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Stop Selling and Start Connecting

Lesson 7 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

Stop Selling and Start Connecting

Lesson 7 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

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7. Stop Selling and Start Connecting


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Lesson Info

Stop Selling and Start Connecting

What we're going to do now is we're going to take of a look at sort of how the relationship the stop saying starts connecting so there's a focused and a broad approach the broad approach is what most people do they say here I am he is the list from the you know who company that everybody else buys and because print pieces also expensive let's just email them aa lot all of us effectiveness terrible well I didn't go to any response and I've been subscribing to their service for an entire year what am I doing wrong? Well you're doing what everybody else does you're not standing out you have you're missing the boat on absolutely everything so a broad approach we'll bring you those clients where the pieces at the right time when they need exists but you don't know that so if you send this out to a thousand people and then there is one or two people that's it oh I was just looking for somebody to shoot cheap crap from china and making it look really good and your promo happens to come in tha...

t day you're in the mix is that a good sustainable business model no no no no it's not because it would mean that you have to mail like a maniac and you know keep going out there now that they're not there in the hopes that maybe one day you'll find three or four or five but it becomes increasingly more difficult because you know why? Because everybody else is doing it too so that is sometimes it works when you have a signature piece that you send out awareness creation that you don't planning on selling yes you know, like when I had my company b otto works we had printed a on a page for sure which was just gorgeous sort of like a market introduction kind of thing too expensive for them to throw away intended to go into into drawers to be kept yes but our marketing pieces were post courts that we send every three weeks and it was because people thought you know and you'll laugh about this kenna people thought my name was actually mrs works my company was called beyond two works and they thought that my first time was be out in my last name was works so because we had so many of them I decided I was going to make a whole story around that and so my postcards were about the adventures off mrs works so we took these pictures and then we said, where is mrs works now or we showed for christmas we had this postcard with a dalmatian sitting outside in front of the house the living room door and the donations just sitting there with that with a bow on on on his neck and my headline wass what is mrs works up to now you know so we had some sort of fun engagement on that type of stuff so that works if it's appropriate for the time whatever but don't expect to be selling it's more an awareness creation right? Because you are because it's a based upon hope the focused approach the specific approach is exactly the approach that we're talking about is identifying who you are and what you really good at that's the authority identifying who needs that and who can derive a benefit from this and why it is so unbelievably special to them what's the value to them and then advertising to them what their clients want from them it really is that triple approach. So let me take you through this one more time is here am I as the authority on the subject this is what I know my stuff I am dealing with creative so we doing this? You know I'm an instructor we talking about how to build your authority for creatives but what is the creatives problem? The craziest problem is that they themselves need to stand out why so that their clients can find them and the's clients are attracted to them. So if I just market to the creatives that's just a one way portion of it, right? So what we really have to do now today in this in this new way of selling is to say what is the conversation that's going on in his head or her head? What is she or he what are they worried about? They're worried about how am I going to sell a house two millennia who may have not even have thought about starting a family biggest purchase in their life so what's the conversation in their head that I need to enter and I can tell you from being the mother of a millennial the first question is what if I make a mistake that's going to be what if it's a mistake because every millennial I've ever met that's the first question they ever ask themselves on anything what if I make a mistake and then they do it anyway but you know but but dad would be the questions like what do you worry about? So the reason this is so important is because this is the smart consumer we talked about so the smart consumer today is uber educated he knows more then we knew why google they can google everything for better or for worse and they will search for you they will check you out they will check out what you've said they will check out your competitors and they will go and buy with a person who they resonate with three most so the more you know about them and the more you speak their language, the more likely there will buy from you I give you another example that I've mentioned before so when I first went out in the creative space as as a consultant and a trainer I would say do you want to make more money and it was dead silence I'm going like why somebody wanting to make any money what's wrong with you people and then I started to listen and the number one concern of every creative is what how do I find more clients now wait wait wait wait wait is there a difference between making more money and finding more clients no to them there is because they didn't become artists to make money they became artists the people love their work and when people come to them and they loved their work then they get company I mean it's just a well you know different kind of a mindset so that's that's these are this these tiny tiny tiny tiny little details off where you I have to figure out how are they talking about it what are they actually saying what did the exact words that they're using so if what you're talking about is not what they're concerned about they will not connect with you is like a bad boyfriend or bad girlfriend it's like the connection right we're together we have a thing we understand each other he gets me she has my back this is the same principle so on this in the work we're going page nine I want you to answer the most important question of all questions ever