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What's Working Now on Pinterest

Lesson 14 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

What's Working Now on Pinterest

Lesson 14 from: Unlock the Power of Pinterest

Melanie Duncan

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14. What's Working Now on Pinterest


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What's Working Now on Pinterest

Okay, so now we get to the good stuff, right? We talked about visual marketing. We talked about why you should be using Pinterest. Now let's actually talk about how to use it. So we're going to talk about what is working now on Pinterest. And we talked about this a little bit on the last segment. But the most important thing you want to do before you ever jump into any sort of marketing for your business and determine what are your goals from this, you know? Are you looking to increase traffic? Are you looking to build your brand Simply kind of get it out there in a bigger way or you looking to get more clients, more customers? So this is something that everyone's probably saying. D all of the above, right. I want traffic. I want customers. I want clients all of that. But the reason it put clients at the end here is because we will be talking specifically if you sell services or if you're looking to get clients from Pinterest what you do a little bit differently because you dio you mig...

ht have the same goals of building your business or increasing the exposure, but the way you accomplish it is going to be a little bit different. So I want everyone to be really clear. Like I said, if it's d all of the above, that's perfect. That's not a problem. But I think it's always good to go in with What is that final result that I would like so that we can work backwards, reverse engineer it and figure out how we're gonna accomplish that? So the first thing is to create checklists s. Apparently it's the plural more than one. And the reason that you want to create checklists is because it is one of the most viral forms of content on Pinterest right now. So if you take a look at this example, this is a friend of mine runs an online magazine called Matchbook. And she created this little checklist for the 50 classics for your closet. And this got an incredible response on Pinterest. In fact, I couldn't log on in for a few weeks about seen someone repainting this, and the reason is we just all kind of love checklists. Am I the only person like there's nothing better than checking something off the list working through it. We most people, particularly women, we tend to love lists. We like working through them. We just like consuming content. That's sort of nice, organized, simple way. So it's been really interesting to work with different business owners and figure out how this applies to them for products and for services. For example, I worked with the Realtor, and I want everyone in studio audience to start thinking about this like an idea for their checklist, cause we're gonna go through this. But I worked with the Realtor, and he created some really cool checklists for his audience. That was about five things to do before you ever list your home created one. That was 10 things to do before you ever buy a home. The things that you should make sure you've got kind of checked off done properly, and what we're going to start phasing into in this next portion of the workshop is about how to create value for your audience. And from a marketing standpoint, I'm not about pushing promotions or products or things down people's throats. First of all, nobody really likes to do that makes you feel kind of skis e But also it doesn't really work. It doesn't work anymore to market that way. What works in marketing and what works in getting clients and customers is to become valuable and to create enjoyable and helpful experiences. And I think that you can translate this very nicely into how you use Pinterest. So if you use it as a way where people are coming to you as an authority in your space, people are learning from you and again. This is for both products and services. So say you have an online boutique. You could help people here five ways. Five different looks to wear chandelier earrings Here is an essential packing guide. Maybe you're a travel agent, you have some sort of travel services, and you want to help people here. Five things to make sure you check before you ever dio an apartment rental. Here are five questions to ask Before you ever go stay overseas at a hotel, kind of you just reframing what are different checklist that you could use within your businesses. We have, you know, nutritionist that will say, Here are the five foods that you should eat every day here. The five foods you should never eat. Think about the different types of content. So one of my favorite things As much as I love the sound of my own voice, One of my favorite things is to actually hear other people's ideas because most of the time they're way better than mine. So I love to do, and we're going to go through a few different types of this content, but I want to get lots of examples. Everyone's creative juices are flowing, and we're all kind of learning and getting ideas from each other. So worldwide audience, I want you to start typing in what is a checklist, a topic for a checklist that you could create that would serve your audience. So maybe it's something around things to do things, not to two things to think about, some sort of valuable content around your audience around their needs and their interests. And again, it can be a little bit off topic, but a little bit outside the room of exactly what you sell. It could be something that you should know about your audience. One of the most effective things you can dio is know your audience better than they know themselves know what? They're interested in the type of stuff they like to talk about. The television shows that they like to watch. You should know a lot about them so that you can serve them in the best manner possible. So go ahead and type in checklists