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Guest Instructor: Christine Tafoya

Lesson 16 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

Guest Instructor: Christine Tafoya

Lesson 16 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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16. Guest Instructor: Christine Tafoya


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Lesson Info

Guest Instructor: Christine Tafoya

so I want to go ahead, introduce and bring on Christine Tafoya. Come on, Christine. So can you tell us a little bit? How long have you been using Pinterest? Since jump. Pretty much. It's been about three years that it's been in existence, actually had a client emailed me a link to it right off the bat and say, you're gonna love this, But watch out. You know you're gonna be addicted. And I looked at it and cut. I really know what that's all about. I don't get it. And then it kept coming up. Kept coming up. People are talking more and more. I saw this on Pinterest. I pin this on Pinterest. I finally was like, All right, You know, I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon and started pitting everything I could. And then I started seeing ways that I could incorporated into my business and my own stuff. And, um, as of today, I get more clients more business from Pinterest than any other platform all over the world right now. London, Israel, Uh, Costa Rica, single millions everywhere. So it is the num...

ber one source for me getting business online. Well, it's not surprising and Christine's also going to show you some exact pins. Some of the board she's created Teoh sell some of her services to get more exposure so you can see exactly what she's doing to get results like this. And it won't be surprising once you see how good the stuff she creates is. But this is a great example toe learn from someone who is a creative in this field and is able to do it with integrity, but also with results. So I think we're gonna let you just go ahead young through your content running towards the end. I might join you again. Great. And we're gonna walk through. She's gonna show us behind the scenes what's really on her boards and what's working for her. Thank you. Are you guys Thank you. I am Christine from Deluxe Modern Design and the Dear Miss Modern Shop. And those air two totally separate businesses, but kind of work in the same way I design custom branding as well as pre made logo's templates, blockheads, things like that. So, without online marketing, I don't even think I'd have a business. Everything I dio is online. It is marketed to people online. I my clients are online. Like I just said, they're not anywhere local. Have one or two local clients. So, you know, it's the way that it works for me. I wouldn't have a business. It'll, um And so what I dio generally is I'm sorry. Um, like I said after after the initial interested, sort of overwhelmed with the, you know, tons of photos, tons of details, so many tutorials, eyes just overwhelming. I backed off. I didn't know what it was. And then, as I've come to grow the business a little bit creating content, creating things like, for instance, this example right here was taken with an IPhone. You can create great stuff even if you're not a photographer. Um, so I think that after getting past that initial overwhelmed figuring out how to make it work for your business, you can Sky's the limit even if your clients are local to you, even if it's not something that you can market worldwide like. I do have an advantage that way because I can work with anyone, but we were going to show you how to create some awesome content. All right, so I think What happens with address to is it has pushed people. Teoh market their businesses. You don't really have a choice anymore. You have to market online. Pinterest is great because it is a great place for you to market. But your direct competition is also marketing in the exact same venue to the exact same people. So, um, you know that says you got to step it up a little bit if you're going Teoh, you know, keep keep up and not fall behind on the marketing and getting new clients and just staying on trends and knowing these covered a lot of this. But you know, you can definitely, um, you can definitely fall behind really quick and have other people sort of out doing what you're doing if you don't keep on top of it. So my brain works like social media. It's definitely quick thoughts, quick little thought processes. Um, I like Teoh. You know, for instance, this is just a quick picture of some stuff that I took on my desk. I did assemble it, but you can create something fun that's going to get repent. It's going to be put up all over the place if you use the right language, the right design elements in the right photos, it's the culmination of those three things and then having the content to back it up. It can't just be a pretty picture. It has to have some real value to your clients. So I do think, Pinto says, push people to be better at their on line marketing. Cut in and say Ursula saying Christine, you're awesome. Ursula, I'm so excited to hear you speak and share your wisdom again. You rock for doing this and very brave on Persian. Kitty Cat says what? I love her stuff. I had no idea she would be on this. So tonight. Thank you. Thank you. Sorry. I'm nervous. It will wear off in a minute. So the thing about all and I am cover all social media as I'm sure all of you guys do Pinterest, Facebook, instagram. And then you've got a blawg, probably in your Twitter page on your website. What you want to Dio is try to create something that is going to grab that attention visually and grab their attention with the text and language used. I know that for myself. I scroll through pinch arrest in Instagram, both at the speed of