asked what's in it for them so you are now out there finding clients making money or selling to them what did they get from you so take a moment and write that down and I'm going to turn my attention to canada to see what's going on out there in the world syngenta we have to give her shadow right so let me go back and see exactly what sanjay too said but sin duda is joining us from bangladesh and I actually watched your very first class here on crete alive and has come back so we also love two always here where people are joining us from I know we had austin texas we had a couple of folks in toronto's was from earlier in the day so keep giving us those shout outs as well but let me check in and see what people are saying um let's see joining in and finding some people who are this great just tuning in and wondering if this classes for them as well so this particular person is one thing if it's only for photographers so let me tell you about who they are a co up condo attorney for buyers and sellers um and is torn between leading psychology study groups two and for pay versus promoting his older law firm and he's got a lot going on here but just wondering you could tell us again who's classes for excellent great great great great great so who's the class for the classes for anybody who is either in business for themselves or works in a business where there is a large number of competition yes that's everybody thie authority platform building course that you're in right now we'll help you to identify who you are, how what makes you unique flaws strength advantages weaknesses how all of that can be turned into an advantage and how you turn this into advantage so when you go out there and you sell yourself from this authentic I know overused term but this really authentic way off this is who I am this is what I do so you can attract the right buyer too this business it's very clearly defined or you know, in the in the case of jonah which is why we love having her here is she really still really stand in here for everybody out there who is sort of independent you know but you do need to have the authority because you up against established realtors that have cornered the market for the last twenty five years and here you are young and gorgeous and knowledgeable you know, how do you specialize? How is your terminology def friend? What are you selling that they're not selling? Why would somebody go with you and not with somebody who has twenty years of experience and can maybe negotiate harder has better relationships a bigger network of stuff that can be tepp tw into when I'm buying a house so what is it about you that makes you so special and this is to be said for the dentist this is to be said for the lawyer this is to be said for you know, for virtually anybody who is in business what sets you apart just being x or just being why is just not enough anymore today so let's go over these what's in it what's in it for them who wants to go first, okay? John guy so I'm not sure if it's phrase very well but continued enjoyment of the experience shared by a photography print so the woman continued enjoyment of the experience shared by a photography print I was trying to go back to what we had talked to her earlier about the feeling of different um ok, so what's the feeling off the prints so I do kind of abstract textures shapes, okay? And so I love the stuff I've sold has been very colorful although I'm doing more black and white now says camera a mixture of very vibrant and bright or like unlike contrast t I guess you'd say ok, so I have a lot of people that do that are you uh, unique with that um I'm sure there's probably a lot out there doing it, but, uh, so what makes us unique? Um, aa lot of people have commented that they look kind like giorgio keith paintings. Okay, so has that that feel? Um, I'm not sure what different, so the reason I'm drilling this down is because what you just said is really key is that a lot of people have set so when we are not sure how it's being perceived great way is to ask, you know, task our our clients, which is what we do in the referral portion off this course where we talk about how do we how do we get that that language down? But it is about that, that specific listening, and I think when you you know, we said we reverse engineer, we turn it around like what's in it for them is like, what is it that you want them to walk away with, like, in this particular, you know, in this course for me, as I engineered this, and as I wrote this all down, I started with what I wanted everybody to walk away with a tangible, implementable, doable thing. I didn't know what was going to look like I didn't know how many pages it was gonna have, but I knew that that's the experience I wanted to create so the what's in it for them is what is the experience that stands at the very end of it that you want them to walk away with? Is it that they're friends go like man, you got good taste is the best thing I've ever seen or where to get there from or is it the quiet enjoyment is like when I look at this I feel but if you don't know that yet that means that you haven't been listening enough to what they're saying so one off the first questions I say and you know what? We can actually let's let's that's practices right now why are you here, cat? I am here tio um what was it about that that resonated? What was it about this class? Yeah, I felt like I needed to find a focus and in this next step in my life I could go in many directions so I wanted to kind of my hope is to figure it out to find my focus that path and then go for it very good. So what we do now now that we have somebody who has told us exactly what she wants and what brought her here we now take that language and now the next block post and say feeling distracted not sure where to focus your energy here are three tips on what you can do right now to shut out the distraction, get clear on what your core values are and and figure out what your next step. This what your very first step, this there's your block post, right? So in them, in the in the authority building, really life experiences are what you talk about. So when you follow me on my block posts or what I do it's all about that it's that I taught a class, and here was this, you know, young, fabulous woman to hannah and then johannes at this, and she says, you know, I really I really need to stand out already, comptel, that people coming in after me and they're aggressive and they're competitive and and how do I how do I how do I get myself out to that? So my block post will say here the five things that I said to joanna in the class that I want her to take away, do you think there's more people like that out there that need to know that? Absolutely. Do you think there's