around your audience checklist for your brand that you could create to pin on your Pinterest page to go ahead and type that in. And is there anyone in the in studio audience that this is kind of starting to spark your thinking? So let's go ahead and move from left to right. Rachel, I target Market is have young new entrepreneurs. And so things around that, uh, you know, 10 worse things you could do when you're starting business. Perfect best ways to start learning about how the market and also educating people on why. So I'm a branding person. Why branding or visual design is worth it to them. Perfect. Beneath any ah ha moments for you. The first thing that came to mind is teaching people how to take good, candid photos of the environment we can't control. But during a wedding, instead of having a mike in between a couple, make sure they get lapel mike or have the efficient stand to the right or the left after they say you can now kiss to buy things like that. So a nice big check list of things you could do to make the candid portion of your wedding much more beautiful. Well, that Segways perfectly into what we were also talking about, which is kind of becoming an authority in your space. So maybe your board you have, you know, information specifically for people who are going to hire you. But maybe you want other photographers to respond to your content into share and pin your content. Because if you think about it, those air merging audiences and we'll talk about this Maurin follower base. But it can actually be very advantageous to have other competitors, or at least people in your industry engage in interaction with your content because they're going to have access to a potential audience for you as well. So I love that. All right, Alexis. I think that obviously for creativelive, there's so many things that we can do because it's for education rights. And so one of our biggest successes on Pinterest right now is our quote means which are wonderful quotes that we get from our educators. Yes, you. There's probably gonna be won by the time that we're done with one of these awesome quotes that you've been shelling out Hash tag. Only life. Exactly. You watch it. It's and so, uh, you know, maybe checklists for five things photographers could do to grow their business. Or, you know, five ways that you could maybe make it into the music industry or something like that, because it would be something education based. Absolutely. Love it, Adam. Yes, of course. Especially since this checklist deals with fashion and style that rings true with the business I'm working for. I imagine something that can help us increasing amount of confidence the customer has in our knowledge of what we're selling. And by doing that, you informed them about certain things they may not know about the products such as for us suiting what? When you approach buying a new suit five things that you must consider to get that perfect style, like the type of collar cut. There's three different types and just ah, graphic where somebody can see what they're trying to decide on. I love that and that's a was perfectly into something. I want everyone to really understand that you are an expert in your industry, whether you market yourself or even think of yourself. That way you have access to information and insights because of the business, your end that the common person doesn't have. It's just kind of the way it ISS. So, for example, men going into fashion, you know, buying a custom suit from buying a first suit can be super intimidating. What is it supposed to fit like? I mean, I know my husband gets these custom suits made in the first time he went in there. You know, it's it's a very kind of formal fun, but formal environment. You don't want to look like you don't know what you're talking about and they're asking us. So do you want this type of lapel? What type of buttonhole, what type of pocket? And you're like trust you what you want. But I think whenever we can inform and educate our consumers, it's a better experience overall. And that's what that's what The Internet is so great for us now. We can be really informed and educated consumers. But I love the idea of you empowering your customers, empowering your audience toe, understand mawr about your art form. And I think that's something that bridges and photography and design and graphic design and and information and education. That's something that transcends all of that, All right. Melanie. We have so many coming in folks at home, so just a few shoutouts. Kimberly Kimberly in a TL. Her target is parents and family and friends of college students, so hers is a little bit o home. College care packages are, says five things to have in your makeup case, Mary says. Five pieces of jewelry that every woman should own and then judges 50 Okay, Justine Carrillo says that he or she is. Ah, she's an online fitness and nutrition coach and she says, five at home workouts when you can't get to the gym. Perfect. And I love that because I think it empowers people particularly. We said, if you just sell tradition, you don't sell traditional products to create content around your brand in a way that maybe even thought of before Khalili. What have you got for me? Judy C. says how to prepare for your boudoir session would make for a good checklist redesigning your website that 3 18 media numbering that up Sky Berger says. Five values toe look for in friends. Oh, I wonder what their business is. I don't know. Very nice. So this is just kind of the tip of the iceberg, but kind of starting to think about this content. Think about this in a different way, and this could be kind of fun to. It can be a new aspect of your creativity and tap into that Maybe you've never done. I mean, we have a lot of businesses that have blog's because it's a way to start creating and expressing content around your brand. Pinterest can be an extension of that. It can be a way to promote the content that's on maybe a business block, but it can also be just a new resource or outlet for sharing information videos to talk a