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Business Pinterest Account Q&A

Lesson 13 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

Business Pinterest Account Q&A

Lesson 13 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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13. Business Pinterest Account Q&A


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Lesson Info

Business Pinterest Account Q&A

So I think we covered a lot of questions about getting started. Kind of walk through. Is there anything else you want me to really touch upon their? Sure. Well, Tina is asking. I have tons of stuff on my personal site. So I'm thinking I should start with a clean business site. Would you recommend? Yeah, that's why I find the easiest to because and again people, depending on your brand, this is something really important to think about if you're a personal brand and people would connect with you, Justus much to see pins about your daughter's birthday party, you're gonna throw in a few weeks. Sometimes having a very personal feeling bored can be effective. But that being said, you always want to make sure that the content you're showing an audience is relevant. So if you're using your page personally and for business and you have a social media site, reduce social media consulting and people follow you because you create really interesting infographics and articles and videos about using...

social media, and one day you decide you want a King Charles Cavalier puppy, and so you go on Pinterest and you pin 50 pictures of this puppy. People are probably gonna follow you because they're going to go. This is not what I signed up for. I'm not really. I like puppies. I mean, who's like puppies? But I didn't really want to see this much content about a puppy. So that's what you need to think about is do when you're using your personal account isn't going to help or hurt the way that your audience is perceiving you. And how are you providing value? Because ultimately, any time someone Paul's you on Facebook, they follow you on Pinterest, particularly your position yourself. As a business owner service provider of brands. You always want to be creating value for them. So for me, I find it easiest to have an actual designated business page where whenever I go there I am in the mindset of I want to be serving my community. I want to be giving helpful and useful inspiring information to them. I went on my personal account. It's kind of more for me so I can pin stuff that I like on the other thing that we should talk about kind of the best practice is how many times a day should you be pinning? How much should you be? Penny and those are always really common questions. And what's cool is that while on Facebook or a lot of other social media platforms are up, it's gonna get pushed down like this, right? And you know, you have to update you here every three hours every hour and 1/2 because when people log on, if they haven't seen yourself exit, push down what's cool? Pinterest doesn't really work like this. I mean, it does in the sense that there is a news feed, but Pinterest is more kind of like this. We see a lot of recirculation, which is really cool because it means less work for us. But you do want to be pinning, I say, at least once a week as a business owner just to stay in that frame of consciousness and awareness. But you will get a lot of residual exposure from people coming to your site or coming to your Pinterest page and repainting off of your boards or also people who are pinning off of your actual website. So it's not. It's much but a really common air. A lot of people dio particularly if they're using their personal or business together. If they wake up Saturday morning and they go all right. Pinchers Pinning fest. I'm gonna pin tons of stuff this morning and, you know, they spend two hours the morning, have a great Saturday morning and pin 40 things, and then one of their followers comes on the Penn dress, and all they see is all of your pins. And nobody likes to just be accosted with a bunch of your content, Whether it's good or bad, you know, we all like it to be filter. Do we want to be representative? There is a great girl. I follow no names we mentioned on Instagram and you know New York Fashion Week is coming up, and so she's taking a picture like every five minutes, and they're good pictures, and if they were spaced out over a week, I'd love it. But when I wake up first thing in the morning like an instagram and it's all from her, it's a lot, and that's something you want to be conscious of. With. Pinterest is particularly as a business or as someone who is trying to build relationships and trust you don't want overwhelm your followers with too much content. So it's actually sometimes better to err on the side of less pinning than a lot of pinning. There's also a really cool site. It actually is it. You have to pay for it, but it's called Pin Griffey and allows you to schedule your pins. It's the only site I found that allows you to do this, and it's just pin graph e so p I n g r a p h. Why dot com ping griffey dot com and you can upload pins and bulk. So say you create a bunch of content one week and you're like This is gonna be good for a month. You can upload all those in bulk and then schedule them for every Tuesday at noon or whatever. You know, the most amount of people are actually on Pinterest, which brings up another really great point, which is when are the most people on Pinterest When should I be pinning and research shows us that, actually Saturday mornings are when the most people are on Pinterest, which is different than what you hear a lot with Facebook or Twitter, that type of thing so it also depends on your audience, and you're gonna feel if you pin something and it's like silence, whether maybe people aren't on that follow you. Or maybe that content didn't resonate. But the Pinterest analytics and also pin Griffey has analytics as well, so you can see if how many times that means been repent. You can see the views it's gotten, so you can determine Okay, Tuesdays, the middle of the day or the best day for me. I'm in the schedule. All of this content for every Tuesday for the next month are great. A question from Christina. Can you verify a business page within Etsy Shop? Do you know? Because I know that there are a ton of people who are working in their business store front, right? You used to not be able Teoh, but I've recently heard a little birdie told me that Henderson, that's your working