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Promoting Content with Crystal Palecek

Lesson 25 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

Promoting Content with Crystal Palecek

Lesson 25 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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25. Promoting Content with Crystal Palecek


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Lesson Info

Promoting Content with Crystal Palecek

So I'm here with Crystal of Room magazine and what we're gonna be talking about. We're going to be looking at their Pinterest page, talking about how they use it in their organization and then also talking more about content and creativity strategies, which is going to be really fun. And crystal is the master at because basically, every month you have to come out with, what, 30 50 pages of new content? New ads, new photo shoots, how many photo shoots? Because I know you've got the actual magazine that dries out once a month. But you also have the daily site exact that there's content that's on the daily site. That's not necessarily in the magazines Ohio, Wisconsin are you producing? So we've got sort of two components to our brand. We've got Room magazine, which is the full length issue that comes out every month, as Melanie said, and that's actually about a 200 page issue. And then we've also got rude daily, which is our daily content site, and we're pumping out about 2 to 3 articles ...

a day on that, so it's a lot of content production, so it's important for us to sit to stay inspired and creative to get that much done. That's incredible. So tell us a little bit because I know again a lot of people listening. A lot of people here in the audience, it's a one person show. What does your team look like? Is everyone full time? Do you use freelancers? I'm just fascinated by that. Yeah, So now we're about three years into our business and we are a internal team of about seven employees now beyond the seven employees. We actually work with tons of contributors to make each issue, and all of the content happened. So we contract photographers, stylist writers, that sort of thing. But our core group is still fairly small right now. Nice. Very nice. Amazing. All the shoots they dio. I know I feel kind of wimpy about whining about having to do three Facebook. That's me. Well, it helps to have an amazing team. I could not do it on my own, that's for sure. Great. So any of you I mean, we'll be going back out to a worldwide audience, but that's pretty cool. And this is a great person's brain to pick if you want, you know ideas about working together of people building a team. This is really valuable. But I do want to start and kind of talk about Pinterest. So can you tell us kind of how you're using it in your organization? Any results you're seeing from it? Yeah. So we actually really exciting to announce We just did a survey and we found that we have the most followers or people follow our pinches page more than any other social network on then. Also, we get most of our traffic are direct traffic from Pinterest. So that tells me that it's important for our brand to really have a strong Pinterest strategy if that's the number one way that people are finding us. So what we do is we pin all of our content all of our stories that come out on route daily, and we put them in our different boards. And, you know, as you can see, we've sort of come up with fun little names for our boards. Just give that room voice that's very fresh and young and hip. So official businesses where we pin all of our studio and office tours or movers and shakers, is where we put all of our taste maker interviews so all of our stories on Rue Daily are pinned onto those boards. And then we also have other boards called in the pages, and that's images that you confined in our actual magazine issue. So that's sort of how we break it down. We also have boards that we pin inspiration from other sites as well, because we're a big believer in sort of helping promote other like minded people in the community. So we pin both our personal images and then also other people's images very need. So here's an example of one of the board she was talking about, the in the pages. Ah, lot of personal content in here or content from their actual magazine that's being used. So this is funny. This is, of course, catching ride, because that's actually way did a great Siri's together of my place here in New York. There it is, which was such a popular gorgeous space. Have you seen that? Yeah, we get. We featured Melanie on route daily as one of our taste makers, so we got to shoot it in her gorgeous apartment in New York. You can see this. The level of involvement is really high on their pens, you know, 126 re pens, 154 repentance. And all of this content is directly linking back to their site, which is one of those things we talked about is really important to make sure that if you are uploading content or even if you're pinning to make sure that it's linking to a page where people can learn more about you, learn more about your business. So I love this. Maybe we'll have to do a little hot seat with ruined, give you some feedback on your page of some new and fresh ideas. But I love that I've seen Denise. Yeah, so, um, I told you guys earlier, um, I