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The Authority Playbook

Lesson 49 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

The Authority Playbook

Lesson 49 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

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49. The Authority Playbook


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The Authority Playbook

Creating a platform is not a sprint but an extreme marathon I have news for you so we're jumping right into it great leaders are made not born so now we are jumping into our playbooks and we are going to create the platform strategy so this is the time so let's handem out the big reveal we should have some sort of music going while this does you know something and you're happy music like you get one I already had announced that the authority played from playbook and I called it a playbook because we've been working hard and now it is time to play the play the play playfulness is a part ofthe you know really play with it I mean this is really intended to not be you know, this does this tightness and the rigidity but is about, you know, it's going to trial and error is something is going to fail something's going to go that you didn't think there was going to go so you and free flow now this a game we don't know who is going tio score for the team yeah, we were selecting the players but ...

that player might be doing something completely unexpected and I don't really use sports analogies very often because for all the guys of you that you sports analogies all the time, it really doesn't work for women but in this particular in since I made an exception and I kept it sort of just like you know two strategies and plays because I do like place all right so let's go on page number number three and so the first strategy is study the other team the play is define your solution and whom and how you've served so this goes back to the authority platform day in segment one we have talked about how we transform our pitch into relationships selling so let's go to page number four and here it is your ideal client and let's start work shopping and let's start filling this out and so for everybody out there who is working along with this playing along with this I said I should I should say we're now designing our ideal client which is based upon all the stuff that we talked about so how old are they? So just go through the list and let's start filling this out this is thie interactive segment where we are now really filling this out this is the playbook my idea client how old is he or she what is the job title what's the profession off the person and how long have they been been? How long have they been in their jobs? Because if it's something that happens very quickly like you know a shannon for example said to us that bookers for shows have a pretty high turnover rate so they must be probably than relatively young because they can afford to change jobs so quickly, so keep that in mind because that changes on how we talk to them. There is you always want to know how salary and compensation works and how much money they're making because how much money they're making determines on how how important it is to them to keep their job or if they you know if they're not even caring. Somebody's making twenty five thousand dollars does not have much of an emotional connection most likely to a particular job. Somebody who's making one hundred fifty thousand dollars or two hundred fifty thousand dollars has a much strong connection to a job just because they want to keep it that way so again it changes the way we talk to them. Do they go on vacation? Are they well rested? Do they go to exotic places? Do they go? Oh to disneyland so what's what's sort of the interest there they do adventure travel are they married? Are they in a relationship? Do they have children if they have children? How old are the children? So this all plays into, you know, back to the notion that if I have a single mother who needs to leave at four forty five to pick up located five o'clock, my communication with her is different than the single art director creative director who is thirty five years old who is still suffering from the peter pan syndrome and who just wants to go out to the expensive bars and cool places because he needs to be seen but preferably doesn't want to pay for it so you know the strategy changes with whoever we're going to see then you want to see are the commuting or are they living in the city because it tells us about their particular character all right so I'm going to give you a moment to just a continue to write this down and while they're doing that I want to let you know what's what's going on in the chat rooms is that people are starting to connect in there as well and wanting to keep in touch with people on dso they're sharing kind of information when we we're going through and techno where folks in our studio audience feel they were commenting w gordon three said no cat was so clear what a transformation people who have been with us this this whole time powerful experience cherie blair said thanks to everyone that credit by this really has been an amazing experience she says I'll send b I'll tell you thank you no ha ha with a smiley face so yet everybody in the chat rooms we've got chris in there he'll pass your info along and we'd love to get your participation in this section as well absolutely no, no, absolutely we want tio we want to hear from you. You are important us. You are the reason we are doing this. All right, so let's, go to page number five and page number six and page number seven. So what you see is I have a whole checklist here for you off things that matter to your client. So let's go through those values and all you have to do is check him what is important to your clients. What are their habits? Because we want to nail it down. They want to drill it down. Remember, andrea in the persona architecture wasn't what you look like, what she what she looked like was she thinking what she worried about is she does she like to experience new things? Is it a person that's stuck sort of india nothing can happen to change my routine because everything that matters to your client matters to how we communicate with them. I want you to almost like, close your eyes and visualize what she looked like where she going, what