's always every single one of my emails. There are multiple places where you can unsubscribe, breaks my heart when you dio but you have the option at any point. I'm not gonna hide it so you can't figure out how to stop getting my emails. My Michael is to just provide so much value to you that you are thrilled any time and email comes from me. But if it's something you want to be super clear about, just give them that extra option. What they want to sign up for. A Porterfield gotta do their shout out for the workshop, starting tomorrow with Devon Duncan. Amy is an amazing, amazing Facebook expert, and we did a webinar together about Facebook marketing secrets she can visit to being in New York. So we took a super cheesy pointing photo together. I used pic monkey to make this and up linked this to an opt in or to a webinar registration page. So just want to show you the different ways I'm actually one of the only people ever seen do this. That actually promotes my webinars if you're doing webinars coaching, and I'm not sure where everyone is at in terms of using webinars or using online workshops. We've talked about it a little bit during this session, but it's something that is critical to my service business into my coaching business because it allows me to get in front of a wider audience, really demonstrate value, really build rapport and trust compared to trying to send them to a sales page. So on this particular training Amy and I went through spent about 60 minutes teaching all of these great Facebook marketing strategies. Really good content, blew people's minds. And then at the end, we promoted. So we, you know, kind of split the profits and said, Amy, why don't we told about a training that you have on Facebook if people want to go further? And so this is a monetization strategy for us and our business, But it also we have people who never buy from us. But they attend every one of these Webinars because they're so valuable. And even if they don't buy from us, there still valuable because they share these webinar invitations with friends with family with their followers. They put these invitations on their Facebook page. They re pin invitations like this so they help us build our audience. Even if they're not actively purchasing from us. Any crime kind of nervous? Any questions? Are people understand the concept of webinars? It's not what we're really here to talk about right now, but I want people to have ah, clarity about it. Well, I think I mean, yes, I think there's interest due to dash to Would love to learn more about how to do webinars creativelive class Question mark. And yes, indeed of there has been with Louis House. And with the James would more depth Halpern Yep, all of those. If you look at our business classes excuse me. Definitely have covered those in depth. Yeah. Rachel todo Yeah. I was wondering where you categorize these on your boards. Um, do you have a because you kind of have a contest section? You have, like, a live events section, or I absolutely could. And this was a really big part of my business model last year. I'm not doing as much of this year. I'm moving into. I have a membership site that I'm focusing on more compared to doing a lot of joint ventures last year. I should definitely have made a live event online workshop board, because I was doing them pretty much every few weeks. But what I do now, since it's mawr intermittent is I have an information and marketing strategies board that I pin infographics. I pin articles, I pin videos, and if I have a workshop coming up that speaks to that topic area. Pin it onto that board. Yeah, if you do him a lot, I think would be really cool to have an online events. And I have seen it again. Might be hub spot that did this. That does have, like, a webinar board. They talk about their upcoming workshops or online courses. So what? I want to point out this example before we move on, Is So what happens when the workshop ends? Right. We talked about this with your contest, even after your contest endure. Probably still going to get a lot of traffic from that contest pin. So what do you what do that page do you just say, Oh, the workshop ended last week. Sorry. You want to do that? What we do is we leave the page up, but we just change it and says down here, get the replay. This webinar by filling out your information below. So we record every workshop we do online. Very simple to dio. You can use screen flow or can't Asian just record your screen? You can have someone else of a attack person. Record it for you if you're not interested in doing that, but we record it so that we can still capitalize on people who were interested in learning about this and send them that content they can still buy if we have an offer that didn't end or something like that. But we can still use that content as a lead generation tool as something that people are interested in signing up for. To get this replay that makes sense and teaser pins just like they work for everything else we've talked about. They work for online workshops. So instead of having a picture of me and Amy or me and Louis or recording or something, I also have found its very success. It is a very successful strategy to dio some sort of a teaser pin. Learn how to use pinchers for business and link it to a webinar page. So this is a different design, but same thing. Talk about what you're gonna learn in the training, the benefits and actually allow them to click and sign up. So what we do on this page is a little bit different. If there's actually not an opt in box you have, that's different. There's not a name and email box on here. Just a different design. It's a little bit prettier looking, if you can see that. But what we do is use a pop up, and everybody has different feelings about pop ups. I happen to love them because they are so much more effective than having a sign up thing in your in the footer or in the sidebar. But some people really do not like pop ups. They really, really hate pop up. They can be annoying. There are different parameters you can use so that Ah, pop up happens within the 1st 10 seconds. But after someone has come to your site, their cookies so they don't see it again, you can have it on. Lee showed a person once a month. There's different things you can do, so you're not harassing your customers or visitors. I think that's a common assumption. They think that it's all or nothing with