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Accountability and Review

Lesson 50 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

Accountability and Review

Lesson 50 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

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50. Accountability and Review


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Accountability and Review


Lesson Info

Accountability and Review

So let's, talk about a couple of more things before we are closing our lead generation day be prepared off the haters they do exist, they're not nice and they have a purpose to exist. So I have learned from the man I'm with who always says that's, not what I want to put my energy to really be cautious about where are you going to put your energy and nothing I learned in the loss that I was in for one year what I have used that one year that was in a lawsuit that I spent fighting into building a new business, it might not have been as difficult, right? So where you going to put your energy if somebody's out, that gives you a bad review of somebody's out there who is who says you have no clue what you're talking about? I think in the reality off the world is just make sure you find more people that say you are awesome because then when you have ten awesome reviews and this is one person that says, you sucks, everybody's going to go well, she's got problems, right? So the proof also comes...

from if you have only people that say great things about you that somebody's going to go, uh, paying people to, you know, the paid yelp reviews that we also worry about, we want we want authentic real gen u ine reviews so just be prepared that that stuff happens and that's what they do and you're just not going to give it any energy you're just going to say wow, I'm sorry you had a bad experience I'm sorry I always apologize for things that can genuinely apologize for is like I am sorry you having such a problem with me? I'm sorry that this rubbed you the wrong way so just take a position off I'm sorry I hurt your feelings I'm sorry that I hurt you feel alex and then we'll be done with it hatred yes oh I have one of those out there right now and I'm just not going to give it any energy all right? Accountability so the accountability part the three things I want you to just commit to three things that you are going to do first darryl three things you're going to do first audience streaming three things she going tio gonna hold me to this change my web site blogged and work towards this white paper wonderful cat three things start a new web site I'm taking the summer off tickets this's beginning of the rest of your life now uh blogged right my white paper too good going through the images and taking out the best and probably hiring up your wonderful um website leave magnet and um videos bus website on blogging wonderful shot a couple in the challenge. People who have been with us for a while read scorpio is going to work on the linked in profile. Sonia making a white paper, for sure, updating my about me, page of my website belonging weekly and just putting myself out there. Great. Fantastic. Okay, well, so let's review all the amazing nous that you have accumulated in the authority plans from day we went through, why your authority matters, what is a pledge from building even all about, and why anyone should do it and sort of what the benefit is for this, we have drilled down on the stop selling start connecting that, I'm pretty sure you're going to be sniffing out for the rest of your life. Somebody is going to just wanting to sell you something, and you going to call me and say, you will not believe this guy was selling me something that is so two thousand fourteen build your platform, step by step, we went through all the elements that are out there, what is available, and we helped you to identify, you know, sort of what is natural to you, either in writing in audio and podcast, whatever it is, but we identified that there's not any particular thing, that it's better than the other, but that you are in charge off your voice and you can pick any one of those depending on what it is that you want to what you're comfortable with. Then we talked about referrals, word of mouth, marketing joint venture these types of things on howto have other people help you to amplify your message and help you build the authority even further on the social networks networks day, we had a fantastic favorite element had to say it, how the story is the brand and how the story ties into the brand and that you must tell the story in measured increments. We did had the part number one, which was all the blogging, which talked about how how to ride a block post. We have a block post, a blogging formula step by step that all you have to do is follow it to the tee and you are golden. We talked about social networking, identifying sort of the three social networks that you are most comfortable with that are most beneficial for you that you're going to get started with because we don't want to go and overwhelmed the universe quite yet. We're starting out with small increments, and we grow from there number three, we went into the linked in for creatives, which I think was a very, very powerful aspect, learning about how linked in can actually help creatives to find business and how that ties into our lead generation day where the website is more just than a portfolio that we can utilize the website to be a lead generation to for us and letting go of that notion that it is inappropriate to do anything other than say us means my stuff please like it if you want to hire me great