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Student Hot Seat

Lesson 19 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

Student Hot Seat

Lesson 19 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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19. Student Hot Seat

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Lesson Info

Student Hot Seat

So we're gonna go ahead and do, Ah, hot seat. And if we're all good with everything, I think we're actually gonna do a creativelive hot seat and go over there Pinterest page and talk about some some maybe ideas for improvement. I know there's some stuff you're definitely doing really well that I want to touch upon and highlight We will find out in our hot seat portion. All right, let's give it up for Alexa. All right, I'm gonna go ahead and find the page up. Here are patellas again. Alexa who you are and I will tell you all about Maybe I'm Alexis shown, and I am in the community marketing department here. CREATIVELIVE. And so I have just taken over full responsibility for our Pinterest page. This has been a baby that's been handed to me. This is not all my fault. Uh, no, but we've got some good stuff on here. Like I said, the quote means have been doing wonderfully well, obviously, because we deal so heavily with photography instructors, as you'll see scrolling through, we've got great...

images that were allowed to work with. Sometimes they do really well, but we do definitely have a really busy board, so you kind of go through, hack through it, tell us what happened. Yeah, it's great. And I can see that you're using the hashtags that you use across all of your social media. Definitely. We like to keep that consistent, which is great. And that's again talking about integration. You know, if you are using certain phrases certain hashtags across your Facebook across your Twitter, you can still definitely use those as trending on Pinterest's as well. So feel free to keep that really consistent. So this is great. And again, I love the branding at the top. But really the focus is on the content and then you have the person who said it listed at the bottom. But this is really cool again. The colors are really consistent, which is great in terms of what Christine was telling us from her expert position. Eight of keeping the colors, keeping the fonts with look of everything, very much so the same. So I love how you've gone ahead and done that, and I think in terms of So I love. This is what I recommend also is using the term quote. If you have quote images because a lot of people will come on to the search and type in quotes or inspiring quotes or things like that. It's a great way to have your content discovered on Pinterest. I also love that she has the word quotes in the board title when we were talking about the three places that you want to go ahead and use keywords or your about section your board titles and in the caption and so it's great that it's in this board title and it's also in the caption. And he said that it doesn't have to be a hashtag. I mean, we use our hashtags because we like to keep a consistent. But other than that, you just kind of put quotes in the board and the title could be good. Yep. The up. Let's see what else is on here. Okay, cool. So I see that you have a lot of courses. Do you guys know Susan struggling with my wedding photographer? I love her. I love her s o. This is really cool because you're breaking it down based upon instructors, which I really like. So do you have anything about, like behind the scenes of creative life. Um I mean, you're gonna see into radio each of the different courses. Okay? What? I think that I'd like to do that after talking to you today. Kind of sort of, maybe mix it up because obviously going course, by course, it's exciting to sort of documented that. Well, absolutely. But I think that it gets really busy, especially as were kind of growing as a business to kind of have every single course have every single thing you are, and especially because the's air, all different people who all have their own Pinterest pages and it doesn't have as much to do with us as a business unnecessarily that you may be wants more of that behind the scenes stuff right up front or wants more of like the video content that you were talking about. Something like that is what I was maybe thinking absolutely so I would do in a board a board that's kind of about creative live like you know why I got started. When is the real mission behind it? Who were the people that work there? You know, just a basic board that kind of explains that in snapshots and can Do you have any video content on any of its course pages? I don't think so yet, because I know you guys do those really great trailer videos from people can sign up for a course or, you know, you kind of talk about the dates. It'd be really cool. So say on Susan's course to have, like that little three minute video of the intro of her course. And then, like I saw Luis is a friend of mine also, and I've seen how his creative live video after the workshop has testimonials from people that were in the course and has little snapshots like really cool moments during that course, eso creating that Maybe there's like different five or six different video clips integrated in here, where it's like some cool little things that really give you a taste of what this workshop is all about. I would also dio on text testimonials to definitely and can I click on this? Can I go to the website? Right, So this is perfect because you're linking to the course page, so 10 points for that. That's great. Um, yeah, but it might be cool to highlight. Like I'm sure Susan gave away some really cool course bonuses. You