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Increasing Traffic from Pinterest

Lesson 27 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

Increasing Traffic from Pinterest

Lesson 27 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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27. Increasing Traffic from Pinterest


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Increasing Traffic from Pinterest

it's just me back to the strategies. You know, Christine and Crystal are so great with their inspirational stories and all of their wonderful ideas. So I think for the next two segments were just going to kind of focus on nitty gritty strategy, talking about the exact things to be doing, how to be driving traffic and an exact format for contest. So go ahead. I have a cup of tea now because we're getting serious. So hopefully everyone is caffeinated, ready to learn, ready to work because we're gonna talk about how to increase your traffic from interest. So the first thing that you want to do again hearing this echoed, is pin original content. And when you have original content, the most effective form is always going to be teaser pins and teaser pins are what is going to grab their interests. So for people that weren't here yesterday or haven't been paying attention to this, this is simply when you have an image, you have a little bit of text over. We call the teaser pin, and these are ...

probably in the top three most effective traffic driving types of pens because there's nothing inherent in the pen. You're not learn anything from looking at the pen, but what it does is quickly grab your information. It stands out in a sea of images and pulls people attention and link it to your site. So we have some questions about this. It's just something that on your blogger, or is this something that you're uploading individually and then linking to your site? You can do either, but we do want to focus on making sure that the content on your site is optimized for pinning as well. So I think when you can even using teaser pins on your website on your blog's on your product or service pages can be a really effective way. We'll show you some examples of this. Also featuring a strong C T a. Does anyone known in studio audience with a C T. A. Is yes, called Action and Call. The actions are very important in all forms of marketing are really in life. You need to tell people exactly what you want them to dio and called actions work extremely well on Pinterest is well because pins that have some sort of a CT A, which could be anything from Repent. This click here comment below tend to get over 80% MAWR engagement than when nothing is stated. So if you look at any of my sponsor my promotional pins, you'll see almost every single one has some sort of a call to action. Now, most of the time it's in my caption. So I'm saying, Hey, click here and I'll give a link and then I will tell them, You know, click here to learn this is this or given some sort of benefit? But I also will put called actions in my actual pin, and hopefully tomorrow we can do is with Christine because she's got those great overlays. I will also use graphics that look like a button, because when you click on an image in Pinterest, that is what takes you to where it's linking, and so why not make it look like something that is clickable? But it's interactive and again something that no one is doing. No one is really taking this hands on approach of making these pins look like an interactive, uh, you know, clickable interface. So I will actually have a click here. Button in my pence. Does it might not be for everyone, because this is like we said. This is very straightforward marketing. If you're afraid of promotion or you don't want your pins to look like they are promotional or business oriented, this obviously might not be the strategy for you. But what I would recommend is have a few like this. The majority of your content could still be more artful, You know, Maura little subtle. But when you do have some really heavy hitting pins like this that are very clear, concise clarity and marketing is everything, it can be really beneficial to have a clickable called action button in your pen, and I will show you some real examples of this two and a link. Did you guys that you could put a link in the caption of your pin? So what I mean is below the actual picture of the pin. You can put a hyperlink so you can type in a URL, and it will automatically become a high piper link. So this is really great. First of all, if people aren't used to Pinterest and they don't understand how it works, where they don't understand that you have to click on the image to be taken somewhere. We're all pretty condition to understand what a link does when we see it bold and maybe a different color. And that's what Pinterest does. They tend to make it a nice, bold font. So the hyperlink really jumps off the page, and you've now got two ways to get people to click and visit your site. So instead of just clicking on the pin, they can click on a link as well. So when I am optimizing pins for traffic, not only is my source like in there, but I'm also putting links in the captions, so teaser pins are the best way to a vote. Curiosity. You know, someone can look at an infographic on Pinterest and not even need to visit your site. They can kind of understand what's inside what the statistics are now. Sometimes you know infographic can want people. People will make them want to learn mawr so that that works, too. But a teaser pin is meant directly just to tease obviously and to grab people's attention and make them want to learn more. So you'll see. Click here. There's my called action, and then my link, and this is linking to a specific post something else we should talk about. You don't wanna have everything just linked to your home page. Some businesses will do this where they'll feature a particular product, and look how well people might like that. But I want him to see everything, so I'll just set him to the home page, and that is a sure fire way to increase your bounce rate. Your bounce right means when people come to your website and they just leave without cookie to any other pages. And the more targeted the simple ER. As Christine was saying yesterday, the simpler you can make it, the more effective and just the better overall, experience your customer. So if you are posting a teaser pin like this, make sure that it's actually taken into a specific video or specific blawg post, and not just to your site where they may or may not be able to find this content somewhere like we talked about. You definitely want to talk about why they would want to learn more. Here are three ways to be more productive so that you could spend more time with your family so that is a really important form of marketing. Copy, You know, here three ways to make more money so that you can travel the world. So think about that as you're teasing, really explaining the benefit and not just the how, but also the why PS and principles you talk about a little bit earlier. So we talked about having, you know, I shared with you that guy I had on how to get more Pinterest followers, and you can actually link to an opt in on also have talked about checklists. So what's kind of cool is to promote the topic or concept for a pdf for checklist and then linked to where they can download it. Maybe you don't want to use it specifically for lead generation, but you're featuring a checklist is something I did all my blawg where I had a creativity checklist in the block post and I had a short little three minute video on ways to become more creative. But what I did is I pinned the checklist and I said click here to download and print out this checklist because what we want to do with the checklist s son was just want a kind