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Branding & Design Hot Seat

Lesson 40 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

Branding & Design Hot Seat

Lesson 40 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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40. Branding & Design Hot Seat


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Lesson Info

Branding & Design Hot Seat

so I wanted to see if anyone would like Teoh submit their website for me to check out while we're alive here. And I can maybe give it a quick critique or a quick rand. Is that something we can dio? We can do this student's hair. Okay, Our studio audience. I don't believe we can do anybody. All right? Better. I didn't I didn't ask before, but I thought that that would be fun. Um, OK, does anybody what? You have already chatted about yours today? Did you wanna do that again? Do you want to come up chefs? We'll take a look for both designers, so that actually kind of fun. It's funny because my brand, even though I work with people on brand my brand, it's like I describe it like it's easy to clean other clean other people's houses and surely hard to keep your own health clean. It's absolutely. In fact, you would not believe how many emails I get from other graphic designers that say that exact thing. I can totally do it for my clients. I just can't see what I need. Will you design me a log...

o and I never quite know what to say I don't know is like, isn't misrepresenting them as a designer toe? Have me design there, logo people would automatic. I would assume that designers design their own logo, but it's not the case. It's hard. It's hard to figure out who you are when you're so worried about yourself. Everybody else all the time. So let me get out of here. I don't know why I cannot remember how to get on low. Yeah, because it's hidden. Oh, look at that. You're already up. Pretty much all we can go. Right? Awesome. So did I. Was just getting here when I heard you talking with Melanie. You just started a new site or, um, you have I do have a site. Yeah, um, but my goals with my brand, it feels its professional. It's polished enough, but I don't feel like I have a strong brand voice for my company. And, you know, I haven't are is my local just because, um and do you have and where do you live? Tell me again. And you told me I should vanish again. So do you get a lot of your clients online or they local now? almost none of my clients look, almost my clients in the bear. Okay. All right. Good. So we have the initial impact of super clean, super professional and even maybe slightly corporate. Do you do a lot of corporate? I don't know. So that's maybe something that that was my initial. Like it looks very business. I work with, um, newer entrepreneurs and helping them focus and kind of learned their first few steps. Their fledgling stuff. That's great. And what about Have you ever had images of work you done or these photos you've taken or these those are stock images. I I just kind of, honestly, I put the website together and I was tired enough. I was just like, something needs to go here. I absolutely know that feeling, and I know the feeling of being like, Well, don't really don't really look at that. Just look at my face. But I figured on the continuum, it's better to be boring and neutral and a little bit too corporate and square than be trendy or be. But it's not tasteful in some way. Yeah, yeah, that's true. And that's what I was saying to that kind of goes back, Teoh, you know, and this will get off the topic for minute. But a couple of years ago, it seemed to me that so many of my clients were in this branding competition they were creating a brand identity or design our logo for themselves or their business. They were kind of doing it to keep up with the Joneses. There was a lot of that. It was huge and photography especially. You know, they were so worried about what the other people were gonna think, and if they could kind of outdo them that we sort of over branded a lot of people. I feel like, you know, in fact, you're not an example of that, Denise, But one of the things that you've said to me is you know, I don't know. I do boudoir. I do weddings. I dio, you know, Grace, senior portrait photography. How doe I make that all one brand and speak to my clients. Well, I think that if you love it and it speaks to you, then it's going to speak to your clients. You're going to attract the right customers. If it's something that resonates with you again, back to the being authentic. If you look at it every time you see it or not every time, but you still love it. You smile when you see it, it makes you happy. Then you know it's right can still be updated knowing them. But you know, it's the right look, if you just cringe or trying to outdo someone else, you don't like what you're looking at. You don't like what you're seeing or it's getting diluted. You know, don't worry so much about who you are selling to all the time. Start worrying about if you like it and it resonates with you because it makes you think a big difference and kind of really shows you're your own personality. So that's something that you could definitely be doing designed something that you like. If you could, you know, choose you're a perfect client or, you know, just make something up for them. Maybe they don't exist. Make something up for what you get amuse. Get some inspiration from somewhere and kind of design around that I actually really like your mood board words, and I do that reclines, but I have never even thought of doing it myself right That it is You could see so clearly in the last example how those words really shown in the divine? Yeah, I mean, and it's easy to do. I have. You know, I have lots of muses and inspiration, but it's like, you know, one day you want to be softer and more feminine. One day you