very much so together because they realize the importance of etc and Pinterest, so they're actually coming out. There's some cool things I won't get too into, but they're called rich pins and rich pins are actually something where it's a longer pin. It will actually show whether something is in stock on your website. They'll show the price all this cool stuff, and right now it's on. Li, like, slowly have to apply for it. So it's really like large brands are doing. It's not really it's not something I'm personally using, so I don't teach a lot about it. But because he has already been recognized, it's kind of a cool advantage They have where they're able to get rich pins by being an Etsy seller. But in terms of verifying, I think they can now. It used to be no, but I'm pretty sure they partnered together now where there is a way to verify on etc. And there's a way to find out by trying. Exactly. You don't drive, let us know. Absolutely. Connie H is asking when adding a photo or gravity. Are is it best to stick with that image like forever? Or is it okay to change it every few months? Andi, where do you stand on consistency versus freshness. Right, Connie? Excellent. Excellent question. And also brings me to a point we're going to talk about which is your board or your cover photos. You might have seen that on mine, where there's actually cover photos and you can choose whether you want Teoh set them so they don't change. Or if you don't set them, they'll always just show the most recent pin to that board. And in terms of your actual account photo, you can totally change it. Or you can definitely keep it the same. I would say, if you are a personal brand, it's gonna be a picture of you keep it pretty consistent because people are going to associate that account with that visual and make that connection. However, I have seen some product based businesses do some really cool stuff where they will actually be there running a really big black Friday sale. They will put a picture of like Black Friday sale 50% off, kind of in that main logo. Now, do you want to do this every day? No. It's gonna feel a little little forcible promotional. But if you're running something really cool, a big special. Maybe you're running one particular item that's got a great discount, or there's some sort of like a free service. Maybe you're running a workshop. There's something you really want to draw attention to. It's similar to what you think of your cover photo on Facebook. You know something you want to set that really grabs people. You can change in an update, but I wouldn't change it Mawr than, say, once a month, because I do think people form that visual connection and they are going to see that little avatar on their news feed. They're going to see it when you comment, so you want it to be somewhat consistent, so people resonate with it and remember that that's you. And that's your brand. I am loving the chattering. They're on fire. They really are fire, as are you, Melanie. So just again, we're starting off a three day course. Yep, on a couple of people are asking Tina's asking. So the real purpose of your Pinterest account is to drive traffic to your website question mark and then photograph ICS, Miami says again. Can you explain it over your view of the basic concept of what the objective is and how it works in general when using Pinterest again, pain tabular again fabulous. And we're actually talk about this later to gold studying. It's really important. Anything you do in your business should be intentional, usually working towards a particular goal. Now I personally think that the biggest subjective and the thing that Pinterest is the best at is driving traffic. You know, we talked about driving more traffic than Google, plus LinkedIn YouTube. We saw the statistics fourth largest traffic driver worldwide. For me, it's pretty clear this is a great site to engage with my content and get them back to my site. And we actually have a full segment during this three day workshop that all is about traffic driving strategies. With Pinterest you saw. It's one of my top traffic sources for my websites. There are particular things you can dio to get traffic. Not all pins are created equal. There are some that are really good for driving traffic. So for me, that is. My main objective is to get people to my site. And the reason this is as much as I love people to Repin, something as much as I love them to comment on my site is where they can learn the most about me. It is where they can see the most of my offerings with the products or services it's where they can sign up for my email newsletter. It's where they can leave comments on my block. It's where they can learn more about my other customers and clients like your site. That's your home. You want to live in your home, right? That's where you want people to go. So I do focus on using it for traffic driving. Now, that being said, it depends on your business model we're gonna here. We think that a lot over the next three days. It depends. It depends what your goal is. You know, maybe you're a constant creator, and as much as you want people to your site, what you really want is for people to recognize your brand more. Or maybe your photographer and what you really want people to see your art form or, you know you want that you want that visual audience. You want followers. You want people. Some people will build a Pinterest page specifically toe have an audience that is their virtual army of exposure that will just promote and share any of their content. So you need to decide what you want to use it for my personal and professional opinion. is to use it to get people to your site. Awesome. Carolyn Reeve is asking for a start up. What? Three starting steps would you recommend for a startup? What? Three steps that I recommend to get started to get started with. Pinterest started to get started. Yes. Okay. For a start up to get started, I would recommend First Wall setting up your account, personal or business, whatever makes the most sense for you, whatever you want to kind of jump into. And then I would focus on two things which is convenient since we said three things. The first thing that should be getting a little bit of content on your page. Now don't go crazy. I see some people who say OK, I've been working on getting constantly page for six months and I'm like, Wow, that's really impressive. And I go and they've got fantastic visuals and articles and all this cool stuff. We're gonna be talking about adding to your