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Branding Hot Seat: Artful Gentleman

Lesson 39 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

Branding Hot Seat: Artful Gentleman

Lesson 39 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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39. Branding Hot Seat: Artful Gentleman


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Branding Hot Seat: Artful Gentleman

Adam gonna come up All right, sir. Thanks so much. All right. So high. I e I really more than understand. So you are with a company in San Francisco called The Artful Gentleman. Can you tell us all in case anybody missed it or just a refresher? What what that company is all about? Sure. So we are a basically a fashion start up here who wants to bring custom tailoring and custom suiting Teoh the citizens of San Francisco, even a wider audience in a modern way that's convenient, stylish, but basically we big. I found out that today's fashion lacks that sort of classic customized experience, and people just don't know where to get it. How to get It's not accessible. So that's what we're trying to innovate and bring to our customers. That's great. That's great. I don't want hear of a lot of companies doing that. Um, do you sell? So do you sell Onley custom or do you sell both custom and sort of? All right now we're doing only custom made to measure clothing. We don't do any off the rack it...

ems that sets us apart. We are more of a luxury custom type of products. So it's it's more to it, I believe, a more affluent, a more refined type of customer. So I feel that, yeah, the brand image, the brand voice has to be consistent with that. Okay, so that's that's my goal. Great. Well, we got lucky because when I first talked to Adam, hey told me a little bit about the company and I had a complete vision instantly of what that should look like. And he happened to just have some photos taken. What was it? A fashion show backstage kind of thing, right? We just did a fashion show called Suit Up for Equality. It was in partnership with San Francisco HRC Ah, benefit for them. But we had new season styles on the runway and we had a great photographer coming and take these behind the scenes photos that I felt they deserve to be purpose for something impactful messaging for the brand because they really relate to people in an emotional way. Thes sort of out takes these sort of like very expressive faces and very, I think, experiential type of things that people could relate to. So I wanted to see what we could do in that. Absolutely. And what do you think right now with looking at your branding? What do you think? Works for you and what doesn't? I'm just going to click. Sure. You have home page of your website here. Perfect. So yes. So here. We've got a few banners. This is just one of our scrolling, uh, slider images. Right? This is a promotion. This is not the person you would see on the site, But this is, ah, collaboration with the SF based artists. So something a little bit more unique to our brand, where the customer could get a customized silk liner for their their suit if they chose to. And let's see the other one. I can probably describe that super cool. This actually was the 1st 1 that came up. Maybe because it's the rotating slideshow. Yeah, I feel that is probably a little bit off from our traditional. Okay, so here we have. But can we talk a little bit of a logo entangling before? Sure. Okay, So what I will say is we've got the logo there. I think the logo is pretty cool. It's a little solid. One thing about it I kind of feel is that there's two elements there a on the right side and then the artful gentleman text. I feel like maybe they're supposed to be two different sort of icons. I'm not sure how that works out. Made to measure fund clothing for all that is sort of what we are behind. But basically to set up for the Web page, I have, I mean, many opinions. One thing. First of all, it's like it's missing a newsletter sign up that's not necessarily designed, but it is important. I also think that when you go to a website, we talked about this. It's really about How do you feel when you first get there? So, yeah, if this is not your the main thing you're trying to sell, it shouldn't be your first header image. I think that's something we're struggling with. The slider images, air, not really presenting the products. They're trying to present a field, but they're a little off. We have our Sal books up at the top left, but I'm not exactly sure what we're with this this design, what we're trying to direct our customers to right away when they land that was my thought to What am I looking at here? I that it took me a minute, and then I realized, OK, this is an original artist. Siri's lining, and that is really, really cool. It's cool. The first thing. And I got to tell you that confused me. And I love the name artful gentleman. You already painted the picture. That's how I got the vision in my mind exactly what this brand should look like who were talking Teoh. And then I came to this and there was a little bit of a disconnect. I think that the fact that you actually also Taylor and make clothes for women, right, You guys know that by the name or the any of it now, So, yeah, one of the big, I guess sort of value oriented pieces of artful gentlemen is that they make custom suiting for all that means anyone, a woman who wants amazing tuxedo or find a three piece suit. We empower people in that way. It doesn't matter who you are. We're about bringing that style. Personalization, just making you feel amazing, incompetent. You don't really do women's clothing, But you do also suits right, fitted for women. And that's another thing. I mean, there are some images, but we usually usually collaborate with a dress designer, so Okay. All right. So the thoughts that I had were the name right off about love, the name, the timeline, I thought, Oh, well, they do. Men and women. Okay, let's check that out. That wasn't super apparent immediately, but before, I'm not a huge fan of it. Almost. Maybe not as high end as it could be. A little more on the scrapbook side. I don't know why there's a period after the logo. Is that there? That was, I think, just a brand decision. Just something to make it more distinctive. I'm not