want to be a little more edgy. One day, you know, and that's me. I hope that not everyone is white that gets a friend and branding, but I can do it because I do it all the time and I still keep it cohesive and together. I don't recommend anyone else doing that, but I do think that you know this. I think that you have a great personality. You've got blue hair, beautiful face. I should definitely be showing without being trendy. You can still have some fun with it, interjected in there a little bit, but I mean, you definitely got the set up there and you've got any guys we're talking about. Your about page. Yeah, I haven't changing. It's just it's a very it's funny. My I actually I need to find a photographer to take good pictures of me because right now it's a e. Get a ITT's a painting I did of myself with the self portrait there on my dash. Didn't want to just explore either custom do the wooden. How they thought is that's awesome. So you did that. Do you do that for people? Yeah, that your new illustration. And that's beautiful. Great. You should definitely be highlighting that part. I'm sure you do in your services area. Yeah, my soc It's been interesting because my transition as my company's transition I, um, have been working independently and owning my own business for a while. A few years on and up to a certain point, I was just a designer, and I would do anything anybody wanted. Just hire me, just just kind of, yeah, I'll do whatever you want. And now, in the past six months, I've refocused and and I'm focusing on Brennan and helping people through that process because that is really interesting. To me. It is it isn't just a logo. It isn't dressed, you know, a business card. It's definitely more than that. And, you know, I just read last night, too, and I've heard it a 1,000,000 times. Ah, brand is not just design, and a brand is not a business. A brand is the entire feeling and story and memories and everything tied into it. So it's is the whole experience. It's not just yeah, like, were designed intersex psychology. Yeah, exactly. I know I was talking to Melanie yesterday about the bright pink that I have on my on my shop website right now. It's not my favorite color, but it was kind of a test. I just learned about a color called Uh oh, it's the book and the color is called Drunk Tank pink, and that color is supposed to completely bubble gum pink, and you guys should look it up. It is absolutely supposed to attract customers and people and warm, fuzzy feelings. And it's the color that they paint the inside of prison cells When they are putting people who have been picked up for being drunk in public or whatever. It calms them down, and it makes him happy, so they're less violent, and they started painting the inside of bus seats like public transportation, that same color. So if you ever hop on a bus and it's bright pink. You'll know why? Because it cut down on crime and any violence. It cut down graffiti. And it's super interesting to me. All of that stuff, like things that you know, are in our daily lives, and we don't even not even conscious of it. But cut back to the color psychology. I think that that's a great thing on the site to you could add a little bit of color. I think you should have a little bit of fun and a little bit of personality. Yeah, because none of my style shines through at all. Particularly now that I'm looking at it in front of everyone. Sure see, But it takes that you have to, like, stomach side of it, because we're all you know, My other have a 1,000,000 favorite quotes, apparently, but another one is you know, you get too busy working on the business, are in the business. I mean, and you're never working on it. So you're you're not stepping outside of looking at it. All the data with a fresh eye. Yeah, You look at it like if I was going to go to me. What? I hire me, I don't know, you know? And then if not, then that's when you need to make a change. But, you know, you're right. There you have it all set. You You're so killing. You're gonna I think that I'd love to see it after you make some changes. Yeah, Yeah, I'm totally going to go, um, home and just do this is just gonna fix. Yeah. No. Well, I I've learned so much. I can't wait to go home to and just get all my pinch arrest in order. And I mean, well, I just love people emailing and saying they're seeing results. That's a That's awesome. That's what this is for. And that's that's the whole idea. So you came all this way, and it actually is completely worth it for you. Super excited. Is there anything you want to ask her? Like anything you want to add to this or No, I think I have a lot of good things to think about. I think that taking taking it away from a corporate, um, overly plain kind of overly careful is really what it is. It is denial into something that actually speaks with any sort of voice. Is the direction. I'm gonna go. So I think you started with this and you started out strong and you had a great Now you. Now you can see where it needs to evolve too. So that's great. Thank you.

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a Creativelive Student

What an incredible amount of GREAT information that Melanie gives in this course! I couldn't watch it all live, but I saw enough in about 30 minutes to know I had to have it and so I bought it and it is worth EVERY PENNY! I can't wait to start utilizing all the great info to make my Pinterest boards work for me and have more fun pinning! Thank you CreativeLive and Melanie!


So glad I saw this and got it to keep. With just a few tweaks, I turned my non-active boards into active boards and quadrupled my followers in just a few days. This spilled over into site traffic AND major lead generation for my mailing list. Thanks for the inspiration, Melanie.

Michelle Smith

Awesome learnt so much thank u

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