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Final Q&A

Lesson 20 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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20. Final Q&A

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Lesson Info

Final Q&A

stuff so far, you're gonna do so much more and something we've talked about doing for audience members that are interested in is today. Take a screenshot of your Pinterest page. Before you made any changes. I can see you guys hopefully writing down some good notes and ideas. So if you go back tonight and you do some changes, you add some new boards. Make sure you have that original screenshot, because on Friday we'll do the before and after. You guys know I'm a fan of the before and after now, but we can actually show Hey, here's what it was out before. Here's what the page looks like. Now here's the content we've added and hear all of the improvements. We've made it, you know, we can go through the board, but we can also, just sometimes the before and after, like Candidate, a great job actually posting there was, like only two boards that were filled out, and so she took a screenshot before that, maybe we'll see and after when she's added some or content in some more ideas to it. All ...

right, so questions let me have them. Any questions about how to use it as a service provider. Any questions about ways to create content? Today was our day. That was kind of all centered around creating content. Great. Yeah, I would say, Let's open up, open it up in the chat rooms as well for kind of the bigger end of day questions. And we have any in the room here that will be a fabulous as well. Let's see some. Yes, let's just do some overall questions. Artful Leader says. Really Enjoy your presentation. Melanie, Longtime follower. How does one undo the highlighted pain so that pins can rotate versus stay with the cover? Been for the cover photos? Let me show you. Actually, it's gonna be a little Pinterest tutorial session here. So if I am on my board page, a lot of my cover photos are set. So if you haven't said a cover photo yet, when you hover over it, what you'll see the little button that probably says set photo or set cover. But since my already said it gives me the option to change cover so I could click, change cover and I can now select from any of the pins on this board so it does need to be a pin that's on the board if you want to dio I've seen. Actually, this is really cool Country Living magazine. Country Living magazine does this where if you go to their Pinterest board, they have a ton of them that have a text overlay of just the cover photo so it might say kitchen ideas or travel recommendations. So when you just as powerful as it is to see the pins with text overlay, every one of their cover photos has this very consistent White Square over the main image with a title. And I've done this to a certain degree, not as well, but you can see, like a lot of times they do try to have an image that has text on it. On the cover photo, I just find my my audience tends to respond and engage with that more so a lot of my stuff does have text as the cover photo, but there's something really cool and professional looking when it's all the same image. We're not the same image, but it all each image has the exact same, you know, White Square or Black circle with the same fonts and, you know of 3 to 4 word concept. So it could be a really cool way if you want your page to look super professional like super super business oriented, which might be perfect, might be awful for your brand. You can't have to decide where you stand with that, but in terms of changing the cover photo, so you click on that, you select which one you want to change it to. You can actually click and drag that down. So say I wanted it centered right there instead of having it halfway cut off. I can do that and select save changes, and that is my new cover photo. So, like I said, if you decide you want to create a bunch of custom cover photos, you would just go to that board. You would add the pin, and then you would select the pin as the cover photo, and you can change it anytime. If your cover photo isn't set, just the latest pin will appear, so whatever you pin the most recently is what will appear as your cover photo. So if you want a really dynamic page that never looks the same, that is always changing. You don't have to set a cover photo, but sometimes what happens if you don't set cover photos? You pin things that aren't aligned properly or get cut off or just don't look that good. And the people come to your page and doesn't look that pretty. Even though the pins individually look pretty, some of them will make better cover photos than other boards. Does that answer that perfect interest in secret boards? G B G B. Q. Is interested in knowing how to share the secret board with a limited number of clients. And right behind him, chickie poo foods ones know you. If you need to have a password to do so. Perfect, let me show you. Let me let me show you. Hopefully don't have anything too embarrassing. That's my secret boards on here. I think what I do have on this page is a contest sport that a secret. You guys wanted something really funny. So on my personal account, my secret boards, I think my mother in law it's watching, but I have a board called babies. I don't have kids yet. It will probably happen at some point, but I don't want anyone see me pin baby stuff because and they're gonna get too excited or it's just not where I'm at yet. So actually have a baby board as a secret board. Like for that time when it comes. But I don't need everyone else to see also secret board of my own. My personal account. We're putting this all out there. I have a fitness board now. Personally, I don't necessarily want tons of my follower seen like what part of my body I'm currently trying to tone. So I will put in some of my fitness stuff on a secret board, so that's just a little bit more private. But now you know that about me. So anyways, secret boards as a business. As I said, they're down here at the bottom of your page. I've got a contest board. When you create a secret boards, you click here, you type the name, the description. You choose a category. I don't know why the category matters, because it's secret, so I have no clue why that's there. Maybe it's for