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Intro & Power of Visual Marketing

Lesson 11 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

Intro & Power of Visual Marketing

Lesson 11 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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11. Intro & Power of Visual Marketing


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Intro & Power of Visual Marketing

so everyone again. It is my pleasure to welcome to the stage. Melanie Duncan. Come on out. Melanie, Let's give her a big round of applause. Are you doing this morning? What I really love about the fact that we have Melanie here is that she is an incredible entrepreneur. Thank you. Multimillion dollar businesses. And you have used Pinterest to make these businesses successful. True. Really stuff that I'm doing exactly what I read in a book, But we're gonna walk through both product and service businesses, the rial strategies. Exactly. And your businesses have been featured in all kinds of mint media, including Good morning America and all kinds of things. So we're just so excited to have you here today. And for the next three days, I'm thrilled to be here. We're gonna have a lot of fun, everyone. Fantastic. So let's start out by just saying people can find you on Facebook. I want to make sure everybody is following you on Twitter on Pinterest on Facebook? I don't know. We'll talk about ...

this in a second on Facebook. The entrepreneurs. Yeah. Yeah. Like any other social media person, you can pretty much find me anywhere but on Facebook, it is Ford slash Entrepreneurs Academy, and let's have people go and check out your Pinterest page right away. Absolutely so something will be talking about throughout today. So I don't want you guys to get to overwhelm but actually have three Pinterest account. Three. Yes, and we'll be talking about if that's something that you want to think about having more than one Pinterest account. But if you go to Melanie Duncan seven, that's my personal account, so you might not see the most cutting edge business strategies. You're most likely going to see shoes that I want and some recipes that I want to cook. But if you go Teoh Ford slash luxury monograms on Pinterest that is my home decor company. So we'll see a little bit more strategic product placement and things like that. And if you actually go to Pinterest board slash online Edge Academy, that is my business page for my more service oriented, where have actual online courses for people, So we'll be showing those a lot throughout the next three days. You'll see all of that, but those are my three Pinterest accounts, and that's what's really exciting. I think has a lot of people might be in that place of I've got a personal page. What is this? Business page? And I know we're going to get right into that. And why a little. But the ability to look at your examples directly is gonna be huge. Awesome. Select. Let's get this party started your clicker here and over to you. Melanie. Thank you. Thank you. This is gonna be a lot of fun. We have three days, which is gonna be great, cause we're gonna be able to cover a lot of stuff and Internet audience, Internet audience. I just want you guys to know you're here with me too. So we're gonna be talking a lot back and forth. I mean to be asking, you're asking you questions. There's gonna be a lot of involvement. So don't feel like you're not a part of this experience because you're going to be. And so that being said in order for me, really to serve everyone here and both in the worldwide audience, I need to know as much about you as possible. So something I wanted to kind of throw out its toe, have everyone maybe start typing and in the chat and tell me a yes or a no. If you already are using Pinterest so it can be personal, it can be business. But if you have a Pinterest account, just type a yes or no, actually, in the chat box right now, and we'll have you guys start looking at that. And then for our in studio audience, does everyone have a Pinterest account? At least one? Yes, So we've got one, and it's kind of funk. We've got a mix of people here. I know some people have their selling products. We've got Adam, who is selling fashion apparel, and we've got people, you know, like Creativelive Alexa, where you're selling courses, but also a lot of free content, which is something I'm really excited talk about with you, because Pinterest is a great way to actually get your content out there in a big way. So whether you're a blogger or photographer or even if you're selling services like Denise, I know photography. So you might be looking for a way to use Pinterest to get more clients, and a lot of you might be wondering, Is this really possible for business how What are the differences between using Pinterest personally and penny? Things that you want to buy are cute shoes versus how to use it to get more exposure, how to use it to build an audience. And so that's what we're gonna be talking a lot about today. But in terms of our online audience, what are we like? Is it a 50 50 split? What's the split in terms of having a Pinterest account? Gina Marie Photography. Yes, Britney. Yes, Mrs B. Yes. Treat Marie. So I'm seeing lots of yeses. Lots of yeses in all caps in just a couple of nose. Yeah, glare. Bar A is one of our regulars. So, Claire, I'm excited to have you because you're no so perfect timing rate. And then last question I want to throw out to a worldwide audience is type in what type of business you have. So I know we're probably gonna have a lot of photographers, which is great. We're gonna talk a