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Get More Clients

Lesson 18 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

Get More Clients

Lesson 18 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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18. Get More Clients

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Get More Clients

do it. Finish strong for the day. Okay, so I am just going Teoh, pull up the slides for our last presentation. And this is going to be really fun because we're talking about how to use Pinterest to get more clients. And this is one of the concepts that a lot of people need help kind of bridging that gap. Okay, so how do we take something where we're pinning products? And when you actually put on a page to sell services or to kind of create that intangible into something tangible on visual, we're gonna go ahead and start talking about this. What should I be pinning? What in particular goes on a service oriented board? Well, like we've talked about earlier today, you really want to focus on content, So focus on crane value around your brand around the industry, Knowing what you know about your customer base. What are they interested in? One of the biggest pain points they're facing in their lives or their businesses. How can you help resolve those? What are they? What do they want to lea...

rn more about? What do they need help with these? They're all kind of questions to know answers to for your audience. So what you want to do is create valuable content that serves your community. And you'll probably hear me say this multiple times across the next three days, because this is something I really want kind of hammer into your brain and thinking about the law of reciprocity, which we talked about earlier. You want to give so much put so much out there that people want to give back to you in terms of giving you their money from buying from you or hiring you to work with you closer for providing a service and using social proof. So the reason that I think social media one of the main reasons that it could be so effective is because it gives you social proof. When someone sees you have 100 fans on a Facebook page might not be a ton of people 100 people. This is 100. People are kind of vouching for you, right? Same thing for a Pinterest falling. If someone comes to your account, may see of three people following you that might think OK, maybe this person is new, hopefully give you the benefit. The doubt But the reason that it is so great to get your content out there to get your brand out there is it allows more people that get behind what you're doing, and it gives you more credibility in the market place. So it's jump right in and talk about 10 boards to include on your page 10 boards that you should have on your page as a service provider. And the 1st is actually a blawg board. So by a blawg board, what I'm talking about is creating a board on your page that is basically an index of all of the content that is on your site so you can see what I've done is actually created little snapshots of Blawg Post. So we talked about this earlier. Again. I showed you this example of the six ways to become re inspired. An image. This is an instagram image. It's all kind of coming full circle. Now this is an instagram image that I used put a banner on and then I'm actually linking toe a block post were giving those 66 ways those six strategies so you can see I've done this across this entire board thes air, all pulling out, highlighting different blawg posts on my block. So this is kind of cool. I've seen a few businesses do this, but not enough because, like we said, if you have that content already, let's create a platform where people can browse through it. They can pull out the things that are relevant, interesting to them, but ultimately getting away to consume or of your content. Because the Mawr engaged people are with your business, your brand, what you're putting out there, the more likely they're going to be to want toe work with you and buy from you. Now the second board I recommend this is going to be a little bit of a reframing. You know, my background comes from a lot of marketing online, really utilizing an audience and turning them into clients and customers. And one of the things that I do that is super effective and hub spot is actually the only other Pinterest account I've ever seen. Do this created a board full of lead and generation freebies. So you break this down for you. Does anyone in the studio out it just by show of hands? You have an email list. So a list of clients or customers that you reach out to Okay, so mostly up. Everyone does perfect, because if you sell products or services, you do anything online. Email is essential even in our social world. Even with, you know, blog's and all of that email is still the most vile to me, one of the most vital aspects of your business and my email lists for custom grief threads. It's what allows us when we add a new product to our sights. My apparel, the sorority of fraternity company. When I was telling you about earlier, when we have a special sale, when we add something really cool around graduation, we want to reach out to people and sell those graduation stools. We don't wanna have to rely on someone remembering about us. Remember, what was that Greek side I saw three months ago? I don't know. People aren't gonna be able to always remember to come back to you, even if they like what you offer, like what you dio and e mails, what gives you that ability to reach out to them to actually be able to say, Hey, remember this or hey, let's, you know, get to know a little bit better and see if we can work together down the line. So the core of what I do in a lot of my online strategies is to build leads or email us. So leave this kind of a technical term. Some people like it, some people don't, but ah, lead is an email address for someone that is a perspective, client or customer that you want to turn into a customer. So what I've done on Pinterest that actually has worked really, really well is to create a little guide, something like this that links to an opt in page where people can actually enter their name and their email address, and I will send them this little report. This is just a I think it's like a 14 page PDF report. This