pop ups, and that's not true. You can use them, but in a subtle way. And so for us, this only pop ups, it's really more of a light box. Once you click the button, then this comes up the back screen is great out where they can select a date a time, and they can go ahead and register. And this is for an automated webinar. So what this means is, after we've done a session and we have a recording we use, I'm really kind of going in depth. Earth Day three. I hope everyone brought their game face today, but we have a recording that people can play. They can choose when they want to watch it. It will auto play different times when they sign up, so there's a lot of customized experiences you can create. When you get to that point again, I'm showing you where to start, and I'm sure you where you can go, you choose the best place to start for you special offers and discounts. And I didn't want to come back to this because when we talked about discounts, I think a lot of people go. I never run sales or promotions. I never discount my services. I think that's a bad marketing strategy. Some people really don't like to discount. I totally understand that it has to be right for you. But a promotion can still be used even if you aren't discounting like I alluded to earlier. You could still do some sort of a additional perk. Say, with you know, sign it for a custom suit fitting or custom suit creation. You get a free pocket square. Maybe you're going to give them a free after they buy a necklace from you, you're going to send them this really cool. Pdf, that shows them five different data night looks You can use that necklace. Four. Say, when someone goes ahead, you run a special for a week that whenever they buy your fitness, nutrition plan or your fitness DVD set, they also you know, you partner, and you give them a $25 lululemon card. Something like that. You can run promotions and you should run promotions. One of the silliest things I did with our first business are apparel. Business is we didn't run a promotion for two years, so we had our site up. We're getting, you know, working on scaling traffic, working on scaling different things, never ran a promotion. Just thought I don't know, you know. Do we need to run promotions? Anyone has that happen? Anyone else? You just think I don't know what we run. We don't need to run a sale for What would that really do? What would that bring? It makes a big difference without a really need to act without a reason to act. Even if we're moderately interested in something, even if we're like a business, we like a product. We think it's something will probably buy at some point. We normally need that little Oh right, that little push to take action. So if you have never run a promotion, I'd love to know this worldwide audience. Let me know yes or no. Have you ever run a promotion for your business? Because it took us two years, and if I was starting out again, I would run in the first month. I would have AH, launch promotion were were open. We're launching. Here's especially could get for the first month we're in business. It is never too early to run a promotion. There is never a bad time to run a promotion. I get the question. How many times how often should I run promotions except you talk to your audience with our Greek apparel business. We run a promotion almost every single month now. Now that's pretty aggressive. The reason is we actually have something on our website in the header that has a special coupon code so that whenever new people come to our site, whether they're coming from, you know, some sort of organic search term or some paid traffic, everybody sees a coupon code the first time they come to our site, and that increases our conversion rate. So if you haven't, what are we getting? Is it mostly guesses mostly knows for running a promotion? Uh, W Lotuses saying No promotions yet. Natalie Hicks and I think we were to sail Z because it didn't work. Um, anybody says I always want an early bird registration for my online art courses, so that's great. Um, 3 18 Media said. We lumped in promo codes with newsletter sign ups for the 1st years of business and that converted grade. Yes, we've got knows we've got yes is so high. So it's next. But that's something I talked about before. Also, is that for custom, great threats. We have a pop up now. When you come to our site, it says, Hey, sign up for a list will give you 10% off your first order. That does amazing things for us. We got a ton of sign ups and also more people by, because while they're still in that and I don't know, I never bought from them before. They're still deciding phase. They have that little extra that little extra. Just push to use that coupon code to try us out, and then we convert someone from a prospect to a customer, and your customers are much more valuable to you than your prospects. And that's because if they've already purchased from you, it's much easier. And it's much more likely that you'll be able to get them to purchase from you again. But in terms of Pinterest creating pins that actually do look like coupons creating pins and actually have some sort of a special offer, maybe it's just for your Pinterest followers. Maybe it's, you know, just for people. Sign up for your list, but having any sort of coupons. And this goes back to, you know, with the more promotional pins we were talking about before, it's probably isn't gonna be your entire Pinterest page, but feel free to kind of pepper in some special offer some special promotions and use those for either lead generation or just for additional interesting content on your Pinterest page for service providers. Do you think that running too many promotions too often could lessen the appearance of appearance of value for your quality, expertise and time? Absolutely, yes, it's different for every person, every market. But there there is such a thing as running them too often, and then you discourage people from buying during your regular time. You don't want to do that. So a rule of thumb is quarterly. Normally, quarterly people are gonna need to buy your product within some sort of a four months ban for something. Ah, but for some businesses, they do annual promotion, so it's only one time of year for other businesses. It can be monthly. It really depends on how much you're trafficking. Your audience is refreshing. It also depends on that customer life cycle value were talking