know, like we're talking about the power, Unlock the power of Pinterest course. Like maybe we have a core presentation of the graphics pack that they get with enrollment. So that's on there. Maybe they have a cool little snapshot of like, here's the Pinterest. Wanna one you get for or for buying the course? Here's what you get for enrolling, right? Like I know for us, we give you a special guide for how to get lots of Pinterest followers for rolling. So we have that guide and like, here's your bonus for enrollment and link that to the enrolment. So we're kind of just pulling out mawr aspects of what you've already got on here. You know, you've got that you've got the raw material, obviously, and then just pulling out the aspects of the video footage, you know, pulling out funny quotes. You're doing a great job with that. And I think maybe doing some more with testimonials from the students would be important, as since we are an educational company and to kind of do almost like a before and after experiencing the three day course with creativelive or something like that was thinking, like when your business courses, someone could come in and say hey, before this course like, I have no idea my direction. I wasn't really sure what I was doing in here. Now I have, ah, clear plan to follow. I'm starting to see results in these areas. Yeah, I always think those air so powerful. Yeah, and as long as we can create some sort of visual demonstration of that than way, do do those videos Now, after every workshop, exactly putting on a show, my bright light and you can decide to. I definitely hear what you're saying about right now. You're bored there, categorize based upon the course and and after a certain amount, that's going to become a little cumbersome. But you could also think of different ways. Maybe you have a board that is just for photography courses, or you have a board that is just for business. Courses were just for health and fitness, and you're pulling out one or two, you know, main the best testimony or the best little video clip, and that's what's highlighted on that board. Enough dead. But It just comes to a point where, you know, a lot of times people have a hard time coming up with the knock enough content. But you might run a situation where you have. You have to streamline it more, but you'll be able to play around and see that type of stuff slits that you're doing. The behind the scenes. All this stuff is great with the photography, too. So what, this is maybe I'm not sure if you know the answer to this or not. But you know, what are the main goals? That creative live house for being on Pinterest is Do they just want a Pinterest presence? Or is there something particular you guys are after? I mean, I think that driving traffic and building more of a brand presence is always the goal of most companies. But I think that now that you started to kind of teach us about all the different ways that Pinter's CA NBI used to sort of drive s CEO and things like that, Yeah, that's something that I think so few people knew about before today. Um, it's definitely something that would be a goal of ours to you know, right from here on out, Uh, I think that we've our ways. Got a really, you know, integrated strategy like you're talking about Integrating all your different social media is like how we like to use our hash tags across all the different brands and so on and so forth. Absolutely. Um, but yeah, being able to just kind of have a presence and expand and sort of, you know, integrating that way would be good, right? And I'm thinking to Just so people know normally the top two rose on your Pinterest page get the most visibility. So depends on how zoomed in or how big people screens are. But normally you see about four boards across the top and you'll normally see a glimpse of the second row. So those are your those are your really heavily trafficked boards. So maybe even having a board up on the top row, that is, here's upcoming courses. You know, when you're really promoting them in the earlier stages or this would be more intensive on your part. But like here, the courses that are live right now, you could have a board like the's air live right now, click here you go straight to the live page. It will be more time sensitive, but then people could know they can go to Pinterest and like that is what streaming right now something in the now again, the specter of creating more work than you're interested in. But because probably one of the best times to get people to really jump into these content these courses is when it is live. Maybe while it's live, you're taking screenshots of the life eat or you're taking screenshots of, you know, whatever your senior, your computer behind the stage of people filming your posting that on Pinterest and linking it Teoh the life eat. So people are seeing it in real time on their newsfeed clicking and then watching the course and being able to see it go back. Yeah, that's smart. Yeah, so just kind of more time sensitive, which again it's more working to go back and write wants it changes over, but also could be a great way, particularly as you go you're follower base because I think you guys were going Teoh. I mean just skyrocket from there and then once you do that, it can be income more valuable. If you have hundreds of thousands of people that air repent, especially that video content is gonna be really powerful. I can see how that might be worth your time to consider. So I just go back on my board and get some more ideas. You know, Creativelive has been where that is in the Wall Street Journal or something. There was something like a big press. Yeah, cool press stuff, even highlighting different