more people like you out there, the world is full of them because you know, you're sitting next to one is like, I can't take this in ten different ways, but which one is the right way? When we started the class and you had asked what is the one thing that people want to walk away from this class with focus was a word that had come up from from dob howto learn how to best focus my energy for progress. So that seems to be a common theme, which means even better to have a blood post about it. Yes, exactly, exactly so let's do it. Maybe one more. So stepford, why are you here? What was it about this so two reasons? One, as I stated earlier, I'm trying to figure out how to drive attachment to a very complicated set of services on the other side of never target beside the first forty eight professionally is in focus specific on real estate pornography, and I'm trying to figure out what is the best way to turn a house into a home when you present it in a digital environment. Ok, very good, but you know it's, not me sitting next to the right of way, okay, so here here's all about that with with the people that are talking about, you know that they really stayed photography office, my, my, my, my home territory, because that's what my company was that assault and it did not that part of the business did not take off until I completely changed my language around so when you go and you said to architecture and interior photography, everybody goes their own and I could actually injured photography and then when we changed and we said we are, we're creating images that demonstrate how people live well does assad is everything related to the home? So you have to take it away from sort of that because architecture interiors, everybody immediately in their mind has thes like plants right? It's like lines and it's like buildings and models and stay, you know, square and it's, whatever it doesn't have sort of a feeling to it, so the objective is to do feeling so what I would do as I would say, how do you how do you demonstrate sound? Will you show somebody with headphones in a beautiful living room or in a beautiful living room just sitting there looking absolutely happy and ecstatic? Because how can you visualize sound? How do you visualize chemicals for swimming pool? A bunch of kids swimming happily and splashing around, being completely unafraid that they'll die from exposure to dangerous chemicals? So you have to paint these pictures for your end user because they don't have the time. So this is this is the part about starting the conversation is, you know, what is the why here? What is my wife and why does it matter to me so to me you know to get back to this what was important is to demonstrate that there's certain concept in architecture and interior photography that can only be demonstrated with that kind of photography therefore it's really not architecture interior photography it's lifestyle photography it's advertising photography it's and this is how I arrived at a whole new category I called it at home that's what made me ultimately sell my company because I came up with being the leader in a category that I meant it I was the specialist in at home images now at home now it's a whole different feeling to architect anteria at home architecture interior so at home oh do tell me more about that well how do you how do you visualize sound how do you visualize chemicals how cleaning supplies you know how do you do ah refinancing your house through a bank how do you how do you illustrate all of these these concepts right? So at home images of being used to conceptualize hard to understand hard to photograph concept now you have the world being your climbed and not just on architect an interior designer or realtor if you're lucky so it is about you know again understanding that what matters to them and really deep diving diving into that's like what does this product solve? What's the product was itself so in my company it was about we were solving this problem off taking these concepts that couldn't people couldn't get their heads around or that they make these really terribly cheesy lifestyle pictures um you know, with happy couple I don't know exactly what they were doing where but it wasn't living and enjoying their places so you know, if you are in that space there is the story off the realtor who had cat out in in cardboard like a two seater a three cedar six person dining table around one and she would drive around with these and every time she had a sales call write a showing she would say, well, tell me about your house tell me about your furniture what do you like and it's all we have this like beautiful dining table she'd go to our car she'll get that you know and she says, well, what would you put it? This would be a really beautiful place for your for your dining table look at this, you know, this is this is perfect no friends tell me more about your house while we have thiss we have this, you know, we have the show's lounge and we have the two seater she'd run to her core, she'll get the shells lounge and she'll get the two cities is what where shall we put it? So she was creating this picture in the mind of the potential client on already how they would be furnishing this house off course is a whole different you know, fun kind of fun kind of thing and now today you have all these elektronik versions and abs and you know in all kinds of things which which I think people could use so it is about what matters to them what matters to you to your buyer is they're always worried about are they making the right decision so it's about you taking that fear away from them bye making sure that that those questions that they have that you answer them and the first question just like I just asked us right now from you to them should always be why are you here? What did you see in me? What did you what resonated with you on whatever level and dive into that. So if somebody says well it's to experience then you'll go with the experience. If it's something else then you go with that it really is about that that's where you are anything they want you to be but it's based upon what they tell you not on what you assume so you have to ask them does that make sense? How does that feel? Yeah is because this is a really, really, really important concept off getting getting into the mind of that person, what are they worried about and what? How does it how does what I do solve them all right, so what do people want very difficult they just want you know everybody kind of wants to save people unhappiness prestige, power influence love health meaningful work to look and feel good to learn new things in to feast feel safe and comfortable so if I was in johannes place and I knew what the underlying emotion was of people