little bit ago, the last segment and videos can be pinned like I said from video and YouTube, and if you get the little Pinterest, the pin it button, which you can get in the about section on Pinterest. You can Google pin it button, and you know you could just drag it into your browser. But you can actually pin directly off of YouTube video. And these are for me personally for my personal branding. For more of my coaching and educational services, video is the highest engaged in highest converting form of content for me. Now there's a couple of reasons why I think this is. First of all, you may not even have known that you can actually put videos on Pinterest, right? You might have not have seen one, or you might have wondered, How did that get on there? How do I do that? Like I said, it's actually one click off of YouTube video, So it's very simple on there is even a dedicated video section on Pinterest. If you go to the navigation, there's one just for videos. But where it's the most effective is in the news feed, because when you go into your newsfeed, there's a bunch of images, all beautiful, great cool. But a little little same sees you get a video, and Pinterest automatically puts this big play button on it. So I mean, that's talk about a called action like That's just asking you to kind of push it to play it. And because it's visually different, it pops off. The page breaks out from the clutter, so videos as a form of content because they're unique there novel are very effective on Pinterest. But even if they weren't novel, video is super effective for products and services. And I'm gonna be talking about video. Specifically, I'm coming up so I won't go too deep into it. But people love to watch videos, and if you are a service provider, if you are a personal brand, if you're coach something like that, I highly recommend direct to camera videos, which means it's either you on your IPhone. It's you, you know, with your laptop open filming. It's with, you know, SLR. Some sort of camera depends on your budget, your brand yada yada, But this is really the best way to build trust in relationships. Nothing showcases transparency like video. That's one of the reasons this is so cool. That live stream is so cool because there are ways to interact with a person and Teoh experience them on video. That doesn't happen from a still photo. That doesn't happen from necessarily reading a line of text. It happens from when you can see their facial expressions. You can hear you know, the different tones in their voice when they're speaking, and so video is something that is so valuable. But what? I also want to talk about this screen recordings because, let's face it, not everyone wants to be on camera. It is so scary. Were the first time I filmed my video for my first website and I was just filming on my computer. I opened it up. I did a little thing of so nervous, I think, practicing my name like five times. And then I watched it any well, How this experience do I sound like that? Do I look like that? What the heck? So there is definitely a barrier of entry to get started with doing on camera work. Some people like holier, just naturally graceful in front of the camera, But most of us struggle that a little bit, so I love screen flow now screen for works that we have a Mac views upend Pantoja. If you have a PC, can't Asia is the equivalent? I think there around $99 software. But what's cool that allows you to record your screen? It's everybody excited. I don't know. Everyone's excited as me, but here's why. This is cool. Say you're in your jammies working from home, and you want to create some cool video content for your Pinterest page. I pop open screen flow. I might put together a few slides on Power Point. Do a quick little three tips video. If you're a graphic artist, our designer photographer and you want to record a two minute thing about how to edit an image or you want to show some quick photo shop tips that people can use. Not only is that information insanely valuable, not only is video probably the best way to experience and learn it, but you can do that seriously in like under three Minutes. Film it on screen flow. They only see your screen. The audio should be good. It's just a great way to pop out a lot of content, and we'll be talking about different boards toe have on your page. Every single person should have a video board on their page products or services. If you have products, you can showcase anyone ever been on Zappos apples With the first companies that you would go on their website on their product pages, they would have someone going, Hey, look at this shoe and you could actually see the shoe in the different dimensions and the way the light reflected off of it. And now you see, almost all major retailers are doing this with their product. Pages are actually having video. Some people will have a stylist. I think it was Williams Sonoma's on their day. You can, you know, choose to buy a frying pan, and they have a video on their product page. And there's this, like very crafty woman teaching you how you can make a four egg omelet in this particular frying pan. And you're thinking of ways to use products you never would have been aware of your now feeling more empowered and educated on how to use that product. So, like I said, products great a lot of obvious ways to showcase and teach about what you're selling and for services, lots of great ways to connect and also create value, so every single person should have a video board on their page infographics. You know one of the key things to understand about Pinterest. Obviously, it's a visual, but how do you take information? Maybe information that's normally text or numerically based? How do we use that and translate that? Like I think we had people talking about finance or talking about. Like I said, like home buying. How do you demonstrate really kind of more nitty gritty information and put it in a visual format? Obviously, infographics are really, really great. So whether you do social media, whether you do fitness, whether you do