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Workshop Recap

Lesson 45 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

Workshop Recap

Lesson 45 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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45. Workshop Recap

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Lesson Info

Workshop Recap

So let's recap this briefly because, you know, we're bringing three days of content altogether, right? Visual marketing, Pinterest. And if you didn't notice, I can sneak in a little bit more stuff in there as well. Maybe you picked up on that. We kind of went to a broader perspective. But again, everything still trying to keep it very relatable, very actionable and very valuable to all of you. So what you want to do in your business is to invest in design not just how it looks but how it works and good photography products or services. Good photography is essential for success online. I would also encourage you in everything you do on your website and in your entire online marketing to focus on simplicity and functionality. Make sure it's clear to people what they're supposed to do what you dio. I mean, everyone should be able to explain in one sentence what they dio and then also is going to be easy. But you have to be able to if you meet someone at a dinner party or if you get some o...

n the phone, they say So tell me again what you dio. How many of us. Just go on. Well, you know, I dabble it here. I do a little of this movie. It's very important that you are clear on what you dio so that other people are clear on what you do and why it's valuable. And to use testimonials across everything you're doing online your emails, your website, your social media to use testimonials to gain trust and positive positioning back to the Kennedy. My kind of judging my dancing. You know, if I tell you I'm a good dancer, you might go. Okay, Melanie? Sure. But if Ken it tells you that I'm a good dancer, it seems to be maybe a little bit more reliable, right? You want to let other people sing your praises and this is great for those of you that are uncomfortable talking about your talent or uncomfortable talking about why you do is valuable. You don't have Teoh. You can let other people talk and sing your praises for you and let that shine and let that cell an email is your secret weapon for converting visitors into customers. It truly is. If there is one thing that can make the difference in converting traffic to your site is having a way to reach out to them, to be able to develop the relationship and ultimately turned them into a client or customer. So email is not something currently on your to do list. It should be. And it should be something that it's really at the top because this is something moving forward. That's Onley, Mawr and Mawr important. So I want to let you know that the time really is now to get the customers and also to get the clients that you deserve. And I think it's business owners. We have a hard time investing in ourselves, right, whether it's purchasing this course, whether it's hiring someone like Christine to do our design, whether it's hiring a photographer, shoot our products. It's always kind of hard toe, you know, pay pay, make pay for information, pay for success, pay for things that are going to help grow us and develop us in our businesses. You know, I can tell you so many stories from me personally on the first timer bought an online course. Oh my gosh, my poems or sweating. It was a $2000 online course. It was a pretty big investment would never do anything like that before. And I just was at a point my business where I was stuck. I knew where I wanted to get. I just didn't know where how is going to get there? And I found someone that looked like they could kind of show me the way. That was pretty much the best option opportunity I had at that time. And so I bought the course, and what's funny is it actually had a 30 day guarantee, and I had every intention in my mind. Unlike it's probably not gonna work. It's probably not worth it. I mean, I could buy a handbag with 2000 doors, so I bought the course. I remember talking to my husband to, because that's part of it. Also, when you decide to spend money in your business and it's not just about you, it's a family decision. And he said, OK, it's a lot of money, but if you really think this is what you need to do, I think you should do it. I got that content, not Onley, because I paid for it. Did it make me more serious about it? cause now I really had some skin in the game, but I actually tripled my business within 60 days. After going through that course, it was amazing. And that is not just a one time story. You know, that inspired me so much that I started creating courses for other people because I saw what was what was attainable when we're able to stand on the shoulders of other people. So I want to let you know if you found this content in this course actionable, it's something that's inspiring with that first course that I went through. I actually if I was in a funk some days, if I really just couldn't get my energy, my motivation up, I'd watch one of the videos and it would kind of set me in the right place again and get me on my way. We're still going to do some really fun before and afters, we're gonna talk about the transformation that has been possible during this three day workshop. I'm so excited worldwide audience have your before and after some the results you've seen. Whether you've grown your Pinterest following. Hopefully you've done even more than that for you over these three days. I love to hear about it. Online audience, our in studio audience. We'll talk about that as well. But can I mean just kind of take it away? You let me. You let me go with it. Goodness, that was quite an ending. And I actually really love how you not just you gave us an example of how you invested in yourself and how you utilize that. And what results you saw. Yeah, I think you could just come back and sell all of our creative by workshops for us. But now I really want to start hearing, like you said, from people about what their successes have been so far. Here, over the course of just three days of Adam, what you have you can do in the next. Like you said seven days. So we've already had some coming in and we would love Teoh here more tell us exactly what you've done and what results you have seen. So let's read off a couple because we already have some. And then maybe we could talk again to our studio audience. Is that what you want to do? That sons one. And then we do we have actual before? And afters? I think we're gonna talk about gotten awesome. Pomegranate says. Have had 10 new followers today. Tango Nice, Kim Frick said. Yes, we've jumped from seven followers to 24 since the class started. That's pretty cool. And this one is from duty photos. Who says I just had I had just over 1100 followers, and today I'm upto 13 41 up 200 plus followers in 24 hours, and all I did was switched to a business account, which is where we started on day one and chain some Burbage keywords on about 30 pins to a few boards. Super simple. Honestly, I did like 15 minutes of work, and so I can't wait to see what happens. Really, when I really spend a few days and implement everything in this course, top reasons to change your account from personal to business go right so top reasons to change from personal business. Same look, same feel. The only thing is, if you have a business account, you do verify your website. You will have access to the Pinterest analytics, which means we'll be able to see the impressions will be able to see which forms of content arguing the highest engagement on the platform. And that's information that's really hard to