but to say here's me I provide an awesome service and my awesome services have so many people that I have a moral obligation to tell you about this if this is right for you by all means come here sign up for this awesome piece of information the white paper, the lead magnet, the video syria's, the podcast, the webinar every accorded because it will explain exactly to you on just how vast my knowledge is and how this knowledge helps you to grow your business because I am committed to helping you solve your problems. Then we talked about now that we've sort of put it all together now we enlisting the troops now we going out were shouting to the world I am ready look at me I can't talk about it I can write about it I can participated and I know so much about it that people are wanting me on air wanting me to write articles wanting me to be on television shows because I can help people to understand and do not underestimate that there is also specific business places that have channels and radio show was that a very specific to business related topics that your you know your authority probably could speak very knowledgeable about so there's a lot to do and then finally we put it into practice and you half a tangible take away something to start with. So we talked about where to start because this is how most people feel like when they're when they're kind of done done with it but we're not going to be feeling this way because we have we have put actionable items together I have again in the workbook I have have the tools in there for you you know just start with a few things I have a rule of five my rule of five goes del remember the rule of five five things today right in three no more than three hundred three yes so my role of five is five things a day no more than three errands and if you do five things today get twenty five things done you get one hundred things done a month you get it's twelve hundred but twelve hundred items a year that's come compounding going to give you time off let's say it's a thousand things so yes pretty good but uh that's how I'm even given unification generous as I am okay so here's an entrepreneur's reality check you need passion to build a business because a sane person wouldn't put this much work into something otherwise so luckily because this is creative life, we're using the passion out out across the world s so thank you for that and one more time, you know, I I s of close by really thanking you the life audience for being here for allowing me to take you through this as the stand ins for the hundreds or thousands of people I don't have the numbers yet that are taking this course on and you were standing in your fans now you've been helping transforming lives, so thank you very much for doing that. Thank you for me to you. I want to think the creative life team that camera operators the line produces, the producers, thie operations, people, the accounting people I don't even know how all the people but you know, you are thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, I couldn't do it without you, I feel always so well taken care off that it's a pleasure to be here at creative life and you guys there awesome and I want to thank the streaming audience out there because I've been getting messages keep those messages coming, as you have heard, it is my life blood it is important to me that you are making those dreams off your business, your entrepreneurship money in the bank providing for your children, providing for your families a reality. Somebody needs that service off yours. Go out and do it. And finally do send a testimonial to creative life. Please take a look at this slide. There is feedback. Ah feedback page for this course and I want you just talk about one thing and one thing only. What would you say to somebody who says what's this course all about, keep it short and brief and tell others on what this experience is like and if you must, by all means to send me a note tomorrow and here's my personal email because you live up that stuff, the paycheck graded for creative life. One more time is be artificially dot com forward slash creative life, there's all your free goodies. And then I want to thank thank the fabulous kanna over here for holding my hand and making sure it on if lipstick on my teeth for the entire duration ofthe our fabulous time together.

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Beate Chelette delivered so much value with so much style and grace that it was a "no-brainer" decision on the 2nd day -- I needed to own "Grow Your Business as the Authority In Your Space"! This is material I can really go back to and mine for nuggets over and over -- PLUS, I can't wait to get a closer look at the workbook (and start trying out the exercises of course!). Beate's surprisingly broad expertise coupled with her polish and professionalism made each day's programming a true joy to watch. She is a wonderful role model for all of us nascent women entrepreneurs -- and obviously, men will find her lessons just as empowering. Thank you, CreativeLive and a special thank you to Beate Chelette!


Outstanding lessons and advice on how to make your sales become real. The advice on how to link yourself to others via Linked-In is compelling and easy to begin. I like her advice about doing at least 1 thing every day for your business. Barry L Walton

Amy Fletcher

I love this course and dip back into it frequently. I would highly recommend this course to entry-level and mid-career academics, particularly women. More courses please from Beate Chelette! Cheers, Amy

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