don't pin a lot, because when I do, I kind of get lost. Actually, that pin was something that came up on maybe one of Christine's boards or and I'm actually following you now because of it. And I'm following you now because of it. And it was not being and I didn't put it together until just now, but yeah, that was fined. One image that peaks your interest and then you see what side it was from. And then you follow them and you feel it was free trade. And then and it inspired me to create a black and gold board. I did it the exact same day and that more has a ton of followers. Now that's so cool. I love really collaboration. Organic, using small. This is really interesting. So they have boards. You're breaking out because you could just have one board that is the magazine. But you've kind of broken up like you were saying There's in the pages in the kitchen now. Is this all your content? You guys? So in the kitchen with through, I always love seeing the way that different brands structure their boards, how they tend to segment it out, whether it's just a pawn, the medium, whether it's upon concepts like obviously this is all cooking stuff. Yeah, really need. And this is all linking back. Teoh your route daily, right? Exactly. Effect? Yep. Look at this Content is just gorgeous. I mean, you can tell why it's so successful. Why Pinterest works so well is because any time you have a visual platform which is why I think it's so great that creative life is doing this work shot because more so than anyone else. Of course, you know Pinterest is great for service providers and all of that, like we talked about yesterday. But if you have a visual based business, if you're a photographer of your in fashion design something like that, it is just such a tremendous opportunity leveraging that on this platform. Adam, do you have a question and, um, sort of Melanie's point? I think since it is such a visual medium, Pinterest is all about the photos. It's important to pin on Lee your best photos or other people's photos that are only going toe add to your visual brand. So, um, for example, people love opinion recipes, and I might come across recipe that I want to try. But if it's not a beautiful styled gorgeous shot, I might not publicly put that onto Pinterest. I'll just sort of save it privately to a secret board. And I think keeping your boards and your pages as clean and curated and edited as possible only helps lift your brand up. So sort of think about that, too, absolutely and We were talking about this yesterday about having about boards, and that's something I'd love to see on your pants. Yeah, that's a great idea. You and talking about your team and pictures of people that work there. San Francisco. I love that idea. I'm learning so much already from listening to your earlier sessions and Christine over there. So, yeah, I'm excited to implement some new ideas. And that's what I love about. You know, opportunities like this is when you can get creative people together in sort of share best practices. And what's working from that for them, the stronger that we all are. So yeah, I love it. So tell me, how do you stay inspired and stay creative when you're creating this much contact that you said you have a team which obviously helps but renew personally, you're the editor in chief. So you're I am directing this ship. You have any systems or places you really go to get inspired to create this much content. It's it's really, honestly just being on social media. I know it sounds maybe cliche, but I get all of my inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram is another big wife so actually totally true story last night I couldn't fall asleep. So what did I dio? I grabbed my phone in bed and I started looking through Instagram. And, um from that I follow posted a recipe that she had made from a blogger and she tagged the bloggers. So I clicked over to her instagram feed and just loved the images and the photography. So I took a screenshot of her page, sent it to one of my editors on said, Reach out to her. We need to feature her. We need her to submit a recipe so that the same thing happens on Pinterest all the time finding creative people. And that's literally how I find so many of the people that we feature is just being open toe social networks and having my eyes open toe what's out there. And, um, it happens a lot that way through social media, and that's great. Do you guys hear this? You know, I think a lot of people they're probably listening are wondering how can I get into Room magazine? How can I get this publication this press get on some lists of promote my Pinterest account and I completely agree. Editors. And you know, like we've had some of our product for luxury monograms featured on Good Morning America on the Neighbor Quiz Show. In all of this stuff, I don't have a PR agency PR agencies, air wonderful. But for me, in the beginning, it wasn't something that made sense budget wise. So going back to that kind of grassroots drought type of mentality, we just put a lot of really good content out there with luxury monograms. You know, we did a lot of really high resolution imagery. I can show you the examples from our website and because we did invest in our images from the beginning, we were contacted by Abroad by Martha