of store in our back pocket. But most of us want to print it out and use it. So a great way to get people not just to repent a checklist but actually get them to your site is tell them that's where they're going to be able to print it out and download it. So any time I'm doing, Ah, visual tutorial, a checklist, a template, something like that where people are gonna want to interact with it. I will say, You know, click here to download this template. Click here to be able to print out this list, talk about why they should come to your site and what they're going to be able to do with the content when they're there and focus on simplifying and curating information. I think when we talk about creating a pdf for a checklist or something like that, it could be a little overwhelming. And we think, Well, what do we want to tell people? What do I really know? What's my knowledge base? How is this really gonna be beneficial on the best way to stand out online right now, if you sell information, if you share information strategies is not to reinvent the wheel but just to simplify, find ways to take huge strategies and break them down into small bite size chunks. That's what most of us seem to respond. Teoh. So this is an example of that creativity checklist. And this is why Christie and I will be working Maurin the future together because you can see myself does not look that good, but it does work. It will work even better when it looks really good. But I want people to see this particular stuff because not everyone has a graphic artist to work with, and a lot of people use it as an excuse not to move forward. They think I can't create that so I won't create anything. And for me, that's not okay. You gotta work with what you've got and just try to improve and get better. So I made this checklist again. I used pages for this, which is just software on a Mac. I think you could really do this and pretty much any program. I did a big rectangle. Then I did little boxes, and I copy and paste are cutting mio pace of them And then I typed in text, and this was very successful for us. Got 46 re pins on and a lot of traffic on our site. So what I did this is the actual blawg post, and you can see when I took them to the page, it had the picture of the checklist and that it had the link right here. Click here to download the creativity checklist, and I just simply hooked it up A pdf to open and they could download it. They could print it out, do whatever they wanted. So even for me, not a super tech savvy person, this was a really great way to get people to my site. And I think I have a screenshot of it somewhere on here. But this particular, uh, image has been pinned off of that post over 1000 times. So people are really responding to this, and that's with my moderate amount of traffic, like I'm not a huge conglomerate brand or anything, but I'm still getting a lot of traction from it and encouraging other people to pin from your site talked about a little bit more about how you wanna have the pennant plug ins. You can put the standard pin, this bullet every one of your images, but there are some really cool new APS and software. If you just google Pinterest, pin it buttons that will enable you. Has everyone seen this where you've gone to a site and you've kind of hovered your mouse over an image and a pin it button appeared or like the image kind of grays out in a little Pinterest button. Some were really cool, and there's all different ones for different types of aesthetics. So I've seen some that are really feminine. I've seen some that are more masculine, you know, more black and white and straight forward, but just a great way, cause Remember when someone pins something from your site, they're not. It's not just necessarily going on their board, but it's showing toe all of their followers. So this is huge. One pin does not equal. One person seen at one pin equals whoever, however, many of their followers were on Pinterest at the time or saw it on the news feed. So one Repin could easily equal, you know, 1000 impressions, and that's something that's really cool. If you use Pinterest. The analytics for business pages is, uh, I was looking at one of our other sites that we don't send a lot of traffic. Teoh and I was looking at There was maybe three things pinned today from it, like not that exciting three things. And I was going through all of the metrics and one of the metrics was impressions. And there were over 8000 impressions for those three pens because the people first false if significant people are re pending, it's showing to a lot of people. But also, if you're using those keywords like we talked about your also getting exposure on Pinter's from people are searching your boards, appearing for things your actual pin is appearing as a result and when other people are pinning your content onto their boards. If Adam pins one of my pins and Alexa goes to Adams board, she can see my pin on his page. So I think sometimes we get a little discouraged. I know people who don't have huge follower bases and they say, my Cecil and getting one or two re pens, and I am like, put that around your stuff's getting one or two repent. This is great. Someone sharing it. Like I said, if you look at those analytics, those riel fax, you'll see that even a couple pins can translate to a lot of exposure on this platform because it is so share heavy. So as much as I can, I do everything to get other people that pin content from my site. So the hover over over buttons. There's even the below images, so little Pinterest buttons you can put below every single image. Most people, if they use that all they put it at the bottom of every single post, which I think where you wanna have the Pinterest button is either on or directly below the image, not just somewhere on the page. So that's what I encourage you to do. And I even will say it. I think I mentioned before that I will even say in the body of my text. Hey, make sure you pin this checklist is gonna be really valuable to your audience, reminders the text point out and say that that's a lot of ah ha's here in the chat rooms and for me personally, I think about the number of re pins. Yeah, as super amplified. Yes, that just kind of blew me away. Because when you see, like, when? When I hear you say this got 46 re pins and I'm like, really? Melanie is that I would think that I would assume you would want more. Yeah. So what is a good number of re pens like you said? Yeah, I think that's a hard question. Just like people ask you, What's a good number of followers so dependent upon your brand and your goals and your social media strategy? Um, you know, one pin is a good amount of repent, but it needs to be proportional to your audience. I don't know the exact percentage, but if you have 100,000 followers and your steps only getting repent twice, you've got a problem. But if you only have 20 followers and you're stuff gets repent twice, you're going okay, that's a pretty good ratio. So more so. Then say, you know it's 20 or 40. I would focus on a percentage basis. If your audience is a certain size, you wanna have the reflect. Like I said, I don't know an exact percentage, but I would want it to be respective to the overall amount of people that are seeing it. Thank you. Yeah, absolutely. Um, Christine was talking yesterday about repainting her own content multiple times a strategy for sort of increasing its own exposure and then going back into leading those pins. Yeah. Could you talk about how that might be beneficial? How many times you would maybe do that? Yeah, What that would be like for you and I do. I do agree that strategy, it's something that we did a lot during one of our contests is during that two week period, we would reap in that pin almost every day. We had a cool contest pin that was optimized that