anything like that and you have stats or statistics that would really serve your audience, this is the best way to showcase good information like this and again going back to becoming an expert in your industry, the mawr that you can show You know your stuff, the more that you can demonstrate your knowledge, your information, your access to information but more credible and the better your positioning. So this is something really smart to Dio, and I have a secret resource for everyone because sometimes I find more than anything else, people are overwhelmed by infographics. If you're not a graphic designer, you think OK, I don't know how to do that be. It's got looks like it's gonna be really expensive. I don't have the resource is for this info. Graham. Funny, this little girl. I don't know why they do this, but in Program is a free, template based infographic website, so you can actually go to it. There's like five different templates, and you can select the colors you want. You can put in data points. They have a spreadsheet for people that are into that type of stuff. You know you go, but there's also you can put in videos. You can put in images, all sorts of headlines, quotes, cool stuff like that. You can actually check out if there's time we can, like, go through one and create it. But this is a great way to plug and play and start using infographics on the viral. Note. Infographics Air, also one of the most likely forms of content on Pinterest to go viral and tutorials, so tutorials tha. This always reminds me of fitness, but it's also good for makeup artists, anything visual that you can teach. Obviously you can do tutorials and video format as well, but something I've found really good from a business building standpoint is to show a snapshot of its tutorial and then linked to a page with maybe a video tutorial linked to a page that actually has a full text article on your blog's Something like that. You know, say Williamson, with that great frying pan, they could do a cool snapshot of, you know, Sandy cooking her three eggs for egg omelet. And then it links to the product page where the video is demonstrating how to use that frying pan. So tutorials. Because people are in discovery mode because they are going through and they're trying toe, learn new things, find new products, we find that this type of content tends to be very successful in the platform. So we did a little audience interaction with infographics. Let's try with tutorials. So all my audience I want you to type in. If there's something you could create, it could be video, or it could just be, you know, step by step. Maybe it's just screenshots in a post of something. Maybe it's a fitness exercise. I want you to type in some examples of some tutorials that you could pin on your page, and then I want to throw it out to the studio audience. Are there any tutorials that you are thinking you could create? This probably is pretty similar to what we talked about last time in the types of content for on with original. We talked about checklists. Yeah, so you know, it can be somewhere. But any particular tutorials your thinking about I wouldn't say that I'm confused at all. But this feels very similar to checklists. To me. Yep. Um and so do you have an example? What? So I can't think of any because I would just think of the same thing? Sure. How do you How do you market your website for the first time? Or how? How you start a branding process? Yeah. So similar to check. Listen, that you just kind of turn how you present it over. You're right. It is very, very similar. What would be different about tutorials? Is your teaching how a checklist would be the what? What you need to dio that tutorial be How do you do it? So you know, obviously the checklist isn't in some way teaching. How cause you're saying here or what? Here's what you need to dio, and it might be pretty self explanatory. But for example, you could create a checklist on how to do a smoky eye. First put liner. I'm gonna make a parts. The first put liner on the top lead. Second, put on mascara. Third, Do a Dark Shadow. You know that is a checklist, but it's kind of on the visual representation of whether it's a checklist or its tutorial. The reason they're both on here is because they're both similar. They're both effective. So effective block post. How to write Effective block post Here, you know, first have a great headline. Second use images. Three. Have really good actual content, but you're totally writes very, very similar. Any ideas from the online audience for tutorials? 3 18 Media says how to brighten teeth and eyes and photos using photo shop. Very nice. Uh, Donny How toe retouch ahead shopped. Nancy H. Had a French braid hair. I like it over in the lounge, Kim Fricke says, creating realistic skin on three D models in computer graphics. Wow, that would be a lot of talents. That's right, Drake says. Art techniques, hand dyeing techniques and sweet, Nadine says. How to speak with authority and sound confident when speaking with management. So this is so great, because I can already see the value in this in this information in these services. So I hope people are starting Teoh also see the value in their experience in their information and the way that it can serve a larger audience. But I think that that that differentiation between the how and the what to do and then the how to dio huge. So thank you for that insight. I really like the idea of the follow up with a video because that's going to just make it so much more impactful and take them from your Pinterest page over to your bog and drive more traffic and create that connection that you were talking about earn their trust. Yeah, there's so much potential Teoh actually kind of cheese. This is what we're talking about. Next is how to use teaser text, and this is something that I started talking about pull about eight months ago, and I still don't see enough of it. And this is actually when you see an image with a little bit of text overlay, and I know Christine's gonna be talking about this specifically and the