Stewart, despite a gray and that stuff so you can see that from our from the beginning. We always invested in really high production, beautiful photography mean, And when you do stuff like this, when you create content that just screams quality, people like crystal people. I don't think Oprah actually saw, but then there's people like that do source this stuff online. I think that's one of the bigger mysteries is when I first launched this brands I put together an official PR kit at least the best of my ability, and I sent it out to every major editor out there. I think out of 50 different major editorial television shows, all that type of stuff, I got maybe one response back. It was really, really discouraging. But this is when originally reached out to the blogging community. I had a few contacts, a new one or two people that had home to core blog's. And I said, Hey, you know, can we do a giveaway? Can we do something we do in exchange on Git was because I was featured on some of these large and more moderate size blog's in the beginning that people from major editorial sites that people with much larger audiences eventually reached out to us and got us that exposure. So if you are an independent contractor, if you're a photographer, a small business owner, you have a jewelry line, something like that, and you're wondering, how do I get my break? How do I get in the pages of a magazine? How do I get pressed like this? Crystal sane? You know, Post gets up on Instagram, Put stuff on your Facebook page. You do get discovered that way. I mean, you really don't have to have someone working for you in a high rise in midtown Manhattan. If you put yourself out there on Alliance, the beauty of the Internet is really can get discovered and get in the right hands. And it's sort of levels the Plainfield, as I think about it, and also eliminates gatekeepers, um, and photographers. I'm there just top of mind right now, and they've got such an advantage because they've got beautiful images at their fingertips in their portfolios and the instagram quality that they're taking. And that's because all of these mediums air so visual. That's wonderful. Put that stuff out there exactly, and we've probably heard, like in the online space that content is. King has ever never heard that content is king. And so, for the longest time ever was writing blog's articles and e books, which is all fantastic. But as we talked about, there's so much information, there's so much clutter out there that less and less that that stuff is being read and consumed. But what is being consumed faster than ever is visuals. So when you are a creator of visual contents. I would say Right now visual content is king, whatever it works for you. But visual content is really what is transforming the online space right now. So however you can create and again, this isn't just for a few sell products. But however you can be creating visual content around your business around your brand around your talents, that's what's gonna give you the competitive edge in your marketplace side now. Absolutely. Okay, so we've looked at some of your Pinterest boards. I want to show. Let's see now you don't do any contributor boards to you, we dio, but they So though anything that has inspiration at the end of our board is a contributor board and that stuff that we're pinning from anywhere in the Web, not just from real, right? So when you are doing these contributor boards or you who are you reaching out to? How does that work? How do you know how they're being assembled? Yeah, as in terms of who the contributors are. Well, right now we're just keeping an internal. So it's the Rue editors that are part of the board. But I love the idea of reaching out to other like minded businesses that have a complementary reach in, you know, targeted audience and creating some more contributor boards because we've seen great, great great response. And actually, I think overall, I think we have about followers. If I remember correctly 45, big difference. But our contributor boards have over a 1,000,000. So that just shows you leaving. Yeah, right. How incredibly powerful is Teoh? Leverage other people's followers and have them share your followers and whatnot. So those are our top three boards? Absolutely. I love this. I love how the guests are perfectly likely. I love that. Okay, so you're doing contributor boards and many meals. Do you know, like anything specific that you guys were doing on Pinterest that's really working? Obviously you're promoting your content within our content contributor boards, just being really consistent with what we are penning and also thinking about, um, you know, you have to sort of be observing your audience and see what their liking the most on what they're repainting and what they're commenting on, and then try to do more content that they're already coming to seek you for so for example, a lot of our decor shots get the most likes and most re pens and most comments so that tells us that we need to be pending more of that as opposed to fashion, right? So I'm just being really observant to what people are responding to, I think is also really important to remember. I think that's really need. I'm looking at more. You've got beauty, all sorts of things, and this also goes back. Teoh. Not everything