that are buying homes like I would I would go and I literally white white board that out, right? Which is what I do with my clients in the I mean we literally go and we we you know it's all over the room it's everywhere so it's like we take you know, what are they thinking? What do they want? How can return that? You know, what's the problem how can we turn that problem into a solution over so I want them to be safe and comfortable do you think when you talk to a buyer and you go to the woman and you say how important is safety and comfort of our homes to you she goes, oh my god, she totally knows what I'm feeling how can she not? Because that is something that everybody would want to buy a house I think that's a very normal natural emotion, right um if I talked to the guy who wants to buy the house um if I know you know if it was you know so what are you looking for? What do you what do you want? It says well, you know really need a house with a big garage because I love cars then you can say, well, don't I have the perfect location and what are you driving? Is that the a c cobra you more like that and more like a vintage guy? Are you like more ferrari tesla like like tell me a little bit more about that? Because you know so you like oh, wow, she really understands me because that kind of you know, car should be in a beautiful garage that's not just a dump, but you know what that's worth the off a car that costs whatever one hundred thousand dollars so it is that important and that's that's how you adjust, you know, these little things and with you with the editorial stuff it's like, what are you worried about? What are you worried about? Your not getting the engagement from, like, you know, when we when and I'm a former l magazine photo editor. So when we when we printed the magazine, we never word about consumer interaction because we present the magazine was out in the stands, your daughter you didn't, and then it ended up at the dentist for the next two years so we never worried about that, but what we worry about now is relevance relevance is determined by a number of interactions you don't get the interactions you don't matter that's bad is bad for business zero comments, right? So but when you know what sort of the overall emotions are, the underlying emotions are that people are feeling then if everybody wants to be happy and safe and comfortable than how hard can it be to talk about that I'm not at all so that's what I want you to learn it's sort of the playfulness that getting away from that oh I'm not selling thing but to go like well I wonder I wonder what that might look like wonder what they worried about I wonder what this one's going to say because boy I have already six answers that I can shoot out just like that so on the happiness so this was stephane who was in darryl's class I put a wonderful, wonderful quote here because it goes nice into this happiness thing and he says, you know since working with me he's happy and it gives him so much pleasure we had a great class we really did have a great class and a wonderful connection with everybody uh so I wanted to show you that this stuff that we do here really works that we really wants this once this this cornerstone is turned and you lose that fear of saying the wrong thing or miss positioning yourself or making a mistake by going this way where you really should have gone the other way once you really trust that part that you are here for a reason and that your intuition is telling you loud and clear where you need to go stuff really happens I mean and it happens fast authority building you saw the universe well is a lot right? So it is about getting to that critical mass and once you're in the critical mass man then it is on fire then it just goes, you know, until I was at the first thousand people and linked in and now we adding about a thousand a week so it just goes so quickly stephan mask lies just in general terms in terms of numbers of people that are following you or yeah, so critical mass is it kind of goes like that is critical mass is about where you can tell that the feedback that's coming back to you is now starting to multiply and people telling other people about you because at first you know and I talked about the four stages you know, the the being angry that you're there that being really quiet, the starting the interactions in the defending you when you go to the fourth part and the defending stepford and his views is coming in that's an indicator that you are excuse me about to reach critical mass because that's, when people have noticed you enough and followed you enough, those are your your brand ambassadors that are going out and they say, oh, no, no, no, no, you don't understand that works, jenise my brand ambassador, she it's wholeheartedly on. And so for my business for me, I love jen and all the gents in the world because that to me is the the proof that I get from somebody like that. And she'll tell in the first hot seat which is coming up now, so get ready she will. She will share just on what a phenomenal a story she she has had. So critical mass I want to say is critical mass just to throw out a number is probably about begins, probably about twenty to thirty thousand people just reaching. And once you get to about fifty sixty, you starting to make really an impact because then you then I can tell when I send out a broadcast over linked in uh I can see the numbers go straight up. I mean it's, it's immediate the sign ups immediate.

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Beate Chelette delivered so much value with so much style and grace that it was a "no-brainer" decision on the 2nd day -- I needed to own "Grow Your Business as the Authority In Your Space"! This is material I can really go back to and mine for nuggets over and over -- PLUS, I can't wait to get a closer look at the workbook (and start trying out the exercises of course!). Beate's surprisingly broad expertise coupled with her polish and professionalism made each day's programming a true joy to watch. She is a wonderful role model for all of us nascent women entrepreneurs -- and obviously, men will find her lessons just as empowering. Thank you, CreativeLive and a special thank you to Beate Chelette!


Outstanding lessons and advice on how to make your sales become real. The advice on how to link yourself to others via Linked-In is compelling and easy to begin. I like her advice about doing at least 1 thing every day for your business. Barry L Walton

Amy Fletcher

I love this course and dip back into it frequently. I would highly recommend this course to entry-level and mid-career academics, particularly women. More courses please from Beate Chelette! Cheers, Amy

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