results she sees from this strategy. I mean, it's not exactly reinventing the rial white right, have an image and put text on it. And yet I would say this is official. But I would say about at least 95% of the pins on Pinterest are just images. And then people will put in the little caption, you know, Oh, learn here. You know how to write ineffective block post. But the thing is, people look at the image first, and then if it grabs them or captivates them, they will go on and read more in the caption. But you're then assuming that people are actually looking at their captions. And I saw an example of this someone's pen and it was a picture of in hand, reaching down from the sky, another hand reaching up like this and then, and the caption. It said something like Learn how to engage your audience on Facebook. Now I would have never in my wildest dreams made that connection from looking at the image. I would thought, maybe it's something religious, very abstract, very general and normally stuff in his general isn't really gonna pull our attention. But I was thinking, What if you have that image that had a great little banner across it and actually said, Hey, here are three tips for effective Facebook fan engagement? Oh, and it also I think, really serves to creating kind of a visual directory. If you have a bunch of blawg posts and you have on a board a bunch of different images and a cross, every image is highlighting made benefit or highlighting, you know, just a very attention grabbing statement. This is a very effective way to get people to notice your content on Pinterest and also to get that traffic to your site, which I said is going to be one of the main goals we talk about is how to actually get them to your site. So you have to create, you know you can do the checklist. You can do the infographics. There's a lot of internal value just in that image. One of things will be talking about, and more of the traffic driving portion is how do you use infographics and use checklist to get them to your site. there's a really specific strategy, but what I would recommend is you probably already have content on your website. You probably already have some articles and videos, hopefully something. And I'm not trying to have you create a lot of new content on your Pinterest page because that's going to take time. It's going to take effort and all that stuff that you might not have an abundance of. But what you can do is find ways to already take the content you have and put little little snapshot little something that should take. You really will talk about different ways to create these images coming up, but create content that promotes what you already have on your site. What, you've already worked The block post. You've already written the videos. You've already filmed the really good stuff that you want to get out there in a bigger way. Pinterest is a perfect place to do that, and so I find teaser text where there's not necessary a lot of inherent value in the particular image. But you do a life little bit of branding at the bottom of it. Maybe you have your U R L. Your logo, something like that. I always go more for the U. R. L than my logo, but it's totally up to you. And then a great, you know, benefit a great attention grabbing headlines. Something like that over the image seems to get a lot more engagement, a lot more click through and just a lot more intention, because people are now processing the text along with the image instead of secondary. That makes sense. Everyone, How are you in the online audience? Are there any any important questions we need to touch upon before we go into the next one? But we definitely. We have some questions that are coming in from the from the 1st 4 of these categories, and one was from brute camp. Can you give any suggestions on where to get templates for checklists that are as awesome as the sample that you showed? You know why it's so funny because I have a resource for almost everything, like thes type of images, like the infographics checklists have been the first, like the one form of content that I can't find a free resource tool for so any programmer software people out there, there's a huge need for it. Normally what I do is I will create, like, even just in pages or something you can in depends on your brand. Like I know we have graphic artists that can create amazing stuff and what I'm going to hear hopefully make you cringe. But I had created a checklist for one of my blawg post. I think I literally used pages, which is, you know, a software you have on your Mac. And I just created some checked boxes and I just did text sounded like a border around it, so it was very simplistic and it was still very, very effective. So as much as you know, that picture we had from Matchbook magazine looks very engaging in beautifully designed and all of that, you can get away with stuff that is more simplistic and it can still be effective. The best case is going to be to work with someone who can help you custom and create something of that value. And that is really you know, investing in your business is really important to go ahead and spend money on things like that that you can then utilize four overall marketing and traffic surf Babe wants to know when doing a teaser. Do you create that on your computer and upload to your boards? Or do you put it on your blog's and pennant? Great question. So originally I used to just create this and then I would pin it, and that works really well so I would pin and have it linked my blawg post. But what I missed out on with people pinning that particular, very effective optimized pin off of my block. Because, remember, it's a two part strategy. As much as we want to be putting optimized content on our Pinterest page. We also want other people pinning optimized content off of our website. So what I've started to dio on my blog's is I will have an image like this. That's kind of the header image at the top of my page, and then I will go ahead and write the article input. So I started actually going back so my blawg post and