light. I don't have time. I'm just going through it and will only stop if something really catches my eye. So you know, that's what we want you to have. We want you to have that thing that stops them in their tracks. You have a split second to do it. So, um, we want Teoh go for it that way and definitely, you know, it's just it's just to me. It's an ongoing thing. You just never really stopped marketing your business. If you're self employed or if you work for a company that you're really closely, you know, really part of the promotion, it's always happening. It's not like today's Social Media Day. Today. I'm doing a block post. I kind of go in the way that whenever I'm in the mood, which is kind of always, I have to stop myself from posting too much. I have a lot to say, but you know, it's it's it's a good thing, Teoh. Keep that always in the back of your mind. How can I use this for business? How can I use this random, everyday occurrence to promote myself. And so one of the things that I like to Dio is not just talk about myself. I don't like if I was constantly posting what I had for sale constantly posting my work. It just kind of be boring for people. You know, maybe that client or a future customer isn't interested in what I'm selling or what I'm making or what I'm designing right now. But maybe in six months they will be. But you know, if you get them engaged in what you're doing now and they like some of your posts, they like your content. Then they're gonna still you're gonna be on their radar in six months. When they do need a designer, they do need a photographer, they need that service. And your name is going to keep coming up. They're going to keep seeing your style and your voice something that click through toe. My big thing is mixing it up. You want Teoh Mexico intent? Mix up your post. Keep them engaged. Still being pertinent to your brand in your business. So there's my little website. If you want to check it out. This is a slide that I created of a couple different things I've talked about in the past. Thank you. Um, you can talk about books that you love that you've read. And then, of course, a link to where to buy the book. A link to the author talking about the source of where these things came from. A great app that you want to use. You use for business, find a way, Teoh. You know, get them engaged in that. For a photographer, you could be talking about books on photography. You could be talking about a product that you use a filter that you use on the IPhone when you have to take a quick shot with your IPhone. A gorgeous space that you love that you love is a studio. I think most people are doing that. But in case you're not, I think it's a super powerful way to gain a bigger audience and more attention for your for your clients. I s So I follow. I follow people who post more than just their own stuff because I get bored. So I've done this every Sunday morning for the last three years, maybe even a little more than three years. I think I've missed two Sundays of the Sunday morning shoe fetish. And literally all it is is me finding its Paris shoes that I think are fabulous, adding a little text or not, sometimes linking to the shoes linking to the source. If I know where they came from or if you can go buy them, everybody always wants to know. We're gonna get those, Um, and this literally has nothing to do with my business except for its the same tone, the same voice. Um, you know, it has the same sort of miss modern cocktail, vintage retro style that people love and why they're already following me. So they see this. They love it. They come every Sunday morning to see it. And if I have it late or I don't do it, I get scolded. Where is my Sunday morning shoe fetish? So this is a great way, just, you know, for for the men's men's fashion, you can be posting retro stars. You can be posting old school fashion. You can be posting shoes, shoe shine, the differences, just different things that are engaging and interesting, not just like here's what we're selling. Here's what we're selling over and over and over because it's just it's just the Internet is to like me when he says, just too cluttered to bombarded. So doing something like this is just pure fun. But it still has gotten me clients. I have people say, Well, someone shared your post and then I followed you from that, and it was the shoes. And now here I am hiring you. So it does definitely work. You can also post about just whatever you're in the mood to all post about style and you can see here. I actually, you know, tell you right here where everything came from. This was a Facebook post, but I love the color. Love the patterns. Graphic designer uniforms Just joking around part of the time, you know, not taking it super Seriously. I having fun with that? I think that letting people in and seeing a little bit behind the scenes of your business is what really engages them. You want to make him feel like they're part of what you're doing instead of just outside being talked. Teoh. So I think that you know, the more you can just not overdo it, but do little little fun post like this. Things that are related, but not totally all about you all the time. Um, yeah, that you use. Obviously, I've been following you for a while, and your style is spectacular and your work is spectacular. But I think one of the things that is most unique about you and one of the things that I know I'm missing and a lot of other people that I see are missing is a voice. You have a very clear, concise, cheeky voice and everything, and it's very appealing. Um, and I think like creating that voice is really important to creating the brand. Yeah, I think so, too. I think that we can definitely talk more about that to how to do that and finding your voice. Your business is so elegant, so upscale. Denise