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Q&A with Christine & Melanie

Lesson 17 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

Q&A with Christine & Melanie

Lesson 17 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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17. Q&A with Christine & Melanie

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Q&A with Christine & Melanie

way. Just say holy knowledge, bones. I like typing. So you're so on like you're so in it. And I don't think you understand the stuff. You're saying how valuable it is. That's great. Good. She's talking about messaging and language, which is something we haven't even gotten into it, and we're focusing more on visual. But you know the tone when you're writing those captions when you're writing those headlines or blawg post like how does it sound when people read about your brand? I love that I loved how you talked about with the way people talk or the way you speak to your audience and also talking about the way that people connect with you behind the scenes. And that's something one of the boards I recommend is behind the scenes board because, like you said, you want people to be, ah, part of your experience. They want to see the, you know, putting the first chandelier up. In addition to that, I wanted to add asking questions. This is something I do primarily on Facebook, but I've done ...

it on Pinterest as well and captions, and it's worked really well, but asking people so that restaurant example, was golden. So what if she would have put up there and said, Hey, you know, we're thinking about offering these three times types of ice cream like we're gonna do strawberry, vanilla or pistachio. Which type do you think would be the best one to put on the first side of opening? A. You know, I'm terrible question. But you understand on saying, like asking them, Hey, this is what we're thinking about doing. Hey, you know, we're doing a spring new cosmetic line like What's your favorite go to with color? Something like that, where they then feel involved in a part of what's happening part of the creative process, insanely valuable. They love that and also like Ken was talking about. I'm so happy that Christine is here because she's the yin to my yang. You know, it's really good where I can come on. Like you said, I can talk about, you know, large product businesses and you know all this other stuff. But there's a lot of soul preneurs that go, You know, I just want to be me, my business, one page one board for my brand, and that's okay. Like some of the stuff I say you might go. Yes, I want you know, I'm actually separate for my brand. I want to do it this way. Here's how I want is a platform. But there's a lot of the their right to Christine and how she is using and what she's doing. I think that's perfect for you to get both. You know, both types of options Christine's talking about. She doesn't like to blatantly promote anything, you know. She might have things. There was a little subtle promotion, but she wants to focus on most of her content. B'more, outside of her brand that is okay to like these were just different schools of thought, and they're great for you to kind of cherry pick what you feel the most comfortable with and what's going to serve your brand and your message the most authentically and I think to part of that is because my product is more of a service. It's more personally like, he said, personally tied to me, where you're selling physical product and you're selling classes. That's so much easier to be like, Yeah, look, we're selling that, but for me, it's like I, you know, you don't want a self promote, it's hard to put yourself out there and look how great I am. And actually, the more followers I get, the harder it is to sometimes, like I really want to post this and we'll take things down, All post something you feel like you know what? That's not good. You'll see it on Facebook and Pinterest. It's not maybe good enough or strong enough. Get rid of it. So But I think that there are two definitely, you know, and I consider myself a small business. I am. It's just me and, you know, But with products that's a whole different ballgame, absolutely no photography or our design or any kind of service. I think that it's it's easier to talk to people like your friends, and but I think that that goes the same thing for selling products. Both of those both boys cap so but incredible. I mean, do you see? I was I wanted to take pictures of some of her slides, things that are so simple, and yet they're just so good and you said something about like all of the small details add up to something really important you said it much more eloquently wrote it down. But it's so true, like she's doing simple things. Just because this is here instead of here, it looks better. You know, If this was over, her face probably wouldn't be as good of an image. So I think paying attention to things like that, putting the time into what you put out there. Love that. You said. If something's not strong enough, you pull it way. Think, you know, we put something on the Internet. It's out there forever. You know, The truth is, to a certain degree, we can kind of moderate and see. And although the same thing's by pinning something and there's not a good response, I might take it down and go, OK, does