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Thank Yous & Devin Duncan

Lesson 43 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

Thank Yous & Devin Duncan

Lesson 43 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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43. Thank Yous & Devin Duncan


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Thank Yous & Devin Duncan

Welcome back, everyone to Creativelive. We're heading now into our final segment of our three day course here unlocked the power of Pinterest with Melanie Duncan. But before we head into that last section, we just wanted to take a few months to thank everybody that made this workshop possible. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes here at Creativelive. So we just wanted to take a moment and we'll start with the folks that you have brought along. Yes, well, of course, I want to say a huge thank you to Christine of deluxe modern design you've seen. She has shared invaluable tidbits about branding design. She's put together that incredible graphics pack for all of you with the purchase of the course, and she's just been here, adding value to the studio audience. I think we've all loved her presentation. Just her fund looks in her great energy. So Christine, thank you so much for being here for being a part of this and for helping us all so much. Step up our design game. Serious re...

al time makeovers. Absolutely. And you know I love a transformation. Also, I want a shout out to Crystal of Room magazine. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you for being on our panel, talking about your experience, your own transformation with growing an audience online. I think it was really inspiring for everyone to kind of hear what's possible when you take the leap and the Net will appear. I I love it when she really went three years from where she was then to now from a blow from a blogger to one of the largest home decor online magazine. So I found that very inspiring as well lately. And then I want, of course, reach out and think all of my online edge Academy members and you guys know who you are. I've heard your names in the chat rooms over this past three days on the Online Edge Academy is my personal membership program I have for business owners, and so many of you have really just stepped up. Been supportive, been cheering me on. I've been logging into our Facebook group and seeing the comments you've been sending me all week long, and I so so, so appreciate. So it all Oh, yea members. Thank you so very much for supporting me awesome. Well, glad to have your community. Perhaps some of them. This was their first time at a rate of five, which is so awesome. So speaking of that, want to thank our creative life audience. It truly is all of you out there online that make it possible for us to do it. We dio It's all of your support out there that allows us to bring people like Melanie Duncan to the Creativelive platform. And it's all of your engagement out there. Your questions, your comments, you're back and forth. People were so engaged in this workshop, and that is what makes creativelive what it is. So thank you to all of you. I want to give a special shout out to our creativelive crew here yet again. There you as well thank you. From the camera operators to our production assistance Teoh make up and everybody who's not even involved in the production. But everybody that makes creativelive run. It takes a lot of work. A special shout out, of course, to our line producer Vanessa. She, of course, yesterday learned that her boyfriend can increase his or Joe with the likes of artful a gentleman as he just wears one shirt, right? Everybody wins when they particularly incredible. I workshops and Michael cars, Of course. Our content producer who is working very, very hard and in fact producing your husband Devon's workshops Well, along with Vanessa for the next three days. So thank you to our crew. You've already expressed your thanks to both Christine and Crystal incredible guests that we have had here. So thank you again for having that added value. And I would like to thank our in studio audience members who have been our guinea pigs for getting there, getting in the hot seats, but also just truly representing everybody online in the different places that you are in your business. So thank you for taking the time for yourself, for your businesses to come here and be with us in our studio Really so much. It really does make a huge impact on the course itself. And finally, I would like to thank on behalf of our entire creativelive community here in San Francisco, in Seattle and all over the world. Melanie Duncan, please help me with a round of applause. Express what a pleasure you have been toe work with and just so organized and on top of everything, it is no wonder that you have built a multimillion dollar businesses and who are so successful in educating people, whether it is with your online edge Academy. Truly, this woman does not stop teaching. And that is an incredible gift to be able to not just be excited about what your buildings or yourself, but to spread that to the world. So, so glad that we could have you on creativelive for your first time. Yes, because, well, actually, you've been on credible first fist of