was nice and tall, had a border, you know, had the called action about the contests and everything. And so every day over afternoon, we would repent that and obviously would delete the original pin. So someone didn't come to our accountant go OK, The only thing they're pinning his contest pens. But in terms of non contests, a regular content may be a great checklist or something like that. I probably wouldn't pin it more than twice week. Just because you may have followers that long on every day, and if they start seeing that you are pinning it over and over again, they might think there's no value in this. They're just putting the same stuff. But that being said you you can pin stuff over and over without multiple people seeing it because there is so much people are following 22 42 60 different accounts on Pinterest. Even if they log on within the same hour that you posted it, it could be pushed down. And again, we talked about how Facebook you know, your stuff gets pushed down. Pinterest is more like this, but there is still a newsfeed aspect. The reason it's like this is because people can come to the boards and interact with them. That's not in a time sensitive manner, but the news feed is still a critical component of exposure, and with people pinning 5 to 10 things and you've got 200 people you're following, it's very easy to miss content, so I would do it's right for you. You know, I I said I probably wouldn't pin something more than twice a week if it wasn't during a sale or promotion or contest that was really time sensitive. I would be mailing out in the same sort of way. But you can also gauge your audience. You know, if you get feedback and people like why are you pitting this? Or you notice that if you pin the same thing three times the third time, nobody's repainting it. You probably have kind of pushed your limited exposure. So here's this block post. I did the five best business books so you can see this is just a little snapshot you can click to expand it. But I started all of my cover images for my blawg posts. Have teaser text talking about what it's gonna be. And I also include my website on them because I'm anticipating that people are going to be pinning this image. They're going to be sharing it, so I wanted optimize as much as possible. It is going toe link directly to that post, but I also want my brand out there. I want the content to be very engaging in traffic generating and for the most part, this seems to work really, really well so I can pin this very easily and when other people are pinning it, it's optimized for their followers to generate more traffic from it as well. Video screenshots. Okay, actually get zippity. This is something I'm really proud of that. I hope you guys don't mind this, but I think it's kind of a cool concept offices. So we talked about pinning videos right, which is super cool. Really great. People can watch the video inside of Pinterest, which very valuable they can watch your content they can connect with. You get to know you better, but it doesn't send traffic to your site because they watched the video is over. Maybe you have a link in the comments where your are in the caption like, Oh, for more great videos go here, which is a smart way to do it. But something that I tested out was instead of having the video play inside of Pinterest to actually take a screenshot of the video with the play button in the middle of it. So it's still kind of looks like a video and have it link to the page on my site where they can watch it. So let me show you this. Do you see any of these that don't look like the other anything. It's kind of hidden by the chair. I'll give you a hint. You see how this buttons a little bit different? That's the YouTube play button. So these and I've found my engagement on Pinterest is the highest. When the video plays inside of Pinterest, obviously, because they stay there, they watch. It s so I predominately do that. But I tested out doing this and you'll see most of my optimized videos also have text in the video frame That something you can do on YouTube for your thumb now. But I actually put text in the in the video, so it's not just something like this, but see how that's kind of cool, how you can see what the topic of the video is actually in the video. I love doing that. Uh, but this one is just just screenshots of my YouTube video, and when you click on it, it takes you to the block post where you can watch it. That video drives the most traffic out of any of these makes sense. What? You kind of break it down like that. I saw women's fitness magazine and do this, and they had a whole board of fitness videos and they were all screenshots. So what they wanted to Dio was not just get people to watch the videos on Pinterest, but to actually go to their website where you could then subscribe. They had a pop up so you could actually sign up for their newsletter. Then you know, they could can actress you further, learn more about you, do whatever they want to do with their email. So this is smart, I think, and every different opinions about this some people will go. Oh, that's tricky. I don't like that. It looks like you're trying to trick them. I don't think it's tricking them because I'm not sending them somewhere else where they don't watch that video. All I'm doing is choosing to bring them to my home instead of having them here. I want them on my home where then they can watch other related videos where they can comment where they can sign up for my newsletter. All that good stuff is gonna happen on my site. So that's something that I recommend again test like I told you, my engagement is the highest from letting them play inside of Pinterest. But my traffic is the highest when I click in Link. Any questions about that? Yeah, it's cool and it still looks like a video board, and it's still linking to video content. But this way, instead of not linking anywhere or, you know, even sometimes if it links to you to them, they're seeing other related videos. They kind of go down the rabbit hole. That's one of my problems. Ones when I use YouTube is you know, maybe I'm talking about really great concept, and I'd love to get them to sign up for my newsletter, but they get distracted by, you know, kittens plane another video. So something I really recommend for videos also at the end is to talk about where they can find you online if you go to any of these videos and play them again, this is on the online Edge Academy Pinterest account. If you play any of these videos, not only is there a cool bumper in the beginning, that kind of you know, talks about the branding, but at the end, I say, And for more great videos like this make sure to go to Melanie Duck and dot com. Join the discussion and sign up for our newsletter so you'll get more great free training. So even when they're watching the video, there's a called action at the end. Good thing to think about when you are filling videos. Also kind takes with the awkward factor anyone else filmed a video, and at the end, you're not really sure what to do. It's like you just kind of sitting there. This is a great way. You just surrounded up. It's done, It's clean, it's professional and people know where to go. I even do a cool little We can go over later if you guys want to see it. But it's a little Outro bumper, it's called, Actually will show someone a video of people going to the site, leaving a comment where they sign up. It shows it all on the screen, so use at the end of everyone my videos to visually demonstrate it, so that's an example of another. Sometimes Pinterest changes the color of the play button. Sometimes YouTube does not. Sure, if you guys have noticed that so some of them will look different and that's anything to be aware of. People come to your board. It's like all the play buttons of