lot about how you specifically can be using Pinterest. But also we have people who may be sold jewelry. Maybe you haven't Etsy store. I want to get a really good feel of what our audiences comprised stuff. So as I'm going through trying to really nail down the specifics I know who were kind of speaking with. I know everyone in the in studio audience we've talked about Your business is a little bit well, obviously die of a lot deeper in. But this will just really help me be able to cater the content when I know what the particular types were talking about. Natalie, who has a personal finance company we have will a poor Web development. Brittni f graphic design Nancy A Children's boutique items on Etsy So that's perfect. Who else do we have? Uh, Georgia gives Web design. Martine do set photography. Oh, consulting guy Candy Consulting, Victory Girl business coach and author Wedding photography. So it feels like it's all over the board. Yeah. High end loungewear a food blogger designed company. Awesome. You guys, I'm excited because I think a lot of people really struggle with if I have a service or I sell something kind of intangible. Can I use Pinterest? Is this gonna be right for me? And a lot of you might be watching right now from home trying to determine First of all, do I have time to use Pinterest? That's probably one of the biggest questions I get when I'm working with people who are Sola Preneurs where they're kind of doing everything you know. They're the ones making the products, providing the service, running their Facebook, their social, their content creation. I mean, it can be a ton. And I think Ken and I were talking about this yesterday. A lot of you are kind of doing this on the side, so you might have a 9 to 5 job and you're pursuing a passion. And you're wondering, Do I really need to take on one more thing? And I'm gonna be really candid because, first and foremost, I'm a business owner. I'm an entrepreneur, started my first business in college. I'll be telling you that whole story. It's pretty funny, but I understand that you have limited hours a day, and so you need to determine. Is this a platform that you have time to use one of the most time effective strategies? Denise and I were talking earlier about how sometimes you log on to Pinterest and all sudden four hours go by and you go holy moly. You know, like all these great all these great recipes and all this fun stuff I discovered. But I will be focusing on how to use it effectively and how you can actually use less than an hour a week. I spend less than our week on my business accounts and still get a ton of traffic over $ in sales. So there are ways to do it effectively. And also, if you are a service provider you're using pinch or you want to use Pinterest to get clients. We're gonna talk about that too. So don't worry if you sell something kind of intangible or you want to use Pinterest to build an audience for something you offer. This is not just for product. People who sell products also works really well for that. But I just kind of want to clear clearly air talk about you're in the right place. Whether you have products or services, you want to build an audience with your content, gonna show you how to do all of that. All right, so we're all good, So I'm gonna go ahead and start talking about visual marketing now. Of course, Pinterest and visual market is kind of go hand in hand. Dry. It's a visual platform. Well, did you know that 90% of the information that is transmitted to the brain is actually visual? Now this is crazy because ah, lot of you might be wondering, How do I stand out in today's cluttered marketplace? Right? There's so much stuff out there. There's so much information and it's a little overwhelming, particularly for consumers in the marketplace. How do I really break through the clutter? We're gonna be talking about why using images is that solution. So visuals air processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. And maybe some of you can relate to this where you're reading a blawg post you kind of skin. What do you see in the image? If you're going through your email and there's a big, long email from someone, what do you look for? Some sort of visual? Even if you're scrolling through your Facebook news feed, do you read every single status update? You're probably looking at the pictures. So have you heard the saying a picture is worth words kind of cheesy, right? With photography platform wish. I'm sure you hear it a lot. Why do you think that issue? Does anyone have any idea why people would say this? Do you think about people translating a picture into meeting in their head? And so everybody has a different interpretation that they put on a picture immediately, whether they know it or not. Absolutely very creative response. So this is true. The reason that I think or how I determine or how I understand this quote is that an image concise A so much it can say so much more than a sentence or a word like you said, it's It's unlimited in terms of the confines, and that's what's really, really exciting about using imagery in your marketing is it can do so much and just a simple image, so there's a lot of power to that. But let's talk about specifically what you're gonna learn during this workshop. I'm gonna show you how to use images to effectively market your business and get free exposure. So, of course we're gonna be talking about Pinterest, but it's not just going to be limited to Pinterest. I want to show you how you can use images better on Facebook. How you're gonna be able to use them better and email marketing how you're gonna be