personal time, and we very much hope that we will have you back soon. I would love that. Thank you. Thank you very much. Again. Thank you, everyone. And with that, I know that we do have, ah, special guest that way. But like to bring on. So I'm gonna let you do that. I will definitely do that. You know, I mentioned that I had a little surprise for all of us. Our last segment. We still got some good stuff to cover, so don't don't duck out yet. That can. I mentioned you know, my multimillion dollar businesses and I was wondering if you guys would like to know my secret weapon that be interesting, Any of you? Well, let me introduce you to Mr Devane. Duncan. Hi. So, Devon and eyes my husband. So, Devon, I have actually been running businesses together since we were in college. So we were what, like I was 19. You were 2122. So for a long time, we've done every business together, and I don't think it's any secret that the reason we've been able to be so successful is we have very different strengths and weaknesses. And ah, lot of our friends refer to us kind of a power couple, which is very, very flattering. But the truth is, in any business partnership, if you can find someone that complements the areas that you're not good at or find someone who has strengths or maybe yours, they're lacking. You have the dynamic for a very successful relationship. And so I am thrilled that CREATIVELIVE is actually having both of us on to teach our own yet very separate types of sessions. And so Devon's workshop is actually starting tomorrow, right tomorrow Saturday, Saturday through Monday, Saturday through Monday, and I obviously kind of know just a little bit about this, but it's called how to make your website work for you. Correct. So you've been watching. Devin's been paying attention. He's a good husband to the stuff I have been teaching. So how do you think it's going to compliment some of the stuff we've already talked about? You know, I've talked a lot about traffic generating with social media and visuals and dipping their toe a little bit in tow. Optimization. But why is your course? Because I think it is the perfect complement to wear worst stopping here and taking them that next step. What are they gonna learn? Absolutely. So if you enjoy the content that Melanie covered today, getting a little bit into email marketing and conversion optimization, that's where my course will pretty much pick up. We'll cover the basics in the intro for what you need to be doing toe. Have a core platform what your website should have. So you're maximizing traffic that's coming in, whether it's from Pinterest or Facebook or Twitter. Whatever social media platform you choose to use. Obviously you focused on Pinterest, but any other social media platforms you choose getting that traffic to your website and then how to convert them into customers in the most effective way, right? And something that Devin says that I love is. His biggest pet peeve is when someone's website is nothing more than a glorified business card. And I think that even in the audience and a lot of what we've been hearing from the worldwide audience, a lot of you are wondering where does that autumn is? A. That automation, the strategies. Where does that next level of thinking really come from? And that's exactly the type of stuff you're going to be talking about. You know, we talked about building an email list. Devon's gonna show you ways to use email on your business that are going to streamline and automate both. Getting customers and turning prospects into clients. And customers were absolutely all automatically working 24 7 so that you don't have to working that long of ours turning your website into a sales machine. I love that, and he even has some amazing, amazing guests. I mean, people are flying from all over the country, really just renowned experts and Facebook marketing. YouTube marketing. We've got Amy Porterfield. Who's gonna be teaching Facebook marketing? We've got James Webb more that's gonna be teaching YouTube. Who else do we have? David Simon Garland. From the rights of the top, he'll be talking a lot about content creation, especially when it comes to blogging. And Amy will also be talking about blogging and podcasting, since she has very successful blogging podcasts. And James will not only be teaching you to, but other social media channels, which ones you should and shouldn't be using based on your audience and business. And then he's also going to do a special segment on Monday, Day three, talking about how to sell in webinars and virtual events to connect with their customers and maximize sales, which will be huge. Yeah, and I'm not sure if you were here for it, but Christine was recently talking to Denise about you know, whether or not she should be blogging they were talking about is that something should put your time into. And I love something that you teach is. Actually you don't have to use every social media outlet out there. You don't have to be on Facebook on Twitter. Sometimes we feel the stress that we need to be everywhere, and I know you're going to be speaking Teoh. Kind of like I was saying, The battle of social media, like which ones you should be using and which ones you don't have to worry about it. Having some education informations that you can