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Workshopping - Blogging

Lesson 26 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

Workshopping - Blogging

Lesson 26 from: Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

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26. Workshopping - Blogging

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Workshopping - Blogging

Let's go on page number forty two and I want everybody life out there and in the audience so let's outline your first block post article and I will chat with ken in the meantime, work folks and share with us in the chat rooms some of your ideas around what your first block post next block post is going to be so I am have been taken some wall notes for myself, which is fantastic but one thing that really wrong with me was when you're talking about being authentic when you talked about ofa blogged purse a blood because it doesn't work out that I'm going to write about that and the word that came up for me was transparency can you tell me a little bit more about that balance of being too transparent or two open or there? Are there some stories about when you've gotten burned by that or some best practices? Yes, so the rule of thumb I think is if you have to think about it twice so if you're not sure don't do it if it is something because what's what goes on the internet is there to stay s...

o even if you delete it it is somewhere hidden in the crevices off someone's then it can come back to haunt you so we you know I don't need to mention that inappropriate photographs or all kinds of things are always in no no that social networks are not here to share every dirty detail off your life, but it is a brand extension that's what I teach that's what I follow and that's what works the I'm always shocked it's what kind of thing people you know where they're transparent I let's let's that's giving an example so let's say somebody has a drug problem, right? I think it is not right to share this until this person is ready to do something about it, but so the part of saying I'm fully transparent, I'm struggling with this, I'm finally ready to get help. What advice do you have for me that transparency makes people pay attention, but it has to be really and then I can follow that person's journey through whatever getting rid of the addiction I can cheer them on in their journey, and that might be just what this person needs to stay sober or or a drug free or sort of whatever other thing that isthe to share man last night was such a good high is always inappropriate and too much transparency on this your brand and I cannot think of one brand whether it could be beneficial unless your brand requires you to be that but there's no such friend out there so that's a no no transparency like a couple of no no's are you can never talk bad about your mother ever irrespective of what she's done because people that are mom haters are in great danger of being hated themselves because you know it's it's mom's right? So irrespective of what she's done you gotta let it go got to forgive her put it behind you because um moms are untouchable another thing that is a delicate is sort of thes family issues so what I did earlier and if you remember that I said there's a reason why I am here and they're there that's all I have to say about this so there there were issues but I'm not talking about what these issues are no do we need to talk about these issues note I want to talk about these issues but there has to be you know and maybe one day I will but there's certain things will have to happen for me to do that so the transparency is I think the rule of thumb let's put it this way here's the brand here's your story and that's what we keep going back to does it help or does it hurt the brand if the transparency helps the brand by saying listen I'm just like you I make mistakes yes if it hurts the brand because then people go like whoa whoa well what what? Well kanna what you doing girl then maybe not and so that's what helps me in my assessment with the transparency but especially the united states. Everybody likes the fallen risen hero robert downey jr how many stories did we hear? How many pictures off this gray faced green faced a drug addict found in some bed in palm springs? Have we heard that we have since completely for gotten because our hero rose again. So we cheer for somebody who has fallen and has gotten up mohr then for somebody who we believe sort of had this kind of, you know, slow, steady, rise to the top. That's again the story if the story doesn't have that transformation turning point fallen flat on my face been out called risen again component it's just not that interesting that's. Why, if you have that, find it and use it to your advantage. All right, so I want to hear about your block posts. So, um, joanna girl, you've been writing, so I want to hear what you have to say. What's your first block post let's, go over this what's the topic how to buy a house in ninety days or lists. Okay? Or three months. Three changed it from okay, good. And the points you're making are, um, get prepared, play the game and then perform ok, the key word you want to use, buy a home or a long home by I think it's two words is that ok? The opposite I don't actually know what a meta tag is well on jakarta pictures so we can explain that to every great so mad attacks are what search engine looks for look for in your block post that help you to identify if you are relevant for particular topic so if you optimize a block post you put certain meta attacks in it that are relevant for your category which would be home buying which would be realtor which would be seattle which would be you know so you would you pick about five med attacks that are relevant that you want to be when somebody is searching for home buying in seattle or trustworthy realtor for home buying in seattle that now you have out of those five tax you have four tags that you could come up with right? So each block