could be a checklist. This could be a three part video series. This could be a cool template like Christine. Maybe Christine could give away three cool thoughts or a great graphic, something that you're giving in exchange for someone's email address. You know, we all get too many emails a day as it iss, so when we choose to give a business our email address. We want to get something back. We want to feel comfortable. We want to feel like there's a good exchange of value. So I love the idea of penning something like this. And really, when we talked about earlier, all the different types of content, the tutorials, infographics the checklist, all of these could be some sort of a lead generation tool, something you're giving away in exchange for that email. Now, if you have products online like Adam, I know you're selling more product based. I do the same thing with discounts, so I will actually have pins where I'll say 10% off your first order to get sent the coupon code go here and we'll send him to a page they consign at, and we send them 10% off their first order. Now, this is really cool for two reasons. First of all, it's really cool because I'm actually getting their email address because they want that coupon code. I mean, we all love a coupon code, but second of all, it is increasing the likelihood that they're going to buy right away, particularly if I say this coupon code expires in 24 hours. Give them a little bit of an end. A. Otherwise, we all tend to kind of sit on things without deadlines. So I love the idea of doing something like this sending a coupon code. This expires in 24 hours. And now we've got the email address, which I'm not saying that this is a way to extract something from someone, but this is ideally way. You're gonna be able to serve them better and to create value for them as someone on your email list. But doing something really cool visual as a giveaway. Ah, print out a check lease checklist, a cheat sheet. Something is a great way to then link to an opt in page on your site. Is this making sets all my audience? It's kind of a new, probably new concepts. So let me let me hear any concerns or questions. We asked this very question. She said that you know, her big disconnect is of money is in the list of their way to actually turn Pinterest followers into Gmail leads and you've given there the secret sauce. I love this. This is something I've been doing again? I don't This isn't really, like, kind of inside strategy that no one's really using, because it's so it's just click that link. So it's so simple for them to see it and then go to the page where you've got and you really want to focus. We'll talk about this more. We really jump into email marketing, but you wanna have one strong called action. You don't want to send him to a home page where maybe you have a newsletter sign up on the sidebar because most of the time they're gonna get there, get distracted and overwhelmed. There's too much going on. So if you want this to be an effective strategy, I really suggest having a super simple, really clean one being called action. You know, they know what they're supposed to do. They get in, they get out, they're done. You've got their contact information that you can then serve them further with, and they get what they signed up for. So again, from sweet, sassy diva, she says, How do you do that interactive thing to enter code? So maybe just a quick review of what we've done s so this is This is an example for more service based businesses. But if you do have a product based business, what I would do and I can show an example of this later if you want. But I would probably just have, you know, a cool image with an overlay that says, you know, get 10% off and maybe have my logo on the bottom. So, say, for my Greek apparel, Maybe it's gonna be a cute picture of assorted grown little green card again and then across the bottom we have our logo, and it says Click here to get 10% off and they click on it and then I would send them to a page like This is what we kind of call it, often page in the industry. I would put them in a page like this, But instead of talking about this report, it would say, Hey, enter your name and email below and we'll go ahead and send you a 10% off coupon and then I would have that programmed out. So when they get the email has the coupon code, it says, Hey, you've got until you know this time in this state to use this code, so it's just kind of a little a little sequence there. You've got hooked up on your site. Awesome. But this is cool, and Hub Spot actually has a full board. I think it's called Marketing E Books, and they have, like, 30 or 40 different E books on Facebook marketing her email marketing. So if you want to go to hub spots Pinterest Page, you can see how they do this. Andi, It's so cool, so each one links to a different page. So if you want more about Facebook about Pinterest, you want to learn about email marketing all these little reports, and each one just leads to a different opt in page. So pretty cool when you think about How could I take those followers? How can you take that audience and create a more tangible way to reach out to them and to connect with them more personally through their email? Awesome client testimonials by show of hands. How many of you out there have any testimonials on your Pinterest? Sports are on your Pinterest page. Nobody, nobody does this. Nobody does this, and I think it's a big missed opportunity now Let's talk about how this works, though people aren't gonna go around repeating your client. Testimonials isn't necessarily an exposure strategy, but what's really cool is so I have a membership program called the Online Edge Academy, and it's for business owners that want to learn about how to actually build an online presence. How to integrate all their social media strategies. And what I've done is on this Pinterest account for the online Edge Academy. I have a board that are on just on testimonials, and this says, Here's what my students, clients and peers have to say about working with me and so you'll see that not only do I have testimonials from my clients for my students, but I also have testimonials from my peers. So think about as a photographer. Not only are you going to be interested in what you know, people you worked with had