look at cumulatively, in any other way. You can use Google Analytics to track the traffic, even the the commerce with amount of sales you're getting from it. But it's on Lee, these Pinterest analytics that at a glance will allow you to see the overall, you know, searching visibility. You have the overall impressions and scope of your reach on Pinterest. We know that testimonials will help us increase followers. Can you tell us again how to go about doing that? We reach out to first. Yes, so we talk about testimonials in a lot of different ways. You know, we talked about using them, actually on a Pinterest board if you're a service provider, not necessarily as a traffic generating strategy, but as a way when someone is at your account for some other reason, traction able to bridge the gap and get them to be interested in working with you further. So the best way to go about asking for testimonials is toe either post something on your Facebook page some way that I frame it that it is valuable for people for putting their time and image out there is. I will say I'm working on a new area of my website or how I'm going to use it. Maybe you're saying I'm going to send an email to my list to you x amount of people I want to feature your story and also a link to your website. You know, whatever. You can give them promotion for it as well. It seems to be more enticing. So when you email your list, you post on your Facebook page. You could even make a pin if you want it. I don't know that that would be the best place to put that. But Facebook is good, and also an email is great and reach out if you have superstar clients. Hopefully we all have those. Someone that we know has been a great case studies someone that we really have looked up to the results in the action they've taken in their business from your feedback or from whichever way you worked with them, reach out to them, let them know there you're also going to get them some exposure for it and normally, like I said, once you put something out there, I think we're talking is also with using customer photos. When people see that you showcase examples, you also tend to start getting them in other areas posted on your Facebook page, sent to in an email more organically as well. Well, we have another one from photo by A. M. Who said that they added to their board so they converted to business, took out the personal board, took those away, put the business ones first and reached out to some people. They also added an inspiration board of awesome photographers that will happen to be creativelive instructors. Your Bond Soup rice Susan Stripling Wonder your wedding photographer but was interesting that also very excited to get a follower on Pinterest's raspberry weddings, who this person has been following on Twitter and really wanted to follow. So that was the super special win. So it's true, like I've had that before on instagram or Facebook or something. There's like someone that kind of in your spear you really respect or admire, and then you see them follow you on Twitter or something. You're like, Oh my goodness, that's very exciting. Congratulations. How about in the studio? Well, I had a big before, and after today, basically, he would are seeing, you know, the new designs from Christine. Also. Just keep getting new followers on Pinterest. So I definitely reached. I'm sure it's over. 2 50 right? It was to 77 earlier today. Let me let me like I got maybe 300. Yeah. And you started with how many when you came here, Leslie 40. Less than 40. So that's pretty cool. I've been obviously, he's been in studio and we've done that promotion. That's a cool feeling to come in with that and not only all this knowledge, but now you've got a little bit more of a pool of people toe put your content in front of and my promise to These new followers look forward to new content and some great new makeovers through the next states. And I hope you guys will continue following this. There you go. So there's your 85 to 85 there's Adams accountability. So you guys heard him hold him to that. He's going to be creating great new content did in their Pinterest page and even maybe some new stuff on the site to, um I am really excited for the next few days is get to implement that like that seven day block, Because there are so many things here in between working a Pinterest page, having so many new ideas for content and be able to optimize that into sales and really feels very complete. And I'm like, kind of itching to go home and yeah, on my computer, I do. But after a conference, I'm, like, clear everything. I want to be in my apartment for a week and just go through, you know, my nose and just start taking off those action items as wonderful. Denise, Alicia, you've only been here for a day. So any feedback, anything that you kind of learn today, that has been helpful. I mean, I've learned so much and just like her. I mean, I really want to hold myself up in my apartment and just start to go through everything and really implementing cause I know that it works. Yeah, Obviously it's just like you said, going back through my notes and really just implementing everything. I'm really, really excited. Yeah, it feels very tangible. everything feels very, um, not that I can do everything And sure, going out exactly who I can outsource to like photography and brand design, but also that there's so many things that I can dio right and simple steps I could take over the next, you know, seven days to really up my game. So glad you feel that way. I'm really glad. I hope you know there. And that's a great distinction to make you know, one of the things I can dio And what are the things that are going to be good to kind of pass off in delegate. And I see Denise naughty with that an ah ha moment for you? Yes, absolutely. Why? I'm extremely grateful. This has been very personally involving for me as well as professionally. I have learned a tremendous amount over the last couple of days. Um, and I'm excited to go after that. It's it's a lot less scary and seems a lot more tangible and manageable with the right resource is I'm looking forward to putting a game plan together, and instead of always being in reactionary mode, being proactive about doing all of this and my I'm totally going after my newsletter. Very go Girl. There you go. It's a great strategy to use. I'm so glad to hear that. I and I know they came in for Pinterest and you've got Pinterest in a lot more, but I hope that it's still you've seen the major themes, some major takeaways that can be plugged in and really replicated across your business. All right, a couple more shoutouts Melanie one from Big Red Clifford, who said, Just today I changed my about me. Page added share buttons and changed all of my board covers, left comments and followed a handful of other people in my similar world. And I have lots more followers and repent. Wonderful. So it works. It works. I was hoping it what work?

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What an incredible amount of GREAT information that Melanie gives in this course! I couldn't watch it all live, but I saw enough in about 30 minutes to know I had to have it and so I bought it and it is worth EVERY PENNY! I can't wait to start utilizing all the great info to make my Pinterest boards work for me and have more fun pinning! Thank you CreativeLive and Melanie!


So glad I saw this and got it to keep. With just a few tweaks, I turned my non-active boards into active boards and quadrupled my followers in just a few days. This spilled over into site traffic AND major lead generation for my mailing list. Thanks for the inspiration, Melanie.

Michelle Smith

Awesome learnt so much thank u

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