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The Fab Five Social Networks

Lesson 28 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

The Fab Five Social Networks

Lesson 28 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

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28. The Fab Five Social Networks


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Lesson Info

The Fab Five Social Networks

I choose to pick a theme fat five social networks and again this is based upon my personal experience they are without a doubt people that have great success on other networks or have built huge followings and that's wonderful but for me and for my brands and what I have learned this is sort of the essential the essential part to know about so there's facebook there's twitter google plus instagram and youtube the inn this course way we keep talking about the brand the brand the brand and the voice of the brand so I shared with you that my brand is the tough love german engineered and very funny right I sell the other side what it looks like to get there if you invest into my systems programs courses hear me speak have me work with you one on one the result is this awesome life stuff that's what I'm selling so I told you that when I share some of my personal really personal life I share on lee very limited aspect of it so I said to you when I do share a picture with my men in it he's us...

ually goofing around in the back which which you can see right here as I'm taking the selfie and he's a photo bombing in so but we do have really a lot of fun together so I share things that I find very safe you know I want to be a woman was cherished and loved and appreciated and I cherish my relationships I cherish my family, I cherish my friendship it's I cherish the people that I come in contact with because I take the responsibility off teaching you very seriously because there are lives at stake taylor on whether or not people can turn passions in two dollars in the bank account actually really matters and it's not just your well being is the well being off your families and everybody that you come in contact with. I better take that very seriously and you should take that as a serious because that in the end of the day again, you know this's what we're doing at the end it's not about selling something it's about what happens to that person at the very end off, you know, off off when it's all said and done in our objective is achieved what? What happens and that better be a good thing because that's what we ended for that's, the passion, the blood and the enthusiasm that way of putting into it. So what I have in the workbook on page forty four I would like you to just take a moment and just think about this as we're talking about the online persona what are your cultural traits that you could easily implement? So we keep talking about german engineering? We keep about a logical process you know logical process oriented mind said we could talk about irish passion we could talk about theis italian temperament you know it has to be a good thing so take a moment and right sort of these things down and I encourage you out there to do the same thing is right down some off your cultural traits that you know commonly assumed traits that you could use you could you know in cultural cultural is sometimes people are sensitive about it because they think it might be a prejudice or it might be it might be too cliche but I will tell you that it really works when you feed into an assumption somebody already has about you based on something so if I were to be a funny german while I really think that's great branding but the german engineered branding is just easier to sell I slipped the funny and often enough but really you know, like what's easier to sell the second part I want you to do is think about your personality traits so what we've done with the I think in the I feel part is that we said how can we take these aspect ofthe ourselves that previously to this class could have been used as a judgment and how can we make this our strongest selling point because if I know how to feel and I think culture I have a competitive advantage but only if I say so so what is that for you? Are you funny? Punctual, discreet like we had the branding with the swiss photographer fresh they're fun. Who who you know we talked about and we said he's, a swiss neutral zone that's why he likes to be thrown in the fire in very difficult situations because truth like the swiss and they are actually and he shared with us that they actually being taught that in school on how to be discreet and neutral, not get involved little did I know I was just making up because that that was good branding, but there's a whole culture that's being set up like that. So what is that for you then? The next part is think about what lifestyle does the brand stand for? So ally star could be the good life I'm for the good life so here is it's not party life but it's the good life it's it's a nice trip it's a good hotel it's a comfortable ride it's a nothing about my brand says scarcity everything about my brand says live and let live like enjoy that's my brand so what's your brought it could be fun it could be intentional the lifestyle, mind for it could be very mindful it could be your brand could could stand for challenging an existing an existing dogma or something that people commonly assumed and say I'm here to challenge that status we'll raise the thought living with your eyes open okay, we're good then the next one is what are you passionate about? Like passionate, passionate about I want to make sure all my moms you can leave it for forty five because they are going to be picking up the kids on time because in my world no mother will be laid to picking up her kid that's just I think so I either do my courses before that why do them later after you know the kids you know already at home so that she can work around that otherwise wouldn't be possible so what do you stand? What what are you passionate about? You could be passion about your clients you could be passionate about a cause you could be passion about not wasting anything you could be passion about all kinds of things but what is that for you? And so finally when you put these all together and this is again on page forty four if you read what you just wrote what's the ankle you're going at it is it a pro something is that a con something? Is it a mixture of both but what's the angle? My angle in the creative entrepreneur world is the bohemian lifestyle is overrated let's make some money