able to use them better on your website. We're gonna go through that whole realm of using visual marketing. And I'm also going to talk about what you can start doing today to start getting customers and clients from Pinterest because I could easily go on with a bunch of theory about. Here's what you can do with images. Here's this year's this. Here's why you should be doing it. But really, you know, we've all got limited hours of the day. We want to get results. And if we're taking Pinterest on, it's probably not the only social media platform you're using. Your already updating your Facebook. You're using Twitter. You've got instagram, so I'm gonna show you really simple, direct things you can start doing right now to start seeing those results to build your audience. So it's very practical knowledge and something else to touch upon that is, even if you don't have a Pinterest account, you know, I know we said most of the audience has a Pinterest account, but if you don't have when you're using for business or you're not really sure how to do a lot of stuff on it. I will show you how to get started right now, even if you're just kind of bare bones and you want to know all the basics. So my experience. So I started my first company in college, kind of a funny story selling customs server, sorority and fraternity clothing. So I don't know if anyone I actually wasn't Greek, which is kind of funny. I wasn't Greek, but marketer of heart eso. Anyways, I started this company with my husband selling sweat shirts and tote bags and sweat pants and T shirts. I mean, if you ever been on a college campus, the Greek stuff is everywhere. So started online back in 2006 which is practically the Dark Ages with Internet, you know, the Internet marketing and doing all advertising online. So we created a website to sell this stuff because we knew like that was going to give us the freedom. We don't want a brick and mortar store because we thought we don't wanna have to be in that story to be taking orders. We don't want to be limit to a location. So we thought we were being so smart and savvy about having an online store. But how did we market it? The old world style marketing. So we would go door to door. We were in California. We drive to U. C. L. A knock on the Greek Has the store had our brochures? Put those out there. We would fly across the country and go to, like the big Delta Gamma exhibit. Their big like summer conferences have a booth pay a couple $1000. So basically long story short is $40,000 in debt. We are not getting the customers were looking for and kind of scratching our heads going. Maybe this wasn't the best idea. Maybe maybe some people out online can relate right now where you've got this great idea. You're really passionate about it. You think it can work, but you're just not quite getting the traction yet, right? Or you've got something awesome Teoh server provide an audience with. But people aren't really flocking to the way that you thought they might be. I've had that experience, actually, with every single business I have started, it's taken longer and it's been harder than I thought. You know, a lot of us think we put up a website and people will just know that were there. They will just come to our site, and it does tend to be a little more difficult to get that recognition you need. So anyways, we were able Teoh sweatshirt. We thought about it. We found someone to search engine optimize our site. And I promise I won't get too nerdy on everyone but SDO So search engine optimized just means you can appear in search results for Google or on Yahoo any of that type of stuff. And we started getting orders from all over the country and that was pretty cool because that point we were only getting orders from the physical locations we had been at. So he thought, Maybe there's something to this online marketing this online advertising. And we quickly scaled it into then doing adwords online and using social and basically agree to be one of the largest Greek companies in the nation, which is pretty cool considering that actually, Greek life Onley occurs in the United States. And if anyone knew that, but so to be the biggest. The nation was good to turn that into, ah, cutting so big manufacturing production. We're making all the clothing, and we turn that also into a custom home to core line. So I started a business called Luxury Monograms that does all a custom pillows and placemats knows where to stuff like that. But the reason this is important is because I started using Pinterest before a lot of people were paying attention to it for luxury monograms. I was like, There's a lot of women on this. I had a background in online marketing for my first business, kind of understanding what kind of works, what doesn't work. So I applied some of those principles on Pinterest, which will be teaching you, and I started getting a lot of traffic. I started getting a lot of sales from it, and I thought, This is really cool. Other people need to know about this. And so I formed a company called the Entrepreneurs Academy, and I started teaching other people what I was doing, not just on Pinterest, but Pinterest is what really got the attention of her lot. Remember about 68 months ago, every everyone's talking about Pinterest. It was everywhere, So that's my experiences. I always teach. What I'm currently doing in my business is now. There's people who have, you know about an amazing degrees and have written books and have done all this amazing stuff, and that's awesome. But I've always found it's really valuable toe learn from people who are doing it real life in