to say with you that are your actual clients. But how about other photographers that you've worked with? How about other wedding planners of your photographer? Don't you think that people are also gonna want to know what other wedding planners have to say about working with you or your professionalism. I mean, I would choose to put the good stuff on here. Maybe not the bad, but that's up to you. But I think this lens tremendous credibility. If you were actually able to go to someone's Pinterest page and you see their stuff and you're okay, that's kind of cool. But then you're also able to go ahead and see what is on their what people have to say about them. Can I ask you, Ah, quick question about what you were just talking about. Katherine are says a testimonial board is genius for services business. Should you get permission if they posted, say, one of these on Lincoln. Great. Great question. Really show you more specifically what I dio because you'll these air pretty small, but I actually will. I do reach out to them. I asked for a photo. I tell them what I'd like to do with their endorsement, and I also always put their URL or their business name at the bottom. Just so they're getting that extra little kick back. You know, I don't want to use their name and their their likeness in their words, without kind of also getting back so I will always put their business name, their names, their business same and normally your or something that they haven't all my site. So that's something I find people are more than willing. People are actually so willing. Teoh give you testimonials. I don't think we asked for them enough, because every time I have sent out an email to my list or posted on my Facebook page, Hey, you know, I'm created a new page for my website. I'm doing something. You know, if you've used one of my courses, if you had a good experience when you talk about the results you've gotten, can you talk about that a little bit more? And I'm always amazed how many people raised their hands like, Absolutely, I will totally talk to you about how this has helped me or what's going on. And I don't think there's anything more valuable when you're choosing someone to work with than to hear from other people what that experience it was like because we don't really trust what people tell us about them, right? Like I could tell you that I'm a really good dancer and you might go OK. Sure. Miller you're a great dancer. But if you know my husband or, you know, kind of like I thought Melanie, she was breaking it down. Absolutely. She's a good dancer. You're probably more likely to believe Kenna's interpretation of my dancing the night, but anyway, testimonial testimonials board particularly for service providers. I think this is a great board to have on your page and before and after. This is still part of testimonials technically, and I didn't have any exact examples of my own that I could show. But I've seen incredible ones and fitness where, you know, say there's a nutritionist or a fitness trainer and they'll have aboard the before and afters. Hey, here's Kelly. You know, three months ago, before she started working with me, Here's Kelly. After three months of doing my fitness exercises and following this whatever diet and so before and afters, I actually worked at the graphic artists and we created and stuff for him, which was really cool of their website before and their website after. And I mean, there's nothing, you know, we all love going on a transformation, right? Anyone else I was loved like includes the part where, like they would give time makeover. We love to see the before and after. And so I think this goes for businesses. Well, we want to see what is the website that you turned and made really cool, what it looked like before and even maybe you do something mawr, you know, traffic strategies or something. You could show a screenshot of their their analytics. Hey, here was how much traffic they were getting on their own. Then, once they started working with me, check out the different metrics that their site was getting kind of seeking out on you here. But there's lots of cool ways to show before and afters even added, like for your clothing stuff showing a before and after. Here's what it looked like in their normal clothes. Here's after we pimped them out like how hot does he look now? So, doing things like that, a graphic design. Obviously this ties into you photography. You could say Here's like a basic image someone would take or here's one before my expert retouching, and here's what's possible. After we've added all these beautiful things, I'm sure you can all think of examples, but I want to throw it out to the Internet audience. Since we haven't, you know, done too much engagement in the last few minutes with them. What are some before and afters that you could create around your business? So worldwide audience. If you are service provider, what are some before and afters that you could show? Maybe you dio staging. I have noted people that work in the real estate industry and they will show a house beforehand and then a house afterwards and how much faster it sells, How much better it looks, What a better demonstration of the value of your service. So do we have any sort of ideas for before and afters or anyone? The studio audience? If you're going, Yes, this is totally clicking. Just go ahead and let me know. We're gonna wait for them to come in online. But I know as photographers there is safe or photographers like soup. Rice, who is popular here on creative life, a key element of her business, is showing the before and afters of her portrait clients, her glamour clients. And so it's a huge, huge element there for for certain types of photography. Absolutely. I'm thinking about headshots pops into my mind because, you know, in my industry, with a lot of business coaches, a lot of people won't invest in a professional headshot. So it's some photo of them from, you know, 1985 and you're like, I don't know about this or it's the It's the Selfie or if the this is a really cute photo of me, but it also has my best friends. I'm just gonna crop her out. But you can't quite see my left year. That's not a head shot. A lot of times for my testimonials. All reach out to people who have, you know, successful businesses. And I'll say