people while sharing a wonderful, meaningful messages because without art the world would be a horrible place to be and so we need art everybody knows we need our everybody loves up so we have to educate people to pay for our art and put value in what we do because otherwise they're unhappy and we are broke that's bad so we do that by overcoming our initial resistance to learning the business behind the art off the art and listen to me very easy so you see how it all kind of comes together so what's that message has any anyone out there and in here on angle have you kind of like did they got have jen does can I get always like chin help me out on this side go ahead but the angle my angle is intentional living online that you can create your entire world your entire life you could be closer to your friends and family then you ever had possible believe possible through being intentional online I like did you just add that online today well have you know I have the girls yeah I've been I'm yeah he's been it's been simmering for awhile nice because the living intentional I think people already doing the living intentional online aside well wait a minute it's not about loud mohr faster it's not about building lists it's not about click through our eyes uh how they converting need conversion it's not about you being at the effect of all of the noise it's it's about like being intentional how you interact creating trading the platforms for what you are out to create through the in those spaces teo there all of the algorithms and the settings that are there for people to market to you and what not you can flip him around and have it be that you configure your platform so that you get what you're intending from that space so you angle is almost a is almost calling people on there private persona b s if they don't translate it into their online persona because that's what a lot of people dio I find that's the worst they're like you know they do the yoga thing and they run around at the yoga pants all day long and then they're like doing you know, the led light bulb and they're driving the prius and here they are they are the worst off them online you know they're obnoxious and say bad things how is that from mindful nothing right? So catching people to say is your inner issue is your personal mindfulness translating really into an online mindfulness and how you know intention and how does that even work well it's it's vital because nowadays people only know us through what they see online so who you are your creation of who you are if you are just just like blurting it out and not being intentional about it you're altering how people interact with you and your everyday life, how people see you, what your future is all of that and so, like getting being responsible for how you how you present online because that's where you live now it mean it creates a future for you, it creates a experience in your everyday life, it brings joy to your life brings all of that so yeah, being intentional if how you communicate online, which a lot of brands do, all the things you're speaking to today is exactly what we do because we're we're being intentional about our business online, but the average person doesn't get that their their brand and it's not the right word it's their life and so like, how do you live intentionally online? And how do you have it be that the spaces that you step in actually empower your life? I like it not like a lot, I think you definitely onto something that's definitely something that, uh, darryl the angle of the robert robert chicken ankle. Yes, I'm struggling with that last little part here because, you know, I think at the end they I still struggle with it is not as I don't know I meet back up against, you know, I'm putting in the highly caffeinated that the humor aspect of it um and then what my what does my brand stand for against wasting time yeah so but it's also about fun so it's kind of like the efficiency part married with the fun part because I I'm trying to keep it light and playful right? So this is what your brand stands for the efficiency with fun yeah. Is that enough is that is that an angle? Yes, of course of course it is because it is a paradox it's an oxymoron because people that are really like sort of in this process efficiency you know, we were sief them as very rigid but you go like oh yeah we originally fun. Well, well, well whoa. Is that even possible right? Can you do both and then you say, well, yeah, because we have the method the system, the secret sauce that we apply to sprinkle generously on the rubber chicken and uh I come up with this stuff yeah, I can't help it and please do I will take full credit I laughed my butt because because see what it is it it just is just so fresh and it's so self depreciating and it just has this this this clear messaging in this like, come on, you know we got we got them, we got the process down, you know way beyond the way is so far beyond the process we don't ever even talk about the process anymore we already over here while the process is doing its thing. And here we are all having fun with a rubber chicken you're now making fun of the process, you know, making fun of the process right now. So that's the evolution off this what most entrepreneurs to they're like, uh uh, like in the process in there, you know, and then, like, I kind of share the process going toe, make it clear to them on why this process is so special and why my lighting is better than anybody, nobody cares why, you know, my retouching is so much support, nobody cares people are not interested in this people interested in what comes after that so that's, you know, then I keep I think I'm driving this home enough not with you guys that it is about owning this like, you have to do the work. Okay, no question about you've got to figure out what this is and that's what we did in the authority platform day, which is why, you know, that day sometimes is, you know, it's a little bit harder to go through just because you go like, I have to leave that behind, but I don't even know entirely what it isthe oh, I need to figure this out, okay? So note, mate, this has to be figured out and then, you know, we're painting the picture now in the social network's day on why this is so important that you go through this process because if you don't have that, you can't talk about it and when you have that the talking about it now it's so much more fun in liberating because you're not in this tightness off the process constantly off explaining to somebody what is it that you do? I have