on a business board has to be directly related toe what you sell. We talked about kind of knowing the interests and the things that your audience and your demographic is interested in. So rule, you know, room branches on a lot of directions really do home decor. They do fashion your make up, but you can also for luxury monograms. You know, we sell pillows and placemats, but we also will pin recipes will talk about entertaining. We'll talk about travel so don't feel so limited and confined. But what your boards have to be about, it has to be about you. You can broaden out into topics and interests that you know your audience will have, and that they will respond, Teoh. So let me ask you this just from your just a guess. What do you think? Your content is it? 50% rule 50% Other people stuff. What do you think? The ratio in terms of what we're pinning? Yeah, I would say it's probably more like 90% rule 10%. Other people agree. So and I love that because that's something we were talking about yesterday. I think that the rial wins on Pinterest are if you're in original content. Creator over 80% of the pins are on. Pinterest are re pens, which means that the majority of Pinterest users aren't necessarily going offline and pinning stuff. Right? But they're recirculating What is on the platform? Eso When I work with businesses, I think the mawr of your own original content You can get out there, the better. Now that being said, it has to be good. That doesn't mean that you don't have a ton of crap out there and think that's gonna bring you business. It has to be content that is visual engaging. That is very strong, Like Christine was talking about very representative, valuable, inspirational. But I want to encourage more people. Teoh pin more of their own stuff. One of the most the common mistakes to see business owners do is they say, OK, I'm going to use Pinter's for business. So I set up an account, and Melanie, I've been pinning in the last two weeks. I've got 3000 pins, but I haven't seen you. Sales look Okay, let's go check out your board and we go to their Pinterest board and it's pins from Kate Spade. It's pins from coach. It's pins from, you know, their mom or their sister or some recipe blogger that isn't gonna build your business. What is going to build your business is getting content on your page that links to your site. That demonstrates your expertise that serves your audience. That builds trust, builds rapport. That is what will build your brand. So everyone has different comfort levels. Ken and I were talking about this a lot of creative people feeling very shy about willing to put themselves out there and say, Hey, look at what I do recognize my talent, so I want to be the devil's advocate for that and encourage and push you to step outside your comfort zone and put more of your work out there because that is what Pinterest is for. It's for people discover new talents, new people, new brands and new businesses. So when in doubt, I say, Let's let's push you a little bit further out there and put more of your stuff on this platform because that's what it needs. Pinterest doesn't need more people repeating stuff. What it needs is more fresh, exciting ideas, mawr concepts and messages and imagery and products that are going to rich in it and add more value. That's that's something to really think about because I think so many people hold back from putting their own content and, you know, photographers In general, if you have products we talked about, you sell a product creating different ways to, you know, wear jewelry, different outfits to go with the different videos, demonstrating how to use it. You know, there's so much content that can be created around a brand. Don't be afraid to branch out there and do that right. Okay. Melanie is giving you permission, Teoh. Awesome. You're about there about yourself Very much. Resonated no one else. Well, that's right. you have to promote yourself and Pinterest literally is another portfolio. It's showcasing your style, your work. And in fact, all the social networks air really like online portfolio. So you really have to be pushing your work out there. Obviously, you got to do it correctly. But don't be shy about it. I agree. Great. All right, Leo Crystal and Manny endorsed. Put yourself out there. So we've got some more things to talk about. But I did want to touch base with the online audience and also the in studio audience. Is there anything that you want us to talk about? Further. Okay, So, e, I don't know. This is just coming from what I see, you guys do really well, if you take your product lines or you have a great imagination and developing these different themes like I see what you've done rule you, but you have a lot of different content areas, you know, interviews are collaborative stuff. So how do you just keep your imagination running end up in different ways to display maybe one product line or different ways to collaborate? Are there any, I guess, approaches. You have there, especially? Let's just really down. Like, how do you come up with ideas for new boards or, uh, based on the games? I think we went over this already, But yeah, you think like in addition to social media Yeah, it's a great It's a great question and something that we're constantly asking ourselves. I