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Building Your Authority Platform

Lesson 18 of 50

The Why of Social Networking

Beate Chelette

Building Your Authority Platform

Beate Chelette

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18. The Why of Social Networking


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The Authority Platform

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Social Networks

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Lead Generation

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The Why of Social Networking

This is like my favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite segment that I have talked about many, many times. So today we will be talking about first, about how your story ties into everything we will talk about blogging what my sort of secret blogging formula is howto amplify that we talk about the fab five networks what you you know, what sort of is some of the most powerful social networks out there right now that I recommend you to use and then we will do linked in and the linked in is probably one of my greatest strength, so I definitely want all of you to be there and watch and listen to that because we also have a special guest who will talk about how to use linked in for business. So this is a quote from mark zuckerberg that I like to start with, and he says the question I ask myself almost every day is, am I doing the most important thing I could be doing unless I feel like I'm working on the most important problem that I can help with, then I'm not going to feel good about ...

how I am spending my time. So part of what we talk about today in our social networks day is about how do we spend our time and what is the best spend off our time because a lot of times what I hear about it is a lot of work it's a lot of time and that goes into the social networking and what really is my our eye on it like how do I measure if what I do is even successful because here we are we're constantly updating and tweeting and telling the world about all the great things we're doing and then we look in our bank account and it's not reflecting the time spent. So should we be rather out playing with our families or, you know, doing sort of the one on one networking where we you know where we have a tangible result or are we spending our time doing our social network strategy where it is sort of in in space somewhere there's something happening that at some point in the future will somehow benefit us, which is very difficult for a lot of entrepreneurs and also business, you know, employees to justify to say, how does that work? So the while social networking traditional advertising is out dated and for it's for the very simple reason that how can you measure that if I drive with my car from the seattle airport to the studio and I see a billboard and it says drink this awesome drink, how will the company ever measure who's seen it what effect it has on the bottom line. So at best, traditional advertising has sort of been like, you know, throwing a whole bunch of stuff out in the market and hoping for the best, more targeted advertising, like when I'm in a sports stadium and I, you know, then advertise certain products in particular to that type of genre interested interesting to primarily men who because we know primarily men like sports, women like sports too, but it's a lot of men who appreciates boards, so now we're getting into more targeted advertising. But um, now what targeted advertising really means is inter action because I want to hear what you think about my product because my product now has to be designed in such a way that I get the feedback from you where you tell me this is the best thing I've ever had. This is the smartest thing I've ever heard. This is the most exciting, this is the most inspiring. This is the most useful thing I've I've seen most of the time, and I want to be very clear about that want everybody to be clear about that. They are very few new invention, it's most of what we're seeing out in the market is something that already exists just better. It is that just better that we're looking for that just faster just quicker just more sophisticated just more fun just whatever that is this is like this guy that came up with delivering razor blades the you know via via drop shipment dollar shave club, dollar shave club it's bloody razors, disposable razors why didn't think anybody about this prior to that and what did he say? He says it is too difficult now to go into a drugstore and get razors because they're locking them away now because they're clearly stolen very often because they are expensive so there's this one commercial way you seem like standing you know, like in the drugstore in these like rattling the you know, the exactly the cabinet where the razors are locked and the alarm goes off and he gets arrested and he says, how difficult can it be to buy a razor? You know, go do the dollar shave club and have your shave you shavers delivered so that, you know is the kind of interaction that we're looking for now where advertising sort of really works the comments on on, you know, just me talking about this now tells you on how successful that isthe because now we having this interaction you know, I've seen it I'm inspired I'm laughing I think it's funny I think it's clever it's something just better so the you know to reiterate what we were talking about in the authority building day is so imagine so there's a conversation ahead of time what's the problem what's going on what would you like what would be very helpful uh here's my product and here's my service I'm providing something a little bit more helpful with a better service something that's more fun and here's the conversation after the transaction where we talk about hey how did you like it did you have a good time with it wasn't everything that you were hoping it was going to be now I'm encouraging everybody to talk about the transaction this is the peer approval this is the sharing this is thie referral portion this is everything that we talked about in the authority platform day about how the message goes out now here's another transaction the rib p transaction that we looking for to say you know the first one was so good and then he didn't or she didn't drop me we still we're talking about it now we making this an even better even better experience and then there is another conversation so what we're now looking for in this in you know this is the fun part of it is it's happening we talking it's happening we're talking what happened it just keeps going and going and going going imagine the infinity sign you know just keep going back and forth so the measurement off influence is really by the number of people that are talking about what it is that you're doing. So we talked about again in the authority platform day there's, you know, four portions of it there's you know, you start talking to tell you to not talk because you have no authority to talk, you build your authority, everything gets really quiet now they're listening, then the interaction starts and then the fourth part is where they're now defending you and saying she has a right to be here, he has a right to be here because he or she has proven him or herself so that's, you know, that's just sort of the natural progression. So at this part at the you know, second at the third and the fourth portion that's when we see this interaction happening, where people are talking to and so we were checking, you know, ken and I, we were checking the feeds yesterday, so do tweet hashtag built authority I want to hear about your ah ha! As I responded to every tweet myself yesterday because it's really important to me that I get the feet bag because I want to hear what resonates and what makes sort of that one powerful. Ah ha moment that you know where we feel the seed fell on fertile ground and now all of a sudden everything changes because we don't know what that is going to be. So from all the things that I'm covering in those three days there will be hundreds of people that will take a completely different thing away and that's I think a mind said that so many off us forget there is not one single way to do this there, you know you do it in a particular way in your voice, but other people hundreds of people are attracted to it for different reasons. So john, when we were talking about yesterday about your fine art pieces and you had said that you were going in a traditional way about it with, you know, exhibiting in galleries and sort of been waiting for the people to come and show up and buy a piece but then we were questioning is like who's inspired by it and why are they inspired by your photography or by the fine art piece? And now if you think about it this way and you go away from the traditional I'm walking in the gallery, I'm looking something buying something that traditional transaction but saying like, why are they inspired by this and who could be inspired by that? And now it's like opening a door and there's all a whole bunch of other possibilities coming in that justifies that wait a minute I need to be in other places because other people need to be inspired by this what is thea underlying emotion so this this is you know the part of the influence that we're gaining when we're building our authority is our detachment remember I said step away from the brand and let the brand do its own thing and then you can watch what people say about it how it's being perceived by them what it means to others because then you know with that with a distance that's that foot away that step away from your attachment to what you would have liked it to be now it can brief and develop sort of its own its own agenda so let's talk about how social how social networking in the and the and the bell curve goes into it. So on page twenty nine you have in the workbook a copy off the bell curve and I want you to just take a look at that so in that in the bell curve in the rogers bell curve what this is about is it identify sort of when in new idea comes out or when a new movement is foreign sort of how you know how people react to it so they are the innovators those are the ones that are the very very first that all those guys that a camping out before the apple store at night to be the first one to have the iphone why is a mystery to me? Clearly I'm not an innovator, but for them it makes perfect sense then they're the early adopters thie early adopts that thirteen point five percent so it is a still relatively small percentage so those are the people that are saying like, wow, this is this is this in a thing is kind of cool I'm going to check this out these are the people that say wow here's a new a new service on the internet that doing this introductory offer for two hundred ninety seven dollars for life, so I'm going to sign up for that then they are, you know, the advantage of the of the early adopters is if he takes off they of course have a competitive advantage but not not everything works. We know that there's also big flops out there. Then comes the early majority which a thirty four percent in the late majority which also thirty four percent. And then there the laggers, the people that come sort of behind it that say, oh on iphone well, eighty nine percent of the population I having an iphone now maybe I should be getting one too, so these are the people that I would definitely not recommend anybody to go after