it need to be worked on a little differently? Did I just, you know, pin at the wrong time and with any content you know, with Blawg post with anything you're putting on your website, you always have that chance to kind of curate and that's what people pay for. I mean, people want you to curate the information to curate experiences for that money and one of the oh, so I just had a quick clarification for Melanie. You mentioned asking your followers questions, and Mary wants to know if it's possible to do that on Pinterest or if you were referring to Facebook exclusively. It is totally possible done on Pinterest. I did eso if you do right in the caption So I said common below and tell me if you like the polka dots and stripes better. So we're doing two pillows. I had a picture of each and I just said, you know, vote. Which one do you like better? We're gonna release one new pillow this week and people wrote comments, you know, great strike, that sort of thing. So it's really fun to do like that. I love to do questions a lot on Facebook, cause then you get that added edge rank and you get more exposure in the news feed depend on how many people interact with it, and you're not really getting that in terms of Pinterest and a drink. But it is still a really cool way to get that engagement activity on your page. I think Teoh posting and re posting. I don't know if you've covered this cause because I don't watch everything this morning. But the other day I posted this and then I think I posted around noon. I got a bunch of re pens on it again. I love the you know, the clarity and the fact that I'm teaching something, so that works. Then I reposted it again that night on a different board and got another 20 something re pens because posted at a different time of day moms or, you know, whoever are my followers are settled down for the night. Kids are in bad. Now they're painting. They didn't see that earlier. It's gone through their feet. It's gone. It's done. But now they get a chance to see it again. Andi, I actually asked Melanie this question the other day because I thought, I do that often help in something that I created and then want a pendant to another board that I created. And now it's kind of looking cluttered. If you go to all my pins, I've got the same thing pin five times, and I don't want that. So after about a week goes by, it's been repent enough for however long you feel comfortable with, you can start taking some of them off of your board. Leave the one original or leave whichever one has the most re pens. You can remove it and it doesn't affect the link. It doesn't break anything. That was my thought is like, I don't want to take all of those down because they've been repent so many times. Now it's gone, but it's not gone. It's still out there and being circulated. It's just not cluttering up your own page dependent. They still have it on their board. You just removed it from cluttering up. That's all for me. So great, because if you have a pin also and it like it got a lot of engagements are really hot pin. You could, of course, you don't want to just keep doing that 12 times in the day, but you could go all right. This is obviously something really valuable to my audience. I pinned it Monday in the morning. That's probably a different group of people that are going to be on it than Friday at night or Saturday in the afternoon, so you can go ahead then and repent because stuff that you know is getting good exposure. There's no reason why you should only pin it once because it's in the news feed and different people are logging on the majority of people. I did a survey about this. The majority of people log onto Pinterest. They go through their new C and they repent Cool stuff they like, and they stand for 20 or 30 minutes. So that means that if you pinned it when they were on, they probably never saw it. Go on. And you know, you don't want to repent stuff that's not good content. But if they're stuff that people are really responding, Teoh, you want to maximise that leverage it because you know it takes work to create content, so you want to get the most out of it. Christine had some amazing examples. Do you have because you pull those up? So like I said her, obviously, this is a fantastic example, but Chicago has a great board on her page that shows different packages that she offers online. And like I said, I really want you guys to be able to see specific examples of what she was doing, because I think she's doing it so well and I was learned best by kind of seeing what other people are doing and then kind of shaking it to how it fits me and my business. So I love seeing those riel examples and all that good stuff. So again you can see the difference. Right here is a logo that I have for sale in the shop, and it it sold in a couple different ways. It comes by itself like this, and then it also comes as part of a kit. So you can just see the difference of the way it looks when paired with photos and other elements instead of just being the one thing on its own. When you put it in, position it and package it upright and use the right language in text. It kind of creating this whole little, you know, whole little mood. And so this is something that can you see that. Did you see the subtle branding she had across that 1st 1 where it had her Earl the first own