when you make it public. Anytime you create aboard, you'll be asked to choose a category. I don't really think it changes that much for you, so don't stress out about which category it's in. There's always the other category for the stuff that you're like. I don't think it's any of this. And the other category, funny enough, has the most boards in it because most people go. I don't know what board this is supposed to be, but you can choose a category, and then this is where you determine whether you want to turn the secret board on her off so you can start a secret and then switch it over. But the main point is to have the secret board now. You were asking about passwords, or was it for other people to be able to join the board? Okay, so let's do this to be fun. What should Let's What are some ideas? What should may secret board be about anyone? Let's do shoes. My husband doesn't know. I bought shoes. My husband, he's not watching. He went back to the hotel, doesn't know that I bought. That's a really long title. That probably should have been the description. I don't think you don't have to have a description for your board so I'm going to create this board and let's say I wanted to add one of my girlfriends or something to this board, and I only want her to be able to see it. So as soon as this makes this, this is actually going to turn into what's called a contributor board. And we will be talking about this more in depth coming at contributor boards because it's also a really cool strategy for getting more followers. So tomorrow it's one of the first things we're going to talk about is how to leverage contributor boards to actually get more followers. But I don't know if this is gonna load normally. What I will do is, once you've created the board, I will then go ahead and be able to add contributors to it. So that's what I recommend doing. I mean, it's really simple. Once this board is created, you just click on the board and I can actually show you from a non secret board, since it doesn't want to load. But for my block post board. If I click edit board right there at the top, you'll see who can pin who can pin to this board and say, I wanted to add Let's see if I can pull Devon up. The thing is, they have to be people. You're already following little, another little inside thing. So you have to already be following them on Pinterest to add them. It's a contributor to your board, so I could add Devon, send my little invitation to him on. He will get an invitation that says, Millie Duncan has just invited you to join the Bloc Post board. And if any point I think he is, you know, not contributing value or I'm just having a bad day and I'm not. I'm not friends with him anymore. You can click, remove and they'll be removed from the board. You also have control if it's your board to delete any constant on that board. So if you have someone and they post something you don't like, you can go in there and delete it. I'm from the contributor board as well, but that's kind of how you do that whole thing. Question Melanie. That's kind of based upon a number of questions that I'm seeing here about. I would say Pinterest board maintenance process So we have people talking about the rainy day store who is a regular here? I sell on eBay, but if I have a product that's been sold, should I delete the pin? Or should I changed the link to similar items that I've had listed? I've seen that with other people who say I have, but I have a product. But if that thing is gone and other people have read, hint that what happens, so is their maintenance such yes. And that's really important to address because normally, wherever you linked to will still get a lot of traffic for weeks, months, even years once it's on there. So if you have something and it pins to a page after you've already sold it or if you are real, turn you post to a house that you know isn't listed any longer. What do you do with that? You want your content to be current and relevant because your audience will be trained in too much of your stuff is out of stock or not available or sold out. They're not going to keep following you and keep clicking through on things because you're kind of discouraging. So what I recommend this might not be a possibility for everyone, but I was recommended. You have control over your site, Teoh Have it so that once you still out of something that shows recommended products. Once you have a listing that sells it shows recommended homes that are currently available for my Pinterest contest Pen. I know. For a specific example, I have pins that promote the contest. The conference is now over. So what I've done is I've changed. That Page says, Hey, this contest has ended but will be launched another one real soon. Sign up below will send you details when it's ready. So instead of them going to a page that just says might want why, you know the contest is over. Too bad it now somethingto a page where they can go. OK, Yeah. I want to be a part of this contest. Let me sign up for it so great for me because, you know, I'm now gonna build a list. So whenever I launch a contest, I've got people who are excited about it, but also good for them because they don't like they've been totally ripped off. Something else holds you is because I do generate a lot of traffic with contests. I might even change the contest page that says, You know, this conscious is over, but, hey, you know, everybody wins here at luxury Monograms uses 10% off coupon, and I'll give them a coupon code on the contest page. And they're thinking are That's pretty legit of this person. Even the contest is over, like they're still giving me a little something. And for me, it's very profitable because everyone should always know that their customer life cycle value. So how much a customer is worth to you. You know, you might think it's photographer like Susan Stripling. Perfect example. So Susan was my wedding photographer. I have since work with Susan. For all of my professional headshots, I have done bringing photo shoots with her. If I get pregnant, she's gonna be the one that you know, photographs. My baby. She's photographed all of our Christmas cards, so Susan's probably got a pretty healthy customer life cycle, at least in the Duncans. But you might know is ah, product seller. I know that if I tend to get a customer by the first time, the first