their business. So that's where I'm coming from and you guys can ask me anything worldwide audience. I am an open book. You can ask me anything about my business. Is my experience the results I'm seeing? That's really what I'm here to do. It's kind of just be a resource for you. So design is a way to make your brand feel special and stand out again. Talking about that cluttered marketplace. What can you do differently to really grab people's attention and to make coming to your site or seeing your products are being on your Facebook page or your Pinterest page being experienced that they remember? This is a crazy statistic. So 46.1 got have that point. One of people say that website design is the number one criterion for discerning credibility of the company. Now I want to point this out because you might glance at this and say, Oh, what's less than half of people? No. 46% of people say it's the number one thing they look at outside of any sort of content. And outside of the products you're selling outside of your talent, the first thing they look at or the most important thing is designed now there could be 90% of people say that design is in the top three of the most important things. In fact, most researchers research shows us that that design is one of the most important things when people experience your brand for the first time. So I'm really excited because we have a special guest who's going to be here with us all three days. Christine, who is a graphic designer and she is unbelievably talented, and she's going to be teaching us and also doing some hot seats and showing us one of the most important aspects of design to have on your website to be using and social one of the ways that you can use design in an attainable way because we're not all graphic designers, right? I know herself. I was looking for her supplies and I thought, Tank, I want to be a graphic designer Everything. She does look so good, but she's also very realistic and she's going to show you even if you are a solar preneurs. Even if you have a business, you're working on the side, you know, what can you do that's actually attainable? That is, in your budget that you can do on your own to still look like a 1,000,000 bucks because it is so important. You know, we're not in the nineties anymore, where everyone can just have some like, you know, cheesy tumble it website. If you have that, it's doing a disservice, and you're probably losing customers because of it. So you want to think about how do people feel when they see your website? And I'm not a super touchy feely person. I was a psychology major, but emotion is very, very, very important in marketing, and it's very important to think about your customers emotions and the way that they're perceiving you when they experience your content. When they look at your work when they buy from you, so we're gonna be sneaking a little bit of that in. Also, as we're talking about images and marketing online, all right, So thinking about you know, how do people feel when they see your ads? If you have ads online, what do they look like? What are the emotions? Is this something that speaking their interest or something that's kind of turning them off? How when they see your emails? If you have an email us, we're talking a lot about email so important. But when people see an email from you, your customers or clients, are they excited? Do they want open it? Do they market a spam? I hope not. Or they deleting it. You know, what are these experiences your customers air having when they see your Facebook posts? That something they like? Or is it something that looks awful in there? Kind of hiding your updates on their page When they see your pens, do your pens look professional? Do they look like you know what you're doing? Do you look strategic and smart and savvy, or does it look like here? Maybe you don't really know. What you're doing is all very important the way people experience your brand, so I want you to think about Are the visual aspects of your business helping or hurting your brand something to really think about? So social media platforms that are based upon visual content engage customers more than any other type of social platform. And that's probably not going to shock you. See how we talked about why images air so effective, how people process them faster. So the reason that Pinterest kind of came on the scene and dominated so quickly was because it is visual based. So people were coming on. They were seen how it worked there, being interested in It's just a really cool platform Now on Facebook. Photos are the form of content with the highest engagement. So even though Facebook has primarily no text test status updates, a lot of the timeline was incorporated to be mawr image base to use mawr images. And it's really cool. I want you to think I'm gonna talk about Facebook of good amount to because you know these air big social media platforms and you're probably already using Facebook for business, which is great. I do Teoh. I'm not telling you to use Pinterest instead of Facebook. But I want you to be really clear on how they're different. And I read this example a long time ago. I thought it was really funny. So they talked about how Facebook is like a bar you go to with your friends. So you kind of go there to hang out, to check, see what people are up to. To hear the latest where Pinterest is like this. Really cool craft fair. Maybe like this really find, you know, this really unique mall where you go to check out really cool new products and brands. And we do see a big difference between the amount of involvement with businesses