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Hot Seat: Adam / Artful Gentleman

Lesson 28 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

Hot Seat: Adam / Artful Gentleman

Lesson 28 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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28. Hot Seat: Adam / Artful Gentleman


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Hot Seat: Adam / Artful Gentleman

so I haven't had a chance to really customize anything yet, but that's probably a good place to start and see where I can start first. So this is really cool. Used to you when I found it is a penalty already. Looks really good, doesn't it? Like it's got the black and white, the kind of monochromatic color scheme, great logo right there. I love that. So it's not just a, you know, standard logo, but you've got the image behind it. That's a really cool waited, too. I love that with the logo kind of over laid an image that's really need. So this is great. The artful, the official artful gentleman Pinterest Page stock Curation is our game made to measure. Find suiting, separates and surety for all. Very cool. So some things that I might tie into this about section our words like fashion. Um, R. Haldeman, Pinterest Page Doc. Creation is our game. I like the language. It's really fun and playful. Doesn't sound too formal or step or anything like that. But again, just having a little Pau and f...

iguring out what are the key words you really want to be known for. I would assume fashion is part of it. You've got style, which is really need you've got on. Uh, I would maybe do something a little more gender. I mean, I'm assuming you're serving primarily men, right? So I would say, like, instead of necessary the official artful general gentlemen Pinterest page. Because we kind of covered that key where you know, it's already there, I might say, like the official destination for men with style. Okay. And the reason you don't use that language exactly. But I'd want the keyword men in here I'd want fashion. I like that. You have suiting again. I'm gonna give you area on the side of too many keywords, probably. But, you know, if you I'm trying to think of you'd want to find words that people are searching for to get to your Web site specific stuff, too. Like maybe it has to do with, um, tux is or, you know, pocket squares or things like if you see, people are really it's a trending thing. And you can notice that, uh, because you can notice that by going to the search feature like you can look for a term like pocket squares have been trending a lot lately and a Penis in media. So maybe that's something you kind of throw around having doesn't have to necessarily be in your in your official description. But we talked about trending content and trending trending words like that. So maybe it's going to be around Christmas or something. You talk about, you know, holiday style. Maybe they're certain types of fabrics that are more popular during a certain season. And those air kind of what you're pulling out for boards and moving to the top. But normally for that about section, Yeah, definitely talking about men in particular talking about fashion words like that and you'll know your keywords better than I will. So that's great. I love seeing that one thing. I would say I would not have it in my top row of boars. Um, and I think I don't know if I talk. I told you. I promised that I would show you how Teoh I'm rearrange your boards and I might actually have to show you on my own account cause I can't edit hiss, but I'll show you real fast because that's something I'm constantly doing is actually rearranging the order of my boards so that whatever is the most time sensitive and relevant is at the top. So if I go to my board page like this and I decided there's something down here, like maybe this behind the scenes, I decide that it's very important that people see this, so I click it. Woo, we went for a wild ride. It might not work as well, just with this mouse and how everything's working. But if you hold down and you actually drag it to the top, you'll be able to do it. I just really scared the computer. I'm sorry, so you usually can click and then move it up kind of like this, and then you can drop it wherever you would like it to go, and it will then automatically save right there. So now see, that board is the top of my page, so it's pretty easy. You just have to click and drag. It will only do on the board that you're logged in, as so I couldn't go and do it's yours. But just to demonstrate it. And again, Member yesterday talked about changing cover photos, looking there as well that would be a big win for us, especially once with some sort of call to action or explanation of what that board is, because I think we have a little bit of, like, image over for a lot of great images. An audience person doesn't know where to start. All right, You know what they're looking at, right? Absolutely. And you do something really cool to like I loved when we saw the preview of your account. It was all the black and white images. It be cool if every single board cover was a black and white image with, like, a really sexy overlay, So not like a big block. And then, like, text on top of it. But like maybe a semi transparent little