all of them dio just right down there, it doesn't doesn't detract from what she's showing you, but it's just that nice little little branding bump right there. No I should fix. That's not 75. All right, so that is I also will pin a front page of my website. I change the look of my websites all the time. Too much, probably, but it's fun for me to do that, and I like to keep it fresh, so I don't recommend that everyone else do that. But we'll talk more about that on Friday. Well, this is a really great example to something I've started to dio. If I will take a screenshot of my Facebook fan page and I will link it to my Facebook page, so I'll take that screen shine If there's a cool discussion we're having, I am huge on integration with social media. I don't think you have to have a separate strategy for Pinterest separates. Ready for Facebook? A separate instagram. I think a lot of the content can cross over. I know some people have a different school of thought that everything should be separate. But for me running multiple businesses, that's just not realistic. If I don't, you know, multipurpose, my content it I'm just not going to even put stuff out there, so I love the idea like on my actual Facebook page. You'll see I have a link to my Pinterest page. We'll talk about how to do that later on. But I love the idea how you took a screenshot of your website. Loved what you were talking about earlier with taking a photo or showing your newsletter on and then linking that. Maybe you have a sign at page somewhere on your website. People can sign up for your newsletter like this could be a great way to promote the different facets of your business in the different places you are, and it could link to a page. You know where your Twitter account is or something like that. You could have a whole social board where you literally just line up all of the different accounts and linked, or they can follow you. That way everything is integrated because most people that are using social, they're using multiple platforms, and the thing, too, is this will be repent on People's Website Inspiration Board. It's been repent on blawg. Resource is board. Other designers will repent it. So it's it kind of goes across, you know, people who want my services, people who just like the design and we were gonna be inspired by that for their own site one day, you know? So you get a different different viewers from doing that on Pinterest. Your Pinterest sports are awesome. How much time do you spend on Pinterest? I am not on it that much. Actually, Like I said, I really dio blow through it at the speed of light. I will go on maybe 10 or 15 minutes twice a day. We'll go on in the morning, see what I like re pennant. Go on again. Maybe one more time. But I don't spend a long time on it. I spend maybe 15 minutes at a time when I'm repenting my own stuff. I'll create things too. As a Pinteresque. Let me see if I can find something. Reason for your Pinterest? It's really whenever I have the new content, it's nothing that I schedule, really. I mean, I try Teoh create, you know, create something for Pinterest as more than once a week if I can. But let's see and I think that's so good to I think so many Fs for some reason, or in this frame of mind like it's this duty like we've got. We're going to do it. We have to do it every week at this time. And as much as you want to stay active like you don't want to have a Facebook fan page in post once a month like no one's gonna engage with you. But I actually use Pinterest very similarly. Where I do post to my Facebook page, I try to post three times a day. I don't do that on Pinterest as much, but when I have a new content, I have a new video. I have something new I want to display and get out there. I'll create and I'll put it on there. If there's a lot of stuff going on, I'll schedule it. But I don't feel a need to go in every day and like, make sure I'm doing this or doing that. I think that the more you force yourself to be active on social media, the more you kind of procrastinate you're like. I don't know what depend on what to put out there, but it's a it's a great time. Any just thinking of multipurpose ing content and thinking about If you are 1,000,000 a newsletter list. Or if you are interested in teaching something or promoting something that's happening right now, or creating content at a certain time like we talked about seasons or holidays. And if that relates to you know what's going on in your business or an offering? I think whenever it's more authentic, inorganic, that's where you're gonna come with the best stuff. Been carving out an hour a week to do this. You know, you get behind on doing it. You feel bad about not Teoh. I think that that's and for my business. I say that all the time. Like if this isn't fun, I don't want to do it anymore. It has to be. You get to make up the rules as you go along as a self employed person. So you feel like posting something at midnight probably will get his money, you know, pins or likes but pendant whenever you have it ready, whenever you're in the mood for it, whenever you feel it. If you see some ice cream that looks great in your cart, put it up there, put it out there and you're gonna It's just it, really. I think when your energy is good around it. Other people can pick up on that and feel it if it's forced, like