time is always the hardest there's so much more value in creating repeat customers than it is in acquiring a customer for the first time. So I know that a customer, if I can get them to buy for me once they're probably going to buy multiple times because if they buy from us and have a good experience, they can see other ways to luxury monograms. Perfect example. If someone orders a monogrammed pillow from us and they love it, they have a great experience. We really over deliver. They will probably next time they need a bridal shower gift order from us again. So I'm fine, giving a 10% of 50% off coupon, because I am confident in the value we deliver that I will be able to turn that into multiple purchases a little bit bigger life lesson there that I intended, but you Do. You see what I mean? So you do want tohave your pins link to relevant content, and if for some reason you know your product is no longer available, if for some reason your program is no longer available, recommend something instead, do take pins down that don't link anywhere or that you know the offer has expired, but the best case scenario its people to optimize things on your website so that it's never truly a dead link. It just kind of re purposes into something else. The one g collective would like to know for those of us who are not graphic designers, how how you create your quick, simple but effective graphics for Pinterest and you can recommend some tools you already gave us. Yeah, Yeah, coz e o pic monkey. It's a little embarrassing because I feel like I'm in the presence of so many incredible artists here. And, you know, I definitely don't possess all those skills. So I'm always just kind of trying to figure out you know what I can work with. I loved into photo shop the other day. You guys, I got so overwhelmed. E I need to watch a creative life course on Photoshopped. Eso I do. I use pic monkey a ton and I can show you actually e don't have an image loaded already, but what I could dio so say I took a picture like this. We're all learning together here today and I did a quick screen shot. Let's see where this saves. And I went Teoh pic monkey and chose to edit a photo. It worked. Okay, good. So if I click here little now, load this photo and I might decide that I want to use this because I just wrote a great blawg post about how I created my first program while I was traveling so I could do something. I could go over here to this little overlays. The site is cynical. So right now I'm using the free version. You can actually sign in, and you can get a bunch of additional graphics. But the free version is still really, really cool. And you could actually choose. You can do overlays just like this. You can drag this. I could change the transparent. See, you guys will see I've got mad skills on pic monkey so I could do something like that. And then you can go over here and add the text overlay. You can add borders. Borders are really cool on Pinterest. It makes the image kind of pop out on the page. Since nobody really has borders on their images. So I could choose, you know, some cool font like this. Add tax you guys. What am I gonna talk about the other two days and giving you all my good stuff here? But I could say something like tips for working while traveling, and then go ahead, stretch it like that. Change the color. I mean, you guys kind of see where we're going with this. That could go over there. This could become something like something. Lights probably gonna stand out better. Something like that. You could go and at a border to it. You know, starting. Look, start to look better, right? And you can say this. Your computer. I think you can actually pin from this as well. So tons and tons of great free tools. Awesome. And and then I also wanted Teoh make sure that people knew mentioned again about the graphics package. Yes, that that is being included. If you're not a graphic designer in this course, and we were talking about two. So we were going over the different things available for purchasing this course. Christine sent over her graphics pack, and I was just blown away because I actually paid a graphic designer. I'm a few months back to create a graphics packed like that as a bonus for one of my courses, and it didn't look nearly as good, and I put over $1000 for it. So next time I need graphics, I'm gonna be calling Christie like girl. Hook it up. But so she's Yeah, the value she's providing for you. This graphics pack is immense. I mean, literally. It's something that most people would pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. To get re sources like that from a professional trained graphic designer like that could be really expensive. And it also translates to so much of value in the way that people see your brand. It doesn't like this looks good. I'm not ashamed to pick monkey. I use it all the time, but you can probably tell the difference between this and what Christine makes right. I mean, there's a little bit a lot of it of a difference between those two, so you're giving yourself just a huge, tremendous advantage by using those graphics. So get that. Get that account set up whether it's your personal one. You want us a business one. Get five boards on that page Now for service providers I gave you 10 ideas and for product, you probably got at least five today, So whether you could still have the about me, you could have your products board. You could have tutorials on how to use your products, so at least get those five boards set up. You don't have to have all the content created yet. You could even start with some secret boards if you want. But at least get those boards on your page that you know what you're working towards. And then you're going to be really ready for Day three. When Christine's gonna show us how to make those images and show us how to do that, you'll have your board set up. You'll have your page ready, and then it's just gonna be easy peasy put into about content. I love that. I love that you're taking it step by step and you're setting us up for Day three and we're ready to go. So I think that sounds like some really good homework assignments for their absolutely sharing those behind the before. A swell. I think we find if we tweeted those out, perhaps with a hash tag. Melanie live that. Let's do it

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