figured out a great process on how to shoot product photography so efficiently we always make it a happy hour and by the way asked me about my rubber chicken. What did just happen here? Here's a photography is so confident, so clear about that he doesn't need to talk about it. So I always say, you know, I worked with matthew ralston and herb ritts and some of the biggest names and photography helmut newton not one off them ever talked about process answer all they were interested in it's like, well, what do we what are we trying to do here? Like, you know, what is it that you want to portray? Because the how that was the secret sauce, they wouldn't even think about sharing this with anyone it was just where do you want oh, where do you want to arrive at here's the process have developed I'm taking my process I'm doing my thing and I guarantee that we arriving where you wanted to arrive that's the way it goes so perfect good good job so anyone else has an angle already figured out? I know this is a tough one to come up with an angle john you look like you want to talk to me enjoying the simple things I like it I like it because for you you talked about the left for gardening you talked about going into the detail and it's like sort of free discovering that that thiss the simple the simple things I think that's very good for you because it's a great reason for you to do what you do is to say I learned and then we want to work on that story to see how the story that you that you have that led you to say and then in my transformation I realized I better be paying attention to the simple things, the little things because I before I was so busy with all this other stuff and I had no time and no whatever and then this happened and now I am focusing on the little things, the simple things and I'm so much happier and this happiness I want to spread with everybody we get in somewhere now very good excellent great great great work cannot go ahead I actually have a really great question from virginia in the chat room, which is how it is this how is your persona this online persona different from what we had talked about before what your brand stands for? So what your brand stands for versus your online persona and the characteristics with that I think that's a great little others a great idea so the brand and the persona really are interconnected so the brand is sort of the imagine it is sort of the more static park right that's what you describe as what you do the persona is the personality it has that's sort of the attributes that you did you give it that other people are taking away so the brand stands for, you know, in your case just to stay with an example we've just used to darryl's brand stands for efficiency, time management, good product photography on time on target on budget you know, clients don't need to worry about which I happen to know is what you used to say what we now doing and so do one million other photographer right? So what we're doing now is we're adding the persona aspect off it and we're giving it a personality a life by adding these like different you know, these steps in the workbook on page forty four we're adding all these things into it to say, here are the ad tributes that the static thing has to bring it to life and that's what makes all the difference that's this makes sense u yeah okay very good perfect so do we have any more because this is really important so if you have one who could take a stab at the angle well you guys are thinking and one of you raise raise your hands and let us know but we do have several coming in from folks fire away so let's see brul group says my persona loves coffee loves my free organizing wallpapers and principles and my photo on my web site has a little coffee cup illustration I like it I like it a lot so it's the uh I'm over caffeinated so you don't have to be persona that I like that keep sharing those in our chat room as well and vanya who had just asked that great question said that her I think her on line persona inspirational freedom empowerment yet fun and hip and then she'd also commented she was really resonating with that being authentic means really getting in touch with your inner self so inspirational freedom empowerment fun hip that's a lot okay so I yeah I would recommend because the inspirational is sort of you know here's where the perception comes in the inspirational is an inward journey it's sort of a quiet the fun is a more outward part that says here I am I'm out having fun inspirational fund is going to be probably hard to sell, because there is no a picture that exists that can put that in perspective, right? Unless maybe we have a dancing native american around a fire pit, a sort of the inspirational fund component. But then it would be ceremonial or something like that. So I'd be careful in combining and, you know, thank you for this awesome comment is I would be careful combining things that in the sort of broader scope of things not necessarily meaningful, it might be meaningful in this context, for what, what she's doing. But it might be confusing for somebody else, so confusion countries, people don't buy, so I would either stick with the with the freedom loving fun or the inspirational. But if I'm free and having fun, then that is it's too complicated.

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Beate Chelette delivered so much value with so much style and grace that it was a "no-brainer" decision on the 2nd day -- I needed to own "Grow Your Business as the Authority In Your Space"! This is material I can really go back to and mine for nuggets over and over -- PLUS, I can't wait to get a closer look at the workbook (and start trying out the exercises of course!). Beate's surprisingly broad expertise coupled with her polish and professionalism made each day's programming a true joy to watch. She is a wonderful role model for all of us nascent women entrepreneurs -- and obviously, men will find her lessons just as empowering. Thank you, CreativeLive and a special thank you to Beate Chelette!


Outstanding lessons and advice on how to make your sales become real. The advice on how to link yourself to others via Linked-In is compelling and easy to begin. I like her advice about doing at least 1 thing every day for your business. Barry L Walton

Amy Fletcher

I love this course and dip back into it frequently. I would highly recommend this course to entry-level and mid-career academics, particularly women. More courses please from Beate Chelette! Cheers, Amy

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