you're saying, Yeah, no is great. And you were speaking about how you were featured by a publication for your account. Yes, and I think that's really great. We're, of course, going to discover talk about tomorrow specific ways that you can be in control of growing a follower base. But I really think there's something to be said for when you create quality content. When you create stuff that is good that people pay attention to, you will get that recognition. I mean, if it's out there, you're consistent. If you create something great once when you never do it again, your chances probably are phenomenal that you're going to get recognized. But if you were consistent with producing quality things online, I think that it is very, very favorable. The odds are in your favor that you're going to be able to get the recognition and get those even those small wins like maybe it won't start out with something like that. But I have clients that'll be like Oh my gosh, Victoria Secret just re penned one of my pens. I got 20 new followers from that. Well, that's cool. And then someone that followed Victoria's Secret, some other you know, Women's Vogue saw that pin and ended up putting it on their website and driving traffic back to that like there's a lot of cool traction you can build organically on. Pinterest is well, since that is so share heavy. Yeah, and without even knowing it, you paint it once and it's out there. You're done. You know, you kind of want spend a couple times, but it's now taken the life of its own, and it's out there, you know, someone with a 1,000,000. I have a friend who has over a 1,000,000 followers. I don't I still don't like How did you how and I never even see a month interest, but over a 1,000,000 followers. So one other thing I was going to say That's highly credible. Well, maybe not highly credible. It's only 37 but that's still great. It was a huge on here, but it was some stuff that I had sitting on my desk. I loved all the colors together, and so I probably shouldn't be doing that. But, um I just made a little color bored out of it. I just thought, Well, these colors look great together was close to Chinese New Year and I did do really well with that post. I think I must have posted it on my Facebook page as well, because it did really well there. And you see the hashtag she's using. We're going to talk about this a lot more in depth tomorrow, but she's using words like design. You don't have to have this hashtag of this grid in order to get the key word juice from it. But by having words like designed by style, things like this are going to make it easier from People are searching for designer style for it to pop up as a search result on Pinterest. Yeah, and see the words I used bright, fresh and rich just like us. That's I think that's funny, just like, you know, quick, snappy, and you're over it and, you know, penned it or not. But people do love the color palette. I have a lot of questions here. Sorry. Okay, so I feel like total bonehead Now we should be using Hashtags on Pinterest. I never do. It definitely will talk about this. Okay, Fully and death, okay. We'll definitely go ahead and go fully and death with that. So I don't want people to be like you're changing everything and sorry, cause I should say I never do that. I must have obviously done it here. But I don't normally hash tag anything. But it's a good idea. The hash tags to me and keywords totally interchangeable on Pinterest. You will not get Mawr s CEO or like more search juice psychologist, But more search juice for having style with the hashtag versus if she had style in the name of her board or she had style in the key words. It's just that those words are on the page. So we were talking about, like having If you're a realtor having the word real estate and your about section same goes for anywhere you can feature words. So the tiles of the boards, the captions and also the about section just the more you can tie. Like if your photographer have the word photography and you're bored titles have it in your about section and then if you pin something, you could be like this is a photograph of mine from blank session or something like that. It's just the more places not every caption has toe have it. It's just the more places you have it, the more back link it creates, which just creates more healthier foundation. So I don't like people. People get really scared by Hashtags. I'm not sure why, but they think, What is this? It looks technical. I actually, in a lot of ways, particularly. I'm doing a sponsored pin or something where I really want to focus the attention on one called action, like clicking on a link. I won't do Hashtags because don't go ahead and do it because it'll pull up too many images. But if I clicked on this, read it would pull up all the pins that have the word red in them. And like I said, my mingle is like traffic generation, so that's distracting people. So I'll have it in my description, or I'll have you know, if there's words like business or photography or fitness or something. All have it in my border in my caption. But I actually don't hash tag it because all it does is hyperlinked to other people off of your board? Exactly. Exactly. But, you know, you do whatever you want. You could do Hashtags if you want. I think it matters it up, so I normally don't. Right. Just