post has to be optimized so they should be in the body off if you're blocked post and the key word the main key word needs to be in there three times ok, so what's your idea for the headline your new home in just three months that's seven that's pretty good so I would probably switch it to more sort of an action like you know how to the three you know how to be how to be in your home but how to own a home in ninety days you know something like that so when I read this I know that you'll or what about rent to own in ninety days or less or in just go from renting I don't know it has to be catchy okay, so you want it has to be an attention grabber so on the headline you want to pick something that has set off a little bit of an element off he's like oh, I know what I'm reading but if it's sort of something that I feel like I read a thousand times before you're not going to get an open made so it's all about you know, fiddling with it enough to say here is what I think will get attention so um how to own a home in ninety days I might want to read that because that's you know, shortened catchy all right, so john you're up what's the what's the talk to me about your book post so is gonna have my headline three colorful flowers to plant a photograph and I was gonna topics kind of flowers that I or potentially be planting this year because I like to garden a lot oh, guys trying that okay? And since that goes with the artwork that I like to shoot figured trying to tie that in there okay, interesting. What are the points you're making? Um the joy of a garden the excitement and anticipation of beautiful flower um you don't have to leave home to enjoy flowers or take photos of him okay, very good the key word you're using uh flower and garden okay, uh any ideas that made it takes uh singing garden flower for telegrapher and photo okay, so what I like about this is that if you talk about gardening and enjoying the flowers that will give you sort of really good bridge after you go in that cold nasty weather to say well, you can't go and use my gardening tips in this article but what you can do is you can get one of my prints and put him in your home so your surviving the's the's rainy months so I think you've got a good sort of bridge in there all right? Darryl europe all right, well, I've got a few different angles here so far away I guess when the last ones that kind of seemed to come together was three ways we save customers time this week now you're talking and the points will be you know how easy it was for clients to get the project done how good we made them look for choosing our studio and then saving them money through some uh you know, efficiencies or such and such ok, so how we gonna make this points for the ultimate and use a result? So because you said how we saved them how we did this for them so how could you flip it so that it is basically the client making the statement on your behalf? You know saying here are three ways on how you can do this and then you talk about what that isthe but remember it's not the how it's the what right? Because how is the secret sauce? And then in the summary and the conclusion you talk about how how tio sort of put it together you know these three tips are what you know bernstein studios implement into every job that blah blah blah blah bda our most successful case study is x y and z so that's where I really struggle with, you know that's an opportunity the how part is kind of what you want to be in it to be authentic you kind of wanna reveal that. So how do you stop short of revealing the secret sauce without being sort of I don't know sales e in the in the in the delivery of that okay that's ah really a fantastic fantastic I think to talk about so it really is the training right? Because your technique your lighting, your speed is something that you have worked for for so many years to perfect so if you are focusing on the end result, the method becomes irrelevant so working with me gets you these results and sometimes I even would say, and if you want to know the how you may just have to pick up the phone and call me or, you know, check out on why we can do this and others can't because we have worked heart to perfect this method system and sometimes what I do and this is again, you know, let's, pull open the curtain and go behind the scenes so some of my clients we actually make that a thing. We call it the bernstein method because if it's a myth it it's scaleable this's now really high level stuff this is, I think, one of the things you and I already talked about. How do we sail it if your secret sauce the how is scaleable? Because it's a way you set up lighting a technique ah, process. Now you have a scaleable business idea. The scale of a business idea becomes now a method or a you know and it's either. I either call it a method or this like one more thing I call it system a system or method. So you say when we apply, you give it a name when we apply our revolutionary bernstein method a methodology off product photography, our clients are one, two, three that's what they walk away with, so that takes you out that makes it a thing, and that enables another question, same thing for used effort that might work really well, because you had said that you have the secret sauce that's so secret that you may have to kill him if they were talking about it. So we want to always find a way to say that this method it's so specific and so unique and so individualized, but it follows a very specific formula that it just simply cannot be shared with anybody but those clients, because then it wouldn't be as effective anymore because that anybody could do it and that's not what you want, but the clients that you work with have full access to all in any aspect of that secret system. Myth it or, you know, methodology that you're using, and then people go, what is it? What is she doing? What is he doing? How do they do that? And then you say, well, all I can tell you it works, so you'll just have to come and