different colors. It might be a little weird, but I haven't seen. I think for the most part people just think they're being pinned from different platforms and there goes links directly to this site where, I mean, I'm shameless about email stop. This is so important to me in a marketing process. So I want them on my site because not only can they leave a comment, but this is where they're going to be able to enter their name and email. This is where they're going to be able to click and learn more about meal. That girl's interesting. I wonder what her story is. That's where they're going to be able to up their free updates, actually, is a another opt in page where it says, Here's what Why you want to sign up? Here's the steps to do it. So this says she totally had an ah ha! Moment with the video screen shot and is going to apply this to Facebook to perfect. Yeah, you can definitely get on Facebook. I think, though, if you promote a post. It can't have a play button. There's something about it. So Facebook has more rules about than Pinterest currently does. But you can definitely player out that. See what they don't let you promote. So this is an example of the call to action in the pen number. I told you now this is just an oval. It's not even I have some that look more like an actual button, but we wanted to go back to talking about optimizing these pins for traffic generation. Obviously, we've got it's a little bit taller. It's not a super tall pin, but you can see it's obviously taller than it is whiter. It's got a call to action. It's also got bright colors. You know when you're thinking about your content on Pinterest. Pastels are very pretty. But what's going to draw people's eyes? It's normally bright. Colors also borders, and this one has a little bit of a border. I think maybe you might have gotten cut off, but I have tested out different colored borders because again, my background is marketing. And one of the most effective ways to increase the click through on Facebook ads is to add colored borders have. Has anyone seen that where you actually will look? There's like a red border on one in the lime green you're going. That's kind of a wacky color scheme. Changing the colors of the borders and having colored borders gets people to click on ads more so I thought, Well, let's see if that works on Pinterest and in fact, it does now you don't want to be annoying and have everything be these, like ugly, aggressive colors. That's not gonna work. But I simply do black borders, since that's part of one of our principal design colors. And I will do black borders a lot of the images by pins, and they stand out so much. If you go into my Pinterest page, you can see some of the promotional ones the contest when we're gonna talk about later. All of them have black borders, and on the news feed it pops. So doing black doing pink, even having a black background on a pin and having an image sit on top of that or having a black background and having text on top of that. Since a lot of the images seem to be lighter colored again in your news feed. This is where you're grabbing attention, encouraging people to click through and really breaking through the clutter of all of the other images on that site. You can see I always do. My your l the bottom of that very subtly, this one. So this is the 43 best tools for online business owners breaking you outside of thinking about just doing a checklist. What are some great to people of tools? This was one of my other goldmine finds is people really respond to learning about tools? You know, any time we talk about pic monkey, everybody writes it down, right? I do the same thing. I met conferences and someone talks about some software. Something cool. I write it down on my phone or, you know, take a note of it. And so I found, like, Why don't leverage that all Just putting their list of all the tools I use in my business. So whether it's for email marketing, whether it's for my websites, whether it's for creating free images, anything like that and people loved this, I mean, it's got 93 repent, and you can see this is when I was testing out Hashtags also. So I've has take, like, business Pinterest marketing on the other reason. The only reason I will use hashtag sometimes because we talked about how I think they detract. People can click on them and will pull them away if it doesn't feel natural to use those words in the caption without making it super long, sometimes all thrown in at the bottom because they don't work them into the sentence that they have a hashtag People kind of understand why they're there, but you can see amazing list of online tools for business owners. Many of these tools are free. Click here to see the full list. Captions are another area that most people aren't utilizing. Pinterest does require that you actually have something in the caption How maybe was seen like when it's just a period. Has anyone seen that people are lazy on your right sleeve? Put a period in it. Captions, keywords called actions, links Gonna write that down. Every caption should have keywords called actions and also links to be a very effective and traffic driving caption. And of course, as you can see, the call to action buttons. And the more you can make this look like a button, the mawr that it can seemed like an interactive user face, which is kind of cool for people to engage with the visual content. And I totally, totally get This is not for everyone. This is obviously a marketing image. This is obviously something that is specifically asking for inaction. But you can decide how much or how little you want to dio of this. But let me just tell you it works. Sometimes when you go out there and you say what people should do, you give them that clear directive. They really like it. And it might be counterintuitive because we think, Oh, that's not subtle enough. Oh, that's not quiet enough. But, you know, if you've got a coupon code, you've got a list you got. Something's gonna help people, you know, Tell them, let them know, show them where to go to get that resource. Yes, I know our favorite sentence is kind of it depends, but the called action versus how we've been talking for creative entrepreneurs that they're a little bit shyer about using that kind of direct marketing. And yesterday we were talking about the more passive techniques, like working yourself into trending topics and things like that. Do you have suggestions for, I mean, general percentages of like, how many of these kinds of called action direct marketing pins you would put in? Or does it really just, maybe, seem like you would do it once in a blue moon? If it's not your style, what would you suggest? I would do a ratio depending how much content you're creating that isn't like this. I mean, even me. I'm pretty ballsy marketing. Even I wouldn't have my entire Pinterest page like this because it does. You know, it's very aggressive marketing. I'm normally. What I would do is, I would say, people always love exact numbers. I would say I would do this 25% of the time. Other 75% of content is, you know, blawg post teaser pins, videos, checklists, teaser pins work better at driving traffic than infographics. But I still make infographics. I like mixing it up. I kind of like having everything represented keeps it fresh. S o. I would say, you know, if I probably use these 25% of the time if I've got a great list. So I got a great e book. If I'm using it for lead generation like, send it into an opt in page, I'm really gonna focus on a clear directive called Action. I'm going to be using very specific, you know, tools. Who is this four free list across the top, which I know some people would like. Quran, Djelic. Why? This is so marketing. But it does work really well, as long as you mix it up with other forms of content. Do you have