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How to Build Pinterest Followers

Lesson 23 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

How to Build Pinterest Followers

Lesson 23 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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23. How to Build Pinterest Followers


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Lesson Info

How to Build Pinterest Followers

so we talked about a lot of stuff yesterday. In fact, I just I don't think we have anything else to go over to know. Okay. Talked about it all yesterday. No. So yesterday was all focusing on content creation, kind of the the boards you should have on your page the way that you can really be designing contact to be very impactful. But I hinted towards he doesn't matter, give the best content out there if nobody can see it right. And one of the biggest challenges when I'm working with business owners and people who are solar preneurs or photographers or creative it is, Sometimes they don't have the audience that their talent deserves right or they don't have the audience that their business idea like it should be getting mawr exposure. It should be getting more traction online. And I even shared that with every one of the businesses I've started. It's actually taken longer. It's been more work than I originally thought. Teoh get to a place that I was happy with to get the sales where I w...

anted them to be to get the number of clients I was interested in, and it turns out that you can't just put up a website and people will flood to it. Maybe maybe that happens to some people out there. But for me, that wasn't my experience. And so today, what we're really going to focus on is building an audience online. And of course, we're gonna talk specifically about Pinterest cause that's what we're all here to learn. But got some great guests today that actually going to be talking about not just Pinterest, but normally, even if you have a great Pinterest following, it should be trickling into other areas of your business. You know, it's kind of an anomaly to see someone with 100,000 Facebook fans. But to followers on Twitter, kind of all goes hand in hand. So we're gonna be talking about all sorts of strategies for getting Pinterest. Followers were even talking about contests today which people normally love to hear about contests are a really fun way to kind of jumpstarted Pinterest page. And most people actually think that they shouldn't run a contest until they have hundreds or thousands of followers on Pinterest. In fact, it's actually opposite. If you're brand new to Pinterest, you're just starting out and you're wondering how am I going to get those 1st 50 fans? How many get those 1st followers? A contest can be a great way to get started. So we're talking about that. I think that's after lunch today. But right now we're gonna talk about some other strategies on how to get lots of Pinterest followers. So the first thing we're gonna talk about its integration and you're going to start seeing a little bit of building going on here. We're going to be building upon some of the concepts we touched upon yesterday, going a little bit more in depth now that we're on day two and then Day three is just gonna wrap everything up with a pretty little bow Kind of like this. But integration is really, really key for social media because you shouldn't just be using a Facebook page and just be using a Pinterest page and never cross promoting the content. One thing that I do on my Facebook page is actually have a Pinterest tab. And I found this to be really helpful because as much as I sing the praises of Pinterest and we talked about how you know, the average order value is much larger, and it's a whole sort of different product purchasing platform. Most of us have been on Facebook for a while. Most of us have a business page. We have a couple or 100 or 1000 followers something like that, because Facebook A has been around longer than Pinterest and be it's still a larger platform. Even though Pinterest is amazing, it's getting all of these incredible traffic generating strategies. They're actually still more people on Facebook. So to use Pinterest without kind of piggybacking on top of Facebook, I think is kind of cutting yourself short. You want to use both together, so something I have done is this Pinterest tab, and you can actually get this for free. I think it's free. Blue box dot com ford slash Pinterest They haven't changed it Never. It's something These fights mix it up, but would box dot com ford slash Pinterest to plug in this Pinterest tap, and what's really cool is when you actually click on that tab, you can't see it, but it will pull up. The whole Pinterest board inside of Facebook are the whole Pinterest page so you'll see all of your different boards. People can click on the board. It's fully interactive. While you're still on Facebook, you can click on the boards and see the pins that are on each board. But as soon as someone tries to reap in the pin from there, or as soon as they try to comment, do something more interactive. Beyond that, it will take them over to Pinterest. But I found you can get a lot of exposure for Pinterest on a Facebook page like this. Just people discovering your page For the first time, people coming to comment on your wall. People come into common on different posts or that source of things. So I'm always looking for those little needle needle movers. And Christine talked about yesterday that little details can all add up to something really big. And that's I want you to start thinking about building your Pinterest following. Maybe it's not one big thing