optimizing the images in them so that when people pin them, they have my logo and they have, you know, whatever the block Post is talking about, whatever the video is teaching already in that pin image. So I recommend having images on your site, and we're gonna talk about this to the images that are on your site. Should be optimized for Pinterest. We want to assume that people are pending these and we want it to be the best possible pin for them to be sharing and putting in front of their following. Great. Similarly, I think for this teaser text amp 69 had asked, How do you create a teaser text post? So it's again just using some kind of graphic design tool or what have you to create that? Yeah, So Christine will be walking you through. She's got some really cool stuff, ways that you can actually create these teaser text. And she actually has a cool graphics pack that comes along with purchasing the course, which is amazing. She's so talented, but I'm also going to show you some like simple tools you can use in simple ways that you can use. I'm not gonna teach photo shop because I'm not that good on Photoshopped, but we have a class for that two or three. There's a lot of ways we'll talk about more so when we're creating the content of ways to add text over image. I mean, you can do it really in anything from, like word Teoh pages. Teoh There's a tool called pic monkey I'll be talking about that is very basic, very specific on it's just really about doing overlay on images. So can I just ask one more question that several people are asking before we move on? Sirte, Baby Alina Glam things Ln my staff, how do you optimize your photos for Pinterest? Can you really explain what you mean by that? Yes, great question. So optimizing photos for Pinterest if you are sharing content. So if it is a blockbuster video, optimizing means having text on that image. So having something that really pulls people in and grabs their attention another way that I optimize my images is by having a little bit of a U. R l or logo at the bottom. Here's the thing if you are too blatant and you are too aggressive in your branding, and I think we talked about this earlier. If you're too aggressive and kind of distorting the image, it can tend to discourage people from pending it. So if you are doing that you want to very subtle. You want to be very simple, something that's a little bit transparent, the bottom half of the image so people don't feel like, Well, I'm just putting an ad. No one wants to pin an ad for you, but in terms of optimizing, I think it really is about making sure there is text on the image. Having to call the action will be talking about this, also telling people what you want them to do, whether it's to repent or click or comment. But if we're going to go down the optimization rabbit hole, the height of the pen is very important. So tall, pince and there's not a specific pixel dimension. I mean, there's a bunch of articles that will sail with 700 versus 200 bullet block. From my experience, it's not a particular dimension. It's just that you want your pins to be taller than they are whiter. So if you're ever created an image or doing a tutorial, stack it up vertically because Pinterest will limit the width of an image and all kind of shrink it down. But right now, for the most part, they're not limiting heights unless it's like we're easy, aggressive will condense it. But a lot of times you can get 3 to times the amount of exposure from a pin if it's tall on the newsfeed. So it's taking up more space, and we see that pins like this get. I think it's like 42% more re pens when they are optimized for height, and they also just gonna get more overall exposure and screen real estate when they are that tall pin so told pins or a good optimization strategy. A broom camp wants to know. Is it possible for one single image in your block to be optimized for practically all the major social media that you use? So having the image be optimized for Facebook, Pinterest, all of that, it's gonna be a little different, because I wouldn't ever put some. I wouldn't as much like on Pinterest. I would have an image that has a called action button in the middle, so it says click here because on Pinterest someone clicks on the image. It will automatically take them to my website. Now if I upload a photo on Facebook and it says Click here to, you know, learn my three step to Tora bill. What? When they click on the image, it's just gonna open and expand the post, and they might be able to look over to the right and see my text and see the link. But it's not the same sort of seem less transfer, so I might do something in my image. I could call action like Click the Link in the description, click the link to the right eso. I would cater the call to action based upon, but I will say across in terms of the teaser text, in terms of having some sort of text on the image that will work just as well on Facebook to get that attention grabbing statement. Okay, Melanie, I know that I'm just going to go into this question because we're talking about images and that the downturn has been coming in a lot. And as we knew it would, yes, Copyright and Pinterest. A lot of photographers are concerned about their copyright and the rules around Pinterest absolute. That's about that absolutely, and actually I was having a great conversation at the studio audience about this earlier this morning because it is something we knew. We need to talk about it, something so important. It's something that's, you know, very emotional and very your content is your It's your art form. It's something you create it so personal and passionate and the ideas someone else taking it and using it not giving you credit is it's, you know, it feels very invasive and it's a very negative experience. However, here's what I want to say to kind of reframe it and this is really important Any time you put information online, any time you put an image of yours on a website, anytime you put something on Facebook, it is out there. And can someone steal it and use it? Yes, they can. But you