greatness. I'm your head showing minute featured on my site and they send me some grainy photo. I mean, you know, you need to think about investing in your visuals, investing in your images and show the before and afters. Here's my clients original headshot. After working with me, doesn't she look like a 1,000,000 bucks now, like showing the difference As a business owner, I would be like, Yes, that is worth my time and money that you load it is echoing that sentiment Camera phone headshots is the work of a professional photographer, right? We have the one g collective who says Social media branding before and after my clients bring me on has their social media creator love it. I think that really, any time you can show people how d I y doesn't work the the cases where if you try and do yourself this is how it's gonna look and it's all right. But then, if you bring on a professional, this is how amazing it's gonna be. And it's obviously gonna improve your business and everything about your life, like always contrasting the, uh, do it yourself mentality vs the paying of professional doing. Exactly. So this could be on the testimonials board. You could mix this in with maybe some great test testimonials, but it could also be its own board in itself. If you've got really amazing, I know someone that's an organization expert, and she would show a picture of the person's closet beforehand of the person's pantry beforehand and then of after. And I just think that it's so impactful to see that. And fourth is press most people, if you've been in the industry, you know, for a few years or so you have some sort of press. Maybe it's not New York Times. Maybe it is. But most likely you've been featured some places online, something I find very effective. It's not this block post board, but maybe don't have that right example but is actually a board that has all of your press. So it's showing where you've been featured what you've been doing, the different articles, the different write ups, all of that in a very visual format. I'm actually gonna pulled up so you guys can see this. But most people don't really know what should you with press, right? Maybe you have a little tab on your Web site that nobody ever really goes Teoh at the very bottom footer but presses something particularly if you get good press that you spend a lot of time working towards like it's a big coup for your business. And it's also, um, very, very well for positioning so you can see I have a board called as seen on, and this is magazines, websites and television features. So I've actually pinned images from there's a creative live one. I've got some from some different magazines that I've been featured on the cover of I've been able to and I do have approval to show all of these. Don't worry, Creativelive. I've spoken with these publications. So you know that you talked about earlier here on the cover of Women Entrepreneurs Magazine And you can see that's kind of cool toe have on a board when we're trying. Teoh, this is ultimately kind of selling this program. I have so selling the all nine inch academy. So when people come to this page and they're trying to decide whether this is, you know, this academy is going to be right for them and we have a board talking about it and how cool it is. They can go through and they can see the testimonials. They can see where else I've been featured. And this is really important because we as much as we don't all trust big brands, it does add legitimacy. And Denise, I love that you were talking about this earlier about how you know, giving them or of the editorial feel as small businesses like, we have to find opportunities for us to kind of make ourselves look professional, to give ourselves legitimacy and the attention that we deserve. So I love the idea of an as seen on board for service businesses, so I'll go ahead and go back up to that presentation. But as this is this kind of giving people some new ideas because I think a lot of the ways that I tend to use my boards are very different from the more common ways you see it is pending the products or just, you know, paints and pictures of yourself. There's really creative ways to structure boards around the service, so the other thing is to promote workshops. I tend to do a lot of online workshops, but some of you might actually do like photography, like on location workshops, that sort of thing. Creativelive You guys obviously do workshops, and so I will actually create boards around by different workshops, and I will create pins that actually will link to a page, really consign up for the workshop. So this is really cool. So here's a Pinterest Web analytics training. I did and actually went ahead and pinned this free life training kind of across the top, and then when they clicked on this, it would take them to a page that would describe the training when it waas how much it was, it was free and if they needed to, you know, most the time the views their their email and name to sign up for that training so we can notify them when it becomes available. So think about that. Maybe you have some sort of courses online. Maybe you don't. But if you don't, I might encourage you to, because it's really cool. I use Go to Webinar, which is sounds a lot scarier than it is, but it's essentially something where you can put up a registration page. People can enter their name and email, and then you can host an online workshop. And it could just be of your sly that only do a power point presentation on. I'll walk people through, You know, here's the 10 biggest mistakes will make on Pinterest. Here are you know five things never do on Facebook. Things kind of like that, but this also helps me through my email list because people are signing up for this training and it can be promoted on your Facebook page. It could be promoted in your email But I also would reach out to your Pinterest audience and promote them. They're a swell yes, retraining are complementary training in order to get email addresses. So will you do like a 20 minute training to get a more robust newsletter list? So what I normally do, for all of my stuff, is my training is free. It's only about an hour free content. I put a ton of free content into it, but at the end, I do normally offer a program or offer, like an additional course