you do one day, but maybe it's just all these different areas that you're already working in online and finding ways to kind of crossover together. So something else I do on Facebook, it will actually, you know, do a post. I talked about that yesterday. Well, I will actually put a link not just to my Pinterest page. A lot of people will do that. Just a link to their Pinterest page, but I'll pull out something specific. So maybe there's a really great new pin for a book I'm reading. And so we'll go ahead and talk about Hey, check out this pin, actually share all of my favorite books on this board here. I'll put a link to that, but you could do that also with boards. So say you had a board. We talked yesterday about testimonials. Maybe on your Facebook page along. Those people have never heard any testimonials from your clients or customers. You could say, Hey, I'm so blessed, you know, to be able to work with amazing people and actually compiled some of my favorite clients and customers on this board on Pinterest. Check it out. Click here, see what they have to say. So cross promotion so you can see this is an actual update I did on my Facebook page, I said, confused how to use Pinterest to get more clients, check out this new Pinterest board that I'm using to showcase my new membership program. And then I put a link, and this was actually a screenshot I took because yes, if I put that link, Facebook will kind of auto generate everyone. Seen that when you post a link, a little snapshot. But if you want to get four times the amount of attention the news feed, I normally take a screenshot and attach my own photo just to get more leverage. Again, we've learned that Facebook post with images, get a lot more engagement, a lot more comments sharing. So I always go ahead and add a photo and manually, this is a fun way. Just kind of use your page that you probably have already so many people have never even thought about talking about Pinterest on Facebook. Anyone else like it's like we have this kind of barrier were like, Oh, I don't want to talk about this platform on that platform and I want you to totally break down those walls. All this stuff should be used together. An email, your list. That's right. It's not even 30 We're talking about email again. Good morning. So email your list. We talked about building an email. Last house is important to your business, something that I have seen Major major brands. Dio is actually send out a list once they've kind of got their Pinterest page to a place they're happy with. They will send a list sent on email and say, Hey, you know, we're now on Pinterest But here's what you want to focus on. Don't just say we're on Pinterest Link. Why should they want to follow you on Pinterest? Do you do exclusive promotions? Do you give special discounts? Are you putting footage or content or articles or videos that can't be found anywhere else online? You gotta entice. Um, it's not just about I'm here. You should follow me because I'm on Pinterest. But what's in it for them? Why should they want to take the time to follow you? What are they going to get out of that? So I love the idea of email in your list, reaching out to those people that are already fans of your business. And here's why. Ah, lot of people think I should be using Pinterest to attract Onley new people, so I don't want to tell any of my existing Facebook fans. I don't want to tell any of my existing newsletter subscribers about my Pinterest page because they already, you know, they already know about me. And that's actually totally backwards, because those are the people had already raised their hand and said, I like what you dio I want to support you. I want to be a part of what you're doing, what you're building, and those are going to be the people that are gonna reap in your content toe all of their followers. They're gonna share your posts because they are the engaged people in your business right now. So those are the people. Those are your advocates that you want to reach out Teoh and help you build this following so you know you list and for follow the right account, let's throw this out to the worldwide audience and also the studio audience. Any ideas for who you should follow now? Obviously, if it's a personal account, you can go ahead and follow your Facebook friends or something like that. But if you're using this for business, we're in this strategy mode. What accounts should we be following any ideas? Adam. Well, what I usually done, I guess, for other platforms Twitter, Facebook pages for a company like artful gentlemen, I would go in and I would follow those top tier brands in your segment, right? Such as fashion. So I would follow a coach does not at all the top once we all know about. And, uh, I do that because I would hope that some of the people who like those categories would also come over to us if there very vibrant followers. Right. But exactly Rachel, Anything else at the people? Your target market, the people they follow most, which might not be the people I would choose to follow. Right? Love it. So competitors people who share your similar audience. So we're talking about why this isn't just a moment, but also other people in your industry people who were doing the same stuff, You know, if you are selling commerce of your in home decor, fall other brands like that to see what their penny either. So that's just general awareness is always good, because you can either choose to do what they're not doing and differentiate, or you can use it to kind of see what's working for them and piggyback off of that as well. But mostly for the strategy I'm gonna be teaching you is to follow large accounts that