one random question about design and what you would recommend to a brand because I noticed you curate a lot of different types of designs that you do. But I just heard that brands, they want to be consistent, use the same type face or flown on everything with Pinterest. I guess in this behind the scenes, you have a little bit more let you know, room to move around. Would you recommend Just try trial and error, see what works for you? Or is it like, from the get go, you have to pick one far. Just stick with that. That's an awesome question, actually. And something. I mean, it definitely have to start to talk about Friday, but I'm super happy down start right now. Um, I think sticking with the same phones throughout is huge. I don't keep that rule for myself because I'll get a new set of fonts just like I'll get a new you know, cover of my website. I do change it up, but for a brand and for a photographer for a shop, I think sticking with those same three phones, maybe, you know, picking. Choosing three. I like to have a headline fund, sort of like a tagline, fun and then a body copy fund. And you want to use that throughout. I think that's the biggest and most impactful way to keep it all together. You can start changing your photos. You can change your color. You can add a pattern. Always keep it the same funds you want. Definitely stick with that. I'm huge on that. I'll have clients, you know, create their identity, create a brand board for them and see something they post on Facebook with some crazy fund that has nothing to do when I'm like No, please, and they'll do it on their blog's. Email them quickly. Please take. You actually really think that that helps keep your brand consistent. But I I am. I'm my own exception there because I will do that. I will change it up a little bit of it. Do what I say No, exactly, exactly on that, but I have fun with it. is changing all the time. But I feel like as much as I change everything you can still identify, it is mine. For the most part, um, and language tone, you have a very definite experience for your customers. And that is consistent. Yes, exactly. But I do think that for maybe a non designer keeping with those and then I think that there can be some you know, have some extra funds for holiday. You guys want to do holiday promotions? Definitely. Want Teoh introduce something introduced another color. Change that out. That's a great way, Teoh kind of keep it fresh and non boring. But having the base phones, the three solid, sort of go to phones that you use across the board really helps keep everything together. So no question on that from Robert Ese, who had asked, what are the best fonts to use on Pinterest as well? So that the fonts that you are including in the post resource mitt, can we pull that up again? Some people miss seeing that side. Yes. So are you saying that we can use some of those forints? Absolutely, for to build our brain around. Let me get that back up there, Do it. I think that's good people conceive. So these are just a few of the millions of funds that are online for free that are commercial, like you're absolutely free to use those on your website there. Google friendly these fonts I chose for this because they're nice and clear, really easy to read anything that gets to script E to fancy, just harder to read. You don't want to make your people work you want to make. It is easy for them as possible. And that goes into branding in general with what you name your company with what uses a tag ling I want to make. It is easy and clear for them something exactly what they're looking at while also creating a little bit of mystery. They want to find out more you want to sort of. And that's part of talking about the language in the text we use you want. What's that? I'm interested. I want to know what that is. But these phones that I picked for this are really pretty. Hopefully you can. Hopefully they look clear from where you all are. Um, but and you know, they need to go with your brand. They need to go with the style of what you're doing. Font sort of have their own voice, I think, and sort of set the tone for your brand in the mood that you're trying Teoh to sell. And so but keeping it is clean and is easy to read as possible is your best bet. And unless is really truly more. When we go back to the this one, you can just see Lux. That's kind of the first thing that jumps out at you when you see that. I think so. You know, using the one word one keyword. I love the, um when they take photos and really just post one big word kind of semi transparent over the top of it. Love that. That would be great to do for you. I just see black and white for you. Black and white, obviously. Tuxedo. I guess that's where I'm thinking. But you know, gray scale. I think that that would look great. And then you can always add a color, and I think a pattern would be great. Some hound's tooth for you Something like that was some great bold text really clean on dure, just going to create that identity? It's not. It's not really hard to achieve online. I don't think. And you know, we'll talk more about creating the voice that you use as well. I'm so used to doing it for myself. I'm not quite sure how to tell other people to do it, But I'm gonna investigate that and figure that out by Friday so that we all have a good a good