and brands on Pinterest versus Facebook and as much as Facebook. I use it. It's very effective for business. It is a different type of relationship. People will engage with brands more on Pinterest, so there's a unique opportunity, and they are also much more focused on looking at products on Pinterest. Well, anything. It's really an interesting thing because people are wondering always what is the best social network for them and for their business, and it's interesting because there's discussions going on in the chat rooms constant. Constantine Photo says For Constantine photo This is Google Ads don't seem to work emails. People unsubscribe. Facebook people aren't active enough. I'm wondering what Pinterest can do for me, and so I think that it's it's It's really interesting to see how the certain ones can apply for certain people. But the visual aspect of it I'm curious in terms of Facebook is that, like statistics around how the visual is more impactful than just a text? Yeah, So I think the reason I mean a lot of that research comes back to people just engage with images mawr and they process it faster. I mean, you know, we're all our attention spans are shortening the amount of information. We're bombarded with increases every day, every year. And so I think the reason that images work on anything they work on Instagram. They work on Facebook better than taxes just because people can consume them faster and they're also more stimulating. So they grab our attention were effectively than a sentence or a line of text. Cool. Thank you. Yeah. So something really cool like to talk about is that Pinterest is actually the fourth largest traffic driver worldwide. This is really exciting because I actually teach a lot of online marketing strategies, and it's become or female based the last few years. But originally it was kind of a guys the guys game. And so I would come on to talk about Pinterest, maybe like, are you serious like this is for for, you know, recipes or for fashion. This isn't a legitimate way to market a business, and I love that. I'm like, Yeah, give me fired up. I want to show you what I got, But really, it's the fourth largest traffic driver worldwide and I love it. Adams here to represent the male gender in its entirety here today because there are ways for men to use Pinterest and there is a male audience on Pinterest. Now let's be straight. Is a 50 50 not even close. You know, it's still put only around 70% female. But just because it's not a majority doesn't mean that there's no opportunities. You know, there's brands like Hub Spot anyone else that is familiar with marketing. So Hub Spot sells online marketing software. They have a widely successful Pinterest page because they have found ways to create their marketing content and make it visual. So there are opportunities. If you're a guy you're going, I don't think this is for me. It might be it might not be, but I don't want you to be close minded and miss out on the opportunity to see ah, way to expand. But anyways, this just shows us that Pinterest is too large to be ignored. I mean, it's referring more traffic to websites than YouTube. Google Plus and Lincoln combined crazy. So there's a lot of people that want to discount it and be like, You know, it's just for girls or it's just for, you know, fluffy kittens or funny quote. It's a serious traffic driving powerhouse, and for me, as a business owner, this is what I pay attention to. Because I know I can translate traffic into clients and customers, and hopefully everyone feels that way. And if you don't, we're gonna be talking a lot about how you can bridge that gap. But that's really important to understand just the power that is behind Pinterest because it's something that is too big to be ignored. Love this, Pinterest customers or Pinterest users actually spend more money, so I know it's a little bit small. Little auld walk you through this, but this is showing you the average order value in a customer clicks through from social. So if they're on Twitter and you put a link to your website, mostly we're going to spend around $68 on Facebook and they see an update from you or some sort of promotion. They're going to spend around a dollar so more the average order value when someone clicks through from Pinterest is over $179. That's over double from Facebook. Any ideas? Why this is Adam shoes, Female demographic cracked Adam. Anyone else? Any ideas? I think that I would kind of equate Pinterest to I'm a musician. And so I would think of it as the reason that like a Delon Taylor Swift or so successful when they sell their CDs at Starbucks, because that's sort of the demographic that your kind of thinking of on Pinterest is. Well, you said that obviously it's also successful for men, but you're thinking about women who are obsessed with, like I want something tangible that I can buy right now. Pinterest you're sort of product driven and they just they want to be able to press by at the end of whatever they're doing for four hours, a little e. And so they need that satisfaction of. I saw these pretty things and I want to get there at the end. Yeah, um, so when you're catering to that same demographic of sort of maybe middle aged moms who are staring at pretty items, kind of like they're buying the Taylor Swift CD when they check out with their lot, Yeah, it's gonna be higher. One of the most common boards on a personal Pinterest account is a wish list, or I dream of summits aspirational, so you'll see it, particularly in women's. There's usually one board where it's stuff they want to buy stuff. It's on their Christmas list, their