page, and they have four followers now. If you cradle at work, there's no one there to repent it. There's no one there to share. There's no one else to see it. We're missing it which is why, as much as you want to have some content on your page, I recommend having at least get five boards up with five pins. That's a star. Five boards with five pins. Once you've done that, focus on getting followers and then you're gonna kind of alternate working on followers working on adding content, which is what we're gonna cover very in depth of the next two days is how do you create really great content easily That's effective and also how you get more people to see it in to share it. So those are the things set up your account, create five boards with five pens and then work on getting followers, which will teaser We're not going to talk about quite yet, but we will be talking about in the workshop a lot. Absolutely, because that is a big question that eyes coming in and we knew that would be the big portion of the content. A couple of quick, just generic overview questions from Anna. Can you pin a video campaign video? Anna, And it's very cool. You can pin from both video and YouTube directly off of that. So what you have to do with a little pin it button in your browser, which you can get by going to Pinterest. I can show you how to do this. We talk more about video coming up, but im you can essentially pin any videos off of any any youtuber video sites. And we're going to talk about some cool videos that you can create both being on and off camera that air really effective. Yes. So this goes back, Teoh. When you said you could search for images that have been pinned from your website and I was just wondering generally if you had ah theory on, should all the images on your Pinterest page be somewhere on your website or do you make content that specific only to Pinterest and you can't get it anywhere else? Or does that affect your Seo? Adam is bringing a great question. So you will see on my account. I actually have a strategy of uploading Ah, lot of pins that aren't on my website, and what I do is actually called teaser pins and we'll be talking about that. I know I keep. We'll be talking about that later without three days. We're gonna go over a lot of stuff. Uh, but you can actually see, I might have logged out. Actually, on my board, I do something called teaser pins. And a lot of times, what I will do is I will create an image kind of like this. I don't want to give too much away, but I'll create something kind of like this that is uploaded and then links to an article on my site. And this is part of the strategy. It doesn't really have to do like this isn't sdo optimized. If I wanted, I could. When I upload the image, I could actually make sure that the file name has some sort of a keyword. Supposedly that does, well, something I don't really know how much it does, but I do have a strategy of up loading a lot of content that isn't on my site and having it link or tease to content that is on my side. But we'll be talking about that. I'm really specifically coming up. Tina is asking if you can never have too many boards. She has 42. Yes, great question, Tina, and you can't have too many boards in the in the sense that what happens when you create new boards is the newest ones get pushed to the bottom. So the ones that are on the top are actually your oldest boards, and the newest ones are at the bottom, and it's not bad toe have a ton of boards. I mean, it can definitely be a little overwhelming, but what's bad is to have really good content at the bottom of the page. I think everyone with all I'm business kind knows about above the fold, right? Whenever people see when they load, your website first is the most important because that determines whether they're gonna want a school that determines whether we're gonna bounce off the page. Same goes for your Pinterest page. Whatever people are seen above, the fold is the most important. So it is important to have enough boards. Like I said, you want to have at least five people come to your account, and then I don't think you should get too crazy on a business page. Now, if you go to my personal page, I probably put Tina to Shane. I've got a lot of boards on that page, spent a lot of time on Pinterest, but on my business accounts generally think Try not to have more than 30 or 40 boards just because it can become a little bit of information overwhelmed. But the most important thing to remember, even if you have a lot of boards, it's just to make sure that the ones that are the most relevant and that are the most important are at the top. And I'm gonna show you how to rearrange those when we talk more about boards. But this is a question about transferring from a personal to a business. And let me try to get this right from a photos and more with their personal Pinterest account. I gain followers through Facebook friends when they create their own Pinterest boards. Will I lose this capability by converting a business account to a business account? Okay, I'm trying to understand this question. Properties. They're saying that right now they are getting followers because people are seeing their pinning on Facebook. I think that it's no, I think that it's when when you is it true that when you have a fate Pinterest account and your Facebook friends, when they create a Pinterest account. Are they given, like a note to say. Do you want to follow all these? Right, Right, right, right. Lose that if you are linking a business account. Great question. That being said, you said that you could only link to a Facebook personal page. Right? Right. So maybe you would still have that. I don't know. Yeah, great question. I've never actually looked. When you do fill out of business account, you still have a contact person. My guess would be that Pinterest is still associating that account with your name. And particularly, you could sign up like you saw. You can actually sign up with a Facebook account. So it's connected. So I would think because they are so similar, you're not gonna lose any of those features just because it is an official business page. I'm again. I've never tried looking at that. But I do think that they keep those platforms very closely integrated, so I wouldn't worry about losing that just because it's identified. Like I said, the main characteristic, the main difference. It's just that you have those reporting tools of the business page. You're not your pages viewed any differently. It doesn't work any