exactly sure. But we've recently said, OK, we have to put period behind it every time, So Okay, I don't know. All right. And then here's your other. So this is kind of a good example of the photos that you guys use on your site, the style that you have now and that you've been going for and most. Most of the photos are kind of along. Yes, and I would say that So one thing I do see it's like we don't have very many shots that are like products centric, where you would just see the product in a back or a white background, which I think is something we can work with or even detailed shots lecturing the texture. That's one thing I noticed really quick. Those would be great assets for Pinterest pins to like director just, you know, like how you do your collages where you'll have, like, kind of wrapping paper and some flowers, and you create these great, you know, like captions. And, you know, Teoh, get people toe check out more or read more S O. I think even with this, like I think our brand we're trying to focus may be on, like a life style of feeling. But again, I still don't exactly get the exactly like this is about the suiting, right? Yeah. I don't feel like who you're talking to from from what I'm seeing, but I will say you have the brand together. Your logo is on everything you're on instagram your own Petra's. They have all of the elements that they need. I just think that brand could be elevated a little bit to speak to that higher end customer who maybe can't afford. I just assume right off the bat that have a new suit custom made isn't the least expensive thing to Dio, right? It's about 2/2 grand, I'd say for the full process it It's a very intensive. I wouldn't say intensive, but it's not buying something at agent. Just walk out. We have to do if he's sessions and get measured, all of this. And, yeah, I agree. When you're selling Thio more affluent client, your marketing has to really match that in all respects. You're expecting them. Pay a lot more than what's available, right? Right. And there are tons of people who will and can and do so we want to find that that person and kind of narrow that down, whether they're a man or a woman. So I when I had a kind of came up with so many more mood words for your business after I had this all set. But, um, these are some of the things that I sort of came up with. You even have to radio. So it's a smart and smart being. This is the person we're talking to, and also the close. Both of these things kind of interchange. It's not just our person that we made up. It's not just the brand, it's that's just all of the things that sort of want. We want to describe the experience that they're gonna have when they come to your site and then when they go into your store and then when they leave with their awesome suit, because all of those things are gonna be a great experience for them. So I went ahead and a little redesign in my hotel room on Wednesday night with the photos he sent me a couple of the behind the scenes behind the scenes photos, which couldn't have really been any more perfect. So it was pretty fun. And so again, keeping with very, very simple, clean, keeping your a in the circle, changing up the font a little bit, making it just feel a little bit higher end right so here way. I'm very I'm excited and I'm surprised in this, I think is amazing, cause what I noticed right away. It matches those words you mentioned. This is edgy. This is a smart, confident It's simple. What you keep mentioning and it's very clear in what it's trying to say. And I think it's about design. It's about styles. Great, good, good. It would be terrible if he said No way are with some of the photos that Adam provided to me so quickly, Thank you. And I mean, they couldn't have been shot any more perfectly for what he's doing there. Just gorgeous. I was like, I love this. I love this ideo. I sat in my hotel room instead of going out and doing anything fun. Redesigned this on Wednesday night, so we talked about adding a little bit of pattern for interest. Um, you know, adding the house to his kind of lends itself towards tailored suit. To me, you can use this a throughout wherever it works on images. I saw that you did do that and that look good with your with your other. A on guy changed the tag line just a little bit. Custom clothing for the well dressed man and woman on Ben. That's kind of a faux home page really on. And then here are some other ways you can use the photos. Wow, Wow, that's awesome. So I love having the pattern in there. I love having just a little bit here and there, and I also thought it could be really fun to change that up for the season. So holiday Ugo, you know, red plaid something just a little touch of it. You don't overpower, but the photos again are gorgeous. The photos air What's really making this and elevating it on, and then I just add my little fun on top of it. But it all works really well together. I think you get a much better sense of what the branding are, what the company is and who they're talking to and what they're selling. So I really like that. Can I just give a shout out? Praise thinking top? Toodle says. Can we just put her on my staff? Williams says. This is everything. This is a fire, her pomegranate says. But really, people are saying from artist Karen, it's masculine and yet stylish. What else do we have? Well, clear, Clear of, Ari says. We should all just hire Christine a lot of loves it. Marketing Ma Vetoes loves the black and white 3 Media says Yes, it takes the brand to a whole other level. Echoes says she's amazing and quick. A natural. Thanks, guys. Well, you can see I didn't add any color to this, and I actually tried a couple of times. I'll even go back to the first page. I tried a couple of times to add color, and it just didn't need it. It was just distracting, I think, from what we had going on. And so I kept with the grays and the black. And I think if you dio want Teoh introduce a color, you know? Oh, that looks a lot writer up here than it does. But like a dark plum like purple lee kind of gray plum even. And then you can always I love adding the, you know, when it was established, how when was it established? I think it was 2010 right? Right there at the beginning of 2000. Or ended beginning 2011. And it's funny that you chose this color