share your demographic, and we'll be talking about how you can actually comment on pins. And you know that you can comment on pins. Nobody does it. If you ever go on your newsfeed, there's no comments. But where you can actually dio is comment on pins in the news feed from other, larger brands. So people that maybe have at least over 1000 followers larger pages. Because then your comment with a link to your Pinterest page is shown to whoever is seen that at present time on the news feed. And I have an example. I think it's somewhere in here we'll actually show you. I had to take a screenshot of a news feed where there wasn't a lot of other people's content, but I'll actually show you that it pops off the page. Since no one's really commenting when there's a pin that has commented on and your comment next to it all of a sudden, it's like you see a picture of So let's say, for artful gentlemen you know there's men's Vogue and right below the men's vote post that's being seen by hundreds of thousands of people, there's artful gentlemen, your logo or a photo. You know that image that you've selected for your page and whatever your comment ISS and this is where you can kind of decide what you're comfortable with. But sometimes you can just say, you know, be positive. Oh, this is great. Love this gorgeous with some adjective. But you could also say, you know, so inspired by this image is we actually have tons of great retro fashion like this on our page two. So when people see, they're like, Oh, I like this, We'll probably like that, too. So you can use comments as a way to kind of leverage the other larger pages. And this is probably founding different, too. But you're wondering how much traction does this really get? I taught this on one of my webinars to a couple 100 people, and about a week later I had dozens of emails going. Melanie, this totally works and Pinterest, you dont want spam. I'm not telling you about their in span things, but when you do go ahead and you put value out in the marketplace. Even suggestions, feedback, positive praised people respond to that. And because it's so seamlessly set up, I just actually how I started my entire coaching business, but on Facebook, because we don't have Pinterest. Then I created a business page. I don't even have a website yet. I created business Page, and I just started posting like great articles. I found online about business, cool videos, inspiring quotes, that sort of thing. And I would log in as my page and I would follow other big Facebook pages in my industry, and I would just be super involved. I mean, probably a little annoying little nine. But I would comment on their posts. I would give feedback. I'd say, If you love this, you should definitely check out this, too. I would just try to add value to the marketplace, and I literally it's a Facebook fan page that has over 50,000 fans now. It wasn't all from just commenting, but I definitely got my 1st 1000 fans by doing that. Every morning I would go log in comment on the most recent posts and then throughout the day, I would see people get exposure to my page. So don't don't think that this isn't a effective strategy, particularly if you're just kind of starting and you want to get your 1st 50 fans. You want to get your 1st 100 fans because I've seen that 100 seems to be the tipping point where all of a sudden once you have 100 people following you, you'll get a couple re pens on each pin. Which means that a couple people are sharing you with their audiences, which means that you're starting to get, you know, at least 100 to a couple 100 hits of exposure everyday on Pinterest. So just getting to that 1st 100 is normally the hardest part. And once you break that barrier, normally the mo mentum starts to pick up, and you can move a lot faster now also, yes, sorry, I would like to jump in, what with what people are saying online about lately about those ideas, and Alaska had said that they put their competitors on a secret board and then somebody else act, Mrs Be said, Whoa, that turned my followers on to my competitors in the feed. So one person is saying there try to hide their competitors, but then the because the other one is saying, Well, is that gonna turn people on to my competitors? The only way that would turn people on to your competitors is if someone went to your business Pinterest page or whatever page. It could be a personal account. They went and looked at who you were following. So it's a little tiny tab on the right side of the page and then collect and looked through all of that. 99% of people are not going to do that. They're not gonna come to your page to see who you're following. It's just not really how we use Pinterest. So is possible. Gaffney's. Maybe what they're asking is in regards Teoh commenting on the bigger brands. So you, as photographers, we necessarily wouldn't want to go in and comment on our competitors pins and say, Oh, well, that's a great image. If you like this image, check out an image over here, right? So I think maybe commenting mawr on the bigger brands and not necessarily are competitors. Absolutely, absolutely. And it doesn't just have to be your competitors and I get really can be broader market. So for my business luxury monograms, some of the largest accounts in my sector are going to be editorial. So things like House Beautiful or Country Living magazine or those types l decor. So I'm following larger publications. I'm not necessarily going and following some mom and pop pillow shop and commenting on their stuff. That's not really where I'm going to get the biggest bang for my buck. What I'm gonna do is find I know my demographic is women ages to about 55. And