see you should give up the first job, and we'll we'll guarantee the result that's how much we will even our method so in the photo is intensive, I guarantee the results, I say, if you don't feel that you're getting your money's worth out of it. Or most off the people that are taking part in the photo was intensive make their money that they invested in the in the course already back in three weeks most of london which is, you know pretty good. So so if you can guarantee it even better and that's what people looking for? How how how clear are you and how confident are you about that? What you do really works so call it a system, a myth it or something like that and and don't tell him what it is and if they ask, then you tell that's that's really that's reserved for our for sort of our best clients. All right, so jin far away. Oh, well, I just I just took what I had just in the moment authentically shared wonderful and and just and broke it down into pieces and really just appreciate it everything else and added on everything else that you would just address. So the topic is publishing social media contact organically, including the whole message um and it's scheduling in the a prop up the platform if appropriate on but also keeping your personal voice separate from your brand and what I mean by that is is when it's a personal story or it's something that is you know when you have a brand the intention is is there going to be there's going to be more people a part of that brand and each person is going to have there in my mind what I'm creating with my brand they're going to each have their own authentic voice and so having the intentionally publishing my content from my personal voice and then sharing it through the brand and so how to how to play with that right when you do that you can't I would say you could schedule it right person expresses it in the moment and then you could you go in and you can and you can schedule it so it publishes through the brand you know a week two weeks later keeps it alive. The point I'm making is authentic expression the ability to link to connections and create a dialogue in the moment your present when they respond here there it gives it gives it more weight in the when when you going content lands if there's not a there's not activity immediately, it may not, it may not register and other people's feeds so it's a so if you're actually present and you're creating your intentionally creating a dialogue, then you then you lift give it more energy as well and then it also has creator wait in their design what platform doesn't want you to use them? And then also the tag hoot suite or whatever has a bit of a diminished listening and the key word is I think it's called automatic publishing I don't know I'm gonna look into the actual phrase on the market what is the terminology? I actually think that you should do intentional publishing okay there you guys it's a key word for your company and it'll help you right there exactly and the make italians are social media content content publishing authentic voice buffer who's weak facebook I'll get all the big ones in there um I have not come up with a headline can authentically say that but one of the things that I really resonate with what you created is create I do have a formula I have ah I am german by the way it takes a right that is a huge surprise I must I was god I ridge is well, you know yeah, I have intentional intentional living I'm in the process right now of creating online courses on howto live intentionally online and not on lee I'm putting just reworked my website it doesn't have my graphics it's just my first stab at my my copy that stop mindless hosting yet that's your headline stop mindless approaching ok got it ok, here is a wonderful quote from julian mcroberts and she is a photographer who was making a multiple six figure income in santa fe, new mexico a place it's about this big and she wrote me this wonderful feedback we actually have made such a difference in so many lives might included them, so thankful to have met and worked with you. She just recently moved to new york. Jesus offend phenomenal woman. She's done a lot of sort of the native american photography, which nobody thinks you can make money with. But for some reason, we figured out a way for how she can, and she now does a lot of resort photography, which pays her bill very well again. Shout out, do connect with me via linked in, and facebook find me on the linked in in the group's photography business, and my other group is the women's scout. Follow me on, linked in on facebook. You find me under women's code or photo bears fans. There's also a closed group you have to apply for called the photo bearscoach.

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Beate Chelette delivered so much value with so much style and grace that it was a "no-brainer" decision on the 2nd day -- I needed to own "Grow Your Business as the Authority In Your Space"! This is material I can really go back to and mine for nuggets over and over -- PLUS, I can't wait to get a closer look at the workbook (and start trying out the exercises of course!). Beate's surprisingly broad expertise coupled with her polish and professionalism made each day's programming a true joy to watch. She is a wonderful role model for all of us nascent women entrepreneurs -- and obviously, men will find her lessons just as empowering. Thank you, CreativeLive and a special thank you to Beate Chelette!


Outstanding lessons and advice on how to make your sales become real. The advice on how to link yourself to others via Linked-In is compelling and easy to begin. I like her advice about doing at least 1 thing every day for your business. Barry L Walton

Amy Fletcher

I love this course and dip back into it frequently. I would highly recommend this course to entry-level and mid-career academics, particularly women. More courses please from Beate Chelette! Cheers, Amy

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