any questions from online audience about this? Is this making sense? I mean, people do love this. I think again from creative professionals. They're going who? I don't know. But this was actually repent. Also, these 93 Repent worry penned by some really, really big people on Pinterest that have large people audiences. I got a lot of email opt ins from this particular pin because they loved it looks cool, and it's really different. People aren't doing this on Pinterest, so they'll pick it up and they'll sharing. It really stands out. So I think it's very effective and I'm excited, but I think It's a really cool opportunity that more people should be doing. So I think this question actually came in in the in the last slide. But Vanessa had said, It seems like a lot of these strategies require a lot of Web programming. Is that the case? So people getting a little scared? No, definitely not. I mean, if you're going to send this to an often page with it to be linked up to an email list, that is a little bit because you're gonna have to have an email form. But in terms of Web programming, I mean this image is very simple and straightforward. I made that in pic Monkey, which that's like not even graduating a photo shop. So that is very simple to make the linking you guys saw how the link stuff. That's just putting the source link. That's very, very simple by editing the pin, and I mean, you don't have to have this necessarily go to an email form. This could go to your site where you have your newsletter sign up on the side and you could have a blawg post like on my actual website. Let me show you this this one originally linked to, um, it originally linked to an opt in page. And I changed it on my actual website when I pulled up and show you what this does, because this might be a little bit simpler approach for some people. So if you go to Melanie Duncan dot com now, you'll notice my home page is an opt in page. But I have a blawg page right here. And if you scroll down on the side as it loads, one of my main sidebars is a tool tab. And if you click on this, this is where I have a list of all of the tools I recommend for all mine business. And this is where this pin currently links to that pin. Currently, links to this tools have on my page and my site. As I recommend, everyone site is optimized for email sign ups. So I don't have to send them to an opt in page to use this to build my list, because once I've got them here, odds are they're interested in science. If they're seen multiple opportunities for ways to sign it for the list eso you don't have to send it just to an opt in page. It could be Teoh a blawg post on your site. It could be to a video. You kind of send it wherever you feel comfortable. But no, this is not particularly tech savvy or anything like that, because a lot of this I do my own on my own to kind of test it. And then if it works, I throat to my team to scale out. But I do start with that first, and I am not a tech savvy person. So I do think it's very attainable and email. You know, even if you're starting with, like something like Mail Chimp, which is free to set up very, very user friendly and basic, it's a great tipping point to start with that. So we talked about those called action buttons are actually increasing engagement by 80%. So how are we doing it that did that? Answer the question. Does that make sense? It's not. It doesn't have to be super tech savvy. You can kind of make it as tech savvy as you'd like it to be. Thank you. Guess another one of my call to action Pence. Here, you can see an example of it is helpful. Seeing the example. Sometimes I feel like you talk about a concept and you're trying to envision in your own brain. So I want to show you some examples I'm currently using. So this says, Want to learn how to create better images? Click here, and I've used pic Monkey. This is an overlay similar to what Christine is gonna teach us to use tomorrow, but I've got a click here button and then my caption. Click here to learn how to create better images to pin, and it's simple. It's effective, you know. It's not expertly designed, but it gets the point across and again seriously. Just that text on the image tends to pull people and more so than anything else, questions in the chat room about pairing the the link with the teaser pin image. Danny, just talk about how that's done yet. Carry it in the caption. How do you pair the link with the teaser pin image? That's the image have to be posted to your website. Somewheres doesn't have to be. We've talked about this before, how it's just if you upload it from your computer you have to take that extra step of editing it. And this is also all covered in the Pinterest. Wanna one that everyone gets within with purchase of the course. I'll show you have edit a pin, how to go in and add a source link that really basic stuff I think we've done once, but I don't want to do it too many times since people have seen it. But, yes, you can upload silly from your computer at a link by editing the pin, and it will link. But if you do pin off your site, it will automatically be linked there, Huh? So I have a board on my page that is actually all Pinterest marketing strategies. And look at the border. You kind of see that in comparison to some other, some of these other images, how much a border pops off the page, just a black border. So I want you to get a feel for that, because again, simple small little tweak, simple small little tweak doesn't change. The design I was already working with doesn't look like those cheesy like red frame Facebook ads, you see. Sometimes it looks I mean, I like borders around images. I think it looks really clean and borders air super easy to do on pic monkey they're easy to do on photo shop on. They really just give it that little extra. Some a big fan of that again. Coming back to using keywords on this is very important for traffic driving as well. We talked about to get that extra traffic to your site. You also want to make sure that they're keywords or your about page or board titles and your captions. Now we talked about SDO. We talk about what's important, and the other reason that key words are important is because being able to be found on Pinterest when people are searching. Can we? Excuse me? Can you talk a little bit about that? Yeah, subject because I think people I've seen people are a little bit confused about what are the best keywords, how many? There's not just the the wear, but I don't know if we could maybe go through again. Another a real life example. Yeah, that we could start a choice around. That's a fantastic question. And you're so right to ask that because I think he would like you know what your keyword should be? In most cases, keywords come from knowing what you want Teoh appear for as search results online. So originally, when people asked like, Oh, what your keywords it means in a perfect world, If someone went into Google and was your ideal customer, what were did they be used to be searching for you? So maybe it's men's fashion. Maybe it's business advice. Maybe it's graphic design. Maybe you know anything that you know instructive course courses on photography. What are the words that you want to be found with when people are searching? That's a Q Bert. Now, taking that to another level is some key words are much more competitive and others generally, the more general the keyword, the more competitive it is. So, for instance, if I try to rank for the keyword pillows, that could be very difficult. If I tried to rank for the word throw pillows a little easier. Still pretty difficult if I wanted to rank for monogrammed throw pillows. Ah, little bit easier, probably still a very competitive work that's still a very large product offering the marketplace so keywords. The more generally are the more