instructors. I keep had some really successful instructors that lend a lot of credibility to your brand. I'm talking about, you know, those people like, who's been, who's created workshops for us. Ah, we talked about testimonials, I think information infographics again, kind of a back to it. I know you guys have a really strict broadcast standards, but maybe maybe on Pinterest, if this is allowed, you would be able to share some content that people are are interested in. So maybe there's some great photography checklists. Maybe there are some great. And this would be something you guys create. Or maybe your instructors kind of compile stuff for you. But having mawr of a content based, besides just the courses but an additional contest, content based board where you share cool stuff about photography's share cools of about fitness. Maybe there's some great nutritional stats or way are all about giving up free education that live time. So, yeah, kind of being able to dole that out in a different way from, like, the visual invest. That would be smart. Yeah, just different mediums. I mean, obviously, video. It's amazing that you guys do the high quality video that you do, but for someone that wants more of a snapshot of information and they want to just look at a quick little checklist or a quick little tutorial that is Mawr Image based, right? Something like that could be cool. So say, let's start with my original quote, which is Melanie is ridiculous. I can spell. Ridiculous. Is that right? Yes. You're good. Melanie is ridiculous. Who said this? Kenna. Kenneth says Melanie is ridiculous. You can go here. Do you spell your name with two ends? Okay. Here. Like no to see. Come on. So then you can go through here and choose all this cool background, so I mean, how ridiculous. Cool, Picula slee. Uh, look at how I feel like this needs to be like a really deep, transcendent thought here with, like, the puddles. But look at all this cool stuff. They have these different backgrounds. It's kind of psychedelic a little, a little, um, you know, I am. It really likes that one. I know it's gonna be the winner. So as you can see, you can scroll through here and actually you can create a log and you don't have to have a log in to use it, and sometimes it actually works. But it's really cool to see all the different images you can create. They have pictures of, you know, leaves or more like a note pad style, and you can actually pin directly from here if you want. Um, if you there's our beautiful fall fall leaves are there. If you do pin directly from here, what I recommend is going back and changing the source code. And the reason I say that is because So they were gonna pin this to my board about me. I think this is probably pretty accurate information. So if I pin this and I can click to see it right now, ASU's at Penn's. You'll see that it's just gonna link to Quo Zio. So if I click this, it will take me to the quasi A site which hey, good for them. But what I want that I want that traffic to my site. So what I will Dio is again scroll down. I will edit this and I'm actually gonna change this. To go to my website or to go Teoh something else. Teoh leverage that quote and that's okay because this isn't co CEOs content. This is a service there providing you can do the same thing and take a screenshot of it. You could use Jiang and do a picture of it, but they're just leveraging for them or exposure to link back to it. But it's a business I would click save changes. So now and they also have their little market the bottom. So they're still getting a little kickback for that. But now when you click on it, it actually takes you to my website, which is pretty cool. So you can actually you know, I could have people sign up for something. We're gonna talk all about email marketing. I think on on Friday, so we won't get into all of that quite yet. But that is quo. CEO and CO CIO is fun. I highly suggest using it to create content for your page. So creative live. Let's go back to this. Ok, Any questions so far? Yes. Using that with your own images. Um, is there is there way to upload your images to that great, great question? And actually, I don't think so. It might be I've never tried to do that, but what I tend to dio And if you guys let me use quo, Zou probably will let me use pic monkey too. But this is not how you spell monkey, a cool site where you can upload your images so you could click right here and you can put text over it so I don't have any images. Were new to load right now. We're gonna do a whole to tora this later on, but you can actually edit a photo uploaded from your computer and then pick monkey will allow you to do overlays and text on top of it. So if I was going to dio, I mean obviously Photoshopped and illustrator all of that you can do so much more with those. But for me, if I wanted something really quick and easy and use a free tool, I will use pic monkey to use my own images into text.

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What an incredible amount of GREAT information that Melanie gives in this course! I couldn't watch it all live, but I saw enough in about 30 minutes to know I had to have it and so I bought it and it is worth EVERY PENNY! I can't wait to start utilizing all the great info to make my Pinterest boards work for me and have more fun pinning! Thank you CreativeLive and Melanie!


So glad I saw this and got it to keep. With just a few tweaks, I turned my non-active boards into active boards and quadrupled my followers in just a few days. This spilled over into site traffic AND major lead generation for my mailing list. Thanks for the inspiration, Melanie.

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