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How to Build Influence

Lesson 19 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

How to Build Influence

Lesson 19 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

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19. How to Build Influence


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How to Build Influence

Let's talk about why the innovators are so incredibly important innovators are the people that are setting the trends so if you find an innovator like seth godin, who who is a, you know, a marketing guru and he for some reason he is always at the forefront off absolutely everything. How does it do it? I don't know, but he just does, which is why he is an evangelist or an influencer or however you want to call it so there's a couple people out there that just have this gift with it, they're just sniff out these opportunities and their first one in like, how did he she know this? So innovators are for every business that comes out with a new idea, an absolute must to charm them to treat them well to entice them to participate in your product, because if you get an innovator to talk about who you are and what you do, you have the early adopters who follow the influencers with the early adopters. Now we have the early majority that watches thie early adopters because they're not ready for ...

the innovators and they say, well, if if that many people are doing it now, then it must be good so a few people are doing it the early adapters say, wow, if a few of these key people are doing, it must be good then the early majority goes like, wow, if the early adopters of doing it, it must be really good, I must be doing it, then the late majority comes like, well, if the early majorities doing it, I better be jumping on the board and then there's everybody else. So that's, why in business or when we come out with these ideas or if you are employed, you got to make your way to the influencers and make in the end the end, the innovators and the evangelist? Because if you have that on board, the rest is easy. Is that? Is that kind of a cool little idea to say let's? Forget about everybody else has got two people to do something completely different. All right, so next one, I want to show you a new example on I'm going to play the video in one moment is so kickstarter, so kickstarter is one of the greatest places to find out what new, innovative ideas going on in the market. I'm I'm a big kick start a supporter and a fan, so I'm always looking for like, you know, things that are better and newer so that I can bragg by having them because I've learned that if I follow the influencers, the innovators, that I usually get the best deal I mean, I have lost money in it too, you know will be honest about this but for the most part when you when you sort of got it packed to to follow and they're endorsing something and you checking it out you get a pretty good feeling on whether or not that's kind of a good thing or a failure so I don't support everything but there's some things out there I go like, wow, what a brilliant idea so they went out with these chips with these headphones and I am a skier so but I have for some reason my ears are not made for headphones I don't know why I have yet to find what's head of headphones we're not after about an hour I'm going like this is so incredibly uncomfortable I just have weird years maybe so I've been looking for a way to ski with music without being in agony after an hour so I found the kickstarter campaign for for these chips and what they are they're like little headphones but they make pouches that go on your helmet and then you drop it in the pouch it never touches my ear this is happiness so off course I had to invest in in the chips and of course and then they come with all these extras with with a beanie and with the headband and you know and I'm like this this is this is this is all happening you know I'm an innovator now, eh? So let me show you the video and so what I want youto watch out in the video is what are they telling you about those what's up kickstarter? I'm kara chrisman ceo and founder, outdoor tech we first met in august of twenty twelve we brought you the original turtle shell campaign since then we've watched a ton of product some with you and somewhat doubt we've grown the brandon toe over two thousand north american stores we got named in five hundred's list of fastest growing companies in america and we owe it in large part to you and the kickstarter community today I want to talk to you about chips expanding that ships from something that was primarily made for snow helmets into it true, all in one headphone solution there's been a ton of fun and I think it's going to be something you're way have the exo skeleton it's an ultra durable, flexible basically bulletproof had phone that the chips snap into it minutes the look and feel the chips. It is a very outdoor textile piece this is the first three d printed sample that we just got that we're ready to start to and as soon as the project way no, this is going to be a tremendously successful product in retail but we want to bring it to you first and give you an opportunity to help support us and getting awesome deal on the products at the same time so thank you kickstarter we appreciate the support in the past that we're looking forward to awesome project with you this time pretty awesome, huh? So what did you what did you notice in the video? Well, first I just have to give a shout out tio one of our guys in the back mike who loves this product and says it's so genius and was freaking out and thank s o this product has has gone because has gotten the creative life endorsement right that's our excellent all right, very good. So what did you notice in the video? What were they talking about? All right, I didn't pay as much attention to what they were actually talking about as they did tio the guy and the music and the stuff they were doing, you know, visually like exciting and hot like just kind of inspiring it was it was cool um it made me feel like yeah, I I I ski I snowboard I run around, I get dirt thrown on my face like I'm into that that's what I want to feel so I don't really even know what he was talking about but I don't care thank you for that that's exactly what they did they were bypassing all the technical mumbo jumbo there was not one. This is a something something bigger herds that transmit with the state of the art technology that goes into whatever none of that it was all about. Hey, do you like to play? And if you like to play play with us so I was exactly like you, I was watching this video, I'm like, I like having your throne of me, I'm going, I gotta get my own said so in the kickstarter campaign following the rogers bell, they are doing the same thing, so the people that invest