know what's more likely? People will see your work and they will be inspired by they will share it with their friends with their following. They will be more interested in working with you after seeing your talent and after seeing what you're capable of. So while there is absolutely a possibility that you can put content on Pinterest and someone else can repent and not give you credit, I have not seen that to be the norm or what happens most of the time. Most cases, all of my clients have come to me and said putting my work on Pinter's was the best thing I ever did. I have built in audience that appreciates my talent that has shared what I do with more people. I'm getting clients from all over the world that I never would have been able to use without Pinterest. So I come from a perspective of there is so much more to gain than there is to lose. But it's different for everyone. You know, if you're someone where you are very protective and very guarded about your content, social media in general is probably not the best place for it. And that's something you know. Pinterest is not going to be for everyone. But if you are serious about realizing opportunities to grow your business and serious about getting your stuff out there in a big way in being able to help more people toe work with a larger audience, these are the opportunities there in front of you, and it's up to you to kind of judge whether they're going to be the right fit. Thank you, have a absolutely probably important. I think it really is. And obviously, you know, I come from a business standpoint and there's people who are very artistic and passionate what they do, and I understand the spheres. I totally acknowledge them. But I think there's also just so much, so much to gain from it and so much positive, positive things that can come from that exposure that sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and be open to that sort of opportunity. And and so as people, people are obviously talking about this in there. So how how do you go best about when you do see somebody that's using your image? Or or and where can we find all that information about what? What really is happening with absolute images and something. I know what photographers we talked about. In particular. This is something that is so near and dear to their heart. I also think you have a lot of opportunity on your page in that about section. If you do not want people to reap in your work, if you're using as a portfolio and you are not interested in people sharing it. First of all, you could put on your board. Hey, this is my personal copyright. If you if you have seen people, right, If you would like to repent this or uses or blawg this, please email me for permission and they'll put their email address on it. So it's something kind of interesting because I think creative professionals For the most part, we're giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. Creative professionals are going to respect other creative professionals. So if you put something on your page and you say, you know I'm open to have these images, you know, featured on your site given credit and you know, all appropriate all appropriate feedback like that. But please send me an email on and get my permission. Or you could put in your about page you could put on every board title will go on this When we create boards, you have a full description. Eri below, aboard. So say you have a board that has all of your boudoir shots and you only have a specific way. You want those images used? Maybe you don't want any of them repent. Maybe you only want them repent as long as they keep the original integrity. You can put those instructions on your board page so you can be vocal. You can go ahead and put that out there in the way that you want the content shaped. I do recommend most the time for photographers toe have some sort of a watermark or some sort of, you know, their logo. There you are all just to get that exposure for the work they're doing. But again, if you make it too aggressive to blight and you're risking turning people off from sharing it because they kind of ruined the beauty of the image. So that's what I would recommend. You can always check out the terms of service on Pinterest, but I think the most important thing to impart. Like I said, I've been working with thousands and thousands of business owners for the past two years. I have never had someone come to me and say this awful thing happens from using Pinterest on, and even if someone has said, Oh, yeah, there's probably a possibility that someone might have used my image and not giving me credit. I have also gotten this much positive stuff this much more business because of what I've put out there. So I think it's, you know, the benefit versus the cost ratio. You just went away absolutely, and just to clarify again. One more thing on this before we move on, is for people who are not photographers and who are wanting to use other people's images. And what is the best way to give those people credit? Do they need to check with them first, right. We just reiterate that again. Absolutely. My rule of thumb is I never change a source link so you'll be able to see this when we actually upload a pen. You can edit a pin and change where at length. So to me, the big big No, no, that I just don't think anyone should ever dio is Take someone's image, go in, change the source link and link to their website. That's not your content. You shouldn't be getting traffic for that s o. I never, ever recommend chasing a source like I just don't think it's something you should dio now. That being said, if you have, you know, say you write in an entire block post about here the most incredible five wedding images I've ever seen. And below that image you've getting given a link to the person the photographer's name you could then. And if you want to reach out to them, I mean, if you're going to cover all of your basis, reach out to people, ask them. You can actually take people's user name with the at sign in a comment, you could reach out to