does he do? Who he is she hey interacting with what is he wearing? What other problems? So that you can be very clear how we're going to communicate with them and so a number on page number five you have all these check boxes for the values on paging above five also, their habits and habits are things like are they eating out a lot? Are they living in the moment on the exercising of the couch potatoes on page number six? We talk about things that worry that they are worried about. Are they worried about the next paycheck? Are they they worried about their dead? Are they worried about sending their kids to call each other? Worried about finding more clients so we're checking what they were a czar business owner is worried about finding more clients. A marketing director may not be worried about finding milk lines. A marketing director may only be worth about making it to the office of time because stuff always kind of goes on then we have on page six at the bottom. We also have the once what do they want? What did they? What other desires? Because everybody wants something a better life, happiness, money, health to feel better look better to be popular adventure stability be liked, so just keep through the check boxes. Check, check, check, check, check, check, check that's how easy we making it in the playbook. All right, so that's what I'm finding on, I'm doing that I like, isn't that the easiest exercise in the world, then see and you could be with us? It was difficult you thought the entire time this was a difficult thing to do you are just going to look for people that have the exact same sentiments that you are bravo so if you feel that way, then there must be others just like that who are fed up over it over informed over anything over bombarded that want somebody who shares the same values and great common then on page number seven we have what's unimportant to them perhaps the car did their driving the status symbol or having things is not important that maybe it isthe so what is it that that they don't really care about? So and then just a summary on seven so cat would write in it I'm looking for clients who are very similar to me because now when she writes, she knows exactly who to write to she has to write in such a way that she actually appeals to herself her own values, our own morals own thinking it doesn't get any easier than that does it that's why I called the playbook so is the picture emerging of food is we're writing to very good you want me to share some of these douche air coming through? Well back when we were asking about clients curio so who is a regular here on credit by was saying business owners who are out of their element when faced with web technology that's the focus of their clients and then there's like everybody because they have no time. They generally have no budget for sort of web stuff, but so here's, the positioning for you when and I see this all the time with the people that I work with, so they know that their web stuff needs to work, but they don't have a budget and I t budget because they're small business. So the objective is, when you do sort of the web web development, you have to put a hard number to how much business this business is losing. Because this business owner who knows nothing about web or wordpress or plug ins, is screwing things up so consistently that it not just is costing his own time, which you have to put a dollar value to it. But it is also costing him time away from klein acquisition, so him not paying a web develop of five thousand dollars might cost him twenty five thousand dollars. So if that was me, I would act, do the whole calculation and say, can you afford not to hire me and just just a little side note on that? All right, let's, move on. Now we going, tio two paid eight here we are going, you know, remember how I talk about from the selling. You know what you guys did not ready if you want to give you another minute to jump in okay, this is all about you so about you great. All right on page eight we're going from selling to serving to solving so here is it here it is again we started out with the idea that we're selling something we're having this mindset shift we are now understanding who are kleins are their needs, wishes pain points we're recognizing how do we fit into the picture by providing something that is meaningful to them then we go and we say, where is the value for them like what we're bringing to the table that you're not either us be the unique selling proposition and then what are we solving so let's describe sort of the client um you know and I like what we just heard by cure it. What is the curiosity curry curio? So because he says my ideal can be described as somebody who is clueless about the web but really needs me but I want curio so I wanted to go deeper much deeper and tell me it is a white middle aged a young millennial a confused webb confused woman it is so you know what's the person really look like is it a business? Is it an individual the world it's not your customer so the more you drill it down the better it is, the more specific it is the clear it is who we're selling to and if you find that you have more than one client so in my brand writes let enterprises I have the women's code of the photography business and I have the corporate side of things each one off them has its own target audience that I speak to very differently every woman in the women's code is being addressed as dear brilliant something in the photography world we addressing them as high john so you adjust the language and the sensitive I think I feel it all goes sort of internet but you need to know these people are so the shifting in and out of it is very very important to know when I'm going to turn on my I think and I feel language when you talk to women is it I think or I feel all right let's keep filling that out pitch it dig in so me describing them as helpless be describing this them as self sufficient we describing them as not really understanding their own needs we describing them as being broke loving the blame in life stone were describing them is overwhelmed were describing them as knowledgeable but stressed for time I will guarantee you that all of your profiles will have people they're completely stressed for time that need solutions and they need solutions faster I have is like what did I hear? There