birthday list or things that they are dreaming or aspiring of and what's cool since the social platform. If I go on to Barneys and I see a cute pair of heels I want and I go okay, I want to remember to buy that later, or I hope you know, maybe I'll tell my husband I want this for Christmas or something, and I pin that to my board. It's collected and saved on my board. But guess what else happens. Everyone else that follows me. All my friends, people who like my aesthetic. They'll then see that pair of shoes from Barney's that is free advertising. That shoe is now in front of a much larger audience simply because I penned it. So we'll be talking about that and why you want to get other people to pin your content as well for that free exposure. Any other ideas? Yeah. Seems to me that when people spend all that time looking at pictures there also prime ing themselves for that wanting that exactly. So how about just in the studio audience have ever have any of you ever bought something you saw on Pinterest? Okay, Rachel. Denise. Well, I've had the opposite problem where I've seen things on Pinterest, but then I don't know where to buy them on. So I think that that's a bigger issue that I think a lot of people have had. So I think, Yeah, absolutely. We'll be talking about one of the yes business owners do sometimes is You can actually upload something from your computer. So you have a photo or you have a product. You can upload it, or you can repent something that someone else uploaded or took a screenshot up and it doesn't link anywhere. That's the word, because if you're you know, if it's your product and people are paying it, I mean, that's the worst thing you can do because that's exposure. People who wanted to buy it. So we'll talk about how not to do that because you definitely also want to train your audience. Teoh be able to click, and no, it's gonna go somewhere. Melanie. There's some great things being said about this in the chat rooms as well, So want to read a few off but tough toodle says Bottom line. The users are touched. Pinterest are shopping, so they spend. And that's not true in other places lately, you're not going to Twitter to shop. You're not going to Facebook to shop. So they're totally agreeing with you. They're tough tootle tough, toodles made regular. I want her to have a Pinterest account just so we can talk about tough Toodle, Absolutely. I mean, I have this stylish girlfriend I love her style and she's always pinning stuff she wants. And a lot of times I just go by it because I don't have the time to go look for it or it's just got such a great I. So I have bought a lot of things on Pinterest, and now we're seeing it's shifts depending on the study. But we're seeing that most people, or at least a majority of people, have actually purchased something they've seen on Pinterest. So it's It's a commerce driven platform. It's very different. We're looking at social. This is a platform people are actually shopping on. So it's very cool to know that as a business owner and inspiration on what to buy, So 70% of people use Pinterest to get inspiration on what to buy, and this doesn't just have to mean shoes or clothes. And I were talking about that specifically, But people really do use this as inspiration to get services, inspiration, to consume new content and engage with new brands. I know some people mentioned that they were, you know, fitness people or nutritionists. People are engaging with content. They are, you know, learning more about personal brands by connecting with them on Pinterest as well so Pinterest users are nearly twice is likely to buy than Facebook users is a very different mindset, not saying they're totally different people. Probably most people on Pinterest use Facebook as well. But there's just a different mindset like we talked about. There's a different frame of consciousness when they're on Pinterest. They're somewhat in a shopping or more specifically, there in a discovery mode. I don't want to just say shopping because people might be thinking, Well, I don't go on Pinterest a shop. I go to get inspired. I go Teoh, you know, learn cool stuff. It's a discovery mode, which means we're much more open and receptive. Burst with other places where we're more defensive when we're seeing sponsored messages. Or, you know, people hate like the sponsor stuff in their news feed on Facebook right now. Since Pinterest is relatively new on the scene, people are a lot more open minded about engaging on it, so this is kind of interesting. So this is major categories of social to sail purchasing based upon, you know it's we've got food and drink, art, design, craft photography, gardening decor and this just shows you so you can see the larger categories that are represented on Pinterest. So, you know, 24% the which product category was the last item you purchased after you shared or favorited it, and it just shows you that photography craft This is really the market that is being touched upon and that is being engaged with on Pinterest. You can see this particular market which I'm focusing on because I think that's mostly whatever our audience is comprised of people in fashion design, photography, crafts, jewelry, that type of stuff is all you could see, the percentage the majority is going to be over here on Pinterest. So again, just kind of talking about why it might be something you want to pay attention to. When you do have limited resource is a limited amount of time to focus on marketing your businesses. Pinterest is a very unique and exciting new opportunity

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