bar across it and that it could say something, you know, like whatever runway or spring summer style. But it be cool. If it was all black and white and this goes back to what you envision for the design of your brands, I might be totally off base, but something where they come to the page and it feels like maybe the experience to get on your website. So let's actually go to your website and talk about that as well. Okay, because a big part of it, what we'll be talking about a lot tomorrow is it should be connected. It should be consistent. Your website and the way your Pinterest board shouldn't be totally different. It should feel like an extension of what your website ISS. So if you use a lot of photography that has a certain look or a lot of language or like Christine was talking about a certain font, you do want to also have that on the Pinterest page. So it's just that extension of your brand. But this is really cool. So you have style books. You probably have so much great content that isn't on the page yet. You're gonna have a lot of work to do. But I love that you already have that Pinterest follow button up there to get you that additional on exposure from people who are already on your site on. And we're working on a site redesigned right now. It's still not where I want it ideally, but we basically took that book appointment tab and moved that it's the only button, so that's sort of like the call of the action. That's what we're trying to drive people towards, right? And maybe there's a way to do it straight from Pinterest, like a pin that says Book appointment here. And it takes you straight to that link or something. But I also want to see different images and more sort of headers. Maybe in that black and white we were talking about, I will say, I don't know that having book appointment pens on your Pinterest page would necessarily be affected. You could try it. But something they see business owners do sometimes is they offer, like a free consultation if you sign up for their email list and people generally don't want a free consultation from you. First of all, it's very offensive, not in the word that like it's negative, but it's very high touch. We tend to be a little standoffish in the sense that we kind of want toe check out people, follow them, learn more about them before we want to get in a phone call with them. So I think that it's really important for you to have a lot of touchpoints before you ever ask for something like booking in a point. Make a circle might not be ready for that yet. Like maybe we use the Pinterest page as a way to really connect them with the brand to create the desire for the close to underst to educate. You know, why should they want to dress this way to see before and afters of your clients and customers? And then we have created a desire for them to book an appointment. But sometimes we ask for it too soon, or we do something that scares people off. That's just you could test it, see, and might work. That would just be, from my experience, what I've seen and I see a lot of potential also with the Blawg area from straight from our page. That's a great way to get people to come to our page. Right now, we basically have one block post. So that's an area I'm looking to really revamp. And, uh, what's the style feed? Let's see head. So yeah, that is the bloggers that the bloggers just what they called it. So we have one post. It's a little old, but I think there's ways where we can take sort of the contents and Pinterest like a different sort of block post header, and it will all be the same thing. But there's a little transition, and people can kind of follow that trail, I guess, over to the website. So let me reframe this for you. It's kind of interesting. New direction. Pinterest is largely female based. Okay, right, So not to say there's an opportunity for men. But what if you had boards or messaging or language ing? That's more about style for your man. Okay, so I know, for instance, I have a board on my personal page, ripe in looks that I want my husband to where ideas are like, Oh, that would look good on him. And I know I'm not the only woman I know. A lot of my friends do that as well. So maybe there's something that speaks directly to like I said, like, maybe it's aboard the style for your man and you've pinned some cool stuff that you find online like great looks of men. You also penned some of your stuff but speak mawr to the female demographic. Not not know, speaks not only don't not speak to your customers, but maybe hit from both angles. And, you know, like I'm even thinking of, like, funny articles like how to get your husband get, How to get your Amanda dress better. You know, like ways. I think that's something a lot of women you know we love when our boyfriends or husbands or whatever dress out. Yes, so no, absolutely. And so it might be interesting to kind of wrap your brain around and start thinking would be some cool content that women would respond to that we could put on our page on that in a lot of times. I'm sure I don't know your business specifically, but I know I buy a lot of my husband's clothes. Am I the only woman that does this like her husband's or boyfriend's? A lot of times, women are the ones that do the purchasing. Anyways, I'm also thinking