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How to Cut Through the Noise

Lesson 11 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

How to Cut Through the Noise

Lesson 11 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

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11. How to Cut Through the Noise


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How to Cut Through the Noise

Platform building now in the publishing we have books, e books, amazon white papers inside papers and reports. So what you may not know like books I think is pretty straightforward e books is pretty straightforward, but amazon allows you to publish like little reports as well and to sell them or give them away for free. So sometimes if you have a report and sony ninety nine cents, you can actually put that on amazon in your own store and sell that. So I recommend that as a strategy because most people don't ever have to think about something that is a dollar or a dollar fifty or something like that. So if you sell fifty thousand of something that's a dollar that's still fifty thousand dollars, so how you arrive at the fifty thousand dollars who really cares but it's just a part of a strategy that you can try on ben see what works for you. We have white papers and inside papers, white papers inside papers are lead generators and we'll have we have some examples in the in the workbook in...

the lead generation day and I have and that's a workbook exclusive only where I have a pretty significant resource library in there for anybody who is serious about this too where to go and look at some really, really, really good examples and of course I have formulas that are also only in the workbook just because we don't have all this time platform building also includes you're blogged, guest blogging article publishing article publishing is there are there are places out there companies out there, online platforms, that's going online platforms where you can submit your article, and people that are looking for content can actually get those articles for free or there, or they you can solicit a company by providing free, free articles. Now, what the great part about that is is that people do know that if in that in that space, that there's going to be at least one link to your website and the service you provide in there so the way you do it in the blogging part, you write about it. You say you refer to this block by saying, I have, like I said in my in my post about howto blogged link to your block on the web site. Yeah, the ten where covered the ten things that every blogger must know, and then you continue with the article, so it's, almost like you add that one sentence that makes a reference to something that's really relevant to the topic you're you're covering, and that has a link to your web site, so in these articles, the's content websites, platforms is you can either submit a bunch of articles and then if somebody publishes it they publish it well with the article what it will give us back linking, which will help you with ceo you know, we now we're getting somewhere with this andi, it helps google to find you because if you have fifty articles published on high traffic websites and they're coming from all kind of places, guess what? Google thinks you are the authority that's how you do it um and there's linked in long form publishing, which is one of my absolute absolute absolute favors I love linked in that's why we have a whole segment just on linked in alone have a whole linked in strategy, which is absolutely phenomenal. So the long from publishing in linked in causes long from publishing that don't can it call it blogging for whatever reason because I think they wanted to give it its own name and you not everybody can do it. You have to be approved for long form publishing, but when you are and if you are, go ahead fire away because it is the most powerful thing when I had an article that have road why most women don't make it to the sea level for the corporate side so do a lot of the corporate blogging on lincoln because that's where they declines are that ever living to that and that article went viral I had think I we had like twenty four thousand eyes on that block article and, like four hundred likes and one hundred and something one hundred sixty comments on it and as a result, the people that I want to connect with human resource managers for my for my corporate stuff you know, ceo cfo's like everybody or you know, people there are in the gender equality women leadership component next thing I know all my connections you know, it's not and and I don't I'm not dissing photographer created by all means, but you know, for this particular business that's who I'm searching out so I all of a sudden made you know, I think we I mean two hundred connections but meaningful connections that exactly the people I want to reach so now I don't have to reach out to them because now the second part of the long from publishing is now they're reading my stuff now they may be following me I think I have now almost five thousand people that follow me on linked in alone let's add that to that, you know and the numbers you see how the numbers just keep getting bigger and bigger, said thirty eight thousand one group it's a thousand another group it's three thousand on twitter times times the other two accounts plus the facebook plus the facebook page plus the I think on the women's codes three thousand likes on the photo business, only about five hundred the photo biz group has almost a thousand, so, you know, just like it did nam bish now just keep going up and up and up in my own list because the traffic sends him to me to my website, psych can do the lead conversion, so they're now going in my final exactly where I want them to go in so I can market to them so it's coming from all sides, and at one point they think they've discovered me, even though what they've been hearing is a thousand messages all over the place. So in the video, we talked about youtube and there's video, I find video not as significant for the promotion, which probably could be an opportunity for somebody out there to say, if everybody goes to youtube, I'll be the video king or queen that's. Great, I can't help you with that. Unfortunately, because that's not my strategy, I think that youtube, because of the conversation with google and that ties in with google plus, is just much, much, much, much more important. Then we have, um, the life events, so we do the radio shows, so the radio shows go like this, you there's a lot of there's a lot a lot a lot a lot of podcasters out there and podcast is always need content they always need somebody to talk to because most of these podcasts shows are an hour so if you have somebody who does a weekly show that lasts an hour as a lot of time to talk about when you're by yourself without you know any feedback so they're always looking for guests so pitching to his radio shows is very, very, very simple and if you find one one channel then like american talk radio then list all the hosts that they have on there and that's like fifty so with e mails so you just write the pitch and then you bam bam, bam, bam, bam! You just shoot him out and you know and see if they get you on the show, so getting on radio is relatively easy on that level to get on the big radio shows I'm actually going to be in a show tomorrow morning a big radio show I think is a good five thirty in the morning because it's east coast to promote this event and I have somebody who, you know, I work with a publicist who pitches me who you will be