was a long time ago, I had this great great joke, it's not really a job job, but, you know, it's kind of like true, sadly true. So, you know, a woman like me goes to the massage therapist and says, I need to relax, but fast that's the objective for everybody. Uh, I need this done, but fast, I need to relax fast, I need to cut through the clutter, but fast, I need to get this organized but fast, I need to have a solution for a problem that I've been tinkering with for ten years, but I need that solution fast, so everybody's going to have some sort of a time pressure component on this so let's talk about some of these time pressures. Some of these time precious could be because it's costing them money. Andrea said that both of our teacher, roy williams, said money and time really are on the same side of the coin. If you're not putting money in, you're going to be losing your time, so when it comes to particular skill, you're either going to hire somebody who can do it for you, or you're going to waste a whole bunch of your time trying to learn it, or you might actually learn and be proficient at it, so my approach this has always been in this sort of why I teach the style that I do I always feel that it's important for us to and understand enough about enough things, especially in my genre where building businesses to know if somebody is full of b s or if somebody knows what they're talking about that's as far as I go into it and it makes me incredibly uncomfortable when I don't know enough about something because and then I can sniff out if it's a fraud or not now this issue you know, I had my house to reminded I told you turn my tented and I want to remodel my downstairs bathroom I've been wanting to remodel my downstairs bathroom for nine years, but every time somebody comes into my house from the time they entered the house to the time but they reached the bathroom guest mentions wind up ten grand because I live in a nice house, so I have heard everything from very so difficult if you put a door in there it's it's going take forever to all this is no big deal we can we can do this pretty quickly, but because I've heard so many different opinions on it and I really don't understand anything about building I have not remodeled my house, my bathroom because I just cannot get myself to hire somebody because I know with absolute certainty one thing right now that all of them are full of it because if they would be truthful and honest the information couldn't be this far apart so it's okay to know enough about something to sniff somebody out but you can only grow business you can only grow business if you hand out things that you're not good at at a particular time to somebody was much better at it than you are the only the only man handled woman handle your web as long as you have to before you can hand it over to somebody who can do this professionally because it is a time it's it's it's like the black hole off time all right, so you guys are good with page number two you have sort of the picture so let's just talk about this stepford what's your client kind of look like my client clients are senior level decision makers in medium to large organizations. They're financially successful professionally successful um generally are married have probably nice home family life is important to them but they struggle toe have time to spend with him because the pressures of work keep him involved. How does it change the language and how you address them knowing this it uh it makes me focus on balancing uh the technical aspects of the work natured problem balancing it with how does this affect you or falcon? My solution actually mitigate some of the issues you're facing with time pressures if your business works efficiently how many more days here evenings until ten o'clock do you wanna waste at the office that you could be spending at your son's baseball game trying to fix problems that you know brigade could fix for you like this is it really worth it changes the whole language deal did you have something similar to that yeah I think would have a baby boomer female with kids wants toe be the authority in their in their marketplace um has budget concerns has time concerns same coin as you said so we're looking tio make that make the problems go away understand their their life and it's very similar to my own let's get this done let's have a good time and be efficient does this change the way you talk to them? I think so because I think a little bit again along those lines it might instinct might tell me they say you know maybe it's lighting are probably not that cliche but you know promote really what are what we're good at and talk now differently about how what we're good at really expedites them to where they want to be american ok excellent I like that so that that's really the way this works is that when you know what the person is that who you're talking to it makes it makes your life a lot a lot easier less it's go to strategy number two how to attract fans and the play here is how to create a lead magnet and now here is the fun time so what's your lead magnet audio video a report or paper jen what's your lead magnet video video john what's your lead magnet um probably paper a paper good what's your lead magnet I'm going to say paper too good but she lied magnet paper what you leave magnet on paper very good all right so circle that the outline all see elite magnet topic will be about what and we are creating the second strategy and our playbook about which is putting it all together the information that we've had and as you can see you know things these guys up they have putting it together I'm sure everybody's not writing writing down fevers is like this is really work and let's put it together and then what you see in the bottom of the page I have outlined how long your report iss do pick a number off even pages why? Because that gives you the opportunity to print it out and actually mail it if you wanted to or what I do with the tip sheet is I actually print a four page tip sheet that I send out and mail to my inner circle every months and I have a binder that that I mail with it at the first time so that every months when the tip sheet comes they you know have to have to physically do something for me that has my name on it they open it when a legend in secret so when I designed my my