so I'm thinking, Who else has that same demographic is me in a larger scope, and you can probably think maybe it's a big brand. Maybe it's Tory Burch. Maybe it's, you know, maybe it's Bloomingdale's or Neiman's or some bigger conglomerates. That's what I tend to do when I'm using the commenting strategy and I have noticed be. And this is, find the Pinterest does this. But since they don't want a lot of spamming, um, normally after about three to max, five comments you do in a row like in less than five minutes, they'll block you, say Hey, OK, calm down. You little excited so you won't be able to go in and spend 25 minutes and just blast everyone, which I don't think you necessarily want to do as a business anyways. But if you do every morning, go in and make a few comments that can give you that traction. But I completely agree. But what? What would be kind of cool depending on your relationship to your industry for photographers are these contributor boards and what a contributor board is any time you see this little silhouette, I think it supposed to be three people accounts like a Paul print to me. But I think this this little silhouette means it is a contributor board, and we did a little brief overview of this. I think we were talking about secret boards yesterday, but what you can do if you click edit board on any of your boards, this will pop up and you can add people that you're following. You have to be following them. First people that you were following, you can invite them, which they can accept or decline to be a contributor contributor on your board, so you might be thinking, Well, who would I add as a collaborator? Who should I have? You know, on this contributor board, other people in your industry, like we just talked about large accounts that share demographic clients and customers can be very interesting for contributor boards and also partners and employees. So let me break this down for you and talk about why you should use a contributor board in your in the first place. First of all, it's great to have more people creating content for you, particularly they've got to be people that you trust. You can't just pick some random person cause now your brand your businesses online with what this content, Whatever content is on your page and again you can moderate it. You can go in and delete people as contributors. You can delete their pins so it's not. You give away all control, but it can be really helpful, particularly your full time business probably isn't creating pins on Pinterest. So if you can kind of throw that off that responsibility off to an assistant or someone else, or even a client or customer like we all kind of have those clients and customers hopefully that are the ones that are just hyper engaged, right? I know I have a few bum that are always in our forums or posting on our page that by all of our products, like they're just really into what we're doing. It can be really cool to reach out to someone like that and say, Hey, you're adding so much value to the community. We really appreciate what you're putting out there. Would you like to be an official pinar for us and create content for this one specific board? So you're not adding into your entire Pinterest page. If you want to go ahead and add them to re board, you can. But in most cases, you're putting your adding the missing contributed a one specific board. So this could be something where I've seen Chobani, the yogurt. The Greek yogurt company has a really cool contributor board, where they select a handful of customers, and they pin different ways that they used Chobani so they'll reach out to bloggers that have, like Amazing Cooking blog's. And they'll share all of these recipes in all of these ways that they bake or cook with Chobani. And so it could be fun. Maybe you like for me. Maybe I have an interior designer that always orders from us. And I added spinner and say, Hey, any time you use our materials and one of your homes, I want you to take a photo of it and put it on our Pinterest board. So now they're kind of creating and curating content and it could be win win also because they will. Still, they will be pinning as their account to that contributor board so you will actually be able to see on. Do you guys want me to pull this up so you can actually see kind of the ins and outs of the contributor board? Because this is really cool, and I also probably can't show you because it's other people's pages. But there's something really cool about the exposure that you can get using a contributor board. So let me just log into Pinterest. How are we doing on questions, everyone? I'm gonna expand on this further. I've got a question. Yeah? Do you know how many people can be added as contributors? There's not a known limit that I am aware of because I've seen boards that have, like 5200. That sounds like a nightmare to me. I would never want to manage that many people, right? But you definitely can't at a lot of people. I mean, I was just brainstorming because I know we're going to talk about contests later. But contributor boards could potentially maybe be used in a contest format. Absolutely. Maybe if there was some kind of limit on it, I don't know. So here's what's cool. So when you have a contributor board, the other people that pin to that board are linked up here in the top left. Now you may notice. Looks like some twins. The action happening over here. Let me explain to another way that I use contributor boards is, since I have a personal and I have a business account. Sometimes I'm log into my personal account, will be online and find a great article. I think it would be good to pin to my business account, but