this could be a really cool gift for, like, Holiday are really cool gift for birthdays. You know that type of stuff. So maybe like ways to gift this for women in your life. What we're seeing is you try now wedding. He's right, especially really early fall, and I've noticed we don't use that that type of keywords anywhere in our content where I have noticed that it's one of the number one things that lead our sales. Right. So we've got to understand where the customer is coming from. What what's their need in looking for a suit? And I think that's it. Events like Touchstone events in their life. It may be a gala or or a wedding right where they're gonna by our they're willing to purchase something that's a little more upscale for that event, right? Yeah. And also so we're talking about ways for you to increase your exposure, but also using this is a portfolio. You know, maybe you have clients come in. I think I talked about this yesterday, and people were saying, Are a guy we get custom suits from was like, Oh, what kind of lapel on butthole do you want? What are you envisioning? How do you tell someone your style? But you could have all these different looks I actually add was looking at Trunk Club. I'm sure you're familiar, and I like how they have different avatars for their customers. So there's, like, the style efficient auto. There's the more like casual athletic guy. So maybe you have different alter egos for your different customers. And when you're working with them and you're really trying to understand what they want, you could pull up your Pinterest board and say, Okay, which one of these do you think you really relate? Teoh. Or you could show different concepts of, you know, different ways of dressing. Or I'm sure when you're in a studio and you're doing custom things like you can obviously pull up and, you know, show this can go with this, but sometimes seen and on a look or being able for someone to look and point out, I like this. This and this. It will help them identify what they want as well, right? I thought about that earlier when we were looking at some of the Pinsker Maru and how she arranged different ways to wear a different outfit. So part of what we saw it's like a three piece suit, and part of that is it's something that you can use throughout the week in different arrangements, and maybe there's a better way for us to illustrate that. And I think what she said earlier, this is something we had thought about. What's a way for us to use Pinterest? Teoh, Touch those customers potentially create style consultations through secret boards where they submit. Okay, these are my classic movie. You know, German. I'd love to have this style, right? Yeah, like having you know, board with old Hollywood style. You've got pins of like Cary Grant and you know, all sorts of great, you know, savvy men that dress well, you know, creating a culture around that. But like you said, the wedding thing is huge. Also, just because we know we do want to acknowledge what is the culture on Pinterest? Not just your company culture, but you know, if it is a female based culture, let's speak to that. Pinterest is used very heavily for people who are planning weddings and getting wedding inspiration. So how perfect would it be for you to you know, pen a bunch of great looks for men, you know, for their wedding day. And I'm not saying that men will go searching for it. Some men will, absolutely, But a lot of women are probably wondering I don't know. I've never liked dressed my man for an occasion. like this. What? Her son, You know, different looks where? Some options and kind of showcasing. You know, maybe you have an opinion of what type of suit is right for a day wedding on what type of suit is right for an evening wedding. What is black tie actually mean? What is cocktail attire translate for as a man? What are you going to be wearing? A dark coat, a light coat, a tie? You know, all of those kind of dressing faux pots were all interested in learning more about. And as a style house, it would be cool to come to you as a source for that information. Yeah, so much. You know, you've got so much great stuff. You're going to do amazing things just because of the imagery you already have at your fingertips. But I think creating content around the types like you said, the different ways toe wear things two different ways to style your suits. Uh, you might even consider having a board of, like your customers. And like different customers in their suits. Testimonials. I know a friend of mine that does have a menswear line. They actually had a fashion show, but it was a client fashion show, so they had a bunch of sponsorship and everything. But it was just their clients that wore their suits and people, you know, they just looked very real and happy in their suits and very comfortable and so showcasing that all your happy customers could be cool as well. Thank you for on behalf the audience for coming up and being in the hot seat. But I asked folks to tell us what kind of feedback they would have for your boards, so I wanted to share some of those things. A lot of people were saying things, of course, that Melanie had come up with as well. But let's see, they were talking about creating a board for the outdoors type mend, and