that goes Maurin depth into it. So I don't by any means have them. Come on and go OK here by this, but you look like an hour of demonstrating what this is about demonstrating trust, showing that you know I to see if you're the right fit for working together. And then at the end, I think that it's always a disturbance. If you don't show people where to learn more, you can people really excited about something. They want to go further. You know, whether it's your course, someone else's, whether it's a book or something you can suggest. I think it's always great to give people that next step. So in mind, the way it works for my business model is it's free. And then at the end, there is something to continue working with me further. Any ideas anyone's going to think about? Maybe some free training they could create around it, and it's gonna be free video training. Also, you, maybe you have, like a little workshop. Siri's with videos that you send them Teoh. But I think that for service providers, it's really difficult for us to always demonstrate the value of what we dio particular with something like Pinterest like, Where does that really resonate with someone who doesn't know you very well? So the more you can give them a taste, and that's what I tend to use my workshops for, You know, hang out with me for an hour. Let's work on stuff together. Let's answer questions. Let's see if my teaching style is if it fits with your learning style. But always putting myself out there. That was the biggest turning point I personally had with my coaching business is I had all these great strategies and training behind locked programs, and I thought, Why doesn't want buying this stuff I know. I know my stuff. I know I could make a difference to people, but I hadn't demonstrated to people yet. And as soon as I started to put really good free content out there and a lot of people are afraid of this, they think who? I don't put my good stuff out there. You know that no one will pay for it. For myself and across so many professionals I've talked to That's not true. Like the best. You put your best stuff out there at least a really, really good stuff out there. And more people than ever will want toe work from you because you've demonstrated that. And so that's if we're gonna get, like, my big ah ha moment. It's put your best stuff out there and people will gravitate towards and they will respond to, and they will want to work with you further. How we doing? We're doing great. I just wanted Teoh, maybe have some examples for Diane or suggestions. So Diane had said this is where she struggles. If there isn't something visual like being a virtual assistant, how do you show a before and after? For something that its service base, but is hard to show visual image of. So something just popped into my ride. I crack myself up. I was thinking for a virtual. I have a really great some really great assistance and on both virtual aunt and here. And I was taking a screenshot of my email box before I started working with them. You know, just hundreds of emails. You know, all these things flag, just total utter chaos. And then, after working with the virtual assistant, like nice, streamlined, empty, no messages need to replied for like, you know, showing that contrast. What is this? What is your client's world look like before working with you? And what is that dream? That great experience that could be possible from working with you. So for me, I go to email. But you know, really anything like, what do you simplifying for them? What were they able to do? Like maybe there's this picture again. You could go toe istock photo or something. Probably a little cheesy, but maybe there's this photo of this business owner. That's just like, Oh, I got I haven't seen daylight in like 12 years. I'm just so stuck at my desk and then lose this photo of the same woman. And she's like playing in a park with her kid. It's like, Here's the freedom that I have created for this business owner by able being able to duplicate myself by being able to step in and do some of the more mundane tasks of my business. But I don't know, maybe I'm taking too much artistic liberty here. Okay, Sorry. Good to move on. I think so. Yeah. Alright. Inspiring or funny quotes? We talked about this earlier quotes work. They work really, really well on Pinterest. Here's some of the examples I was telling you earlier were like Instagram shot my You're at the bottom. And then a cool quote I found You'll see that across a lot of my quotes, Their photos I've had done their photos. I have taken a little bit of text overlay, a little bit of a euro, the bottom So not as pretty as Christine's by any means, but still, you're kind of getting like we're working with it. I was think you just got to get stuff out there, you know it's going to get better and better. I look at stuff from my website for my pages from a few years ago. And I'm like, Holy, I hope nobody ever connects that with me. Maybe anyone else kind of relating to that. But I think part of it is just putting yourself help their learning and not being afraid to just improve as you go. So that's one of my quotes. Act like a lady, think like a boss. And I've got my website at the bottom. So, you know, talking about the messaging, the tone, everything that Christine was teaching us about today I think quotes can do a really great job of that. I think that they can be usefully generically and they kind of lose their appeal when we see so many people just posting the same thing over and over again, they can also be a really fun, playful way. Teoh, communicate your mission or communicate the values of your brand and your programs. So we talked about workshops, but if you do have programs like I talked to earlier. So I had this online edge academy. So you have an online program? I think earlier we had some fitness coaches, people who do I know, my audience has a lot of people who are like personal development, life coaches, business coaches, things like that. If you have an online program, if you have a course, if you have a membership site, how can you translate that into something on Pinterest? It seems kind of weird, right? Well, let me show you. So a lot of these are actually screen shots taken off of a sales page for my website. So what I did is I have some great