think everyone out there if they're online, if they're on Pinterest if they're on instagram Facebook Twitter. In a way, you're an editor of your your curating content that you're pushing out to the world. So in a way, you have to think like an editor. I love that. So, for example, let's say I had a clothing line and I wanted to promote our new blouse in our fall line. An editor would think, OK, what would a reader want to know? They'd want to know how to style the blouse for day and the night, or how to style one blouse three ways, so sort of getting on your editorial cap and then, you know, doing a photo shoot that does show that stuff or doing an instagram where you say, here's the top paired for day and night and that would be one idea for that I would give to you. It's just sort of think like an editor if you can, um, but it's It's tough. I mean, always coming up with new ways. Toe Teoh, you know, promote product. Maybe you have some ideas to of how you've done that with your monograms. But I would say our customers are our number one source of inspiration. So we tap into them. Whether it's for our products or services. We use surveys like crazy. I saw Ruedas recently used to survey. I don't think business owners who this enough actually speak and ask questions and use surveys in your business. I agree. We have surveys hooked up. We use think these pop survey. But there's like Surveymonkey. There's all these different survey sites and we have them hooked up so that whenever you sign up for one of our email list within the first week, I mean, we send you some cool stuff. You don't want to just be like, all right? I just took your email address, so I'm gonna take more information from you and not give back. But we have surveys hooked up within the first week to learn more about our customers toe learn. If they buy from us, we want to know. Why did they buy from us? If they're on our list for a month or two months, they don't buy. We asked them, You know, we're not trying to batter them, but you know, thank you so much. We appreciate your support. You know, we're always trying to improve and be better for you. Would you mind explaining You know why you haven't purchased from us? Or, for example, a specific I if I do a webinar? We're talking about these yesterday and I offer a course at the end. You know, some people will vie some people won't we'll follow up a week later. People who didn't by and say, you know, thank you so much for being there. We really appreciate your support. Your time. Yadi of Yeah, they don't want to sleep in and say, Hey, why don't you give me your money? But, you know, Please help us understand, you know? Is there something that you didn't like about what we were talking about? Is there something that was missing from our offerings? I think so many times as business owners, we feel like we have to have all the answers that we have to psychically know what our customers want to see mawr of what they want to see less of new ideas. And I use questions probably at least some three times a week. I post a question on my Facebook page so it could be something like, You know, what is that? What's another topic that you would like me to film a video on? What is something that's holding you back in your business right now? What is something you know you should be doing right now that you're not doing? And do you know why? Cause then we're really starting to understand the thought process. Now, from more of a product perspective, that could be something where we're saying, Hey, you know, obviously we know what the most popular types of products are, because that's what people are buying. But we're looking to branch out into other areas. What types of products would you like to see? More of? That could be an email to your list. That could be a question on your Facebook page. It could even you could ask people directly on Pinterest. You could post a pin and say, Have an image and say We want your feedback. And then that caption say, What do you want to see more of on this Pinterest page? Are there certain boars? Are there certain ideas? Certain things you want us to create for you? Pin that. Put that on your Facebook page. Email that out to your list. I think that that we don't ask enough and people want to be heard way. You know, I used to think, I don't want to survey my audience. I don't want a batter them. I don't want to bother them. I don't think anyone take surveys. It's not true on the reaction we get and people view your brand more favorably when you reach out like that, when you let them know it's about them and that you want them to be a collaborative part of your process. So that is something to really consider what we are talking about creating content. I'm sure rumors all the time, she said, gauging feedback from particular types of content seen that home decor is really resonating, but then also using surveys to understand where should we be expanding into next and I hope everyone's kind of understanding. This really does relate to everyone. It's not just for one particular type of business. It's about tapping into that gold mine, even if you don't have 47, Pinterest followers, even if it's 10 people, those 10 people have decided to follow you for a reason, and it can be replicated. So any feedback, any questions