they're relaxed, casual wear. But perhaps even if that's not exactly what what you sell, but kind of creating personalities of these different types of people, that would be your clientele and the activities that they like, and other things like that you want to look for some more. That would be awesome. People are definitely talking about going out and buying their man close and right, who needs more close. Vanessa in our line producer here, says that her man needs only wears the same one shirt. So maybe aboard on what to do for your partner who doesn't know how to dress himself. I love you were talking about doing formal dressing. Maybe there's like business where, like how to wear suits for business, for how to wear them for formal occasions versus, you know, like you said like Weekend, where maybe they wanna wear just the vest and a shirt with, like, a cool pair of jeans, you know, so they can still the different ways they can wear it. Create a fashionable man cave. Oh, thinking about you know, it doesn't have to just be fashions we were talking about earlier. What do the other things that your customers are passionate about? Maybe you realize this is common thread that all of your customers really love watches or they really love cigars or vintage cars or, you know, the law or something. I thought about this. These are great areas for maybe checklists in the future, you know, thinks you'll want to do before your whatever night out, or how to pick out the best suit or I really love these suggestions. And I found also that yet the man cave suggesting that's that's really cool, because that is kind of aesthetic, that we have in our imagery, that sort of gentlemen's club. Yeah, maybe like doing a survey. We thought, with our sort of our group of friends, like, What are your favorite whiskies or cocktails? And you compare some of our images with those cocktails recipes potential? Absolutely, And something I'm thinking about if you are creating content for men specifically, I have a friend of mine that has recently decided to step up his look. And so he's become more successful. Is investing more in his clothing is getting very into custom suits and all of that. And we had the most fascinating conversation cause I threw out a term like an investment piece. I said, Oh, a Navy suit is an investment piece because what do you mean accessible from my experience? You know, men maybe only need like, three really good suits like to get started. Maybe you need, like, a navy suit, maybe a grey suit and like, you know something else. But obviously you're the expert that not, I'm not. But he said he had no idea if he was gonna go spend $10, get a base wardrobe What those pieces should look like. And I think most people know, like, Okay, you've got to at least have this this and this or, you know, like women we know. Okay, that have a black pair of shoes. Ah, black handbag like those were kind of your investment pieces. And then you can go to forever 21. And by like, the more trend except in mixing. But here are the pieces that you wanna have really high quality. And then you can change it up and change it for seasons and play with trends when they're not super investment pieces. And he, like his mind, was blown. What are you talking about? How do you like Where am I supposed to start? What's the first? What's the first suit I should buy? Should it be pinstripe should be black, Should it be Navy? I think men are a very underserved, um, demographic in terms of fashion education. So that could be you know, you're really great out about value adding is educating men about fashion here. I just have to say thank you Internet, and we're gonna have to take some screen grabs of what's going on in the chat room for you because there are so many brilliant ideas. So what else do we have? Some off. Don me is suggesting that you can advise which men's where kind of suits which figure. Hi. Um, accessories and beauty products that the article gentleman would wear. That's from May, Joe. Absolutely. Oh, time capsule is suggesting doing a video of a fashion show of your men's suit. That one. Did you were you raising your hand? Yeah. I think it would be interesting to do with riel people that that you are buying your suits to a before and after how they come in and how you first see them and how they look amazing in a suit before and after. So much fun. Yeah, I'm feeling like that's probably gonna be the first and easiest one because you've got access to the people and they're gonna want to show their friends, right? How much better they look? Yeah, And we did something like this where we weren't intending to do this, right, But We just took a photo of a guy who had just spent fitted and got his new suit, and he posted it on his Facebook page, just like, Oh my God, like 100 people liked this photo. Never impressed looking and there's a transformation when a man puts a jacket on, I'm saying like it just it's squares out the shoulders like they look amazing. So I think that would be really fun, even thinking about having depending on how engaged you're probably enough. Some customers that like love, what you do want to be a part of it, other ones that want to get their suit, get in and get out. But if you have customers that are really into men's