I'd go to Penn and I'm logged into my personal account. I think so. I don't want to take the time to long back in a log back out. So on my boards that I'm constantly adding content to like my five most active boards. I add my personal, my business account, two vice versus they're interchangeable. So whether I'm logged it personally or is my business page, I can pin to this board at any time, which is kind of cool. But you'll see if I were to click on this, which I don't think I can, because it'll show pins aren't mine. But this would take me directly to my personal page. So these link. So what's cool is you are offering whoever is contributing additional exposure. And when they do pin to your page instead of saying the business same down here, I will say whatever their name is a link to their account so they can piggyback and get exposure off of this as well. And I've seen a lot of people do this like event designers that will fashion designers that will actually pin for larger brands. So if you go Teoh, I think in Style magazine, they have different celebrity. Pinter's every month and they'll have Nicole Richie pinfall fashion stuff and she's got her own board on there. So you could even think this is something that large brands do a lot because they don't necessarily want to do all the content creation. But they want to leverage relationships they have and bring in fresh people that their audience will respond to and engage with interact with. So bringing in different people that pin to your board. And again I'm thinking photographer specifically like, you know, bringing it. Maybe you have a wedding board, and instead of just you pin all the content, you've got these great relationships and you want to reach out to a caterer that you don't always work within. You say I want you guys to pin really good, you know, catering ideas or tips or information. You reach out to a wedding planner. Hey, could you put together I want a link to a few of your blog's posts and talk about some of the great tips you have for planning a wedding. Now, listen, it becomes this really kind of cool collaborative space, But this is a trap, for this is a follower generating strategy. And let me tell you why. So if someone was to go to my personal accounts and click through there, if you scroll down on my personal page. Melanie TV is one of the boards because whenever you choose to be a contributor, that board will then be added to your page as well. So cool, cause I'm getting exposure now on multiple accounts on their pages. But also cool because what most people do and they go to a Pinterest page like, if I was going to go to my luxury monograms page and you like what you see, you click this button right here, which normally says Follow all like I'm falling right now. But if I wasn't following it, it would say Follow all. So this is what 99% of people will do. They come to a page. Okay, this looks cool. It looks interesting. I'm gonna go ahead and click. Follow all Now, this person has also just followed my board on all manage academy because it is included on their board page. So contributor boards tend to have the highest amount of followers thousands of followers mawr, kind of relatively than any other board on your page because of the extra boost of followers you're getting from multiple Pinterest accounts. Is this making sense? If this is advanced and nobody of talking about this. So if you're going, can you settle again? I totally get it, cause this is something that's a little bit confusing, but it's really cool to get more followers. So marketing mojitos is saying, there's a lot of people in there saying Holy moly, yes, I love it perfect. But marking mojitos says, I have the perfect application for a contributor board. I could have a mojito board for people to submit mojito recipes, which doesn't compete with my business, which is about online marketing strategies. That's called a marketing mojitos. I just want a mojito now. Absolutely. I mean, there's so many ways to do this. And again, this is kind of fitting into our follower based framework because this is one of the most effective ways I think, to get followers automatically. I mean, you're not doing anything. You add a contributor, it's on their board page. They're getting a kickback because they're getting exposure on your page. But they're also helping out with content and you're getting exposure across beyond just your own Pinterest page. So it's a really cool, multidimensional strategy, and then you can go even further when you start thinking about who could I collaborate with? You know, we gave some examples for photographers, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's so many people that you could reach out to whether they are in your industry outside of your industry, your customers, other experts on. It's so cool. I don't think enough people are leveraging his contributor boards. They're really, really neat. Have some questions around just the steps involved in creating the contributors. Can you walk us through that? Sure. Great. So let me go back to my page and I'll show you exactly how you would do it. So say I wanted Teoh Add a contributor, Teoh. I don't know my testimonials course mayor, but board Maybe I wanted to add my assistant so she could start doing this stuff. So what I would do is click Edit board right in the middle of the page and then down here, where it says who can pin. This is where you would want to actually select someone. So it has to be someone you're following again. I use my husband is an example yesterday because I think I'm already following him on this page. But I would just go ahead and type in his user name and then go