starting point for that for our businesses, because it is really important. And I think for you to and maybe for Ginny's creating that person. I don't know if it would work for every business but kind of creating that miss modern somebody that you can sort of pawn it off on. You know, it's not me, it's it's her. So you know, you create that dapper gentleman who lives in this fancy apartment. I've seen brands do that. I think Ralph Lauren maybe has done that in the past, where they literally sort of build it around, creating a theme around 11 sort of specific idea or person, and it makes it a lot easier to start being, you know, easier to create the content around whoever that person is. So it's fun. You go to the altar second time bringing it Beyonce today. But you know how she does her Sasha Fierce a s how, when she gets on state, she then becomes Sasha Fierce. I think that's kind of a great solution, for we were talking about earlier. You know, people that do feel scared to put themselves out there. People who do feel afraid to put their ideas, their content, their products, you it's a very rejection can be very personal when you and your business are combined is what they so I love. I love the alter ego idea. And, you know, we see that from so many people that gain their inspiration from a certain person or a certain actor or, you know, someone in their lives. So I think that's fun. You're creating, altering around your business, and that's the way she talks, or that's the way he speaks. And that's kind of your language and messaging as well. And thats I even do that for the shop. I saw, you know, online love, little pre made logos, but they all have, instead of just saying your studio name, all make up the name, all make up something fun. And then I kind of had to back off of doing that because people wanted to buy the names a lot of the time. So I started using things like, you know, the entire cast of Gilligan's Island. It was Mary Ann and Ginger and Skipper and I just do a whole slew of logos with that in there. And then it was something else. I think I did Beatle song titles for a while, but doing that and it just sort of makes it easier to design with that sort of inspiration in mind. You know, you kind of work backwards. Start with that image of that person or that feeling that you want and then kind of what she wear. What would they know? What would they sound like? And that could be your ideal customer to, you know, if you really want your marketing to be spot on, think of your ideal customers. What do they wear? What do they found like when they speak? How would they describe something? What are words that they would use and then you've got that messaging that will really connect with them. Yeah. Um Uncluttered angel who's asking how to get content from Instagram to Pinterest? That's a good question. Um, if is she taking the picture? I mean, do we know? Obviously, if if you've taken the photo already on, Do you want to use that filter that you've used on instagram? There's tons of other photo editing gaps, but I would do a screenshot because most of the time it's just from your phone, So you want to do a screenshot of that, and then you need to fend yourself that screenshot You need to email it to yourself, and then you need to blow it up into a bigger um, it doesn't always work with an instagram shot, because, I don't know, resolution wise, if you can get it big enough to look good on pinch arrest. But on that I would suggest maybe doing almost something like a filmstrip where they're more than just one image, maybe three. So get your tall image there, too. Yep, stacking them up. And so I think that that's the best way to do it. That's how I have done it. Just send it to yourself and then and then maybe if it's not big enough you add some embellishments in ad your text over the top and some color and some more information on it. In that way, you have expand on it a little bit. The Pinterest app is great, too. I used I do that a lot because I mean Instagram. I'm not a photographer. So my best bet is to try Instagram and just put any sort of filter that looks pretty and sorry. Photographers, I envy your talent. But a lot of times, if I am trying to create visual content and I'm you know, what a beautiful beach. There's a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and I think that would be a really good stock image to use for something. Um, I will actually just save it to my phone. So when I have my instagram set up so that it just stays to my, um photo gallery, Yeah, camera roll. And then you can actually on the instagram app, there's a little plus button at the bottom. You click that you can upload it from your phone and pin it from there to didn't know. Yeah, you can email you can get right from your phone, but I I love Instagram for creating just lots of really quick, easy visual content that again I can repurpose and use for marketing. Or I can just be like I do a lot of behind the scenes stuff. So behind the scenes of my life as I'm traveling or at home or working, I'll do it on Instagram and then I'll create a board on my Pinterest page. It's behind the scenes and it's a bunch of my instagram photos, and it looks kind of cool, like snapshots. I think it's very effective. Yeah, in fact, because I'm not a photographer, I use tons of my instagram photos