differently, so I would think that they're probably very, very similar in terms of the features, the compatibility, and I would think that interest would want you to. Still has that that option. Absolutely ability. And let's see, Tory Dough is asking, What's the Pinterest definition of high quality image? Do you have recommendations around? Ideal resolution size. Fantastic question. The resolution is actually like in terms of the actual file size and all of that. I don't think it's that important. I mean, this is a screenshot of a photo I took, so I think it's just the quality of the image needs to be good. You know, If it's something that you took in the dark and there's no lighting, it's a grainy image. To start with, it's gonna look the same on Pinterest is not that you have to have a super huge file to upload. It can be something that isn't, you know, super high resolution images, but you just wanna make sure that what you're starting with is high quality. So whatever the image looks like on your phone or on your camera, that's what it's pretty much look like on Pinterest. So you just want to be an image that is pretty that is engaging. That is something people are going to respond to. That's mostly what I mean by high quality image. That's a great point of clarification. It it's not that it has to be a huge file, but that it has to be something that looks good, right? So many questions anymore in the studio audience. Okay, a couple more. Did you say if Oh, well, I was just gonna ask about the converting from a personal to a business page. Um, I think that there is a lot of confusing for me if I was maybe going to do it at some point. Now that I'm all on board of the Entrepreneurs Academy, it seems to me like maybe you were talking about if you were going to start out with a personal page because you maybe didn't have a website yet, or you maybe didn't feel comfortable and you really had a personal account only because it was already appropriate for your business, and it was already branded in a certain way, right? But it might not seem appropriate to convert to a business. Otherwise, you might just want toe start with the hold. Other account. Does that seem correct? I think so. If I understood you correctly, The reasons I'm sentence, we just want a fresh light, right? Have you been using Pinterest personally for Ah year? You're in half, six months and already got a lot of content on there and stuff that you like, you know, stuff that you want to keep on that board and you don't want to worry about. How does every single piece of this content fit into my business strategy? My in my brand. Sometimes it's just easier to start from scratch. But there there is the coffee out there because you might already have some followers. Now some people might have 18 followers, and they're like, It's not really it's kind of a wash. But some people have a couple 100 a couple 1000 followers on a personal account, and that's when this is a little little sneaky. But that's when if you do have a follower base already and you're using a little bit for business, but you just want to clean it up, that's when I would suggest converting to a business and just clean it up like you can actually set up another account. Yeah, this is where it gets kind of fun and kind of crazy, but you could set up, you know, a second. You say you want to convert that to business, you could then just go set up a personal account, much like you did in just a few seconds up here. You can reap in a bunch of stuff from that account and then just delete that board so you could just kind of swap it over. I wish there was an easier way You actually can't transfer a whole board right now. You have to go through in re pen, so it becomes a little bit of a headache. But I think it just becomes the cost benefit. You know, if you have followers and you want to keep that accountant, keep it going and use it for business. Just convert it and clean it. But delete the board that has all the dogs on it from there may be delayed a few of those puppies, but also, if you haven't been using a strategically live a few followers and now you're getting serious and you really want to make that leap. Just go ahead and start with a fresh page and we'll go through all the basics of building a follower base from there. Let's talk about what we're gonna do when we come back. Yes. So what we're gonna talk about when we come back and actually, I think I'm kind of glazed over that classified is actually how to create this content and what to create. This, I promise. Is that the only segment where it's a little like all out there where we're kind of just, you know, talking about Pinterest talk out visual content, moving forward, Not everything is going to be very actionable. It's going to be very much about what you're creating, how you were created, how you're optimizing it. And so, in this next section, we're gonna be talking about particularly what's working now on Pinterest. So I said they're not. All pins are created equal. There are certain types of pin certain ways to display visual content, certain ways to take information images from your brand and to get them the most exposure, the most sharing and to use it the most for driving traffic. And that's we'll be focusing on. So what's working now on Pinterest and you can use to grow your business and grow your audience? Well, there you're getting such great feedback from our Internet audience out there. Man Drew's for examples, as he had no idea Pinterest was this interesting. Nancy M. Just converted to a business paid hace Nancy Gina Marie Photography says she's changing her about section right now, and folks are migrating their accounts fast and easy. Really great, wonderful, wonderful. That sets the perfect stage for now when we go into and start talking about what to be putting on these pages and how to be growing that audience once again, I love how engaged people are, and it just goes to show what a need there is for this type of education because everybody knows okay. Pinterest is the fourth largest search engine, but what do we do with it? So I think it's awesome. Great start already talking about why it's important talking about how to get started on day again, setting the stage that if the overall goal is to convert that traffic into getting more clients into yes, really building our business. And if you're in business, if you're an entrepreneur, sold return entrepreneur. That's what this is all about.

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