competitive for actual search engines, but not necessary, the more competitive they are on Pinterest. So I tend to use really general keywords on Pinterest like you saw business marketing traffic entrepreneur words like that. If I was going to use it for another strategy like I was actually working with an S e o specialist, I probably would narrow it down more. But this is important. If you are a local business local, the name of your city of the name of your state, your county That should be one of your keywords because you want to be found in registered in connection to that area. Um, do you guys know like an audience? You guys know what you like? Some of your keywords are that you want to be associated with. Well, I was not thinking about, um, artful gentlemen, but a different category. I work as an artist also, and like, if you imagine keywords and that can be hard Teoh come up with. So obviously art is just so generalized you'll never get close to death. So I was curious about how you find those good keywords to leverage for you. That may not be these sort of like, you know, top tier words like monogram or monogrammed pillows. And really, how you do that? Yeah, it does come back to know your audience. Like my audience from luxury monograms, the simple love monograms. They love it on their pillows. They love it on their sweaters on their tote bag. They love monograms. If someone is searching for monograms on Pinterest, they're probably going to be somewhat interested in my products. And so that is secured. I use more so than pillows because just because someone looking for a pillow doesn't mean they're necessarily gonna want it monogrammed. So knowing the parts of your brand that people really are going to respond to specifically, you know, say you have a brand in its fashion and it's not just men's fashion, but it's retro. You might want to use the words wretch you in that say you have. I'm trying to think, you know, jewelry line. And instead of just writing jewelry, maybe you know that it's often purchased as a bridesmaid gift. You know, some people sell jewelry online, and it's people you know that they're buying them as bridesmaid gifts or, like I know a lot of people by some of our some of our pillows as baby shower gifts. So instead of having you know the hashtag pillow, I might have not hashtag or keyword that's actually bridal shower or baby shower gift terms that people are searching for. And you'll see that on luxury. Monogrammed some of our board titles. It's actually the next slide. I think a lot of our board titles are centered around Rydell Shower and wedding gifts. They're centered around mad for monograms. Okay, um, you know, we have, like, Christmas gift ideas, baby, we know what our customers are using our products for, and we know the language ing they're using around it, and that's what we're trying to replicate. So that's kind of ah, different level for keywords. Strategy. Just knowing what people are searching for, that your product or service is going to be the right fit for so, you know, wedding photography. Obviously, it's pretty straightforward. Any questions? If you would need help coming up with keywords because we could definitely do that? Yes, Kimberly Cole, a TL is asking if maybe there's a website or some other resource that could be used to help with keywords? Or is there a way to see keywords? How people have found you through through the keywords that you selected Google Analytics? And this is actually really one of my favorite things to Dio, if you can. If you have a Google Analytics account and it's free, it's totally free. You can see what words people have searched for and come to your site, and sometimes it is the most random stuff. I have a friend of mine that is a guess. That cooking expert, I don't know. She blog's a lot on recipes and and health in all of that. And she posted this funny picture one time. I've, like, check out what this person search for that came to my site, and it was like Bernese Mountain dogs. Random, super, super random. She actually does have a Bernese Mountain dog. I don't know how they would know that, but is so invaluable. And that is a great keyword research strategy is See what people are searching for the terms they're using, and you can also track that based upon the commerce e commerce from it, so you can see when people are searching for the term bridal shower gifts. Here's the amount of revenue generated from that search term getting a little techie here for you, but you can also see Oh, but when people are searching for just pillows, the actual conversion rate that people who come and buy after after searching and coming to our site it's really not that profitable. It's not that valuable. So if anyone doesn't have a Google Analytics account, everyone should have one. They're free. It's very easy to set up. They have tutorial videos. It's super comprehensive, but it will give you information inside your business that is just so important. That will really help you understand how people are finding you. It'll show you different traffic sources. I mean, there's so many things that cool. Alex could dio So Melania? No, we talked about this earlier, but you just asked in terms of an example. Yeah, indie 52. It said, What if you're a local photographer, but you would love to do work you love to do work all over the us? What keywords would you use? And how could you picked herself to capture clients in a variety of other states? Yeah, absolutely. So do the location based keywords work? Well, if he's look here. Here She, uh, in the 52. Not sure it, uh, you're looking to expand nationally. I don't know that I would really limit myself to particular keywords. Pinterest actually a civil largest in the US There is an international audience, but it is still primarily the largest in the United States. So if you're looking for national exposure, I wouldn't really try to say California, Washington, Florida. I wouldn't worry about saying all of that. I think you kind of got parameters in place that will be useful. So I would focus more on How are you getting in front of the right people? You know, what do you specializing in? And we were talking about this earlier. How sometimes it's really good to be general. Sometimes it's really good to be specific, because if you're a photographer and you say, why could do everything people don't know anything that you can dio just because you say you can do everything, but maybe you really specialize in babies. Maybe you really specialize in product photography, and I would go mawr on that direction with my keywords and really clearly communicating my offerings and differential to myself and using that for keywords necessary more so than just location there. Here's a quick one from Christina H. Who wants to know about hashtag and the captions of pins and whether they're more useful than just the regular description I know you started talking about, so I don't think that you need to hash tag anything. I think I have an example here where I used Hashtags. But this is what I was doing originally when I was creating pins that I I thought I needed to have Hashtags anyone else been there where you think I saw someone else did it? Am I supposed to be doing this? So when I was first testing out strategies I did for my keywords used the hashtags, and the only time we used them now, like I said, is when I want to do a lot of keyword juice, I actually want to have a lot of terms in there, but it doesn't fit into my sentence, and I also wanna have the link available as soon as possible. I don't want a link after eight lines of text. I kind of wanted to be in the 1st 3 lines so you can see click here to create your custom monogrammed pillow called Action Link. He words Monogram, pillow, that type of stuff. And then I went down here and