first get the best of the best deals and then the further down, you know, you wait with investing in to the campaign, the less you kind of get in the marks, spence, if it gets I mean, you're still getting a pretty good deal, but it is like, you know, they enticing you to be an innovator because if you an innovator that they know exactly how this this kind of about curve works, so I want you just put the in relationship with your business is off what that means if you use some of these techniques, but it's exactly what you said, joanna it's about portraying a lifestyle it's portraying what the end result is when you have the product, which is what we're talking about kenneth so vivian says ok first I heard him prove his authority then blame the success on the customer wonderful on then talk about future product and how we would want to be interested in it and then success is virtually guaranteed we're special because we get the first choice I like it dad was I mean I'm speechless good chop shop very good so in the german engineering portion off my being what I what happens is I look at this and I'm going like there's a formula in there there's got to be a formula in there and so I'm so glad that our viewer you know found the formula in that instant this establishment of the authority portraying a lifestyle telling us about the other products we're going to check those out right because if this is cool we wonder how cool the other products are going to be they're going to tell us that they're going to be doing more than telling us that the authority in the subject on the out door tech stuff and that's all they're doing so they want me to participate in it so always look for the formula if something is really successful and these guys were so successful that they actually not just meet met their goal of thirty thousand dollars investment I think they ended up one hundred thirty eight thousand dollars with the initial investment a zit on a kickstarter campaign so very very powerful stuff so now I want to have our attention on the workbook in tomorrow's leaders and buyers this is a workbook exclusive again and we are having some things in here that are now on lee for those that are using the workbook on page thirty you see that I put a link in there that is a fantastic millennial a study that I want all of you to download because it has so much information about what makes that knew that new buyer tick now the moving into dimension is my favorite part into the story so this story and and feel free to now take notes and right sort of things down but cause we are going to do a hot seat on this and that's on pages thirty one in thirty two so let's think about for one moment like what is it that you stand for again? You know we're taking a step away from the brand and we say what what's that all about wasn't stand for so I give you an example so the kick started what we just saw the chips outdoor tech stands for, you know, not mining having dirt thrown at you playing and uh and having sort of the tech support too you know to be still plugged in but while you're being outside which is just simply brilliant right? So they're standing for connecting your desire to play with your desire to be elected my brand in you know in what we're doing here for creative life stands for supporting creative entrepreneurs especially women because I am one I raised a daughter by myself as a single mom as an immigrant so for me anybody who is sort of the odd ball or has you know just that that little extra hurled overcome because they picked a profession or by their you know, nature of gender or by you know race or whatever it is is you know has a special place for me because I am a true believer that when you come to this side you have to support and share the knowledge so my brand stands for tough love uber engineering and compassion right but there's no nonsense this is straight up I'm going to call it out I'm going to say my chop shop you know getting a little kick probe it making you uncomfortable and then we put it back together I mean we're driving we don't leave anything you know unopened uh it has to function when we're done with it so what's your brand stand for and if you don't know what your brand stands for what do you stand for do you stand for honesty do you stand for inspiration do you stand for authenticity for riel for being really for for no nonsense for being green for being environmentally friendly for being inspirational for what is it what is it that in here that makes you get up every morning what makes me get up every morning is when I make an impact in someone's life and someone comes and says through a message a line and notice of thank you and says that one thing that you said changed everything for me that is the most powerful drug that I can possible them and you know that's that's my you know that's the potion I drink drink from every day so the second part about your story it has to have an element of innovation so something has to be new about that so it's innovative about it is it because it is better like what we just said you know, there really are no new things that's just thinks that a little bit better off faster is it faster is a better is it more special has a hesitant more one on one service is it? Is it more? And you know, what is it about that that that has that element of innovation what we just saw off a crying out loud headsets there's nothing new about headsets earphones, right? But we're watching this is like we've never seen anything like this before because they found that little innovative aspect about it that makes it so special so what is it about yours that is so innovative that is so special and it doesn't have to be a technical aspect of it? It could be just the way you talk about it it could be just the way you approach it it could be just the what you want them to do what I said in the authority platform day is if everybody's e mailing I'm sending pretty pieces if everybody sending printer print pieces I'm on the phone because I never want to do what everybody else is doing because then I would be just like that that's not my brand my brand is three you know be under lee won you know is like what about that so but whatever that issue no and it could be very soft could be very gentle it could be very supportive that could be innovative about it in the age ofthe loud noises and everybody's like look at me look at me look at me it could be the voice that says go inside let's take a step back let's sit on this let's think about it that's given the intention so it is yours to decide what that isthe then the next part about it are uh that's on page thirty two are what are your values? So there's a lot of people out there especially in the internet marketing world that say I made a million dollars in one week by coming up with this great product and I