Class Description

After years of effort, you have mastered your craft. All that hard-earned wisdom and expertise should be shared with others, not only to raise the bar in your niche but also to establish your own credibility with clients and customers. Business expert and entrepreneur Beate Chelette is just the person to show you how to do it. 

Beate is a respected speaker, career coach, serial entrepreneur, and author of Happy Woman Happy World. In Building Your Authority Platform, Beate will show you exactly what it takes to become a thought leader in your own creative niche.  

In this class, you will learn strategies for growing your reputation and influence within your sphere of expertise. 

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Create and tell your personal brand story 
  • Find the perfect platforms to connect with your ideal audience 
  • Share the right amount of information on social and through whitepapers 
  • Get and leverage social proof through referrals and testimonials 

It's a challenge at any stage of your business to balance doing the work itself with building influence and attracting new customers and clients. In this class, you’ll learn practical ways to share your insights effectively without wasting valuable time. 

Great leaders are made, not born. Learn specific, actionable techniques for sharing your wisdom with others and building your professional reputation in Building Your Authority Platform.



Beate Chelette delivered so much value with so much style and grace that it was a "no-brainer" decision on the 2nd day -- I needed to own "Grow Your Business as the Authority In Your Space"! This is material I can really go back to and mine for nuggets over and over -- PLUS, I can't wait to get a closer look at the workbook (and start trying out the exercises of course!). Beate's surprisingly broad expertise coupled with her polish and professionalism made each day's programming a true joy to watch. She is a wonderful role model for all of us nascent women entrepreneurs -- and obviously, men will find her lessons just as empowering. Thank you, CreativeLive and a special thank you to Beate Chelette!


Outstanding lessons and advice on how to make your sales become real. The advice on how to link yourself to others via Linked-In is compelling and easy to begin. I like her advice about doing at least 1 thing every day for your business. Barry L Walton

Amy Fletcher

I love this course and dip back into it frequently. I would highly recommend this course to entry-level and mid-career academics, particularly women. More courses please from Beate Chelette! Cheers, Amy