newsletter my tip sheet I designed in such a way you could read it in the bathroom so I kind of like time did how long it would take I know is I know but this is it's just me but in genetic it you are so over and jameer don't do this I love it thank you for sherry did I need to show there's a method behind so anyway so it's relatively easy to read and quickly if need be so and then you take this thiss tip sheet and you I have to find the binder which because you needed every months should be very close to where you are so twelve times a year at the very least you have to grab it put it down open it take it you already have in your hand you may as well we did put it in close it and put it away so you know this is you know another idea on engagement as we're talking about printed pieces but I want your printed pieces if you if you do some to have that same sort of quality off being possibly printed out because if you go to a networking event so you can then mail into the and you know that's another engagement point weakens and how would you like me to send it to you so when I am up for speaking engagements or what I do every time I'm on radio or tv I bring books if I'm physically there and I give everybody a book is thank you for bringing me on the show and if I am on the air and it's somewhere else I asked them I would like to give to a book as a thank you for bringing me on your show would you like to have that electronically or would you like to have the physical copy and depending on what they say I will actually then deliver it exactly the way they want so what's the outline ofthe you lead magnet topic jen this is intentionally online nice and sweet cat what's the albino feeling man the topic the power of photography for your business and the evolution of what really works today so my kind of grabbing title was is bigger better yes it is but we need the emotional side as well if you look at the history of where we've come you know websites first they had you need to have a couple little pictures maybe one of yourself and the outside of your building or something horrible but today it's like full full bleed you know full page beautiful images you know from what I worked on tio you know now all the stock photo agencies they're using full bleed images but is it really is it really drawing people in where's the connection you know we can all have beautiful pictures there I don't think the thing is figures better I don't think that's what it is what it is it is theme mindlessness off selecting image is not about you know well I think big is better I really do I'm a a little image doesn't doesn't bring you in it's big but it also has to evoke an emotion that's my opinion because you know it and as you so rightfully should argue with me but what I'm telling you is that in my experience how much with the ratio of text and photo is can often not be discussed a negotiated in you know sort of from the from from our perspective as the photo editor or that as the art buyer because it's laid out by an r tricked a creative director who sold the strata oh gee to a client so if you go in and you change that by arguing your point you're going to go controversial to your customer right right so for you the objective has to be to say an image in any size can be meaningful if you follow my secret sauce yes and so the catchy headline comes from from from from really questioning on if they are if they have is you in turn responsible for the visual representation off your company is that how serious you're taking this because if it is shame on you the best impression is a visual representation and you are you're not paying it you know are you paying to a visual representation I would go that route because you want something that people can easily agree upon and not be offended by and if you say small pictures of bad somebody had this idea of making this picture really small and that might be the decision maker and he will never have a chance to get your service in there yeah don't just just just thank you it's just it's just the way you know it's just the way my for my brain works uh I'm not sure about that but give todo ok let's go on page number ten let's talk about your introduction in your summary so let's just briefly outline what that what that white paper for what the video serious what will cover so you're introducing it you know always with you with your elevator pitch with your sort of blur was like what what what is that one objective in the introduction that you want to make it's not bigger is better it's less it's more and here's why doesn't it feel like classroom? I like the moments of silence you teo after talking, talking and talking and talking just giving people that this time tio to really think about really think about it well, I'm sure everybody else is writing like crazy to exactly I did while they're doing this though now I'll break the silence but wanted to share a breakthrough that mean a g had in london police back when we were designing our clients to finding our client, she said to finding my client exercise from my portrait photography business made me realize that I had never broke it out prior to this course here is my client's portrait a professional mom between thirty to sixty years with children mainly with daughters with body image issues the language is different for women in the bracket of thirty to forty nine years old I feel versus fifty to sixty years old yes, yes oh she's just having that revelation that oh, those air different that's a really fantastic idea to them to speak to them differently because one thing I can tell you with certainty that once you get to a certain age bracket, you just have to make peace with getting older because it you know, body image face skin, it just does different things, so it is important to make women over fifty feel that they're beautiful and they're relevant and that their internal knowledge and they're you know, it's a thistle that what they bring to the table is not just here but it also shines from within and we want to, you know, especially in our world, off off creativity and artistic expression, we want to honor how they come off five sizes and shapes and make them feel relevant by talking to them in a language that's appropriate to them. So the second part of this page is why my clients need and lead magnet, why do their leader