in my bio page on my website. The whole banner is instagram photos that I've taken. It's like here's a snapshot of my life. This is who I am and it's good for an about page if you're not, you know, photographer and you don't have anything super pro. But it's fun that photographers love Instagram Teoh, Theo Good. And so the question is, can you not pin so you can look at your instagram images online? Can you not pin that page? I would imagine you could. I've never tried. But I would imagine I mean, it pulls up images. If you have the little Pinterest, pin it button and you're on your said your home page on computer. I don't know why it wouldn't gonna go try that, Greg, but I would think it would be able to pull the individual images on the page. Cool. Let's try, Let's try it out. And somebody in the chat room. We could try this out as well. Holly. True who? High Holly. Great to see you Here. She is suggesting static graham dot com where you can pin it directly from their site and I'm used data Graham before. It's just like 1/3 party where you can see your instagram feed. But it sounds holly saying much easier than emailing it to yourself, although if you do want to have the content, you still have to do that. If it's just a quick pin, that's good to know about your cool. Thank you. Well, thank you, Holly. We have two more questions if we want to keep going. Oh, right. So this is a question for both of you say, from Susan who is hooked on Facebook and is worried when she has connected her Facebook page to her Pinterest page. She's worried that when she posted Pinterest, it's going to automatically go to Facebook and bug a lot of her followers and friends there. Right? Does that happen? Or can you? If you just connect, you can totally disconnect it. I mean, it can like it too. Independent. You're really active on Pinterest all the time. Drive people crazy. So I think it depends on how you use it. If you're only using a couple times a week, I don't know that it's necessarily gonna harass people. It just depends on the veracity of how much you're pinning it. What, your opinion? Yeah, it seems like when when I start painting, that's what I mean. That's why you're on there. You're gonna pin a bunch of stuff, so that's gonna end up if you are can't have that right Facebook. It's gonna end up hold on your feet. Yeah, and that's not that's not my personal strategy to do that. Um, what I will do, like I said, is I will actually just manually highlight a particular pin or particular board on and talk about why it's cool and to check it out and post that link on my page. So it kind of stays more business oriented, uh, attached to my Facebook. And so one of my every three or four months that I get on Pinterest and stay on for four hours. Not anymore on my Facebook was down and I didn't have my phone on and I turned my face put back on, and I had, like, 50 emails from friends like Get off Pinterest lowing Go away, go to do something that so many angry people. So, yeah, disconnect your your If you pin like me, disconnect that Pinterest. There's some way to uncheck in. They condense it now, I will say originally, way back in the beginning, it would show everything you pinned. Now they do like more summaries, but still, you know, and it depends on your audience to like whether or not you feel comfortable having that in your news feed. Some people love toe, have stuff in the news feed every day. It's like, Look at me, Look at me. Other people, like whole I don't want any attention, so it's better now where if you do choose to do it, it's not quite as many updates, but yeah, I find it is the most effective for me just to post on my business page. I think, too, because you're not getting to, you know, help in a bunch of stuff at once. I'm not picking and choosing which pins I wish. You know, I could click a little button and be, like, posted this one to Facebook, but nice was that would be fine. But interests are you with means. Yeah, But if it's if it's something that maybe you don't want every single person following on Facebook just to show right up, then yeah, definitely. I think electing your own posts, impending them the other thing. And I know this is a whole nother topic, but if you've got a blawg and you've got a sidebar and you maybe have already talked about this but the little Pinteresque plug ins are so great, you know, shows your most recent pains or a slideshow of your pins and that really just keeps its super fresh because I think I pin this morning is already automatically updated to my my block and people can see you know what's happening right now. And if they like that, though, this click right over. Yep. Start following you. And, um, I think the most you guys have a blogger or use. Okay. Yeah. So then we can maybe talk about that on Friday. Just a little bit. How to get that in there? Or maybe you're already going to talk about that. But I think that I think it looks cool. It looks really good. And it's super current. It's like, Oh, that was just don't this morning are really, really on top of it, but really didn't do anything. It's just all you're doing is pinning. Yeah. Thank you so much for being here. Do you have any final words, everybody? Any parting words? Thanks for bearing with me on my first ever talking about Teoh

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