is a photographer in her work, is insanely beautiful. And so she doesn't have to say too much to put it out there, and it speaks for itself. But it is good to keep that continuous thought process going throughout. As much as I like to mix it up, I do like to keep some things very consistent. So when you see that you're like, That's deluxe modern. Every time you know you can you can really identify it. And that does happen with your work too. But we can definitely talk more about that in Friday. We're gonna be talking more about branding, so I'll bring more information on kind of creating that are finding that voice for your brand. And I think that that's good 11 other question, because we talked about this really just earlier copyright stuff and everything. So these images you took, all the photos are these are images that are found on Pinterest. But I've given the source to them and I'm talking about where they came from and on this one, I'm not sure, but usually I fits a block postal definitely add the link to the source and where it came from. So because these air on Pinterest being repent, that's maybe on Facebook. But we're giving you the definitely where, where all of the images came from, and this is actually a separate image. This this wasn't part of this, and this did come with the source and I think it has the watermark on there as well. So yeah, I mean, if you, you know, if your repainting, obviously you don't have rights to all of the pens, but you do have the source so long as you list that, like Melinda said earlier, I think you're fine. Um, again, like if you were gonna post vintage men's fashion or something like that, a post on your Facebook Facebook page. You know, just say it's from Conde Nast or wherever wherever you found it, and I think that's fine again. Maybe that's maybe that's not fine, but it seems to have been find. No one's called me out on it. No need to talk about this at length in the in the last segment. Light as well, right? Good, good. So posting about, you know, the shoe fetish is great. And if you do something like that, if you choose a day that you're going to do it, I think you actually start to gain. Like I said, people following you and following along and showing up on that day, even if they've kind of ignored for the rest, it takes a while to get that going. I just started trying to do it with a party Friday, but I didn't keep consistent and went away. So this one has stuck around. You can create your own content as well. This is something. I was in my office the other day. I was bored. I didn't feel like going to work yet. It was like I wasn't bored. I was just not quite ready to jump in. So I was like, I'm gonna clean out the office fridge in the back room And I looked in my refrigerator and literally all we had was diet Coke and champagne and I said, Oh, my gosh, And we have a great friends like this is actually it's a little wine fridge. So that's actually the back. It's all black and lit up. And so I jumped on my Facebook page and I was like, You know what? You guys, if you can guess the two ingredients are the two things that I have in my refrigerator. You win $50 to my shop. I think it went toe like comments or something like that. Everybody guessed tons of people get champagne and Diet Coke, so I'm pretty safe. I tonto a toss up, but some it was just a fun and random thing to do. Posting behind the scenes stuff is the point of all of that. You know, keeping That was a fun thing to do. It didn't really benefit me in any way, except for getting a lot of people talking about it. People sharing the post. And then I gave someone, you know, a gift certificate to the shop. So it was great. They loved it. It was fun for them and fun for me two. And I got out of working for a little bit, so it's pretty good. But I do think that engaging people in keeping them sort of fresh on what you're doing and going behind the scenes is how to gain more followers, More customers and more. People who just generally generally are interested in what you are doing and putting out there so that last post Sorry about that. I create color palettes. Those are something that people absolutely love. Take one of your photos, make a little color palette to go along with it, make a little tutorial to go along with it, and it is just amazing what happens. It's It's so much better, you know, you're teaching something. You're teaching someone something, and that seems to go over really, really well for online marketing and just Pinterest in general. So the other thing is, you know, last week I was grocery shopping. I took a picture of some ice cream that I was buying, and it was just in my car with a bunch of, like, natural food, and then a picture of the ice. Criminals like that looks pretty. Snapped a photo with my IPhone. If you hash tag it right, if you do the description, right, if you keep everything in mind, you can have a great post. I got 51 likes on that three new followers and 14 comments on a grocery shopping trip and nothing to do with anything of, you know, anything that I do. But I was like, Hey, this looks good. This is pretty same thing with the With that with the contest. Do you just think this is fine? You know, keep those contests going, mixing it up like that. Breaking up the content, I think is the key to be successful online. So, um, I'm gonna get a drink of water. Um, starting with a gorgeous photo. I think that's the biggest thing you can do. Teoh grab attention fast. Like everybody has already said. This is a great photo. It's a stock photo that I got from shutter stock, starting with that layering text layering images, making sure that your actual post text is clear and coherent and quick and pretty. That's going to be the next thing I talk about, Um, but what you want to dio if you don't have photos