about that in studio or online that you want us to go into? I have another question. So you're here teaching us how to use Pinterest to grow. Our business is as photographers and entrepreneurs, and I imagine you're out teaching many other people how to grow their businesses with interest. And one of the thing that all three of you have echoed is beautiful content. Hello, We're photographers. So you've got the oh well, not only that, but this is a huge untapped market. Yes, for photographers to be out working with other businesses to create content for their own Pinterest pages 100% of 100% I completely agree with you. And when I was on a created by obsession, actually, at the Seattle office is of Derrick, and that's what my entire I did the whole thing. Derricks creativelive was how to sell products online. It was actually, I think, with Master in online sales, and he brought me in to talk about products specifically because he knew a lot of people who did copy writing or told services online. But he's like, I want someone that comes in that can talk about products and I didn't even realize this. But when I was piecing together like our luxury monograms marketing strategy and I was trying to pull out, what were those big wins, those big needle movers that made the difference in making this brand successful? It kept coming back to having beautiful imagery and having high quality product shots. And we are gonna talk about this a lot, actually tomorrow, when it's about optimizing your website. Day three is all about how to take traffic you're getting. You know, we've talked about how to drive traffic. We've talked about how to grow an audience online. Most of us get a good amount of traffic to our site, but it's not converting, and the focus most people have is how do I get more traffic, how to get more traffic thinking If we just throw more people in the funnel, we'll get more sales. But there's so much you can do on a website that will convert even if it's just that trickle of traffic increased the conversion rate so that more people sign up for your newsletter list. More people buy your products where people hire you. And one of the large constants will be talking about is how to use images to make that happen. So absolutely. Denise New Business Venture gained followers on Pinterest, right? And get your client following morning diners yet following like Forbes entrepreneur and start showing, you know, Hey, I am a photographer that works with businesses on enhancing their visual under visuals. So many people, I think, would jump on that. Well, I think I'm very happy to be here so I can get my own Pinterest accounts in line and get get to doing this properly, but it just clicked. That's amazing opportunity for all of us photographers. Everyone in the audience Yeah, that's a potential. Yeah, Another thing is not being afraid to reach out and asking for collaborations. We get so many photographers that proactiv we reach out to us with submissions of gorgeous fashion editorials that they've done or homes that they've shot, that we might not have ever been aware of them beforehand. But all of a sudden, there on our radar and that's that makes our job easier because we don't have to go out and find that content. Yes, and then what we can do in return is where a platform to get the photographer's work out in front of thousands of readers. So I think, and your same thing with Pinterest. Exactly. So, yeah, that's that's so spot on. I mean, there's so, so much to talk about in that realm you know, so much to talk about. I think something that all of us aren't doing enough of its collaborating. Yeah, you know, I think we really saw a lot of interest when we're talking about contributor boards. I know personally that something that I don't always prioritizing my businesses, and whenever I do any sort of collaboration, I go, Oh, I need to do more of this. This was really good. Now, of course, you can have bad collaborations if you're not smart of who you go into business with, but collaborations are an incredible, an incredible opportunity. Teoh. Get there faster. You you're trying to chug all along on your own. It can be a difficult process. It can take a long time. It's much harder when you collaborate. You get to like you said, piggyback on top of other people. Success help each other. It's also kind of more fun. I mean, I know is women like we love to work together even though we're entrepreneurs, we still like to be able to come together teams and collaborate and be able to work like that. Yeah, and you learn more to by watching how other people might do run their businesses or ideas that they had. Like, for example, I never thought about doing it about board, and now I'm going to go home and implement that you love it. Fantastic. Well, everybody is very engaged. And also Denise loving your idea as well about board. There's a lot of love to go around there. I didn't want to just clarify again from mish girl who says I may have missed this, but as a photographer, do you recommend that I post my original content? Usually my photos to Facebook and then pin them on my Pinterest page, Or should I do it in the reverse order and f Y I she does not have a bla get okay, I would say Reverse order. First of all, it's a little tricky to pin off a Facebook. You