did gifts monogram, monogrammed pillow. But this isn't necessarily effective because it's already in the description. So in this case, the hashtag aren't really necessary on all of the supporting keywords stuff. And again, monograms is already in my account name. It's already in my about section, so as long as you're covering a few of your bases, you're pretty good now. Prices. We talked about this a little bit yesterday. Prices used to give you a big price banner. If you type in the dollar, sign the numeric value. Right now, there are no price banners. Pinter's has removed them because some people don't like them. But this still will get you in the gift section. If you go to the home page of Pinterest, another navigation, where they have all of the categories of content, they have a category for videos. They also have a category for gifts, and since we know people shop on Pinterest and spend their money there if you're selling a gift oriented item again, this might not work for creative live courses, but you're selling jewelry if you're selling home items. If you're selling, you know anything like that, that would be a gifted item. Like I know our products are highly gifted. It works very well to put it in the gift section, so and to get in the gift section, the only way to do it is to type in the dollar sign and the numeric value of your product, and you will be automatically added in the gift section that clear. That is clear. We do now have a lot more questions coming in about keywords. If we have time. Teoh, that would be awesome. Okay, so one question that came in was from Travel Blogger who had earlier asked, Is it OK to rename boards? And one of the reasons that here she was asking, that is because she doesn't share. He doesn't have keywords in the names of those board. Absolutely anything back to that naming aboard. Nope. You can go in at it your boards at any time. You just click on it and you can change if we're talking about board something else to really pay attention to is the board descriptions. For some reason, right now, when you create a board, it doesn't ask you for a description right away. So if you just click that ad board or a few click, create a board of the top will show you exactly how to do this. Just a sec. But descriptions air really important. So to add aboard to your page, you can either click right here where it says Create board or you can go up here to the top and click Create aboard. Now, when you dio this manually, I think here it will ask you for description. And here it ask you now to. But sometimes if you're on your phone your credit and didn't used to do that. Sometimes when you're on your phone and you're creating a board, it's just has you type. You just type in the board title. There's no description, and if you don't add a description instead of having something like this, it's just the title. And a lot of people like to You can't put a link, but people like to type in the URL. People will want to, you know, put an email address. Who will want to type in some more specifics, particularly because some people actually have really creative, not necessarily affected, but really creative board title. Students seen this where they kind of go for them or of the illiterate Asian angle, or like some cute Shiki name, which can be fun. But if you do that, people might not understand what this board is, and they come onto a page, and if it's not really clear on there's a couple dozen pins, they don't get it. Sometimes aboard description is needed for that clarification of what's actually happening on this page. So at any time, if you're boards don't have descriptions again, I think this was added recently. Normally, if you said, if your account a few months ago, when you quick create board, it didn't have that description options, So a lot of your boards might not have descriptions yet you just click at it board and you can go in here and actually type in the description. This is also where you can set the category. I'm just choose whatever seems the most relevant to the content that is on that board and at any time, of course, save changes. So the descriptions are really good to use. I'm just to supplement Teoh, increase more attention or more focus on the content on the page. Sometimes they use it for clarification. So you see, this is about one of our products. And I say I'm the co founder of an incredible membership side that teaches business owners riel strategies for integrating their online marketing efforts to grow their business online. Totally would have missed that. If it just said online edge academy, right, you'd have no idea what the academy was about. You'd have no idea why this would be interesting if it was for you or not, eh? So I really recommend that every single one of your boards has this That being said, let's use luxury Mont Monograms. Another example. On our pillow border, we pin all of our products. I've even thrown in some press for positioning here. So this is our best selling throw pillows as featured on ABC s Good Morning America and NBC's in a Burqa Show. So I'm talking about where our products have been featured and this is really smart. You know, I think I've gone to a lot of products sites where they'll have, you know, as seen on Oprah I have seen on the Martha Stewart show, or even as seen on another blogger online or something like that. Why not use that on a product board in the description, just to give it that additional credibility in that additional boost in recognition? So I like unit for products. You could also talk about how to use your products. You know, if you say these make fantastic bridesmaids gifts, this service is for these type of people. I've been featured in X Y Z. There's a lot of any ideas. Throw some idea that there what are some ideas that you could do in a description. If you have a particular post on your board, are particular title. You can see that we have the different concepts, like bridal Shower, but also for the more business courses where we explain the course or we explain the topic further. This is where Christine's messaging would come in really well, how she uses fun, short, pretty cheeky words to elevate the images on that board. So threat the worldwide audience. Tell me what you would use how you would use a description for one of your boards there aboard that you're going to use a description to clarify and explain the constant on that board. Is there one that you're gonna add? Some press to to kind of talk about yourself, Explain something further, And then let's kind of throughout the online audience Are you thinking of any boards that you might be adding descriptions to to help enhance it? A lot of the boards I thought of are pretty straightforward, like a blawg board. But then boards where I'm, um, drawing visual inspiration from other companies. Other things that might know that this isn't you know, some say it cleverly and attractively that, you know, this is curated from other places, just kind of any time you get to get more specific and really catch the already into that communication. Yeah, And from a copyright standpoint, I have seen some photographers that in their board description will say these images are, you know, property of me bubble blood. Do not use them without permission or something like that. So this could be also where you clarify if this is your content. You really want to put it out there. Here's what it can be used for. Here's what it can't be used for or email me. You know, this content is private property. If you would like to use this, if you'd like to use this likeness in some way, please email me here and, well, you know, kind of go on approval basis. Creativelive. We get to use obviously the key words of all of our instructors and their followings as well. And so, like photography and