of your own? If you aren't a photographer, which I am not, there's lots of resource is, and one of the things that we've included with this class is a free download that includes graphic elements to boost your post to sort of take him up a notch as well as for Resource is free from three sources, and free photo Resource is also IPhone with APS or any phone phones with any kind of APS are you know, like I said, that first photo I took was was done with my IPhone. And so Maney are, um and so that's a great way, you know, just keep that content going mawr about that resource that you created for people because I know when I looked at it, and even when Melanie looked at it, she said, Wow, I've paid people a lot of money for something like this. And so they were really, really grateful that you're including this as part of the paid course, Yes. So what with the fonts? How are people going to be able to use these or are there what are people going to be able to do with by? I'm going to actually, I have in just, like just a few slides forward. I have a whole thing on that and I will tell you, and Friday I'm going to show everybody how Teoh Awesome! And uh, yeah, it's a good. It's just like almost a little teaser. There's There's so many resource is, but I find people not actually taking advantage of them and not actually using them. So there are great, but we've given you font resource is free. Photo resource is as well as graphic elements to add to your post, to sort of embellish them, customize them and make them your own. So that's fun. Um, and I think that everybody will be able to use that we made it really simple. So it's not. You don't have to be a designer to be able to use it as long as you have Photoshopped or something similar, you'd be good. Um, the next thing that I want to talk about and the way that I have been I think more successful than not is not selling so much. And I know Melanie talked about this, but I just anytime I get an email, any time I see a pin with a big you know, 20% off sale, I don't know how many emails you guys got your inboxes on Labor Day with Labor Day said a Labor Day sale. I got a ton of, you know, promotions and sales going on. And this is boring to me. I don't want I don't really care if I really want it. I'm going to go get it no matter what. So you want to create the excitement that goes with it instead of having, you know, just sale 20% off. You want to create something that looks a little more editorial, a little more stylish, grab their attention first, and then we'll see. Oh, and it's on sale. But I already need that, You know. So that text on the 1st 1 being sale? 20% off all rugs. You know, if I see free consultation with book anything that sounds to sales E or has big dollar signs on it, I'm kind of lost. You lost a home over it. But if you make it look like something that came out of a magazine or something that is in a design book that I'm more attracted to it, I'm more likely to read it on this with the text. You know, your reader sees it, and they're thinking, Well, that's a good idea. It's gonna be for my in laws are coming. Start painting this picture for them. Why they need that. Why they need the rug. Why? They need to create a cozy mood for their house. Oh, my gosh. I'm having people over for Thanksgiving. Have to get this going. Um, and now it's a statement rug instead of a rug. What does that mean? We just made that up because it sounds good. It sounds a little bit better than just a plain old rug. So adding the words adding little touches like that, I think, or what capture people's attention? It is the tiny details that make a big difference. Um, and I know that for effect. Most of most of the pinning ideas and thoughts on social marketing are just things that are not, you know, I've just done them and it's trial and error and built my brand by just keeping it going, keeping it going. But they're not based in any real statistics. So just this is what works for me, and I'm happy Teoh have this platform. It's amazing. So, using pretty words, um, especially if you can start a post with pretty words, you know, you're posting on Facebook, your posting on Pinterest You have to talk about what the pin is. I think keeping it short and sweet is great. You really want to, um, not get too wordy? We know for a fact people don't read. They don't want to read again, scrolling through lightning speed. They don't have time. But if you throw in a word like locks, sparkle, love, that's going to kind of catch attention a little bit more quickly. If you use it as a call out, it's going to also, you know, really, really make that word nice and big, and I'm sure you guys will come up with a 1,000,000 other words that are just as effective. But you want to keep that. Keep that in mind when you're talking. I think that using are talking would be posting. I think that using broken words like weren't or your if you can keep your words in your post all very clean, because the way they look visually has just as much impact as what you're saying. So if you use these words, you wanna not use abbreviations, just keep that post Texas clean as you can, clean and direct as you can, and I think that people are more likely to read it. It's easier for them to read. That goes for all all platforms and blog's websites, everything straight across the board. So, yes, question for you on this, because I think it was really interesting. I know we talked a lot about people kind of creating a set of words around their brand. Uh, so when you say pretty words are these particular words, ones that work across the board, or should people be coming up with a list of words that is closely tied there. That's a great question. And absolutely these are words that I would use definitely sexy I've never used. But it sounds good for some