ahead and automatically invite him. And then as soon as you actually see when you're on your home page and you would click, save changes so you get sent that invitation when you're actually on your page, there's normally or maybe it's when you log in to the home page. There's normally you'll see, like up in the top left. If you have any invitation for group boards, it will kind of come up and pop up in the top left. So that's a cool way to see if you get invited to other boards now. Because I talked about Pinterest so much, I tend to get invited to a lot of boards. Um, and I I decline almost every one of them because normally it's actually really funny. I get invited to a lot of contributor boards about animals. I don't know why. I think a lot of people are like, really funny quote boards or things like that that really don't have anything to dio with my business. So I don't accept boards and less first of all, there with other brands. I want to be aligned with with other people. I know that. I know the content is gonna be okay on my page, but for the most part, it's the only people that are looking to just kind of leverage the following I already have that aren't a good fit. So don't feel like you need to accept all board requests are all can pet a contributor board request that you get but feel free to send them out. I've been blown away, and I think I might be taking a little bit of advantage of the fact that most people don't know what a contributor board is, but I'll reach out to people with really large followings. Major businesses send a contributor, board requests, and they'll be like, accepted. That's so great, because now every time someone follows them, I'm also getting those followers so it can be really cool. A lot of big brands you wouldn't think, actually will approve contributor board request because they just don't have a strategy on Pinterest. So did that make sense how to add contributors And we also talked about If at any point you want to delete their content, you do have the ability to do that on the board page. You could just click delete pen. And if you ever want to remove a competitor, you want to remove a contributor. You would just go over here again. We don't have any contributors on this board, but you would click edit board and then remove. That's how you can get rid of someone removed. Devon is kicked off that Intersport Take that. Good. Everyone go to the contributor boards. Yeah, just a little bit of clarification would have a few questions. In this spirit, Mrs B is asking whether we need to make sure contributors or posting things that are legal. You talk a little minimum managing the content that your contributors are creating absolutely well. First of all, with anyone that you're gonna bring on to be contributor, you wanna have a discussion with them in the first place and talk about here is the type of stuff I want to see you pinning. Here's the type of stuff I don't want to see you pinning, you know, give them parameters and guidelines just like anyone. If you re let someone post on your Facebook page or post on your website, you probably have a little bit of a discussion about. Here's let's make sure what we're doing is in alignment, so I would definitely let people know. Hey, I only want you to pin your content or I only want you to pin you when you're using stuff of mine. Like I don't want you to pin third party content. I'm you know, some people. I'm OK with the opinion. Third party content. Just let them know, you know, make sure everything that is relevant I only want something good to talk about for expectations, is how much they should be pinning. Because I have some people that on and you could have a contributor that's not active. And that's fine because you're still getting followers from people following their boards and just that exposure on their page. But sometimes you get a pin happy contributor and they pin more than you would like. We talked yesterday. You never want a pin dump where you go on there and someone pins 50 things. Denise had this experience, you know? So you want to talk with them? Hey, you please. I love that you're acting. This is great. You know, you're adding so much value. But please don't penned more than 10 things a day to that board. Or please don't pin more than you know three days a week, this board or something. You know you're gonna feel the pace of how much content you want on your board also depends on if it's really high value, high quality. If someone's pinning stuff your board, it's getting amazing engagement. You might be like, please, by all means do your thing. But the contributor boards are a really cool way to wrap your head around like mojitos. Recipes like that's just such a cool idea, and people are really are really loving this conversation. Can we ask you a couple more pasture? Little questions? Really awesome. So charming asked. How do you communicate to somebody to add as it contributed, or how do we talk to them once they are contributor, like you were just saying that communication and then another quick question from Abby Photo is, if you removed a contributor, do you lose all the followers of that board? Teoh. You will not lose the followers that you've gained during that portion. Your board will no longer be on their page though, right? And in terms of the question, we're tied. Yeah, sorry gave me to the second question was about. Once you have a contributor relationship, how do you communicate with so it's always great. If you know the person personally already, you can just shoot them an email. But a lot of times we have those online friends, right? Or people that we kind of know from online. So what I suggest