make informed decisions and really focus only on the areas that are the best for your business. Biggest impact with the least amount of work and that matches up with your business and your audience. James and I will be talking about that on day two. Great and webinars. We dipped our toe into Webinars today a little bit in the morning and talking about using Pinterest to promote webinars. So if you wanna learn more about that about how to sell a product on the webinar, how to use Webinars to kind of Maybe you've got some offline services and you're interested in creating more of an online presence with them and even selling them online ways to do that. I know that both you and James are extremely educated, and how to do that the platforms to use I level the resource is you're going to be talking about? I snuck into his preproduction meeting last night, so that's how I know all of it. But it's gonna be a fantastic session. I'm gonna be here is Well, I think I'm gonna dio we're gonna talk about how to sell without being sales is something we definitely talked about during this creative Life workshop. How do you become comfortable selling? How do you understand how to sell in the business without giving people your customers or clients without giving them an uncomfortable feeling? So I'm gonna teach you confident strategies, ways to sell and still be very professional and still be very relatable and not feel to force promotional. We're gonna be talking about what are some of the panels were doing. So you'll start out with a three. You'll be the 1st 1 talking about selling with confidence, and then you and I'll do a session together about psychological tactics to use when selling. So that will be really fun. To really increase your sales and do it on the kind of almost subconscious level but very above board, it will be really great. And we're doing a panel at the end of day one that I'm really excited for all about. We'll get all the experts up here and talk about content creation. Their secrets and their tactics will be. I'm really excited for that cause you'll get each persons own different strategy for their personalities. I'm sure everyone will find someone they can kind of match up with and be like. I really relate how that person works. I like their strategies and their tactics. That will be great. And we'll also talk about their productivity and how a lot. I mean, they work in very small teams, have a couple people working for him but run above seven figure businesses and are very, very successful experts. So how did they do that? How do they stay on top of everything? We all feel overwhelmed and how they overcame that and run very profitable businesses. Yeah, something that's so important to know, even if you're not at a seven figure mark, obviously, which most of us are not at, but starting when you start with the base of your foundation, you know these things, and you have clarity with what you're working towards and the way you're kind of putting everything into place. That foundation makes scaling and growing your business so much easier. And so I think that a lot of people, no matter where they're at, even if you haven't officially started a business yet, getting your head in the right place and understanding what that path is gonna look like for you is going to be very valuable. Absolutely. It's going to be great. Workshop. I'm excited for it. Well, I'm excited about this. A little bias. And I mean, who wouldn't want to look at this face sold A Are you kidding? All right, before Devon works away, how excited the Internet is and a little bit bummed because some of them thought that they were gonna have a weekend. Now they're going to be tuned in after hearing all about that. So it's It's pretty great. Yes, people are very, very a pomegranate and a number of other folks. Does this mean no weekend Duncan's way? You know, sometimes you have to give up a weekend to, you know, get so much more. I know we in college and we started our first business. We didn't go out to parties, and it sounds really lame and stupid, but we were working on our first business, but it really paid off down the line. I mean, we got to take a three month honeymoon around Europe instead of having to go to a job. We recently took a 6.5 week trip around Europe to Paris and Italy. So sometimes, you know, you give up a weekend here, but you can get so much more from that little up front investment. The benefit will be worth that. They will definitely be glad they attend this workshops. It'll be great, okay?

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What an incredible amount of GREAT information that Melanie gives in this course! I couldn't watch it all live, but I saw enough in about 30 minutes to know I had to have it and so I bought it and it is worth EVERY PENNY! I can't wait to start utilizing all the great info to make my Pinterest boards work for me and have more fun pinning! Thank you CreativeLive and Melanie!


So glad I saw this and got it to keep. With just a few tweaks, I turned my non-active boards into active boards and quadrupled my followers in just a few days. This spilled over into site traffic AND major lead generation for my mailing list. Thanks for the inspiration, Melanie.

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