can do it, but you actually, there's like you have to link through a website. You can't pin directly with Facebook. You'll get an error. It can be done. It's just more work. What I recommend doing is putting that on Pinterest first and then, like I talked about doing the collaboration integration strategy, where you then post a link to that pin so you can get more people. The reason I recommend doing Pinterest first besides, the fact that's what this workshop is about, is because the sharing is much higher on Pinterest People share. I don't have the exact statistic, but you can look at any pin versus any Facebook status and people share stuff. They re pin so much more on Pinterest, so I would get that visual content out there were people can share it and then reach out to your audience on Facebook and get them on that platform to repentance. Yeah, Rachel, you could just show us how to do that really quick. Yeah. So if you wanted Teoh posted on your Facebook page, Yeah, I can definitely talk through it. So what I would dio say I want to share one of these block posts. I would come to this page. Maybe I want to share this one. I would click on this pin and I would actually copy this link, So copy the exact link to the pin and then do a status update on Facebook. Now, Like I said, sometimes I dio most the time. I do go the extra mile, actually take a screenshot of this image so that it's a it's a I'm sharing a photo with a little explanation in a link in the caption. But you can post the Lincoln. It'll auto generate. That image will just be a lot smaller. It will have text. So I I would like to do primarily image posts on my Facebook page. You can just copy that link again like, say, you want to share your blog's post board. I could go to this board and see if I highlight that it's my Pinterest board slash my block posts and I could put that link on my pinned on my Facebook page. And again, it'll auto generate. I can choose any of the pins on that to be the little image, the called image image. Yeah, but you could also take a screenshot of this page. You sided that with the online edge academy. I took a screenshot of the board and then I did a link to that board specifically. So just lots of cross content. I tend to do that at least once a week. I will do some sort of a Facebook update that is talking about contact that's coming on my Pinterest boards. Crystal says she loves the idea about showing how toe wear items a few different ways. What tool do you use to do your collages, like in your weekly wardrobe board? Yeah, well, we actually have ah, on staff graphic designers Who does that for us. But there's a lot of free websites out there where you can actually make collages, and one that comes to mind is Polyvore, so you can If you're not familiar with it, just go to Polyvore dot com and It's really intuitive. You select items can put together boards, and that's the way that you could do it. If you aren't a graphic designer yourself or don't have access to a graphic designer on, I'm sure there's other sites out there similar. But Polyvore is the one that comes to mind, right? Can I show any of her examples of the different mashups? Do we know anyone? No one's telling me? No, no, no one's telling me. No, thank you. I did all day yesterday. I think this is really cool the way that you're kind of pairing stuff together, right? You know, and showing how to use this. Right? So for this story, for example, are the bag is like the the central focus product. And then we show how toe parent different ways and this you can see in the corner says outfit to go to the site, you would actually see outfit one. So how you parent two different ways, so very cool, so you can see she's got this whole board of weekly wardrobe and they are creating thes looks, So they're putting all these different elements together, and I just think this is so cool. I think of, you know, an online boutique owner that maybe sell all sorts of women's clothing, and they could create all of these boards and take, you know, the shoes They sell the handbag, they sell, address, they sell, put the look together in a pin and then link it to their site or link it to at least one of the products on that is featured on that board. So think of. I mean, if you have any sort of an online boutique, think of creating content like this. I mean, this is like you said So editorial, like looking through a magazine the way they're experiencing it visually. And I can just tell the engagement is really high on this page. People are liking this type of content, that sort of curation. And you know, Adam, even like thinking of artful gentlemen paring some of your suits. Maybe there's great cufflinks that are out there. Maybe there's no really great shoes. Other watches, you know, men style items, and creating looks around your pieces that you offer. What I really like about that also is that you are again. We talked about the theme yesterday of providing value, your target clients and what that made me think about was often for, say, family photographers or wedding photographers that people put together for their clients. Like what to wear, say, for your family portrait, I could totally see people creating a similar boards for their clients about what to wear were saying with what you need for your