needed lead magnet what's the information that you're giving them that is relevant, that again will help them to understand something that they didn't understand before. What? What firm, which are you giving them for a problem that they that they're now can resolve or where they having this? Ah ha! Moment where we wear, where, you know, we talked about the woman that the only woman on the board that goes in the in the board meeting and slaps the report on the table and says, your prose rose this's this colonized? But, you know, we need more women here because we were missing out a financial opportunity so what's that what's a nugget, that golden nugget piece of information that they're having that we're giving them the next one is my introduction, and this is about you and why you were the authority on the subject. Award winning photographer, cbs featured television host, new york times best selling author what's the authority to write that down what's going on? Wait to see you, chuck, right now, I know I've got some really great questions on this, but I'm just not sure if I should. I don't want to get you to off topic. Well, where, you know, go ahead. That's that's, let's tried with one. All right, so it kind of goes back to what we were talking about earlier about confidence, but this, you know, my brief introduction and why I am the thirty on this subject is the exercise we just gave peep apple, jim han had asked I'm wondering, when do I have permission to call myself an expert on something? I'm giving you permission right now? It's not like we were going out there saying I am the authority on the subject. We're talking about this as the authority of the subject, because that's really our our sort of terminology, but when you go out there, you become the authority on the subject, because what you talk about is so spot on that you have bean perceived as thie authority, so I don't really go out and say, I am the authority on the subject, I am the authority on the subject because I'm acting like him, the authority and subject, and I have a course that says, you know, I'm teaching people to be authority on the subject so that means that I must be the authority on the subject so the logical conclusion that you are the authority comes by the connection is that a good way and ok way to explain it good but yes everybody has my permission to be the authority on the subject you have to work for it a little bit but you know what you're doing and you know what you're doing really well and that makes you the authorities the subject matter knowledge all right let's move on to the next part and it says the three take away points that you are making the big big overruling the big ruling points that you're making are what all right three points bullet points you can fill them out later but I want to know what does three bullet points are going to be and then when you done we're going to step to page eleven not quite if and for everybody out there please to let us know how you doing you know I want to know sort of what you were kind of coming up with to share this with me askew khun tell you know this a few pauses in between because everybody's writing and you want to give me something to say or do or you know us to talk about just kind of well I do have a german who had asked about when when do I have permission to believe the authority writes back and says yes, I do understand that thank you be out saying, can I struggle with this frequently and what you said really make sense so thank you for letting us know I don't think I like I like the ability to do the back and forth yes no, we like the back and forth that means it's real people doing real things on patient number eleven we're talking about are you based upon your brand and your persona is it steps ideas, points effect what is it? They're just circle what's appropriate family well, you know it's like a four step report if I step here five facts he r six ideas. It was sort of whatever that is for you. You know, you remember we designing the language of systems methods off points facts. So if it's not that into something else than do that. But, you know, in the first reap port I definitely or in the first video, I definitely want you to stick to the three, five, seven, ten twelve rule because and let's start with three let's. Start with something that's doable and let's not overwhelm the system. So if it's three steps to or three ideas that or three points about or three facts that so what is it for you and then here I have I'm asking you how many so you can pick a number between one and ten please make it be either one we would make it three, five, seven or ten ideally make it three I want you to get started and get the sound rather sooner than later you can always to a longer one later. All right let's go to number page number twelve let's go in the conclusion so in the conclusion of the article what do you want them to walk away with? So stafford wants them to walk away with companies routinely throw completely a companies often have higher different solution providers for what they perceive as disconnected aspect off their businesses don't do that deployed the citizen's brigade that comes in with a superman cape the supermen have a cape. Okay, thank you. Just making sure and, uh we make sure that everything connects because your problem is it's disconnected in the first place away you please not hire three different people that keep it disconnected will you please let us come in or someone like us come in who can connect? You're moving pieces together so that's the kind of conclusion you want just broad terms john what's your conclusion giving that's in it you have thoughts on a conclusion what he wanted to walk away with what I was trying to finish a buzz so my camera induction was gonna be a three bonuses of hiring an interior designer and then I was trying to wrap it up as a conclusion a fresh view that saves you time and money why are you going with time and money? Well um I was one of points was having connections in a better price off often occurs when they have the connections of the hiring stuff which I was hoping my photography would be in that can design are you bringing the price price objective into your white people? Um not too much I was having more for the kind of having a fresh view on like the design having some better resource