them and say, Hey, is it cool if I put this on my page? You know it depends how much communication you want, but I think the rule of thumb is don't change source links. You know, people's images should always link back to their original place that they've been pinned from. And when in doubt, you know, put the name of the photographer in the caption. If you're linking to your site where it's an article, you can list all their names. You can tag there Pinterest pages. You can give as much credit. You really want to put the time and just don't alter what's already been set up by the creator. Awesome. Thank you so much. No problem. And we can also take more questions about that later, too, if there's more things that come up, but we'll go ahead and move through what we've got left for the engaging in what's working now. How we all seen the quote images on Pinterest on Facebook on everything right. Quotes are hot. We love him. We love to read them to make us feel good. They're funny. And just like any other social media platform, quotes work very, very well on Pinterest. So for those of you that are interested in creating quotes, I recommend a site called Quasi Oh, this is really cool. What you don't want to dio or what is not your biggest. What a lacking opportunity is just seeing quote you like and repainting it. That's that's okay. You know, people might get that go. I like following this person. They lots of cool stuff that's not going to necessarily grow your business so right, it's not linking back to your site. It's not something that's really sharing anything about you or your brand. It's just kind of met Anyways, you can create quote images. I can actually show you some stuff that I've done that, um, have your images, like, say, photographers. I bet a lot of people have really, really cool photography images that they could use and superimpose a quote over. So the second will pull up some examples because of what I have done. It's created quote. There's tons of quotes that are out there for the general public to use. If you actually go ahead and go to some sort of, you know, quote side or theirs like wicked quote or things like that, that Abraham Lincoln said that are free for you to use royalty free. And you can actually use that quote on your image and even put a little you Earl the bottom So people are getting exposed to your brand, and you can have that quote link to your website or linked to your Facebook page, because that will allow you to get traffic for that quote. So I don't see it point up, but what will go through at some point is actually a quote board so you can have a board full of quotes that are actually have your URL on. Then they actually have the ability toe link to your site. You can type things in your caption like click here to Seymour, great quotes about, you know, business growth arm or great quotes about overcoming fear but leveraging that content, sort of just pinning it like everyone else, leveraging it to get attention. Where the questions, What are the feedback this far? Talking about quotes, Talking about quotes? Let's see. And maybe maybe you could talk about it looks at how that's working for us. What are you seeing happening? Which is sure, definitely. Um, so, as I was saying, kind of when you're talking about the checklists and the first thing a popped in my head is that we do these quote means from all of our amazing instructors right on. So that's been so successful for us. And we sort of have our own way that we've been able to set it up and so that we can really stay consistent with our branding. Um and so I think that close you. I'm not sure the way that that works necessarily, but if you can kind of keep it in maybe a consistent format with your logo, or keep it with your same colors, or keep kind of the idea of where where your brand is headed so that it really looks consistent. Um, that's been something that has been really useful for Creative Live. And then we have wonderful quotes from, you know, Sue Bryce or from Chase Jarvis or something that really kind of go viral at the end of the day. And they've all got such amazing educational things that they've been willing to say to our users, and then they get spread and re penned around, and that's been really Yeah, and I've seen the quotes you've been doing. I love that you talked about that consistency with Brandon because they've had the same color had you, like you've had the same format of the style of the quote. I think since we're talking about design and talking about all of that cool stuff, that is a really great way to do it. It actually make sure that it's consistent. It's branded properly on. And like you said, it's really tying. It's not just some random quote you found somewhere you know, if you don't have quotes from instructors, something you want to make, make sure you do is that you're choosing quotes that you know, or representative your brand representative message so it resonates on that level, but I love the idea. I mean, some people will put themselves. It's just kind of funny. You might also, right? Yeah, I see some people that air online educators and stuff like they kind of do their own quotes, which totally depends on your style. Like some people might feel kind of funny. But other people it imparts a message in parts value and something about their brands in a way that people can consume in bite size content. But I'm quote pens. I think that's something people aren't talking about. It is it's viral. Instead of just repeating everyone else's quotes, make your own on and then use that for traffic. And they could be something where maybe there's ah topic on your block where you're talking about fear based marketing or, you know, talking about how to take the leap and become an entrepreneur. Things like that, and you could actually have a quote that is connected to a concept you're talking about in a video or connected to an article you're writing and actually use that as a traffic generating strategy for that post. Definitely

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