meeting in the early generation day and we'll talk about how to put these pitches to get it together so that's all coming up then there is television. Television is a little tougher to get into because you have to, you know you have to be well spoken, you have to have a personality, you do have to have something to talk about most radio and television and podcast host wills will allow you a plug in television's a little bit tougher with a plug in, but for most everybody else's say so you know, here is beyonce she led she's, the author of happy woman happy will also tell us about a week and you find the book just goto happy woman happy well dot com thie audio e book or the printed book is available or you go to amazon and you know there is your plug for the book they've helped you, you've helped them, then there are webinars so webinars work really well and I did that for my last photo is intensive, so in the ideal world of platform buildings, so you're sending all this traffic from all these different things to you. So now you having an event where you're selling something so they come to your web site there's a lead generation, so there's the final they go and they trickle through now you've tio designed what you want them to do on how you sort of map that out, right? So someone taking the action, which is mostly by my stuff subscribe to my service and then there's the others they kind of look that khun clicked they're on the fence about it so what are you going to do with them? You want to convert them so that's when you wanted to a webinar so I did a women are and on the last photo biz intensive because the sales were ok but I saw this enormous number of people there was just looking like what's going on here so I did a webinar and I followed a formula that I use on how to convert you know, people first question remember what it's always the first question that I ask why are you here? Why did you look? Why did you click? What was it about that just to remind them that they were the ones that came here in the first place? I'm not selling them anything I'm just trying to find out how I can help them because they told me because they clicked that they need the help. So I'm here I'm helping right? And so in that way being are following my formula I sold as many in the webinar as ahead sold in the whole two week previous sequence because all they needed was to hear me personally and to hear it from me and get all their questions answered because I probably didn't answer that in all the copy ahead of time what that means also is that we talked about process internet marketing processes oh, and my my new programmer jonathan explained that to me he says you, my dear, are too much in love with the processes the people must see you do not forget, no matter how good a process is and even if you love the german engineering like me at the end of the day it's all about you, they want you so you have to give them a piece of you especially the higher the sale ah hundred dollars sale two hundred dollars sales three hundred dollars, five hundred dollars sale is relatively easy done without a lot of that personal interaction at five hundred plus they need personal interaction and the higher the sale goes if you go to about it, you know, so my rule of thumb is like at about two thousand dollars products they need about forty five minutes of your time to make that decision and up and the higher the ticket item, the more time you will have to spend with them too to sell them something. Which is why in a lot of the seminars, when you go with people are pitching they working here they're having you for two, three days he's to sell you in their twenty five thousand dollars mastermind because that's, how long it takes to cook you you know and to get you receptive for that kind of where you don't think that twenty five thousand dollars an outrageous amount of money that you would probably if you didn't have these two three days would normally never spent and that's the conference every nine workshop is there money to be made in conferences, seminars and workshops yes there is it's the money to be made in speaking yes there is um then we have joint ventures we talked about that affiliate marketing we talked about click bank click bank is a company that does nothing others like a conduit where everybody who has something to sell on the internet puts their wares so that's when you see these you want your boyfriend you want you expect how to get your ex you know using texting to get your ex expect it actually works and it's not that bad there convert and so they come on this program and they have their conversion numbers they have the copy and all you do is like you take it and to follow their formula and then you sell and then you keep whatever fifty percent of what you're selling and fifty percent goes to the company it's unbelievers all the whole world in that I find it unbelievably geeky then we have a facebook facebook groups facebook pages we talked about that everybody knows twitter tumbler if I was you joanna tumbler is where I would be at um because I think that a lot of your generation is sort of in the tumble thing and you can photograph the homes with the with the feeling off you know, I wonder if you know, make make make sort of a connection because tom bliss is very big and that jonah instagram, google plus then we have plaid from building sort of using traditional networking methods which every baby boomer knows a chamber of commerce like be like places like being I industry association small business administration has has some offers and then there's of course a conference is a specific networking conferences that you kind of can attend. Then there is the website so there's the interactive web site. So what you see on this one this is on my corporate website so that's the gender equality report why acting like a girl is good for business. You know the seven secrets of a business needs to know to, you know, to bank in on that. Basically, this is a lead magnet or insides paper in the corporate world you call it an inside paper. It is your website is a sales tool. So if you have nothing on your on your website that engages anybody, you need to change that because the whole purpose off your web site is to get people there to do something, and then the result is this

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Beate Chelette delivered so much value with so much style and grace that it was a "no-brainer" decision on the 2nd day -- I needed to own "Grow Your Business as the Authority In Your Space"! This is material I can really go back to and mine for nuggets over and over -- PLUS, I can't wait to get a closer look at the workbook (and start trying out the exercises of course!). Beate's surprisingly broad expertise coupled with her polish and professionalism made each day's programming a true joy to watch. She is a wonderful role model for all of us nascent women entrepreneurs -- and obviously, men will find her lessons just as empowering. Thank you, CreativeLive and a special thank you to Beate Chelette!


Outstanding lessons and advice on how to make your sales become real. The advice on how to link yourself to others via Linked-In is compelling and easy to begin. I like her advice about doing at least 1 thing every day for your business. Barry L Walton

Amy Fletcher

I love this course and dip back into it frequently. I would highly recommend this course to entry-level and mid-career academics, particularly women. More courses please from Beate Chelette! Cheers, Amy

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