photos of inside the membership area. I also have some great photos of the product, and this is something when we have online courses or online programs, people think, Well, what do I show a picture of? What do I pin? So you can see I worked the graphic designer and had the course page mocked up on an IPad mocked up on ah computer mocked up on an IPhone. Because our program is available to be watched on any of these devices, this is actually really effective, and there's a lot of research that shows that any time you have an image next to a statement, people find it to be more believable, which is really interesting doesn't really. I mean, I don't know why, but we just tended to. We tend to trust statements or tend to trust claims more when there's an image next to them. So when I am talking about a service talking about, ah program I have, I tend to use a lot of visual imagery on those sales pages in my marketing all across the board. So I thought this was really creative. I've never seen anyone else who was before where I have pictures of inside the membership area. I highlight some of the things like group accountability and networking, and I have a little screenshot of an IPhone with our our Facebook page on there. I've done things like you've seen. I've missed mixed in the testimonials here. Um, yeah, just like a lot of you know, the worksheets they get. It's pretty think, self explanatory, but it's just a cool way. Teoh showcase the intangible to create images to create visual representation of information, which is the gap that's really cool to make on Pinterest is when you can take, you know, I create courses for business owners, but I sell them visually on Pinterest, which is a fun connection to make between the two platforms. Any questions about that? So far, I think we can keep going home. Do we have any questions in the studio audience? What I'm thinking, I totally agree with you that you have to sort of think outside the box using the tricky or service industries. Like obviously, for creative Live. We are sort of in the service of education. Yeah, but obviously a lot of our education relies on outside instructors, right? And so, luckily with photography, we have a lot of beautiful images and things, but they come from these instructors or things. And so we have to use maybe behind the scenes footage and show everybody how cool it is to be in the studio audience, perhaps to show the amazing quotes that we have from behind the scenes. Or you have to kind of develop a voice for the brand. And you have to You got to think of something outside the box to be able to sort of give people some sort of representation in a different way. If you don't just have, like, a straight, this is a product that I can sell you in a box, Yes, but it can be just as effective. Cool thing. And hopefully I think we might be able to do for a hot seat later, because I have a lot of ideas in terms of little video clips you guys could dio. You might already have this stuff on your page, but also, like you guys have one of the most fun teams of people ever. I get stoned. Regrettable, I think how fun it would be to have different snapshots of all the craziness that goes on behind the sea creativelive. Or, you know, this little bios about each person and what they do like your organization is so multifaceted and everything that goes on, like telling more of that story could be something that people really want to get behind. Definitely. Besides, just you know what they see being broadcasted and your products again. Talking about like, here's one of my specific courses exact Same for you can see. I've got pictures of it, like what it looks like online pictures of the worksheets, testimonials and that sort of thing. So just kind of hammering that home, whether it's a course or there. It's a product, even if it's something intangible, you know, using screenshots, using videos to kind of walk people through that. I think there's a lot of ways I hope this is really kind of hitting home for the worldwide audience as well. There's a lot of really creative ways to create visual content behind an online course or even behind a membership, something mawr intangible and again like. Maybe if one of your services is your, ah life coach. Maybe it's on a big online presence for you, but maybe, for you've got a really great program and you could share a little about the curriculum. Share a little about the results that your clients get from you, you know, have some great photos of you working with your clients. There's lots of ways Teoh to display that, and the video board can't not talk about the video board Melanie TV. So here's the contrast. We have Christine, who's like, Oh, I don't want to talk about myself and I'm like, Hello, Welcome to Melanie TV. So this is a personal based brand, and obviously when you are a personal race based brand, a lot of it is kind of putting yourself out there and people can choose to be a part of it, or you totally don't have to, either. It's okay, but something I found my audience really responds to is video clips. So I do little three minutes not too long. As much as they love you, they don't want to watch you for usually more than about three minutes. Particularly, it's just you direct to camera kind of memory, even if it's valuable. So I tend to do a little three minute clips of videos I've got, you know, little videos while I was traveling around Europe and working and tips and questions to ask when renting apartment toe work from how to maximize your productivity while traveling just different little topics that I filmed. This would be cool stuff of units, really, with your IPhone doing cool stuff. Working on things in your office is working from home. Whatever you find valuable, like we talked about with screen flow earlier, just creating a succession of a little 2 to 3 minute clips of video tutorials. Your filming your screen on the video board tends to be the most effective for service based businesses for getting more clients because this is where they feel like they get to know you and I cant with them talking about James Wetmore twice on this segment. But pretty much everything I know about video foreign from James and he even got me to do out takes. So my videos, they're beautiful, like really great videographer comes and films