because I was told that that is actually one of our signature colors. Symbolic of our brand, I guess. Okay. Good, good, great. Yeah. And I think it works, and I think that this Maybe even has a little blue, and I want to see it blown up. I was designing all of this on anybody. Little laptop, which I have to say. You can't do it. I e my big computer. I should have brought it with me. So it's hard to see how it's gonna look up on the big screen. But I think that something like that would be a great fit for what you guys were doing. I go back. I love this one, and I love I mean, was this guy a model for you? Part of these part of the and these air. Some of the models in the fashion show? Yes. So at this point, they're getting prepped to go out, and this young lady is getting makeup done and all of this, and I think that's actually on the runway. But I really sent these photos to you because I selected a few, and I really felt like they captured that confidence. Or that moment, you know, like especially that photo in that photo. Like the poise, the confidence that sort of really stop always is another great word for your for your mood words you know, like all of those that that's exactly what you want to be doing and thinking like that when you are talking about, you know, updating or rebranding. But you can just see the difference between the just the fallen for the logo. That was my really my big particle. There is so back to that just being like a little bit confusing a little bit. Not sure what you're selling. Not sure who you're selling it, Teoh, but again, you guys did a good job. You branded it across the board. It's not that there's anything even wrong with this. It could just be taken up a little bit. So question are common in studio, and I just want to comment. That's phenomenal. Looks amazing. Got following you is dangerous. It's just amazing. But again, this simple elements with you choosing impactful images like, is really clear to everything they've been telling us over and over again. ASUs for charter furs, creating those really impactful images and then putting that clean, simple content on top of it toe elevate our brands where we are, you know, small businesses that does not look like a small business. Bad looks so polished and so beautiful. And I think it really is combination of your beautiful simplicity and the really impactful images. And that's a huge take away for me. I'm doing that already. But I'm going to do. It was really a lucky thing from me and to get to do this for Adam because, you know, he did have those images just randomly like, Oh, that's exactly what I wanted. Thanks. That's what Out of if I could have chosen anything that would have been it so and I fully agree, Denise and thank you Christine so much. This is I agree. It's a lucky moment. But I think I've learned a lot. And I'm just impressed in a surprise. Really? Thank you. You're welcome. Yeah, absolutely. And I think even Denise just said polished. You said poise. Okay, those were great words to, and I think that, you know, we're capturing something here that's not stuffy, because when I started, I started with things like, you know, custom tailored, classic. And it was starting to sound too, old man. And that's clearly not who we're after here. No offense told men. And that's not our clientele. So we want to definitely cater to this guy right here on, uh, he drives a fancy sports car. Takes often vacations way all want to hang out with him, But he doesn't really existing in any way. Not not close by, but so, yeah, I'm glad you like it. Thanks so much. I can't wait to take this back to the client and show them everything. Absolutely. You really made a huge difference for us. Very cool, Theo. I texted the noose, a picture of it after I did it, and she liked it. And then she showed Adam really quick yesterday. Like I need another rant. That reaction you all want from your clients to that. That's my I forgot to mention this on Wednesday, But my little phrase that I came up with was the, um I call it the ice cream truck. Panic. So it's that or did I talk about that? I don't remember. Doesn't know. I guess I didn't. That, like, sheer excitement when you were a little kid and you felt that, you know, you heard the ice cream truck coming. You don't know where your money was. Your mom was. I need to I always have to have that. I don't really care if it's on sale. I don't care how I get it. I'm having that. And that is the feeling that I want everybody with their branding with their products, with their images to create for their customers. Just that That's beautiful. I need that, you know, don't care what it takes. So that instead of selling, selling, selling yeah, I want that. That's great. Really, really beautiful. Thank you. So simple, but it really, really elevates the brand completely good. Well, that was the intention. So I'm glad That's your response. Thank you. Well, what I what I love again is all of the feedback online. Not just avenue for your company, for artful gentlemen, and how how much it works, how much of this branding just speaks clearly and directly to everybody that sees and immediately is thinking. Model is thinking Movie star is high end fashion and it just works. I really imagine that your inbox is going to spokeo. People are saying I am getting out my $2000 now wherever we just I am put money in my my bank. But I really I really love seeing those before and afters because it really does show the power of what Brandon can do for you. It does. It does make a big difference, and I know that it can be expensive for some people. And it does take time. You can't just be like, OK, go design my brand. I'll be back later. You have to stay involved. You have to communicate on. Do you know? Usually it goes pretty quick. If the communication is there and the visual boards air in place and we have a conversation I can usually pick up. What? You know what someone's after for their brand, who they're trying to talk to. But it is definite communication, and you need to set aside some time. Teoh, you know, work on it. It's work for both of us, not just, you know, just one sided. So it is. It's because it makes a huge difference. It's completely worth it. I do it all the time to myself.

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