things. Boudoir photography, for instance. No, but yes, absolutely creating. I mean, that's really part of the mood, the board, the brand that you're creating for your business. I keep going back to the gentleman's clothing because that is different for me and something that could be marketed so well online so well on Pinterest. Andi. Yeah, I mean, we could come up. Maybe we will on Friday come up with a whole list of words for just your business and create that that voice. But that's a great everybody should of the word matter like are you starting with these words? There is great. It's the first thing that they see, you know, obviously when reading through a post. So, yeah, definitely, if you can start with one of these if it doesn't work with what you're saying, No, but and don't overdo it, you know, obviously one or two would be perfect, but I think it makes a difference. People, if you know again, if you just say 20% off sale. OK, but if you say something more glamorous a little bit, you know Sheikh New. You know, Sheikh, new shoes, 20% off or seek new dresses All at this price, it's just going to make a painting picture more quickly for people on Ben that paired with the photo Don combo. Yeah, awesome. Thank you. Absolutely, Absolutely. The key elements toe having a good post a couple things. But I'll say on this one. I made this tutorial and then I pinned it and it was Repin 70 times in, like the 1st 24 hours of pinning it just because it's a clear photo. We've used the text and we've also given them a tutorial. So that kind of done all of the things that that are, you know, very repeatable. But I'm starting with your clear photo adding your logo wherever it works Best not everything works on every photo, you know. I mean, it's not You're not gonna be able to throw a logo on top of everything you don't want Teoh. You're not going to be able, Teoh, maybe even embellish all photos, but as much as you can for your business I think it's a good idea. Um, so starting with your clear photo, adding some color to it if it's needed or if you feel like it accents it or brightens it up. Um, I think that that is a great way to bring in, you know, kind of more eye candy on Ben. The words, of course. So that's that's That's sort of my take on it. Keeping it as simple as possible visually clean and simple is my sort of stand by rule of thumb how I like to do it. So it's not always possible. But you like to Okay, one more thing. Yes. For folks who are dying to go and check out your Pinterest page as we're talking, can you remember? Can you remind everybody out there what it is? Yes, it's just slash miss modern. Yeah. There you go, everybody. There you go. Slash miss smarter. Thank you. Thanks. I should say to that I have 12,000 followers on pincer on Pinterest. of them were started following in one day. I woke up, checked my Pinterest and I said we have 500 more followers. I refreshed. I have 800 more followers refreshed. By the end of the day, it was 1200 it was because I was mentioned on a blawg and I somehow got grouped into this this list of people that they said you should follow these guys on Pinteresque Very popular blawg. By the end of the day, I didn't I didn't know anything about it until I started seeing the followers come in seeing it on Twitter and I came in. So that can happen. If you can get a mention like that, you know anywhere on any blawg. And if you have friends or business, other businesses call each other out. I mean, you know, say, Hey, I'll do it for you if you do it for me. All posted an ad on the side of my blog's for you, if you can do it that way, just sort of circulates, especially if you're not directly in the same you know, directly in the same business. But I think that that was amazing. That can happen. You can on if you can get people to mention you like that. It's great. Um, when Melanie was talking about putting text over image is on the way. Christine puts text over images. Um, I feel like it. It lends credibility to you. Start with a good image. Yes, but I feel like that. Lend some credibility to the images. Well, we're small businesses and entrepreneurs, right? And when we see advertisements, what we're seeing usually has weapons were looking through fashion magazines, and we're looking at big brands that have content over their images. On doing this makes it feel more editorial, which I almost feel like elevates the brand from being like a small business toe like a I don't want your bad, You know what, but, you know, just a little bit stronger and more editorial. Yeah, I feel like it gives us, um, a little more credibility. You? Definitely. People might not think exactly that when they're looking at it, but it kind of translates that way. I think so. I think it's good. Yeah, much a question, because I think you're going to get to this. But what? I'm interested in the text cause I've tried to do this before with just Gamper adobe photo shopping. You just don't have the those sort of design elements, like what I see here you have a good attention to aesthetics as well with your color palette. Also, where you position the different headlines or design elements. You know, it's very well placed. But I'm interested to learn more about those points, how you place them on the images and tilt them and share and find your perfect image. So sure, yeah, And I think that again on Friday we're gonna be doing a live tutorial with the design kit, and I'd love to have you even come up and maybe we can actually create some post for you. That would be really fun. So maybe if you got a couple photos ready in advance, that'd be great. We'll plan to do that really good. Eso and again, this is so simple. This is not a big deal. You can totally do this. It's easy. Um, it doesn't maybe look that easy, which is good, but it is. It's not