them and edits them and their seamless. It takes about four hours of editing for him, I'm sure, but at the end, there's all these bloopers of me where I'm just like blue or I'm Lafayette or like my hair sticking up or something, and as much like to think my content is valuable. Most of the people write me and respond to the bloopers, and they just go, Oh, my God, it was so great to see you as a real person to show your flaws, to show, you know, and like, laugh at yourself. A lot of times you'll see my bloopers. Old makeup words will be like, OK, that's ridiculous. Melody, You know, you just have fun with yourself, play with it and clients will work of me because not because of a great article, I wrote, not even necessarily because of a great course that they haven't purchased from yet. But they will relate. Or they will like something they see in these videos. Or they will feel like I know me like James. When we go to conferences together, people come for James ago. I feel like I've known you forever and they'll never met before because people don't say that necessarily. They might depend on how good of a writer you are. A few they read your blog's or something, but, ah, lot of times and people see you on video. They feel like they already have this relationship with you. And that's really powerful, for I'm getting clients and being able to take your services and selling your services online to a new level. I know for a lot of people when you are selling services, it requires maybe you going to meet with the clients, and that can be hard to duplicate, and it can take a lot of your time. So I think as much as you can kind of streamlined that with your online presence so that you can start getting clients online. It's a great way to free up more of your time and make your overall marketing process more effective. So I just wanted to again take the opportunity because James went more who you've been talking about for people who don't know James. He was here on CREATIVELIVE, but with an amazing online marketing class. But he's also going to be back this week, and we haven't even talk it. So I'm just gonna take interject with a moment of talking just a little bit about Devon's class. You're in seventh class, which is three days after this workshop. Yeah, James is gonna be a guest on that absolutely 32nd version, right? So Devon and Devon is my husband. The two of us have started every business together, started a sophomores in college. You can believe it. We've been married for four years now, and I really focus on psychology. I focused on visual marketing. I focused on a lot of content creation and teaching. But Devon is like the masterful brain behind all of our website. It's like he is the one that figures out how to get the most traffic to them. He is the one that figures out the way to have a website optimized like all of that really gritty stuff that I would like. But it is so powerful for growing a business online like he's doing crazy stuff right now where we're getting over $2000 a day. I'm in sales from our Facebook ads for online courses because of a system he set up is going to be talking about in teaching. And he also has an amazing, amazing all star group of people that are going to be talking everything from Facebook to talking about creating really great content online. It's just gonna be it's called how to make your website work for you. It's gonna be really amazing. I'm gonna be on a few of his panels as well, as long as I still have my voice by Saturday. But it's gonna be a great workshop. Awesome. Thank you. Yeah, What about him? Right? Wow, that was like the perfect holy moly. I've never live that down about me board If you are a personal brand, if you are selling services, people are largely hiring you and choosing to work with you because they like you, probably also because of your talent. But you're not really gonna hire someone that's, you know, a jerk. If you don't really like working with them, particularly, it's going to be highly collaborative. So what? I found it across the board. People buy from people even when they buy from businesses they really buy from people. So I have found that created about board is another essential board for service providers. Toe have. And this is We were talking earlier about instagram shots so I might talk about one of outside of business. One of my favorite things to do is throw dinner parties. Here is a shot of my Fourth of July party last year on my rooftop. I don't have pictures from traveling behind the scenes like we were talk. Christine was talking about behind the scenes. My husband is my business partner and best friend. We've been starting businesses together since we're in college, and there's a shot. This was actually filming our Creative life promo trailer, so I tend to do a lot of a lot of behind the scene photos again, starting to feel a lot about me. But maybe you could just take 1/10 of what I do online and put yourself out there a little bit more and see the way people respond to you because, like I said, for most of us are businesses are so much a part of who we are. And we're so much a part of our business is. Don't be afraid to share that with people who are looking to work from you look work with you and secret boards. Anyone using secret boards yet? Yeah, a few people. So secret boards are actually. If you go to your Pinterest page right now and you school down to the very, very bottom, it's actually the very bottom of the page. You have three boards. Three. That's for three words. You might not have even seen them yet, but they're at the bottom of your page and you can use them in a variety of very interesting ways. And Christie was talking earlier how she has her personal in her business. She used them both for personal in business, her Pinterest page. So what she does if she ever pinned something that isn't relevant, she's puts it on a secret board, which is pretty smart, But I've actually seen my clients use them in a lot of different ways. So then we'll create V I p client board so they have very particular client, say, a graphic designer and you want to collaborate via Pinterest. You can actually add a client to a secret board in the two of you can pin thanks to that board and work back together. Maybe you have some great logos and things you're working