is you can actually, if it's a business page, there should always be either some sort of way to contact them. So maybe it's an email. Most of the time. It's gonna be a link to their website. As soon as you click on the link to their website, you can see their contact form of their email address or something on their official page. So what I normally do is find an account that I'm interested in collaborating, collaborating with go to their website and then on their website, find wherever they have a contact field or an email address, recharge them there. That's the best way to do it and then talk about you know why, why you should even want to work together. Maybe say, You know, I think we have similar audiences. I see that you have a Pinterest page, but you're not really, you know, utilizing it. Neither my let's work together and create a really awesome board, so you want to reach out to them. Explained benefits? Yes. Just said something about removing somewhat. The question about the contributor removing a contributor. You said that your, um, your board will be removed from their page. So when you invite someone to contribute on one of your boards, your board then shows up on their page. Awesome. Yeah, very whole. That's the Create the board. You have ownership. So if they're collaborator, they can't delete you from the board. No, you still the reins. It's I mean, it's definitely if I think the biggest opportunities when it is your board. It's cool to contribute to other boards as well, just for additional little spots of exposure. But the big wins come from when it's your board and your controlling the content, and you're getting the exposure on bits just on other people's pages. But again, this is a cool way to reach out to other people who maybe don't have a Pinterest strategy yet are looking for more boards on their page anyways because they don't even know what to be working on eso. A lot of people, I will say, very receptive, even though to me it's pretty obvious, like when it's your board, you're the one that's really getting the advantages. But you can still get them exposure from your follower base. And they also still love having content and being a part of something, you know, beyond a board where if it's like the cool kid thing to do, right, like you can all the cool kids in your industry to be on this board, everybody wants to do it. And it can be a great thing to bring people together and build kind of a community on your page. Thank you, thank you. No problem. And then, of course, using your site, which we talked about a little bit yesterday. Little shadow to Christine. I love that Christine does this on deluxe Modern is she actually has all for social stuff, which I mean, we all do right somewhere on our on our website. But you want to make sure that you have a place where people can follow you on Pinterest on your website as well. We talked about the people on your site are the people that are already interested in what you're doing and actually had a great question. Some people that have more local based businesses, maybe local photography studios wondering, How do I leverage Pinterest as a local business owner? And you might not be able to specifically target local people using a Pinterest page. Maybe the targeting doesn't happen there, but what's cool is you can take people who are kind of looking lose on your site. Brand new to you. Still kind of feeling you out and use your Pinterest page as a way to build a relationship with them. To build positioning, to use almost as a portfolio to show your work to show what people have to say about you to show social proof. I mean, don't we always trust websites more when we see they have a couple 100 or a couple 1000 Facebook fans, we go okay, they must be semi legit. Same way you want to use social proof with Pinterest on your website. Use your site as a way to encourage people who are already there to follow you so you can add that you know, some people will have, like the big button on the side Christine was talking about. You can actually get a at plug in, and it will show the most recent things that you've pinned. So it's kind of a cool way to bring engagement in, but use your site. Don't just think about using Pinterest One way to get people to your site, but also use your site as a way to get followers on your Pinterest page. It could go synergy right below that word. Synergy. So there's tons of widgets you can get for follow buttons and those plug ins that show your most recent pins. All of this stuff is available when you go to business dot Pinterest dot com. That resource center. We talked about tons of different plug ins. You can also Google. You know, Pinterest follow buttons, anything like that. And there are independent things you can plug in. And, of course, like any other social network, a great way to build followers is just simply be active and engaged on the platform. Comment on pins follow their brands post content as regularly as you know, possible for yourself. But the more active engaged in here is that screen show I was talking about. Where when you actually comment on a pin, you can see your Pinterest name. You can see your comment and this links directly to your Pinterest page. So if you're commenting on pins of big companies that have hundreds of thousands of Pinterest followers or Christie was saying even some have millions of Pinterest followers, you can bet you're going to get at least a few more eyeballs on your page. This way. So what I'd love to do now? Yes. Kanneh, can we ask you questions before we start the panel with our guests? Okay, awesome. So what I'm seeing in the chat rooms, Melanie, is that we have some