style, adding them as contributors. So when they're pinning their style and pitting people stuff, they see, I mean, they're also going to be more likely to share and repent your content, so kind of pulling them in, encouraging them to be a part of the page as well. I do think men are getting there's more more men on Pinterest every day. They're kind of going all right where he's one of my wives or girlfriends doing? I want a piece of this to eso. We are seeing more men coming on and creating accounts and pinning things like my husband's account so funny. I can't show it because it's not obviously, like a lot of repent content, but just the stuff he has on there like I came just like doors and suits and all this funny stuff, like travel places. But a lot of men are really going to respond to having content like this out there that they can pin from, because I think a lot of mail users want to be on Pinterest, but they dont like there's anything for them. They're interested in using it, but they go on there and all they see is women stuff. So there's a large opportunity for brands that are more directed towards men to come in and put content out there that they're going to respond. Teoh. So I think it's so wonderful that you're hearing that you're learning all of this absolutely another benefit of being here in our live studio audience and again so many more things coming through when I really love from true photographer, artfully casual, how to be comfortable and stylish. So actually starting to call things artfully, this artfully that cool and have those sub kind of categories about what you're talking about. Yeah, brilliant. Such a great idea. This could be a board title. Exactly. Exactly. It's perfect. Yeah, I'm just thinking the transformation. Obviously, your page looks great right now, But imagine coming to this page. It's all the cool black and white cover photos. There's a great little overlays of what the concepts are, and every board is like, you know, artfully comfortable, you know, artfully formal. That just looks like a 1,000, bucks like that looks like an amazing brand. That's when you do work at that level. That's when men's, like all of these big publications like Vogue or New York Times are always doing them. Pinter's to follow. Has anyone seen this? There's always random articles out there. People do roundups of Penner's Pinter's accounts that are like that or what? Get attention. And so that's pretty cool, like toe. Have something out there and then have it picked up by a publication because your work is standing out there. Brandis, standing out the way that you're executing it is very different and that's what tends to attract attention. And I think it's funny to you can be doing a lot of things right. But if you don't know how to optimize just like that, you're missing the whole boat, right? So we've got 45 followers now and I'm really helping. By the end of this, we can jump over 100 then just start from their worldwide audience. You heard him. So right now over break go follow on the artful gentleman. Let's go. Go to his page. Follow it. Show your man some great style. Andi, start sharing this because, like I said, there's not enough good content for men on Pinterest. And this is a great way to get started and get to see the transformation because I'm sure you're gonna do some cool stuff over the next few weeks with this autumn and just another shot out for that 1,000,000,000 idea from true photographer tr you. Who said that that's actually what he or she does with that the true brand so true this through that and that journalists love that as well. Thank you very much. Truth. Absolutely. That's a fantastic idea contest context. We're talking about contest. This will be really fun. We're gonna finish strong for the day. Thank you all for hanging in there with me. I'm gonna walk you through exactly how I launched a Pinterest contest for my home to gorp home to core brand. But I'm also gonna walk you through how to do it as a service provider. So don't think that you can check out if you have services. I think there's a lot of opportunity for service providers to use contest since no one else is using them in that way. So we'll talk about how to do it. In what order? What to put on your site. What to pin and I'm going to share with you the exactly. I didn't the results that I saw from it as well. So I just have to ask you one favor. Can you refresh artful gentlemen because we are already You are already over 100,000. The way the night maybe will be a 200. Thank you. Nice work. Everyone wanted to read off a few comments that are coming in. Melanie from Aaron Morgan. This has been fantastic. So four far thanks for the in depth, highly actionable training. And I love that in depth and highly actionable. All of this. And then Adora Oh, and I got this comment off a Pinterest and that the post that we looked at our video on creativelive. Great course. I didn't think I'd find it very useful as a personal trainer, but I've already applied a couple of tips from yesterday and have gained more followers. So we're seeing a lot of that resonates with again that three days of Pinterest. Is that for me, right? Yes. A lot of people are saying that it's for them. Yeah.

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