is and having my guess connections and resource is about the same ok, so here's what I would do I would go in and I would be a little bit older than that I would say that the most important thing is for somebody to make a good first impression. So the first impression for anybody walking into your office or into your into your clinic is you know, not just your front front is personnel, but after they've checked in they're going to sit down and they're going to be looking at your walls inevitably because it's what we all were sitting so the quality of the chair matters and then what's on the wall matters and probably the magazines are not ten thousand years old and feel like I need you know uh sanitizing to touch them so you are asking a provocative question is if you are spending tens of thousands of dollars in treatment chairs in medication in salaries in sanitizing in cleaning crews in treating patients can you please take care of the emotional well being so make them pay attention to the emotional well being off a person which is influenced by their environment and as an aside professional influence or off environments you speak about the little things that everybody can do to freshen up in life changed the environment to change the culture or influence the culture but just changing the environment to some small degree one of them would be fresh flowers ask your local florist you know to do a thing you know they get advertising in the office but once a week they have to deliver this fresh bouquet which I love when I go into a doctor's office and I see that number two make sure that you like a patient lay on your back looking at the ceiling and remove any ghastly things on this have you ever wondered why never nobody ever looks at the ceiling in a doctor's office? You go like dude ish nuts get it down so you know so you could be so the specialists and then you say in one of your points is how out dated is your office decoration or your clinic decoration does it look like you took it like you went to a yard sale fifteen years ago and you paid a dollar for it? Because if you want to justify, uh, your fees and you want people to come back and choose us a service provider and it's hard enough as it isthe, then by all means you need to invest a little bit into the proper art on the wall to make people feel good, recommend you and come back. You learned everything about word of mouth that's the type of stuff people talk about. I walked into his office and it was just beautiful. I felt really good. Everybody's size was in that environment. The music was playing that fresh flowers beautiful, beautiful stuff on the walls just beautiful and that's. Why I would go the call to action would be what? Call me book me. Talk to me. Hire me. The logical conclusion to your wide paper is contact you in some sort of a way. Always. Okay, let's, go to strategy number three with the american number three this the german number three. Number three. Number three let's. Get the field ready, fix your website so we have talked about that websites arm or this is on page number thirteen than just a place to have, uh your services so let's decide and here is another checklist in here piece mark on the checklist what is it that you want your website to do and check all of those that are applying to you next up is what experience do you want your clients to have? So when I created this playbook I and zach my content producer and I we had actually we had this conversation and I said to zach so this is the way I do it I said I'm going to put everything that I want them to learn in my presentation then I'm going to go back in and I'm going to reverse any engineer it I am going to take a few things out which we I know we're not going to have time for its going to overwhelm people so those going the workbook but the experience that I want them to have it the very end because I by now I know how I how I teach instruct I put a lot of content because you know I'm really a big picture person so I take it all that it puts together and so I wanted people at the end of the day I wanted them to have a tangible experience so what's the experience you want someone to have who you know who who visits your website who who works with you so customer experience is one of the most important most important things to design and you can actually designed what's experience. Is it relief? Is it happiness? And then and then I have made you some outline off what you have figured out what needs to change on your website based upon everything we talked about and just make you know, quick, quick bullet bullet points, because we still have, like, another ten, ten pages to go through, and we will we will finish this rain or shine. So what needs to change on your website now that we talked about where the fixes because this is remember, this is our strategy number three, we're getting the field ready. The play is fixing our website because by now we identified who we're talking to, what experience we want them to have, what we're giving them. So what do you need to fix? And you know, for everybody's watching just followed the outline on the on page number fourteen and just fill it in under each of the paragraphs and just use bullet points. I can always go back and fill it out further, but for the purposes of this, I wanted to have a playbook that you can get started with. That is the tangible thing you can get started with, I'll give you tomorrow off just to have the information percolate and then that's thursday. But friday's a bad day to start well, you know what? Friday can review everything and sort of start filling it in and the work starts on monday is that fair? Ok, good has got to be a recovery period of some sort hard play hard work hard play hard exactly remember when we were in school and then we had to write a lot and then eventually like demonstrate to the teacher was waiting enough we did this like my hand is they can't write you know, seeing you know oh that's a good one I like that now I'm just a just talking away just randomly traveling along it's good I know wait we'll get we do have a lot to get through for yeah, we dio is like I feel like dominatrix with the whip but it's got to be good you know, I want to make sure you guys have everything taken care off. Very good. Now we get to page number fifteen here is the game plan a strategy