hard. And it's, you know, just having the right elements and having handy. So say you Okay, quick. We got to do a post, have a mall in a little folder on your desktop, be able to access everything really quickly, and you'll be, You know, you keep that. Keep that consistency, you know, let's pick a palette of three colors for you. Let's pick some key words that you use in some fonts that work with what you're doing and you'll be you'll be rock n roll. Um, once you create a great post that I kind of think that there are two different kinds of posts. There's the quick and dirty sort of just going to put this on Facebook. Just gonna put it on Pinterest. It's not going to be, you know, it's just for fun, more lighthearted. And then there are the big deal, the big deal post where it's I'm really promoting something. I'm really marketing something here. We are having a huge sale or we do have a new product or I am running a special on my, you know, are we have new photos that we want to showcase. What you want to dio is you're gonna need to create not just one post. You're gonna need to create several different sizes and formats, but they should all have that same look. I've done this with promotions and sales I've had before. You want it posted on Facebook, you're going to need to post it on your blawg first place. You really want a post? It is on your blog's, I think, because everything is gonna link back to that. So posted on your blawg create the nice, long, you know, everything symmetrical. Keeps that all really easy on the eyes. Grids are my favorite posted on your block, then posted to pinch arrest. You're gonna You can actually pinch arrest in a blawg post size wise can be pretty close, close and size, depending on the width of your of your blog's. But both of those. So you know that block Post can technically just be pinned right to Pinterest. Um, and then you're gonna need to shorten it for Facebook. You're gonna need to take those elements and somehow make them work. There are two different sizes that we use on Facebook. There's the highlight size, which is the long levels Blawg banner. Same kind of almost like almost the same size as the Facebook cover photo. A lot of people don't know how to use those, so I should say there's a little highlight button on the upper right hand corner. I see a lot of people do that where they'll post a great big image. But then it's cut off like this because they didn't know what a press, that button. Even people have promoted my stuff unlike. But can you just go press a button? It just makes it look so much better. So that's that's good, although when you're scrolling through on the phone, you still only you're going to get that sort of cropped version. But some, But for the most part, you know, hopefully people are viewing it on their computer as well. So you do need to either Dio I think it's 8 43 are the pixels 8 by 404 high. So it's Yeah, that's right. Um, and you want to take all the elemental, the images that you views from that block poster, as many as you can without cluttering it up, and turn that into something that you can use on Facebook. Um, and then, if you want to just go with the square post, then it's just square, and then you want to try to post it on Instagram. If you're posting your your, uh not posting. But if you're really promoting that item or that session or whatever it is that you're doing, you want to get it on instagram. You want to get it out in a newsletter, and I've even seen people pin their newsletters, which looks great. They send that out, they pin it and then they can link to it. And then you can sign up for that. So it's this big, you know, sort of. And then you've now created an identity for that one product over that one session or, I mean, using all of your branding may be going off a little bit with something funds in different words in different language. But now you've created a brand for just that post. I've done that with sales. I've done that. We had a birthday party when my shop turned a year old a couple of years ago, was a Miss Modern birthday party in champagne. And like all these great photos and newsletters and everything tied together and it looks like I mean, people were emailing me wishing me a happy birthday. They were calling me like it, but it's not my eyes. My might my stores first birthday, but I made Miss Modern into a person. She's so riel this non, you know, non existing person. But she has a personality. She has her own pin board. She has her own voice that's apart from mine. And and that's why it works. People love that. And so creating a birthday party for her was a fun thing to dio. So keeping that going with you, just make sure you get it out there, make sure you get it across all platforms because the person who sees you on Instagram is now gonna go find out where that came from and they're going to start following you on Pinterest. They're going to go to your Blawg more often than not. I saw you on Pinterest. I saw you on Pinterest. I found you on Pinterest. That's what I hear all the time. So it's pretty lucky that we have this great and free platform to do this on. Um, the resource kit that we're going to include is this. These are the fonts that I think work really well for a post these air. Some resource is for free photos, and then these are some graphic elements that we give you and we're going to show you how to use, um, in the post as well. So those are you know, that's what's going to come with the course. And on Friday, we're going to show you how to use that. Um, so let me go back. Which one did I want to talk a little bit more about this one? Do you guys have any questions on how we can do something for you now you're a graphic designer. Is that right? Do you use pinch arrest? Well, part of the reason that I'm here, I've only