was, you know, selling it to one hundred thousand people and then you say, well what what what did the product do? I don't really know some sort of diet pill by people wanted it so well if money principally I said that in star was always wanted to say that out loud she says if money's all you want money shall be all you have so that is not enough for me but for some people that is enough because that's all they want is they want to have the money and there's nothing wrong with it don't get me wrong if that's what you want that's fun but I believe it is especially where we are right now is that moral and ethical values are the key to selling people want to know what it is that you stand for and standing for something tells other people how to perceive you what to think of you. So if you were to stand for joanna against, you know the just selling properties at any cause the high that the most expensive property at any cost with with, you know, the most known real estate sales techniques you stand against that you are searching for your buyer who is for the first time making this large investment you want to create the comfort and the safety not just that they will feel in the house, but you want them to have the safety and the comfort with the transaction not just a luxury lifestyle, but the sense of strength and empowerment that goes along with that and a connection to because they say, you know what? The house when you see the house, you know, the house connects with you so that's. Exactly. Right? So when you go, it'd from from it's like not what you are, what's your budget. What do you want to invest? But tell me first what? What? What does this house need to feel like for you? What does the house represent for you? Because if I know what you're feeling and if I know what your underlying emotions off, why are you here? Why are you buying a house then I can find the house on the house whisper I can find the right house for you because I will look at the property from a different perspective. And this is the great commercial out there where it's, like, I think, one of those listing websites and it's about this boy who clearly wants the backyard with e with the tree house, right? And so you see them go here and you go there and you go there and the boys like sending that with this face, looking in the yard in the first yards, like tiny and the boys like that's not gonna happen here and then go in the next one it's like all you know cement and there's nothing in there and then finally they arrive at the house and you know they're happily opening the door and there it is the backyard and the tree house is already in there and everybody's smiling in the holding hands and there happy as they can be you know they have found the perfect house that's the story the story is what is it that you're looking for that I can connect you with so these are our excuse me moral values then we have purpose what's your purpose with us what the purpose behind all of this purpose can be your own purpose off providing for your families and for providing a lifestyle for yourself for your family, for your children or go out and party twenty four seven there's nothing wrong with that we are in charge off you know and this is what I talk about in happy woman happy world is and what I what I dislike I talk about this and authority plaid from day as well there is not one single thing that is right for all of us at the same time there are fifty things and we need to walk away from saying it has to be that thing or that thing what about if it's all fifty things but a different time so we pick and choose what fits our purpose because we evolved we change our minds when we didn't have kids we couldn't have cared less about child friendly environments when we do have children that's the first thing we looking for ok, so let's pay attention to that then we talking about reason creates impact so here in here in the reason is this story because we're talking about storytelling when you are clear about what we just talked about, it becomes pretty clear about what you're willing to reveal about you by all means do not bare your soul and dish out the family tragedies to get to it, you know, to manipulate an outcome that's not storytelling storytelling is about taking something that has happened to you that you are putting in relationship with what it is that you're doing so that it adds the believability to it and the believability is that people go like, oh, wow, look, she is an immigrant she's a single mom, you know, she put a kid through college by herself she's you know, she's she's building sold a company to bill gates um now she's here talking about this, I might want to listen to this if I'm you know, especially if I'm a struggling single mom or if I'm a creative entrepreneur, maybe there's something in there that I can learn so that is the believability. So my story could be told ten different ways, their things in my story, that I'm not telling for the single, for the simple reason that some of the people involved in the drama are a still alive b maybe it's really nobody's business, or maybe see, I want to come to terms with some of that stuff. I am here on the other side, off the planet for a reason, you know, there's, a reason why I left, and there's a reason why I am so driven to get to this part. So what of this am I willing to reveal, and what of this is too much? So this is, again, you know, the step back, so I'm connecting all this personal drama, and everybody has a story. Everybody has a story, so I'm going to connect my story to that.

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Beate Chelette delivered so much value with so much style and grace that it was a "no-brainer" decision on the 2nd day -- I needed to own "Grow Your Business as the Authority In Your Space"! This is material I can really go back to and mine for nuggets over and over -- PLUS, I can't wait to get a closer look at the workbook (and start trying out the exercises of course!). Beate's surprisingly broad expertise coupled with her polish and professionalism made each day's programming a true joy to watch. She is a wonderful role model for all of us nascent women entrepreneurs -- and obviously, men will find her lessons just as empowering. Thank you, CreativeLive and a special thank you to Beate Chelette!


Outstanding lessons and advice on how to make your sales become real. The advice on how to link yourself to others via Linked-In is compelling and easy to begin. I like her advice about doing at least 1 thing every day for your business. Barry L Walton

Amy Fletcher

I love this course and dip back into it frequently. I would highly recommend this course to entry-level and mid-career academics, particularly women. More courses please from Beate Chelette! Cheers, Amy

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