about before where how often do people buy from you? Do you have the type of product or service that they buy once and then they're done? Or do you have the type of market where people will purchase from you? repeatedly and factor that into how often you're running promotions. So now we can talk about the good stuff optimizing the website. And for those of you that were tuning in, we were talking about the Melanie Duncan site. You saw all the different places that we dio use email and lead generation strategies. Again, my favorite is pop ups, and I know I might be getting a little bit of a little bit of backlash for saying that. But the way we use pop ups, I think, is very tasteful. It's not some crazy, cheesy looking, you know, some pop ups just like their red, and they're flashing, and they have, like, checkered borders. You know, this is something that is very much in line with the design, the overall feeling experience of our brands. We talk about different offers, so that says, let me help you grow your business and design your dream life. Get updates delivered weekly to your inbox, so I tell them how often they will be mailed. Learn how to work less and make more strategies to a lack. Unlock your creativity, tips and trips to Bubba. Tips and tricks were increasing your traffic and sales. Now these words and terminology, it's not something I just came up with. These are words that I'm using, that I have surveyed my audience extensively. For that they want to learn more about. So we were talking about surveys. I think it was on Day two. I do send a surveyed everyone on my list. It's something they get within the first week. And I asked them, What do you want to learn more about where the biggest areas in your life, your business, you're looking improving on what our challenges. And that is what I am choosing to highlight and talk about in this newsletter, cause I know that's what most of my audience kind of wants to learn more about. I use pop up domination dot com. I know you guys like a lot of tools, like to no particular things that I might be using. So this is the service provider that I use for our pop ups. The software there are different ones out there. There are pros and cons, But if you're interested in, I get a lot of questions, you know? How did you make that pop up? Who did you use. Ours is from pop up domination dot com Hilariously right, pop up domination like so Internet marketing. It's so funny. I also have a very prominent, often box here in the header. So any page on my site, whether you're looking at my about you're looking at different videos, different blawg posts, you will see that often box right there. And I say, Get free tips to make more money and spend less time working. That's something my audience, that's one of their main aspirations and goals is able to make more so they could do the things they want. They can provide for their family in the way they'd like to, but they like to have more time to do what they like to do. Travel more freedom. So that's a main messaging. That's the main theme in my branded in my wording. My good friend Derek Help earned as a lot of split testing, and he's been here with the Creativelive workshop as well, and something he taught me is actually saying free. Whether it's in the text here in the text here in the text here tends to increase opt ins as well, so even though most people realize that sign up for newsletter is gonna be free for whatever reason, seen free. Having that confirmation tends to increase the man people that will actually sign up in act. So that's something that you'll see across most of the areas where we do talk about building our list or where you can subscribe. We talk a lot about that. It's free. So that's something that has been proven across a variety of websites and something that I feel comfortable suggesting to us well. To dio, however, you feel it's right. And really, we have a few questions coming in about what you use for your op in page designs. Big Red. Clifford Kasuri Women Woman A bunch of people want to know how that how that works. So for opt in pages, I use optimized press. Um, I love their stuff. They recently came out with Optimized Press two, and then you can build websites with it. It has all sorts of graphic themes, and it's very focused on design, which is cool because tonight, when you get these templates in these plug ins, they just look awful and cheap, and there's tons of places you can go and get often boxes. There's a great site called lead pages. Lead page is another good one, but what I tend to use across the board is optimized. Press one more question on that Melanie from Kim Frick. If someone has signed up for the newsletter, do they see this pop up every time they come to your site? That's something else that you can actually monitor. So no, if you are a subscriber to my site, and I normally do it if someone has visited my site, um, I think it's like no more than every 30 days. They don't see the pop up. And for me, that's that's fine, because I also have the sidebar you concede get updates, its free learned how to work less and make more. And another important thing to do it on often forms. You can see this ass trick down here. Your emails have been of your Oh, that's actually a testimonial, but what? We normally don't opt in pages. We haven't ass trick that says we will never sell abuse or spam your email, and that's again, something that is shown to increase conversions. When you're looking for email addresses. So using something of disclaimer like that that we're not going to sell or abuse or spam your email. It's another good thing to Dio, and you can see here actually did use a testimonial. So this is from Katie, she says. Your emails have been a great support. I love Read them every day. Keep staying fabulous. So we talked about using testimonials a lot. I think it was on Day one, and this is something that I also tend to use. I showed you an example. I think of the Online Edge Academy. If you go to online urge Academy, so one of our particular opt in pages. You'll see there's a picture and option box in a big testimonial, and that increases them as well. Well, Melanie, I just want to give a little testimonial from brute camp Who says Just to let you know Melanie, it thrills me each time I get emails from you. Okay, good. There's one. Thank you very much.

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