on for them. It's, um, inspiration, and they won't be able to see it. But you don't want your audience to able to see it, because that's either you know not what they've paid for or let me reframe it this way. I know someone who does interior design, and they have e designed clients, and what they'll do is someone will pay them a certain amount of money, and they will create a whole vision around a room in their house they're gonna designed for them on. Then they will go source products for that person to buy, so they're kind of used their talents, but they don't make that available to everyone. They don't make it available whereto they can buy everything cause that's what they're spending their time curating, but they create a secret board for that client where the client could go in, see everything, see where everything links to where they can buy it. I'm and then a student. We're done working at the client. Go ahead and delete that board. So there's some really interesting I won best to be thinking about this because so officially, I love to hear people's ideas for these secret boards. Ah, couple times when I've been on trainings with people and I've asked this I have gotten the most incredible ideas. I never would have thought of so kind of think about this online audience. I want you to think about this to what are some unique ways that you could use secret boards in your business future products? This is cool, for example, for luxury monograms. Sometimes we're thinking about maybe developing a new sleepwear line or something like that, and I want to go on to Pinterest and get inspiration because a lot of times, even as business owners, we will go on to Pinterest for inspiration, for design, for product ideas for, you know, even Web. Lay out the way newsletters or sales letters. I actually have a swipe file. Secret board where if I see something cool someone else has done or a cool way. They've laid out a pin. I'll put it on my slight file board so I can look at that later and get inspiration from it. But future product projects is cool because you might not want everyone to know you're working on new sleepwear line. Maybe that's something that you are kind of working for yourself. So making a secret is a great way. And then as soon as you want to, you could actually choose to make it public. But as long as it secret, it won't show on your news feed. It won't appear on your board page. There's really no way for people to see it. And as soon as you make it public, it won't inundate the news feed or anything like that. It will then just appear publicly on your board page and to privately work on boards. And this is something we'll talk about a lot more. We talk about contests. I think tomorrow we're talking about contest, but this is great because you might be working on a promotional board, maybe have a big sale coming out and you want a bunch of really cool graphics or you want to have a bunch of products pinto it, but you don't necessarily either want everyone to see you pin 50 things in a row or you're not really ready. Maybe the sale starts on November 30th in its November 15th. You can work on a board, get it to where you want, get the stuff on it. Contest board may be loaded up with the stuff that you want people to pin from. And then as soon as you're ready to debut that contest, her to debut that sale, that promotion, then you turn it on and make it public. So that's a fun way to do it. I know people who literally have built their entire Pinterest pages this way. So they started with one board of the time. They didn't want anything unfinished on their page. Particularly larger brands will do this when you know they don't want. They don't want anyone to see kind of the building process. They just want to go from not having a Pinterest page to having the perfect Pinterest page. And so a lot of my larger clients will do this where we actually will work on their boards once it's perfect and perfected. We then make it public. We move on to the next secret board until it's perfect and make that perfected. So for perfectionists out there, that's actually a great way to do it, where nobody has to see your building phase or process. So worldwide audience and in studio audience, anyone having any major ah ha moments for how you could use secret boards. We're having some come in. Sure, yeah, from the Internet Team Mill Amount says the Secret Board is great for team collaboration on marketing projects. Christine Williams says that we use our secret boards for our high end clients to plan for their big day or shoot. It has great, Jennifer Kent says. I use one for business plan inspiration. So again, probably if we're still in the planning phase. Yeah, not something that you want to share Yet. Jennifer can also says I have another one as a vision board for myself that perhaps not wanting to share that yet. Yeah, we have Trinet, who says authors and illustrators could use the secret boards for projects that they are working on. Anybody in here? I've got one. Well, so we deal with a lot of higher end formal wear. So this is very customized process that in the individual client may go through three different fittings, but it has a lot to do with this, which were saying curating different styles and speaking with the stylist consultant really trying toe narrow down on what the perfect look for that client. So I guess just having them toe collaborate on a sort of mood board what their favorite styles were from pictures of these sort of things. Absolutely. There's another one that was referencing something that came up with one of our recent workshops with soup rice, where she was talking about creating a V I P program for a certain circle clients. And so you could have you could use a Pinterest secret board for those again v I p clients like you talked about. But also there was another idea based upon that, but yeah, same same thing in the photographer world. If you have clients that you're looking toe to be a piece, Yeah, they're they're really fun. There's so many unique and innovative ways to apply. They've been used them. So those what your secret boards look like. Just identify them at the bottom of your page On your on your Pinterest page will be three just like that at the bottom.

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