wedding. Or there's some idea that collage having the intention behind it. So always having a reason why you're putting something out there, not just putting it out there for the sake of it, but thinking, what value add in my offering, my followers. So is it? If you're a photographer, is it showing some really great poses that you want inspire other photographers to use our product? How do you style it different ways or what? Not so always thinking about not just adding to the inundation of content but really adding value to content. Right, Right, So this is cool. You can have a whole board of their route covers and what you guys were talking about, it so perfect. I remember I had my first official photo shoot, which is actually engagement photos when I first got engaged and I was like, What colors are you supposed to wear? And photographs, like Is white good or is white and most retirees like in See Denise Space? Most photographers kind of no like, What's gonna look good on someone? Maybe what's Maybe you should do pattern. Maybe you shouldn't do pattern, but the thing is, as as business owners or as people who work in a particular space, we are aware of so much information that the general person does not know, and we did talk us a little bit yesterday. But think about photographers. Here is some great colors to wear for shoots here. The pros and cons of having your engagement shoot indoors versus outdoors here. Beautiful places for local photographers. Maybe you could put together a board of like, beautiful places. Toe. Have photo shoots in your area. Maybe there's some great parks or venues that you know are great for shoots, and so you put a board like that on there. There's so much information at your fingertips that can be displayed on Pinterest that is really useful, invaluable to your customers, taking it a step further and back to what you said yesterday, creating a video for your clients that establishes and build that trust. And you're talking to them as an authority and letting them know neutrals look beautiful. You know, sweater skirts look beautiful. So not just the boards, but also engaging them with your video board and actually having you know these. There are 10 tips for a wardrobe for engagement sessions or boudoir sessions or a family portrait. Whatever your line of photography is, not only are you giving them the valuable content, but you're connecting with them on building that relationship and trust. Thank you guys so much for sharing all of this great content is wonderful. You're getting so many great ideas, you know, And Crystal is inadvertently in the hot seat video. You guys do a little bit way dio we dio we sometimes Paris sort of a behind the scenes type of video with our fashion shoots. And that's another thing people love behind the scenes of any business. So if your photographer behind the scenes of a really awesome photo shoot is interesting to people, are all boyars way. If you're in product giving a inside glimpse into maybe some of your where houses or the first development stages of creating the product. People love that. So we do a lot of behind the scenes videos. But I would love to delve a little bit more into just sort of speaking directly to her readers in video. So actually recently just took a course on that in Seattle last week. So I'm really excited toe bring video into our brands. A little bit of a video on your Pinterest page would be really cool. Also just thinking about how to connect that right. People I have found over the last three years that people, the more they actually know about you. So if you're the business owner or the founder of a company, the more people know about you, the more they tend to connect a few and therefore feel more loyal to you. So a lot of the times people, I think, sort of think, Oh, people want me to stay behind the scenes. They don't really want to see my face everywhere, but what you're really doing is creating that connection with them. So don't be afraid. Toe. Get yourself out there a little bit more. Tell your story. Put about pages video of you talking. All of that really helps contribute to the connection with your readers and followers. Absolutely an inspiration. I think of you even see those Kelly Wearstler when she posts a picture of one of her boards, and it's actually not like a Pinterest board. But she'll have, like, cloth and, like maybe a piece of metal. And she is really cool. If you're creative, you're probably constantly being inspired. You know, I think we see this a lot with, like, fashion designers, what is inspire you right now you have a board that is my inspiration and you talk about Maybe you took an amazing trip. I think of, 0 $1,000,000 decorators. Watch they would. You know what it would be like. Oh, I just took this fabulous trip to Morocco, and I'm inspired by the native cuisine and Lola and you watch it and then you see how they he's translated that into a new fabric. You're like, so cool. I think more creative people, we should share more about our inspiration so that people who by our products or buyer services they can tap into that world inspired by other people's creativity and a great place to share that inspiration and what's currently driving and motivating, inspiring you

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