people who are new to today and joining us on dso I'm wondering if you could give just a really quick recap. Go on. Why a business Pinterest account in addition to a personal one? Yeah, for again, just kind of setting the stage again for people who didn't see all of yesterday. So there are official business accounts which a lot of people don't realize on the Onley thing, you need to know they look the same. They function pretty much the exact same. The only difference is when you have an official business account and you go ahead and verify your site, you will be able to see analytics, which just allow you to see how many times you're getting impressions on the platform. How many times your appearing in search all sorts of additional metrics? What type of content is the most popular and engaged that you're pinning all sorts of that good little information that you want for building out larger strategies around your content that is Onley available on the Pinterest platform for free If you have a business page, so you can go to business dot Pinterest dot com, you can set up a business account, or you can convert if you already have a personal account and set up a business account. But again, that site is awesome. It's created by Pinterest, but it will walk you through all the steps to do that. It will also talk about it will have all of those Resource is like the widgets, the plug ins all available for free, and it will kind of walk you through. Like, What's the difference? A lot of great resource is there, as we saw yesterday for some people having a business and a personal account. There's great reasons for that as this whole classes talking about. Yeah, but then, for some people like Christina, Miss smarter and have one that becomes because she's a solo preneurs on your so right. Different scenarios for different people. But I just wanted to address that. Yeah, that's great. Thank you for bringing that up yet Doing more questions? Uh, sure. Uh, tough Total is asking. Todo decided. He wants to know if he uses his business account toe. Add his sister. Is she? Oh, I'm so sorry. Tough Total. She wants to know. Uses her business account toe. Add her sister's board for her wedding Him. All of her followers will see, uh, that activity on her board as well. Or is it just her followers that see it? Oh, good. I account to add my sister's board for her wedding. I get what she's asking. Eso she's asking if her sister's followers will get See all of the activity on that board. Correct? I don't think so. I actually have not tested this, but I think that they will Onley see what she pins to that board. I'm pretty confident that so she her followers won't see her business. Other business pinning activity they will Onley See what? Sister of tough tootle tootle you Only the only the sisters activity will be visible to her followers. Quick question. I'm from Susan in Vancouver. Can you have two business Pinterest board Pinterest pages to the same website, one website? I don't believe so. Because if you do that verification step, Pinter's will only want one account assigned to that to track. Okay, um, you can have multiple business accounts, but it would have to be linked. I don't think you can verify a sight more than once different pages. Okay, Stamper dog is asking if you can have people collaborate on a secret board until they get it good enough to make it look worthy. Yeah, that was a great question, because I thought you could. But yesterday, when we were doing that secret, remember, it wasn't loading. So I'm wondering if secret boards aren't available for collaboration because I didn't see that option on there. Now, this might be something that changes that they add on that I'm not aware of. But I was noticing that I wasn't seeing the contributor option we were doing, and I can pull it again. But yesterday it wasn't popping up, and I've never used it for contributors, but we were talking about ways to collaborate on them. But let's check out this secret. Two of our expert panel panel members over here nodding their heads can. Okay, Perfect. Maybe it was just loading weird yesterday because I was thrown off by that, since so many people use them for number. Do you guys remember we made this for shoes? My husband doesn't. Okay, so there it is. So it just must not have been loaded properly. So you can see that it's a secret board, and that is where you would go ahead and add the Penner's. So yes, you could add them is contributors. And then, as soon as you guys were happy with the board, go ahead and turn it on to public down there. Very cool. Well, this is a great just final question as a Segway into our expert panel, where we're going to talk about how to gain more followers but evoke dreams. Photography about the collaborator board says, This is awesome for people like you, Melanie, who are well known. But what about for people that are just starting out? Will it work, Justus? Well, absolutely. You just need to leverage the relationships you already have. So even reaching out to a sister into a family member. Reaching out to if you have any relationships in your industry normally are very beneficial. But even cross industries, you know, maybe your graphic designer and you have a friend that you know has an Etsy store. You guys decide that you want to be contributors and she's gonna pin some stuff about this and you're going up in some stuff about that. It doesn't have to be reaching out to Vogue magazine and getting, you know and acceptance. That's not It doesn't have to be at that level. It can beat a level where you are created community with peers at your own level,

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