not before establishing your game plan. Now we talk about the story so here it isthe on page number sixteen you'll see exactly the storytelling formula so I have made a paragraph for each one of those five steps of the storytelling so that start with the first one your dream what's the dream was the idea what's the passion a dream for you personally or the dream for your company? I know there's very intertwined, but we talked earlier about its what's the life you want this part really is about is about you now and you know, because well to me you're here you're doing this because you have a sincere desire to do something and you come to this because something happened so we are identifying first what? That what, what? That it's right? So with us we've been working with a citizen idea, we recognizing that you have a love for systems and processes, but you also understanding that if this systems and processes don't work, that don't work for the people so you're you're dreaming of passion is to be really part of a company that can combine, you know, the cultural aspect and thie people aspect with the technical functionality and have that all sort of be done by your by one company that understands and can't deploy the right team for each two for each for each issue. The second part is you are in this business because you are what you are an idealist, you're burned out, you're driven to do this, you had no choice, you were forced to it, you fell into it how to get to this it was this thiss feeling you had on inexplicable something that triggered it finally, on the bottom of the page, what happened but the unexpected the hurdle, the problem, the third party villain but happened to you ok, so let's move on so maybe ron patched him until I know we have slides after the play but yes, yes, yes, yes. Okay, so on seventeen, something suddenly happened happened that turned everything around. This is what you learned so it's important in the story transformation that there was a lesson that you learned. So what was said lesson unfortunate don't have to have a lot of time to think about that, because and then finally, the last point of the story is, and the end result of that is that you're now committed to doing what save lives, make people live better, inspire people to run successful businesses self problems inspired them, lead them to guide them. All right moving on to number eighteen strategy number if I if you're picking your offense, the play is selecting your three social networks going onto page number nineteen, so we are going to sort of skip the page a nineteen. What I had wanted you to do is sort of write down all the networks said you're familiar with, but due to time constraints, just make a note that really was about drilling it down, taking ten that you're familiar with that you're comfortable with that you would wanted to do pick from the universe and then on page number twenty drill it down to three of them that you get started with so you sort of identify your short list and then commit to three that you're going to get started with and you kind of already did the picking the three so you might just transfer this information but what's new about page twenty it's now you do a commitment off to do what beginning when and how often so making an actual time commitment so if that's okay, I just like to skip that for the purpose ofthe time yes, but you're clear on what to do on that one. All right, thank you then we're going to strategy number six which is picking your defense so this is where we were talking about in authority platt from day about segment number four on how to collaborate so you had picked like a referral joint venture or an affiliate or a word of mouth and it's missing the word of mouth I apologize here so just just right in there sort of on what that other aspect of your business is that you're going to be using to help you amplify that message and become the authority in your in your genre and a lot of this we've already done so if you need to you can refer back into your workbooks which is why I put the segment and the particular day on there to go back and read your notes and fill it out at a later time but I just wanted you know that's it to focus on from within that segment thank you thank you so much that's exactly about page number twenty two now we're talking about the strategy number six no somebody seven we are through strategy number seventy solicitous chase's celebrate your victory I'm sorry celebrate victory the play is promote via p r and media so now we've covered you know so all of who you are so let's go down to the how will you go about getting the check boxes at the bottom? Are you going to pitch yourself or you're going to hire somebody to pitch for you check that and what is your commitment to p r three months? Six months twelve months it's because it has to also be a part of your plan just like you have a marketing plan or like you have a sale cycle pr plan is also something have to commit to do not commit to appear plan for anything less than three months which is why you have no choice but to pick at least three months sneaky on the next page uh on page number twenty three we are talking about how often you will pitch weekly or monthly and then the question I have finally is people will be interested in you and this pitch because you are the authority in your category, logical conclusion. I have included for scheduling purposes a thirty day calendar at the very end so that you can already start mapping out things. And this is bravo. What do you like about it? What does that feel like versus are in addition to this eighty page is, um, it's funny, because when I was going through this eighty pages, I was hoping that I had this, but I didn't know I was getting it because I was going through my notes and trying to summarize things and getting those pieces that I thought were really relevant, that I would put them into something that I could do something with. But then you gave me. This is pretty cool. Yeah, we'll probably thank you for saying that. You know, that's, exactly what I was hoping was going to happen at the very end that because it is a lot of material to go, so it really is, and it can be overwhelming. So by just knowing where to start is a huge help, because then it's not so daunting.

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