all of the keywords associated they're launching the new audio channel. We're going into music, and we've got all the keywords associated with music production in music and music, education and things like that. And so, using all those keywords on our new separate boards that we will soon be launching exciting remind everyone we're going to use some before and after tomorrow. So show the transformation that's possible during the three day workshop. Shout out right now, Teoh on our creativelive Page Jessica, our senior community manager who is creative videos and Alexa is here in the classroom and put it up on our Pinterest page. And last night, she said it only took her about three minutes to Dio. It's a video of you from yesterday with a link to the course itself and with I forget exactly what you were talking about in it. But there are, I think, look again there about interaction ever. We got all the show way. Sure, let's go to a Pinterest are common slash creativelive. Yeah, she's trying out techniques and tips from the Pinterest course. I like it. I like it. And it took me aboard their all this code of most recent okay, their video and nine tips from creativelive instructors these air to new practice pins that we've been using here. Will there be audio? Maybe yes, maybe no e won't be taken. At least click on it. And you think that that we had a number of comments? I'd never gone to our Pinterest page to look for comments that people are saying about the class. You could see that there are comments and there are a few re pins as well. So it's really cool to see our own team here. A creativelive put these things into practice right away. It's like a two minute video two minute, 20 seconds which is the perfect. I think that's really the best length of video to put on Pinterest's under three minutes. I am putting any visuals that you have to use is always really important. Oh, it looks so good. So it's gonna be saying that will be part of our before and after. But it's exciting to CEO away. No, it's really, really great. And you said there's a lot of engagement on this. Look at that. That was never have that firm. That's so great. So thank you, Melanie Dunkin. Oh, this is just the beginning. You guys were gonna do amazing amazing things, But you how you can see look at these other still images. And again, there might be other factors contributing to this, but one like, you know, not very many re pens, you know, just not super high engagement compared to video content. People just respond to this like crazy. So there's just a lot of engagement. There's a lot of people liking and re pending, and commenting on that engagement from my experience really does come from video and as another part of our before it after I can't read that well right now, But how many? How many followers do we have? Because I want to see how many we can get in these three days. Yes. Oh, so promotion here around 3400 followers. So hours. So I think so. I think we'll see. Maybe we can get toe 4000 by tomorrow. That would be pretty simple. Will come back and check. But I love seeing that. Yeah, check out. There's new. You guys have some tips from creative lie with the actual images in the text overlay. Yeah, Jessica said that she practiced last night. She saw 10 minutes of Christine's course and she goes, Okay, this is gonna be easy. I've got photo shop and she said it was simple. She just took a a shot of something in the office. So a little bit of behind the scenes work Super simple it is. And you get into a rhythm as well. You kind of start remembering the first few times. For me, it was kind of hard to remember. What am I supposed to do with each one of these images? But you get in a system of using it and every time. Once you're used to pinning your content whenever you have a new article or new video, you kind of go through the mental check places of Okay, Do I put it on Facebook yesterday I e mailed to my list. Yes. Did I put it on Pinterest? Okay, I got to do that to and then it becomes part of that seamless online marketing. So very cool. All right, we have a few description examples coming in on the web. Bobby Ana says award winning images. Um, we have rebel. Sure. Who says Military greeting card using military and the description? Uh, Brian says fun and fluid exercise routine Hope will have their thinking caps on. I like, I think a liberation always work so well in writing. Teoh, I love that in business names or I've been captions. Alliteration always sounds really good. It just rolls off the tongue. And I want to just reiterate for a few more people are asking about so again, where do these keywords go? And clarifying is it when you're in that description? So you're you're actually writing out a description versus just putting a list of key words? What? You recommend there. I recommend just integrated into description, and you can also edit your descriptions on your pins at any point. So say, I wanted Teoh optimize this more for keywords in this pin. I would click on that little pencil and I could come here and say, OK, I'm not talking about business, So I'm gonna bring this in and say Click here to learn how to succeed in business, doing what you love. Maybe I want to say online. You know, I could think of words and kind of just play with them in their in that sentence. I could also talk about, you know, click to learn how to succeed with your Brandon. Maybe Brandon is a term that I really want to be recognized and known for the marketplace. So I think it's the most seamless. When it is integrated into the sentence, you can do hash, shake some people. Honestly, I feel like it's one of those polarizing topics some people love hashes, that creative life. It's a very hashtag friendly environment. You guys like to use one Facebook on Twitter on all of those places. Other people, it doesn't seem natural to them to use them, and I don't think there's any reason that you have to use hashtags. So if it's something that you use consistently across your other platforms, it probably makes sense to use on. Pinterest is because that's what you do conditionally, but there's no reason to use them. If you could just integrate them into the caption. Normally that's my opinion. So then you just click save changes. This is again where you can change where it's going. Toe link Teoh, and it will go ahead and update that right there. So something else I love about Pinterest. You know, I've used instagram, but addressing it creates because I can never figure out if I can edit something if I make a mistake or go back and change it. Pinterest is super super flexible. Your board titles could be changing any time your user name can be changed in time. You know what you have titled in that captions. What you have in the descriptions, all of it can always be used differently. So that's something really great if there's a lot of people here who have a Pinterest account, but they haven't been using it for business instead, of focusing on going and creating all of this new content. Maybe go back and instead optimized what's already on your page. So don't feel like you have to start from scratch and do everything over. But can you go through the boards you already have? Can you add some keywords into the board titles? Can you go and add a better description to each one of those boards and then go back from the stuff that you have pinned already and add? Those keywords go in ad links just so everything has kind of a fresh, clean start, but you're not having to start from scratch you're using and optimizing what's already on your page is kind of a great way to get started, and then it will set the stage for moving forward. You'll have that template that that framework that you want to work within already as second nature

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