used it for personal use. And I see all that. It's all its potential. But then the actually, you know, and I think that all you're saying about creating interests through a variety of means, not just like, hey, I'm selling this. Hey, this is happening now, rightly creating a community that where you're doing lots of interesting things is makes this all feel very duel. Yes, guys, good. They're good because it is really easy. And it's quick and it's fun. And one of the other things I wanted to say it before I forget. It kind of goes along with the Facebook highlight. I see a lot of people uploading their own work. Other graphic designers air are pretty good at doing this. They upload their own work, and if you're just uploading a photo and you're not pinning it from your site, there's no link. You have to manually go in and put a link into your little Pinteresque, Post said. You guys are all know that already, am I? Okay, good. I see so many broken links and like, I want to go to that site. But they didn't post it. So now I'm kind of lost on DSO. Yeah, that's good. That's good. Yeah, I mean, I think that getting it out there, it's great. And the other thing I wanted to talk about, and I know that Melanie already talked about this using Pinterest for personal and business combined. I have one account. It has all the stuff I love on it. It has stuff for my kids on it. It has my shop and my regular design obsession board, but I don't post anything ugly ever, ever, ever, ever. If it's ugly, if it's a green Jell O mold that I'm gonna post it goes on the secret board. I think that if you're you know, if you are going to use for small businesses for me, I'm still pretty small business. I just have the one board. It's only one place for me. So I try to keep that voice. I don't have a lot of, you know, super health food stuff, a lot of exercise. But I put that in my random secrets, you know, in my secret boards. So keep your face clean and nice and sort of pertinent to what your brand is. Go out. You know, beautiful things for kids, beautiful rooms, of course, anything that is pertinent to what you're talking about, what your brand is clothing, other design resource is. But don't don't post the mundane, I guess, is what I was saying. Don't four people, basically, if you want them to really follow you. The other night I had a friend that was ah, performing on the Jay Leno show, and she was great. So I stayed up to watch Jay Leno so see her perform, and I fell asleep before she came on. My husband had to wake me up so high. Hollis, she I couldn't figure out like White. Why am I so I can't keep this? Doesn't keeping my attention. This is a guy. He's up there telling jokes. He's funny. He's nice. What's the difference on Gimme? Fallon came on right afterwards, and I was able to stay awake for that whole thing. And I thought, They're both doing the same exact thing. Guys in suits, obviously once a little younger and cuter, but they're both in suits. They're both up there reciting rehearsed jokes. What's the difference? The difference is Jimmy Fallon was talking to his audience like they were already friends. You guys like they know each other. Hey, guys, what you guys want to dio? How is this working for you going up into the audience, connecting with them, making them feel like they go way back there, Totally engaged Now? I was engaged and it was took me by surprise. I thought, Well, they're doing the exact same thing. Why am I so much more able to stay away for this versus the other one that was on earlier and that was the reason he completely connects with his audience, and that's what I want you guys to dio, take people behind the scenes, make them feel like they're part of what you're doing instead of just watching what you're doing. And I think that that's how I have done really well. And I think that that's how you guys can do really well to, um, I know that I had a business with my husband. We started a restaurant three years ago, and instead of just flinging open the doors and saying, Hey, we're open we started a Facebook page and marketing and blawg right from the beginning, we took everybody through the process we're dealing with. ABC were painting. The walls were hanging, the chandeliers were working in the back, were up on the roof. Whatever it was we posted, Here's what we're thinking for food. They loved it. By the time we opened the restaurant, we had line out the door for months. We had a huge following tons of press constantly, which I still, you know, I'm happy about having it. All that press. We don't have the restaurant anymore. Way too much work. I don't recommend it, but, um, you know, taking people through that process with you, letting them see how it's working, how it's going, how you're doing. It is. I think it's really been key to getting getting people interested in your business and to follow you. So that is definitely something that I do constantly and recommend Christine. I think it's really interesting that you obviously bring a little bit of a different perspective from Melanie in that your business is so tightly tied into your personality. And so perhaps thinking about you know, like a lot of people are thinking about. If I am a solo preneurs and it is just me and I am my brand right then is having just one page the way to go. Versus as Melanie was talking about having different businesses that are not attached, Teoh Melanie Duncan rest necessarily as the face of it right and having looking at it that way. So I think a lot of our people online can connect with one of those or the other. So thank you for sharing exact that perspective. You're welcome. And what is what opinion do you? I mean, I know I was watching you early, but they didn't get to hear all of it. Come on,

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